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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  June 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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there are any presidents who come in right off the bat and hit home runs, you know, and it's been great. we'll have to watch his entire term and see how this thing plays out, judge him accordingly. >> i don't know if that's the fight or what will happen in august thank you for joining us. >> dana white for ufc. >> that does it for "closing bell." "fast money" start right now. fast money starts right now overlooking new york city's time's square, i'm mellissa lee, we have tim seymour, steve grass as to, guy adami tonight, it's a snap disaster, shares tanking back to the ipo price of $17 bucks per share so did any of our traders buy the stiff? we are putting the surface pro up to the new ipad pro to determine once and for all which one is a better tablet later, biotech stocks take a mid-day dive, potential new
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executive orders on drug prices, we will hear from the top ceos in the space first we start off with wall street, a sell-off on some of the most widely held stocks. facebook is down 3%, goggle, nvidia, apple is down a whopping 7% and netflix is down more than 8% so we talk all the time about waiting for the dip to buy if this isn't the dip, what is which names are the best right now? guy. >> i think netflix stands out to me i do know the move we have seen over the past couple weeks, we have moved to this magnitude before we had one in july we have seen moves in netflix. within a week or so the stock continues the upward trajectory. 150 is a big level in my opinion. if you look, that's where we broke out in may we held it few look for risk-reward, i don't know if this is a predicted buy overall. i think it is a dip to buy
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netflix. >> i think netflix is the stock that has a lot more room to go i would be on the other side on nvidia, i think the uber stocks are a proprietary moment pum it's natural when you think how overbought they were they held 50 today i think they probably are still too finite base. i think at months end it could be choppy. right now it should not be a surprise. >> up until friday, it seemed like the market kept going higher, people got thinking, oh, i'm never going to get that chance now even if it is a 3 or 4% decline they didn't have before friday. >> you can buy the dip until proven otherwise i don't think there is necessarily anything broken in this market. until it concerns the equity mark, the u.s. stockmarket, then it doesn't matter, so i would by
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a stiff, the one to me that sticks out is apple. so i'd rather put up or shut up here and buy apple's trade at 144. my 140 is my stopout area. we have a new mojo out in the fall. >> you have an s&p, russell reway rebalance, so you have a lot of things going on a lot of things going on i bought out just like bk said, what are the odds you get to buy apple down %? very few and far between when you look at it. it came off that developer's conference, that to me is a weak spot historically weak spot and if you look out a couple of weeks from that it's usually trading higher i took advantage of that weakness for a host of different reasons and we don't know. >> you don't know if there is more down side >> you don't know, you can see people say sell off the out performers, the lagers, that can
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happen in the next weeks or. so i gamble. >> you got plenty of chances to buy apple down 8% or 20% i'm not saying that's where this is going but it's interesting to me that on the way up people were willing to call apple a hardware company. they had a new piece of hardware coming out >> that end of it. yet, we're starting to -- i'm not saying apple's multisample anywhere near facebook are you at a place where people are placing more on apple than the iphone 8 release what is that why now when the stock momentum was nowhere? >> i think the buy back has a lot of potential i think it's the money off shore, if anything changes with tax policy, it's not just a tax holiday. if that money can come book into perpetuity i think people like that >> it's here versus thursday before the selling started, right? it's the same story, correct >> right. >> there is no news that the sector is a couple down grades here and there
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>> down zbradz. >> that's not news, that's what happens on wall street. >> if you remove the momentum from this market should all these stocks have gone to the moon i think we would have argued on this desk. >> have they removed the momentum >> you come out and start with attraction is apple down 8 morris that's the momentum out of the name. >> apple stopped right at its 100 day moving average this is moving why it stopped. few look at a lot of these names, they havestopped right around or on their 100 day moving average this is what they are using for buy-in to tim's point, passive investing, it's huge >> but we haven't been on a triple day since december 7th. >> that's what we do >> i think, you are right. >> for a week the s&p right now is flat. everything that's happened, it feels like we had a tremendous week but when you look at the macro, the s&p is flat for the week
