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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  March 19, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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♪ market alert wall street pointing to a lower open as investors gear up for a new week we're going to tell you what to watch. that straight ahead. facebook under fire. the company taking heat for what some are calling the biggest data breach in social media history. we have the full details ahead and china has a new top banker what he means to the markets and your money we're live in beijing with the latest it's monday, march 19th, 2018. and "worldwide exchange" begins right now. ♪ good morning welcome to "worldwide exchange"
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right here on c nbc. i'm domenic chu. >> and i'm seema mody. good to be alongside >> brian sullivan is off this morning. stocks are lower this morning as investors await this big fed meeting this week. right now, dow futures you can see there, off by 166 points to start the day if things hold the way they are we're also following a developing story right now out of austin, texas police on on the scene of yet another explosion. two people were injured. this latest blast follows a string of package bombings that have rocked the city over the past several weeks president trump is headed to new hampshire today. he's expected to lay out a new plan to tackle america's opioid crisis after the back and forth in the mueller investigation. and vladimir putin claiming victory in russia's central elections. the committee said putin took
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more than 75% of the vote. he's going to remain in office for 2024 and "black panther" continues to dominate. disney marvel movie taking the box office for the fifth straight week, seema first, the countdown is on congress has until midnight friday to pass a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown this shutdown threat comes as president trump is once again tweeting his displeasure with special counsel robert mueller republicans have a warning for the president. nbc's tracie potts is live in wug with that angle. >> seem ma, good morning don't fire robert mueller. that is the warning from the president's own party. some democrats urging congress to act now before that happens the white house has said repeatedly and said again that the president has no intention of firing the man in charge of the russia investigation that his job is safe but questions are now being raised after the firing of
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deputy fbi director andrew mccabe mccabe was fire by the fbi for releasing confidential information to the media anonymously. and then misleading investigators about doing so we have not yet seen the final inspector general's report but we do know that mccabe is already fighting back, saying that he was a target and this was politically motivated because of his oversight. and his involvement in the russia investigation as one lawmaker put it, he is pay free agent now they're eager to hear from him here on capitol hill lindsey graham calling for a hearing into this firing and lawmakers questions whether or not the white house may have leaned on the justice department and the fbi to get rid of mccabe the irony, of course, that it was two days before his 50th birthday when he would have been eligible for retirement. that mention may now be gone >> now, tracie, as we talk about the machinations of what
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happened this weekend, what's the sense in washington right now about what the next steps are? we talk about this idea that lawmakers want to kind of emphasize the fact that nobody should fire mueller, the special counsel. what exactly is going to happen the next couple of days here as the next chapter for this particular story is the president going to weigh back in? is congress going to take action what are the pundits out there saying >> well, congress may take action if they get a sense that the president wants to fire mueller. they have said repeatedly at the white house that he does not but there is this push for congress to try to protect mueller's position and keep him at the ahead of this investigation. the inspector general's report on andy mccabe, why he was fired, what was behind that. what will he did that he was accused of hasn't come out we could see that in coming days and we're already seeing ing l one lawmaker calling for a hearing on the firing of mb
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cake they want to see whether or not it was linked to the mueller investigation. as for mueller, there haven't really been any leaks out of that investigation so, we have no good idea how much longer might take >> we'll be watching, tracie potts in washington. today's top corporate story, facebook under fire again today. data analytic firm cambridge analystica reportedly collected information from 50 million on the social media site. that data is said to be used by pled trump election campaign to target owners with political ads. on friday, facebook extended cambridge analytica from its platform saying it violated its terms. facebook said it learned in 2015 about user data being shared improperly with a data group but the company argues that it was told at the time that all copies of the information had been destroyed in a same, cambridge backs that up saying that the data was
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deleted and that it didn't use any of its information in its work for the trump campaign. but "the new york times" reports that cambridge still has most or all of that data the paper cites interviews with former employees and contractors. facebook says it's conducting an internal and external review >> really a shocking story and puts the spotlight much more on facebook >> so implicated about how many people have access to the big dates. there's consulting firms, there's research firms kind of pulling for that >> good access stocks to watch today, google is reportedly teaming up with a slew of retailers reuters says the company is linking up with target, walmart, home depate and alta beauty for a new program. this new setup allows retailers to list their products on google platforms including search, express shopping and google assistant. retailers will pay google a piece of each purchase this is different than companies just paying to place ads on
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google shares of samsung coming on the shares of asia today apple is producing a limited amount of its own screens for testing purposes sharp down 1.74 percent. and caci making a bid to buy csia caci has offered $44 per share in cash and stock. all right. so more stocks to watch this morning. alibaba will invest extra $2 billion in e-commerce firm lazada group also tapping one of its own execs to run that business shares of hyundai slipping this follows a u.s. probe as to why air bags failed to deploy at some of its sonata sedans. those shares offer by 4% and watch shares of grubhub,
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the company's stock being downgraded by stifel those shares unchanged in premarket trading. >> and we're just getting starts on "worldwide exchange," up next, we're going global there's a new banker in china. we're going to tell you what it means for the markets. and viral video alerts, both over the age of 100. setting usa track and field records. we'll bring you that amazing footage later in the show. stay tuned you're watching "worldwide exchange" here on cnbc it can power your apps with public services without starting from scratch. it brings your business up to speed, doing more with systems you have in place. it can bring all your apps to life and run them within your data center. it is... the new ibm cloud private. the cloud that's designed for your data. ai ready.
