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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  March 27, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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welcome to "street signs." i'm joumanna bercetche these are your headlines european stocks jump in early trade after the dow posts its third biggest point gain ever. trade tensions ease as the u.s. and china negotiate new terms. the amazon effect. shares in casino top the stoxx 600 as it joins forces with the e-commerce giant to offer groceries via its prime now delivery services. and novartis sells its stake in a consumer healthcare joint
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venture for $13 billion. the ceo tells cnbc the swiss drugmaker is looking to streamline its business. >> i want us to be a focused medicines company powered by data and digital technologies. that means value creating acquisitions. and the bank of finland governor tells cnbc that the european monetary policy has worked >> if the economy continues to recover and we have some confidence that there's some convergen convergence, then, of course, the balance of these elements will change. sgl good morning it's the second day of the week. the stock markets are doing very
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well following what we had in the u.s. session as you can see, it's a wall of green right behind me. very few stocks are trading in the red as we look at the broader index. the stoxx 600 is trading up at around 1% already. it opened up at 1.4% higher. but then again all of that is on back of receding fears of an escalating trade war let's get into more details. let's start with the european markets and see what the picture is like there. it's a picture of green and optimism and positivity. ftse 100 up 1.5% almost at 7,000 again. it was key when we broke through that last week xetra dax shy of that 12,000 mark as well up 1.3, cac currant and minute also trading higher. most of the sectors that had
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underperformed in the selloff the last couple of sessions have been bouncing back with vigor. auto is up 1.6%. basic resources up 1.6%. technology of course, everyone has been talking about the tech sector that's up 1.5% as you can see, every single sector in europe is green. the laggard is utilities which is what you would expect on a day when cyclicals are doing so well let's talk about some of the names driving this casino said it will start selling some of its products via amazon that stock is up more than 4%. jsk, some news they're looking to sell off businesses to carlyle and gyc. and akzonobel a big deal there as well.
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up 3. %. on the down side, h&m down almost 6% on disappointing q1 operating margin and profits that continues to be a theme for the retail sector. ig group down 2.5% there's more scrutiny on these firms in the uk and those firms are struggling you can seeing that mixed picture. overall seems to be positive let's see what happens in the asian session. there you did get some gang buster numbers nikkei up 2.6% in yesterday's trading, breaking through that 21,000 mark again. that's a key level as far as nikkei is concerned. again, any kay we saw bounce back of all of the sectors that had been underperforming in the last two sessions. friday nikkei was down 4%. h 4.5% stocks are doing well.
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china, which is the other focus of attention is up let's look at the u.s., where all of the action happened last night. the dow was up 670 points. that's the third biggest point gain ever. not in percentage terms, but in point terms. that tells you about the extent of the bounce back s&p 500 similar theme. that was up 70 points in one day. 2.7% of course nasdaq tech heavy index up 3.3%. let's see how things will be opening up in a couple of hours time there it looks like the market is opening up a bit stronger both dow and s&p seen opening up 6% higher or so.
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this, of course, is as the trump administration is reportedly seeking more open access to chinese markets. specifically asking beijing to cut tariffs on imported cars, allow foreign majority ownership of financial services firms and to buy more u.s. made semiconductors the demands are part of negotiations aimed at avoiding u.s. plans to slap tariffs on 0 $60 billion worth of chinese imports. these requests came from u.s. treasury secretary steve mnuchin and robert lighthizer, the trade representative white house trade adviser peter navelli th navarro confirmed that they were asked to talk.
