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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  June 5, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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i have to have you at 3:00 in the morning, but thank you on behalf of all of us -- >> on behalf of us all >> costco trades really well, joe kernen my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome into "mad money. welcome to cramerica i don't want to make friends, it is my job not just to entertain, it is to teach so call me at 800-743-cnbc or tweet me at jim cramer welcome to bizarro land.
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where up is down and down is up and good is bad. thanks to the magic of the federal reserve we have a market where bad news for the chi is good news for stocks which is it why the dow rallied 207 points and s&p gains 2%. for a better part of a decade we've had straightforward market as we cloim down the great recession, good news about the economy is good news for stock even when the fed started tightening, the bull wanted to stay strong. people didn't say what we need now is a lousy job number to force the fed to stop raising rates. but that changed yesterday one of the reasons that the the dow was up 500 yesterday and today 200. when j. powell said he's watching the economy and take action if it is too weak, in other words if business slows down they are prepared to slam on the accelerator with a rate cut. suddenly the bulls with rooting
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for the economy to fail. because the worst they get the more likely it is that the fed slashes rates and that is how we could rally. for automatic data processing they do this a couple of days before the number on friday. it is why investors cheered low housing sales and cheering weak auto sales i know this could be confusing to you it comes from beingin fury ated. you're supposed to cheer for people getting laid off. what kind of market is that. that adp number would be terrifying but now it is encouraging. how do we keep track maybe you think the market is -- it is not. because now we're on the other side of an interest rate cycle the fed tightened up and the bulls are praying to get more ugly data to convince powell to give us a rate cut now and that is why i call it bizarro world because in that world everything is backwards and you don't need
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to read d.c. comics to know what i'm talking about here you just need to watch that one episode of seinfeld, it is season 8, episode 3. google it. watch it for heaven's sake now, any weak data is positive and anything strong is a nightmare because if the economy stays even luke warm the fed won't give us those rate cuts and that is why the averages when the adp gave us a terrible number which suggests the payroll is a disappointing, yeah, when they release facebook showing decent growth across the country and that said i wouldn't take that from facebook because it doesn't do a very good job of gaging the state of the economy. sorry. so what gives you a better read. i'll fill you in so you know what is going on in bizarro world. first it is oil. stocks would rally when it went higher it was viewed for the healthy economy but now the bulls want a
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weaker economy because of powell and now lower prices like today are good news for stocks when the price of crude is like this it justifies the rate cut bulls don't worry it is going down because of excess supply, i think about the interview with scott sheffield, the dean of oil ceo's who told us that the permian basin is producing an amazing amount of oil. roughly a decade ago when they were producing six barrels a day sheffield said they could double that number and now the u.s. produces 12 million barrels a day and soonwe'll go to 17 million. no one is predicting that. but the oil market is reflecting that and if it happened it will wreck the market right here and right now even thinking that we're so far away from it, it doesn't work like that it foresee this is and oil, by the way, has entered a bear market. now down more than 20% from the april highs so that is good. in other words, on the fossil fuels, millennials don't like
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it, in other words it is probably not done going down because there is less demand from a slower economy and hit by supply but the bulls don't care. for them as actual about oil prices as an exhibit of why the fed must cut rates because it said the economy is weak jimmy with our friends the tariffs. the president might be sanguine about the tariffs and that happens on monday and there is long meetings and whatever fine but the federal reserve feels differently. our central bank is worried that the tariffs are slowing our economy. they're making executives pull in horns and cause consumers to horde cash take the 5% tariff that could go into effect on monday and it could rise to 25% if they can't hammer out a deal and j. powell is worried this could hurt consumption and it is a sales tax from everything from mexico, which includes cars. the president doesn't see any problem. he could plodgeon mexico into
