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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 31, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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as well. and a new yorker, it's a very tough time i'm sticking with eem bet. >> ge and the team >> salesforce on the back of their investor day today i'm meliss . my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. welcome to cram america. other people wanted to make friends i'm trying to make you money. my job to educate and attach call me at 1-800-734-cnbc or tweet me @jim cramer maybe we don't know what good looks like
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maybe we're so cynical so conditional to the economy and a so/so market, we simply cannot imagine what we're seeing on our screen at the end of a very good month where we powered higher in where we haven't seen in ages. it's october people. we need to address something, we need to address what i call the inx-ray jewelty issue. this kind of rally seems unbelievable the world's been starved of growth for ages, we haven't seen anything like it for so long that we have a hard time grasping this move and therefore, it makes the move feel phony but that's only because we're so accustomed to living in the shadow of the great recession.
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we had a huge worldwide slow down which made us believe that growth is lower to come by for years it felt like our committee or the major committees overseas were going to be muted because businesses didn't want to spend, because there wasn't enough nand to make it worthwhile. in that period of slow growth what defined a winning stock, well let's talk about that what worked? it was a company that repurchased a lot of shares, fire people in order to translate a bit of that sales growth into a double digit bottom line, or maybe it was a company that shrink to grow or a company that required another business in order to bet the template to work lay off costs, dumping underperformance divisions that's how you stock got higher, that's the kind of bull market it was, if you want to call that a bull
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if we saw any accelerations or earnings during this period, very few stocks. we ended up calling them fang, facebook, amazon, netflix and google facebook went from being something they sent you to harvard to get familiar with your classmates to an online app. amazon became the greatest retale in the world. netflix became the best nationwide app google allowed advertisers to place their ads where it made more sense, the point of sale. over time though, unlike what many people who talk about the stock market come on air and write about overtime jofr time, the narrative of the
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actual committee, not the stock, the actual economy began to change seemingly every country on earth made cheaper money available cheap money plus do you remember demographics as in how long can you really live under the same roof as your parents as you start to have kids of your own healthy memory of the bad ole days, and it took some time. healthy memory of what went wrong. all these combined to start a new business cycle here in america and overseas at the same time china grew consistent japan lost decades, no more, it's ignited europe after a long crisis caused by a central banker, finally caught fire. latin america including
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venezuela and brazil has prospered. they lowered the table of employment taking costs out. that meant any puck up in sales let the much higher profits than any analyst were expecting as the leverage to the model became clear hence, what we're hearing this whole earnings period, sharply better than expected, much better than expected at the same time wall street became infested with negativity. stocks that moved up in anticipation of earnings were castigated any moving in cyclical stocks were deroded it was so much easier to be a bear than to be a bull now, i know some people would like to regard donald trump's surprise victory a year ago,
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kind of a water shed moment that refused american businesses with confidence, i get that it's not just about the u.s., it's the whole darn world. europe, which had been a consistent worry flipped and became a source of growth this year european's finally got its house in order, that's while the euro went up. now you have a term that many people don't understand, but what this whole top of my show's about tonight. syncnized worldwide growth at this point we're in a midst of a quarter where everything seems to have come together. the industrials are crushing the numbers. the techs are seeming high and look, the internet of things, it's not just about the internet or about the back of what's going on with the phones,
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it extends to the car, home, plane, travel, leisure, you name it you get a quarter like the one last night from samsung that nobody's talking about but read about it, huge korean company and you wonder about whether there's enough chips in the world to meet demand you have positive early returns of the iphone x, i saw some store of best buy having some customer demand. it's not what i'm hearing, not at all iphone x gave apple and suppliers some nice lift the component play stole the show today meanwhile, industrials can't keep up with demand in
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aerospace, construction. how far reaching is this newfound strength? personal computers are recovering personal intel, iphone next year microsoft cloud and pc business is accelerateding. tech is a big sector and all of it is being lifted by phones, data centers, variesuous machines wait, there's more, the aerospace in defense rally, latter because of the geopolitical attention because the new president's allies wants to pay more to defend themselves there's more imports, ex ports, fedex, more ups. they're benefitting from actual low growth which will then cause
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rates to go higher, which will pad their bottom line further, it's known as a virtuous circle. utility in housing are growing because of the changes every company sells in the housing sector is doing well even the ones competing in amazon, best buy is doing well, home depot, lowe's the stay-at-home economy is taking off video games empowered by nvidia, not to mention netflix even home theaters today whole new group's joining the party. the food's looks like free fall but that seems to be broken, that's how i look at the strength by keg lot.
