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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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they'll build them. >> we have a barbecue weekend? will you throwing the meat >> i respect the alt-meat. >> when you are grilling your beyond meat or stes,riak dnk tot 5. "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you money. my job is to entertain, train, call me or tweet me @jimcramer. >> who's afraid of big, bad china? yeah, this is one of those days that shows you exactly what could happen if we would make some sort of deal with the
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chinese, even a bad deal with the dow gaining 197 points s&p climbing nasdaq falling 1.08% of course a deal seems pretty unlikely at this point neared side has much reason to compromise that is the crux of the problem. it's gotten a little absurd. today because the white house gave the outlaw josie huawei a temporary reprieve from the most draconian terms of the black list, the market was able to rally as stocks caught in the cross hairs of the trade war roar higher. you've had a glimpse of what could happen if we just got a trade armistice. so let's treat this, i have an idea let's treat it like a courtroom. today's rally, i'm putting it on trial and i'm the counsel for the defense arguing that this guy isn't falling even if the trade war goes on for a lot
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longer than we would like. exhibit a, look at gorvo the semiconductor company does a lot of business with huawei. they cut the first quarter earnings the guidance from $1.30 per share down to $1.15. you got that, 15 cents because of the huawei sanctions. because the sanctions are being weighed, the stock action managed to rally earlier they traded at 71 bucks. it's at 61 this company has lost $2 billion because of that 15 cent earnings hit. i'm starting to think it's already baked in if the ban ends up being delayed, this stock could roar back it's a good company. i'm surprised it could only rally 1/2 a percent. exhibit b, boeing. now this stock gave you a glimpse of the kind of action you could get from china boeing stock gained nearly $6.
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i think it could have had a bigger move, maybe double. the stocks and a wall street journal article claiming boeing downplayed the doomsday scenario now this whole chapter of boeing's existence has become downright surreal. here's a company that's been hit with a brutal one, two punch 1/4 of the orders from china and then there's the debacle of the 737 max yet the stock is up 11% for the year can you imagine if anything and i mean anything were to go right? it could be a $400 stock blink of an eye. don't get me wrong, boeing clearly i think in the press has dropped the ball on the 737 max and the crashes in indonesia and ethiopia were horrific tragedies. i am not minimizing what happened there at all but the stock simply isn't reacting the way you might expect i think it's one presidential tweet away from a 40 buck rally even if we don't get a trade deal from china, we have a
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gigantic backlog of orders from all over the world because we don't have enough large passenger aircraft to go around. the cash flow in boeing, humongous. exhibit c, micron. it's a commodity chip maker. prices made by 3m should plummet. the darn thing sells for five times earnings typically that means there's going to be a total collapse in orders and the earnings need to be cut micron bottom not that far from the bottom and when you consider that qorvo was able to rally on the same day, remember, same day it preannounced to the down side admittedly due to a down quest, i have an idea i wish ceo sanjay morotra would come back on the show and pre-announce a short fall and get on with it
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same for xylinx. remember, it's a huge 5g exhibit d, you knew i had to get to this one. apple. up 1.9% today. we keep waiting for the chinese government to keep hammer apple because of retaliation retaliation for trump tariffs. everyone assumes that's what's going to happen which is why the stock plunged 29 points. at least until today this rebound is all about china. with trump easing up on huawei the chinese have an incentive to hold off going after apple if they never end up being targeted, this stock could roar. this whole thing with apple has become a wall street obsession kournl jack mustard in the library with candlestick mr. apple in china with a lead pipe come on, it's a business show. i'm trying my best here.
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exhibit e. nvidia yeah i my dog. it was like the book of jobs yet the stocks still more than 30 points up from 52 week lows you have to admit when they're firing on zero cylinders and the stock is 155, nvidia is hanging in there what would happen if we make a deal with china? i'll tell you what happens it goes up 50. exhibit f, caterpillar here's a company that has a lot less chinese business than you might think based on the action in the stock yet it's more than a play thing for hedge funds that want to bet on the outcome of the china talks short sellers beware, cats lever to worldwide sales and earnings. it's the caterpillar that boosted the standard by 27% and buys back huge quantities of stock. really it shouldn't be trading in lock step with china in the first place.
