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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  May 9, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it is 5:00 a.m., here are your top five at 5:00. global reaction pouring in after president trump pulls america out of the iran nuclear deal. disney reporting strong quarterly earnings thanks to the huge success of "black panther." vodafone is buying parts of liberty global for $23 billion. facebook announcing its biggest executive shakeup ever. and maerns pitriners pitches paxton throwing a no-hitter last night, but why it's the first no-hitter of its kind in 73 years. it's wednesday, may 9th. "worldwide exchange" begins
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right now. ♪ good morning, everybody. i'm brian sullivan thanks for watching from wherever in the world you might be it's a very busy news day and market day as well pretty much everything is on the move look at this, you have dow futures, it's early, already indicating a jump of 140 points at the open. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 are also indicating a jump even with this happening, ten-year yields making a big move for bonds, up about 5 bips that means bond yields are back over 3%. you can see that, just barely. that's something to watch. oil is also back higher, once again above 70 it appears fundamental concern about supply and demand is trumping reaction over the iran deal yesterday
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crude is trading at 71.14. that's where we begin the day. let's get to your top story, allai eamon javers has the latest from washington >> president trump pulled the united states out of that deal yesterday as expected. unlike what many expected, there were no carve-outs or caveats to this the president said the sanctions will go into place immediately here's what we know about what that means for american companies that have been doing business in iran the new contracts with iran will be prohibited as of the moment the regulations are promulgated. there's a 90 or 180-day wind down period for previous transactions and activities that had been signed under the old regime, the obama rules, pre-trump, those sanctions will be in full effect after those wind down periods. so companies like boeing, which has pending transactions, treasury secretary steve mnuchin
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said yesterday that boeing's licenses to sell airplanes in iran, those will be canceled dramatic impact on companies that hoped to open up the iranian market president trump suggesting the iranians may come back to the table despite the fact they indicated no such thing. here's what the president said yesterda yesterday. >> when they do, i am ready, willing and able great things can happen for iran great things can happen for the peace and stability that we all want in the middle east. there has been enough suffering, death and destruction. let it end now >> the president suggested he had no choice. that the deal was defective from the start as negotiated by the obama administration the president not really
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accusing the iranians of breaking the deal, but simply suggesting that the deal originally did not go far enough did not prevent the iranians from having a ballistic missile program, did not prevent iran from having an influence in the region >> it is clear to me we cannot prevent an iranian nuclear bomb up the decaying and rotting structure of the current agreement. if we do nothing, we know what will happen. >> so, we don't know what will happen going forward unclear what the european response to this will be a lot of statements yesterday, but what will the europeans do in terms of their own sanctions. how intense will the united states be in terms of sanctioning european companies that continue to do business in iran and with iran
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those are open questions as of this moment. and the reaction of the iranians themselves, that's an unknown at this point >> i know you spoke with the administration, what's been the internal reaction to what would happen, what would the united states do if iran were to restart their nuclear program? >> that's thekey question. does the president scrapping the iran deal give iran a green light to go back to its nuclear program which it stopped under the deal i asked the administration that exact question several officials yesterday gave me no answer whatsoever to the question of what happens if the iranians restart their nuclear program. either they do not have a plan for that or they're unwilling to telegraph what that plan is. my sense is there's a bit of a hope in washington that the iranians will simply stay in the deal even though the united states is getting out. >> eamon javers, thank you very
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much for joining us. global reaction pouring in to the news that the u.s. scrapped the iran nuclear deal let's get the reaction from the middlest from hadley gamble. >> that's right. so essentially what we heard over the last several hours are messages of support from saudi arabia, united arab emirates and bahrain. there are questions about what will happen with oil markets, of course saudi arabia, the uae saying they're happy to step up when it comes to exports let's listen to israel's prime minister and what he said yesterday. >> israel boldly supports president trump's decision today to reject the disastrous nuclear deal with the terrorist regime in tehran. israel opposed the nuclear deal from the start because we said that rather than blocking iran's path to a bomb, the deal actually paves iran's path to an entire arsenal of nuclear bombs, and this within a few years
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tim time >> earlier today we saw members of the iranian parliament burning an american flag and shouting death to america inside the parliament there a negative reaction coming off the back of this decision. though we have heard from the president of that country and he said he's prepared to work with the europeans. >> i voted the ministry of foreign affairs to lobby and work with the european countries, russia and china and carry out necessary coordination with them. if at the end of this short period of time and deadline we conclude that with the cooperation of the five countries we can achieve whatever the iranian nations want out of the deal, the nuclear deal will remain in place, despite the desire of the u.s. and the zionist regime, the rude remarks from trump, and we can take steps to benefit the world's region >> iran's president there
