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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  August 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and the guest suggested perhaps there was speculation about gary cohn's future. we talked about what a stabilizing presence he has been seen as parts of pro-business administration and those questions are swirling. >> the fed chairmanship is dangling ahead of him. >> oh, sure. scott wapner, what are you getting ready for in "fast money" we've covered this enough. >> we'll take a bit of your cue, bill and figure out why the stock market hasn't reacted perhaps more to some of the developments over the last many weeks in washington, and whether those days are about to change there were several parts of the market today that did move so we'll continue to develop and chase that story bill, kelly, thank you so much breaking coverage of this remarkable day both in washington and a wall street continues. what started with the trickle of ceos leaving the president's advisory council, edding in a torrent of departures, and ultimately the president
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disbanding his two main councils of corporate leaders we're all over this story, of course tonight eamon javers is in front of trump tower. we'll go to him for the very latest >> reporter: members of the council said they held a phone conversation and decided to disband the council. after that news became public, we saw this tweet, that he indicated it was his decision to disband it, rather than putting pressure on the business people of the manufacturing council and strategy & policy forum, i am ending both. larry summers was on cnbc earlier today. he framed this very much as a moral choice for ceos that they have to make in a historical context. here's what he said. every one of history's evils is aided and abetted by those who maintain the fantasy that by
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remaining in support, they can somehow be effective it is egoistic delusion to propose that participating in an advisory council that doesn't even meet once a month and when it does meets in a room with 30 or 40 people for an hour or hour and a half gives one substantial purchase or effectiveness over public policy. >> reporter: then after that news broke, we saw this deluge of statements from ceos from all sectors, all trying, very high-profile names start with jpmorgan's ceo jamie dimon, who says i strongly disagree with president trump's reaction that took place, racism, intolerance and violence are always wrong the equal treatment of all people is one of our nation's bedrock principles then this from aetna's ceo saying simply i am ashamed of the president's behavior, and comments scott, it's after 5:00, on a
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very long news day i think we ought to take stock of where we are at this moment in history i don't think -- i've been racking my brain this afternoon, to see if we can think of any other instance where ceos en masse like this have rebuked a president of the united states this is a real turning point, particularly in the language that some of ceos used today, things like ashamed of the president's behavior that's not something we're used to seeing. it's something we saw today, and the story going forward is how does the trump administration react to this, and what pressure has corporate america now put on the political system to respond as well. >> eamon as you're giving your record, all i could thing is for any president, today like today would be for truly stunning, but particularly for this one, who considers himself to be the ceo president, the one who liked to have ceos on numerous occasions over the past six months at the white house.
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you could see the look on president trump's face when they were there even the picture of him standing behind kenneth frazier, almost glowing with pride he had filled his white house with these types of corporate leaders on numerous, numerous occasions, and then to have this development today? it's just stunning i was in the room on july 20th when ken frazier was there at the white house the president on that day called him one of the american geniuses, and then after ken frazier resigned, the president said he was simply a grandstanders or those that left were grandstanders personal sense of rebuke that this president feels from the ceo community over the course of the past few days and then especially today has got to be extraordinarily pointed for a president who viewed himself as
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the ceo in chief, as a person who would bring the sensible, to create new lines of communication with the business community. all of these ceo councils that have been disbanded today were all about changing a narrative from the obama years when many in corporate america felt that they weren't listened to thoughtfully inside the white house, that they weren't given due consideration to their views on regulations, taxes and other things the trump administration began very much with an effort to change all that. that's what these councils were about. now today all of that has ground to a halt, and the story line going forward is going to be, can the trump administration regain the trust of the business community? can they right the ship, start focusing on tax reform and some of the other things? or is this simply the end of the relationship only time will tell. >> eamon, thanks so much about 12 blocks north of us outside trump tower. we did see stocks come out of their highs today, and president
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trump tweeting the councils were disbanded, but the real reaction it started in the bond reaction, sinking to the lows of the day up to now the market has ignored the d.c. drama, could today market a turning point tim, i pose that question to you as to whether the market starts to pay a lot more attention. policy is not priced into this market, but if you want to look at the bond market, it's very interesting. and you have a fed, you can say coincidence, or some of this information was already out there. i think the feds made it clear they needed to pull back in qe in september and it was very dovish, very bond-friendly
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therefore it's hard to know ultimately if this is something we should connect the dots i think right now markets need to look at things -- is this administration in jeopardy if it is, markets will care. i would say the stock market would have been weaker if -- so unfortunate this dynamic again, there's no place else to go, you get the low yields all of those things are positive for u.s. stocks. i think absent the fed with this political turmoil, you probably would have been much lower stock prices. >> people have been asking the question almost every week -- why hasn't the market reacted more violently to some of the issues that have come out of d.c. and the without tim makes a good point it's because people say that none of the trump agenda has been in this market to begin with, so why would the market pull back?