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yes, it should be higher exhibit g, go to memorial day, buy some stuff for the house that's what we like to do. go to dollar general up 1.4% today. this is the stock to be at the 52-week low because it sources so much merchandise from china it's subject to the 25% tariff instead, it's a few bucks away from the 52-week high. stocks screaming we're blowing things out of proportion look, on the other hand, china could find some way to retaliate. they're going to be clever they're not going to say, hey, i heard that on cramer's show. they could go after some of the companies we just talked about you know i worry about abc, not the furniture store, apple, boeing, caterpillar. maybe we should spend time focusing on the short falls from kohl's, not good, and home depot although i think the selloff in kohl's is not good and home depot rallied. still the bears will say that
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today's action had a dead cat bounce feel especially after nordstrom plunged its own earnings they may be right. you don't need parit to see what you see. today's rally was a reminder if we get any break through in the trade talks whatsoever, you're going to get an epic rebound in these so it goes down like this and then goes like this. it's called flow i think we've seen these levels and stocks get hit so hard that they start to reflect, what are they reflecting at this point, the return of chairman nau, banishment of the capitalist leaders. putting food on table. i don't think it's going to happen it may smack more fantasy than fact now you know what the market would feel like if president trump and the chinese party could figure out a way to bury the hatchett and not at each other's heads. i want to go right now jeff in
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nevada jeff >> caller:, hey, jeff. i'm a registered nurse out here in las vegas, nevada what's up? i have a question about -- my question's about drop box. ddx. i bought the thing premarket on 5/10/19 and it was -- and it had good earnings, good user growth. everything was looking good. unfortunately it looks like it got caught up in a lot of the tariff drama. >> right. >> it was right after -- >> jeff, this things acts okay come on. drew should come back on this stock acts okay look, i was sweating it when it was under 20 i think at 23, it's held up very well there are a lot of other stocks falling apart. why don't we go to dan in california dan. >> caller: hey, jim. good afternoon. >> hear from dan. >> caller: i really appreciate your honesty in all of this information. >> thank you.
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>> caller: the reason i was calling is last week you advised a caller not to go into energy, they were calling about chevron. >> i said i liked chevron. go ahead i'm sorry. >> caller: does that extend to the energy infrastructure companies? >> absolutely extends to that. i mean, these things are -- i don't know i mean, they have no growth. i like the management but these have been atrocious investments and i'm not going to put more people in them than are already in them. i think you should buy centene mix things up. how about joe in pennsylvania. joe. >> caller: hi, jim who you you doing. boo-y boo-yah. >> boo-yah, joe, what's going on >> caller: you talked about amd stocks, chip stock how do you think that stands for the future do you think that's a buy, sell or hold stock? >> lisa suh, you can talk about sell or hold that is her in cramerica we are buyers of amd that stock acts very well and i've got to tell you, it's
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because they're doing very well. now, look, it has gotten a little nutty out there even by my own admission i like to remind you that the market has a bit of a dead cat bounce of it if we make some sort of deal, this is what flies. this is your list. mad tonight as novartis turns to cutting edge of medical insurance. could they cut life expectancies and also returns i'm talking with the ceo and while the cannabis sector is new and exciting, it's easy for an investment to, let's say, end up in smoke tonight i'm going off the charts to see what names will still make you some green. down over 30% since september highs. could trex's position in sustainability, they use plastic from facilities, i've got the hot stuff so stay with cramer. don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @jimcramer on twitter
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we've got a real conundrum when it comes to health care here on the one end these are the stocks that are insulated from the trade war with china on the other hand, many of the democrats running for president want to implement a single payer system which could eat into the profits of the whole industry. that's why i was so thrilled to attend cnbc's healthy returns conference today i interviewed vas the ceo of novartis he's 42. he was kind enough to sit down with us after that on -- after
