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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 6, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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the end of the day, like i said ten minutes ago, we're in a down trend, you look to take profits on rallies. >> i'm melissa lee tune in tomorrow for more on this breaking news story look at the etf
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make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. how many times have we been through this already we arrived at a cross roads where the sky seems to be falling.
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and what happens at the last minute the sky decides to stay where it is and we end up rallying like crazy. investors could not make up their minds whatsoever about the risk of the sky plummeting dow crawling nine points s&p inching up nasdaq advancing is it too crazy to expect to get resolution in trade? in that case, you want to buy in any negativity as the dips represent real bargains buying opportunity as i have been telling you every night, the proximate worry right now, the thing that has everyone paralyzed with fear is that the president might put a 10% tariff on imported steel.
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we were the world's number one producer in 2000 and now we make up more than 1% of aluminum. and china 55%. forget that we have a possibility of resurgence steel. if the chinese government could be deterred from using steel subsidies as a job creation program. what would shhappen to this market how about the president exempts canada and mexico and the steel tariff is about to be dealing with china and not about renegotiating on the fly, nafta. you know what happens? we take a deep breath and say to ourselves, not exactly what wall
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street wanted. and the trade war is more focused on china i am a big believer -- you are watchi watching - ,
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the quarter was fabulous helped by the amazon connection. aws.
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let's go to reese in new york. >> caller: my company is sprint. such as al ka tel and votaphone. sprint has planned to launch >> i think if you like all that, you should be buying the bonds the stock is stalled i think speaking of stalled, t-mobile seems at last to launch i say ixnay sprint it is time to buy john ledger stock. it has bottomed. love it when you call me big data i have one dog called invida
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data analytics field and home gamers is what matters and that is what is working on "mad money" tonight. i am breaking down wall street worry. time to do shopping in the retail sector after what happened in target i am going to see where we should be with the chartis how about the morons who paid jw nordstroms could a lamb get -- whatever don't miss my interview with the chip maker lam receiver. and stick with -- do we have carpet tacks -- "mad money".
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vodapho . i've noticed a disturbing pattern since the market peaked in january something that is causing the futures to plummet this evening. if you recall, he came this year full of victm and vigor. translating into a master surge of profits no one saw coming since then we encountered a series of issues so we worry every darn day which begs the question, how much is really worth worrying about we fretted about the ten-year treasury plummeting price which has become some sort of weird line we worry about wage inflation
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after we got a strong salary number no matter that real wages actually didn't go hire, the number was viewed as too hot now we much fret of this friday's figures all because of bunch of dumb hedge funds and neophyte investors borrowed money waging on a permanently less wild market. it is the reason why the decline came swiftly, the other one we simply became overbought and do for a pull back. we had a good market for the bulls today until the vix spiked and that was all she wrote for the industrials. now there is also the alleged trade war to worry about
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one that cost the president and cohn business as usual and that means dealing with trade wars with filing suits however, while it is easy to bring cases against the chinese before the world trade organization, the fact is that no wto penalty will ever be enough from stopping them dumping steel and aluminum why would the chinese ever change the old way is working great, great for china that is. a religion that one that cohn professed. we need to go tit for tat with them you want some real truths?
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for a long time our government made a calculating decision to let the chinese get away with dumping. we tell ourselves that what china does to steel and aluminum is the cost of doing business with the gigantic chinese markets. the economist party targeted that industry to put people to work and the wall street orthodoxy is okay. we need to sell into china and if our steel industry takes a beating, that is the small part to pay let's not get too dragged into a policy debate. this is "mad money" after all. i am here to help you find a way to profit regardless what the white house does there is still opportunities after the departure.
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the worries are weird but they do make things more treacherous. the market in short isn't as good as it used to be. accept that and move on or prepare for it and by the rallies including the big dips the sky is not falling if we get compromise, i think you will do just fine. much more "mad money" ahead. i am going off the charts to find out what is next for retail lam research up 15%. what do drones and data centers ne mean for the future? a mpcoany you may never have heard of i will reveal the name when i sit with the ceo just ahead. stick with cramer.
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be ambivalent to this market, and cohn's departure is going to cause a surge. let's talk about a domestic story, the remarkable resurgence of retail. something that won't be affected by the departure everyone assumed that brick and mortar merchants couldn't compete with the web and amazon was going to wipe them out one after another this group has come back with a vengeance. the consumer is spending and money is pouring there are a lot more tjxs than targets. and that is why we are going off the chart with the help of bob
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lang a technician a better read on what is happening here in the retail stocks and even with the recent turmoil on the average, the s and p is a big informer they believe this turn around is for real i do not think they will be deterred by a weak opening tomorrow start with the daily chart of costco a long time cramer fave. and also a stock they own for lang's trifecta news letter. holding above both its 50-day moving average and 200 lang points out that costco tends to rise on up sessions
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tells you whether it is lying or speaking the truth the rsi that is down here at the bottom, has been training steadily higher. and costco soon to break out of a wedge pattern. if it breaks out to the upside as lang expects, the stock could sail through to $200 higher calculati higher calls, another sign wall street has become positive on the name how about the daily chart of nordstrom, the department store that just turned down an $8.4 billion bill to take the company private. lang likes the action. bought the selloff at the open when investors are eager to buy the dips that is a good sign lang says these reversal can
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mark huge turns for a stock. lots of investors were buying march 552.5 call options that suggests to me that they knew the bid was too low maybe they are waiting for a bidding war to start last time the family couldn't take nordstrom private because they couldn't get the financing they needed. this time, the company is too valuable important gage of momentum just flashed a bullish cross over where the black line crosses above the red line lang thinks it might have too much trouble climbing over 57 over the coming weeks. a cohn departure may change that and then the daily stock of macy's which had a strong surge.
