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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  June 6, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> you have phil lebeau. >> big stuff. >> interesting i'm melissa lee. see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 for more "fast. meantime, don't go my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. either i am very lucky or the bullish gods were listening to last night's show, and they
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decided to slaughter a few bears. rally dow surging. and yet another decline in the dollar which helps get the multinationals quite jiggy more leadership, it has to broaden out. we could rally if we got something beyond the banks and the retailers, like health care, industrials and transport. ten out of 11 sectors went higher and if you are a bull, a glorious thing to see. unlike yesterday we had tech and retail, today's action had a lot going for it let's start by taking down the
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most visible winners, they are what leadership is, first is jpmorgan this move is classic as desperate left from behind bulls glom on to anything that is still available that might be cheap. jpmorgan is having the time of its life they are killing it in europe. deutsche bank keeps cutting and cutting. i think it is going to be the house of morgan or the bank as they call it in new york what is driving the bulls here they are looking at what happens in the second half of this year. after the government releases the bank's stress test consider how the banks have behaves. the first six months jpmorgan
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stock was down 6% and up 6%. and second half surged 17% the smart money is to buy the stock and get ahead of the monster performance. i know everybody is putting the hate on my alma matter goldman sachs. 61% higher and then last year dropped more than seven% in the first half. and i bet goldman will announce a buyback after it gets the c card results while we don't have enough drug stocks stampeding, we do have the health insurers back in the plus column.
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today goldman sachs upgraded cigna, sounds like a thousand points, yes, every sing they decided to buy express grips and i thought it sounded darn good, but the analyst community actually, that is possibility, this community of analysts hated the export of steel all at once. i saw nothing in this upgrade from goldman goldman's push and cigna would go up 2.4% at the same time united health group announced one of the largest buybacks i have ever seen, 100 million shares and it gives you an incredible 20% dividend boost nobody talked about it by the end
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day it was up 7% how about valiant? a sign that ceo -- i bet it has more momentum. ever since the president decided to get tough on trade, boeing has been traded, but today the stock came within striking distance of the highs and the darn thing is back what can i say, it is a terrific sign ceo mullenberg has been quiet on china. let me saying something, there are literally a dozen airline purchasers that would love to get in the queue you know what he is crawling
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about? he is calling about mars musk probably doesn't even mind as tesla stocks surged 10% on predictions that musk himself made that the company will be swimming in cash thanks to a bill schedule that is kicking in. whether or not you actually believe what musk is saying, you have to admire the guy for sheer hutspa have you heard about buying 3m, it is not as bad as we thought retail remains a bright spot with the unlike cigna jewellers as the leaders i told you new ceo would hit it out of the park. and she did exactly that which is why the stock surged
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18%. who says everything has to be at tiffany's. after the close, another retailer, five below saw its stocks scream higher, more than 10% higher lots of shorts in the name and tech refuses to quit this time led by unsung heroes, amd. and you know we think the world of lisa sue. and we have ceo of qualcomm later on in the show alphabet got dinged. facebook had one more "new york
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times" hatchet job facebook has let trust be a casualty in the business model politicians do want another crack at mark zuckerberg though. not the number of points that we put on, it is the breadth of the move just as they have been for the nasdaq and the very broad russell 2,000. derek in virginia. >> caller: love your show. appreciate all your good work. >> thank you chief. >> caller: i am interested in your thoughts of docku sign. my request is, it seems like the
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electronic signature is not the most sophisticated is this going to be become a commodity or do they have the juice to grow to be a large enterprise software company. >> the market cap is already $9 billion which is a lot. and they have a lot of momentum and this is a momentum stock and it is going to continue to do well for some time so i think you are okay. >> eric in florida. >> caller: hey, jim, how are you? >> watching some wild stocks go higher, like five below, what's up with you? >> caller: with the china of commerce growing, do you think the value of 51 job inc is worth buying. >> the only chinese stocks, two