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triple qs. >> it's interesting, you typically don't get opportunities in apple tim mentioned, it's true in the middle of 2015, apple was a $134 stock a year later it was a $90 stock. it was going straight up apple has moments leak this. i'm not suggesting on the precipice. i hear what these guys say my level would be 134. that was the all previous high back in the middle of 2015 so i was looking for an entry level would be there if i would be long there, i would be concerned it would close below that level. >> did this level on apple, we can see a lot more down side that episode back when was it? >> middle of '15. >> we got through a better than expected holiday season, you have a ton of upgrades the cycle to talk about and the streak falling through late and pushing the stock in before we left the barn so to tell me that i'm excited about apple right now, intlin i
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think there is pressure on a select e sector. >> two things that happened, developers conference is a soft week and reallocation trade, those two things coupled together put a little extra pressure on it i do think it is a buying year for apple coming up, to own the stock. >> now, especially when -- if you are going to buy, go buy growth, buy facebook or google these are companies that are delivering growth commence rat with a multiple. >> and apple is much higher than it is today. >> that will be will your reallocation the next two weeks, through that rebalance and apple is much higher, that will be your defining moment. >> who is trading, buying apple? >> i bought it. >> i bought it. >> you guys closest to me. >> apple is a phenomenal company. the multiple is not crazy. i get back to be consistent here, people were complaining about lack of innovation
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nothing to talk about. >> the stock down 8% i'm bike it for a trade. it's still a hardware company. 100% >> who is buying it for a trade? >> you buy it so high. ki walk you through it i'm going to be a wise guy when i sell, what do you mean i don't expect to be long this thing e thing the next two, three years. i might be long the next two or three weeks. >> my point is fundamentally the stock looks okay. >> it's a great stock. you are arguing with me why i wanted to buy it why don't you look in the mirror >> you are saying i'm bike it for a trade, i don't know what a trade means. >> that's exactly right a. trade for sui different than a trade for me. >> what time frame are you looking at for apple >> again, so i'm looking at the upcoming cycle, right. so for this, it's probably - >> this is your entry to capture the iphone 8 >> i all year say buy the vix.
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i will agree the risk-reward is not as great ass the at lower prices, but we're asking, do we buy the dip here yes. how long will that last? i don't know maybe a month. maybe it's two or three weeks. i'm not sure when it gets back up to 160 or so, then i'm going to say, hey, now is time i want to trim a little bit off that's what it means for me. i think there is opportunities until you get this iphone released in the fall to buy the dips in apple. >> but to be clear, with all these stocks we're talking about, you had to be making a market call. so on some level, can you be so cute that you can trade these things around every 4 or 5%. you are asking is it time to buy dip? is this a park call? you really believe apple of all the names is giving you the best upside i think ultimately, to trade three or 4% loses the stock. it's a style difference am i an apple investor or tourist? i mean, that's really what it comes down to. most people i think are probably
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thinking ability this as a fundament alibi. >> and the market call is not necessarily market s&p calm, it's a market teches can go higher, if they go down, right, the overall markets are up. >> the rotation continues. >> exactly. >> i don't know the answer to that question. i do know that we talk about levels all the time. i do think levels are important. going back to the original thing i said, i think to me all the ones we talk about, netflix and the risk-reward looks interesting at the levels we talk about. >> there are two hot tech stocks that are must buy, one big name is short let's go to trading what are you looking at? >> the first stock to look at is nvidia, chip stock, can you see we've broken from a beautiful base here that's really set up higher prices. if i can do my best straight line analysis here checking the lows, taking that line and making it parallel off of this swing high, my best straight line, that's going to
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target higher prices right around $250. it's longer term nvidia, as we go out from this monthly chart, all the way down to the daily, i was listening to carter on "closing bell" on this outside bar here, he was saying this is a bear ib situation. normally yes just to show you, the highs an lows encompass the prior desk. it should have broken down and over the last four days, it's just not happened so when something should be happening, it isn't, maybe look the other way. i like nvidia on the top side. next up, apple, we were talking about this in terms of a trade i like it. lower. we will source this parallel channel which defiance support off these two swing highs and as we dip down, right around the '01 $138 region, it's definitely one for a tradeable balance or a rent as you guys were talking about. the other one is netflix i don't like
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i have to disagree with guy on this one, if you take a look at the nasdaq here, this is the qqq in blue. will you see this guy has made a higher high. what has netflix done? it's made a lower low. this is one of my horses in the 2017 stock draft and i think tim seymour is comfortably in first place. >> it's a long season, my man. thank you. >> you are stupid value. so netflix has had a very big under performance. i'm taking a back seat in that contest. as you get off this one, will you see netflix has not only under performed the nasdaq but broken support here over since the election lows, so unfortunately, netflix is under performing few want to be short, you look here. >> the push back is yes in the context of that it's under perform, if you look back to july of last year, this is the third time now this stock has had a percentage move of thissing a my tude, each time it's bounced to me off a significant upline, so i would