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consumer -- kellogg. consumer companies trade with them so that rallies too too it's not a major court rally it's minor i can dwell on the loser, i know how to do that, i know how under armor, all right, not great. i bet kevin plank gets it together i bet he stops the whisky and rye thing that he's doing and start bearing down, that's his style. do i want to buy the stock at 11 maybe. may see's and coles, that's the -- they're stocks are getting obliterated and any loss of a patent a new drug there's a bear market going on in the drug stocks, don't know how long that will last.
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this quarter's proven to be one of tremendous bounty so tremendous that people can't recognize it i wish we had glasses, rose colored grasses. we should provide these to portfolio managers, these are what's called rose colored glasses. all right, just trying here. healthy skepticism is not in favor. what's in favor on wall street, unhealthy, corroded, jaded thinking and that's why people are missing this rally the bottom line, item not telling people to lighten up either in stock or mind, that's all here, you can do what you want i'm urging you to forget about tax reform and when that's going to occur who runs the fed or where rates are going in 2018 and accept the fact that we have a genuine non-inflation boom going and the stock market
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reflects this situation. this is what a real bull market looks like don't fight it, exploit it while it lasts i want to speak to george in california >> caller: yeah, jim i see your harvard class of '77, this is pri printston class of '56 i want you to know we forgive you >> well man my class i they wrecked the distribution what's going on '56? >> caller: we're just upset you didn't go to printston >> i turned it down it's close to philadelphia i love it. but didn't want to go to close to my folks because we were feuding. >> caller: well we're talking about philadelphia, they named it cramer field. >> didn't know that. that makes sense what's going on? >> caller: let me tell you about
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this stock real quick. it appears to have everything going for it, the investors aren't impressed the revenues are up 4%. >> what was the stock? >> caller: add visit >> oh man, my friend came to me 40 points ago and said ab zero was the real deal. and you are right, it is not going hard why, because a person from the class of '56 have seen the down and upturns. you get the familiartive -- narrative and thank you for the call franklin field, i guess cramer field won't be so bad. we're in the midst of a gener genuine non-inflation boom this is what a real bull market looks like exploit it don't shun it "mad money" student with
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print and t-mobile be on the outs, company like american atlan talent benefit the sulfur companies are soaring. content b kij, in this age the rich digital media, shutter stock is helping to make it look flawless stock hasn't looked too pretty so far this year but with the shares up 13% it's worth checking out you know what, stick with cramer
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let's talk about opportunity. this morning the american tower, the real estate investment trust
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reporting a disappointed earnings number, stock sold off hard when management spoke on the conference call, byers turned the stock around demands for the tower has never been better. i always urge you to wait until the conference call before you make a move and that's why i'm thrilled to have jim tank lin. he's the ceo of the company. welcome back to "mad money." what a classic, jim, you told a story of demand all around the world. it is fabulous time to be in your business, isn't it? >> it is it's the best place to be. >> i have felt with 150,000 discreet towers there is no more room and we don't need anymore >> well you need a lot more transmitter out there to go from 4 to ultimately 5g and get everybody on the latest
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technology the towers that went up today in the u.s. were 40,000 of them we have suppliers in the market. we got most of the infrastructure we need for the next few years in this company already built, it's a matter of your capacity management how many more transmitters and layers of equipment can you put on >> are there ones maxed out and you have to get new ones >> there are very few. we can always redevelop and strengthen and make the tower, whatever you need. >> are there buildings that have towers -- that don't have towers yet? >> there's a few when you're in an urban environment like manhattan, the zsh but what we -- but when we need to get a site built in a