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secure to the core. the ibm cloud is the cloud for smarter business.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." i'm domenic chu. if you're just waking up or heading into work, let's get you up to speed on the market action so far as you see there, if futures stay the way they are in the u.s. we will open down by about 150 pound points for the dow 63 for the s&p 500 and down by 93 for the nasdaq. let's take you to what happened overnight in the european trading session because we did see a littlebit of broader weakness in some of the main markets. you take a look at the japan nikkei off by 1% we saw perhaps concerns about prime minister slhinzo abe. and what's happening there
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the hong kong's hang seng, that weakness, we're seeing risk aversion there the major markets including the german dax, the cac, and ftse 1100 seema, a general feeling of negativity >> speaking of europe, a two-day european counscil summit begins with trade and bank of england meeting on thursday not to mention wednesday our own fed meeting where we are expecting a potential 25 basis rate hike, the first one this year >> under jay powell and his first press conference as fed claire making headlines this morning, though, russian president vladimir putin winning a landslide re-election victory. russian officials say putin took more than 75% of the vote. the big win extends his rule for russia for another six years, three decades under his helm >> that's quite the administration i would say
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in other global news china has a new top banker, eunice yoon is live in beijing with all of the details who is this guy, eunice? >> well, his name is yigang. he actually studied in minnesota. he got tenure at indiana university up until now, he's been the deputy governor at the people's bank of china. and he's also a protege of the outspoken, outgoing governor, governor tran has been known as a liberal and pro markets voice among chinese policymakers and very much a favorite in faster liberalization in the financial sector there are two questions that investors have for mr. yi. first of all, is he going to have access to the foreign
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banks. and in his first comments as governor he said a slew of new reform and opening policies would be announced from now until early april. he didn't mention any specifics, though now, in terms of the question people are going to be asking him what is mr. yi going to be doing about all the debt the debt here has been rising and the outgoing governor has been raising his concerns about it mr. yi didn't say anything about that today however, it's unclear how much influence yi gang is going to have over policy that's because for one in china, the pboc doesn't have the independence as, say, the fed or ecb. and beyond that it increasingly looks like the man calling the shots on the economy is xi jinping yuhur.