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suggesting there may be a way forward on this deal with just the europeans and russia as partners, but there are bigger questions about what will happen with not just energy markets but also in the gulf arab states we saw missiles coming today from yemen and hitting near riyadh it seems like the tensions in this part of the world are not going away >> thank you very much oil prices are surging right now. we are up 3%, more than 7$71 pe barrel joining us is helema croft good morning >> good morning. >> do you think we're seeing oil prices up as much as they are because of fallout from iran or because of those missiles that hadley told us about coming from yemen into saudi arabia? >> i think it's a combination of everything the oil market is tight. demand is strong
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venezuelan production is dropping and now the u.s. is aggressively out of the iran deal i think it's all coming together in a combustible mix for the oil market now >> we look at iran, do you believe these sanctions will keep iranian oil off the market? >> there's been talk that iranian production could fall, but others say iran will cleat and get around the sanctions do you believe this will pull oil barrels off the market >> it depends on how aggressive the united states will be, but we believe it could take several thousand barrels of exports off the market if you can get other countries to comply. no one expects china to comply, but several hundred thousand barrels off the market in a tight market matters all eyes will turn to saudi arabia to see if they put additional barrels on the
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market saudi arabia has become the opec hawk they've been enforcing opec discipline it will be interesting to watch when and if saudi puts more barrels on the market. >> do you think saudi arabia will fill that gap or do you think they are determined to see 80 bucks a barrel? >> this is the open question they have been forward leaning saying they will come forward and do it. if there's a wind down period for the sanctions, reimposing sanctions, maybe that he wait a while. >> is it iran the number one thing you're watching now? combine your previous and current life, which is global macro, is iran the most important thing to oil or is it something else >> i'm watching iran not just because of the barrels coming off the market but the broader middle east security question what happens if iran does resume the nuclear program? canceling the boeing sale is very important to the iranian leadership it's not just the inability to
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place barrels on the market, it's getting key deliverables canceled we have to see if hard line elements in iran say enough with this nuclear deal. >> you heard that question that i posed to eamon javers about the reaction in the u.s. administration if iran continued it you just referenced that. what do you believe would be the united states response economically >> one thing i wonder about is you have national security adviser john bolton, he called for regime change on multiple occasions in iran, he's probably looking at the economic situation there, the currency dropping, protests, wondering if he's thinking if we up the economic pain, maybe we could have a different regime there. i think we're in for a hot summer when it comes to the middle east.
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>> helema croft, you have a long day ahead of you, appreciate it. >> thank you let's get to the top corporate stories. shares of disney lower this morning despite beating earnings estimates. revenue soaring 20% mostly on the back of the hit "black panther. disney's ceo also responding to reports that comcast may be ready to make a bid for 21st century fox. >> i'm not going to speculate at all about either what they're doing or why they're doing it. i can only say and reiterate that we made a deal in december that received unanimous approval, which is important by the 21st century fox board we're in the process of filing what we need to file to gain both regulatory approval and shareholder approval we're excited about that acquisition and remain confident that it will go forward. >> joining us now on the cnbc
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news line is rich tullo. rich, why do you believe the early trade on disney is not responding more positively to those speck tack moctacularly te movie results? >> if you look at what people are saying about "black panther," being a one-off, maybe not. i think disney has carved assets from the marvel catalog. seems like a unicorn but more like china figuring out how to raise panda bears. they developed a secret sauce on using data and the 7,000 characters in the marvel library to come up with making good hits that are reacting well to audiences. that's the short-term. now all eyes are on disney flicks launching as the year goes on.
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broadcast media shows down a quarter on operating income, but largely due to the investment of damtech, which is the local platform disney will run all its over the top businesses, both domestically and internationally. >> flat revenues in broadcast overall. espn ad revenues up 3% many people attribute that into a shift of college football games to more prime time do you remain concerned about espn or do you believe that disney has, indeed, figured it out? >> that's going to be a challenge. sports with millennials is going to be interesting. they're not as engaged in the nfl as they are in basketball. my studies have shown that and they're very expensive to
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initiate for the advertiser once they're on board we'll have to wait and see now, sports also plays internationally. if you look at disney, disney flick s as a domestic asset you probably got that wrong. >> rich tullo joining us, appreciate it. thank you very much. facebook topping our other big money headlines today. it's reshuffling management and creating three new divisions there's a new head of all apps, a new division that covers technology and infrastructure like blockchain, and a third group that will oversee ads and security shares of ab inbev are higher in
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europe, the company reporting better-than-expected first quarter numbers. and tripadvisor's visit quarter earnings beating forecast a big boost in the tour business offsetting a drop in hotel revenue. we are just getting started on "worldwide exchange." on deck, more dig news in the m&a media space. a multibillion dollar deal overseas that will have all of wall street and london buzzing today. and a massive art auction overhaul some of the rarest and finest pieces in the world fetching some big dollars last night. you won't believe what one picasso -- if you thght outhe art world was dead, forget it. numbers after the break. for your heart...