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paying something for like a border wall and the u.s. manufacturers will get a leg up versus american based manufacturers but the consumers are the only one that pay for the tariffs and they're terrified of trump's trade war and finally our friends in the bond market. the 10 year treasury is now 2.135 and short-term rate set up by the fed when you see that you have an inverted yield but it is a sign that the fed was way too aggressive with the trade hikes last year. hey, jay, he knows that that is a bad sign for the economy it always is there is no ifs, ands or buts. he doesn't want to cause a recession. bummer but there is a lack of demand for money. people are borrowing for mortgages and that is why he talked about the rate cut yesterday. many expect it to ease by july i think that is getting ahead of itself, when at the end of last
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year he was still convinced we needed a series of rate hikes to with stand inflation i would love a rate cut next month but hope should not be part of the equation when you use this framework, see how every day people are making bets that we'll have a recession and that is why the stocks had a boost. look at pepsi and kimberly clark and hershey could be better than fine and they have lower commodity and it would save them a fortune on packaging and fuel costs. the secular growth stocks keep climbing for the same reason they don't need a strong economy either and hence salesforce last night and the adobe. and how about the octa, i feel like i like to say z-scaler. if we're in deflationary environment, the future earnings growth looks attractive and provided they could keep the numbers. here is the bottom line, people. make no mistake, from now on,
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after yesterday, bad news is good news. as tariffs go up and buying yield goes down the fed has more and more reason to cut rates prison that the president pressured the cut he needs to take action otherwise he'll look like a puppet and the only thing that gives the fed cover is a slower economy and good thing because that is exactly what we're getting. zoey in north carolina >> caller: this is her grandfather nathan and i'm here with my three grandchildren, nathan and abby and zoey and i'll give you zoey. >> hey, zoey, how you been >> caller: hello, my name is zoey and i'm 10 years old and i'm from ashburn, north carolina. >> pretty. >> caller: i'm investing with my grandfather for college. i was wondering about waste management. >> well, you got horse sense, my friend i think that is a great stock to own zoey and i think fisher is doing -- doing a good job and just had an interview with them and it is two thumbs up.
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good call. i love families that watch together let's go to lee in virginia. lee? >> caller: booyah, jim. >> booyah. >> caller: as a long time viewer i know one of your cardinal rules is accounting issues eekals sell and after a [ inaudible ] claiming that the perspectives contending inaccurate statements and that changes some of the metrics. >> yes. >> caller: is this a situation where you should just sell or a buying opportunity >> it is tough because they stand by the disclosures in the prospe prospectous but i don't care for the company. i have so many other stocks that i like in that sector. why do i have to good down and deal with a company that actually was so easy to attack you went e-commerce platform and you buy shopify. ron in maryland. ron? >> caller: jim, booyah booyah first time caller and long time
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listener i have a position with tlrd and it pays a dividend the stock has been down before the tariffs. and i don't know which direction this stock is going. should i sell, hold or buy >> well, one thing that my staff learned that i think is terrific lesson, even my friend frack who is brack here just for a couple -- back here said that stocks do stop at zero it is a remarkable thing it keeps hurting yourself. i don't know what else to say. with economic news now our market positive. strong data. oh, no, we don't like that any more the fed needs reasons to cut rates because the president is pressuring those guys forever. hey, by the way, on "mad money," a new under the radar play that you're going to want to invest in i'll reveal the name and then about cleaning about old "mad money" episodes from the dvr or beta max, think
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again. i'll tell you why it is the key to your port follio. is it time to make a plan to add a plan -- a man a plan and a bull market. to your portfolio i have the ceo so i would stay with "cramer." >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow at jim cramer on twitter. have a question, tweet cramer, #madtweets send jim an email to or give us a call at 800-743-cnbc miss something head to i'll see you later.
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she's gone.