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the on stage interview i got to interview him one on one and answer a few more questions. take a look. >> they call you vas i call you doc doc, will you please tell me with your unique perspective how we can get our arms around the costs and take the bold step like you did in the op ed because there's a way to have finite costs that mate save us a fortune. >> we're in this unbelievable time in medicine where we're moving into a world where we took medicines over many and many years now we're in a world where we could have one time potentially curative therapies that will require a whole shift in how the system thinks about cost, payments, et cetera. we need to think about value that's how we're thinking about pricing our gene therapies we need a system that allows payments over time and outcomes based payment models right now we don't have that system in the u.s. because of a lot of the rules and regulations. we're advocating to see can we
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come up with a whole new way of thinking about this to allow if you're an insurer or medicaid program, you could pay over five years for the transformative therapy but the child gets the therapy when they need it and of course the transformation impact. >> present value of cure, right? >> the present value of cure that's one of the things we need to grapple with. what is the value of a cure versus all of the chronic care we have for these patients. >> we are in a debate. going to be an election year next year. no one wants to talk about how $1 million buys a cure there's such a backlash that most of the democrats favor single payer because they don't want the $1 million drug are they being penny wise? >> i think right now we're in a moment in time where we have to avoid a lot of extremist action. we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that cancer deaths have fallen year after year after year for decades we're in a world now where many
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diseases that were once staff stechbss are chronically treated. we need to keep an ecosystem that's robust and allows that to happen what i believe is we should fix some of the distortions in the system we should ensure rebates get to the patient at the pharmacy counter. we want the patients to pay for it we had part b and part 340 b >> i would be remiss because it's "mad money," not the healthy returns congress you have the most blockbusters of everybody i know from now. you could have multi-year hits this is not something with a patent. >> right now we're entering with could cosentix and toresto now we have the string of
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blockbuster launches coming out this year. we already had one approval with maizen then we'll have pick ray and cancer rta is for an eye disease. it's a pretty exciting moment because i can't remember a time at novartis where year after year after year we had significant medicines launch the cool thing about our company is we're diversified we're a diversified medicines company. >> that's why you were able to spin off cdl >> i believe it's a right move. >> no one disagrees. >> al con is approaching $30 billion. we've had a great run in the recent quarters, outstanding q1 form performance so i think the $50 billion we've
6:20 pm
done to focus and the 20 billion m&a is core. >> you know what you are i remember in the late '80s, pfizer, merk these were engines of development run by scientists. then it went away. those companies used to get the highest priced areas now they're below 2. is it because they stopped innovating >> look, i believe the high end of this has to be high innovation as long as we stay on the cutting edge as long as we can change the status quo, society will value medicine when we lose our innovation edge, that's when we go the wrong direction in this industry. >> you were willing to be committed to a dividend. i would tell you that with the growth you have you don't need to do it. >> look, our dividend has been with us for a long time.
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we're committed to it for the long run we're not going to change. our commitment is great. and around 20% in our innovative medicines. that's our commitment for the long run, we maintain that investment >> maybe the battleground is tobacco because there are forces at the tobacco industry, even though they want to kind it at 21, they offer attractive watermelon juuls. >> i'm no public health physician. my background leads me to say i really think habits like smoking cause huge impacts other heart disease, lunge
6:22 pm
disease. if we want to tackle these diseases, we have to tackle the underlying causes kts. >> i also think someone who is going to be an association that is a disease and is not go on your way you recognize with amivid which i know is an amgen drug that you blow this out because it is a million, million, million suffering. >> it's a huge issue if you look across major markets we're talking about 7, 8, 9 million pash went severe migraines. the first thing they need is having recognized they have a disease. many places around the world migraine is not acknowledged as a disease. get people awareness for the diagnosis. we could make a huge net in what i would say is a hidden problem
6:23 pm
in our society. >> one last question, what is the most exciting thing about your job >> is the animation pipeline we sat there in a room going for over ten hours going through all of our pipeline projects i'm a scientist at heart i love the data. i love that we tackle so many huge diseases for the world and i'm looking forward to doing that continuously for the days to come. >> dr. vas. >> i like vas. you're the ceo of novartis you get yield, you get growth. hard to find vas, thank you so much. >> appreciate it, jim.