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we haven't seen the financial reforms that a lot of investors would like to see. in terms of economy and what his broader priorities are, they are to clamp down on the debt. they have been talking about clamping down on the financial risks, squeezing out the shadow banking. at the same time as the economy wanting to slow down and looks as though it will continue on that path, there's some concern as to whether or not this broader team is going to stay the course, or will they reverse policy and pumped up credit concerned about the growth numbers guys >> eunice, you wonder if china's new central bank governor will embrace reforms as you pointed out he's a u.s. economist. i wanted to get your thoughts on another story. there is talk over the weekend that this comprehensive dialogue between united states and china was coming to an end and how that could further
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strain relations over the two countries over a tiff when it comes to tariffs. >> yeah, absolutely. and that's buss the chinese has been advocating over and over, including the man i just mentioned, they want to restart talks on a very high level that's seen as a priority to the chinese administration the xi jinping administration. however from what we understand and what we've heard from sources out of washington, the trump administration doesn't believe he's high-level talks sump as the economic dialogue with the bush administration or the obama administration really work they see it as a delay tactic. that's why it's become such a point of conflict for both sides. >> eunice, one more thought here, this idea that will could be some retaliation in a hypothetical trade war between the u.s. and china is there any talk on the ground there in, in china, in beijing,
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with regard to how president xi and his top advisers are looking to proceed is it still really a hypothesis scenario, or are there really possible pose initiative policyn the works from his administration >> i think probably, there hasn't been anything firm. but behind the scenes, it's another story. just because we've been hearing a lot from various sorries that chinese sources are concerned about what's happening they are looking at drawing up a list of different items they could go after in order to give some pain to the trump administration and it really does range from, as we've been talking about before, agricultural products or other products that would really hurt different states, that have voted in president trump so, it's just -- so, right now, we don't know for sure but there's all of the rumblings of a policy shift, even though as this national people's congress, this large political event that's been going, continues to go on, on the
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surface, the policy and all of the statements that are coming out of that event have not changed at all >> all right eunice, thank you. eunice yoon live from beijing. all right, well, saudi arabia's crown prince muhammad bin salman will visit the white house this week. his trip to the u.s. comes just months after he arrested princeprinc princeand administrators here he is on "60 minutes" last night. >> was it a power grab >> translator: if i have the power and the king has the power to take action over influential people then you're already fundamentally strong these are accusations. >> how much money did you get back >> translator: the amount exceeds $100 million the idea is not to get money but to punish the corrupt and send a clear signal that whoever engages in corrupt deals will
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face the law >> mbs as he's known will visit the white house tomorrow and will stop in other u.s. cities for trade and finance talks. >> i believe he goes to silicon valley after this. >> right >> but clearly a very interesting meeting that a lot of people are anticipating especially when it comes to relations between saudi arabia and united states, trade, technology, oil as well. still ahead on "worldwide exchange," a lot of that story developing and the battle of dating apps. tinder taking to bumble in a big way. first, as we head to break, here's today's national weather forecast from nbc's bill karins. good monday morning,dom seema. more snow possibly, nor'easter come wednesday for today, this is the life threatening stuff.
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nashville and chattanooga, a chance for severe storms maybe a tornado or two wind damage threat will sweep through georgia right through north florida, savannah, charleston through tuesday and the new storms late in the day, too so stormy weather in the south for today's forecast, still cold in the northeast and that's setting the stage for the potential for more snow. it will start tuesday and continue into wednesday. our snowfall maps do show the potential of a washington, d.c., right around philadelphia, south of new york city potential for more accumatuling snow more "worldwide exchange" when we come back you could simulate craftsmanship
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." time for this morning's top "trending stories" we're starting with dating app tinder. it's suing competitor bumble for patent infringement. the lawsuit claims bumble copies tinder's entire design the only difference is women talk first strategy. tinder's parent company match group unsuccessfully tried to buy bumble last year for a report $450 million. now, we know companies sue each other for patent infringement all the time include, blackberry just sued facebook last week for similar means. what makes it interesting that match, tinder and bumble have a long complicated history >> i can't figure out the swipe left, right. >> you don't need to
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anyway, disney marvel's "black panther" continues to dominate at the box office the movie taking the top spot for the fifth weekend in a row "black panther" is just the seventh film ever to cross over the $600 million mark in north america. did you watch the movie? >> i have yet to watch it. >> i'm a big super marvel fan. i watched it it's probably the most energetic and dynamic of the marvel franchise i was curious how it took so long to bring it to market it sets up a very big blockbuster coming up next month which is the next installment of disney marvel's "the avengers. i've watched the trailers. if you let your weekend spending get a little out of your hand you're in good company, beyonce and jay z's daughter apparently made a $19,000 bid at an auction in l.a. she was seen waving her paddle,