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>> secretary navarro at the president's direction and personal direction, they are talking with the chinese as we've been doing since day one, and we will continue to do that. i think we're hopeful there that china will work with us to basically address some of these practices. so i see nothing but bullish signs ahead. he is one of the men tipped to take a top job at ecb annette spoke to the finnish central bank governor and asked if the ecb could face a dilemma in the second half of the year if inflation remains below target >> our monetary policy has been predictable. we went to marriager large scale asset purchases. they have made for monetary policy bank lending is improving. the economy has been growing
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therefore we have net asset purchases. we reinvest when these purchases expire and also we have corporate guidance this toolbox is value and we will stick to it if the economy continues to recover, and we have some confidence that there's some convergence, than these elements can change down side risk is mainly political. we must follow that. >> would you say if potentially that down side risk will materialize, you could even push the end of qe further in the future >> we have been careful in our communication. we said we have extended net asset purchases until the end of september and beyond if needed
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our monetary policy is and will be data dependent. we will see. let us look at what the ecb recently did they enlarged the asset pool at least for some german government related entities does that mean that the ecb is acknowledging there's a certain scarcity when it comes to the bonds? >> we can deliver what we have promised this changes, we should not look at monthly changes but the whole balance in the long-term we can deliver what we have said >> you were saying that you can move the toolbox a little bit towards -- you can move the toolbox essentially, if the economy is changing.
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will we see interest rate movements already this year? >> i wouldn't say soon, but if the economy is strong and more convergence takes place, the role of the net asset purchase will remain. the other three elements will gain, especially forward guidance which la worked well it's important to remember this sequence we keep the rates at present level well past. so there will be no sudden changes. even if one day net purchase will be finished >> that was annette ta spespeak the head of the bank of finland. i'm happy to say joining me on set is gabrielle kinder, she is responsible for all fixed liquid
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income strategyies. i guess you're very well qualified to talk about credit and credit lending cycle when we talk about the ecb, we talk about inflationary prosp t prospects but also lending prospects in the eurozone as well talk me through how the lending landscape evolved over the last couple of years, and also since the great financial crisis we see activity picking up there. >> sure. >> thank you very much for having me here today >> if i look at the landscape between 2008 and today, in the first couple of years we saw a huge decline in the balance sheet of the banks decline of 30 trillion down to 23 trillion, 24 trillion so 7 trillion decline. you should see the whole balance sheet has disappeared. there's a huge impact in the
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sector the question was how this will impact the world economy in today's world, banks have recuperated more >> as banks have stepped away from that market because of the amount of deleveraging going on at that time, haven't other players stepped in, so you see the rise of fintech players, peer to peer lending direct lending. has that not created a vacuum? >> yes the whole fintech area is small. if we look at the context of 30 trillion balance sheet, it's quite small. the real impact happened in the dutch mortgage financing market, where you saw 60 billion and today one-third of this capital is being provided by pension funds and insurance companies. so they managed to find
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solutions to involve institutional capital in financing the real economy that's a challenge today because the reason banks have been struggling is how to make sure that they find a solution for the miss match between maturity and risk transformation it's logical to involve an insurance company in financing long-term infrastructure project or mortgages >> one thing that's really struck out to me in your notes, you said though credit volumes has picked up, so have rejection rates. are we to be worried about the loans that have been taken out >> you should be more selective and the cost of debt has went down significantly across public markets and we should see it in private markets. >> the cost of debt has gone down but interest rates are still negative what do you think higher interest rates will mean for the
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lending complex and specifically for european credit lending in areas that wouldn't necessarily have access to banks >> you know, loans are mostly floating rate instruments. so we see increasing appetite from institutional investors because it provides a natural hedge against rising rates i think it's positive and i'm optimistic that with the involvement of all this institutional capital involvement and fintech solutions we have a number of new solutions to finance the real economy >> if you had to say, which of the segments of the market do you think are being underserved now if you had to break it down? >> i still believe it's a massive opportunity in consumer financing, consumer lending, but also financing infrastructure projects if you look at how much capital we need to finance we still need 180 billion a year to finance the gap that we will need to tackle in order to find more
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solutions for infrastructure projects >> i have to end it there. thank you very much for coming on the show and telling us about the future of the funding gap in europe coming up, glaxo smithkline says it will buy 34% of sissrtis's consumer healthcare more after this break. begins ty cause trouble with recall. - learning from him is great... when i can keep up! - anncr: thankfully, prevagen helps your brain and improves memory. - dad's got all the answers. - anncr: prevagen is now the number-one-selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. - she outsmarts me every single time. - checkmate! you wanna play again? - anncr: prevagen. healthier brain. better life. racing isn't the only and with godaddy, i'm making my ideas real.
