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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  September 18, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> 60%. we're going to go the other way. afp, i think you -- >> i go bank of america. >> tim >> gilead. >> karen. >> intel >> amd >> . my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now >> hey i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money," welcome to cram america. my job not just to entertain by educate and teach. tweet me @gjim cramer what happens when things keep working out?
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what happens when bad stories turn into good ones? i think the answer is under get -- the dow s&p hit highs subpoena s&p -- s&p climbing, nasdaq climbing. the economy was going to weaken and the fed could do not to reignite growth, both far owes create their on set of worrisome problems there were plenty of stocks that can go up and many that can go down, especially if things went wrong. led to the kind of up and down markets we experience from last year, the economy created great opportunity for hedge funds to make a lot of money. if a hedge fund think that a stock or a group of stocks are about to roll over then that fund will bet against the stocks
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in that group, shorting them to make money on the down side. the clients trust them to make money anyway they can, the last thing they want to do is miss an opportunity to profit from stocks going lower every weekend i approve the charts from hundreds of stocks and look for ones not winning big, but more importantly are changing their direction this weekend i saw an explosion of direction changes and i think they're being caught by short sellers who know they meed to buy back stocks because the position has gone awry you can't ring the register on a short or of course close it out and lose money on a short unless you first buy back the stock i'm seeing lots of shorts being bought back or at least what's what the shorts are showing me let me go over a group that you see day after day particularly today.
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first lately money managers love to bet against the auto industry, assuming that we are what's known pique autos, meaning the cycle of autos, all the ones that people need are done and numberes are coming down that's right, plateau, and then lower. car dealerships keep offering more and more incentives to get weeks off their lots when i looked this weekend i saw a major reversal less than 2.5 years ago we had on magnum. the company put up good numbers. the auto thesis have been bailing while short sellers piled into the stock of magnum i like the new david walker very much, but there was no use in pushing this stock, because the pique auto thesis was available in the come back
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too many shorts pushes this bad boy down what happens, hurricane harvey happens. with it comes destruction of hundreds of thousands of insured cars, insure about operative term that makes it so this trade is going to work next thing you know there goes pique auto theory. as insurance comes in, people buy new cars, i got to get to work we've seen the stock at general motors hit a 52-week high. do you know how much buying power it takes for that to happen i have to imagine when car mac report friday, you're going to hear the same thing. it'll be a brand new tuning for those who made a killing the newly bullish auto thesis have become so strong, the markets even taken up the rails. especially kansas city, southern which in sports cars from
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mexico it's even got the stocks and company making parts in other businesses moving. i'm talking about things not devoted to cars, but analog devices. illinois tool works, itw is up ten straight points because it makes parts for cars next short thesis going awry, the peak housing call. for months we've been hearing the housing cycle is fee knee. if you doubt it take one look at the stock by home depot which was shelved after reporting a perfectly good quarter why is that? because if we are peak housing who wants to spend more money fixing up their home you're home's going to lose value. stock and decker also reported a terrific quarter but now those stocks are running after
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hurricane irma, which has got the whole group going. the stocks went from being easy shorts that you can just count on, annuity strans to easy lawns. home improvement can't be avoided when your house has been attacked by a national disaster. it's double for the company, not that long ago when company first put sales on it. i think a lot of that construction feed to rebuild texas in part. come mans can do well because of its annual business it turned thing around from what was thought to be a terrible quarter. waste management, we had them all the time, it might be the single biggest beneficiariry of them all particular construction in texas
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and florida. who else we've grown tired of seeing the aerospace and defense stocks two weeks ago space was rerj charged. north wood announced a plan which makes advanced weaponry and missiles a group that looked like it was rolling over now looks like it's breaking out i like them all, especially lockheed martin, raytheon. you heard that much i bet you somebody comes in and bids speaking of break outs, it's entirely possible the energy section may be able to have a good move here if the oil can have a chance to take out 7%