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it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. breaking deal news to report, vodafone is buying most of the european assets owned by liberty global the deal includes operations in germany, hungary, czech republic joining us is arash hamasoudi. what are they buying and why >> they are buying a huge chunk of john malone's cable empire in europe it will allow them to complete their cable coverage in joermge.
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challenging deutsche telecl lek their own market it's vodafone effectively converging its offering in four major companies and a big retreat for john malone from europe and a sign he's willing to take cash and re-evaluate his positions. >> this is a big deal here why do you think vodafone decided to expand this side? is this a continued reaction to the news we talked about yesterday on the comcast side or all of a sudden there's a massive multibillion dollar global play for cable and broadcast assets >> there's a lot going on in the space. operators have been looking to offset declining revenue from roaming charges or text messaging.look doing that is providing customers cable television, high speed internet, providing mobile phone services,
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all these options so they're fundamentally interacting with you as the operator and not with four, five different players in the market you have the complete customer experience that's the dynamics in european telecoms, it's impossible to ignore the dynamics with sky, vis-a-vis the battle between disney, fox and comcast. then, of course, this dynamic with at&t and time warner yesterday. >> the ceo coming out with a comment that caught my ear, he is saying his company wants to be the first pan-european champion of competition what does that mean, champion of competition? we're the good guys. >> yeah. the most important thing for them to do now is to get the deal cleared by the european commission so everything you're seeing today is a heavy dose of positioning their arguments ahead of the competition regulator. hey, by consolidating the market and taking out competition,
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we're creating more competition, because we can take on the big guy more strongly and give customers a better price this is all positioning by the vodafone ceo he knows the next 12 months will be crucial they also agreed to a $25 million break free if the deal does not happen. a small number by some measures or a number that suggests they are not confident. >> so they're kind of taking the view as the little guy that's going up against the big competition, but when this deal and if this deal gets done, they will be the biggest player in europe they'll be much smaller than rer viz veriz verizon, at&t, so they'll be the big dog. >> after a four-year run in m&a, we're at the tail end of clever
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arguments from corporates and m&a bankers where the big guys are pretending to be little guys we have been writing about this. the editorial page looked at in a world of limited competition, the buying guys are arguing they have to get bigger to compete against the f.a.n.g.s. so this is a new argument emerging on the competition scene. it will be interesting to see how regulators in the u.s. and in europe, how they react to these deals. what will you do for us tomorrow we have to have another multibillion dollar media deal >> it is very possible >> it might be thank you very much. up next, scary scenes from hawaii lava keeps flowing and new evacuations are ordered. the latest on kill wkilauea.
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and something in payable that has not been done since 1945
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we came with big appetites. with expedia, you could book a flight, hotel, car, and activity all in one place. ♪ potentially good news around north korea leading the world and national headlines phillip mena has more on that. president trump is hinting about the potential release of three americans detained in
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north korea. secretary of state mike pompeo is in north korea today for a second visit in six weeks. he is expected to return with the detainees along with details of the planned summit between president trump and jkim john n. and later this morning, cia director nominee haspel will have confirmation hearings and another airline scare. this time delta passengers on board a flight were forced to evacuate after smoke started to fill the cabin after landing in denver videos showed passengers helping exit using emergency slides and over-wing exits. it's unclear what caused that smoke. >> scary scene in denver
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up next, a rare live report from inside iran on their reaction to trump's decision to scrap that iran nuclear deal we're live in hrtean with the latest when "worldwide exchange" returns. [whistling] hello. give me an hour in tanning room 3. cheers!