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it's a dangerous world. ah! [ grunt ] whoo-hoo! pops are your friends going to die? pickles don't be so dramatic. but yes probably. there they are. aww! whaa , whaa, ahh! now that everyone suddenly feels very comfortable with the market after a couple of really bad weeks, how about a high light of a group doing well during what is an awful period i'm talking about fin tech which people think are rolling over, the charters don't like them
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but it is time to discuss it then this is [ inaudible ] worried about the economy and nobody feels safe on traditional financials they were good through one day yesterday and then back to the old bad ways if it is too risky in the yield curve, you buy the fin techs some have appeal way, paypal and square and how could you miss those and some are iconic, visa, mastercard but others are relatively boring and unknown. but it hasn't stopped the stocks from going higher even as what they sound like they do isn't particularly sexy. i want to you take a look at fleet corp technologies. flt. they handle gasoline, pay cards they're called, toll, lodging expenses, general accounts payable and focused on business to business transactions and it gives a better more efficien way to transfer money from company to company so if your business employs
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hundreds of drivers you give each one a fleet card to pay and they operate in 80 countries but 88% of the sales come from united states and brazil and united kingdom this might be a perfect place to make money but it is not what anyone would call exciting it didn't matter the market can't get enough fin tech even if this is boring and there is so much merger activity in the space that people say, get me a fin tech and i'll buy it one reason why fleet corp is one of the hottest stocks of 2019 and up 35% year-to-date and last day was number 27. how did that happen to a company that makes cards for gasoline? well someone has to do the wall street fashion show but a lot is company specific, when they became public it was a $23 stock. it is now at $251 stock that means it is up nearly 1,000% i recommended it back in 2014
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because i felt it was good and i had it for the charity tabl trust but i wish i was more successful in circling back to it since 2002 they've acquired 75 account portfolios and they have executed a terrific takeover strategy to be the largest player in the field when scale is importance and hence the acquisitions and takeovers in the sector and expanding from a purveyor of fleet cards for handling fuel payments on polls and lodging and more general corporation transactions and land and expand. at the end of the day the payment industry represents a fabulous long-term growth story and so a company that acquires more will be a winner and that is exactly what we see here. fleet corp is all about the transition from paper to plastic. something like half of all business to business transactions are still done via check. which means the companies involved need to hire people to write the checks and mail them
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and collect them and then deposit them on the other end. oh, man, that is a huge waste of time and money the idea about fleet corp is lay off those people and save yourself a lot of money. it is a great story. and that is part of the reason why the stock has been such an excellent performer. even as we pull back $25 from the highs over the past couple of weeks and remember i told you they said it is over but fleet corp reported a month ago and delivered a nice top and bottom line beat. 11% organic growth and it is harder to find double-digit and even management raising the sales and how do they do it? you need to view the payment companies as fight ago mong themselves for a larger piece of the transaction pie. fleet corp gets a bigger slice by making acquisitions and has the way of growing business organically. for example, they have thousands upon thousands of fuel cards out there. the customers use them for other kinds of speeding because your fleet car is more like an expense account. doing the same thing with toll cards in brazil. they're expanding the number of hotels to take the lodging cards
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from 15,000 to 25,000 and making a push into general corporate payments helping businesses conduct all of the transactions like remember paper to plastic so as frequent with buying here right now, i like the fin tech space. i like this company in particular but let me give you a little bit of caution here. the thing is fleet corp is highly needed for certain kinds of transactions. the customers are companies with employees that drive trucks, pay for toll roads and travel for business these transactions is all stuff that is much better when the global economy is humming which we know it isn't, thank you fed. when there is a downturn you have less shipping and less travel and that will have less activity and but there is fuel prices, right? they get 45% of the revenue from the fuel card business so if the price of gasoline goes down like right now because the price of oil is swooning there is less money paid through fleet corp.
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and also a strong dollar i could bore you every night with that and it gets 16.4% from distill. and 10.6% from the u.k with brexit and whatever the heck is going on over there. if you believe the dollar will stay strong, so far fleet corp has been able to thrive. i bring them up because every time the stock got hammered it happened when oil prices were coming down. but let me give you the other side of the trade. goldman sachs just gave fleet corp an upgrade from the market and it would be upside for stocks at 251 and they like just like we do, the fleet corp terrific execution like we do and they are rolling up with smart acquisitions, yes, like we do fleet corp is a suburb long-term story and the fin tech stocks are very hot it could pull back more. i think you have to be prepared to buy it on the way down. because the price of oil keeps falling but with the stock
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trading at 19 times earning, it is pretty darn cheap it is right. bottom line, fleet corp is a lousy trade but could be a terrific investment as longs you approach it patiently. and every time the stocks go down, whether it be visa, mastercard, whether it be a square, or a paypal or whether it is a fleet corp, it has paid to -- >> buy buy buy. >> the stock leslie in michigan. >> caller: hi, jim, thank you for taking my car. >> no problemo. >> caller: my concern is with the outlook for square i purchased shares last fall at $88 a share. since then the shares have declined with the broader tech market and we do have the cash app and credit card usage on the side, so given the strength versus impending check anti-trust investigations, should i hold, buy or sell. >> want you to hold. this stock peaks so we're clear, it peaked when the fabulous amazing unbelievable sara fryer
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left to go to a really good site that my wife is addicted to, this next door and that caused the stock to peak. but i do like square and i like paypal even more. fleet corp has a fabulous long-term growth story but sensitive to oil prices that why i think you should buy it gradually as oil is under pressure i don't think they'll have much more down side for a opportunity. and much more "mad money." when we come on the air, i know you turn it off and cut the cord by roku but i'll check you why you should check at the door and [ inaudible ] soared since last week and i've been behind that and we'll talk to the ceo. he used to be add red hat. and warning big tech but why is salesforce above the fray and up 7 i'll give you my tech. stay with "cramer.