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akzonobel shares are higher after the company said it will sell its specialty chemicals arm to the carlyle group the deal is worth 10.1 billion euros and will be finalized by the end of 2018. akzonobel expects this to result in net proceeds of 7.5 billion euros. glaxo smithkline is buying
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novartis putting $13 billion on the table for its 36.5% stake. the swiss pharmaceutical said it was divesting the stake to focus on core assets gsk says the deal, which is expected to close in the second quarter, will boost cash flow generation and adjusted earnings from this year the novartis ceo says the company is focused on creating value through acquisitions he sat down in beijing to talk strategy >> i want us to be a focused medicines company, powered by data and digital technologies. that means looking for bolton acquisitions that's where our focus has been. we completed one in january of advanced accelerator applications, an oncology company. a $4 billion deal that we did. that's the place we see value. bringing in technologies that fit in our our their beautiful
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technologies >> bolting on, this is interesting, because your predecessor did a lot of that the pruning. i want to get to the two sort of hangovers that have been left to you. that is what to do with alcon and sandez the talk is that you could be weeks away from letting that go. >> when you look at novartis we started out as a broad co conglomerate following that we have slimmed down i see us focusing our resources in pharmaceuticals and medicines broadly. with alcon, we look forward to taking potential action, moving to a potential decision in the first half of 2019 and that's still the timeline that we will maintain. no change on that.
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>> even though finally you have sales growth at alcon? >> we're happy with the sales growth we want to see sales growth and profitability improvement. we think it's the right timeline to look for the first half of 2019 with any respect to alcon with sandoz, the pharmaceutical market is under pressure we have a bio similars portfolio in the industry. we're keen on maintaining our focus on biosimilars in the rest of the sandoz business, we want to continue think about how best to invest in that business to make sure we're differentiated and can grow we have to plans to change our approach on sandoz >> i'm happy to say john roundtree joins us on the line thank you very much for joining us on the show just looking at both of the
4:22 am
individual shares, i see gsk up more than 2.5% novartis up almost 1.5% it looks like investors think this has been a good deal for both sides. a win-win scenario do you share that view >> absolutely. i think this is a natural conclusion that the collaboration the two companies made in 2015 to kind of swap that consumer and oncology businesses basically allow both parties to scale up where they wanted to focus and scale up as we heard just a moment ago he's focusing the company on medicines, innovation and pharma on the flip side it is that gsk is focused on performance. it's a win-win it's a pleasure to see two share prices at the same >> explain the rational for gsk. we heard from the new ceo, she
4:23 am
said the plan is to have the pharma and consumer health businesses under one umbrella. do you think that makes sense for them >> absolutely. it depends on what the shareholders want. some shareholders a year or two ago were vocal saying it should be split up. but there are synergies between all three businesses in the sense that -- particularly as the consumer healthcare becomes more based on medicines that switch from being pharmaceutic pharmaceuticals, that puts gsk in a strong position so number one, i think the synergy is still there number two, i think it's what the investors in gsk are expecting. a much more steady as she goes solid dividend producing earnings stream that you get from having this blend of a more safe business in consumer healthcare that is less volatile to the ups and downs of pharmaceutical innovation.