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agree, if we get it closed below 148 or so, i'll reevaluate for me this has given me the opportunity to see twice in the last two years. >> i thought from this perspective, guy, i would say support has been broken. if you were to draw this same line over the nasdaq which has been by the way overperforming the russell and the s&p t. netflix lost it. for me, right now, it could change. >> all right thank you. >> thank you. >> steve grasso, what do you think of nvidia? >> nvidia is flying high i believe in the internet of things the connected home the connected car, i think nvidia is the crowd favorite i know it's lofty prices i would still be a buyer, though. >> what i like about nvidia, i'm with you on that you have a very defined risk area >> that 140 level, todd was talking about, all of these, you are not buying on the low. you are not discovering this
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thing all of a sudden nvidia is the best ever. so for me, i look at that 140 level, say that's why i'm out if i were wrong, i would buy it assuming the marks are he. >> you have as to make a lot of assumptions on that. >> what assumptions? i buy it if it goes lower, sell it. >> i think nvidia is a poster children when the market is flying you can't tell me in a difficult tape it will be trading where it is. >> the market may go up. >> that's exactly. any stock would do that. very few stocks will trade bearish. >> i am glad are you bullish on the market it's flat from last week it's flat. he's talking about a recovery in the market, steve. >> of automatic things -- >> otherwise, have you as to buy the dip. >> yes, you do. >> what will you say about apple? 135, 1 lath? >> i want to give guy a credit for hanging in on a storied
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stock, they have driven the market i think it's the earnings statement out and they boat on international growth i think this is a company, though, that ultimately is trading at a beneficiary of a ton o money into high growth names at a time frankly we don't know what growth we are getting out of this economy. there is rotation and guys under porling and they're chasing this stuff. coming up, shrouding back to the ipo price for snap at $17 per share, 17 on the dot, did anyone on this desk buy? plus one so-called group of boring stocks you may not be paying attention to we will give you the name and if there is time to get in lance is here in the green room putting a brand-new microsoft surface pro and ipad pro to the ultimate test. a test so wild, it will blow your mind. he'll join us later to reveal his thoughts and include a real mu me asmoy""ft ne still ahead.
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a slightly stronger dollar bk what do you do in. >> i think you get out of gold i'm not in it right now. to me this is all about the dollar you ask me what will make me concerned about the market in general? it's the u.s. dollar it's the most important thing to watch. it looks like it's starting to turn you are seeing a bit after a spike bad for gold t. dollar is the risk indicator t. vix isn't. >> are you lo ethe dollar is >> i am long on the dollar at this point across the board. >> i think the fed gave people, we saw conditions the dollar has gotten oversold, it's hard for me to see how the dollar is going to break out from this range. when you think of bank devil ditionals -- owe differentials i think the ecb is well behind the curve. current account country in europe that's where you want to play i agree with brian, ultimately, i think gold medal, first of
5:20 pm
all, think of the fiermt it had, gold is flat on a one-year basis with the political chaos in the world and the $being on its knees, that's not a good seen zplu seemingly have deflationary plaesh pressures, whether i like or not, it's not going to help, so the dollar is probably oversold on a short-term condition, probably due for a bounce i am a believener gold longer term to take a bottom here, it's probably not financial to happen. >> looking at snap, it kicks off our top trades, falling in at 5% closed factually $17 which was the price of the ipo remember, dana pepper said he was waiting for. >> i'll not jumping through the hoop to buy the 2180 should it go down closer to the org offer price, i would like to buy the stock there. i'm a believer in the company. it's a valuation question do me. >> so this is interesting, pepper had to pull the trigger
5:21 pm
and buy the stock at the ipo price. we got the price, except it closed on session lows right at it's all-time low. >> i not only think that david tenner is kind of forced he's a plan of his words, a stand-up guy. >> i think a lot has changed. >> the earnings report -- that was right after he got a nice big allocation. so >> yeah. >> speaking of alocate, yalocat will see the bankers on board on this ipo, no, they do not have to stand up or back the stock. they are under no obligation to do so i think it will be greeted with some buyers, but it's won a battle it hasn't won the war. it's going on the banging around at this level for quite some time. >> the sentiment on the stock, so many research firms come out with their initiations on the stock, for the most part they have been negative. >> exxon a couple weeks ago on the 1- line show.