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here oil and gas companies are performing higher. the refineries need more oil sounds like the i know of another free shorts. speaking of free shorts, the stock and the bags have been rolling over forever in the last few days late have gone higher. telling club members last week this one could make a move, new high now, of course the charts can be wrong, however they're often self-fulfilling. when animals see stocks go up they like to climb out of their stock holes and make bullish calls. by the way, here's one for you, put this one away. coca-cola and monster beverage, the merging rumors never die down it's important that the fang
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stocks, facebook, amazon, apple now alphabet were handled as they have run too much with no new catalysts. those stocks need to have some reason for buying. none surfaced last week, it's okay what the you do in this kind of rotational market first you have to come to terms with when the stocks and a particular industry change direction on mass. the last thing people want to really do is switch horses, sometimes they have to when the facts change people have to change with them the bottom line is, the market is taking apart the most reliable shorts for good reason and i think that means we can have more up side to run thurston california >> caller: boo ya jim, welcome to southern california. >> i'm glad to be loo. what's going on? >> caller: i got one stock over 18% in four days, anc, what do
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you think? >> well it did get overblown on the down side. i read a great piece saying listen don't give up the ship. i like income. let's not forget epr at $71 yields $7.50 bye-bye haters this is the market, but yet when bad stories turn into good ones. facts and directions change. got to change with them. on "mad money" tonight, every dog has its day including everest/invidia. i'm telling you why it's more than just a pet name it's a company riding apple's coat tails last week but can zag continue first it's been a long time, but tonight i have no choice but to break out my infamous wall of shame. make sure this ceo stock is
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so all you pay for is data. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to . how the heck does richard smith, the ceo of equifax still have a job he resided over what may be the worst hack in american history, he's lefrt his company open to what could turn out to be anning a niedsing class action lawsuit. turning a legal debox call into a public relation catastrophe. what else needs to go wrong
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before the board will get rid of this guy a made a -- rather than ousting smith, couple of mid-level executives fell under sborwords. i can tell you right now that is not enough richard smith should be fired. but the guy more importantly, at least at this moment, deserves to live in infamy on the "mad money" wall of shame our rogue's gallery of value destroying executives which have no business any longer running a public company i think the reason should be pretty self-commandtory but i'm going to spell it out, maybe for the board of directors that seem to be a little ostrich like. as you all know september 7th we learn equifax hit the worst breach every
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everything from social security numbers, birthdays, addresses and even driver's license, basically everything you might need for full-blown identity theft. the hackers got more than 200,000 credit card numbers, luckily for people who paid equifax credit monitoring services just in terms of the number of people affected, this was the 6th largest hack in history. whether you consider the content of what got taken, it's probably the worst data breach of its kind somebody else have your birthday, address, social security, that's all they need to steal your identity, they are you. that can apply for loans, open bank accounts, get fraudulent credit cards all this can destroy your credit in a failurly amount of time 143 million people's info can be compromised. that's almost half the country
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if it was just a data breach i wouldn't feel the meed to put richard smith on the wall of shame. the real infuriating thing though, is how he handled the situation. you know the hackers got in through a vulnerability in an open source software, what really burns me is cisco identified this vulnerability two months before the data breach, they urged all their users to immediately update the system apparently equifax didn't pay close attention, they pretty much left the door unlocked it lasted from may 13th to july 30th two 1/2 months the burglars was coming in day after day for ten weeks before the company noticed anything was wrong. it's hard to not get the impression that these guys
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didn't care a bit about protecting your data once the news was hacked equifax couldn't handle it first they set up a setwork where they offered victims of the hack a year's free monitoring hack form the problem, when you sign up for this the services indicated an arbitration clause that's designed from preventing you to suing the company. weeks later they are you moved the language and say it wouldn't go against people who signed up for the breach they registered a domain name of a website where -- yet it took them two more weeks before they told the public. 40 days in total before they realized they'd been breached. to make matters worst, it's not entirely clear who the victims are. the way these credit reporting agencies work, they don't
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collect this data from you the consumer they collect it from the banks and other financial institutions you do business with meaning you don't need to have a relationship with equifax to have your social at least so far the website the company set up to let you check doesn't seem to be functioning the way it's supposed to as we learn more about the time line eefrts the story becomes more and more damns. equifax became aware of suspicious activity on july 29th a few days on august first and second, three financial officers sold $1.8 million from the stock in the company maybe the two are unrelated, i get that equifax said the three executives didn't know yet, but it's the timing, timing raises eye brows. if nothing else it makes you wonder what the he can smith was thinking equifax should have closed the
