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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  June 20, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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oil prices are spiking after a u.s. drone shot down over the strait of hormuz iran claiming responsibility the united states calling it an unprovoked attack. we're live in the middle east. futures are shrugging it off. we are seeing some big moves in the bond market and the yield on the ten-year just did something it has not done since trump was elected. it may be thanks to the fed. mexico putting pen to paper over the u.s. new trade deal president trump calling on our congress to do the same or just do something new details on the u.s. trade
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talks on china and slacking off another red hot startup about to make its market debut. it's all happening on this thursday, june 20th as "worldwide exchange" begins right now. ♪ all right. good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever in the world you are. i'm brian sullivan thank you very much for joining us here on worldwide exchange. this, my friends, is the chart of the day bonds getting bought the yield on the ten-year note exactly at 2%, but earlier this morning it actually fell below 2% that is the first time since president trump was elected that we have seen a sub-2% yield. this should drive down borrowing costs. if you're looking for a home, it could make mortgages more affordable we'll have much more on this coming up. first we have to get to our breaking news. u.s. officials confirming to nbc
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that a u.s. drone has been shot done over the strait of hormuz iran claiming responsibility the iranian revolutionary guard says the drone was shot down after it entered iranian airspa airspace the u.s. says the drone was flying in international airspace the u.s. is calling this an unprovoked attack. oil is popping on the news we are seeing a spike. it's come down a bit, we're up about 2.5% that drone attack comes less than a week since two tackers were attacked in oman. iran for its part has denied any responsibility joining us now is the chief oil analyst at energy aspects. we have to stop meeting like this you're as good as anybody out there to analyze what happens when we have these events, the
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tankers, and now this. are you surprised maybe that oil is not reacting more strongly? >> well, we've seen this over the course of the last few weeks. we've had a series of attacks, particularly the tanker one in which in some ways is far more direct when it comes to oil market imbalances. i still think, you know, the focus of the market is on demand and recession. the g20 meeting coming up, whether trump and xi will meet that's very much the forefront that's why you're not getting the reaction imagine a few years ago, a headline like this, we'd be up $5, $10. if demand fears were to recede, the market will care more about these geopolitical events. clearly there's been an es ka laying >> the u.s. inventories are near record highs are we seeing enough oil to counter these types of
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headlines? >> not at all. the u.s. has built over april and may, if you look at the pricing signals from the coast, it shows draws are happening because of maintenance. and in china we've been drawing oil, and there is no floating storage around globally we've drawn down stocks it's just that the visible inventories are high, and now with demand fears people are expecting we won't get the draws. that's what's driving prices >> if this is iran behind it, as the united states has said, iran denied responsibility, the tanker attacks, now this, it seems to be heating up rather than cooling off more headlines you think, will they ultimately drive prices higher, despite the concern
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about a global economic slowdown >> i do think so look, neither side wants war clearly things are escalating. chances of miscalculation now are rising we have seen a shift within iran it's no longer the focusing on talks, but much more the irgc are in the driving seat now. clearly there will be escalation i think the g20 will be important if we get some stability and receding of the fear that we will not get into a global recession, i think prices can go up very quickly >> thank you very much for joining us seeyou soon. will today be the day that we hit new all-time highs for stocks dow futures are up 215 right now. all this as jay powell offered some new dovish signals to
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investors saying the central bank is ready to act to keep u.s. growth on target. >> since the beginning of the year we've judged that our current policy stance was broadly ppropriate in light of increased uncertificateties and muted inflation pressures we emphasize that the committee will monitor the implications of information for the economic outlook and will act as appropriate to sustain the expansion. >> it is not just equities that are being bought we're also seeing strong buying on bonds we are at exactly 2% on the ten-year yield but a couple hours ago we saw the yield drop to as low as 1.97%. that is the first time since trump was elected that the yield was below 2% a surprise to nearly everybody if you watched this network a year, year and a half ago, most people were calling for yields of 3%, 3.5% by this time this could be a candidate for surprise of the year gold continuing its terrific year
