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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  June 6, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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your trading day set up just ahead. >> the president will meet with a congressional leader in an effort to start his legislative agenda. >> plus a big shake up in retail. j. crew's long time leader steps aside. tuesday june 6th, 2017. worldwide exchange begins right now.
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>> 22 point set off in the dow. nasdaq futures go positive. s&p futures down 2. as for the u.s. dollar it's weaker this morning. we put it up next to show you. just turned stronger against the euro. weaker against the japanese yen. that's down almost .3%. the pound goes firmer. 12924 ahead of the thursday election. as for oil prices let's show you the trade there after that reversal of the rally we saw yesterday. on the back of news that arab nations were severing with
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qatar. nat gas continues to rise. as for asia overnight we did see weakness in japan down a percent. shanghai comp as well. retail sales in rising 0.1% in april slightly above expectation. and down a third of 1% as well. >> 215 and change and clearly not able to get a lot of lift. a lot of folks waiting for that.
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starts steepening but still relatively sluggish inflation and growth numbers weighing on it. did get a little bit of a bump yesterday. that's about 2 thirds of 1%. >> what's the key? because earnings have quited down. so has economic data. the services number came in in line. pretty steady and strong. a fed meeting next week where the expectation is they will raise interest rates. is it the trump agenda or hopes that it will look good no matter what bonds are doing. >> it's waiting for the fed. you want to see the fed and before that the ecb on thursday. this market, it sees these dates that have lots of stuff we know is going to happen it tends to sit and wait and maybe have a build up or anxiety.
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you talk about people heavily hedging the pound right now. as you see the treasury so it's waiting to get clear of those things on thursday so we're almost done with the second quarter. >> the other event that everybody is watching on thursday as well is i guess the market angles here is investors want to he see how damaging it could be to this presidency as they still look ahead for his agenda which again was front and center this week he was talking infrastructure. >> it's front and center if they make it so. also the market right now again is not riced tick for tick at all based on policy but i think wall street still in general wants to see some momentum. >> speaking of that, president trump does try to jump start the
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legislative agenda. he will be discussing health care and tax reform with congressional leaders this afternoon at the white house. one top aid to the president did tell reporters last night he expects lawmakers to pass health reform and the 2018 budget and then focus on tax reform in the fall. >> you'd rather hear from the senate that they're getting closer on health care. >> so we have to think about it. time for a big shake up at j. crew. the clothing company's long time leader handing over the reigns. landon joins us with the details. good morning, landon. >> good morning. he is stepping down but will remain on as chairman. the retailer naming james brett
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as it's new chief coming next month. the move comes as they struggle with a prolonged sales slump. same store sales have been down for the past ten quarters. add to that a burden of $2 billion in debt and less than 150 million in cash. in april the company cut 250 jobs. mostly from its new york headquaters. drexler is most famous for redefining gap in the 1990s before joining j. crew where he transformed into a household name. but times changed. j. crew has been struggling to compete online. drexler missed signs of how quickly technology would change the retail landscape and now he's a seasoned exec. and during his tenure nearly
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tripled so we're going to hope he can do the same for j. crew. >> thank you. what a fall from grace. it wasn't that long agatha he was the benchmark right of the retail industry and yes he'll stay on as chairman but it seems like another flashpoint in what has been retail apocalypse. >> he did it twice. he is credited with doing it and then recreating it at some form at j. crew and the days of having the design guru at the center and trying to stay in tune with what is going to be good with next season in large part that's gone away. you wonder what it takes to be an exceptional retailer in this day and age.
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>> stocks to watch today. we have shares getting a pop after better than expected earnings and revenue. you see that there. shares of and announcing positive trial data for a drug to treat parkinson's disease. it was not the sector but definitely getting some help and the company issued strong guidance topping analyst consensus. >> ordering dish network to pay $280 million in penalties. this maybe the largest monetary judgment in a robo call case ever. >> the ceo is retiring after 14
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months on the job. slipping after earnings missed forecasts. the ceo of the chain calls the current operating environment quote challenging. >> challenging for convenience stores which can be tough. >> which actually has not been the case over the last few years. as for today's earnings hd supply, report after the opening bell. after the close we'll hear from dave and busters. on the economic front one data point to watch. labor department releases the job openings or labor turnover survey. this tracks information that doesn't typically show up in the employment report. number of available job listings is how many people are quitting their job so usually a sign of labor market tightness and whether the workers have more or
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less power. >> good for the economy. >> it's been going the right direction. >> we know that janet yellen pays attention. when we come back, we have a lot to talk about when it comes to am. the street has spoken. apple unveiling a big bet on the home. we're going to dive into that 1% move lower yesterday. the tech giant was the biggest drive on the dow. it has still been one of the biggest winners of the year. we'll focus on the product direction next. stay tuned you're watching worldwide exchange on krcnbc. finding time to get things done isn't easy.
