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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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on facebook for modest upside bet. >> nathan. >> a lot of teams we talk about the directional put strategies, to me tesla is great protection for long holders. >> all right. our time has expired. thanks, for my mission is simple. to make you money, i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you money. my job is not just to entertain, but to educate and teach you. email me or tweet me. the government has just made it
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through the last seven days, we can even relax as the weak gdp number. i'm ready to put this week to bed and move on our game plan for the next one. monday we hear from advanced microdevices, amd, a stock that was picked very high up in yesterday's very fun seemingly fit draft. and just like the market's like of new tech stocks, i don't know how this one will react even in the best of quarters. intel's numbers were widely panned last night. as i have repeatedly said
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there's nothing wrong with the company amd, the stock just has the stigma of running from $25 to $15 back in february and has been biding its time at 13 and change. the market has fallen out of love with last year's darlings. that's been a continue wall theme. earlier we talked about cardinal health, a lousy business and more of a play on hostile supplies. no one paid any attention to this acquisition at the time, i bet that changes when cardinal reports and talks about it. tuesday morning, we get numbers from cvs, which has been one bad acting stocks,. it's been under some price pressure, all that said, it's hard to dislike a well run
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company like that sells at 13-times earnings. you know what's been a huge winner? a huge winner and for i would say in the subset of 2017, may be among the best, the highest quality payment processes, namely visa and pay-pal. here's one where you might want to see if the stock gets hit after reports so you can come in at a low price. it might be a great way to get in on a trend, it still has a lot of room to run. the paper to plastic sector of the growth story, without the bad debt side that we saw this week that hurt capital one. after the close we get results from apple. the sub $100 valuation with this stock stood for so long, it was just absurdly cheap.
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plus apple's do so many things right. and apple is the new phone company out there from the sound of it will spur a gigantic number of switchers, because it's rumored to have a bunch of features that we all want chbl and this stock only sell sell - part of trump's agenda that could conceivably sail through congress. i think washington is an embarrassment now, but if trump can ram repatriation through congress, something that george w. bush did with an equally narrow majority, then apple will be the biggest beneficiary. you don't own this stock for the political reasons, you own it for the business reasons, i always say you should own apple
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not trade it. you have to hope, if you don't have the stock, someone is disappointed by the quarter, and their selling give you a chance to buy at the lower levels. wednesday we hear from sprint. this business has become john ledger's stone after t-mobile's remarkable reporting earlier in the week. now that the big spectrum offer is over, the one that t-mobile took a piece of, companies are finally allowed to chalter with each other. t-mobile seems open to doing something big, so does verizon, prices for cell phone service is coming down. it's become a modern day accessory. you really need to own these stocks for the fundamentals.
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after the close on wednesday, we get results from facebook, this stock has run so much in anticipatio anticipation that we have to be worried about where they go from here. i like how competitive facebook is, but i also think facebook is one of those stocks that tends to go down when it reports and rallies intraquarter. if you don't own it now, you need to wait until you see that big selloff even after reports of great numbers. a lot of people will be hanging on to what it kraft heins will report. last time around the stock got crushed in earnings and immediately made a bid for unilever. there was no way paul palmman of unilever is selling out. i actually prefer his stock to kraft heinz,.
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we know it tykes two to tan kboe, and i'm hard pressed to see who would possibly want to sell in that consumer packaged goods industry. we always hear that the company that reports tuesday might be the next mon dell please, and we we have learned last time from the principal shareholder of kraft heinze, no to big deals. tuesday we're going to have hear from two companies. one is the very charmed stock of dunkin' branz which has become a better investment that starbucks. part of that is execution. dunkin' is doing a better job right now. maybe starbucks can stem the -- in the u.s. i believe they can solve the
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problem. i like the stock of starbuckings more than dunkin', but then again, well, certainly a good judgment long-term, i have plainly been wrong of late, i remain patient with starbucks. i believe there's a bull market in gaming, and gaming stocks, activision has run -- techbd to sell off with good news. this franchise is worth buying. if it gets hit. finally on friday, we get the lash department's nonfarm payroll number, and it's important that we get a strong one, i say watch the banks, they will get hammered if the employment number is weak. if not, if they have a robust month, that gives the fed breathing room to raise interest rates twice, and therefore the bank stocks can soar, big week, and we will be all over the cbc
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one market. i tell you now, you will not want to miss a single moment of next week's show. i don't like to sleep when i'm in san francisco, i stay up four all five days. here's the bottom line, this week we have a couple of stocks that tend to act badly after reports, those are your best bet for investments. and there's one more opportunity to own some apple stock. but of course they say that to each other on their iphones. john in connecticut, john? >> caller: hey, jim. thanks for taking my call. i appreciate it. my question is about costco. has an investment, i know they are faying iin ining 7 zlrz a s. my question is when does it make sense to buy? >> we sold it and bought some
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other stocks that did reasonably well. but costco is good, buy after now, a buy half later at a lower price. bob in illinois, bob? >> caller: hello, mr. cramer. thanks so much for taking my call. my question is, why do you think the federal trade commission has taken almost a year and a half with still no decision? and number two, what do you think of the eventually outcome might be? thank you so much. >> i think that wall greens, why the fda is waiting, they screwed up on the safeway deals. then hagen went bankrupt and they don't want that to happen again. you need another bidder in there for some rite aid stores so that deal will not close. some of these stocks in the game
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plan could sell off after reporting that's your opportunity. and apple, get ready to buy on the dip. how does t-- then i'm puttig some real heavyweights into the ring, i'm talking amazon and alphabet, do not make a move. and i'm getting answers on the ab giant. stick with kramer.