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up another 2.5% to 1,383 that's gold's highest level in more than five years let's figure out what has been going on and what may happen in what has been a topsy-turvy yeear joining us is danielle eddimartn booth. what is going on >> we are having a recession party in the markets when you look at past fed easing cycles, financial conditions are very loose going in. so there's a misperception about, oh, my gosh, they'll cut because markets are so tight opposite they tend to be loose when rate cutting cycles begin then the news that the reason they're cutting rates sets in with investors, they're like,
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oh, i better sell the news eventually they do >> as you may know, there's two-ways that parties can end. everybody has a polite good-bye, shakes hands, goes on their way, wakes up the next morning and goes for the run or the night ends really badly with billy having to be poured into the back of the taxicab and having a bad morning >> then he comes on sit here >> there's no billy. i made that up how does this recession party end? >> there's a lot of people operating under the assumption that the fed will be able to walk this tight line, thread the needle, whatever cliche you want to throw at it, and engineer a soft landing if you're seeing stocks push to new all-time highs in the face of -- we had mortgage applications out yesterday morning, they were down. mortgage applications shouldn't be down when --
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>> but they did double the week before mostly refinancing there has to be homes to buy as well. >> there's not a housing supply issue in many cities i can't quit counting the for sale signs especially in new jersey and other -- >> that's a tax issue. >> the inventory of homes is going up don't worry about this >> look at this. the dow futures are up 215 it's possible today -- and you might hear this a few times -- we are that close to all-time highs or maybe even hit them we'll watch jim and the gang at 9:00 a.m. and wait until the market pops open if the market and fed are concerned about a recession, explain that >> the market is much more preoccupied with liquidity >> what does that mean >> they see there is a 100% probability, not a lot of gray area there, 100% probability of
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a rate cut this year there's a 24% probability of a 50 basis point rate cut in july, on july 31st we're weeks away from that if we get there that quickly, if we get to the zero bound that quickly, because the fed tends to lower interest rates -- i don't care what the dot plot said yesterday >> don't like saying dot plot, it sounds confusing. >> powell doesn't like it either he talked the dot plot down hymn himself. he said it is not something up for debate >> dot plot, everybody on the fed is asked where they see rates to go. they put the number in a thing so you can look at all these dots it's just their expectation of where they see interest rates a year out, two years out. when we look at that dp, the fed
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lite brite, it shows a hike. >> in 2021 the only thing the dot plot showed yesterday which is why the market extraordinarily priced in all-time highs today, is the elimination of the word patient. you had one person saying there wouldn't be a rate cut this year so you didn't even have a unanimous view that there was going to be a rate cut in 2019 and all that it's saying its going to do is reverse the december policy error. in 2021 we'll get back on the rate hike path really seriously, people. i don't know what they're thinking >> how big of a mistake was it last year, the stock market tanked that's a fair word it was the worst december since 1928 >> it was all those things stanley fischer was on the wires over the weekend, he gave an
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interview and said december may or may not have been the fed moving to spite the white house. showing the white house if you're going to strong arm us and bully us publicly on your twitter feed, we'll hike rates fed is not supposed to make policy in spite of anybody they're supposed to be independent, apolitical and make policy based on the economy. >> the fed has changed, at least according to your book you strike me as a guns and roses fan. all we need is just a little patience we have news on the trade front, maybe good news tensions appear to be cooling off between america and china. robert lighthizer telling congress he will be speaking with a top chinese official in the next day and a half. all this ahead of president trump's face-to-face meeting with xi jinping later this month. at the same time ceos from some big american companies are heading to china this week where
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they will meet with top trade officials there. those companies are names like dow, upz, f.p.s., honeywell the mexican senate voted overwhelmingly to ratify the u.s. mca, yesterday, the new nafta. justin trudeau isset to meet with trump and congressional leaders today to lobby for quick ratification our congress has not even yet set a date to vote on the deal when we come back, much more on the attack on a u.s. military drone near iran. the news sending oil spiking a live report coming up. and could the permian oil boom turn into a boost if the wells run dry? some in opec think so. we'll have comments from the ceo of a major u.s. oil company on
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that ahead. and it's a term you'll hear a lot of today, direct listing what the heck does it mean get readfoy r a thursday picker upper as we lay that out in layman's terms higher expectations. the light beer you've been waiting for has arrived. corona premier.