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the question tonight is whether that's about to changes. >> with all these corporate leaders backing away, many people in trump's the back -- makes it very clear that the legislative agenda, what people were optimistic about, the soft data points we've been talking about for a long time where the hard data wasn't commensurate, those are the sorts of things that are likely to suffer. we know how health care failed it's because his own party could not come together and figure out how to repeal and replace. the same thing probably will happen for tax you will not get comprehensive tax reform you may get things here and there, but let's be frank. i think that is very well factored into about a dozen stocks that hold a trillion dollars in cash overseas i don't think you're going to get income tax cuts. i don't think you're going to get massive corporate tax cuts, especially if you have these ceos running from him. what it does is put in
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infrastructure i said this last night, his approval rating is only likely to go lower, there's no resuscitating this relationship. it was a fake relationship with business leaders he was not a businessman he's a dictator, never a ceo, involved in 4,000 lawsuits over the last 30 years, 75 when he came into office, four bankruptcies in the last 25 years. is he was a phony business leader. >> i think we clearly know where you stand politically. >> that's a fact. >> that's your point of view guy -- >> great to have you on board. >> good to be here if gary cohn, for example, were to leave this white house -- a chairmanship -- >> >> let me finish -- that people on wall street are trying to put pressure on cohn to walk. would that be a game changer
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>> yes, i would say the answer is yes a lot of people view gary cohn -- i have to be careful -- but one of the few adults in the room, people who have gotten around and he's galvanized a certain faction of that administration if he were to leave, i think that could be a sign of a fracturing of that administration, but to answer your question, does that mean the market goes down >> is that a game changer? >> no. s north korea tensioning were at their zenith a week ago. you could say north korea is op the table for the short term i'm not certain that is the case, but today only sort of, to me, adds risk premium to the market the vix closes down 2.5% and basically right back where we started. >> if the adults in the room are no longer there, i realize this administration has gotten nothing done, i'm not sure if
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there's any credit you would give to these guys for the markets for the jobs -- i won't get into the incoherent rambling all we kept hearing about was a million jobs and the foxconn deal i think, guy, if you were to see that total breakdown and the adults in the room and guys frankly are hanging in there because they care a lot about this country i don't think the markets would take it lightly. >> what about this there's a scenario where we get a sell-off in risk assets because things feel like they're coming undone. and we haven't talked about the special council at some point investors will start pricing in what a pence presidency looks like if you think about the backdrop that we have for economic growth here, what's happening globally, i know you guys are all on board -- if we had any sense of stability, the notion that pence could heal some stuff? i would suspect you would have a
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bipartisan infrastructure bill that would be the easiest way to bring this country back together economically, and you would have all of those ceos who just departed, they would all come back, because they realize they have a duty to mend some wounds here >> the real question tonight is will other business leaders in the president's own cabinet follow the lead of corporate america and lead the administration jim vandehei joins us. do you want to entertain that question, the pressure that could be mounting within the white house? >> listen, there's intense pressure on gary cohn, on dina powell, rex tillerson, from their friends and name to leave. i've not heard from anybody who seriously is contemplating leaving today. i have heard from a number who do think about leaving at a pretty serious measure over the next couple months
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someone was mentioning a risk premium. you do have to factor that in if that happens you have a president on an island he's lost 60% of the country, lost democrats, lost the media, now a big faction of big business, at least at the leadership level if he loses thor people internally, it does have consequences yes, they haven't gotten much done legislatively, but when you talk to the people in the bunker with him, they would say, no, no, no, what we have stopped is stopped the president from doing insane stupid things look there's not a trade war with china, we have not nuked north korea. we have not shut down the government to force the building of a wall, so they're there to basically put brakes on things they're keeping him from doing stuff that could be really bad for the economy. if you lose thor people, yeah, you have donald trump, steve bannon, and steve miller we have a long track record to know exactly what they would like to do left to their own devices without those
