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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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i know you think i always hate the retail stocks. >> you hate everything really administrator i really hate them now so xrt puts. >> that does it for us here on "options action. we'll see you back here next friday don't go awhe,nyer though. "mad money" starts right now don't go anywhere, "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple -- to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to save you money. my job is not just to entertain but teach you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. today's move was all about lyft the dow gained 211 points. the best start to the market
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since 1998 as the red-hot ride sharing ipo lifted the start of an ipo season that looks on track to bring $1 trillion worth of companies public these deals will be the big story going forward. so what happened today when lyft opened at $87, it was up $15 from the ipo price, a lot of people thought the process was corrupt, the stock was overvalued, the brokers ripped off their customers. that's just not true i think the brokers would have preferred for lyft to open at a lower level, but market orders from buyers with no discipline, what did i tell you to never do that, stretched the valuation at the open here's the thing, that spike right out of the gate could have been far worse, given the wave of orders, lyft might have surged as high as $100 at the
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open you've got to understand, when people are excited about an ipo, it's difficult to rein in their emotions i know this from experience. because when the came public, i saw them lose control of the offering, with an unruly mob of buyers using market orders who drove the stock from $20 to $63 to where it opened and then crept up before spending the rest of the year going down it never saw those levels again. i was distraught i begged the send cat to release some of these sellers. but we didn't have that today. which is why i regarded $87 as an open as a win for the system,
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even though it was a loss for anyone too eager and bought the stock up there i'm going to make a case for owning it at $87 let's use the conservative numbers, and assume revenue growth slows to 50% this year, 25% this year, giving you the sales number that's a total bargain yes. compared to other high flyers. lyft has a faster growth rate. and i would obviously like lyft down $5 from here, but don't let the valuation scare you. what matters is that lyft and uber have carved this industry up with a 60-40 split. if anything,ky see them raises
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prices once they're entrenched i think ultimately, it can deliver. with the ipo stuff out of the way, every monday when we come to work we play the same game. will there be a trade deal or not? how did they do over the weekend? given today's rally was partially fueled by positive chatter from our negotiators, it will go right back down without some sign of progress. but here's the issue i'm convinced that president trump runs the white house a bit like "the apprentice," which means he needs to know the team. there's another team, the hardliners who don't care about making a deal unless it's advantageous to the united states of america, and can be verified and they don't want to lift the tariffs even if we reach an agreement, that's the only way to make
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china buy by the terms of the deal so it ends up to be a sticky situation. think about longer period of time i saw larry kudlow today he emphasized a longer period of time what else? we get retail sales on monday and if we get strong numbers, it's going to come as a positive shock, as positive as a previous series of negative numbers in terms of making it that interest rates went down. good retail sales could help us return to normalcy today, we got some wild ones first, walgreen's report, i keep hearing they're going to miss their numbers. drugstores can't seem to compete against amazon the ceo of cvs might say otherwise, it's certainly the perception cvs is the better buy here
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because of the aetna merger, but don't expect anything special. i've been very partial all my career to dave and buster's, inclutding when it was private it's a fun chain it's expanding across the country. but i am concerned is the stockholder reflects much of the strength i'm certainly not big on game stop, which is withering away, because it no longer has a reason of being. wednesday we hear from another one, this has been a one way tick tote the hus of pain. the old business model, when they were making money on credit, maybe that was cheaper than percolating don't expect that model to return thursday, we find out about k
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corona, other constellation brands they put up fantastic numbers, but the last couple of numbers weren't up to snuff. i think constellation is preparing itself for cannabis competition. canopy's war chest is why it's the best one to own. and we'll be listening to what constellation has to say about its core business. so many people are on this recession watch here i think that's nuts. as i see it, the consumer is bouncing back. better weather, with lower mortage rates, jobs are easy to come by. but because the interest rates have come down, people assume we're headed into a slowdown i think it's a false tell. bottom line, beware of misleading trade talk. remember, this first quarter has left people a lot more flush than they were just three months
