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  Closing Bell  CNBC  March 27, 2017 3:22pm-3:27pm EDT

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president is signing education bills, which we'll ask about in a moment as well. [ applause ] >> this is a child's desk, but that's okay. smallest desk i've ever seen. [ laughter ] very, very glamorous, right? thank you very much. thank you, everybody, for being here. i welcome state and local leaders, and we had them all over the white house today, and it's a great honor. including governor eric of missouri, governor gary herbert of utah, lieutenant governor hampton of kentucky. we're all at the white house, and we're all doing something very, very important today.
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i'm signing four bills under the congressional review act. before this administration, only one time in our history had a president signed a bill that used the cra to cancel a federal regulation. we're doing a lot of them. they zemdeserve to be done. first, house joint resolution 37 rolls back the so-called blacklisting rule. when i met with manufacturers earlier this year, and they were having a hard time, believe me, they said this blacklisting rule was one of the greatest threats to growing american business, and hiring more american workers. it was a disaster, they said. this rule made it too easy for trial lawyers to get rich by going after american companies and american workers who contract with the federal government. making it very difficult. you all know what i'm talking about? >> absolutely. >> does everybody agree?
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[ laughter ] the next three bills i sign cancel three federal power grabs that centralize decision making in washington away from states and local governments. another big disaster. house joint resolution 44 removes a bureau of land management rule that took control of land use decisions away from states and local decision makers, and gave it to washington and that's not good. that's never good. history's proven that's not good. [ laughter ] even though you are from washington. [ laughter ] even you will admit it, right? >> no, we're not. we were from washington. >> from wisconsin. you had your choice. >> the other two bills, house joint resolution 57 and 50 eliminate harmful burdens on state and local taxes and school systems that could have cost states hundreds of millions of dollars, so it is states and local tax school systems, and that was important.
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parents, teachers, communities, and state leaders know the needs of their students better than anyone in washington by far. so we're removing layers of bureaucracy to encourage freedom and innovation in our schools. i will keep working with congress and every agency and most importantly with the american people until we eliminate every unnecessarily harmful and job killing regulation we can find. there's a lot more coming. it's -- [ applause [ applause ] put them right here. perfect. thank you. this one you all know. that's going to save a lot of
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jobs. [ applause ] okay. [ applause ] he's doing great. >> he is. >> he's doing great. he endorsed me. that was the best. >> thank you. >> thanks.
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>> all right. the president signing those -- those are bills, not executive orders, by the way, but they do roll back various regulations as he was describing there. >> yes. he's cancelling three federal power grabs that concentrate federal power, w