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urban, rural area we can get it done >> you tell a gross story in every one of the places where you have the towers? >> well, the u.s., japan, south korea they have been ahead of having connectivity. all these other countries want and should try to catch up in india it's a company called digital india to get everybody on to mobile phone payments and mobile ids and accelerate the economy and the way their people live and the quality of life they have. we're helping create the environment in the company because you need infrastructure to start with. >> the india part of the call was interesting because you said the market currently is not really a capitalist market but it sound like it's going to one and that's when american tower winds. >> what we'd like to see at the
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end of the day is a hand full cell phone companies that can invest what it takes to get to say 4 g in india over a period of time. there were two many companies trying to provide cell service across india in two years or so we think they'll be 4 or 5 local operators, there will be two or three big tower companies. that's a rationale market. looks like the u.s. today and that's constructive for our industry >> there is an overwhelming fear if sprint were to emerge with t-mobile somehow will be the death of your industry but what you just described would make me feel like even if you got that so-called bad news for you it isn't that much impact wall? >> we don't they in the long run which is -- >> short-term i understand the
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hiccup right >> right but over the long-term again, you need well capitalized companies whether there's three, four or five to serve the market there's 20 million people that are going to want or have already 4g phones. thaus going to -- they're going to use more gigabytes a month. it's going to go to 10 and higher when you multiply the people with the phones and amount of data they use per month that's what drive our industry. it doesn't matter that much. it matters what that transition look like. >> i had the privilege today at lunchtime to look at the iphone x. this thing has got to be a tremendous data hawk that's an important phone for your industry. >> yes, back in 2007, was the
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anniversary was the iphone the features and quality you can get with that product, this is a virtuous cycle you get a great product in your hand, you got app developers writing for it you get social media going, now video social media it's interesting, even in india. our ge was telling us people that move to the city for jobs they want to see the relevance back in the village where they came from. and they can do there in india so everybody wants these phones. there's a virtuous cycle you're going to use them more, the better experience and it's global >> let's say you like the cell phone industry people think it's got to be samsung or apple, no, it can be an american tower. >> it can. and what's great is they're
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reducing the price in the merging markets. you can get $50 hand sets that are probably 50 or 75% of a basic -- >> that's a good thing that's jim, the president of ceo american tower one of our favorite companies, especially during that period -- stick with cramer. [vo] when it comes to investing,
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we're going off the charts with bob lion he's the founder of explosive optio options dot net. how you get a better sense of this software names because they're off the charts he thinks many of the high-quality cloud base software stocks have more room to run for long time cramer favs. let's start with the chart of auto desk which you know we think is great they help architects and invenueters turn their ideas into blueprints. rather than requiring customers to pay huge up front licensing fees and these efforts have begun to pay off it's no surprise the last month
6:28 pm
the stock has caught fire. after the break out on friday the high volume, it's extraordinary. around desk is -- this measures the level of buying and selling pressure in the stock and as you can see the money flow is strong on this. lange thinks the stock can easily head from here up to 140 and that's in the not too late distant future how about the daily chart of adobe? the digital market it's been climbing steadily for years, thanks again to the strength of the cloud. people didn't think this was going to be a good quarter after a three-day period of consolidation, the darn thing hasn't looked back for adobe one again, it's gotten
6:29 pm
very high very fast, indicating the big boys can't get enough of adobe. the moving average are mac d, momentum indicator, help the change in trajectory before they happen, making what's known as a bullish turn over. put it together and adobe could be heading from 175 to the high 180s real soon ideally you want to buy adobe in the weakness if you can get any. now let's talk about another group of stocks, two similar names that are writing the same cloud. an sis a-n-s-y-s, and then ptc an cyst, here's a stock that was hard in steptember and rebounded the stock is up now more than
6:30 pm