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a bit on the defensive still had a bump last night. now down below 50% in brent and below 45 perhaps before this came through. >> apple now kicking off it's annual worldwide developers conference yesterday developing a slew of new products. welcome todd. >> thank you for having me. so you are product guy. what is getting the most buzz?
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>> i think a couple of things yesterday are getting the most buzz. first the hardware was the home speaker, home pod they're calling it. i think it's because finally am has a new product. everybody has been saying we need another iphone so here's the new product they're going to take on the amazon echo. at a expensive price point. $349. the echo can come in at $50 for the dot or $175 for the high end one but it's a lot more expensive. they're positioning for play one and play three speakers that cost about that one. >> it points to the other distinction between apple and amazon and google which is amazon and google have these devices really to sell you something else. or obviously amazon for prime and shopping. is that a weakness for apple or has apple maintained that
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premium price and says you're buying us because of the high level product. >> you're saying they're buying this because it's apple but it's also very much a weakness because i don't know how many people are using echos at home to buy things but they own them and their friends own them and google announced you can place phone calls to other local home units and you can call other phones and other echos. that's compelling. we didn't see that yesterday with the home pod but it can do fun things and it's more of a convenience thing. it's in the living room. control your tv, ask for directions, ask for weather. >> should we think about it like the apple watch. another incremental revenue driver? >> i wouldn't be surprised to see tim cook call this a hobby like he did with the apple tv and not get sales numbers. that's my guess for awhile but to talk about other important things yesterday it's huge. that's apple's drive into
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augmented reality. >> that's what it was showing yesterday. >> taking the digital world and putting on top of the digital world but what that would mean in real life if you walk up to a restaurant and point your phone at it maybe it brings up the yelp reviews or something like that or you need the subway and it points you to your phone. >> is there anything that's going to get people excited that's going to overtake what people are anticipating for the phone? >> i don't think so. i think everybody is really watching out for the phone and i think it was interesting yesterday apple talked about new software and io s11 we might be
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getting new features we don't know about. >> clearly they're putting emphasis on suri. in the race for ai, machine learning, augmented reality where does apple fit in? >> far behind it's competitors. using suri doesn't give you the answers you're always looking for and it's better natural language than some but google, google assistance is way better looking for specifics and search and tickets and all kinds of fun stuff. on the other hand i think apple has a position to do really well with it if it invests more in the platform and it has been. >> also saying that the culture of secrecy and protecting user privacy make it hard to move apple's dna in that direction. >> we saw that. it said that it's not
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broadcasting any of that as an anonymous siri i.d. so for eem that care about privacy it's huge versus alexa and google home and apple likes to say if you're not paying for something you need the product. perhaps that's good. >> there was that weird downgrade. >> downgrade. you know, hasn't made a new high since may 12th. >> welcome to the team. thank you for talking to us this morning. a small business success story. the entrepreneur that's banking on girl power to bridge the gender gap in tech but first here's today's national weather forecast from nbc's bill karins. >> good tuesday morning to you sarah and mike. florida is getting the soaking it needs and the northeast is getting the soaking they don't want or need. in florida we have tropical
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moisture moving over the state for the next two days. maybe even into thursday we'll deal with this. rainfall totals one inch in the blue and three inches in the pink. that's a good deal of the sunshine state with a good widespread heavy soaking rain. this morning the worst of it is ft. myers and maples. and peninsusacola has some now. it feels like april type weather, boston, new york, temperatures in the 50s so a jacket for the kids and also all the summer weather. more worldwide exchange when we come back. these birds once affected by oil
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and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at >> the iconic tour is heading to cnbc for the first time. kate rogers has been out profiling the hottest start ups and joins us now with more. >> good morning, it was launched by two founders hoping to inspire the next generation of female leaders in science, math and tech. they want to change the way young girls think and play. >> i think that if we could start early and tell girls that they can be creators and builders it's going to change the world. >> the co-founders started