5:22 pm
>> power line. >> brian saw it. but the guy you interviewed said it will be a single digit. you said, single dimg it he said single digit maybe they're seeing foot buying. >> the first time down we did a great job. we talked about the stock. fired it the first time down it got down to 1745 bounced to 22 and change i think when citi downgraded it, j.p. morgan youn down graded it we said grab the rip cord. on a trade 17 bucks it would trade four or times normal volume it didn't do it. >> i don't think the support there at 17 bucks. remember the last quarter it wasn't that great. so a lot has changed the fundamental story has changed in the stock sense the ipo. >> has it changed? >> we knew before they weren't
5:23 pm
going to be a problem. >> we knew the numbers from the last quarter, right? >> people start talking about valuations, not people on this desk well, at this little, i want to own the stock the valuation makes sense. people are throwing darts on the valuation. >> for this in particular. >> the play for me on this, few think you want to play augmented reality. this is the only way to do it. you don't have to do it here there's a lot of stock coming for sale there is not going to be a lot of support zplu say all these same things about facebook we had that level. >> facebook tried to put them out of business. what's changed in the story? facebook wants to obliterate snap zuricher berg said tried to do it couldn't do it now he will put them out of business. >> facebook went down for a long time. >> it has a lot more pain ahead
5:24 pm
before it's a buy. >> facebook was down in th dumps for a while. people said, he wears a hood difficult. he has to wear a suit. >> i think that's why it's not a single digit the reason he would be complaining about this stock, think about the demographic profile. facebook has 2 billion people. most are grannys an whoever. your friends, i'm not sure ultimately, you have a case where the demographic and snap is first of all not necessarily the one. facebook has such a lead in terms of scale and global programs in reits. we can't compare them. we are doing this on a lookback. i think it's apples and oranges. >> so we set the straight, my bingo group every wednesday night. that's where we find out the church hall we are going to. >> you we heard about. that we do it open facebook. >> the call numbers here >> he screwed me up. >> turn down the miracle
5:25 pm
>> still ahead, conducting the ultimate tablet test which tech giant has the better tablet. am or microsoft. he is using a rather unusual method i'm mellissa lee first if business world wide, in the meantime, here's what else is coming up on "fast. >> money has got to be shoes. >> shoes. >> shoes >> it might be more than the shoes weighing on nike traders see more pain ahead. we'll tell you how much. plus he said he'd go after drug prices. >> you might get your drug prices down. at he might do it. wh other ceos had to say about it when "fast money" returns the power of the nasdaq market. the power of 100 of the world's top companies. the power of an etf.
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the dow sinking triple digits at first, ending slightly lower the indices in the red, hanging on to%tive territory for the month-of-june. here's what else is coming up in the second half of the show t. battle of the pros, ipads put to test on the set. the financial struggling to rally, one stock soaring to new highs. we will give you those names first, take a look at the ibb. the nasdaq biotech etf lower today as president trump is reportedly preparing an executive order on drug pricing.