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guardrails be very aware things could go bad if those people leave. >> you don't think any name on the marquee of certainly the cnbc community and the business community, the rex tillerson, the former ceo of exxon mobil, who is the secretary of state, steve mnuchin, the secretary of treasury, those are the names i'm getting at. >> i have no reason to believe they're going to leave any time soon we reported this morning that gary cohn was furious, but was not going to leave, at least not imminently i will tell you that a number of the people whose names have been mentioned the last couple minutes have told a lot of people, told us they're seriously thinking about leaving before the end of the year if that happens, you lose a lot of those guardrails. and remember, the business leaders leaving, the reason i think this is the worst day of the presidency so far is that this is a republican president
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this is a republican town, a republican congress, and you lost big business? you lost ceos? how the hell do you do that? when you do that, you end up being alone. you can be as cocksure as you want before the cameras. if you don't have anyone supporting you, you end up with a is that sit that does nothing. seven months in they didn't done anything yes they got rid of some regulations, but in terms of things they have gotten done legislatively that make an appreciable difference that are durable, nothing that is criminal politically when you have all-republican rule i can't stress that enough that's one of the many reasons republicans are in such a funk we worked our lives to have all this power, and this is what we got? >> how does the president fix it then >> it's him. this isn't steve bannon, this isn't alt-right, this isn't
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pressure from the right-wing media. this is donald trump this is donald trump for the last 70 years. he isn't going to change you have this epic chapter where you have one of the strongest people you could imagine, a general as chief of staff, trying to control this man, and look at the last three weeks he's not been controlled he's no different today than three weeks ago, and he won't be any different. the think that worries me most and should worry the markets, is this was his first crisis. it wasn't a massive crisis, but a real crisis for the country. look at how he handled it. i think this is a precursor to how he will handle other showdowns, including when mueller starts to act, especially against him or his family or people who have worked for him. we know with some predictability how he responds in crises. it's not reassuring to the public, and not reassuring to markets. i think that's why people are in more of a hangdog mood today than probably at any point in
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the election. >> thank you, jim vandehei, axios, joining us. we were transfixed by what was happening, but you guys in the market doing any buying? >> we -- look at the move in micron we did flag it last week that's a stock that seemingly has put in the bottom in the short term, at least i still think that works i think we talked about it last night. i still think that's a viable long. >> we're going to hit it a bit later, but i want to see the guidance this is a company that went negative growth this year, and the stock is priced forward, but i want to hear about different
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geographies. >> i like the balance sheets. >> yes. >> c'mon, guys, the story today was resources. copper was up almost 3%, emerging markets, u.s. steel broke out even on a day we know this fiscal discussion yesterday means nothing. the resores the reflation trade, these are working, and if anything it puts more momentum behind global trades, as we get a global upgrade i think that reinforced that. we just mentioned it, shares of cisco falling in the after-hours session. we'll hear from the ceo about the quarter right after the break. plus apple going hollywood with a billion dollar budget, but tech investing roger mcnamee says the war for streaming content may have no winner later it's the moment of truth for walmart. the big box retailer on detection for earnings tomorrow. how the trade respect are betting ahead of that report
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ylan mui leaders are arrival at the reagan ranch to discuss tax reform. >> representative car bello, i wanted to ask you about the president's comments on the violence that was in charlottesville. you have used some pretty strong words to denounce that can you tell us what this means? >> look, it's unfortunate. we need to be explicit and clear when it comes to racism, white supremacy, any kind of violence or bigotry, and i'm just going to continue insisting that this white house does the right thing, that they're explicit in condemning all of this, and if they don't,ly continue speaking out against them that's exactly what we need, for people to be honest, say the truth and genuinely try to unite the country. as long as we don't clearly state that those ideas are unacceptable and have no place
5:23 pm
in our politics, it's impossible for this country to come together. >> reporter: one of the keys things foss tax reform is unity between both congress and the white house can you overcome these tensions and move forward? >> our founding fathers were geniuses they built a system that can work, that has sustained the test of time, 240 years now, and i am confident that the congress is going to be able to accomplish important things like tax reform and obviously we hope that the president will come along. but the how ways & means committee has been working for many years before mr. trump even thought about running for president. i'm confidence we'll get our work done. >> reporter: thank you so much, congressman. that was congressman carlos curbelo. kevin brady will speaking here in just a few minutes about tax
5:24 pm