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selling their high-tech friendship bracelets in 2016. they pair with nearby friends and send secret messages and could be coded to change color. >> we uploaded the code to the jewel bot and it changed colors. >> when you're next to one of your friends it lights up. >> the idea was born out of an experience chips had as a computer programmer surrounded by male colleagues. >> i was five years into my career before i worked with another woman and it was another five years until i worked with another one and i always wanted to change that environment. they first launched their product on kick starter meeting their $30,000 goal in one day. they graduated from tech stars in december 2015 and began retailing online on their own website and the following year raising $1.3 million along the way. the hope is that more young girls will realize how fun coding can be. >> i think we don't want there to be a disparity between boys
5:24 am
and girls in programming. we want just as many girls to program and get into the world of computer science and make up their career and design the products of the future. >> brook and sarah are now working on placement of the product for the next holiday retail season and continuing to expand and iconic does kick off tomorrow all day here in new york city. a great line-up of speakers including ariana huffington. check out our live stream. >> back to you. >> love it. big line-up. >> seattle became the latest u.s. city to pass a pact on soda and sugary drinks joining philadelphia, san francisco and oakland. metro will be signed by seattle's mayor today. they say it will hit small businesses and poor and working class families the hardest. diet sodas are exempt in this
5:25 am
one but basically any other type of sugary drink is in there. red bull, gatorade. >> it was pretty pronounced. >> sales and both companies have had to adjust their businesses within philadelphia. this is a growing risk certainly and it's not just happening in the u.s. it's happening globally too. >> they'll have to grahamable like they have been doing. in some sports news the nhl stanley cup finals are tied at 2 games a piece. the nashville predators evened the series last night. it's a 1-1 game until the second period when nashville scored two goals. they added another goal and went on to win 4-1. game 5 in pittsburgh. it hasn't all been about the action on the ice in nashville. celebrity versus been in the stand routing for the predators. carrie underwood posted this video after last night's win. she is married to team captain mike fisher and keith urban posting this thumbs up photo on
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twitter. he was also at game 3 this weekend with his wife nicole kid man. the town is just mad for this whole thing. not a lot of native hockey fans in the south. >> who knew it. >> it's about the celebrities. >> congratulations to them. >> coming up this morning's top stories and round up of the global market. >> plus trudeax is trending again. what he is doing in an attempt to make the fight against climate change cool. you're watching worldwide exchange on cnbc. no splashing! wait, so you got rid of verizon, just like that? uh huh. i switched to t-mobile, kept my phone everything on it oh, they even paid it off! wow! yeah, it's nice that every bad decision doesn't have to be permanent!
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futures point to a lower open on wall street. >> a big shake up at j. crew. what it means to be an iconic retail brand. >> and magic johnson has a message for president trump. what he said exclusively to cnbc. it's tuesday, june 6th, 2017. you're watching worldwide exchange on cnbc. good morning and welcome back to worldwide exchange. >> glad to have you, you're here
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all week. >> let's check on the global markets this morning. a little bit of a mixed picture. take a look at the futures. they were looking to back off very modest losses yesterday off the all time highs. another gentle day of trading today. actually have it right near the flat line. nasdaq has been the out performer. it's actually slightly into the green but maybe looks like another day of watching and waiting for a couple of big events on thursday. taking a look at asia. a bit of a mixed picture overnight. you did have japan down by almost 1%. hang seng about .5%. shanghai up a little less than that. seems like this trend of slightly defensive tone but mixed is happening there as well. in europe, you were also backing off about .3% off the board. that's what it is. you had retail sales numbers come in and that was a slight
5:31 am
miss. i think up 0.1% but even before that it looked like we were looking for extremely modest. >> as for the broader markets, oil down again this morning. prices last we checked abou about .2%. that's where we are now. wti crude 47-32. off the loes of the sessions where we were about a half an hour ago. that gas continues to rise. as for the ten year treasury note yield yields did tick up for a change. they're back lower this morning. 215 on the ten year. have to break below 2% to break the november levels but still buying of treasury yields go lower as for the u.s. dollar looks like a mixed picture. the dollar is weaker against the yen. that tracks the treasury yield very carefully and you're seeing a deline this morning. that stronger yen could be a head win for u.s. stocks as