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ago. tom in pennsylvania, tom >> caller: hey, jim, i went to send out a big boo-yah from pittsburgh, p.a. >> how is it going >> caller: i've done well with your advice over the years, jim. >> thank you >> caller: i would like you to comment on the followed, united health care, unh i own a lot of shares, and the stock has been losing value. the metrics for the company are very good. but with all the confusion over the single payer and the president wanting to eliminate the affordable care act, should i hold or sell >> you've got to hold and maybe even buy we've been telling people to buy. why? because we think the confusion plays into unh's hands and therefore, you get a bargain price. i think the stock is terrific. i want to go to trudy in oregon, trudy. >> caller: hi, jim did you know that you have a fan club in sisters, oregon? >> i did not know that
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but makes me happy >> caller: four fabulous women i need your help with avav >> this is very controversial. thank you for the kind kudos, trudy. but this company delivered a good quarter, but people hate the stock so much that there's endless rumors about them not doing well so it's a battleground stock, even though i think it shouldn't be but i don't want you to go there. there's too much risk. jim in new york, jim >> caller: hi, jim how are you doing? >> doing well, jim, how about you? >> caller: good, thanks. i had a question about ttd >> yeah. >> i know they just launched ad buying in china and had a great fourth quarter earnings. >> they sure did >> caller: what do you think about buying the stock now or wait a little bit? >> wait a little bit periodically when google changes things around, everybody freaks
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out. i just feel -- it's a great company, they are so sensational. but right now that's a lot of worry, even when there should. be fair enough? today was all about lyft and i think the po was a win i thought the street handled it well next week there will be another round of trade deal roulette will we reach a deal or won't we i want to be aware of false trades on "mad money" tonight, leaving wells fargo was tim sloan's best move, but was it the fairest i'll give you my take. and thirsty for gains? monster energy has been a gusher but the bulls and thebears are in a furious battle. i'm taking a side. and i'm eyeing one company that's bringing hotel style concierge service to your home
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so stay with cramer. >> don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @jim cramer have a question? tweet cramer at #madtweets send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to i'm working to keep the fire going for another 150 years. ♪ to inspire confidence through style. ♪ i'm working to make connections of a different kind. ♪ i'm working for beauty that begins with nature. ♪ to treat every car like i treat mine. ♪
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♪ what can i say about tim sloan, the ceo of wells fargo who announced his resignation yesterday after being hounded by congress for years i don't think he wanted wells fargo to go what he was going through, and the only way to do that was stepping down at a time when bankers are being roasted in washington, he had to fall on the sword or wells fargo would never being to put the scandal behind him, even if he had nothing to do with it. he said, this was my decision based on what i thought and believe is the best for wells farg oes, because there's just been too much focus on me and it's impacting our ability to go forward. he says, i care so much about
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this company and about our team, that i could not keep myself in a position where i was pki inbeg a distraction. so what really happened here if you're feeling cynical, you might say the board couldn't take a distracted ceo anymore, so tim had to leave. but the board handed him a 5% pay raise. why not? wells fargo deliver a very good year, much better than any reasonable person would have expected a year ago at this time now, april 10th in washington, that's when congress and maxine waters convenes the committee hearings on banking. all the bank ceos will be hauled down in front of the committee, and tim knew he was going to be the focal point no matter what
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he said or did as far as congress is concerned, he's guilty until proven guilty. i'm not saying we should feel bad for him, but sloan was asked to clean up the stables, and from what i can do, he's done a good job without derailing the earnings one look at the makeup of that committee made it obvious that sloan was going to be a punching bag. bankers aren't popular to begin with, and he had to live with the sins of his predecessor. and elizabeth warren arguing that the justice department should put sloan in jail, it's hard for the bank not to be brought down with him. senator warren knows how to get results. they may not be the results you want, but the results nonetheless. in the end, it's america in 2019 this is what happens sloan read the tea leaves correctly. if he wanted to avoid making these hearings about how
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outrageous it is that someone from the stump era is still in charge of wells fargo, he had to announce his resignation before hand the smartest move he could make was to quit, for him and share holders. so tim sloan did the right thing and took one for the team, which i think is something worth celebrating. let's go to mark in new york, mark >> caller: yeah, hi, jim how are you doing? >> doing well, mark. how are you? >> caller: i'm good. thank you. and i'm a member of your action alerts club. i watch your "mad money" show every night. thank you for all that you do. >> that's terrific thank you for remembering the club >> caller: absolutely. so here's my question regarding bank of america, bsc i purchased some bsc last july, and i've been pretty disappointed in the stock's performance. so my question, would you
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recommend that i sell it and put the money into a different banking stock, or maybe buying more shares of a non-banking stock that i already own >> you're a member of the action alerts club, we're not fans of banks here i talked to you the other day about citi i think bank of america is fine. but i've got to tell you, the opportunity costs of missing out on a health care cost here that's better or a technology stock would tell me to trim some of that position i need to go to ned in north carolina, ned. >> caller: first-time caller, long-time listener fi question is new york bank, nycb >> the only reason i would own that, it has a 5.8% yield and an okay bank. but the banks just are not going to give you the upside as long as the yield curve is the way it