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and jay z jokingly tried to pull it away. blue ivy lost her bid for tyler perry. >> i hope my daughter has no inclinations whatsoever to wave her paddle at a charity auction. march madness does roll on, the sweet 16 is set for games reviewed on thursday surprise contenders do include syracuse who upset michigan state. and florida state who took down xavier and loyola of chicago who upset tennessee. everyone is still talking about the fact that the number one overall seed the university of virginia lost in the first round by a 16 seed >> that's never happened in history. >> never in the men's basketball tournament history, right. a big deal in basketball brackets are busted all across the great nation and we got rory mcilroy taking the 2018 arnold palmer invitational by three strokes at
5:26 am
bay hill a big pot for rory it was vintage rory as he caught fire on the back nine. he birdied five of the last six holes. tiger woods was also in the mix until an errant out of bounds shot he finished eight strokes behind let's get a check on what's happening outside the world of business nbc's frances rivera is in new york with the latest hello, frances good morning to you. residents in austin, texas are on edge after being rocked by fifth explosion in months. this follows a string of package bombings that killed two people and seriously injured two others officials are offering a $150,000 reward for information leading to an arrest today, president trump set to unveil his opioid plan for the epidemic administration officials say the plan also includes prevention
5:27 am
efforts in expanding access to residential treatment for medicaid patients thereof there are only programs to reduce the prescription of painkillers by a third in three years and cutting offer the supply of illegal drugs including internet and the paralympic games in pyongyang as he celebrate their third win. >> still ahead here on "worldwide exchange," facebook under fire a company taking major heat for what could be the biggest data breach in social media history plus, countdown to shutdown. congress has until midnight on friday to pass a spending bill to prevent a gerent ovnm shutdown all of the latest coming your way. you're watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc.
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market alert stocks pointing to a lower open on wall street we're going to tell you what's dragging things down that's straight ahead. washington watch we're live in d.c., following a big weekend for president trump. and countdown to the fed what to expect from jay powell at this week's fmoc meeting. it's monday, march 19th, 2018, you're watching "worldwide exchange" right here on cnbc ♪ ♪ havana good morning and welcome to "worldwide exchange" right here on cnbc i'm domenic chu.
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>> and i'm seema mody. brian sullivan is off today. let's get a check of markets futures reporting here on monday, dow lower by 144 points. nasdaq off by 87 s&p 500 lower by 15. keep in mind, the dow did drop 1.5% the nasdaq and s&p 500 lost about 1% the big event this week will be the fed meeting which kicks off on wednesday -- or, no, tuesday? kicks offer on tuesday wednesday is the announcement. speaking the fed, let's take a look at the ten-year treasury note you'll see that the yield on a ten-year treasury note trading around 2.86% asian equities somewhat mixed. the nikkei down by 1%. you can see there, the hong kong's hang seng both about flat on the day the real news coming outside of japan whether or not shinzo abe and his at statidministration ip
5:32 am
man may be losing confidence that's something to watch. the major european markets are lower on the day so far, although off of their session lows, it's still early trading the dax off by 1%. the cac and ftse off by 0.75 to 1% seema. >> let's took at broader markets. wti crude, 62.04 down about 0.50% take a look at the dollar. with currencies lower against the japanese yen, ep, 105.92, slightly higher against the euro take a look at gold, it's been down by five consecutive sessions and continues to move on thedow downside. less than a buck bitcoin, let's take a look at digital currency as it's called, it's lower if you look at the futures market by 3% >> very volatile for sure, seema.
5:33 am
well, in political news, president trump taking aim at the russia investigation in a very big way over the weekend. cnbc's eamon javers live in washington with more >> yeah, good morning, dom the president was angry over the weekend, lashing outty mueller investigation. it began friday night late with the firing of the retiring number two andrew mccabe mccabe would be set to retire in just two days. the attorney general jeff sessions fired him late friday ahead of an ig report which is supposed to be unflattering to him. the president taking to twitter saying andrew mccabe fired a great day for the hard working men and women of the fbi, a great day for democracy. james comey was his boss and made mccabe look like a choir boy. mccabe himself fired back at the president in a statement saying this was nothing more than an
5:34 am
effort to tarnish the fbi and to tarnish himself personally as the president defends himself against the mueller investigation. the president throughout the weekend continued with a number of other angry tweets aimed at the mueller investigation, including one that named mueller personally, which is something that he hasn't done directly on twitter before he says why does the mueller team have 13 hardened democrats some big crooked hillary supporters and zero republicans. another dem recently added, does anyone think this is fair? and yet there is no collusion. that tweeted the fact that mueller himself is a republican, andrew mccabe say republican and james comey is a republican, three men that the president has criticized the most in the course of this investigation all of that led to speculation furiously throughout the weekend that the president intended to fire robert mueller or get his attorney general to do that through the legal process.