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the cmf here, has turned positive again institutional investors coming back on board with macy's, now it is a $30 stock, and he sees it moving to $35 incredible bouncing of tjx lang says tjx has the best chart of them all. after a blowout quarter last week, the stock spiked then tjx stayed up on thursday when a stock is up on a big down day, you know the underlying company is doing a very right. and lang thinks the move might be just getting started. indicator just flashed a buy well a relative index strength at the bottom is at overbought
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levels, these stories are overbought because attracting too much attention i like in my view the last quarter of tj x is the game changing. right when we get to 100 is where he thinks it could top off. if the market cascades because of cohn's departure, this is the stock to buy and what about the big blow up from target which sent the stock plunging, he says don't touch this lang points out it is selling off on a high turnover, a classic bear sign. the mac d indicator is rolling over to a sell signaling i say ouch thing to remember here is that target sales were actually strong the problem was with the
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execution. spent way too much juicing those sales. the bottom line, stocks are coming down on cohn's departure and tougher talk on china. could be a good place to go. he likes costco, macy's and nordstrom. but the one to buy into the weakness tomorrow is going to be tjx. coidnser that as the first line of defense in tomorrow's trading. stick with cramer. thanks man. imagine if the things you bought every day... earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag. two united club passes. priority boarding.
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co for those of you who are still on the fence about the semiconductor stocks, if you are aware of this group, because historically it has been a boom and bust system. another piece of evidence that the space will be roaring once again. today, cramer fave lam research held an analyst and investor day. management told a compelling story and the stock caught fire. lam is doing extremely well at
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the moment so well the company said it is going to increase dividend by 120%, more than doubled. and adding 2 billion on the by back on top of the two bill reauthorization the company announced in november. let's check in with martin anstice, the ceo of lam research good to see you. good to have you here. have a seat. >> martin, this presentation was extraordinary for multiple reasons. but i would say that one of the things that was the theme and i talked about it at the top of the show, more data generated, stor stored analyzed. we can't live anymore without lam research. >> that's a good headline. two messages that we delivered today and one of them is the insatiable appetite for data data is a disrupter of every
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parts of our life. has the potential to create enormous value and right at the center of making that possible is the roll of silicon and that is where lam research gets to play a big enabler and technology contribution roll. >> you are talking about smart home, smart industries, mobile did you make this term 67 zeta bytes? >> 21 zeros in a zeta bytes. it is now unstructured data and the value proposition comes from inside an action which requires very, very high performance compute which is the leading edge silicon story. >> this is something that does not sound like, well, you know when the gdp goes down, it gets crushed and when it goes up, it
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gets strong again. nothing to do with any business cycle in the world. >> it is fundamental the socio-economic challenges in the world today have no practical solutions. that's the roll of big data, silicon, and the roll of lam research. >> autonomous vehicles, there is plenty of opportunity for global gridlock to be solved by autonomous vehicles. if you look at the amount of data that is in the road map of autonomous vehicles, fourtar ta bytes. there areeight times the
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amounts of automotives manufactured every year than service >> why won't these cars cost a million dollars? >> because one of the historic aspects is a perpettial. >> three drivers >> when i look at, i worry, let me give you my worry when i hear the d ram price goes up i have to wonder whether they are going to make any money. >> it is a common free on sustainability the investments that our customers are making today has never been so valuable the proposition is entirely different. the investments inspire customers while they may be highest in our history, lower
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today at any point in a 15 year period the semiconductor industry has added. the cloud have added $200 billion in the revenues with a 30% operating system. >> is that why your board was able to do something that i have not seen companies to do >> a big part of how we think about delivering value to our shareholders when we have cash, it is excess to that need. >> why aren't you more worried >> i think i closed my prepared comments today in our analyst meeting in we live in an entirely different world and everything in your question really characterized how important it is to understand. >> we are finally there. this is not your parents or of course my generation lam
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research this stock has been stuck if a range and that range is no longer able to contain the stock. back after the break you always pay your insurance on time. tap one little bumper, and up go your rates. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? news flash: nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today.
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade >> i just want you to understand the depar chur of the president's chief economic advisor will cause a lot of worry tomorrow i have been saying the biggest risk to this market is garry cohn exiting something to cause the vix to spike and the market to sell off. we will weather this the way we also do, together, taking our time and being patient and looking for the best and of course safest ways to make money. and now it is time for the "lightning round". sell, sell, sell we'll play this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? it's time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money."