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if you want to be a great investor you could only be so cynical. when judges come on the air and be dismissive, they're in the book but you need to strike a balance between skepticism and credulity because many ceos deserve the benefit of the doubt and you ignore them at your own peril. that is why i do so many ceo interviews for "mad money. nobody knows more about how a company is doing than the ceo of the company. you could be lucrative i'll give you some real examples right now. back in january for instance, i spoke to omarishrack from a device company and they were down 6% after the company trimmed the forecast because of higher taxes and the strong dollar not the fundamentals the [ inaudible ] were not amusing and --
6:26 pm
so the next day i give them a chance to defend himself take a look. >> are those adequate descriptions of what you said yesterday? >> no. look, i said it before and i'll say it over and over again, we stand with the strongest pipeline that we've ever had in this company because it is built and we do certain things with technology we innovate, we create new markets, and we disrupt our own markets and we've got that across a breadth of technology we've never had before and no one else has and we think it is a game-changer for health care and we'll be in the middle of that >> all right i don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like a company that is having problems. so many of the analysts seemed to indicate. that was the the jp morgan conference and they hated what he to say. medtronics wanted to tell the story about the pipeline of new products that omar mentioned but the tax issue, that hijacked the presentation however, if you listen to our interview, they tell you about the new products the micro paste and smaller in
6:27 pm
the world and could be used for 16% of the total adjustable population and that is going to 60%. among -- how about the robotic acquisition, so many of you like that stock, israeli company which gives medtronic exposure to advanced systems that help doctors conduct spinal surgery and they've combined the surgical planning software with mazers to create a new product they are working on a chip to implant in your brain -- thank you. in 14 years, i could sneeze all i want and it helps people out with moving disorders and parkinson's and i looked in that one and it is like -- like fantastic voyage we like the analysts thought they were negative and cynical we weren't we were wondrous as far as the tax issue, he's just being careful by disclosing a potential problem that everybody seized on and it might not be a real problem at all this classic u-pod and now if
6:28 pm
you listen to the analysts you would have sold medtronic and you would have absolutely dumped it they were that -- but if you listen to your -- our interview, you know what? you had a very good case to buy. when they reported in february, they shot the lights out and raised a four-year earnings guidance the number the analysts were so worried about, the guidance was terrific then in march they added $6 billion to the buy back authorization and from when they believed the stock was too weak. fast forward two weeks ago with another -- earning report and omar predicted a revenue growth thanks to the launch of the products he told us about in january and in the end the tax and foreign exchange issues, the worries there, oh, please. they amount to nothing but medtronic is up 16%.
6:29 pm
i'm so glad i pounded the table but so angry at the stupid analysts who felt omar had nothing to say wells fargo upgraded it. and we see medtronic as an accelerating growth story and to pierce -- he says thanks credit suisse hosted a bull versus bear lunch and they found a few bears to be found. you know when this research would have been really helpful in january when there were bears everywhere and the stock was trading wat $82 and now it is at $96 and if you listen to our interview, omar is -- we are saying enough with the analysts. we know more than they do. we do. we're certainly less cynical then the cypress semiconductor the chip maker with the stock hammered because of the worries about end markets like autos
6:30 pm
on april 25th the company had a stock rally 7% but more -- but the next day we spoke to the ceo hasain el cory he explains how they diversified in markets and the iot and exiting flash storage which is a free fall and told us the cypress is more protriteary than people thought and explained that while he had automobile exposure and we don't like on "mad money" it was growing in this terrible environment. but then they come along and the stock is hammered from $17.30 and then down to $15 at the loy -- the lowest a couple of weeks ago. that was an incredible buying opportunity because two days ago we learned that cypress semi is being acquired by-- by nvidia last month i pounded the table how about another example familiar with people let's talk one that is just in the news constantly, apple now i know apple has been a house of pain lately
6:31 pm
it is caught in the cross-hairs of the trade wars and china and the anti-trust inquiry but if you paid attention when ceo tim cook came on the show, you caught two bottoms first time is may of 2016 when they fell out of favor over worries about a disappointing iphone cycle and in china and they said it is behind them. but carl icon had been a major shareholder and dumped the stock and told everyone else who could listen to get out. and it traded do you know to $93 and change and apple spent the next two and a half years going higher in a straight line the second time was this january. apple announced terrible numbers and once again everybody was freaking out about china and when we spoke with tim cook in february, and the stock pulled back to 150 and he told you to stop focus on iphone and think about the apple rapidly growing service revenue stream stock surged at 215 at high last