5:32 am
well. the dollar is barely moving here. 11247. prime minister may has done better the pound has come back 12914 though we're waiting for more polls into thursday as the race tightened. 7 week high for gold on the slew of geopolitical risk that's been building and gold is higher again this morning. the dollar is weaker against the yen i guess but it does feel like that's where it's been entered. >> now the bitcoins come off. >> it's either bit coin or gold. it's still double the price of gold. >> it is. turning to today's agenda one piece of economic data. the labor department releases the monthly jolts or job opening and labor turnover survey. this doesn't typically show up in the report such as the number of job listings and how many
5:33 am
people are quitting their jobs. as for earning, hd supply, michaels and lands end before the opening bell and after the close we'll hear from dave and busters. >> lots of news on the retail front. first a big shake up at j. crew. mickey drexler stepping down. macy's is holding it's investor today. a lot of focus to be on the struggling performance. the stock is down another 33% this year. here to talk about all of it is stacy. and a cnbc contributor. drexler makes the front pages of the business section today and he can't make it in this retail environment, who will. what a fall from grace. what does it signal about the sector in general. >> it's big news that drexler is out here and it's very reflective of the issues going on in apparel in general. he's not alone in having
5:34 am
self-admittedly misread the environment and what it's done to apparel. j. crew has gone through a period where the prices are too high. i was just in front of the store in rock center looking at a t-shirt for $39. that's not competitive with h&m and zara and the rest of the offerings out there that are so much cheaper and the customer doesn't recognize that the quality is slightly better here so it's very reflective of what is going on. they still have 200 stores and they're in a malls and are the a malls more at risk than the street is believing here. >> the conventional wisdom you're suggesting has been that the lower quality malls obviously need to close down in large numbers and maybe they have already been struggling for awhile but there was a premium level mall it might be some what immune and we have macy's annual meeting today. they're trying to find their way too and they're in a lot of the
5:35 am
different malls. >> exactly. so the consensus out there, the consensus belief is that 20% of malls need to close maybe 25. i'm talking more like 40 because of just what you said which is the a malls are at risk as well. neiman-marcus and j. crew and a lot of the high end stores that the question is do they have to clothes a lot of them and then one of their big issues is how do you drive profit back? how does that happen in the mall? >> the common thread here between macy's and j. crew is leadership. both had what at one point wall street viewed as the best ceos. merchandisers, getting on apparel trends.
5:36 am
who gets it? who is the retail geo of this period? >> that's the question here and it's so interesting that the old school leadership has really failed to embrace the environment. so, you know, we have to open the doors and let the new thinkers in. the great example of that was larson that was at ralph lauren that didn't workout. someone like that is a great candidate to put forward as a new leader and new thinker. >> why are u.s. brands getting killed? their lead times are nine months. some are looking for approval and round applause that they reduced it to 6 months. zara chases within two weeks
5:37 am
product that is working. you can't compete with that. it's the experience with supply chain and who experienced the fast fashion transition and it's taking the blinders off simply. >> these are people about the business process and manufacturing and sourcing and all of that stuff as opposed to somebody with finger on the pulse of fashion that knows how to maybe position the stores correctly and it seems like a difficult trick to pull when most are in shrink mode right now and the customer does pay full price when the product is there. we have seen that in the luxury industry where it's not growing but the market share paise tug of war. if you get the product right the consumer will come. however it has to be at the correct price and right now the apparel industry is just 40 or 50 off full time and great
5:38 am
example today swer gettiis we'r more competition coming into the market. heidi klum just teamed up with the german discount brand coming into the states this summer and she is going to be doing an affordable luxury label so you just thought fast fashion pain was over and it's not. there's more piling on here to come. >> so it's not all doom and fwloo gloom. you have one good story for us. which is your pick? >> i think pbh is doing the best of anybody. this is thinking out of the box. they're using gigi hadid to transition their customer and it's working. they coughed up 14% in europe and that is, you're not going to find that from any brand overseas. and that's a brand that goes out there and moves forward. >> we saw that.