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windows on insider sales as soon as it realized they'd been hacked just one more piece of evidence that smith wasn't taking this problem seriously enough this is the hardly the first hack equifax has experienced in recent years, there's been four others that we know about since 2016 why hasn't the board fired richard smith yet? maybe they want to wait until after he testifies in front of congress given the sense of nature of data equifax deals with, cyber security should have been a major priority for the company right? equifax could have protected this data by patching the system back in march, april or may, they didn't. they should have been able to tell an intruder were accessing the system for more than two months, they weren't if they found out about the hack they should have behaved like they had a serious problem, disclosing the incident to
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consumers sooner and smith should have done a better job to at least pretend to care about the consumers. the buck has to stop somewhere, the whole thing has been handled inappropriately and smith has to go what's the point of having a guy like mark temple ton, the former ceo of technology committee if he's not going to pay more attention to cyber issues. the company's cited several times to to me in interviews that it's the experts stopping these kind of hacks. so what do you do with equifax here surprisingly even if the stock has been at this rate on one downgrade, the other analysts have been supportive and the early estimates barely budged. to me it suggested the stock has downside these analysts are all kind of
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the same, it's going to go away we don't know how much liability equifax is going to have here. if it's like a data breach it could cause a lot of money here's the bottom line, equifax needs to do better, end of story. they're not going to quince anyone they really care about the issue until this man leaves. he's stuck on the "mad money" wall of shame and the stocks cannot be owned until we agrees to spend more time with his family stick with cramer.
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little mental here, why do i
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post pictures of my dog, really named every rest and in the on calling him mr. nvydia is it all one big joke notice at all. it's my way of telling you to be skeptical of your fellow byers even on a fabulous day where nvydia hit a high, because they may not know what they own i've named four pets after stocks, because people got too excited about the stocks we've all seen rocket ships before, when i first got in the business, possession role yum was the taste of the day then we had a remarkable run in digital equipment and d s c communications the representative kind of himmic computer which is meant to plan ibm. we used to client dj, dg, dg on
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the training desk. both collapsed needless to say, during the dot com year there were dozens of companies with stocks that acted like nvydia. the messaging and e-mail company would have a trillion dollars market cap the stock loss people fortunates and no one knew what idea this thing had did. io mee ga has -- we had a real -- from this accident from the great crash of 2007/2009 nvydia's not like intel for instance where you recognize it's the brain age behind the
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personal computer. they have a lot of brain age and they call it enterprise chip for corporations, obviously isn't like apple when there's always a consumer element nvydia makes chips they power everything from to machine, deep learning, it's the ladder, it's the bitcoin trade that's unfortunately captured the fancy of so many investors nvydia has about $150 million benefits, when china ban persons of bitcoin it's didn't ban the mining of bitcoins the computers can't mine them effectively. i think crypt toe currency is the tail that wags the dog
6:28 pm
why should you want to own nvydia as my trust does? knot because it keeps going higher people, but because it has better relatively cheeper chips for the data center that make the cloud possible. it has the best chips for voice and video games, including the nintendo switch. it has the best switch for autonomous cars. its chips are essential for intelligence in short, nvydia conducts can power way more application in the '90s when the stock kept doubling and doubling. nvydia stock got hammered when the company was having a difficult transition to move data center chips. we've learned the change has made, the data chips are
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amazing. i don't think this stock will crash and burn like some of those rocket chips i mentioned earlier, this is a real company. i do think it can have an incredible run florida video ya stock will still have periodic swoons if you own it, do you own more about my dog because of my twitter post than you actually know about what nvydia does? if you do know it, fabulous you're investing responsibly if you don't really foe the company, if you're confusing it with my dog, sell it now you can win the register walk away otherwise you might get blown off when it sells off. and there's also be a next time. what does nvydia like to really do, bury bones and talk off with your shoes the moment you take them off if you aren't paying attention.