reform and the way to move forward on this key principle and their republican agenda. >> you spoke with kevin brady earlier today, and he told you directly that they're still on track for tax reform this year >> reporter: he has been very clear in both condemning the violence and the hatred that came out of that rally in charlot charlottesville, but saying he's willing to work with the president, saying this is something that's not divisive, but something that tax relief can bring to unify the republican party and can bring in order to hopefully bring reheave to americans. >> thank you so much hand thanks to the congressman for stopping for the chat. i think the fact that there could be constructive dialogue, an important point he made it's not like they just started to work on tax reform. it's a topic that's vets complex
5:25 pm
and certainly motivation to do it maybe more motivation than ever in that room also interesting that guys are willing to be on the record and out there making it very clear this he disagrees with it president. that's not where we were two weeks ago. ken nixon i think -- ken frazier, excuse me at some level he was the one that said, you know what i'm in the middle of the trained and getting out of the way this feels bad. cisco is sinking in the after-hours. we'll hear from the company's ceo. here's what else is coming up on fast >> my fellow americans, our long national nightmare is over. that's what investors in retail stocks have been hoping there's one event tomorrow that could make or break the sector we'll explain. plus lights, camera, apple because the tech giant is making a big bet on orange content. we'll tell you the winners and
5:26 pm
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welcome back to "fast money. question do have an earnings alert. cisco, the conference call is under way. josh lipton is monitoring it -- >> you see cisco shares here in the red here, but ceo chuck robbins trying to sound a bullish tone, saying that the core business is better positioned for the long term, though acknowledging this is a multiyear transition he began the call by talking about that security business, revenue up 3%. he said that cisco is positioned as the number one enterprise security vendor.
5:29 pm
cisco's executives saying they do expect an up tick the first question out of the gates was about the switching business you saw revenue down 9%, analysts asking, switching is versus a tough year, what do you expect here is what robbins had to say. >> if you think about our guide last quarter, we anticipated this we also knew at the time that we would be making the announcement in june about the new platform, so we anticipated these results. anytime we do a major platform announcement, particularly in switching, there is a period of time where our customers paw, because they want to understand what this means. so we did see a pause, and we actually anticipated it, but we saw a great traction with the new platform. >> last quarter there was a sore point that he highlighted
5:30 pm
robbins saying that some clarity there, facing some budget uncertainty, looking ahead >> thank you so much, josh s he's been ranged the stop was down for the last three months he just rallied back 28% of their business was down 9% year over year. so to me, you know, you want to be some of the emerging technologies asia, europe, so this stock is not out of the woods until they demonstrate in the software
5:31 pm
space, and this -- this stock has underperformed the triple qs by 20% year to date. i think it's an interesting value at 13 times, but it's trading there for a reason. >> government spending in overseas spending. this is a company that also has 45% in cash, 20% net of debt they would clearly be a beneficiary if there was any tax amnesty. i would expect them to be inquisitive. >> they're going to need something like that to get the stock going. between 31, 32.5, that's major resistance at 32.5 they would involved to beat, raise, give great guidance to get through the resistance point. until you get some other catalyst out there, i think you're range bound still. >> and good chance to hear from
5:32 pm
the ceo tomorrow, by the way, tomorrow morning with cisco ceo chuck robbins s with the gang as he usually is following earnings. still ahead, it's bitcoin week here on "fast money." our resident experience brian kelly will break down how to build your own portfolio apple taking direct aim at netflix and amazon, making a billion dollar bet roger mcnamee says the streaming wars could end with no winner. he'll be here to elaxpin more. "fast money" back right after this you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler
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money. lights, camera, apple, the starting with those details. hi, julia. >> apple plans to spend billion over original content, including shows in a new video offering in addition to apple's $10 app called apple music >> the billion dollar number is
5:36 pm
a significant number, but in the grand scheme of apple, it's pretty modest. apple has $225 billion in revenue, will spend about $12 billion in r&d next year, so this is a relatively small number for apple, given its huge size. >> so far apple's investment in original content has been limited and tied to music and apps so this is a real departure to push into scripted shows, similarities to the ones you would find on hbo and netflix. apple declines to comment, but it has hired some big-name tv veterans, including sony's former chief, and -- to run original entertainment if apple -- it and amazon spends a reported $4.5 billion
5:37 pm
annually, and netflix says it will spend $6 billion this year. it will be could oug15% after tt apple has entering this market in addition to its deep pockets, it can immediately launch its exclusive content globally, because the app store is, of course global. julia, thanks so much. looking for produce their own original shows, who will be the big winners and losers roger mcnamee po joins us. good to you you again, scott >> iism curious what you this i about this mofl from apple s. >> i think consumers are the huge winner. in the past decade the whole video content world has gone from a model that had