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futures up 220 points right now s&p and nasdaq green the yield on the benchmark ten-year note fell below 2% for the first time since november of
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2016 get ready for mortgage rates to fall again messaging service slack set to begin public trading today on the new york stock exchange. it is the latest company to choose a so-called direct listing instead of a traditional ipo. the company will trade under the ticker symbol work the reference price is $26 a share. that is not an opening price or an offering price. instead that number will ultimately be determined by the designated market maker at the nyse you will hear that term direct listing a lot on this network today. how does that work what's a reference price leslie picker explains a directingi differs in three major ways one no underwriters. in an ipo underwriters will market shares, set a price based
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on demand. direct listings involve financial advisers, usually from the same wall street firms these bankers provide advice about the process and help with the discovery of the opening price. financial advisers cost less than underwriters. two, no cash instead of raising money, the primary purpose of a direct listing is to create a public market for a stock by allowing early invest and employees to sell and newer investors to buy. three, no road show. traditional ipos require executives to spend two weeks on the road visiting with investors to pitch the deal and drum up demand direct listings require one day, just a few hours for executives to webcast the pitch for any investor who wants to tune in. we'll have much more live with leslie picker coming up later on in the show. still on deck, the latest on
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the attack that brought down a u.s. military drone in the middle east. oil is popping on the news plus the ceo of one of america's biggest oil and gas companies comments saying opec is wrong that the permian oil boom will run into a bust sooner than expected dow tufures up 223 see you in two minutes everyone's favorite. there's just one thing hurting us more than student loans: credit card debt. sure, dad, call us irresponsible. we're only dealing with insane living costs and housing costs. it's just not right. but with a personal loan from sofi, you can consolidate your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your future right. get your money right with sofi.
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now only $10.99. welcome back in case you are just joining us,
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breaking news. oil is surging 2.5% as a u.s. official confirms to nbc news that iran shot down a u.s. military drone over the strait of hormuz, that's the narrow stretch of the water connecting the persian gulf to the arabian sea. about 20% to 30% of the world's daily oil flow flows through it. the official said a surface-to-air missile hit the drone. the u.s. is calling this an unprovoked attack. we'll have much more as the story develops there is a school of thought among some in opec that the u.s. shale oil boom will turn into a bust sooner than later because fracking sucks such a huge amount of oil out of the ground that volumes are about to fall many in opec are counting on it. we spoke to the ceo of devon energy, and he says that thought is wrong >> this entire revolution has taken place with horizontal
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drilling, hydraulic fracturing, it has a great deal of sustainability to it i mentioned that we have at least a 15-year inventory of higher return projects that's without assuming any additional technological improvements in the future which will i ef tababinevitably happe. this is great for the economy, great for our national security. we're producing a commodity that is fundamentally important to the lifestyle of all americans we're proud of what we're doing. we're proud of the revolution we generated here to help the fundamental economy of the united states. >> you can see that full interview on our website check it out on deck, a major decontamination effort is under way in nevada. we'll find out why ahead.