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that i recommend are alibaba and buy do they have real pure financials and i think that alibaba is going much higher. today was a glorious day boy, is it refreshing to see a real rally outside of f.a.n.g. thank you to the bullish gods. on mad tonight, keep qualcomm and cary on? don't miss my exclusive. canada goose, has it moved too much and you may know him from cnb the profit i am talking to marcus about a tough situation. stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets
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how do we keep track of what is happening with qualcomm these guys invented the technology that powers your wireless and everybody's network. then the deal is held up by the chinese regulators, then broadcom tries to buy qualcomm and the white house doesn't seem to trust broadcom not to pass on secrets to the chinese and to top it off, last month we learned that paul jacobs wanted
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to take the company private. and if that stuff doesn't make your head spin, what will. could qualcomm be worth earnings simply because of the good underlying fundamentals? what about the business? let's take a closer look with the ceo of qualcomm. steve mollenkopf welcome. you have a lot of patents, you are one of the founding fathers of our wireless technologies and how do you keep it together? >> we have confidence that we are headed in the right direction. what we are working on, people care about people want to the technology that we make
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i am looking at story today. is this just a distraction or is this something that i have to worry about as a shareholder >> we wish paul luck and a lot of our friends working on that. >> i don't know if i would be as gracious. >> and if there is something that transpires, we will listen to it. but we are focused on driving near term milestones that we think is going to create value. >> you talked about weakness, you still stick by the road map which would make the stock cheap? >> we do the levers are very much in our control. taking cost out of the business and continuesiing to execute inh product business near term ability to drive value and look forward to doing it >> nxp, a fantastic company. and you must be talking to the
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trump administration, someone, is there any chance that zte is solved and perhaps you get solved with nxp? >> i don't think anybody knows exactly what is going on but when we extended the deal with nxp we did it on purpose to get on the other side. and one of it is tariffs i don't think we have seen anything that is inconsistent with the strategy. so i am hopeful and optimistic and we are very prepared to execute on it. >> do you still feel confident you are a huge amount of info tainment you or not total beholden to cell phones. >> we have afo $4 billion back load in automotives.
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if i had given you that stat, in january of this year, it would have been a 3 billion backlog. we know it is working. >> if you look at the deck, and the deck again, you are transparent, you are talking about how there is always going to be disputes and you should be buying qualcomm stocks when the disputes are resolved. >> right now is a disconnect in what we think is an underlying value of our ip business and fairly simple, there is a lot of complications that people talk through, but at the end we have a contract with apple and the company that makes apple's products and they don't want to pay, and that is something that we will resolve we have a lot of legal milestones in the near future and we are confident. >> they are a soon to be trillion dollar company.
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you're much smaller than they are, and how about if they just say, you know what, knock yourself out, we ain't paying. >> well, look, we have a contract, a clear contract and it is consistent with what everybody else in the industry pays, including samsung. >> which you had a dispute with and they came around. >> exactly these things get resolved and it takes a while sometimes. but we are on the back end of that process, one of the reasons we were comfortable putting in the numbers that we did that you mentioned is because we know the milestones are up coming in the next few months. >> if it weren't for the fact of vis siffous and the trump administration. >> there were questions about deal certainty, but also a case where it is difficult to buy a company, using you know, using a hostile, you really have to engage with a company kind of in
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the front, through the front door and if somebody had something like that, we would of course looks for ways of driving value, but a good plan and we are going to drive it. >> there are concerns, a great article in "the new york times" about what you do for san diego. robotic classes, museums, local police foundations, in this new age, a broadcom may not want those. may think listen, let's get the most maximum profit, but qualcomm is committed to these kinds of things and committed to large retail and development company. are you too much of a throwback where capital is saying, we don't want that, we just want performance. >> we invest in technologies that disrupt large industries, 3g, 4g, and now 5g few situations where there is such a big opportunity to invest in a technology that you are already good at and drive it into the industry and reap the
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rewards. there are very few companies of the scale that have the ability to do that we think we are investing the right amount we are focusing the company as you know, to go after these new opportunities to identify. get rid of the things that we don't think are good uses of shareholder money. steve mollenkopf ceo of equal com. "mad money" back in a minute