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stock stocks just don't know how to quit. just look at the incredible run
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of the stock of western digital, wdc, the stock is now down more than double what it was a year ago. ever sing -- the stock's been on fire. but even though this company just reported some spectacular results last night, it remains a controversial stock. on the one hand western digital just posted a massive earnings beat on a $2.14 basis, extremely bullish guidance for the last quarter. it was pretty much a flawless quarter, yet this morning analysts at wells fargo downgraded the stock. while the stock climbed a few bucks today, i don't think all the good news is baked into this stock yet.
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while even the most bullish analyst was only looking for 8 and change. don't take it from me, let's check in with the ceo of western digital and learn more about this company and it's prospects. i think al of ta lot of the pe home were earning $8 when they were off by as much as 50%. what are the conditions in your business that are allowing you to think you you could learn this much money? >> we're dealing with some very strong secular drivers in terms of what's happening from a demand perspective, and when we all see how zeta is growing in terms of our professional and personal lives, we try to enable a platform that servine ings al needs of our customers, and not
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only that a financial model that's heavily leveraged so when it gets good, it gets very good. and not only that, i think the other thing that we have got to understand is it's a very resilient business model that not only allows us to do very well when the market is strong, but when the market gets weaker, there's a lot of levers we can pull to manage that volatility on the down side as well. >> i think you're being a little too humble here you, have a flash memory that's in the sweet spot where every single company, whether it be intel, or google, they all want what you have, and they have to buy it from you? >> and again we tried to assemble a technology and product portfolio that served a very diverse set of customers, including all those hyper scale customers you're talking about,
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not only in terms of flash, but we're selling high capacity, 10 terra bite drives to these customers that need to store that data across the globe. >> i think a wells guy think it it it's peaking. you can put up disk drive factories. these flash factories, people are presuming that you can put them up in three to six months, but it doesn't look like you're able to do that. >> i think think you' ee're absolutely right, this is tough technology, this is not easy stuff that we're doing, and this 3-d conversion we're going through, it's a challenging conversion for al of us, and it's not happening as rapidly as everybody expected so we're seeing supply grow at a smaller rate, but demand continues to explode, given all the data that
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we're creating, so it's given us a very virtue's opportunity and resulting in that kind of financial leverage that i talked about earlier, that is is great for our share holders and great for our employees. >> something that no one can really call, because toshiba is in dire financial straits. even in a worst-case scenario, western digital is still protected and the can core business still be sustained if the wrong guy gets this incredible asset that's toshiba? >> and that's absolutely right, jim, and that's our primary goal. i mean the joint venture that we have had with toshiba is 17 years running. i would contend that it's probably one of the most successful technology joint ventures in the history of our industry, so our first goal is
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let's get that joint venture healthy, it's been very prosperous, for our company, for toshiba, for japan, for the united states, and so we want to protect that and we have got legal provisions that enable us to do that, and that's really our first goal is to protect not only our interests, but protect the long-term health of that joint venture so that it can continue to thrive into our future. >> shareholders do not have to focus on that joint veng chur, but con sen train on what you do? >> that's really our intent. it's been difficult for us to see the challenges that our joint venture partners had in terms of toshiba, and we're in con stachblt communications with them, trying to help them solve the challenges that we have. we know that creates a little bit of overhang in terms of how people view our company and our
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stock, but we're going to do our very interest to make sure that we protect our interests in advance, not only in our position. >> i know you're committed to deleveraging, if you can't wire toshi toshiba, if you don't get that chance, is this money just going to make the balance smeet better? or are there some other thing you are thinking about doing? >> our capital allocation priorities is we want to one, make sure that we're reinvesting money back into our business, to continue to innovate and continue do transform our company. we're very committed to returning capital to our shareholders and after that, wire going to continue to deleverage our balance sheet and derisk our position from that position. so generating all this cash
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gives us a lot of options and we want to make sure that we reinvest that money back into our business and return it to our shareholders that greets long-term value for ourselves and our shareholders. >> fabulous quarter, sir, great to talk to you. this company is executing in a way that very few companies are. i know amazon reported last night, and alphabet reported last night. and they were good. this company had the biggest surprise. i love that. "mad money" is back in a minute. >> coming up, are agriculture stocks about to see a bountiful harvest? >> i think we are hanging in and we are gaining market share, certainly in the power sector. >> there stock picker is no city slicker, jim cramer is a friend of the farmer and he'll be right back.