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here are your morning headlines from nbc news. a major decontamination effort is under way in nevada after a train derailment shut down a 60 mile stretch of a major interstate the train was carrying hazardous
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materials when more than 20 cars overturned spilling diesel fuel. no injuries were reported. a dangerous storm is moving across the southern united states more than 100,000 people across arkansas lost power overnight. in texas people reported hail as large as four inches along with heavy rain and powerful wind gusts. there have been no reports of injuries after a possible tornado tore the roof off this church sanctuary in greenville, techs. a shocking turn of events in the david ortiz shooting dominican authorities are saying it was a case of mistaken identity claiming the hit was for another guy sitting at ortiz's table. in the days after the shooting, 11 people were arrested including the alleged gunman authorities are still looking for the person who funded atth hit. more "worldwide exchange" right after this (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. iran downing a drone near the persian gulf the u.s. calling it an unprovoked attack. this just a week after iran sabotaged two oil tankers. oil is surging. running out of patience. why one word by the fed may have added billions to the market listen up slackers another red hot startup about to go public. but how it's doing it may have wall street bankers seeing red it's thursday, june 20th
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you're watching "worldwide exchange" right here on cnbc welcome back in. good thursday morning. thank you very much for being with us on cnbc. i'm brian sullivan stock futures are higher, much higher in fact, something really interesting is happening right now. this, my friends, is why you get up so early to watch us on "worldwide exchange. the s&p 500 is 0.94% from a new record high. right now s&p 500 futures are up 0.93%. that is how close we are from a record high if the market opened up now the yield on the ten-year note fell below 2% earlier this mo morning. rear at 2.00% right now.
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buyers have come into stocks and bonds. 12.5 trillion, that's your number of the day. we'll show you what it means and why it may be impacting our bond market and maybe impacting mortgage rates as well we have to get to that big breaking news out of the middle east oil prices up 2.5% after an american drone was shot down over the strait of hormuz. u.s. calling it an unprovoked attack let's get to hadley gamble live in the region. good morning that's right now, u.s. officials, at least one of them has confirmed to nbc news that a u.s. rq-4 goblobal hawk drone was shot down in international air mace through a surface-to-air missile and they say it was international airspa airspace iran saying earlier today it was a drone in iranian airspace. the pentagon clarifying that
5:33 am
we're looking later today for a statement from the pentagon or a briefing to clarify those comments it's important to point out this is an area that in recent weeks has been the cause of some major frustration, not just for those in washington, but also those here in the region we've seen attacks on at least six tankers in and around the persian gulf, the strait of hormuz area, and also around the gulf of oman off the coast of the uae when we talk about these six tanker attacks, none of this is happening in a vacuum. we've seen a spate of rocket attacks as well in iraq in the last 48 hours, not just in basra but also on u.s. facilities closer to baghdad. brian? >> hadley gamble, we had those two tankers, you were just off that port. is there any indication that the united states navy is either already or will soon have to start escorting not every super
5:34 am
tanker but a lot of them 30% of the world's oil every day going through that narrow stretch. >> absolutely. this will raise some bigger questions for the trump administration as well we've heard again and again over the last 48 hours or so a willingness on the part of saudi arabia and others like the uae for payment towards the u.s. military, towards the u.s. navy for that tanker escort that's a conversation that's been had again and again we heard as well over the last 24 hours from u.s. military officials saying there that without that payment there's no real incentive for the united states to pay that close attention to these tankers because at the end of the day all of this oil, where is it headed you and i both know most of it is headed to asia. >> it certainly is hadley gamble, thank you very much maybe oil's little rise is good for the equity markets. energy shrunk as a percentage of