5:35 am
that set off a chain of worst. lindsey graham taking to television yesterday suggesting it would be the beginning to the end of the trump presidency if he were to take just a drastic step last night, the trump legal team issued a statement about mueller insisting that the president has not decided to fire him. saying, in response to media speculation and related questions being posed to the administration, the white house has yet confirmed that the president is not considering or discovering the firing of the special counsel robert mueller that's where we go into monday, guys and the big question is going to be whether or not the president takes steps here a lot of venting of the president over the past 48 hours. >> and what do you think the chance are of robert mueller being let go by president trump? is there this idea, that he, too, could be on the chopping block? >> i think it's thin
5:36 am
i think the president is hemmed in by his aides. remember there were reports that the president tried to fire mueller last year early in 2017 as the investigation was getting under way. and his general counsel john mcgann at the white house threatened to resign if that was the case people around the president would be counseling him not to do it. but as we've seen it in recent weeks, this president is largely unfettered now he very much feels he wants to do his own will including firing the secretary of state last week and firing a number of other individuals potentially this week and coming weeks or with the robert mueller investigation. we just don't know and this president is very hard to predict >> eamon, while we have you here, let's talk about what is going on with the government shutdown it seemed like a month ago, it was a month ago, that we talked about the government shutdown. it's going to happen again what's the talk in d.c. with another type of situation? >> well, we're looking at another deadline by the end of
5:37 am
the week, i think the key is whether or not they can get additional short-term deal republicans and democrats have long abandoned the idea of long-term budget tear processes here in washington, where they lurch from short-term measure to short-term measure this is has been in the past couple of months tied but with the larger daca legislation. those are the so-called dreamers who came in with children, families and others, who now young adults the question is more they can get a short-term deal. you think in the end there will be a deal, because the republicans have an enormous incentive to keep the government open because they control the white house. there's been and extended shutdown in the past, there's been a shutdown overnight, a few hours or a day, we'll see where we go this weekend >> eamon, while we have you here i want to address something with
5:38 am
facebook it's understand fire again the big analytics firm, cambridge analytica collected private info from more than 50 million users on the social network. all of this happened in the political election any reaction from the beltway? >> definitely there was reaction over the weekend this is a story in "the new york times" and other media on saturday which reported they've been able to collect this data on 50 million facebook users through one of those personality quizzes that they posed on facebook which was appropriate at the time. and then sucked down a lot of data about all of the people who participated in that there's been a bunch of disputes over the weekend whether that counts as a data breach. whether the data was stolen, or whether the collector here, an academic who said he was working slik strictly as an academic, facebook coming unprotest over the weekend. senator klobuchar from minnesota
5:39 am
suggested over the weekend that mark zuckerberg ought to testify on capitol hill and explain this we saw other calls from other democrats who said that social media companies ought to be regulated in terms of election spending and all of that should be disclosed publicly i think the chance for regulation on some of these social media companies have gone up but is this a very convoluted year in washington the chance of any legislation this year, i think, are still pretty slim. because the chance of them doing almost anything this year are pretty slim. >> yes, it's interesting to see how people are taking to facebook to express their displeasure with this. >> ironic, isn't it? >> yes, eamon, thank you stocks to watch this morning, google is reportedly teaming up with a slew of retailers. reuters says the company is hooking up with target, walmart, home depot, costco and alta beauty for a new program this retailer allows retailers to list their products on flat
5:40 am
performs including google search this is different than companies just paying to place ads on googles shares down 1.3% a report that apple is now producing a limited amount of its own screens for testing purposes and caci national making a $7.2 billion unsuccessful bid to acquire cica caci has offered $45 a share in cash and stock putin's next six years today's opinion pages weighing in on the russian president's landslide election this morning's "must reads" straight ahead plus, the focus ahead of the fed this wk'biees g meeting. stay tuned you're watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc.