10% since the mac-d indicator, gave that signal about four weeks ago, totally smooth selling. no surprise if this stock pulled back to 132 and that's the level where lange would say pull the trigger. i have to do work on this company, i don't know it very well check out the cart of ptc, the company normally known as p technology it made software for engineering and computer design. ptc reported a fantastic quarter last week and the stock broke up in major way lange likes that we see follow through in that. the money folks, extraordinarily, look at this
6:31 pm
basically institution managers have been buying this stock hand over fist. lange believes the 66 stock is beginning to go to 80 in the future sort many people want to pull back in these kinds of names and they just haven't been getting them the bottom line when a group gets invogue with a wall street fashion show gives you quarters like we've seen, the stocks just keep climbing. that's classic bull market behavior the charts interpreted by bob lange they just adobe, art desk and ptc has a lot more to run. let's go to steve. >> caller: this is steve with a big booyah >> what's going on >> caller: i'd like to hear your thoughts on cloud der ra >> we like that stock. i think it's terrific.
6:32 pm
i think you got a winner if you want to go for it. and it's also the kind of stock that's really working in this market elliot in new york please. elliot i think the company's good the stock's been not good. elliot in new york >> caller: hey jim, booyah thanks for taking the call >> of ourse. >> caller: so, i'm a long-term shop by bull i listen to the earnings call and by all the debt. i think andrew left is off base and i'm waiting to catch up with evaluation, am i off base? >> man, you know this is -- as you can tell from what happened today this is a total battleground stock i'm not going to weigh into this battleground i know i like them for a long time but there's a long and short story and whether you get
6:33 pm
those i say -- >> don't buy don't buy -- >> don't sell either i don't like the cross fire. i don't think the run is over and fordoes bob lange think so, auto desk, adobe, an sis and ptc can keep climbing. much more "mad money." talk about a power producer, i'm sitting down with vista energy it's a growth yew tilty. all your calls, rapid fire, tonight's edition of the "lightning round" so stick with cramer
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look at shutter stock run. for those that don't remember, shutter stock is an online marketplace. all kinds of businesses can quickly and legally license business upon business of photos, and music. they can be with adobe but they have higher content. for a while seem like shutter stock may have lost its way. it was down 42% over the past year this morning, shutter stock reported a blow-out quarter delivering a 4 krnt searching, higher than expected sales with 14.6 year over year. a lot of people were concerned the quarter would be difficult shutterer stock has been talking about how 2017 will be a transition year. investors were surprised with the stock service up 14.6% let's check in with john, he's the ceo of the stock welcome back to "mad money."
6:38 pm
this teem was the transition quarter where you are now pretty much an ecosystem. i know you chief financial officer says at one point its dmin mouse >> we made a significant investment if the plat tomorrow. we're -- platform. >> we've had adobe on many times, to me it seemed like shutter stock is a exclusively high end company that can partner with adobe >> we have a plug-in to the adobe kraft cloud but we're developing our own tools ourselves. >> and how do people feel so far about what you're developing >> people are using our tools all the time >> one thing was fascinated about, you have a huge amount of
6:39 pm
cash, no debt on the balance sheet. are there things you should be doing with that cash i know you didn't buy that much this quarter but maybe there's a acquisitions, the ratio to your market cash is high. >> yeah we've been a great cash flow since 2003. we bought flash stock which we rebranded over the summer and that became of sixth business unit, we're excited about that there are other ways wie can us the cash we're also looking at other acquisitions, we invest in marketing. we have the best people in the business looking for others to join >> do you think that people understand the piracy now versus -- i know initially people think they can get away with anything? >> yeah, if you're a business that pay 1 to $5 for an image, that's fwing to represent your
6:40 pm
brand is important some of our photo graphs have been with us for over ten years. >> i happen to have the good fortune to see the iphone x today, i'm thinking if i was to start over an a business i'd get the highest imagery you have because it works do you think your businesses are driven by these incredibly great cell phones? >> yeah, more and more or photography use photos and upload them on to our website. i think we're going to take a dramatic turn where a lot of video we sell about from mobile devices. >> so, do people get that too because i always feel their slow to adopt i own a restaurant and the first thing i thought with this new resolution i should get stock pictures and do fun stuff.