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bill in new jersey bill. >> caller: hey jim, this is bill >> oh man, vor hes, what's up? >> caller: a long time listener and first i want to thank you of teaching people the importance of doing their home work before they buy a stock >> yes home work so with the market goes down you're not left to drift. >> caller: my stock is extreme networks, i recently sold half my position and currently playing with the louse money does extreme network haves more room to run? >> you know what just up 13 ter, sells at 114 time earnings if i say yes, then i'm doing you a disservice i've got to do more work this has been a horse and i don't want the horse to turn into a nag after i've said its great. nvydia, it's more than just a pet name, it's a stock of a
6:31 pm
solid company. i need to continue of having a run of periodic periods of being a dog. don't forget, does it answer to nvydia, yes, whether you got some raw meat in your hands. much more ahead including my interview with the ceo of zag. regular view rs on the show know much i love med space, i'm so exciting, med tech i'm going to tell you what it is when it sferves your attention stick with cramer. dynamic performance,
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track tuned handling, and aggressive styling. the bold lexus is. lease the 2017 is turbo for $299 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders
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on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. when apple releases a new eh phone it's not the company that benefits, it's a whole ecosystem of players that make a killing whose beginning to shell out a thousand bucks for an iphone x and spend ten bucks on a screen protection to keep it from getting damaged. you crazy.
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then comes zag, the maker of digital screen they make cases, headphones, speakers, power mattress solutions for various devices. thanks to the excitement over apple's new phone, without the iphone x or 10 how far you want to call it we know zags are doing well. could this stock have more moment to roorun? let's take a talk with hills the ceo of zags. hi zags good to see you. -- i do fantasy and we know our battery's going to die for apple phones he said you get moe fee and identify got moe fee i had no idea you were him this is the cheapest deal i've bought from amazon
6:36 pm
>> i can't get through a day without it >> how does it work and how come apple chose you rather than create it themselves >> well a lot of people don't know this. moe fee's had a ten year relationship with apple. apple has been selling our powered cases, as well as our power station potentirtable c ps >> the stock has had a big run and i don't -- i don't want to jinx or anything but it's been flabb flabber gasing, but we have to hope the sale comes through. tell me what else you've got, including my protector for my thousand dollar phone i intend to get >> we offer it as a house of brands, we want to have the brands the consumers are looking for. so power management, that's moe
6:37 pm
fee, we're number two in keyboards and the surprise here today may be we're number five in personal audio with the number one selling blue tooth ear bud product today under $40. >> i didn't know that. and warm, boom, they're big there. >> yeah. >> when i try to figure out yew guys, we have lodge tech on, i'm wondering is that a potential competitor or is there room for everybody? >> i can see 1.5 billion will be sold this year, so it's large. >> are you also set for the new apple phones, do you have everything ready >> we are. >> even though the screen bends you got that figured out
6:38 pm
you said it's not an easy thing to make. >> yeah, it's tough. we found our feet with that this year and we think we've perfected that now >> why do you use moe if i name? i didn't know it was zag, if i knew it was zag, then i looked at it i was like oh my -- it's moe if i you just like to keep the separate name? >> yeah, we do that. we want to take the brand that resonates with the consumer. it was a brand in mobile computing. when it came up for sell we took a hard look at it. >> okay how fast are you're -- we pride lodge tech on about fastest keyboard, can you compete? >> oh absolutely the typing experience is outstanding. i happen to use this pocket keyboard all the time, i take it into a meeting rather than using
6:39 pm
a tablet >> allow do you meant to sign how many to make here's everybody, all these analyst come up with this number and that number, clearly you have to be ready for some number s i know you worry about inventory. >> no question our inventory has increased dramatically that's just with better systems and management we're looking at sell through every week in all of our customers and plan to sell -- >> that's an amazing product now, when i bought it, i bought it on amazon and it didn't necessarily -- it sent me to amazon third party >> yeah. >> and i was scared that it wouldn't come on time but it did. how does that work how are you third partying and still able to get it as fast and on time. >> first of all i'm glad you got