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missiles into saudi arabia from yemen. and is a picture worth a thousand words how about 100 million? the big money auction that has all of social media buzzing this morning as "wex" rolls on on cnbc ♪ >> welcome back. happy wednesday. i'm brian sullivan if you're just waking up, let's get you up to speed on what's happening out there. leading, at&t confirming to cnbc that it paid president trump's lawyer michael cohen for "insights into the trump administration." the news comes after a lawyer for stormy daniels claimed that at&t, novartis and a russian oligarch made payments to a shell company set up by michael cohen. at&t did not say how much money
5:32 am
it paid cohen or what type of information it received from him. disney's ceo bob iger telling cnbc last night he's confident his company's bid to acquire most of 21st century fox's assets will go through iger making those comments after disney reported better than expected quarterly numbers. and ford could be forced to temporarily lay off thousands of workers after a fire knocked out production at a plant in mash again. that facility is key in building the f-150 pick up. we are halfway through the 5:00 a.m. hour it's a very busy day pretty much everything is on the move right now stock futures, 134 points emplied open to the upside this despite a move back above 3% for the benchmark ten-year bond that yield moving up 5 basis points we are over 3% and stock futures
5:33 am
are higher once again. let's look at the broader markets. there is a lot going on. oil prices are also on the move, back to about $71 a barrel up nearly 3% the dollar keeps grinding higher just getting more expensive. we're at 118 per euro. let's talk about all of this, the big moves in the market. joining us is ken kamen and jeff hirsch two guests are better than one >> you have all this geopolitical stuff going on, the move in the yield, the move in the dollar what do you think is most important to your clients and our viewers? >> i think the market is setting up to be in a sweet spot, even though it may not feel that way because we're in a sideways
5:34 am
pattern. we are consolidating here but consolidating at a time where earnings are increasing. this year earnings are up by 8%, and companies are beat them, so pes will look more attractive going forward. equities should not be abandoned here and a consolidation phase is really good >> the dow has a four-day winning streak if we finish higher today, that would be five. four plus one i'm told does equal five but i'm told i'm supposed to sell in may and go away until november >> we have a more sophisticated measure. it's a tactical strategy it relies on seasonality and history as most of the work we do does. it's not sell everything, go away, it's sell losers, limit new buying, tighten up stops be patient during this
5:35 am
consolidation phase thatfrequeny through november period. we have tons of things going on in the political front that smack of typical midterm election year politics, machinations it's interesting i think a lot of this coming out of washington, the battles around the country, midterm battles, governorship battles are emblematic of this >> ken, you made good points about our reaction when president trump took over, it was a new style, tweets would come oup, pt, panic would set i, boats would rock side to side. it seems the markets are getting used to the tweets and the bombast. >> people have to be aware they need to pay attention to the negotiations, not necessarily
5:36 am
the negotiator the president lays out all these bombastic tweets, and then sends out his mignnutions to walk it k this is the type of thing he laid out in "art of the deal." i say when is it okay to lose $20,000? when you thought you were about to lose 100,000 >> it still hurts. >> fair enough, but at least people are walking back to the middle is it a style i like no, but it's what we have. >> it may rewrite the history books, the ones you follow so closely. >> you're seeing this sort of activity in the midterm year that's what presidents do. they come in with -- people coming into congress on the wave of their election. >> nothing traditional about this administration. not in a bad or good way, but just nothing traditional >> but they push through the
5:37 am
less savory and more difficult policy initiatives, that creates the four-year cycle and that pronounced weakness and the worst six months in the midterm year so this crazy style, unorthodox style is one thing the fact he's hitting tariffs, geopolitics -- >> doing the bad stuff early not really bad, he got tax reform through >> he got that through with all the support he had in congress now he's trying to get everything done that he may not get done if he loses some support in congress. >> you're a new jersey resident. you're a new york resident we're all faced in this area with this removal or the soft cap reduction. we got more in our paychecks, but now we can deduct less what is the net overall effect
5:38 am
is it as bad to the blue states or will it balance out >> we have a way of adjusting to things >> we have to. uncle sam is coming. >> i think that the drain that everyone is fearing that may come out of these states may not be as pronounced while it may cost people more money, families, livlihoods, roots are where they are it's not until you get much later in life that you can make those changes. many times when you make those changes you don't want to because your family won't change with you i think we'll grin and bear it if we get the economy going the way the theory says, hopefully it will help everybody across the country. >> we have not seen the u-hauls backing up in our neighborhoods in new jersey yet. >> it won't be as bad. >> why do you say that >> they upped the child tax credit everyone has children. >> doubled the standard
5:39 am
deduction. >> thank you which i saw when i was working with my accountant a lot of people have pass-through income, which gets around the w2 problems s in the blue states a lot of people have their own businesses >> i like a bit of the optimism here this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you some other big stock stories you need include match group, first quarter profit rising five fold more users signing up for the premium version of tinder. results come as facebook recently announced its starting a dating service match's ceo says she doesn't think facebook will have an impact on tinder and believes there's a large untapped market of singles who do not use online dating shares of wendy's under pressure this morning. same-store sales in north america were slightly above forecast electronic arts reporting
5:40 am
better-than-expected fourth quarter results. they are reporting a grim first quaurtd quarter. eu does still expect revenue to grow 9% this year. coming up, a record breaking art auction. some of the world's rarest pieces selling for big money plus bad blood put to bed. the truce that has all of social media talking this morning stick around, "worldwide exchange" will be back
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just another day on the farm. or is it? this farmer's morning starts in outer space. where satellites feed infrared images of his land into a system built with ai. he uses watson to analyze his data with millions of weather forecasts from the cloud, and iot sensors down here, for precise monitoring of irrigation. it's a smart way to help increase yields, all before the rest of us get out of bed.