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when amazon and alphabet go head to head as they did when they reported the exact same time last night, it's hard to tell who's better. the problem is that in some ways, this is a real apple's to oranges situation, the way they tell their story. amazon in it's highly individualistic style, chose to invest in faith based investing. you had to care about robotics, to save time and money at the fulfillment centers. on the other hand they didn't want to talk about new devices all that much. they didn't want to talk about their giant web services. amazon backed it up with their statement about gigantic cash flow right at the top so you can't doubt them.
6:26 pm
and the company has always rewarded believers in the past. the stock soared from the get-go, but receded at the end of the day. alphabet talked about their dominant search businesses that we all use many times a day, and how it's now helping local businesses bring the money in. but what google spent a lot of time talking about, that it was not about the cloud, but their data services and microsoft's as your cloud sweeper products. alphabet wants people to know that customers are flocking to their priblgs. they went so far as to say they have their own technical officer. i really like how management emphasized the cloud cover and they making me a believer every time they focus on this part of the scenario.
6:27 pm
why do they keep beating the cloud based storage? it's become pige it's -- when tisz advertising weaker, investors tend to sell off a bit. thus the talk about the cloud. we heart that from john donahue yesterday. alphabet made it pretty clear they took their advertisers as they were when there was talk about the wrong ad placement. but through machine learning and artificial intelligence, i think they have brought to the party a problem that's been fixed. in other words i think they have appeased the agreed advertisers. those companies that were upset, i think they actually are coming back, who can ignore a billion
6:28 pm
views a day? certainly not any advertiser i know. now i have said that this problem would only amount to pennies per share, right? and you wouldn't even notice it by the time they made the conference call, even as the stock was driven down guy gantically. something that i wish they had talked about more it's so good. and did i mention that the $92 billion in cash that alphabet has, 56 billion of it is overseas and wants to come home? and without management emphasizing driverless cars, it was still on to the minds of th analysts. they gave a modest answer. i think the most pofrimportant away is their incredible emthat
6:29 pm
siz on artificial intelligence, that makes you feel like genius when you don't really know how a form a proper search in google. it makes everything worse except for fixing the problem with the misplaced youtube ads that the company dealt with in the blink of an aeye. i think alphabet stock will continue to clirm higher. who wins between amazon and alphabet? one made the case and the other one didn't have to. lance in nebraska, lance. >> hi, jim, boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: what's happening with att missing earnings by 1 cent, the satellite -- or will get
6:30 pm
from acquisitions from type warner with the increased pressure with t-mobile create a situation similar to frontier? >> i think that t mobile is winning the battle in the yield place, obviously it was very slow growth, but very strong cash flow. i prefer capital gains. >> caller: my question has to do what hypersemiconductor, michael rogers, who was a guest on your show, he was the founder of that company and a gooir by the name of brig ham takes over, he takes home 4.5 million a year, and the board is slent and now rogers is trying to get two more men on the board and replace mr.
6:31 pm
bingham, my question to you is can rogers drain the swamp? >> i got to tell you, i follow that debate, but i think what a better question for "mad money" was how was the quarter? and i thought the quarter was sfel lar, and the stock would be up about 50 cents if not for the market turning against address ware, i understand how dr. rogers believes that things are not right at the top. but i did think that the quarter was a good one. alphabet and amazon. it's apples versus oranges, you can't figure out who's better because they're both so darn great. adco just announced earnings. the price tag of more than $400,000 a area, is a drug price debate waiting in the wings? and rapid fire in tonight's edition of "the lightning round"
6:32 pm
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what do you make of the agriculture space?