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is right now, where the top end -- the short end is a little too high versus the ten-year sloan from wells had no other choice but to move on after 31 years it may not have been the fairest choice, but it was the smartest. much more "mad money" ahead. should you crack open a can of monster energy i'm comparing the bull and bear taste and making a call. and imagine a world where the average middle class family had access to a butler and from printers to paper clips, office depot has you covered. what would it be worth adding to your portfolio i'll let you know when we return stay with cramer
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people love controversy. it's very entertaining if you're managing money the last few months and find yourself mired in a battleground stock. what makes for a battleground in this stock in polarizing situations where you have some passionate bears locked in a cl death match with the bulls, and you don't know which side will be right sometimes it's just better to sit these fights out rather than getting caught in a cross fire just look at monster bench, the energy drink kingpin, where the stock has been e vase rateevisc. the company finally managed to have excellent results a month ago, jumping to $63 in a single day. but within a week, it started coming back down and became a real dog, going to $54 as of
6:23 pm
today. what happened? after the quarter, and the analysts turned on monster it was incredible. you wouldn't believe how fast they went against this company they downgraded the stock, cut the price starter for various reasons. however, the long knives couldn't do everything you see, there are still some true believers willing to ta take -- didn't count on that they named monster their top pick on the same way that morgan stanley lowered estimates. it means that you have to pit these two analysts against each other to see who has the better analyst. but not every duel has a winner. sometimes you need to keep your head down, like now, smoke and monster clear.
6:24 pm
i think that's the way to go with monster, and i'll tell you why. just a second. just a little -- you know, it's not what i was hoping for, but that's all right suboptimal first, understand that monster used to be one of the great growth stories of our era. you have more than 800% gain, the number two mayer behind red bull but in recent years, the stock struggled to gain traction as the energy drink market has become saturated and there's some health care issues here. i wouldn't drink it. in 2015, they partnered up with coca cola. selling them 16.7% of the company in exchange for access to coca cola's phenomenal worldwide distribution infrastructure the stock went higher. then monster peaked at $70 in
6:25 pm
january of last year, and bouncing between the high 40s and high 60s ever since. why? over the course of 2018, the company reported mixed quarters. by the time the bear market rolled out, this got slammed in mid october, the analysts a isi downgraded monster to inline the thesis, new players have started taking share in the energy drink market, like bang, ba bang meanwhile, monster is talking about releasing new products that don't carry their own trademark, which suggests the brand might not be as powerful as we would like that's when we started seeing the new pattern. on november 7th, they reported an excellent quarter, but nobody cared because we got disturbing news about their distribution
6:26 pm
deal with coca cola. apparently, there was sot loopholes in their agreement, and now coke is planning to launch their own energy drink against the monster. monster is taking it to arbitration. but coke's energy drink is slated to come out next month. and i've got to tell you, if you're running a business competition, the industry of new players pushes down pricing across the board imagine a price war with this. the stock market bottomed in late december and monster ral yesterday. but when the company reported in february, we got another situation. the stock jumped nearly 9% on that news, but monster lost its mojo this was a $64 stock at the
6:27 pm
beginning of the month and now $54 because it's a battleground. analyst after analyst has downgraded the stock, even goldman sachs. there have been a few notable bulls, but they're outnumbered what is the bear thesis this new player, bang, has taken share in the emergency drink market they're now capturing 40% of the growth that doesn't mean the market, but the growth in the whole category that's not good. red bull didn't follow suit, giving those guys a leg up versus the monster and coca cola energy is about to come up with a name for that drink. they have unlimited firepower. so you can understand why so many people keep selling monster stock. for years, people speculated
6:28 pm
that coca cola might acquire monster. if the relationship has turned acrimonious, that makes a deal unlikely march 4th, rbc capital published a piece arguing that monster had 20% upside they claim the competition from clang is taking share from brands like rock store and they like that monster is about to launch a new product designed to go after the category where bang had so much success. what's their argument? credit swiss thinks monster has a growth opportunity overseas. and believes the company will be able to take share, because they're starting at a low base,
6:29 pm
just 11% right now and they have a pristine balance sheet and generates massive amounts of cash. and they believe this new competitor, bang, may turn out to be a fad, similar to past energy drinks that exploded, yeah, exploded in popularity and also all over my face, and then vanished so who's right i don't have any idea. if the bulls of credit swiss turn out to be correct -- there are real worries here, which why i am hesitant to stick my neck out on this one. it's not exactly a value play and going up against coca cola might turn it into one bottom line, stay away from