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maker of fur line coats and parkas a winter weather play. you have epic games here we recommended canada goose on the way it became public 40% gain just for 2018 that is truly an awesome move and we need to check back in with our stocks when they run up so fast. it would be height of irresponsibility to not check this when canada goose came public, i gave the stock my blessing a lot of things going for it i figure the story was still in the early earnings i told you to ring the register
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on part of your position if you already owned it but i made it clear if you didn't already own it, there was still more up side in january, the ceo danni reiss came on the show the company delivered what appeared to be a stelar quarter. pretty rapid 20% growth. look at this quarter and you would have thought the company is firing on all cylinders, the stock plunges more than 16% in a single session dropping from 38 to 31 and loses 40% the next day even though the company beat wall street's consensus, many
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hoped it would be doing better than that. it is difficult to deliver to satisfy wall street. the stock got hammered the company announced they were going to bring in a new chief financial officer. every now and again, a cfo departure means something could be very wrong. it didn't help that canada goose reported at the end of the big market wide wipe out now, february selloff turned out to be a good buying opportunity. the stock cage roaring back after that i bring up that earlier decline because of emblematic of what goose goes wrong
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the stock worked its way higher until last week. what happened? canada goose announced expansion plans. they are owning a store in beijing and another in hong kong the stock keeps climbing another percentage or two every day since. which causes us to think whoa, deep breath. we know they were going to expand and we knew they were going to expand in china we knew it already so the fact that people keep buying this stock on this development makes me think the buyers aren't thinking this thing through. 5 below up 17% after reporting a good quarter it is emotional and people are shorting stocks including this one. 176 gain in this thing if you
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keep buying. you still want to ring the register on part of that position after the move. on top of that, the stock of canada goose is very expensive trading at 66 times next year's earning estimates. regular viewers know that i give high multiple stock my blessings. but even a 28% long-term growth rate, it is hard for me to say pay 66% times earnings filed a self registration and in this case, they could sell $1.25 billion worth of stock they still have private equity backers who probably still want to ring the register themselves. what boggles, the mind, is how the stock still drives
6:29 pm
last year, at this time, they reported it was june 2nd you have to be a little concern that canada goose could report a great number and the stocks could still get slammed. up 40% year-to-date. of course they could deliver an amazing blowout. i am prepared to look like a moron and i often do well, it comes with the territory. let's not forget we are headed into summer time which is going to be a not great time for pure winter apparel if you own canada goose here, i suggest taking profits on some of your position after a 176 rally, only a mad man would tell you to let it right. even i am not that crazy
6:30 pm
i think it is time to ring the register if it pulls back hard, it might be worth buying again. and i would say the reason we sold it, is we hate being pigs dennis in florida. >> go birds. >> caller: we bought under armour at close to 52-week high. should we hold on to it? >> yes kevin plank came here and told you he fixed his problems. >> i love the father son. >> fantastic a father-son combo on the floor today. >> alexander in my home state of
6:31 pm
new jersey. >> caller: booyah. dr. cramer. >> man, doctor, where is the stethoscope? what is going on >> caller: thank you for still being on the air for all of these years. >> isn't it exhausting >> caller: i have been watching you with the family since i was in grade school. >> the parents watching with the kids and you are still in the game and that is what i like. >> caller: i just picked up your book too, "get rich carefully. i have a two part question i am wondering if walmart is worth staying in with the trade war tension with the stock and amazon crushing walmart. should i hang? >> yes i like khol's more, target more.
6:32 pm
good company you want to be in there for the next ten points. and i need to go to al in north carolina. >> caller: booyah. long time listener with my brother joe. my question today is mastercard and visa, i know you have both of those in the bullpen. they have been up this year, mastercard is 34% and visa up 19%. do you think these are still a buy? >> they are not done going hire. listen to me, i hate to throw darts at anything, but aj bonga is unbelievable. kelly at visa. these are, bonga and tellkelly two of the best ceos who won't
6:33 pm
come on this show and it is starting to get to me -- i have no problem with that now the stock is too high and take a little offer the table with canada goose. i am going to talk to the profit himself and see if there is a turn on the horizon or maybe there was nothing wrong to begin with and millennials love it, with your portfolio, you will be surprised to know how much they really mean to the whole story and then your calls, rapid fire, stick with cramer.