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to grow your business with us in new york state, visit time for today's "must reads. my pick is from "the wall street journal" it's called "putin's next six years." ed editorial board writing mr. putin has already named russia for 18 years. and the latest attack in britain against former double agent sergei skripal is a warning he may try to escalate again as he seeds leaders in germany and
5:44 am
united kingdom something to watch as you look to see what the next six years will entail under putin's helm >> not just because of foreign policy with russia because of their front but also because of possible interference in our own democracy, operations and whatnot. >> sure. >> certainly a huge story to watch this my pick is actually from the "usa today" called "want a 5g wireless box in front of your house?" the next big thing is 5g or fifth generation. if the industry wants to figure out if that 3g 5g is fraught wih conflict conflicts and the and to conspire with big government to silence people with very strong views. the context will be on telephone
5:45 am
poles, light poles across the country over 500 feet. some local governments don't want to be a part of that. they want to have a say, hey, we don't want that in a neighborhood the "usa today" like it always does have an opposing view in their op-ed. check that out baker, one of the heads of trade operations that represents wireless companies >> take a step back broadly, the telecom sector, a huge trial coming up this week. >> at&t and time warner. >> exactly after the longest time and this came out in late 2016 >> right >> and we still don't have a result, so we'll finally get that well after you hear this next story, you're going to hear no excuses on the treadmill this morning. a 102-year-old woman and a 100-year-old man both set new world records for running over this past weekend. check out the video. you're watching it right there julia "hurricane" hopkins ran
5:46 am
the six-meet dash. meantime 100-year-old orville rogers ran that in 19.1 seconds. look at this it's unbelievable. >> i can't run that fast right now and i'm less than half their ages how embarrassing >> well, this could be good motivation >> it is for me. >> we are approaching the top of the hour that means the team is getting ready for "squawk box. becky quick is in new york with a look at what's coming up good morning to you, becky >> good morning, seema, and dom. same thing i was thinking when i was watching that, he would beat me way to go. >> the fastest running i do now, as you would know is chasing after my baby daughter >> chasing after your golf balls. >> i guess i would walk. the stories i'm watching this morning, seema, i'm with you, that story about theat&t trial against the government beginning today.
5:47 am
that's a huge story. we've been waiting for this for quite some time. trial begins today and this morning on "squawk box," we're going to be talking to an analyst, jennifer fritzy from wells fargo, what this means not for at&t win or lose, that industry watching this. not just industry, i mean media, technology, players all over the place who are kind of waiting to see whether or not they're going to go ahead with their own merger talks based on what they hear from the trial. it's a huge trial expected to last two weeks and we will hear the judge's ruling after that. getting gets started we'll be watching that closely, too two other major stories we're watching this morning, facebook with the data breach with what facebook executives are calling not a data breach. my thought is, look, anytime information gets out there that users don't know about it, even if you didn't lock the front door that is a data breach and it's catching the attention of some regulators joining us,
5:48 am
eric cantor is the former house speaker who is with us this morning. he also vice chairman at mullis and company. he's going to be with us in the 7:00 hour. we'll be talking to him. and kevin rupp, the former prime minister of australia. they'll be talking about the facebook situation, but the trade wars in china, how things are heating up there with china and the eu we'll hear potential backlash from the eu not only goods, but finished products that they're talking about slapping tariffs on if the steel and aluminum tariffs apply to them. we'll talk about all the issues coming up this morning, plus, kevin o'leary is the guest host. and kevin is the o-shares eto chairman and he'll be with us. >> thank you, guys still ahead on "worldwide exchange," we're counting down to the fed, a two-day policy meeting kicks offer with
5:49 am
investors closing eyeing a potential fed hike what to watch. and marc lasry joining the halftime report exclusively, noon eteasrn time, be sure to catch us, stick around "worldwide exchange" begins after this break does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yeah, i'm afraid so. knowing what's important to you... it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. that's what's important to us. it's why 7 million investors work with edward jones.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." i'm dominic chu alongside seema mody if you take a look at where treasury stand right now, we're looking at ten-year yields tick higher 2.68%. the two-year note, 2.31% joining is the chief executive officer at the advisory group and cnbc contribute, peter, the fed, tuesday, wednesday, rate meeting. the markets are pretty much pricing in a 25-basis point rate hike is this an economy that should be able to sustain a new 25 basis point rate hike? >> that's the big question