5:39 am
>> that's not all doom and gloom. >> thank you. amazon announcing a new pricing option for prime minister to lower income users. customers on food stamps can pay $5.99 a month for amazon prime versus $99 up front for a full year membership. move comes as amazon tries to keep it's lead over walmart in online sales. >> it's fascinating because it's not just spreading it out over 12 months. it's actually means tested. >> sort of goes along with amazon's creative strategy. >> time for the trending story of the day. basketball magic johnson has a message for president trump. >> what do you think of president trump? >> what do i think of him?
5:40 am
you know, i voted for hillary and i thought she was more prepared and ready to be the president. he has to find the way to bring everybody together. focus on the economy, putting people to work in our country, bringing people together in our country and i think he's having a challenge to do those things right now because right now he's all over the place. >> i actually thought that was pretty diplomatic. >> choosing his words very carefully. >> as he does. >> also maybe the president shouldn't tweet quite as much. >> and i think a lot of people are saying that.
5:41 am
>> justin trudeau spent his day yesterday in a kayak talking about environmental issues. he hit the water to spread the word on climate change. one twitter uses posted a video of him approaching her home in his kayak and it sent the internet buzzing. so jealous how come jt never kayaks to my house to visit. how many people live in a kayakable place in canada? lucky folks. >> most of the border. he did have his shirt on so maybe it wasn't to light the internet on fire. >> he is the anti-trump, campaigning for climate change in a kayak. tonight on cnbc the profit returns with all new episodes and this evening marcus profiles
5:42 am
a family run swim wear company struggling to stay afloat faced with poor leadership and outdated design. take a look. >> i'm not going to stop until something finally breaks. you can't put everything in and have nothing to show for it at the end. >> i don't want to see you guys lose everything. >> i don't want you to worry about me. >> it just can't all be for nothing. >> it's a struggle. just to survive to pay bills. >> that's a lot of pressure on you. >> it's insurmountable. >> it's not. it's overwhelming. i do think the business needs structure. who is the boss of the business. >> well it's really me? >> you are? >> i think so. >> i respectfully disagree. >> i respectfully disagree. >> you can respectfully disagree. >> the boss is the person's names on the door. >> luckily it's my name as well. >> looks like a good one. be sure to catch the new episode of the profit airing tonight
5:43 am
10:00 p.m. eastern here on cnbc. everywhere i go people ask me if i know him. he has a lot of fans. >> i don't think he's here yet. >> you tell them yes, right? >> i tell them yeah. >> coming up, a case for a canada that could replace janet yellen. >> as we head out check on u.s. futures right now trading a tad lower. sort of follows the recent theme one way or the other. very close to record highs. worldwide exchange will be right back.
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welcome back to worldwide exchange. marvin goodfriend would be good for the fed. this comes after reports from the new york times that he, marvin goodfriend is one of the picks for a member of the federal reserve. policy makers under the trump administration and gavin davies is the writer here. he lays out some of the issues that goodfriend opines on versus the status quo. policy actions threaten the nation because this would reduce the tendency to wait too long for tightening and it places more emphasis on policies would
5:47 am
like but he's not really a hard liner on this debate. he actually outlines seven different policies positions on monetary policy. the basic gist of it is maybe goodfriend would be more hawkish than yellen. a little more conservative when he comes to the reagan policy of economic advisers but the overall take is if you were worried about president trump's pick this is as standard and respective as monetary policy as you can get. in fact, goodfriend was on the fed. i interviewed him a number of times. >> not out of the mainstream. certainly right on the spectrum. >> that's why i picked that. that seems like that's going to be a debate if you have a republican-lead administration. but the key actually at the end was he was a hard liner and not the fed. >> interesting several months as we get the spots come open on the fed. my pick in the wall street
5:48 am
journal is titled index funds still beat active portfolio management. he is a pioneer of index investing. it basically says that you cannot predict which stocks are going to out perform, et cetera. so in some sense this is isaac newton saying navty gravity is in effect. he says americans have too much active management today. not too little. every percentage have been out performed by the index. if anything the stock market is becoming more efficient and not less so despite the growth of indexing. he's answering those people that said it makes sense but it gotten too popular, too big and controlling too much of the market so that could make it easier to beat. he's saying no not yet and a long way to go. 35% of money in the u.s. is index. >> do you think it's distorting? >> i don't think it's distorting in anyway that an active manager
5:49 am