6:35 pm
i always like to check in on adco, because this company has its finger on the pulse of the ag space. just since the beginning of 2017, agco has increased about 20%. agco posted a much smaller loss, it's guidance for 2017 was stronger than we thought it would be. the stock finished down a few cents after being up as much as a $1.50 after a 52-week high. maybe the stock had run so much into the quarter, so it's poised to go lower. let's check in with the president and ceo of agco, he's got a better sense of his quarter. welcome back to "mad money." martin, i'm looking around the globe and i'm always looking at your -- i kind of felt that some
6:36 pm
of the world because pretty tepid, you told me not to get too pessimistics about north america, but i still see the numbers down in your market? >> i think we are hanging in and we are gaining market share, you'll remember we launched that big high horsepower tractor and this is outperforming competition. and then in europe, things look pretty good for us and south america looks also better, so south america seems to be back, overall, i think we bottomed out and personally, i believe that we will be a pretty good margin generator for the we're. . >> one of the things, this is a common theme ai've been getting everybody says brazil is stabilizing, which is it?
6:37 pm
>> well, it is in a way, so that means when we talk about our business, it looks pretty strong and there's also the need to invest because due to the fact they didn't buy combines and tractors so much during the recent years, the product needs to be replaced so that's a normal recovery pattern we are in. so for us, i think south america, brazil mainly, will look better than last area and argentina, after the new administration came in, is also much stronger than before. >> you know, i'm very encouraged by latin america, also the auto companies had good latin numbers. when you talk about france, you immediately fall into the election, in these countries, we don't want to think how the farmers are doing, we want to know who's elected. should this matter for your business?
6:38 pm
>> the new guy that probably will get elected was a member of the socialist party, so isn't really a great businessman so far, he's young, he might learn, but i'm a little skeptical about france and they did do a great job in our industry last year because they subsidized new equipment, so they updated the fleet and hopefully the government will do something similar. >> will you ever go small scale? we saw your great giant markets. some of these markets, like you mentioned, italy. there's smaller farms. >> we can do both at the same time ploit muretty much, so we complete range of new smaller tractors from about 70 to 125 horsepower, complete new modern design in order to make them in
6:39 pm
a low cost environment components and are produced and come mainly from china and those tractors can be assembled all over the world, we have a big assembly factory in the world for those in china, but we also will assemble those tractors here in the united states. >> we have a president who seems bent on making it so that our steel makers are protected, or at least getting treated the same way othwe treat ours. so you would be a big buyer of steel, so what would it do to your margins? >> if steel prices would go up because of this kind of protecti protectionism, it wouldn't be so good because finally our customers would have to pay. so that's true for all of us,
6:40 pm
for the whole industry, and it will include automotive, and that means higher steel prices mean higher prices at the end. >> do people realize that it's even going to cost more at the supermarket more money? >> all kinds of protectionism finally has to be paid for, and i think consumers should know that, i think trump in the meantime knows it, he is surrounded by pretty strong colleagues from big companies, i think he has heard that already many times. steel might be an exception. because the steel guys of course, they like it. so if we were to have the same for tractors, maybe we would like it. but i think in general, it's not really the -- it's not really a great strategy. >> all right, chairman, president and ceo of agco corporation, a good quarter, the stock has gone up a lot, but i
6:41 pm
think things sound great. for the ag market, what can you say? it never seems to want to quit, because the feed the world thesis continues.
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it is time for "the lightning round." [ buzzer ] and then "the lightning round" is over. we start with david in florida. david? >> caller: hello, sir, thank you for your humor and your incredible market wisdom. can i have your take on royal dutch shell. >> i prefer chevron which had a pretty decent quarter today. >> caller: jim, big fan of the show, thanks for having me. how about a big boo-yah for bofi. >> too much risk there, my friend, jpmorgan is a little bit strong. let's go to donald in
6:45 pm
washington, please. donald? >> caller: hey, a big boo-yah to you, jim, for educating us peop people. my question is, wifi, should i hold? >> if you go through the wi-fi part of the comcast call, it's so positive. gigantic growth, that's where you're going to go. >> caller: jim, thank you so much for helping me make money for retirement. >> you're welcome. >> caller: symbol a, buy, sell or hold. >> you can win on an act wcact >> caller: jim, thanks for all you do for small investors.
6:46 pm
halliburton. oil stocks have been taking a beating today, is there more pain for halliburton or more gain in 2017? >> i like that quarter very much, the chart's bad, people are giving up on all the oils. i'll take some halliburton if it gets to $44 or $43. that's a good price. christopher in new york. christopher? >> caller: my question for you is cray incorporated. >> hi performance computing. you know, i think it's okay, i have no real edge on cray. and that, laidies and gentlemen is the conclusion of "the lightning round."