5:32 pm
a number of drug ceos gathered today. mech. >> reporter: hey, melissa. we are seeing several reports trump officials plan to meet tomorrow to discuss a potential order on drug pricing. this may seem like a threat. we talked here at the conference with several drug indices ceos who are opt mick about what this may mean see what aller gan's ceo said this may entail. >> reporter: one thing we hear on the table is directed by the trump administration to move forward to value-based pharmaceutical purchasing. i think that is a good positive construct for the industry and for patients >> reporter: now his reports from politico and bloomberg yesterday from biocentury. what they been mention is this could target rebates, discounts that drug makers pay back to pbms rex saunders told us could be in
5:33 pm
this executive order that some say might bring more transparency to the system and result in lowering drug costs. we talked at this conference about what that would mean for drug stockss >> we see companies with great pipeline development but the overhang on the sector from what will come from either the trump administration or what is currently happening from the private seconder is a big concern. >> that has been weighing on multiples. you seen them compress for many of the companies for the better part of two years now. i think you would see a multiple improvement simply because the fear that there is not this further control of pricing coming down the line. >> reporter: so given the rhetoric, we've we heard from trump about the drug industry and its pricing saying pharma is getting away murder, saying on the campaign trail he thought the government should negotiate over drug pricing, something that didn't do that in executive orders, we hear from drug industry executives that could be a lift to stocks or a removal
5:34 pm
in an overhang in the space, we are trying to dig up any information we k. >> a removal of the executive order would be out and fairly limited in theory because it's an executive order as opposed to legislation? >> reporter: well, not even that it would be an eeo versus legislation, simply it may not be as own russ as trying to give medicare the power to negotiate. that's yet to be seen. this could not be as positive as people say we will be trying to figure that out. >> meg, thank you. meg terrell. the health care summit what do we do here it seems like the reaction, we to the it wasn't. >> think about it. you are talking about a president who wants to be business friendly. obviously, he is going to do something on eye care t.ibb biotech has been trading, $300 has been decently resistant. it's been trading 380 a long time now
5:35 pm
you tomorrow get something that may be lows ownersome, race to a 300, that would be a buyer. >> the presumption that trump is bad for biotech i think is totally refuted by looking at the charts the ibb went to 250 to $300 bucks quickly after he was elected. it's gone sideways ever since. so i don't know this is necessarily the bad sherrive for biotech. if anything, will you have at least a more constructive tone towards getting american companies and some of those balance sheets back on shore that's another big sector, tons of cash offshore i think that's positive. >> i understand the headline, i get if something were to happen the space that needs to be worried in my opinion, meg said, it's the pbms, the pharmacy benefit managers they're the ones that have to most to lose if something came down the pike. few look at a fame like express scripts, for example, i mean this was a $90 stock in the middle of 2015 trading 63 now. those are the names that should
5:36 pm
be under the gun, not the companies that are making the drugs. >> and that di didn't do much today. >> not today. >> when we first started this, as everyone said, when hillary made that tweet ibb was down 15-20% and when trump cable out, it's a bipartisan issue, it resonates with everybody across the aisle. he said something about the ibb trade %. this could be closure as meg said this could be a little bit of a buy the fact i think this is going to be a tremendous buying opportunity in ibb. i don't think you can buy individual fames you have to mute your riskment it's too binary. >> the flip side, is that not to be the debbie downer, i will play the role at this point if time the president is looking for a win. this is a popular issue if terms of trying to bring drug prices down if you come down strong, looking to control it to help the
5:37 pm
average american pay for cancer drugs, that would be a win. >> it's a window for him also it's to make sure stock prices stay high he says he does judge his presidency by what the stockmarket is doing so i think you can have some kind of balance here that will be business friendly, stock friendly and constituent friendly still ahead, nike shares getting crushed, down 3% one trader bet nearly $2 million. >> good luck guys >> we'll tell you how much, plus, it is the moment you have been waiting for a. gadget guru just moments away from unveiling his very scientific process for figuring out which tech giant has the better tablet, apple or microsoft. >> that is right after the break. dearthere's no other way to say this.