5:52 am
i think that the markets and the economy have become highly sensitive to changes in interest rates. you look at the vix trade that blew up, it was only a 30-basis move in a ten-year that blew up $10 million trade. i think we're already beginning to see a potential softening -- maybe softening is too strong a word reaction to housing rates in and seven years of zero interest rates a lot of quantitative easing we've created a construct that is addictive to low interest rates. so i think we're susceptible while the absence of low interest rates is very low, i think our sensitivity to it is actually very high historically, the fed tightens us into recessions when this next one happens, i don't know but typically, they'll always tighten us into a slowdown >> what does the bond market tell you, the two-year is trading around 2.86% we were at 3% a month ago. does that tell us that the bond
5:53 am
market is not expecting a rate hike >> the shorter one, 2.31%. and ybore goes up. three ton this year, three tons this year. whether we get a fourth, we'll have to see. to get an impression that the statistics are curling upwards and i'm seeing inflation everywhere whether that forces their hand, and the fed will have to see, but i think the recent flattening of the curve we've seen is in response to q1 gdps >> economists out there are trying to forecast what the fed is going to do with the expectation about the fed where future interest rates will be. so, how much of a focus the markets place on this dot quads and how policymakers do future
5:54 am
increases going forward? >> it will be one of the top headlines on wednesday the dot plots have proven to be throw it against the wall and see. i don't think power wapowell wat to anything more than 3. he doesn't have to if he raises 4, while he doesn't have to make that decision this week, he can still wait to see how the data comes in over the next couple of months. i think what will be interesting is, if he announces that, he'll start having press conferences at every meeting i think the fed created this idiotic situation where they would only raise rates on the day of the press conference. therefore, hand cuffing them on days where we don't have press conferences. i think he will open them up similar to the dod >> vladimir putin just won another six years unsurprisingly, and he also has
5:55 am
china's xi jinping to stay in power indefinitely what do you make of this international political situation? >> well, i think it's always an event to pay attention to. to me, i'm interested more in global trade with these countries. how is trump going to deal with the theft of intellectual property that is such a big deal right now. and how that back and forth goes with china i'm less interested in, okay, xi is going thr ing be there forevr what does it mean for economic growth or our trade with all of these countries? >> you know what else we have to look at, the domestic side as well, policy out of d.c., looming government shutdown. possibly all of those things playing out. dot markets care too much about what's happening in d.c. are they caring too late >> i think the markets are caring mostly about interest rates and monetary policy. not just here but overseas i think the trade situation is
5:56 am
very important but to me, interest rates and the direction is the most important for the market >> peter, thank you. with the dow down 128 points in premarket trading. we've got a couple seconds left here. let's go through highlights. oracle will post quarterly results after the bell a big one to watch watch shares of facebook as well they're down about 2% this morning on newt that data analytical firm cambridge analytica privately collected information of the users on the network. later on on cnbc, don't miss the interview with marc lasry. he's going to join scott wapner and the team on the halftime report at noon eastern time. a lot of stuff to watch today, seema. >> absolutely. i'm still looking for politics when it comes to the visit, president trump tomorrow, that's it for "worldwide exchange." a quick look at futures, nasdaq down 83. >> so "worldwide exchange" is
5:57 am
done now watch "squawk box," because they've got a lot of good stuff nghe up re we'll see you.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning market alert wall street pointing to a lower open as investors gear up for a new week we'll tell you what to watch straight ahead facebook under fire. the company taking heat for what some are calling the biggest data breach insocial media history. and countdown to shutdown, congress has until friday to passing a spending bill. we'll get a live report from washington, it's monday, march 19th, and "squawk box" begins right now. ♪ live from new york where business never sleeps, this is "squawk box. ♪
6:00 am
good morning, everybody. welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc we are live from the nasdaq market site in times square. i'm becky quick along with melissa lee and "shark tank's" kevin o'leary. >> good to be here >> and you'll see it's off to a rough start if you're a bull looks like the dow futures down 125 points s&p off by 13 pop nasdaq down by 81 the dow last week off by 1.5%. nasdaq offer by 1% let's take a look at what happened overnight in asia you'll see in japan, the nikkei was also down. close to 1%. close to 0.9%. stocks in beijing flat the shanghai composite up by .030 and then in europe, where trading


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