5:35 am
the market you want most seshgts ctors of e market to participate. dow futures up 0.93% s&p futures up 0.96% you will hear something i think about a new record high for the s&p 500 on this network today. all this, of course, coming after the fed left rates unchanged, but really came out like a prince song the doves out there, they were not flying they were not crying, they were there. the ten-year yield tumbling below 2% earlier today for the first time since president trump was elected. we're exactly at 2% right now. if you have not been paying attention this may be, along with bonds, the surprise of the year gold gold is up another almost 3% right now. it's at its highest level in
5:36 am
five years let's talk more about the fed, what they did and didn't do. joining us now is our senior economics reporter, steve liesman. maybe what they've done, steve, a big round of thanks to you you're out there covering the fed like nobody out there in the world. of course the markets are reacting to the fed. therefore the markets are reacting to you. thank you if we hit new record highs today. >> wow i did not expect that, brian thank you very much. i don't know if i take credit for any of this. i'm doing my job here, as you know let's talk about the fed it was an expected but still a sharp turnaround for the federal reserve. the federal reserve keeping rates unchanged but dropping its policy of patience it lost patience and adopted a clear, easing bias what does that mean? in the months ahead the economy is essentially guilty of weakness and needs at least one rate cut unless proven innocent
5:37 am
butunexpected strength >> the baseline outlook remains favorable the question is whether these uncertainties will continue to weigh on the outlook and thus call for additional monetary policy accommodation. many fomc participants now see the case for somewhat more accommodative policy has strengthened >> let's look at this turnabout. let's look at how the fed changed and then the market changed. okay first, back in march, march meeting, no fed official, not one, forecast a rate cut this year now eight are forecasting at least one cut. seven of those eight forecasting two cuts fed chair jerome powell said even those not forecasting cuts are leaning that way now, let's lock at how the mloo the market is priced 100% chance priced in of a july cut. 80% chance of a second cut in september. and a 61% chance of a third cut
5:38 am
or 75 full basis points of easing by december jerome powell also indicated that the fed could change i plans to end the runoff of its balance sheet as soon as july instead of september that would provide more stimulus. and he responded favorably without committing to a question about research that shows when rates are close to zero, it's best to do more cuts rather than fewer. the translation, a chance of a 50 basis point cut in july you wonder why the market is at or near all-time highs >> okay. there's only really four words and terms that scare me with regards to the market and economy. you know what those four are always -- >> it's different this time. >> good. yes. okay >> at this hour. always, never, forever, and 100% when those words are uttered in the markets you have to get nervous. maybe everybody is too far on
5:39 am
one side of the thinking when i see 100% chance of a july rate cut, one has to wonder what if we don't get it >> i think the market has been aggressive in pricing in rate cuts from the beginning. i don't think it was wrong to price in cuts when you had the mexican tariffs coming along when it became sort of more obvious that it looked like the tariffs themselves and global economic weakness were worse than forecast. i think that's part of the turnaround i think it's overstating to do 100% by july, but you have to say okay, the fed has a forecast pencilled in of 2.1% gdp growth. that forecast i think is contingent on those rate cuts being in place you would have to do better. let's say if our rapid update starts shooting up above 2.5%, when that july data starts coming in in july, that is when
5:40 am
i would be baking out the possibility of a rate cut. that unexpected strength that we talked about >> 100% chance of a cut in july. maybe even a half percent cut. that's big news. steve, thank you for that reporting. thank you for the all-time highs that we may hit today. >> not me. >> i know. take the credit. steve, thank you very much up next, cut us and the markets some slack everything you need to know about slack's big and under usual market debut we have a leslie picker upper. and 12.5 trillion reasons you may want to rethink investing outside of arimeca it's your morning rbi. it's ahead you're here to buy a used car, truck, suv.