6:40 pm
it on time amazon is a really good distribution channel with us we've only sold through third party historically but we're getting ready to change that we didn't want to get to ecommerce until we perfected our product management and ready to go you see that as part of our late 2017/2018 strategy >> the other products, the 48 things how do they sell? >> very well it's brand leading in the category we've been casing demand on those products for the last years. >> this is the one they steer you to whether you go to the story. they always say listen take the most hour, this is the bargain not this one i got this because this is so easy, but this is the one they all send you to. >> part of the reason because that will charge all of your devices right. >> that's exactly right. i got to tell you, i know the
6:41 pm
stocks up allot, you products you can't do them especially if you do a lot of stuff on the phone at an event without an outlet president/ceo of zag "mad money's" back additive break.
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. it is time --. are you ready. time for the "lightning round" first i want to start with david in new york. criminal criminal. >> caller: my stock is u.s. concrete >> this is a wild trader, in the end it's. >> buy buy buy >> i'm going to charles in new jersey >> caller: i was calling about aldr >> i still bereave in it but it has a couple of set backs in its
6:45 pm
study. with ten bucks i'm not a seller. alexis from california. >> caller: long time listening listener the stock was ready to break going back -- i was wondering do you agree with their analysis. >> we have 100 million on dish that's one of the better run companies in the country i'm against -- i'm against their story. i think they're wrong. let's go to john in california john. >> caller: boo ya jim we love you out here in sacramento i had a question about berks sure b, i know with all the hurricanes lined up. >> oh no no. they're in great great great great shape, i want to buy it. donald in new jersey >> caller: boo ya jim cramer >> woa man fired up. what's up.
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>> caller: my stock is tvpt. >> this is travel payments, travel payments work we like that industry. how about henry in new york. henry? >> caller: hey jim, big fan of the show >> thank you >> caller: my question is ballard -- >> oh it's having one of the periodic run, it's going higher, and that ladies and gentlemen it is conclusion of the "lightning round. ledge. that's a great idea, but why don't you just go to thinkorswim's chat rooms where you can share strategies, ideas, even actual trades with market professionals and thousands of other traders? i know. your brain told my brain before you told my face. mmm, blueberry? tap into the knowledge of other traders on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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i am a first responder tor and i'emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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the viewers know that i've been a big fan of the medical device stocks for the past year or so. as the group has continued to grow higher and higher do you know what's hottest group in the entire market, up 42% year to date there's one medical device maker that hasn't been getting enough attention, even as the stock had caught fire. a company called teleflex. the symbol is tfx. i feel i got to bring these points to you. if no one talks about it i'll take it. this is an company that provide homtsz with all sorts of products you know i always want to kick myself the stock has fallen nearly 15%
6:50 pm
since 2017 as we've ignored it, nobody talks about this darn thing, that's crazy i know we're caution up with fang but we need to be talking about these other companies too. the question is now that it's up almost 50% is it too late or can you still buy it does the stock have more room to run. let's talk about the stock's trajectory until late last year telefeks was performing then the company stumbled and stumbled bad since last okay when telefeks reported in october of 2016 the results were okay management terrified wall street by cutting their forecast. the revenue outlook went down. the problem, they talked about
6:51 pm
some temporary sales issue in the u.s., along with the product sales in foreign countries given the stock has developed a reputation for consistency, investors were freaked out they didn't know what to say about the lower guidance the stock cost 11.5% in a single day. that sale turned out to be an amazing buying opportunity it's rare that you have one miss and the company comes back it rallies from the lows, up 17.4% over the same period what's behind this monster move. in many ways telefeks has been laying the ground work for years. if 2015, telenext laid out --