6:30 pm
battlegrounds. that's not a fight you believe me, there are lots of easier ways to make money. i need to go to tom in massachusetts. tom. >> caller: hey, jim, big boo-yah from boston and patriots' nation >> yeah, man, what's going on? >> caller: new age beverages, given the hype around cannabis stocks, do you see it as a likely investment for a company like coca cola or anheuser-bu h anheuser-busch >> i think they're reluctant to do that. you can lose everything on this. i prefer you to be in much more conservative stocks, like canopy growth, which is owned -- well, the majority stake owned by constellation, which reports this week where we'll find out much more about the situation. okay can we go to the videotape for a
6:31 pm
replay here? monster is a -- oh, man. can we go to another videotape event? monster is a battle ground stock, and i just don't haveth energy to get involved in it right now. much more "mad money" ahead. it's a company that could help restock your fridge, and even buy a birthday present coming up, good news if the dog ate your homework. i did it for you and it could help make you some money. and all your calls, rapid fire in tonight's edition of the lightning round. u grow older, your brain naturally
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♪ you want to get a glimpse of the future of e-commerce, look
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at companies like hello alfred basically, if you live in an apartment where hello alfred operates, it serves as a concierge service that can take care of all your chores, groceries, drycleaning, pharmacy, doing laundry, you name it. this is all the stuff that you can do yourself. with the ideas that you're saving the most precious thing you got, the commodity of time this is just the beginning it has a vision. in-home commerce instead of shopping online, customer also have the store come to you so they can sample all kinds of merchandise from the comfort of home. so let's take a closer look with the co-founder and ceo and their vision of the future welcome to "mad money. >> thank you for having us >> i'm going to start with jessica. i met jessica at a discretion conference of all places
6:36 pm
i immediately fell in love with the idea, told me wife about it, and said how do we get in one of those apartment buildings? this is a treasure for those who are in apartment buildings >> ablgs huet solutely our real goal was to say how can we give people back time we'll do that through a combination of technology, so we have a mobile app and human health so we have alfred, home managers who are w-2 employees of ours that help you with all those things >> so the first thing i thought of, there must be some sort of generational thing i have something that says i don't want anyone in my place. it looks like if you vet people, they're more willing to have someone go in their own refrigerator or closet has something changed from my generation >> one thing that has changed is our comfort in asking for help in starting to access things instead of buy them. to air bnb, uber and lyft
6:37 pm
started one kind of economy, but this is not something you're going to see a lock company do or amazon or walmart do easily what we're doing is forming a relationship with the consumer and our company, and we get to know you week after week it's not about delivery but anticipation and personalizing service to you >> how much is missionary work, that you have to explain this that it raises the value of building >> developers know that people are trading space for time they want to have amenities, they want to have services and the conveniences built into the places they live and we are that one stop shop. we are the one resident that delivers a different level of service. it's like having a sidekick built into your home >> jessica, when i think about
6:38 pm
this, i say to myself, all right, you've got these different companies. is that another way -- what are the sources of income here for you guys it's not just the straight-out fee, right >> so we think about this as a comprehensive solution we work with the top real estate developers in the country and the globe even who provide this to their residents and we focus on the types of services that add the most value to you as the resident so we'll start with the basics, whether home cleaning or clothing, and build a product for you based on what you need 70% of our partners are local businesses, so we work with them and there's other fun stuff we get to do when we know you better >> one of the things i know and i own a restaurant, it's hard to find anyone who is willing to work at the restaurant honestly how can you get people, in this
6:39 pm
hot economy, to want to do what you're describing? >> great question. all successful people have help, and women have a second shift. so this really started because jess -- >> a second shift at home. 30, 40 hours that go into having a house and making it a place you want to come to. so we look for moms. we look at stay at home moms that want to come back into the workforce and take care of their neighborhood that is a supply pool totally on tap. >> where do you find these people >> do you remember the avon lady or tupper ware parties you find one great person and they bring others with them. >> is it working in all cities that you've tried? >> we're in 15 markets, just opened our 16th. >> congratulations >> we just opened miami last week, and houston is next. >> i've got to tell you, i just think this is a service that, if i were building an apartment building, i would contact you and say could you do my
6:40 pm
building >> you would be crazy not to we're going to make sure that your residents are going to be happier and we have proven, we have data showing over two years, if you're an alfred user, you're going to stay in that building so we have a wait list, but for us, getting into buildings so it's free for residents to use is a big deal. so if you live in an alfred building, this is a free service to use >> i'm so glad i bumped into you. it sounds like you guys are doing terrifically i want to thank both of you. "mad money" is back after the break.