6:41 pm
the creativity tends to blow up when the devices are so fabulous >> yeah, i think we're going to get varied content the cameras you have with you at the time, if you have a smart phone with you you're going to great amazing content. we're going to be able to sell it for you we're the flplatform you'll go for that >> i've looked at the image licensing dealing with google sites, i'm not sure how lucrative it can be. is this something that can be used for next year >> it's one of many places we've integrated we have an api that several companies have integrated into we talk to businesses all the time we want to be anywhere a business needs an image to drive review knew, that's the goal of shutter stock. >> all these thing are coming together you've got the google and flash stock deal which i really really
6:42 pm
liked, we talked about the adobe. why are you guys circumspect about 2018 i think it could all come together big tell me i'm too bullish because to me the investment year's almost over and all these things are going to be added. >> totally agree with you. when it comes to our guidance we got into the top end of our revenue range for the year every investment we make is a multi year investment. we're not investing for the next quarter we're looking for the next one, two, three, five years of our consumers >> that makes sense. when i saw this stock i was very scared that this will be a tough quarter. i'm too optimistic, it's okay. you've done right. 2003, people think it's been around for a long time look at the balance sheet, it's unbelievable we're with the chairman/ceo of
6:43 pm
shutter stock. "mad money's" back after the break.
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it is time it's time for the "lightning round. play the sound, and then the "lightning round's" over are you ready? time for the "lightning round. samford in maryland. >> caller: big booyah jim, love the show >> thanks so much, what's
6:47 pm
happening? >> caller: my question to you is real ji. >> you know i like house stocks but we're using le nor because of their fabulous act act vision >> caller: i want to know what you think about envard >> people have been turning down the stock. i like the technology. sall in new york >> caller: i -- been down on the last two couple weeks. >> sall i'm not going to let you down, i don't know the company i have to do work. i do not know smart global audrey in arizona. >> caller: hi jim. >> how are you >> caller: doing well how about you? >> caller: i'm doing real well thank you. let's go >> caller: my stock is cern.
6:48 pm
>> we talked earlier, certain is a ball ground. i'm telling people about united health frank in michigan. >> caller: hi jim good to talk to you again after you've made positive comments about bx i started a small position in it did some research on it, slowly its gone downhill, i like the dividend yield, my question is am i missing something -- >> black stone's down $32.39 i think that's pretty good you're doing great i'm a buyer of balack stone phil in michigan phil. >> caller: hey jim, here's a
6:49 pm
michigan halloween booyah to you. >> what's up >> caller: i've had this stock for almost a year it's been laying in a -- for months. do we bury it or resuscitate ollie's. >> ollie's fantastic it's one of two retailers that i actually like. i'm a buyer of ollie's not a seller and that ladies and gentlemen the conclusion of the "lightning round. well, it's earnings season once again. >>yeah. lot of tech companies are reporting today. and, how's it looking? >>i don't know. there's so many opinions out there, it's hard to make sense of it all. well, victor, do you have something for him? >>check this out. td ameritrade aggregates thousands of earnings estimates into a single data point. that way you can keep your eyes on the big picture. >>huh. feel better? >>much better. yeah, me too. wow, you really did a number on this thing.
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>>sorry about that. that's alright. i got a box of 'em. thousands of opinions. one estimate. the earnings tool from td ameritrade.