6:47 pm
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. first we get some great numberings from cyclical stocks, then today begwe get an incredi tepid first quarter growth profit period, which makes it hard to figure out what's exactly happening with the economy. but you can always fall back on high quality, high growth biotechs that should keep making their numbers regardless of the company. take biopharmaceutical, which
6:51 pm
have insanely expensive therapies for good reason, because they are the only medications that can help people with diseases that no other company has drug that will treat them. they have treatments for rare metabolic disorders. plus just yesterday, the fda approved birnora, which treats ultrarare, ultraterminal brain disorder found in some children, binora stock has rallied to today. can kit keep climbing? let's go to the ceo of binural pharmaceutical. we know that the whole pharmaceutical industry at times
6:52 pm
is not understood. we have a drug that biomarin developed, but it took four years to develop and it saves lives, that's a decent tradeoff for the system, isn't it? >> obviously the system will have to determine that, but i would say that the disease that binura is being used for is an absolutely devastating neurodegenerative disorder, which unfortunately the patient also lose their life boast of the time by 12, will lose their ability to walk, to talk, and lose their vision by 7 or 8. and there is no drug for them besides binura that can be used to treat these patients. >> you're talking about a subset, there were, what is it 20 people a year, 20 children a year? >> well, there are 20 new
6:53 pm
patients every year in the u.s. >> okay. >> that are born with this disorder, yes. >> how do you decide that that should be a focus of biomarin, how did you decide four years ago that this was something that you had to try to cure? >> well, we decided because as for every other product we have developed, we focus on diseases that have no available therapy a and biogenetics, and this is where we felt we could develop a drug that could make a difference. the 20 patients is only for the u.s. the prevalent population around the whole world is probably between 1,200 and 1,500 mashlts. patients. so this is why it's potentially an exciting opportunity for us in the future.
6:54 pm
but definitely a great service to the patients with this disorder. >> how do doctors know that these children have these disorder, it's so rare, is it recognizable to them? >> that is a good question, because the patients basically appear to be normal until age 3, then they start having seizures, more and more seizures, unexplained seizures, they are delayed in language, and i would say, unfortunately, very often they are misdiagnosed as being epileptic and one of the great efforts we are going to be doing at launch and over the next few years is to educate physicians who want to see a 3-year-old kid with unexplained seizures, they should think about this disorder because there are clinical tests that can help diagnose the patient. >> you produce fabulous drugs,
6:55 pm
are there drug tests, there genomics that help -- can you work with genomics to try to isolate who really could use your drugs? >> we are doing that, actually, we are as per the launch in the u.s., we will be offering free genetic tests for any young patients that have unexplained seizures. unfortunatel unfortunately, as of today, there's no systematic newborn screeninging f infor this disor but hopefully in the next few years that will be available and we will probably be involved there and will support those efforts in the future. >> can you explain the sometimes in politics they get very, let's say they use a meat ax rather than trying to figure out what's right. you're spending five years, for couvin and o others do, the
6:56 pm
politicians recognize how much money that you're spending and therefore you have to charge to get a return, or is it just too sophisticated and it goes over their heads? >> i think most politicians understand this, they understand that it's highly risky to develop new drugs, nine out of ten drugs that get into clinical development, that is being tried in humans never make it to the market. so the failure rate is extremely high. and also our drugs are also proteins, i mean many proteins, extremely complex to manufacture, extremely expensive to manufacture, the cost of our manufacturing per area is north of $100,000 per year her patient, so i think they understand all this, and hopefully, if there is any kind of regulations coming around health care, that they would make sure that those regulations protect inknnovatioinnovation,
6:57 pm
biotechnology where the u.s. is a leader in the world and we hope it will stay that way. >> i want to congratulate you, for binura, is a very important drug to reach the market. this company is worth $1 million in sales. and they have got niche project after niche project. ♪ i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some dayou might be calling me an energy farmer. ♪ energy lives here. ray's always been different.
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it turns out google won the night. tune in as part of our invest in america series. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere, and i try to find it just for you, right here on "mad money." see you on monday from san francisco.
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okay, let's go. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. that's amazing! >> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ my name's steve gadlin and i live in evanston, illinois. (bird chirps) i live a really normal life. i'm a dad. i'm a husband. i love my family. i work a 9-to-5 job building web sites. a lot of that's just sitting at a computer staring at code all day. so i think it's important to fill your daily life with strangeness, with exciting things.


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