5:38 pm
essentially exited for 30 or 40 years around television to this one that we live in today, where movies are being overwhelmed by scripted series that have production values and levels of investment that are comparable or even greater than movies. that has produced a creative frenzy that consumers have just benefited from enormous willy. apple is joining that relatively late in the party. my basic view is this will settle down at some point. eventually the consumer spend will peak and there won't be an ability for new entrants when that happens there will be lots of players playing. the question is what will the model they operate on. you have folks like hbo and netflix that are pure plays, and then folks like amazon, eep apple who can leverage, and for
5:39 pm
whom don't require the same levels of return they would require in a pure play, so there's going to be more than one model that works time will tell at this point the numbers are so small for apple that it's not an issue for apple investors. it's like a free option. if it works, that will be great. if it doesn't work it's obviously not even remotely near the end of the world. >> is there a risk of too many players? >> oh, for sure. absolutely i think thes issue of channels is the big problem how many subscriptionins will people be willing to bear. i think the ken is we're not at the end of that. what remains to be seen is, are they willing to have ten different subscriptions replacing the one cable one they had before that's the key as people unplug from dale, the number of dollars that frees up will allow them to have lots
5:40 pm
how many are they willing to have is there a way to find the programming you're looking for apple tv does that pretty well today. so if you have an hbo subscription and you have a, let's say a netflix subscription, and the show you want to watch is on one of those, it will tell you that that is one of the places where i think apple is well positioned at the end of the day, the real question is will they make their content available on other platforms are or try to build their own proprietary wujs i don't know what the number is. >> roger, it's dan how are you? do you think there's an opportunity on the hardware front. you mentioned apple tv steve jobs before he died, said he really wanted to reinvent the tv apple tv has not it -- they've been late on that. is there a hardware opportunity for the company? >> i hope o the first generation of apple tv is the first one
5:41 pm
that really works in a way that's helpful this is the one place i use siri siri is magnificent at handling whatever library or whatever you're looking for i do think apple has a real opportunity around the hardware here i'm not sure what you add to it, but the product that exists today is a tremendous value. it would be summer helpful if they effect that out as you saw with disney's move the other day, people are get proprieta proprietary, so i think consumers will incest and apple is a potential beneficiary there if they can get the hardware thing right.
5:42 pm
>> good to see you again, roger. see you soon. >> we are talking about apple, of course. i'm with roger to me for them building content doesn't seem like it's something that apple should be doing i don't think this particular move is going to be anything big for apple stock. the place i would look, and i'm not the first one to discover it, look at the theaters, amc, those stocks look absolutely horrible i would be a seller of all of those on any rips. >> disney i think is the one to me they're going to create their own skinny bundle or have to be a part of something else's
5:43 pm
these are all over that. to me this is the greatest brand in the world i notice that's potentially sacrilege, but disney trading at a major market discount looks interesting at a time where it would be too ubiquitous. the negative -- so the competition will derail them or you could sigh this is everybody tries to catch up. i would be in the latter camp and would skate if you want the play, it still remains netflix. >> it maybe sounds like sacrilege, the -- i think apple has an amazing opportunity away from away, and i think they need to do it the most innovative product are the air pods, and if they could ever do something that works well with voice they're behind with siri, and kind of tie it
5:44 pm
all together don't forget there's rumors they may have a wearable, a watch that doesn't need to be tethered to your iphone between services and others, that's where watch, home pod, all the ipod and all the other streaming services come into if you see services and other start to pick up, make a bigger part of the whole, that would be a big part of the story. >> you want to say anything that sounds like sacrilege? >> no, you know what -- i'll tell you what. apple has proven not to be an innovator in a long time i doubt they can do it. l brands tanking in the after-hours, the company just cut its full-year guidance we're going to tell you how much worse it could get plus walmart reporters tomorrow before the bell. we're going to tell you where traders see it heangdi next. much more "fast money" is ahead after the break. it naturally begins to change,
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welcome back not all retailers disappoint all the time i even have a couple examples. l brands, though, shares -- the
5:48 pm
parent to victoria's secret did beat on profit, but saw sales fall that missing category about 6% of negative comp sales pressure. the results worse than expected, so l brand lowering the profit forecast back to those positive retail stories, target measures were higher today after beating the street across the board even after guiding higher the big box retailer saw the stronger comp sales thanks largely to the strongers in-story traffic beating across the board, too. at all three brands, shares there adding more than 17% urban still down it's also important to point out they had pretty choppy earnings trends, so i think we have to