4:24 am
>> can i ask what you expect the implications to be for pfizer? gsk did walk away from buying pfizer's consumer healthcare business only last week. what will the implications about for pfizer's consumer healthcare business going forward >> i think pfizer will hang on to it. they are a disciplined seller and buyer. clearly the price was too high for gsk. and i think that shows that gsk also has discipline in it's capital allocation pfizer will hang in there. it's a profitable business they'll stiay there and wait fo a market condition to sell it. i think they took a chance that said maybe now is the right time multiples are high now is the time to get the value from it. it didn't work out they couldn't find anybody that wanted it at the price they were suggesting was going to be paid. so they will hang on and take the earnings and cash flow until they see fit to divest it at a
4:25 am
more attractive price. >> john, thanks for spelling out that novartis deal now, elsewhere big story in banking, deutsche bank is reportedly looking to replace ceo john cryan after only two years at the helm of germany's largest lender the times blames a breakdown in relations between cryan and the chairman over the bank's future and recent performance the lender approached richard notty but he is said to have turned down the role other names in the hat include bill winters i'm happy to say annette joins us on the line and has more on the story. what can you tell us >> i was talking to some sources, and people are saying that at least the latest profit warning for the first quarter
4:26 am
done by the deutsche bank cfo, they thought it was high time to get someone else at the bank because the strategy is not working. john cryan will be at the helm of the bank for nearly three years in july. the problem is it's not only about capital. capital is just fine, but it is about weakness in revenues, especially in the investment bank and to be successful and also attractive to investors, deutsche bank needs to have a profitable investment bank they want to hike the pressure ahead of the agm which is taking place may 23rd so we could well see the departure of john cryan before that meeting in may. back to you. >> thanks for that, annette. looking at the shares of did
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deutsche bank today, they have reacted well coming up after the break, more russian diplomats have been expelled from countries. we'll be right back. jimmy's gotten used to his whole room smelling like sweaty odors.
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welcome back to "street signs. i'm joumanna bercetche, these are your headlines european stocks jump in early trade after the dow posted its third largest point gain ever t trade tensions ease as the u.s. and china negotiate new terms. the amazon effect. shares in casino top the stoxx 600 as it joins forces with the e-commerce giant to offer groceries via its prime now delivery services. and novartis sells its stake in a consumer healthcare joint venture for $13 billion. the ceo tells cnbc the swiss drugmaker is looking to streamline its business. >> i want us to be a focused medicines company powered by data and digital technologies.
4:31 am
that means value creating bolt-on acquisitions that's where our focus has been. and akzonobel sells its specialty chemicals unit to carlyle as they focus on the paynes a paints and coatings business let's check in on u.s. futures. it was a stellar day as far as u.s. equities were concerned yesterday. with all three of the majors seeing their best days since august 2015 with tech and consumer discretionary leading the charge you can see today it will also be a strong day. perhaps not as strong as yesterday. but the dow opening up about 100 points higher. s&p opening up about 11 points higher european markets are having a
4:32 am
strong session, trading up more than 1% for all of the majors. ftse 100 is leading the charge, up 1.5% or so. xetra dax and cac currant also having a good day. xetra dax shy of that 12,000 level that people have been pointing to. switching to foreign exchange, there the team is one of dollar weakness and just to put things in context, the dollar index yesterday hit its lowest level in about five weeks. this is about the fifth straight negative quarter since 2008. not a good quarter as far as the dollar is concerned. it has come up there oin our conversations. and charging ahead almost shy of the 125 mark i want to draw your attention to the renminbi that's the dollar/yuan chart there. the yuan strengthened overnight
4:33 am
to the strongest level since august 10, 2015. up 0.6%. this comes at an interesting time some analysts are saying this is speculative and china's way of averting trade tensions. they have come under pressure for having a weaker currency the strengthening move overnight helps allay some of those fears. speaking of china, china's crude futures got off to a strong start in a march launched by strong volumes the yuan-dominated futures surged in their first day of trade. it is the first time a chinese commodity derivative has been open to foreign investors and major energy traders such as glencore were the first to offer the contract the overnight session has seen trading volumes hit nearly 15 million barrels. elsewhere a train believed to be