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it is time it is time for the lightning round. [ indiscernible and the lightning round is over. are you ready, skedaddy? time for the lightning round start with bob in florida. bob. >> caller: hey, professor, how are you tonight? >> doing well.
6:44 pm
thank you forgiving me tenure. >> caller: i invested or took a position in three of your stocks over the past two or three weeks. i'm just wondering if i should add to dell. >> oh, i think so. i put that in the bullpen for the club i think that's one terrific stock. and if it goes down, i'm going to give it a double buy. sammy in louisiana, sammy. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. you're always going to be the greatest, and i'm telling you today, i think you know that, but i want you to know -- >> thank you >> caller: jim, i'm going to buy your book right away if you write it >> let me see what i can do. >> caller: any way, your thoughts or at&t >> at&t is fine. i like the 69% yield it's no verizon. verizon is a better run company. charles in nevada, charles >> caller: hi, jim, thank you for taking my call
6:45 pm
>> thank you >> caller: hey, buddy, question on hqi, what is your opinion on that >> the health care saving, i don't know, i'm not there. let's go to daniel in california, daniel >> caller: yeah, jim, good afternoon. thanks to you for all you do for us i wanted your take on how safe or dangerous this 14% dividend is on new media investment group. >> i think it's insanely high. i would not touch it we've seep lately some high yielding stocks that blow up and i just think that is a red flag i do not trust any sort of yield like that. let's go to a.j. in massachusetts. a.j. >> caller: hey, jim. wondering what is your opinion on marvel technologies >> i think it's too cheap. it's a really good situation
6:46 pm
i know it didn't have a perfect quarter, but it should be bought bo in south carolina, bo >> caller: hey, jim, awesome to talk to you again. >> you're quite welcome. >> caller: you are amazing i want to put some money to work in the gaming space, and i'm considering penn international gaming >> i like that idea. i think that's a good idea it's down a lot. i also for the lorecord like la vegas sand but penn is an interesting situation. clancy in connecticut, chanceky. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. i wish i had your incredible nop-stop energy. i've been following biomed -- >> oh, buy, that's a good company. that and ew are two amazing
6:47 pm
companies. i know the stock has come down i think that abmd is a buy troy in florida, troy. >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah >> boo-yah, troy >> caller: hey, i'm calling about znga >> too early still too early to buy let's go to adam in nevada >> caller: hey, jim. this is adam in reno here. how are you? >> love. what's up? >> caller: my stock is a telecom that pays a nice dividend, consolidated communications -- >> we don't want any regional telecoms they all tend to flop. that is a reach. let's go to phil in virginia, phil >> caller: the legend, mr. jim cramer pleasure speaking to you >> good to speak to you. >> caller: go hokies, beat duke. >> yep >> caller: and i would like to say thank you very much for all your advice. you provide a good platform.