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what is going on in the cannabis space they're the opposite chill on a day-to-day basis
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trying to differentiate themselves before the marijuana big etf, that coalition is starting to from the ti fret the wheat is separating itself from the chaffe. i'm not a believer about it all. it got incredibly bublicious you have to be selective you can't buy any old ganga grower tomorrow will rise and others might end up going under in short, this is a group where individual stories matter. that's why i've been so strict with telling you to stick with two. i think it's concerning to know the perspective. tonight we're going off the charts tim collins is a technician. that's where i blog. first, before we get into the specifics, collins says it's important not to focus too much on the moment-to-moment swings
6:27 pm
in the stocks. if you try to follow the daily stocks the whip saw action will leave you broken instead, you need to take a longer view of weekly charts so let's tick them down here we're going to start with a thing called afra. $1.72 billion company. this one let's call it a big, fat nope according to collins and the chart there is nothing going for it then there's tilray. fundamentals are questionable. collins says the chart, heinous. what about cramer fave canopy growth that should make it easy for them to dominate the canadian cannabis market. that's the funds amountal side of the story collins says we can do better. he likes canopy enough to own the stock. thank you, tim so which pot stocks is collins
6:28 pm
for? right now he likes two of them, gw pharmaceuticals, not a pot stock and village farms. check out the weekly chart before we get into this one you should know it's really not a cannabis play. it's an old-fashioned pharmaceutical company it makes an antiseizure drug epidialex. sorry. this is no canned show i'll sneeze if you're not careful. they have a bunch of other therapies in the pipeline. why do they talk about this one like it is a cannabis stock? they find ways to synthesize ones that shows some evidence of helping people i have been a fan of gw pharma for a long time. a lot of it is because you can dose it. you can't dose regular pot the stock is a monster based on the action they think
6:29 pm
it is going up more. i agree. first year it's got an ascending triangle, okay that's this line and then this line people love that kind of thing that's a bullish formation that you get when a stock makes a series of higher lows and higher highs. it is very bullish three weeks ago gw pharma tried to break out of this ascending triangle and failed. these ascending triangles are made to be broken. collins thinks it can finish at 180. up 5 and change today. that will take you to 200 or 205. the stock pulls back below 160, collins says you should throw in the towel. i have been long -- i've been recommending it to you all the way and i am not backing away one by tit we had them on here. here's one that's really small collins brought it to our
6:30 pm
attention. i'll mention it a second time later. look at this weekly chart of village farms international, vff. tiny, speculative company. they're also growing more hemp now that it's legal here in the u.s. while this is a relatively unknown name, the stocks had a phenomenal run he owns a bunch of this too. why didn't cramer reveal it or collins say it the stock is going to pull back. the short sellers at sit tron rating in order to digest it after the stock's meet orric rise from 3 to -- what makes collins bullish? for starters, he's noticed a cupping pattern. got that
6:31 pm
this could potentially go they'll go sideways. that's very bullish. collins doesn't see that happening. again, positive. the other two options, the stock could break out to the up side on a close above 14 or break down on a close below 12 they're betting on an up side breakdown. they're currently at 13 and change and he recommends patients he thinks there will be it i think the cannabis base is risky enough you take me into your hands to speculate on a $649 billion produce company pivoting on the pot. i say go with the canopy, go with the cronos. he's not so sure about this one. i'm citing these guys as the
6:32 pm
number two player. they have 1.8 billion. but collins is not enticed by the action after rallying for six months crone ne cronus ran into a wall yeah, the stock has been hammered collins dislikes the look of the design at this point he's already moved back your road even worse it makes a descending triangle, ooohhh, just as bad as an s ending triangle is. that's lower highs, be lower lows good news for cronos, when you look at the full oscillator, you have to like what you see. tell us you want a stock that's over bought or over sold
6:33 pm
it's come down too far too fast. black line going over the red one. he thinks it could potentially get back in its groove if it could fun fish he thinks it will head to the 11 and 13 range where i would urge you to buy it. the bottom line, we're finally seeing some minimal differentiation. and cronos can make its way higher stick with the canopy growth and d.w. farm. let's go to andrew in florida. how are you, jim
6:34 pm
beautiful day. i've got the edge on you on february 7th you had a recent fda approval. >> yes. >> my question is around the recent manipulation or impact the shaks had with al if he on wasn't that nasty? >> it was. i was not happy with that. i've got to tell you, andrew, you're right to point it out i was pointed it out i'm kind of bummed, what happened i know that it was a blow to a lot of people who thought it was a right time to own the stock. >> can i go to ron in illini ron? >> caller: jim, thank you for taking my call i'm a retired citizen, i added
6:35 pm
abbv it's going to do to the main shrub. stocks don't yield 5 for no reason this has a bit of a challenge business i think they could rectify the stock business cannabis stocks are starting to did he ever enshe eight himself. i think he should stick with the canopy growth. much more "mad money" including my exclusive with an under the add with the house sit down with trex, not the bike then i'm raiding a forbidden city of stock sectors and all of your goals so stick with cramer.
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well, the home buyers have been working their way higher courtesy of lower amounts. trex, the world's largest manufacturer of wood alternative decking. they make composites that i have to tell you look exactly like wood stock's been a roller coaster.