4:34 am
carrying senior north korean officials and kim jong-un has left a train station, which raises speculation that the leader was in the chinese capital. he could be meeting with officials in beijing ahead of a proposed summit with donald trump. previous trips by north korean leaders to china were only confirmed after the visit had taken place. after the train left, the chinese foreign ministry said they had no understanding of the situation when asked if kim had made a visit monoprix has agree ed td toa deal with amazon to sell through the company's prime now service. the french grocer's parent company, casino, called the partnership unique and monoprix
4:35 am
won the day. i'm happy to say that arjun kharpal joins me on set to discuss more implications of the deal it looks as though amazon is going into these different spaces, and now its focus is on the groceries market >> yeah. amazon has not tried to go into it with its own products it has done that via acquisition. it bought whole foods, and now if you logon to amazon prime in the uk, you can get a lot of whole foods products there in the uk, don't forget, it did sign a deal with morrisons a couple of years back it sells some of morrison's products via its prime now service as well it seems to be following that similar model in france what you have seen across the grocery and supermarket is a lot of these big chains have not
4:36 am
worked out low jugistics yet. not offers that super quick delivery service that prime does with prime now you can get deliveries within two hours. so the strategy here seems to be about partnerships with grocers. that's how it jumps into the delivery market and via the prime now service getting people on board this is just another way to attract people to sign up for the yearly subscription service. >> i do wonder if there are too many supermarkets that are signing up to be on amazon you have morrisons you have the monoprix brand and now whole foods signing up at some point does this start to negatively impact on the supermarkets signing up to work with them? >> it looks like they're going in a market by market approach you have casino in france now. you expect more of that across
4:37 am
europe as amazon continues the problem with this is if you look at morrison, it's not one of the big supermarkets in the uk their rational was let's try to partner with amazon, we might be able to expand market share and the customer reach that's similar to what you're seeing across the supermarkets you're seeing low-cost supermarkets coming to the space and disrupt the sector where you see these traditional supermark supermarkets, the likes of casino and morrisons trying to get on board with amazon and with the technological shift people shopping more online, using smartphones more that's where you are seeing the shift happening. >> it's the old question ofvers. arjun, stay with us. the facebook fallout is continuing with the u.s. federal trade commission launching an investigation into how the social media network handles
4:38 am
information about its users. the fshtc says there are substantial concerns about privacy practices at facebook. lawyers ahave also written facebook demanding answers over their alleged role in the data compiled by cambridge analytica. arjun, you're still with us, thanks for sticking around how do you read this facebook story from here? is there anything that the company can do to get the public to trust them again? >> i think there needs to be a lot of work done in the way they communicate what they do with the data a lot of people are downloading the stuff that people knows about them you look at that and say look at the amount of data, all the message history. then you think hold on, i uploaded that picture.
4:39 am
i sent that message. i posted that status that's what people are realizing now, their data hygiene over the past few years has been poor and their footprint is all over the internet that's what we're seeing now people realizeding wh people realizing what they're doing with data and getting smarter with it. facebook needs to say now we're on your side, we understand the sensitivities towards data, these are the tools that you can use that we'll give you to show you exactly how your data is being used and what data we're collecting >> there are two elements to this the first is whether or not people stop using facebook in its entirety they have over 2 billion users worldwide. >> yeah. >> from initial reports it doesn't appear as though usership has dropped dramatically and the second element is what advertisers decide to do have we heard of advertisers
4:40 am
thinking to re-evaluate their relationship with facebook and other social media plate foform? >> on the advertising front, we've seen commerzbank in germany suspend advertising. mozilla also suspending advertising on facebook. the fallout has not been massive. but what we're going to see, i guess when the earnings come out over the next couple of quarters, we'll see what impact that has a few months back, facebook made a change to the news feed, that resulted in the number of monthly average users in america falling for the first time now you are seeing signs of that slowdown one other interesting trend, even before this data issue came out, the number of daily average users has been stagnant for a couple of years.