6:32 pm
month and it is clobbered but still up 21% from when he told you a very compelling story. sometimes you need a ceo to explain what is going on with the company and put it in context. here is one that i have loved. no one is paying attention to. viva systems that is a cloud-based software company that works other than short sellers, it works in the life sciences industry which is a -- growth business peter gaster is a regular guest. the last time we spoke was in march and he said the company is on track to hit $1 billion in sales one year ahead of sales. i hope you caught that interview because they reported a blowout quarter last week and the stock is up 20% since we had gastner bingo, here is the bottom line your doing yourself a disservice if you tune out during the ceo interviews and a lot of news is made here and if you pay attention you could identify terrific opportunities and think about octa or the z scale and they are working but
6:33 pm
still -- before you do, i insist you do homework. to jeff in pennsylvania. jeff >> caller: b-b-booyah, jim, from the home of the penn state -- >> thank you for that running back let's go. >> caller: my question concerns star ward property trust ticker symbol stw -- you had them on your show a while back and you sparked my interest and i did my homework and bought a position in december at about $20 a chair. >> hold onto it. it is barry stern -- we have to get barry back on. he's a breath of fresh air a smart guy. it is great. you have the 8% yield and up a couple of smackers that is a good stock that is great incomstock where people people want that i think he's money look, the ceo interviews on "mad money" would be lucrative for investors and strike a balance between skepticism and
6:34 pm
credulity. we have more "mad money" and a plan to keep your portfolio connected and talk about listening to an interview. i'm talking with the ceo and then around the trade wars with china -- investigations, all tell you why it is more important thanner -- than ever to know why the customer is right. and in the "the lightning round," stay with "cramer.
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oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thanks to you, we will. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. as i told you earlier in the show, we bring ceos on this program and it pays to listen to what they have to say. for example, last december we spoke to the head of a cloud based software company that help businesses with forecasting financial planning
6:38 pm
had a really compelling story and since then the stock gave you a 61% monster gain and that includes an 18% run on tuesday after the company shot the lights out with a fantastic raised quarter as much as i hate to chase stocks that have run, i think this is more than run. let's check in with the chairman and ceo to get a better read on how the company is doing and where it is headed welcome to "mad money. good to see you. people don't realize i've known frank because he was the ceo at cisco and red hat. swallowed up by ibm. i saw you last year and you said i've got a good one. i'm on anna plan i thought you would be the cfo, you're the ceo, what is it like to go from cfo to ceo and what are you doing so right you're having accelerating revenue growth already. >> i've been in the company two years now and to see how we progressed over that time frame is phenomenal. it goes into the great employees
6:39 pm
and great partners and customers i think. and we're in a great space the whole finance -- if you look at connected planning it is in a space that is addressed in such a long time. so trend of opportunity for us. >> how can you help companies get visibility that have is limited visibility >> having been in this profession for so many years, getting information has been a challenge, for so long i've dealt with it in some of the examples you mentioned before, the company i was part of so we allow the connection of data people and plans within an enterprise so it is not just footbainancial planning, but enterprise planning, planning that occurs in finance and also in sales and supply chain and in hr -- >> but in all -- >> the whole thing. >> so different verticals. >> exactly right so think about bringing all of that together within one
6:40 pm
platform which is very unique. that allows the full connection so you're getting real-time information at the hands of those that need to make decisions and then therefore it also helps them make those decisions and then measure their progress toward what they intended to accomplish and that is where the value comes in. so is it a reduction in supply chain or basic process or a reduction in cost, is it more intelligence, is it better prediction about the future. >> so i saw a company very similar to what you guys do, with planning, my wife is on the buck -- don't worry, she picked them over. but it does seem like -- >> i should go and talk to her. >> [ inaudible ] i don't see a lot of companies in your vertical yeah. >> if you think about it, the first thing i think is happening is the whole digitalization. >> we had mark on last night talking about that. >> so that is a big wave that is
6:41 pm