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that's smart. truecar can help. it's great for finding a new car, but you already knew that. it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. so no matter what you're looking for, there it is. this is how buying a used car should be. this is truecar. (upbeat music) ♪ welcome back dow futures are up 235%. the markets lately have been red hot. guess what another red hot company is about ready to make its market debut
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today. let's get to leslie picker outside the new york stock exchange slack will begin to trade later today. in a rather unusual way. >> you are correct, brian. slack shares should be trading by midday today. slack sells a software that it says serves as an email replacement for internal communications the question for investors who are looking to buy in today is will slack be able to transcend messaging into becoming a broader app for companies. now, as you know, slack is pursuing a somewhat unconventional route towards the public markets a direct listing as opposed to an initial public offering that means the company did not set an ipo price last night and sell shares at that price. in fact slack is not raising any money at all it has about 8$800 million in cash on the balance sheets so it says it didn't need to raise money through an ipo the nyse did reveal a reference
5:44 am
price of $26 a share last night, which is more than double that price that invest paid in its latest private fund-raising round last august. that may not be indicative of where the price opens today. now, one piece of good news for slack is that haven't ipos of pager duty and zoom are more than double their respective ipo prices they each have a similar business model and product offering to slack. that may bode well for slack as investors continue to show interest in these high growth software companies >> what kind of -- is there any way to gauge the interest? >> no. in fact, we won't really know the interest until early this morning before shares start trading. there was no real marketing like you would see with a traditional
5:45 am
ipo. there was no road show where they would go around, drum up demand, receive indications of interest from investors and try to assess what that interest is. slack does have financial advisers whose job it is to suss out the capital markets and what they are looking for from the company in terms of price. but the actual trading and where the demand is won't be known until a few hours from now when the marketma makers start matchg buyers and sellers >> should be a busy day. we appreciate it >> thanks, brian. let's talk more about slack's decision to go this nontraditional route joining us is john martinko from drexel hamilton. you heard leslie's explanation there. how much -- going public this way, is there any protection for invests on the downside?
5:46 am
do they make sure there are some buyers lined up that if this bad boy starts to slide there's going to be some support >> i think you have to understand what exactly is a direct listing you have to understand what the reference point is you have to understand how there will be a designated marketmaker, probably bob pisani might tap him on the shoulders today and how they hired financial advisers to drum up that demand. >> do you think there is going to be a lot of demand for this i think what the nyse is trying to avoid is another uber >> i do. i think all the pager duties, all the names rattled off, if you're a portfolio manager, you have to start your accumulation of this company at some point. 10 million users, a well known household name, and the fact that they do have cash on the balance sheet.
5:47 am
there is a lot of things around a direct listing that we should probably get into as far as those that are selling the stock today. >> i would imagine one of those things ff, if this was considerd a better way to do it, why wouldn't more companies do it this way >> this is a better way to do it for not paying fees. anywhere north of 6%, 7% of growth proceeds goes to banks. in this situation slack felt our name is well known we don't need investment bankers to help market the downside risk is that you didn't have the traditional book bill that leslie was talking about over the two weeks you can firm up a price. i would point to, though, in the prospectus, that is where all the answers lie. right there in the first one or two pages it did say it had a
5:48 am
$26.38 average from the month of february to may of this year that's why you're seeing a reference price today of 26. >> so 26.80 is in that prospectus where they are trading internally i understand you don't want to pay these big fees to banks, but the banks do serve a role in sort of marketing those securities to make sure they are taken care of. do investors have to worry when a company -- for lack of a better term, when they get cheap on the ipo >> not at all. i think there's demand the banks will be there. again, point to the prospectus, there's well over 10, maybe a dozen that i saw that had been hired as financial advisers. those clients or those banks will participate today you should see a strong demand today. that book will be built on the stock exchange like when you
5:49 am