6:52 pm
from 21.5% all the way up from 25 to 26% within three years, but manufacturing situations at the end of 2016 seemed like these markets were pretty far away, since the beginning of 2017, it's become clear that telefax's effort to make itself more profitable they've been paying off in the most recent quarter the company's operating market came in at 25.1%. in other words they've already started hitting the targets and they're doing it a year earlier than planned and these are aggressive i think that's a major gone of the move but not the only one. the truth is if your teleflex's bottom last of october
6:53 pm
nice complimentary deal, give telefeks more exposure to devices while also providing them with a stronger rid and boosting the company's birthrate. the management said the company's share should be boasted by 50% next year this was a bigger trans action the company made in a long time and that caused this to jump 4%. teleflex start reporting a series of quarters the company's now delivered three beats and raised quarters in a row and the beats have gotten better. no wonder this thing had just taken off. by the time the company delivered itsnumbers in august a 13% of a dollar 91 basis,
6:54 pm
higher expected review knew. the company keep seeing more and more growth from this product, its operation keep climbing and it continues to grow out the sales force overseas this steady beat of good news has helped fuel teleflex's stock. and two weeks ago the company announced another big deal, this time for the purchase of neotract you should see the clart where that happened. neotract helped medical device but comes up with an invasive system for treating lower urinary tract systems. enlarged prostate. as men get colder we're more and more likely to experience prostate problems. this is something that affects 40% of men in their 50s, 90% of
6:55 pm
men in their 80s something to look forward to there are 12 million people who suffering from the benign version condition in the u.s. in short, this deal's about acquiring a new device and teleflex will be able to use the force to market the product. they got the sales force and they can streamline things by 2019, they'll had 40 to 45% of the company per share and the numbers can get larger going out. telestock reared more began stanley updated the stock on the news. jeffries and barkleys raised the
6:56 pm
price. that's the one thing that worries about me recommending teleflex up here, the stock is no longer flying under the radar, it's beginning to pick up a lot of sponsorships like aig and that makes me a little concerned we might be a little late to the party here on the other hand, after this move teleflex is only saling 25 times sales estimates. this is for a healthcare stock more expense on the border market but only represents a small premium, but it's growing better i don't think the stock is overvalued especially when you consider this company as a nice acquisition fuel double digit growth rate. if you want to understand why teleflex has been able to rally so hard in a short period of time it comes in a shorter execution and two take over with a company of longer track records. my view, i like teleflex the
6:57 pm
company, i suggest waiting for the next pull back before you pull the trigger but it's definitely worth it, pull it teleflex is a winner stick with cramer. all. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. at ally, we offer low rates on home loans. but if that's not enough, we offer our price match guarantee too. and if that's not enough... we should move. our home team will help you every step of the way. still not enough? it's smaller than i'd like. we'll help you finance your dream home. it's perfect. oh, was this built on an ancient burial ground? okay... then we'll have her cleanse you house of evil spirits. we'll do anything,
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. not that long ago, david taylor who was the ceo came on this show and said someone that wanted to join were nelson pelts were unqualified and even went as far as to say he'd be dangerous. we got to get nelson pelt's side so he's going to come on tomorrow david and i are beginning to talk to him. tomorrow night senator elizabeth warren will be here to address equifax. and i bet she brings up that wells fargo situation. she's concerned about boards and ethics and what to do with people who violate what she thinks is the law. i'd like to say there's always a mark somewhere i promise i'd find it for you here on "mad money.
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i'm jim cramer and i'll set see you tomorrow >> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ my name is brenda coffman, and i'm from kokomo, indiana. (whirs) i own and operate retail cookie stores throughout the state of indiana and florida. i am a hometown girl, and i married my high school sweetheart, and we have two wonderful children who are the pride and joy of our life.


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