happening across enterprise and so i think that is now encouraging the need for some of the applications that we have. and i think what sets us up which is unique is what i said is we're across the enterprise as a platform. which allows that -- the togetherness of the data. >> and you worked for vm wear and i know the stock is weak but they are smart and they chose you. you do what? >> they work with us in the sales organization how they manage all of the territories that they assign with the reps. >> it is big. >> right, so they have a large population that is all done in ana plan and what is really happening, forecasting and things like that so it is providing them with a tremendous amount of intelligence to manage the business. >> i'm used to companies saying they have a flywheel going and i like that. although rarely do i see the flywheel you use the term honey comb. explain that to me. >> so thank you for picking that up i love it. so we have a land and expand
6:42 pm
model and so the beauty about the platform is that it is not a pre-packaged application it is one that is customized to our customers' needs so we'll start in a particular area of finance or a particular area of sales and then start to expand in other parts so it allows them to connect their process. and so the honey comb is like the first use case is a -- one of the honey combs and then you connect the honey comb and when you think about it across the enterprise, it is like what we did back in the time of doing end to end process, and this is a form of end to end process mapping leveraging technology platform that brings it altogether and drives value for the company. >> you did something -- you sound afraid of companies that invest and they say it is an investment year. and you talked about that throughout the call and to hit the numbers. >> it's -- i think we're early in the space so it is important to make the investment i said this when i joined anaa plan a few years ago when we
6:43 pm
were private and going to the investors and saying that i saw a tremendous amount of opportunity and i want to invest and so the investment is in the go-to market as well as in the technology >> right. >> that is the secret sauce that we have. so invest in that so we can scale and that is what we've been doing and the investment is allowing us to drive growth. this past quarter 57% -- >> 62 -- 47% revenue, sub growth 48%. these are remarkable numbers and what i think -- i've known you as a winner wherever you've been and i don't think that the run the stock had necessarily is equal to all of the good things that are happening at your company. >> thank you, jim. i appreciate that. your endorsement means a lot that is frank calderon, chairman and ceo of ana plan. a winner everywhere he went. this one is a great one. "mad money" is back after the break.
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it is time it is time to do "the lightning round. >> buy buy buy. >> and then "the lightning round" is over
6:47 pm
are you ready? "the lightning round," in connecticut, nicholas? >> caller: hi, jim, thank you for taking my call. >> of course. >> caller: long time viewer and first time caller, i love your show, my friend. >> thank you >> caller: i want to ask you about a stock, mrnr, laderna getting crushed lately should i buy, sell or hold. >> i met them at the jp morgan conference and i thought it was terrific so i will tell to you stick with it. i like them very much. dave in ohio >> caller: booyah. i never miss class when profresor cramer is the at podium i have conference calls and action alerts. >> thank you for being a member of the club. we have a big call next week what is going on >> caller: i grew up in the shadow of the greatest roller coaster park in the world and as a young man even worked there. in 2012 the stock was on your radar and i bought into it
6:48 pm
after it doubled it started a slight decline and i sold out my basis in january of 2018 that continued a slow decline and now a high yielder at 7 plus percent, jim, should i continue to have fun. f.u.n. >> oh, yeah, i like -- i think it is a totally different -- i think they are bringing them down though -- [ inaudible ] to gary in kentucky. >> caller: hey, jim, big louisville, kentucky, b-booyah. >> that fantastic. >> caller: i'm been with rtms since $4 and it is pushing $100 now. >> but that thing with amgen and asco it was killer and you got that price and you have to take -- take your bis is out and play with the house's money but that was good news this weekend how about to dave in north carolina
6:49 pm
dave >> caller: booyah. from charlotte, north carolina the queen city. >> i have fun and sometimes i get it confused with the rose city down the block. what going on krnk. >> caller: there you go. your take on car vanna >> and car max, the ome two car companies that i are related to that industry but i like, i think you have a winner but it is a growth stock and you have to take a long-term view peresh in new jersey >> caller: hey, jim, b-b-b-b booyah. >> that took a lot of energy. >> caller: [ inaudible ] club member from the last couple of years. you are the best >> thank you we had a couple of good stocks thank you, what is going on. >> caller: my stock is adm, you recommend to buy that and then you recommended -- [ inaudible ]. >> oh, yeah. we own that. and if you remember, you have that pfizer bid and we hung on
6:50 pm
which is why i say don't be a treasure finally cut the losses i still don't like it at $126. i still don't like it. you need growth in order to get a drug stock rolling i need to speak to paul in rhode island paul >> caller: hey, jim. long time fan. >> first time long time. >> caller: 11 years yes. what is the long-term forecast for -- >> i don't know why fort net is not doing better and prove point is one of my faves and i'm getting hurt on the for the charitable trust is palo alto trust and good run and then bingo we need to hear from management i don't know what is going on. come on. but i don't know what is going on with that one in particular i need to go right now to kathy in illinois. kathy? >> caller: hi, jim i just wanted to thank you, you helped me put my kids through college. >> there you go.