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>> welcome back to "fast money". microsoft launching the brands new surface table this comes after apple released the apple pro at the developers conference last week. they match up. the i pad pro starts at $649 for the 10.5 display $799 for the 9-inch. the surface pro is 12.3 inch in display with an impressive
5:41 pm
battery life lance is putting them to the test it's time to reveal the rules. >> so here you have it this is the 10.5 inch. i will say i've drawn a lot more on an ipad, microsoft surface pro not surface pro 5. as you know, 4 wildly popular. everyone wondered, what will they do? they went on with straight surface pro. have you high resolution the full window's pc on the microsoft surface pro. this runs ios 10.3 on the ipad pro. it's getting a major software upgrade with ios 11. they're kind of going at this same market, light weight, long battery life, productivity and when this gets ios 11 the ipracticed pro it's going to get
5:42 pm
things like the file management, drag-and-drop, improved things where you can mark up pretty much anything with the apple pencil also of note is that these two devices do not come with the keyboard i will put this down a second. this is actually the device. this is the microsoft surface practice as you would use it most often. >> right. >> visually, it's not a cre design, that i have taken the kick stand and made studio mode. so i can flip it all the way back that's cre versatility they like to call it lapability. i agree, i use this at kwaumpbss where i don't have a table all the time this is good this guy the keyboard on this, a little bit different. >> this guy. >> the worst is the pro 10.5 with the smart keyboard. in both cases the keyboards do
5:43 pm
not come with it nor do the pencils come with it. you have $59.99 for the microsoft surface pen. you got $39 for the smart pencil in order to get thesome you want you want to go all in. microsoft told me they don't expect people to use these surface pro without the keyboard, i would never recommend it i keep telling them to do it you buy all three, threat $100 off. basically this is only the position for it. it's good, a good keyboard, both good key boards, this is better for getting things done on the microsoft device they've uplit it back lit, better keys. it's still not as big as this. >> so for the average person out there that apts to use it for work or play, what would be the better device in your view and sen e then the second question
5:44 pm
is which is better for sketching guy on >> so i would say a little work, a lot of maybe more play maybe less workably on the ipad pro, full on work you will be looking at the surface pro i think that probably it's tough. i use both of them when i go to work -- >> what kind of work is this more for people out in the field, creative types? >> first of all the power on both these devices is strong all right. >> that is a core 23479 microsoft pro. the benchmarks on the 10.5 are off the charts with the x 10 chips t. best i seen and no compromises on running finity photo, which is photo shop level editing on this device so this is where this industry is going because tablets being sold through pure content consumption haven't done that will for productivity, for business, for schools, doing stuff on the
5:45 pm
go, these guys are awesome they also have really good battery life you are looking at ten hours, 13 hours, that's the max if you watch video. it will vary depending on what you do i don't carry a regular laptop anymore. i wouldn't it's too heavy i don't like it. i do everything i need to do with these devices. >> i feel kind of silly, i'm just listen. >> he's looking at me, i don't know >> i don't know if you have a touch jean on that >> i do. c'mon. >> if you want a touch in the apple world, you going to be an ipad, they will never do it on the mac or macbook pro they told me over and over again. >> how long did it take you to draw guy >> two in the last probably hour. >> he does it were nigevery nigh is kind of weird >> i immediately, definitely i'm pro create the application i used, it's more realized, that's where i'm more comfortable
5:46 pm
drawing, the applications are getting better for drawing on the microsoft surface practice i am more of a cartoonist thing. >> which is -- i get that. >> look at that. >> fine work >> it seems almost microsoft is competing with apple in a place they never could on some level maybe that's my perception that apple owned this spice in a way especially from the creative side and the operating system especially would say apple owned the market on cool, on interesting companies for a while. >> guy, definitely. >> he came in with a surface and a brand, these surface devices, we have a surface laptop, a surface studio and the surface pro. these are all products well designed, exciting and interesting, something that really when you talk to say, oh, that must be apple so, there is kind of making microsoft play catch up. i think there is interest and excitement, people don't want to be empar rased to carry around a
5:47 pm