6:48 pm
>> thank you trying to educate, educate, educate. >> caller: yes, sir. i've got a two-part question tonight if you don't mind. i started my portfolio i got in at 161, and it's currently trading at 195 i want to know if this is a good play coupled with a semi like sky works or a cramer fave my stock is american towers. >> i like american towers. i've been behind it. the whole time it's been good. that's a good stock. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> the lightning is sponsored by td ameritrade.
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see that's funny, i thought you traded options. i'm not really a wall street guy. what's the hesitation? eh, it just feels too complicated, you know? well sure, at first, but jj can help you with that. jj, will you break it down for this gentleman? hey, ian. you know, at td ameritrade, we can walk you through your options trades step by step until you're comfortable. i could be up for that. that's taking options trading from wall st. to main st. hey guys, wanna play some pool? eh, i'm not really a pool guy. what's the hesitation?
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it's just complicated. step-by-step options trading support from td ameritrade
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time for some spring training every night i take your questions about individual stocks when that happens, i tell you i'll do the homework so i can come back to you with a more considered answer. but it's been an eventful six months, which is why we're behind hence the need to do some housekeeping let's get to it. on november 26th, paul in texas asked me abevbd. this one just got away from me paul in texas had a good idea, i waited too long to circle back on it. ever bridge is a cloud based
6:53 pm
software company that helps customers respond to emergencies, like active shooter situations, and terrorist attacks. basically, when something goes wrong, the platform helps governments assess the threat and sending responders to help pretty interesting company in the wake of 9/11, and they're now the leading purveyor of software, they serve nine of the ten largest cities in the u.s., and the 25 busiest north american airports. when paul asked me about it, the stock was pulling back as part of the wide selloff that crushed the cloud stocks everbridge delivered some excellent numbers in november, but i wish i had told paul to
6:54 pm
buy it there, or answered his question a few months ago. after looking under the hood, it has a lot going for it 43% revenue grow, an acceleration from the previous quarter. however, as much as i like the company or each if it feels ghoulish to profit off tragedy, the company has rallied like crazy and i can't get behind it at these levels. right now, it trades for 15 times sales, which is insanely expensive. so i say you put everbridge on your shopping list and wait for the inevitable pull back this is the kind of fast-growing cloud stock i expect to start selling off as it gets more and more red hot that's why you need to be patient if you want it to come down, i think you can get a better entree point. it will come down. that's what happens to the high
6:55 pm
flyers don't be afraid. next up, phil oregon kol called about office depot i hadn't been following th company, so i said i had to take a pass i mat like bozo the clown, safer, from time to time, but as rigorous -- well, i try to be as rigorous as possible it was trading at $3.25. the stock went to $2.08 and since then it's come back, roaring back, $3.63 as of today, up 40% for the quarter what is fuel thing run office depot is an old fashioned brick and mortar retailer that was left for did ages ago. they've got to struggle to
6:56 pm
survive. so when the company delivered a good quarter, it gave the stock a nice boost and after this move, i think you should on office depot there's just no way i can justify own thing as an investment >> don't buy, don't buy. >> some pe takeover, the only o potential here is the enterprise business where they sell directly to other companies. i don't frankly, when i look at office depot, it was a great company 20 years ago but failed to adapt. the most recent years ago, they're paying $25 million fine to settle allegations that the company tricked consumers into buying expensive computer repair services that makes it easier to say
6:57 pm
forget about it! i think office depot is a value i think office depot is a value trap, and i want no part of it hp elite book with built in security features that will help protect your people and your data. spy, spy, spy! they're actually very nice people. you need it orchestration by cdw and hp featuring the intel 8th generation core processor. so, you're open all day, that's what 24/7 means, sugar. kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie? pie! pie's coming!
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okay, listen cynics, the ipo process is very flawed we don't know whether some people are going, or whether ths real demand at certain levels. i felt lyft was handled well in general. would i like it to open at $72 and go to $80? of course. but this is not a perfect process. if you like lyft, and i demonstrated how you could justify it in the 70s, and you can hold on to it. but if you don't want to play this game or if you think warren buffett is right, sell it and don't play anymore there's always a bull market somewhere, and i'll find it for you.
7:00 pm
i'm jim cramer and i'll see you monday >> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ tank is a premium version of a favorite snack. hi. my name is jordan barrocas, and i'm from miami, florida. i'm daniel fogelson, and i'm from los angeles. we're the founders of three jerks jerky


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