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let's have a little fun. it's early time for the top trending stories. the first one is not so fun. >> it's interesting. nasa releasing new images of that volcano in hawaii the yellow and green streaks shows plumes of poisonous sulfur dioxide gas. the personal art collection of david and peggy rockefeller taking in a record breaking 6$66 million at christy's auction house last night the star was picasso's young girl with a flower basket which sold for 1$115 million the auction also had jewelry and
5:44 am
furniture. the feud between katy perry and taylor swift ended perry extended a literal olive branch to swift. swift posted a video of the branch and a note on instagram from perry before taking the stage. >> do you think this is a real reconciliation, or is this a social media thing to get us talking? apparently taylor swift had trouble selling tickets to her concerts i know you're going to all of them >> i'm going to one of them. the whole kim/kanye tape leak did not help her public persona. what are y >> what are you talking about? >> she stayed out of the spotlight. her new album is awesome
5:45 am
>> is it better than 89? >> i love both of them i'm glad to see them reconciling. >> the funny thing about this taylor swift story, i'm sort of an alt country fan this guy named ryan adams, not bryan adams, you know who he is? >> of course >> i think his 1989 is better than taylor swift's 1989 >> i don't think it's better reputation is fantastic from start to finish. >> kate rogers, thank you very much now to the world of sports do you remember that pitcher who was accosted by the eagle during the national anthem? that guy, james paxton made headlines for a different reason last night he became only the second ever canadian player to throw a no-hitter. he did it in canada. he did it against the blue jays. the only other no-hitter was hurled by a canadian in 1945
5:46 am
paxton is from british columbia, not from ontario the "squawk box" team has had their coffee or tea, let's find out what's coming up on that fine program. becky quick is back from omaha that was the best year yet that was a fantastic show the other day. >> brian, thank you very much. i never got them to say bromance i won't get those fish it's great to see you this morning. talk about wanting to be a sports anchor and getting the chance to do it today, let me tell you who we have this morning on the show. part owner of the golden start warriors, chamath palihapitiya will be joining us we will be joined by the co-owner of the celtics, glenn hutchins obviously neither of those two are here primarily to talk basketball as a point of fact, we will be
5:47 am
joined by a part-time owner of the philadelphia 76ers, michael rubin. basketball is just a bit about what we'll be discussing with chamath palihapitiya, we'll talk facefacebook, the privacy issues, and the news this morning that facebook is talking about its biggest reorganization in 15 years. we also want to talk to him about the economy. a guest yesterday talked about a lot of different proposals for trying to jump start the economy. he had some strong thoughts about it that's why he's coming on. glenn hutchins, we'll talk to him about what he's seeing in all things cybercurrency he bought into it early on on. also we'll talk to him about what he sees with some of the major stories of the day, that being disney doubling down and
5:48 am
saying it expects its deal with fox to go through, despite what we hear from comcast and a competing deal and we'll be joined by michael rubin. he will join us with meek mill, the rapper just released from prison we will talk about the american justice system with them whether it's fair, whether it needs to be reassessed i hear the music playing, i'll get out of here. >> i did not cue the music big day on "squawk box." see you soon still ahead on "wex," we'll go live to iran for a rare report from tehran stick around get it for jean who's always cold. for the sales team, it and the warehouse crew. give us the data we need. in one place, anywhere we need it. help us do our jobs better. with domo we can run this place together.