microsoft product. they're leading their industry with products like that. >> lance, thank you very much. >> that will be selling for that special lady >> microsoft stock all time high, it is expensive. 22 times ford earnings pete talks about it all the time it has a lot going on not the least this xbox they are charging mohr sony play station. although it is expensive, i think microsoft is still the right play. >> i actually agree with the fellow on the screen it held up relatively well and now you have products that could catch up so they just have to catch a little of a tail wind. >> right back at you would you rather microsoft or apple since you are a buyer of apple >> oh the great question i'm go with microsoft. >> wow >> with those two i go with microzbloft you got to go with apple, it depends on once again your
5:48 pm
trade. because right now, apple actually took it a little harder on the chin and microsoft only flirting with its 50-day moving average, where apple for -- flirted with its 100 day. >> i think microsoft, a is successfully exercising on the commercial cloud there are a lot of things people are giving them credit for now >> that valuation 67 bucks, that is a pullback. ahead, a small group the bucking the trend in a surprising way nike is sending investors running today. one trade the betting the pain isn't over yet we got the details, you are watching "fast money" on cc,nb first in business world wide live-stream your favorite sport,
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5:52 pm
for bank profits while interest rates will be tied in some way, shape or form to overall conversations, they may play less of a role for certain parts of the market. there are a handful of stocks that maybe shown steady stock performance i gets you can say in 2017. that's the custody bank stocks at least the large banking institutions that don't engage in the best of banking per se, but rather keep quiet assets safe and perform other services like record keeping or account administration or tax reamed stuff. that's among other things they do three of the biggest companies in the banking industries subset are bank of new york mellon, phony, as some know then as, northern trust and state street, bny mellon, northern trust, each up around 5 or 6%. state street has been a sand out. 14% year-to-date one of the reasons why they have been doing is they charge fees
5:53 pm
based on how many u how much assets they guard,'s stocks and bonds go up if value, they do as well nit case of state street that i have one of the biggest etf m managers out there >> that runs the spider products, including the biggest etfs over all. mel lisa, worthy of note, northern trust have reported highs. >> thank you very much tim, you are actually in this sub state. >> i think it's interesting. i think part of this also is right out of the gates with the trump presidency remember interest rates went to the moon some straid traded higher when the rates should put more pressure on them part of what has been happening is you have been unwining this rates trade and a handful are giving capital back because they're selling off assets
5:54 pm
these are very well run banks. >> dom has mentioned spiders. >> he mentioned state street if you look at the high, give or take the levels in 2007 although we had a big move at 13 times forward earnings, it's not an expensive stock. i would be careful if you enjoyed the ride, i would take the main off the tab-- mone table. >> i would say that black rock is a riskier bet than a northern trust. because they have much more on the money management side they are definitely a riskier company. if i was in this space, i'm not in this space, if i was if state street, i'd rotate and go into northern trust. >> i think a lot was i wonder if the granularity of this form benefits these van nil la-type holding companies. i wonder if it's pre-loaded
5:55 pm
already. i would say to guy's point, i think you have to take stocks off the trabl get a virgin trade, maybe go back to the regular banks. switch gears here, sell it, that's what they are doing after nike said it would slash 2% of the global work force. mike ko breaks it all down hey, mike. >> hi there, so we did see over five times the average foot clooum volume trading and most activity was concentrated in the june 30th 52 strike puts, 30,000 in a block for about 90 cents at about 1:00 these are bearish bets that will be below 92 or $51 or tlabt by the end of the month it's important to note they will announce earnings on the 29th. >> that happens to be targeting what looks like this 52-week low area so if there is a catalyst, it can make it drop below it. that's what you are ensuring
5:56 pm
against. earnings usually, you see a move of about 5%. >> still nike? >> no, i'm not i tell you, as much as i believe in the company i don't know the space is seeing the same momentum. the ability to control margins become very competitive t. athletes become a little ubiquitous a great company, don't own it here. >> is he still there what time are you getting on you and hooper >> no. >> you got soft hands, dee >> thanks, mike. mike ko. >> more "options action," check that out tomorrow 5:30 eastern time ahead, one tanking choice for a big turn around. we'll give you the name when fast.returns i'm here at the td ameritrade trader offices. steve, other than making me move stuff,
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6:00 pm
risk reward. >> monsanto can only bode well. >> look at that. boeing will get you done, mel. tc i'm mellissa lee, thanks for wahing, see r my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. look, i get it, you want to stay away from tech i hear you, i get it you don't want to be par


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