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♪ after months of talks vis that energy, a big texas base facility announced plans to close its merger yesterday the deal gives vista major power generation holdings throughout the northeast, mid-atlantic and midwest. vis that stocks got slammed yesterday. normally wouldn't be too excited about yew tilt at this point in the economic cycle the current economy is so strong it's allowing the stocks to work let's sit down with kurt morgan, he's the present and ceo of
6:53 pm
viscera energy mr. morgan welcome to "mad money. >> hey jim, thanks a lot for having me on you got a great show here. >> you're too kind thank you. we have introduced people to the american electric powers, to the anyonon dominions, could you please describe why visit ra is different. >> and we're what we refer to as a competitive generator with a retail energy provider we don't have any regulated revenue streams. we're free to deploy capital outside of the regulatory scheme there's opportunity for us to create returns above regulated returns. and if you could deploy capital at the right time of the cycle
6:54 pm
you can create returns but you have to be disciplined with a strong balance sheet >> so you incorporate with with your very very good balance sheet and you become a yew tilt that could grow faster than you could even in texas? >> that's correct. this was a complementary deal. we were exclusively in texas and now we're in multiple states we're going to be a lot more natural gas fire generation which is really the fuel of the future for the next ten years at least. and so, yeah, this is a great deal for us to diversify our business >> now, just again some people understand, a regulate utility may not be able to make any money, more money if natural gas falls in price because there's regulated. your company can get cheap fuel and grow which benefits to the bottom line. >> it does and the thing about our company is its resilient in
6:55 pm
high and low prices. we're much lower in higher prices because that changes. given our gas fire generation fleet we can make money on the downcycle of the gas business which is really important to us. the last thing i'd say, jim is that we have a retail business too that does well in lower power price environments and also higher price power environments i think that's a differential power company. >> thank you for flagging me because it's such an interesting additionally people get to chose, they can chose power companies. your company has -- i'm trying to put this right, it has a much better representation of providers so people can switch to you, and apparently you're the dominant play because the customers like you >> that's right.
6:56 pm
we have 24% of the market share in texas we've kept that amount for many years. we have very strong customer loyalty and ratings. some of the topped in many retail business and we have a very good product in services part of our retail business that creates new products and services, like free nights and so lar days, very creative business, analytical and profitable >> now dine ji at one point last its way and it gotten in trouble, people thought it had taken too much debt on is it cleaned up enough that it can't bring visit ra down? >> yeah, at the end of the deal when we close that day, we will be -- i don't want to give too much jar begin, well-have roughly four times to our earnings that's still lowest after the deal closes, anybody else in the business and within two years we're back to our target of the three times
6:57 pm
gross debt, that allows us to be given the earnings power and the company and the cash flow of the power of the company to deploy capital during the low parts of the cycle. >> i got to tell you you're a great way to play the industrial renaissance, you're in fantastic areas that are doing really well you're a growth company, kurt morgan, the president/ceo of vis that >> thank you jim absolutely >> unregulated utility based in texas, just moved into the northeast, that company's going to give you growth i like the stock stay with cramer pus connected. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble.
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so that's the idea. what do you think? hate to play devil's advocate but... i kind of feel like it's a game changer. i wouldn't go that far. are you there? he's probably on mute. yeah... gary won't like it. why? because he's gary. (phone ringing) what? keep going! yeah... (laughs) (voice on phone) it's not millennial enough. there are a lot of ways to say no. thank you so much. thank you! so we're doing it. yes! "we got a yes!" start saying yes to your company's best ideas. let us help with money and know-how, so you can get business done. american express open. i like all four of the bob lange software companies like to say there's always a bull market somewhere i promise i'll find it for you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer
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see you tomorrow >> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ who set out to solve a problem she faced as a mom. ♪ hi. i'm ginelle. i am the owner of cool wazoo. i'm here seeking $65,000 in exchange for 25% equity in my company. when my daughter was younger,


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