6:39 pm
trex stick he's not on they have a 59 cent basis. to make management worse management cut the guidance but it wasn't from demand. demand was strong. they had some serious manufacturing issues including too many gene eeologists >> i think it's safe to turn back we welcome back to "mad money." >> good to see you. >> i'm glad you're here. i thought the quarter was good you did beat the numbers can you explain some of the confusion about what happened? >> well, i think what the investors saw was we had a tough start to a new product introduction and that cost us about $10 million pre-tax so it's pretty sizeable hit
6:40 pm
we told them it was going to take another quarter to work our way through that and the second half and end up with incremental margins by the full year. >> but there is no demand issue, that's what i'm focused on. >> no demand issue one of the challenges is there was more demand than what we had anticipated. >> high quality problem. i thought that a subrosa line, lumber from home depot really plummeted. some people said, you know what, we can't compete against the price of lumber. that's not the case. >> the new products we introduced were targeted specifically at price points we felt would. >> i didn't, i'm so obsessed with the road, but sustainability is in the dna of trex people want to know what happened to all of it.
6:41 pm
they despise plastic you have the answer. you're absolutely right. we've done it. use poliette they lean things like bags, straps, that's what we make trex from. we're 95% recycled material. it's more effective and it's cheaper. >> do you think that's well known? because it's 500 much plus it's okay to be otherwise in an airport. i think that's a tremendous story. the amount of water saved. >> we're constantly working on those types of initiatives because environmental consciousness is not only important for us, it's a way to save money. >> david favor today was questioning my thesis which i said, listen, as long as you
6:42 pm
have a house, you want to make it better. david was saying stalt, state and local tax problems have made it so certain parts of the country said i'm not doing that. >> we certainly have seen a very strong demand in the first quarter and we're pretty pumped up with what we're seeing with the new products home depot and lowe's are pointed to a much stronger second half. >> i thought that was there. given how much water we've had, it's good for you it's been such a bad spring. >> absolutely. it did slow the demand but even with that the demand was so robust. >> we went to a warriors game. new stadium is being built you get a lot of railing
6:43 pm
business, right? >> absolutely. commercial railing, major arenas stadiums we're the top supplier probably in the 90% range of all the stadiums in north america have our railing in them. >> i looked at where your map is you have a good map of international. i would think the roadmap for international uptake could be extraordinary. >> we're just getting started in that we basically changed our business model to a model more similar to what we do in the united states having good success with it in europe pushing that out to australia where we think there will be another winner for us also. >> these are countries that are a bit more environmentally conscious. i was in berlin. everybody has to recycle i have to believe that they -- they don't have a lot of wood. some of these countries, europe, don't have a lot of wood this is a good business for you. >> that's true the wood they used to bring in from the amazon rain forest is not viewed very positively from a lot of the population.
6:44 pm
>> the last thing is i need to know every time somebody shifts a little bit from wood to trex, the leverage is huge >> yeah. it's a phenomenal opportunity for us 83% of all lineal feet sold is wood from every foot we can move from wood to composite is $50 million at the factory door. >> that's extraordinary. when younger people get -- younger people are starting to buy homes. household information is down. you give them those facts about landfill, they'll think that wood is anti-environmental. >> i think you're absolutely right and we're counting on it it's going to be the largest population base. the boomers were number one. boomers are now number two millennials are going to take that over. >> that's jim klein. president and ceo of trex. too much demand. "mad money" is back after the break.
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round. then the lightning rounds. are you ready skee-daddy time for the lightning round julie in missouri. julie. >> caller: hi, jim. >> hey, julie. >> caller: hi. i was wondering what your opinion is on the stock neck tore, nktr. >> neck tore is pretty good. the problem is that group is so bad. it is a total spec on oncology and pain why not novartis it has growth and yield. let's go to frank in pennsylvania frank. >> caller: hey, jimmy. what about kmi >> it's finally starting to move rich kinder has bought so much stock. it's the only one in the group given the insider buying yield is 5%. the dividend is going to go up it's okay. i don't like fossil. i guess if you have to buy fossil, that's it. let's go to ron in colorado.