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well that's that's your job i guess. ♪
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. iran's supreme leader challenging president trump's decision to pull out of the 2015 nuclear deal ali arouzi has a live report from tehran with more. ali? >> good morning, brian
5:51 am
that's right the supreme leader, the highest authority in the land gave a stinging rebuke to president trump and the nuclear deal he said that once president trump is long gone and dead, and snakes and ants are feeding on his corpse, the islamic republic will be standing strong. he also had some harsh words for his own president, saying that the government is talking about negotiating the deal with the europeans. the supreme leader says he has no trust or any hope for negotiations with the europeans. and he said that his government now is -- it's a big test for his government to preserve the nation's dignity the supreme leader, the highest authority in the land, a conservative element is basically indicating that iran is out of this they don't want to talk to the europeans, they don't see any fruit in talking to the europeans. there was also some stinging
5:52 am
rebukes of america from the very powerful head of iran's parliament who said trump is unfit to be president, he doesn't have the mental capacity to deal with issues. then members of parliament burnt an american flag inside parliament, a symbolic copy of the iran jcpoa was also burned as they rallied around the leader of the parliament to chant death to america this was purely for american consumption. a message from the heart of iran's parliament to the u.s. that they'll never enter into dialogue with america again. what's happened here since the deal has essentially been scrapped, it's weaken moderate elements in iran and the balance of power has tipped in favor of conservative hard-line elements who felt the deal should have never been made in the first place. brian? >> ali arouzi with a live report from inside iran, thank you very much let's talk more about the
5:53 am
implications of that withdrawal. joining us is dan tannenbaum from pwc feels a bit like death to america, the flag burning, this is a shift back to the 1980s >> there's a lot of back to the future with this the rhetoric out of iran, but also the sanctions being reimposed that were lifted after several years of negotiation are driving us back into that period of isolation a few years ago you had a multi lalt r lateral approach to sanctions and aligning on the approach, this is completely unilateral. >> are you con vintsed that france, germany and others will not go along with this in some form if not wholly >> i think this might be the line i don't think they'll go along
5:54 am
with this. for one, this took years to get european businesses back into the market there's a number of large industrial companies that moved in that are to wind back operations there's a significant loss of business here and a loss of business in the u.s. a number of these european entities have operations in the u.s., and what that means to american employees but also for u.s. companies that have gotten deals, licenses no operated in iran >> all big businesses now are global not local so you're saying that there may be job loss for american workers in america because of these actian sanctions? >> absolutely. >> tie them together >> you have aircraft deals, those deals are now dead es septemberly. there's a wind down period that gets put in place, but you will
5:55 am
see tens of billions of dollars of deals where there's no aircraft to build anymore. what do you do with the labor force that would be there to build them they won't necessarily be there. i think there's some sort of implications on labor. >> higher oil prices as well >> absolutely. it's slowly rising as well >> we're at 71 a barrel. >> you're getting into the summer travel season what does that mean for the common american trying to take a road trip and the increased cost to drive to vacation >> do sanctions work >> i used to use iran sanctions as an example of sanctions working. the sanctions that forced european companies out of the market in that multilateral approach, they worked to bring iran to the table. the u.s. withdrawing and rouhani put this well yesterday, this does not reduce the deal, it reduces the membership by one.
5:56 am
sanctions generally work, but they're generally a marathon, not a sprint there may be some different opinions on how to use them. >> all right excellent analysis appreciate it. let's wrap up the show with your morning rbi one thing that will make you hopefully smarter or more interesting today. if you needed more proof that things were out of whack, we have you covered on that get this, vanilla is now more valuable than silver the price of vanilla beans are jumping. they cost about 600 per kilogram, that's more expensive than silver which will only run you about $550 per kilogram. last year a cyclone hit madagascar destroying tons of vanilla plantations. vanilla prices soaring cocoa is up as well. it is random, but hopefully
5:57 am
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disney reporting strong results thanks to the blockbuster success of "black panther. vodafone is buying parts of john malone's liberty global for $23 billions and inflation data is on the agenda stocks are indicating solid gains at the open, but the ten-year is back above 3%. it's wednesday, may 9, 2018, "squawk box" begins now. ♪ live from new york where
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business never sleeps, this is "squawk box." good morning welcome to "squawk box" on cnbc. we are live from the nasdaq market site in times square. i'm becky quick along with joe kernen and andrew ross sorkin. let's look at u.s. equity futures. yesterday the markets closed flat after bouncing around after the president's decision to pull out of the iranian deal. we're talking about a point or less dow futures have morning are up by 150 points. s&p up by 14 the nasdaq up by 31 points overnight in asia, the nikkei was down hang seng was up and the shanghai was essentially flat in europe, some of the lirl


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