4:41 am
facebook has managed to counteract that by being able to charge higher prices for adverts, and revenues grow strongly the thing is what happens now? do advertisers get pricing power back does that hit facebook revenues? that's the big question. don't forget what is the impact on regulation as well. >> i was going to get to that. in europe we have gdpr coming in may. how will that affect social media platforms? is it specifically european companies or also european-based consumers who use facebook >> it's any company that operates in europe so this means facebook, google, twitter, apple all of the big u.s. tech giants who are clekti icollecting datas will be subject to this. you can get within a month the data being held. fines as well will be enforced
4:42 am
if these companies breach any of the rules in gdpr. facebook at the start of the year set out what they will do in terms of gdpr mark zuckerberg also added some new things facebook's data privacy rules are being forced by europe this is something they're being forced to do by the new rules coming in. mark zuckerberg said we'll show you more about what apps are being used, but there's more facebook could do. >> the question is what other social media companies will be forced to reveal what information they have as well. arjun, thanks for joining us switching to another tech topic. bitcoin has dropped below $8,000 on most exchanges after twitter announced its ban on cryptocurrency advertising the restriction comes into force today as the company joins other
4:43 am
tech heavyweights in prohibiting publicity from cryptocurrency firms. icos have come under scrutiny due to a number of fraud cases and investor losses. coming up, the legal battle intensifies between stormy daniels and donald trump's lawyer details after the break. - i love my grandma. - anncr: as you grow older, your brain naturally begins to change which may cause trouble with recall. - learning from him is great... when i can keep up! - anncr: thankfully, prevagen helps your brain and improves memory. - dad's got all the answers. - anncr: prevagen is now the number-one-selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. - she outsmarts me every single time. - checkmate! you wanna play again? - anncr: prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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welcome back to "street signs. we're getting a response from ria in russia regarding the news of -- some announcement from the foreign ministry saying that moscow will respond appropriately to the u.s. expulsion of russian diplomats and consulate closure in seattle. that is as per the state news broadcaster in russia. this come s after the western expulsion of diplomats which has
4:47 am
accounted for the biggest expulsion of diplomats since the cold war the russian foreign ministry as per ria have come out with this announcement saying they will respond appropriately. uk foreign secretary boris johnson welcomed the expulsion of diplomats and said frustration with russia has been building >> what we're saying today, what the world is saying today is that this pattern of behavior has become unacceptable. it manifests itself across the globe from syria to salisbury. people have had enough of it that's why i think you have had this very, very powerful global statement today. >> back in the u.s., porn star stan yeormy daniels is suing tr lawyer for defamation. this comes after her interview on "60 minutes" where she said
4:48 am
she was threatened to keep quiet about the affair with trump in 60 this now escalates the legal battle between the porn star and the president. kristen welker reports >> reporter: tonight, the white house pushing back at stormy daniels' allegations of a 2006 affair with then citizen donald trump. >> the president strongly, clearly, has consistently denied these underlying claims, the only person who has been inconsistent is the one making the claims. >> reporter: making this explosive charge, daniels saying she was physically threatened. >> a guy walked up to me, said to me, leave trump alone, forget the story. he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said, a beautiful little girl, it would be a shame if something happened to her mom >> you took it as a great it there? >> absolutely.
4:49 am
i was rattled. >> reporter: tweeting this morning, so much fake news, leaving it to others to take on daniels directly >> the president doesn't believe any of the claims miss daniels made in the interview was accurate >> he doesn't believe she was threatened >> no, he does not. >> what's his basis for that >> there is nothing to corroborate her claim. >> tonight daniels is ramping up her legal battle, alleging in new court documents that the president' personal attorney defamed daniels by insinuating she lied about the affair and violated campaign finance laws when cohen paid her $130,000 to stay silent right before the election. cohen says the money came from his personal account, not the trump campaign a bitter back and forth with a critical legal question looming. >> i think it increases the heat probably for the federal election commission to at least discuss whether to open an investigation here and to get a response from the trump campaign an executive at u.s. satellite service provider dish
4:50 am