6:49 pm
ron. >> caller: hello, jim cramer boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: long-time listener, first-time caller. my question is this first i want to thank you. i've made a lot of money on the faang stocks >> yes, faang is ours. >> caller: yeah. my question is i have some buy and hold stocks that i got years ago. mcdonald's and exxon and actually intel and i need to liquidate. >> intel not so great. don't feel it there. exxon, i don't like the fossil mcdonald's is one of the greatest stocks of our time. do you think that mr. easterbrook has come on the show i have had mcmuffins, bik mag m and fries. until he comes here i'm going to keep recommending his stock. hey, why don't we go to doug in wyoming. doug >> caller: cramer.
6:50 pm
>> doug. >> caller: l. brands is down more than 29%. >> why did you buy it, doug? for vick it tore yeah's secret for pink i'm just saying brands here, regina i've been 14 years with you. i can say a few brands let's go to john in california john >> caller: who you haddhowdy, j >> scientific games. >> no, gaming isn't our things i like las vegas sands >> and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the lightning round! >> the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade i've even built my own historic trading model. and you're still not sure if you want to make the trade? exactly. sounds like a case of analysis paralysis. is there a cure? td ameritrade's trade desk. they can help gut check your strategies and answer all your toughest questions.
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i think today's a good day to take stock. i always like to do that on up days so if you don't like what i say you won't be as angry as you might be on a down day and here's what i happen to think. right now frankly there's a real shortage of bible stocks when i say bible, stocks that will let you sleep comfortably or let you fake a nap. let me walk you through the sectors. in other words, they're not done but i'm telling you what money managers really fear the first forbidden city of stocks, every single financial
6:54 pm
except the financial technology names, fin tech. that's the s&p 500 13 it's enough of a pain. why? because the curve is almost inverted short-term rates are almost even with long-term rates which means the banks can't make as much profit as they'd like to the loan book doesn't make you a lot. i keep saying bank stocks are too cheap and there's no way they could stay this cheap i keep being wrong only warren buffet can be this wrong and get away with it that's all they're willing to buy. other credit card companies. i think there's too much value to give up on the banks. even as i accept, absolutely despise and it's been a sucker's bet to wage that the hate will subside any time soon. second sector that is off limits are the industrials. these stocks have become extremely difficult to own because they all get hit every
6:55 pm
time there's an escalation in the trade war in china that's why they rallied today on president trump's rachetting back of texts by the weighing of black list of huawei given that the chinese government makes new threats every night, you wake up and you see, holy cow. why do i own these stocks? money managers are starting to hate them. there are only one or two exceptions of the industrials that people despise. third forbidden, oh, man, retail this whole group which makes up 10% of the s&ps no go zone is the possibility that the margins will get squeezed. the company reported a true blowout quarter. best in nine years retail cohort, just too hard if you disagree with me, go ask anyone who owns kohl's or nordstrom. i told everyone last friday that kohl's would have a short fall as bad, doesn't matter worse than bad fourth sector that's off limits, health care, which accounts for 14% of the s&p
6:56 pm
the health care stocks are total losers every time bernie sanders or elizabeth warren opens their mouths about medicare. you have to worry about the whole group with a democratic sweep. still, i think fears are over blemished. they're against, hate it including nancy pelosi fifth sector, information technology makes up 32% of the s&p. i like the cloud kings and faang here at least until today's reprieve led by qorvo i wouldn't get your hopes up because the moment the chinese communists decide to retaliate is the moment you give up today's gains in the gigantic conglomeration here's 62 bucks. many reported better than expected earnings. nothing. as for the transports, nobody makes t. housing, on again, off again. what does that mean?
6:57 pm
how about verizon, procter & gamble, kimberly-clark now as i mentioned at the top of the stohow, all of these down ad out groups will explode. you write them off at your own pearl. wh -- peril. i would say we're in abeyance. it could be a terrific place with one flick of president trump's pen or a tweet for that matter stick with cramer. to introducing products faster... to managing website inventory... and network bandwidth. giving you a nice big edge over your competition. that's the power of edge-to-edge intelligence.
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you should be mad they gave this guy a promotion.
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you should be mad at forced camaraderie. and you should be mad at tech that makes things worse. but you're not mad, because you have e*trade, who's tech makes life easier by automatically adding technical patterns on charts and helping you understand what they mean. don't get mad. get e*trade's simplified technical analysis. all right. not that long ago we interviewed michelle goss from kohl's and i liked the story very much. it was tough today i still believe. i think the yield is good, the balancing is good, but bought it for the charitable trust and i'm really smarting but i'm going to stick with it. like to say, there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer, and i will see you tomorrow
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