6:51 pm
not bad. thank you very much for that. >> caller: but anyway. >> was wondering about chevron. >> think it is a good company but i no longer recommend fossil fuels stocks on the show now why do i do that because the millennial fund managers just don't like it and they're going to inherit the darn earth that is the conclusion of "the lightning round." >> announcer: "the lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade ♪♪ ♪♪
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forget about the on again and off again nature of the fed. when you evaluate a company the question is who is the customer and how are they doing good. salesforce, the customer is doing great and that is how the company grew cash flow at 35% and got 25% and americas 27% growth in asia and 22% growth in europe and all in constant currency and how about china issues nope they do almost no business in china. and contrast that with swks that preannounced a shortfall last night. the problem they was 12% from hauwei which is now blacklisted. not their fault but still hurts. it will get worse before it gets better they do apple business and i'm worried that could be a liability. last night tim cook told cbs he doesn't think they will target
6:55 pm
apple but i'm worried about the united states will a -- and our president doesn't [ inaudible ] and that is why with a ton of exposure to china has become suspect even as i swear by liam griffin as a great ceo but what could the ceo do about a customer like hauwei on a presidential blacklist plus i'm betting that the chinese economy has gotten weak. and that is still better than being blacklisted but not good the only american company i think is doing fine in china is [ inaudible ] and that is about what you would expect to a slow down and including china in the selfie generation. the issue is this -- who are your customers mark benioff of salesforce talked about how some clients are worried about tariffs but that is forcing them to step up the digital spending to protect the flanks and when the ceo keith block said 20% the enterprises out there are digitized that is a staggeringly low figure with a enormous
6:56 pm
amount to grow as maurk reminds us, every business needs to identify their customers and for salesforce or anybody who wants to migrate to the cloud and it isn't hard for companies like sky works with semiconductors and everything is related to [ inaudible ] but benioff pointed out this is one reason big tech has gotten in so much trouble in washington some of the companies have forgotten who the real customers are. marc called out facebook for selling out users, they're the real customers, long before anyone else and didn't mention amazon or alphabet and i think washington will have to ask the questions of the companies the app store getting monopoly from the customers and does apple profit knowing that it knows too much about the user base and these issues haunt the tech titans but they don't want salesforce or cloud kings and that is why they're paying off the -- dumping the others. after a disappointment with sky works and the anti-trust investigations in big tech, knowing who your customer is has
6:57 pm
become more important than knowing how your customer is doing. although the great ones know both stick with "cramer." at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster. we built it to help them go beyond. because beyond risk... welcome to the neighborhood, guys. there is reward. ♪ ♪ beyond work and life... who else could he be? there is the moment. beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. ♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond.
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a company that i've come to like is stitch fix she's done a magnificent job and they blew out the quarter at the end of the day it reminds you that technology of all forms for particularly digital is still the place to be and we've learned that from salesforce last night, didn't we i would like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it just for you right here on "mad
7:00 pm
money. i'm jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow male announcer: shirat the poker table.hark - i'm a poker player. no deal! - no deal. and you gamble. - i gamble. no deal! - and you take risks. - i take risks. - no deal! - that's exactly what this is. - [screaming] announcer: and tonight, with her biggest fan at her side... - you seem to really support your wife. - she's the best thing that ever happened to me in my entire life. announcer: she's going all in against the bank. - she's only business, numbers, and odds. absolutely no emotion. announcer: but when the stakes are raised... - push it all in! - it all comes down to this one case. all: all in! all in! all in! announcer: will she fold under the pressure? - oh, my god!


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