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many of you know my next gue marcus lemonis
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he is also the ceo of camping world. we got a call from mark in florida about camping world stock. find out about the 53% decline year-to-date now there were concerns expressed by analyst in the conference call. questions regarding a recent acquisition about the sports company. has the stock of camping world be punished enough let's check in with chairman and ceo of camping world, m mrmr. mr. lemonis welcome to "mad money. >> we are trying >> you had a conference today and the stock was up big
6:38 pm
that is more current than the analyst call fill us in on how you are feeling and what you told people. >> in being a public company, there is a big transition from being private. and i learned and made rookie mistakes on how to communicate to the market about strategies and that is the biggest learning curves we are the category killer in the space and built a mote around it. the good sam club and that is how we make our money. we acquire new customers and find new people through the sale of rvs and other products and that is different than people thought it was. >> before we get to the nitty-gritty, a lot of insider buying to the stock. >> so i sold some shares not too long ago, 135 shares at a price
6:39 pm
higher than this i chose to buy shares back because i don't agree with the value. i had to write a check to the company. i believe in what we are doing i have 35 million shares and that is a significant amount don't take a salary from the company. don't have options and don't have restricted shares i want people to know how confident i am in what we are doing by taking money out of my pocket and buying shares. >> thor, which is a huge maker of rvs, there was weather that made it sales were tougher. >> i don't want the guys in the field using that as an excuse. we have warriors in the field and we need them to selling. weather was an issue it leaked over and saw a bounce back. >> you have ups and downs and
6:40 pm
can't think of it on a moment to moment basis >> this is a long-term strategy. how do we grow the company and how do we grow earnings and file size. >> on the conference call you cursed you said that whoa, we basically talked about your distribution center and saying it was a different kind of show, the kind of show that you put on or i put on it cleared up. >> people thought we bought gander mountain to get into the big box retail our real strategy behind the acquisition of gander, it was our back door into the market, where we are going to be putting rvs in most of those locations. >> so it is not a gun play. >> no, in fact, yes, we sell firearms, hunting firearms, but
6:41 pm
it is also and will always be a rv business. >> in terms of things you say you might describe as rookie mistakes, there was a filing which talksed about a ten k your internal control of financial reporting was not as effective. that was something you brought up >> i operate with full disclosure, if you listen to the conference call, i want to say everything. >> you are candid. >> let the good news, let the bad news live as it lives. we had a delay in our ten k. we ended up resolving them with the auditors by putting better systems in place, and auditors are difficult. >> you did change auditors, we
6:42 pm
did change, 13 years we had them, love them to death >> people should know that auditors cost a fortune. >> people like my daughter who, they glamp and they love rvs and we call the secular trend of buyers who is in your stores? what kind of people? >> there is this notion historically that older people buy rvs. what i think thor happened in 2009, they woke up and said if we want to expand the funnel and grow the market, we have to make sing single axels, lighter. >> i want to get to that top of the funnel where it is the widest we follow that same trend.
6:43 pm
we sell more travel trailers than anything else and we have seen this funnel widen, that is why it went from 300,000 to 500,000. it became more accessible to a honda accord driver. >> stocks came down a great deal you gave a presentation that people loved you were candid enough >> we will have 160 to 165 dealers, 20% of making growth. >> that is marcus lemonis. >> go read the conference calls. this is a man who tells all. "mad money" is back after the break. whoooo.
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-- and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? it's time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." starting can kevin in california >> caller: hey, jim, how's it going? >> how's it going with you chief? >> caller: you told us to look at switch. i didn't buy it then, but what would you think of picking up shares now >> it has been a, the house of pain and foresight is better i have to look at why that thing is going down. i need to go to pat in rhode island. >> caller: hi, jim, thank you for taking my call greetings from the smallest state in the bottom 40. >> there you go.