network says an at&t/time warner merger would let at&t block competitor access to crucial content. the testimony happened during the second day of the trial between the u.s. justice department and at&t. the justice department sued to prevent a tie-up between at&t and time warner last year saying the deal would hurt consumers. at&t argues the deal would help customers by creating more efficiencies the trial is expected to last between 6 and 8 weeks. alex degroot joins uson the show to discuss. so the department of justice sees this deem aal and the partnership as uncompetitive what is the premise here >> that this will result in increased prices for consumers that will reflect the fact that when you have time warner and at&t under the same corporate ownership they will exploit what would be a dominant market position subscriptions would go up. term force cuuerm force cus
4:51 am
term force cu for customers woud deteriorate. that's the basis upon which they're hostile to this deal >> this might set a precedent for more vertical integration in the future between the creators of content and the distributors of content if this deal doesn't go through, doesn't it just mean they're putting money into the pockets of the streaming services? >> yes, it does. it would be great to be a fly on the wall at netflix now or goggle youtube if this deal doesn't go through, they'll be popping the shame pa champagne corks and celebrating. vertical integration for these traditional media companies has to be the way to go. it does seem unfair to me on some grounds that such a deal could be halted. >> is there a tinge of political interference in this deal given how much president trump has been vocal and vociferous about his desire not to go through
4:52 am
>> it's hard not to share that view cnn is public enemy number one as far as trump is concerned the fake news agenda of course cnn is part of the package which at&t would acquire. yes. it's hard not to have that as one of your key factors in the deal at the same time these are two big companies. it's about more than cnn >> if the deal doesn't go through, what implications will it have for other deals that could go on in the sector as well it probably means that comcast or disney acquisition of sky might be looked at more closely in the u.s if one gets vetoed, i would think the other would as well.
4:53 am
>> do you not think that government is, and specifically we're talking about the department of justice here, but governments everywhere, especially given what happened with facebook recently do need to update their understanding of how these businesses work together and how social platforms fit into that picture as well? in theory facebook has been defined as a social media company but it should fall under the umbrella of a media company. >> i fully agree 30% of global advertising perhaps more is shared between facebook and google. 30% of global internet advertising is shared between those two companies. they have a strong position which will not diminish. i think regulators and policymakers need to be aware of that and adjust their views. they need to reflect the way consumers consume media, which is increasingly over mobile and through a tablet >> just speaking about facebook, i want to pick up comments here from the telegraph saying that zuckerberg offers
4:54 am
chief technical officer or chief product officer to appear before uk parliament to testify that has also been cited on buzzfeed as well so you are beginning to see governments look to crack down zuckerberg saying they want to offer representation from facebook to testify in front of the uk parliament. it's gotten that far >> it has. uk parliament has a new secretary, paul hancock, and he's proactive in calling out the bad practices of social media. one takeaway is ultimately it boils down to consumers and advertisers. if the consumers stop using the platforms, advertisers will follow however if we continue to use the platforms, advertisers will remain sticky. >> the likes of facebook, people have been writing th
4:55 am
ththe #dele the #deletefacebook, i think it's a function of what advertisers want to do we were just speaking to arjun about gdpr, that will create a big impact in european protection laws come may how do you think it will influence social media companies from here and facebook >> i think it will help facebook and probably help google through google plus. mainly because the way we use those sites typically is we have a landing page on mobile or desktop. we go straight to those sites. we're to the redirected via another page that's what we call first party data there's no problem with first party data the problem is with third party data, which is lower quality websites where we get redirected or see adverts that we don't identify with. that's the misplaced advertising or misuse of data that will be affected by gdpr i think the intention behind gdpr is to ensure better consumer privacy the outcome will be to underpin
4:56 am
the market position of the really big players where we access the sites directly. >> alex, thank you very much for joining the show today that's alex degroot. let's check in on european markets. you can see it's still a strong day as far as europe is concerned. ftse 100 up 1.6% or so xetra dax now leading the charge up 1.7%. all other indices also in the green as well. let's quickly look at u.s. futures. of course we did have a gang buster session yesterday dow was seen opening up about 130 points higher. s&p around 11 points higher. that is it for today's show. i'm joumanna bercetche "worldwide exchange" is coming up next.
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break out your rally caps. wall street pointing to another strong open. trade war fears receding this after the dow posted its third biggest gain in history. and it's not just here green arrows around the globe. we're live in london and singapore with the latest. and a hat trick of deals topping your business news one at the mall, one at the pharmacy, one in your home office details ahead on this tuesday, march 27 "worldwide exchange" begins right now. ♪


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