5:49 pm
wait a bit until we saw the most recent quarter a positive trend. >> courtney, thank you this target quarter, surprising >> i think this is a company that has short leverage that they can pull. i think the -- and i think, you know, there was this big existential look into the mirror, and i think target will not be amazon. >> online traffic picked up, physical store traffic picked up. >> so it's not a surprise to me. you go back to july 13th, the morning of they pretty much told you what this quarter was going to look like i don't think it's all that surprising >> if you're wonder where our guy dan went, walmart -- he went to walmart. >> no. they report before the bell. the options markets complies pretty going moves. >> yeah, so surprisingly,
5:50 pm
walmart, the implied move -- in either direction, which seems pretty large, especially considering the rally the as toic just had here, more about 3.5% over the last four quarters i want to go to the chart here if you look at the volatility over the last two months that was amazon's $14 billion bit. i think people immediately thought walmart, which sells a -- was going to be immediately disrupted. the stock made a lower low in early july, has since rallied pretty dramatically. what's interesting is the stock consolidated over the last week and a half or so, especially at a time where i just want to show what's going on here we look at walmart versus the xrt. look at the split between the xrt with a new 52-week low, to me i think you want to keep a close eye.
5:51 pm
i think you want to lean on some of the other retail names, because i think the xrt will break down. >> dan at the video board. for more actions check out the full show. still ahead, it's bitcoin week and our resident digit at currency expert b.k. will bra ecdown how to create a portfolio. i'm here at the td ameritrade trader offices. steve, other than making me move stuff, what are you working on? let me show you. okay. our thinkorswim trading platform aggregates all the options data you need in one place and lets you visualize that information for any options series. okay, cool. hang on a second. you can even see the anticipated range of a stock expecting earnings. impressive... what's up, tim. see options data like never before. with thinkorswim only at td ameritrade.
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that's why at comcast we're continuing to make4/7. our services more reliable than ever. like technology that can update itself. an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most.
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sparking an overwhelming interest, so if you're looking to get into the space, how should you build your digit at portfolio? b.k. is at the plasma breaking it gown in a new segment we are call "the more you know? >> let's go right to what we're talking about. >> number one, it has to be good technology number two, i always look for a real world use case. there's a lot of vaporware out there. i want -- or crypt occurrence sit is all about community we have to go a strong community, stronger base, really
5:55 pm
trying to support it let's look at what it should look like. this is kind of a general breakdown of what i like to see. bitcoin i put at 30% most of the market is industrial drawn after that then i would go to ethey'rium. the bet i'm making is strong contracts are much bigger than these two, a value could accrue. i also like the privacy coin you might want to use those if you're goldman sachs, and you don't want to show everybody what you're doing. i love ripple. about 10% there, about 70 banks in japan, and then i want my speculative ones i have two here. iota, a new take possibly something that could disrupt block chain and metal. this has a real world use case
5:56 pm
so that's my speculative play. so over the year, i want to see these things when one isn't working, the other is. that's how you form a diverse fitted crypt oportfolio. >> what's the difference >> they're essentially the same thing. there's a big -- more of a philosophical difference in how they split one group actually rolled back the transactions to get a hack out of the way form the other group says we are 100 percent immutable. >> got it. thank you. final trade nt.isex excuse me, are you aware of what's happening right now? we're facing 20 billion security events every day. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats.
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you did that? we did that. really. we analyzed millions of articles and reports. we can identify threats 50% faster. you can do that? we can do that. then do that. can we do that? we can do that.
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we're impact it's time for fine traits. timmy, you start us off tonight. >> a lot of bad news is priced into disney. then you get there, 95 is your low. >> b.k.? nchts dovish fed i think you buy silver materials, everything goods higher. >> i agree with tim on the disney i think you'll have to average down, but if you have a within-year time horizon. >> you and me, buddy. >> great to have you you enjoy the bitcoin segments are you learning >> that's what we do on "fast
6:00 pm
money." >> i'll be with you tomorrow night as well. it's a twofer. daily double. >> cisco, not the food kind. chuck robbins, in the morning, by the way. "mad money" with jim cramer begins right now my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. hey, guys, on a day like today, you have to wonder. what the heck is happening why isn't this market fallin


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