6:48 pm
>> caller: at and t. >> i say yes, may guest tomorrow and i think what is worrying people is maybe he will stop the deal with time warner, and they need that. assistant attorney general for trading trust. >> dan from ohio. >> caller: that commencement speech look, i am looking for a quality dividend paying company to hold on to for the long-term. i likeillinois tool works. i like the business philosophy of the 80/20 rule.
6:49 pm
i know they are down year-to-date is that a concern. >> the issue here is scott santi who is terrific and has a big auto business. scott has been under the gun here i want to stick by his knitting and keep doing what he is doing. they got to stick by what they believe in and then the stocks will go higher over time tom in arizona >> caller: hey, jim, how are you doing? >> good. >> caller: thanks for having me on i have a question about hertz global >>we want companies that are not going to be affected by the way which the sharing economy, not going to be hurt by uber and don't have a bad balance sheet
6:50 pm
you have a triple header there, so forget about it david in pennsylvania. >> caller: hello, mr. cramer, what is your opinion on-sito sor bents. they should i buy more, sell >> that is a home run with a stock i have never heard of. that thing can slap me upside the head and i wouldn't know what happened. so i have to do homework michael in north carolina. >> caller: booyah. i have been a follower i am up 20% this year. >> long days >> caller: in january, and it has been an albatross ever since. >> which one was it? i was busy talking
6:51 pm
>> caller: ak steel. >> i like nu core. and that, ladies and gentleman, concludes the "lightning round"" >> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade why are you so good at this? had a coach in high school. really helped me up my game. i had a coach. math. ooh. so, why don't traders have coaches? who says they don't? coach mcadoo! you know, at td ameritrade, we offer free access to coaches and a full education curriculum- just to help you improve your skills. boom! mad skills. education to take your trading to the next level. only with td ameritrade. welcome to holiday inn!
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love it, doesn't mean you should buy it
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lately you have heard ceos talking about how millennials have an affinity for the product. just in the last year for example, i have heard this from ceos of cruise lines, timeshares and budget hotels. they say millennials make up a shocking percentage of their business it wasn't until my then 22-year-old daughter went on a cruise same with rv market, millennials like to glamp. a bargain vacation the data of the new wyndham, hotels and resorts and wyndham destinations they want a clean room and make up an increasing percentage of
6:55 pm
those who buy time shares. you need a sales appearatus but millennials seem to be attracted to time shares too just because millennials like something right now, that doesn't mean you should go buy the stocks morgue put the cruise lines in the hurt locker. and once again, we heard too many new cruise ships went online that hurts pricing millennials may love buying rvs, but if the cost of buying rvs, is too great, then the millennials won't come to your rescue hence the weakness of thor industries the company reported number and there are a lot of worries surfacing about the demand and
6:56 pm
then the stock of camping world down it was 7.5% just today i liked what marcus let meonis had to say although you could see it could make a comeback. how about hotels look the airlines, they have been talking about fuel cost being up 50% and their stocks are awful. what if higher interest rates makes it difficult to build hotels what if the cost of a college tuition now, $72,000 keeps going higher is there a level where millennials can't afford timeshares even though they love them that means the business won't sink as the baby boomers get on their fixed items and diet and
6:57 pm
stop consuming millennials are starting to like old people things because they are getting older. millennials may glamp, and cruise we get some littmillennials buyg timeshares, and that is wonderful but not a reason to own the stock. having a surprising number of millennial customers is nice if your business starts having problems, it won't save your stock from getting tranced stick with cramer.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the f.a.n.g stocks, that is what is key. they stay strong, and the market goes higher. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer, and i will see you tomorrow
7:00 pm
>> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ is a couple with a follow-up to a very successful product. hi, sharks. my name is matt griffin. and i'm his wife, pastry chef emily griffin, and we're from carmel, indiana. we own baker's edge, and we are seeking $400,000 for 20% of our company. we have completely reinvented bakeware.


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