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starting with david in new jersey. >> caller: your opinion on sor rento therapeutics. >> you need to be back stock by you should be in amgen mason in california. >> caller: how are these trump tariffs going to affect the stocks, lockheed market. >> come down with the futures and then pull the trigger. precisely the stock you want to buy. >> caller: glen from los angeles many calling by zagg. >> people don't like it. go completely the other way and buy lam research joel in pennsylvania >> caller: hi, jim, booyah
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hey, i was just wondering, you gave a recommendation for vantive and i jumped in. and i was wonder what you thought. >> world pay trades and that is something we like very much. richard in california. >> caller: yeah, hi, jim thank you. quickly, i want to say i have only invested for a year now and if it wasn't for you, i could not have done it. >> thank you very much. >> caller: and i love the investing 101 you put out there. >> that's what we want to do i am trying to teach here. go ahead. >> caller: you are doing it. i want to ask you about pattern energy group the dividends are amazing. >> i need to find out if that dividend is sustainable.
6:46 pm
seems way too high to me and therefore too risky. mark in illinois. >> caller: congratulations on the eagles, i hope chicago gets an nfl team some time. i am looking at amcx. >> i do not like the motion picture, the movie theater business i just don't john in florida. >> caller: booyah, jim. >> booyah. >> caller: first time calling. dwdp. >> this stock is going to get hammered tomorrow. action alert and i think it is a buy but only after it has been hammered and that laejz is the conclusion of the "lightning round". >> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade
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don't let the resent turbulence in the market scare you away from the long-term themes that we teach about that are still out there. take the cloud based enterprise software space pega, the cloud oriented software company that helps develop custom applications for businesses are involved in everything from marketing, sales, customer relations, management the next time the market pulls back, there is exactly the kind of stock that should be on your shopping list. pegasus just reported a blowout season how is this possible not to mention giving us
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incredibly strong guidance this made up for the not so reported last go around. if anything, it has a lot more room to run. pegasus says it -- let's take a closer look at the founder of pegga systems. i am going to read a quote from your deck. if you have driven a car, used your credit card, opened an account, applied for a loan, accepted an offer, or countless other things you have interacted with pegga so where are you that you are everywhere >> we are trying to position ourselves at being at the heart of what is today called digital transformation trying to connect organizations.
6:52 pm
>> you are using artificial intelligence to do so that would not have been the case five years ago. >> we did make a move into ai seven years ago, reimplemented technology into our core platform we have a real coherent architecture that makes it easy to bring ai into conjunction of operations. >> i am a customer of united health care, my kids call, i call, is that they route me correctly because of you is it my doctor that calls unh >> united for example, use us in a variety of ways. they would have used us to credentialed the physicians. help make sure that the physicians would be in a position to treat you. all have the proper board certification and all part of the right plans.
6:53 pm
used us in the business arena. >> i notice you are strong in banks, world bank of scotland. and i am not sure i am interacting -- obviously interacting with someone who uses the pega system and am i getting someone who is knowing more than they would have they didn't have you? >> their service reps are completely interacting with pega. >> over the course of 2017 we continue to enhance our ai what are transparency controls >> this is an important and i think misunderstood concept. some people are counting on ai to eliminate human thought the trouble with that is it is easy for expert systems to violate a law.
6:54 pm
for example, to not approve a loan that is required you to for this use of ai, the ai needs to be explainable, needs to plain how it came to that decision which isn't true from the majority and this is a huge differentiation for us. >> one thing that i read in the conference call, someone can spot that. in other words, they use a certain kind of language. >> the real key is if you get a regulator looking at you, can you demonstrate that the decisions you are making are consistent with considering certain facts that you are allowed to consider. and not considering other facts such as where people live. native ai misses this all the time our transparency, well, makes it transparent. >> my wife is in real estate so i know this is what they look, you have to be able to
6:55 pm
demonstrate that you are a good actor. >> absolutely. and having the management have the organizations that we deal with, know that they have that control, we see them really loving it. >> it is obvious that you have taken three huge clients this quarter. the kind of deals that catapult you. >> a big part of our business strategies these days particular with our move to the cloud has made it easier to get started with smaller clients and being able to get a company that has 500 or 1,000 staff up in record time. >> that is alan trefler. ceo of pegasystems it is a buy. stick with cramer.
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let's all take a deep breath is gary cohn important definitely he was number two at goldman sachs. was a great counter sometimes and did he get the tax reform package through? yes. he butted with the president
6:59 pm
over what is known as free trade. i say known as there will be many people who choose to panic on this. and i tell you over and over again that panic is not a strategy and very few people listen to me they decide this is the end of the world and come in on thursday saying it is the end of the world number two and then friday see the employment numbers and end of the world number three take a breath. is it a great time to buy? let the market come down tjx might be the right place at the same time there will be another time we look back and say why did i sell i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer, and i will see you tomorrow
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