can take advantage of it but there's certainly some stocks kept afloat more because they're in the index. maybe there's a number out there. >> we are approaching the top of the hour. teams getting ready for squawk box. a look at what's coming up in a must read we should say. >> thank you. >> toughest of the tough guy stands beside the president. great look at the president's lawyer. >> you might as well, you know a guy that writes things occasionally. >> on tuesdays. >> and mark is, i call him the donald trump of lawyering. and i don't know if he will take that as a good thing or a bad thing. trump is his client. so hopefully he'll take that well in the spirit that it's
5:50 am
intended. talking about the roll back of dodd frank and what it all means. you can take a quick look if you get a chance at what ben white was up to on morning money which will be out in just a little bit. he goes through at the top of his e-mail this morning, the backlash to what jeff is pushing the senate unlikely to confirm but it sets the table for where this is going to go. we'll also talk trade. we're going to talk trade and also airlines, apple, apple, apple, and mike santoli, are you there? >> yes i am. >> joe wants to know; we were in the make up room this morning, i'm just the messenger here. he said look mike had said there was going to be a bottom. he has done the math it's about
5:51 am
5%. he wants to know should we go all in or not? >> i would say not all in. it's funny the one column i ever wrote that joe remembers. >> i know. >> and i have been consistently bullish but maybe it's going to cool off here. he can stay because he went against me and he's playing with house money now. >> he's playing with house money. if you're not playing with house money what do you do? >> the market is okay here. we're well overdue for something noisier than a 2% pull back. >> i like when you get out there, mike. take a stand like that. it's a good thing. >> okay. >> thank you. >> joe is screaming from the make up room do the period opposite. that's so not fair. >> okay. >> thank you guys. >> can't wait to hear his views starting in nine minutes. thank you. up next we're setting you up for the big trading day ahead with the usg union bank. he's with us to talk exhibition and markets when worldwide exchange comes right back. you get used to food odors in your car. you think it...
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welcome back. u. s. futures are lower. the nasdaq is positive right now. futures up 2 there. with us is the chief financial economist welcome. >> thank you. >> so you have been pretty optimistic about the u.s. economy. are you surprised the data isn't coming in a little bit better here. >> it's just the narrative it's kind of hard to talk about the economy because we have reached full employment. i have never been at this stage where unemployment is lower than it was during the greenspan housing bubble a decade ago. it's 4.3% and yet we're still talking about is the economy okay? i think the problem is people are mixed up between the unemployment rate, what that means versus growth.
5:55 am
now remember we only needed growth to be above trend to bring down unemployment. we didn't get growth above trend yet unemployment is low anyway. we're at the end game so whereon how to talk about, you know, the way forward. it's quite odd. we have made it. >> so trend game, the funny train is everybody has jumped on board to the demographics nowhere here on our table today. america is getting older, greyer and people think that's going to take a toll on growth. you only need 7% of your income in retirement. that doesn't sound very right, does it? but everyone has like 1.8% potential growth now just based on the baby boomers retiring. >> so you don't buy the trump 3%
5:56 am
growth if we get an stimulus in the form of tax cuts and infrastructure spending and deregulation. >> it's going to be difficult. i'm one of the few people that have a 3% growth forecast in 2018. but i need .4 of that. 0.4% to be government spending. so that can be state and local which they don't have the money right now. i don't have a lot of nonentitlement spending. >> what about the impact of the labor market tightness right now. that going to be a story line. >> wages are going everywhere. that's another perception problem what are we waiting for? it was 3.5 or 4% in the prior
5:57 am
decades. are you telling me people think wages 3.5%. when i get a 3% raise i don't think so but wages haven't picked up yet. >> thank you for joining us. thank you mike for being here. that does it for worldwide exchange. whoever threw it has to go get it. not me! somebody will get it... ♪ (dog barking) anyone can dream. making it a reality is the hard part. from the b-2 to the upcoming b-21, northrop grumman stealth bombers give america an advantage in a turbulent world. and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us.
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>> the president will meet with congressional leaders today in an effort to jump start his agenda. details coming up plus a big shake up in the retail world. j. crew's long time leader is stepping aside. it's tuesday, june 6th, 2017 and squawk box begins right now. >> live from new york where
6:00 am
business never sleeps, this is squawk box. good morning, welcome to squawk box. we're live from the nasdaq market site in times square. the united kingdom is preparing to observe a moment of silence for the victims of saturday's terror attack. [ clock tolling ]


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