launch any other ipo and open up for its first print price. >> john martinko, excellent stuff. it's a complicated issue, you made it easy to understand appreciate it. >> take care. more on the breaking news out of the middle east oil prices up 2.5% the united states saying iran shot down an american drone near the persian gulf new details just coming in to the cnbc newsroom. and your number of the day, 12.5 trillion. y?y is that your number of the da we'll tell you in the rbi coming up ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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let's bring you up to speed on some breaking news we've been tracking a u.s. drone has been shot down over the straits of hormuz outside of the persian gulf. iran claiming responsibility the iranian revolutionary guard says the drone was shot down after it entered iranian airspace the u.s. says the drone was plying in international airspace the u.s. calling this an unprovoked attack. oil prices are higher, up 2.5% overseas we will continue to monitor this story. futures, they're shrugging it off or maybe oil's pop is helping futures. energy stocks are not a big part of the market but they are a part of the market we are seeing dow futures up 237. s&p 500 futures are off exactly the same amount right now -- up, rather, where they would be
5:53 am
needed to hit a new all-time high should be an interesting day forfo the equity markets today it's been interesting for bonds. the yield on the ten-year note at exactly 2% right now. a couple hours ago it was down to 1.97%, under 2% the lowest level since president trump was elected in november of 2016 joining us now to talk about this, the markets, everything else, tim seymour. also joining us is silvia jablonski. you sat down and you said brian i have breaking news from our data here, which may explain why futures are moving up. you are seeing some buying activity by your clients in the oil and gas sector in the last 30 minutes >> there's an increase in volume we've been seeing it over the last week or so since the last attack on the oil tanker we've seen our three beta energy
5:54 am
etfs trading up about 100% to 200% higher than the 20-day average daily trading volume >> so these are -- they mimic the move in oil and gas three-fold these are people placing extreme bets >> short-term extreme bets but they're bullish on oil because ostensibly maybe these unfortunate attacks. >> this essentially in theory will decrease the supply of oil. if demand stays steady, you have opec cuts, geopolitical stuff going on, it could positively impact the price of oil. >> tim seymour, i know oil and gas has collapsed. it's about 5%, the lowest it's ever been. it still matters would a slight uptick in oil be a good thing for equities? >> it's part of the risk appetite and risk aggression if you add what the fed did did
5:55 am
to what the ecb has done, and people are less impressed by the ecb because they have less room to run, you have a case where first of all you could be structurally cautious and tactically optimistic here i think the other support for oil might be look at the dollar. the interest rate differentials between the u.s. and europe have come at 110 basis points since the highs in november. you have a case to be made for a slightly weaker dollar in the short-term certainly again, if differential central bank measurements are also coming in, that will be dollar supportive. it will be commodity positive. sure, energy has been a place where a lot of investors have waded into the water cautiously. a lot of times every time they do that they get whipped around. i think the driver for oil prices will be global demand supply disruptions have a femoral effect we'll see. >> i agree tactical optimism is a good way to put it. you have a dovish fed, potential
5:56 am
optimism in g20, positive tweets coming from trump and cctv oil prices helping the market. >> you told us people are betting bigger on these three times bullish oil and gas. are they getting that bullish on just the macro equity markets? are you seeing people roll the dice and place big bets on stocks >> just yesterday the biggest inflows were in semiconductor bull funds, tech bull funds, china bull funds >> leading indicators. >> so it's all of the f.a.n.g. growth-type stuff which leads us to believe in the short-term people are bullish that the fed will help push along expansion that potentially tariffs will have a resolution sooner rather than later in the near-term we are seeing that pop >> near-term pop on semiconductors interesting stuff. tim, i tweet out whenever i hear never, forever, always, 100%, i
5:57 am
get nervous. i was going to ask you about that but i have to ask you about something that just crossed. i know you have not seen the call >> let's do this >> moments ago, goldman sachs reiterating their underperform on tesla, but cutting the target on tesla to 158 from 200 the stock is at 229. goldman saying the stock will fall 30% they came out, tim, and said we don't believe that the company's sales expectations are ultimately going to be met we know you have a lot of strong views on tesla what do you make of this call? >> i'm sure the stock, and while you've seen a $40 move in the stock, it's still a move that i think needs to address the demand issue the balance she'd issuet issue,h company told you effectively that you're going through a
5:58 am
restructuring. it comes down to demand for this company. the street now at a 18$180 hmovi more bearish it makes sense all the things are lining up here as someone that is negative on the outlook for the company and positive on effectively the car, but that doesn't matter. the management team has done a poor job of addressing the balance sheet in my view >> tim seymour, thank you for that time for your morning rbi. while we usually like toepd the sh to end the show on a positive note, today we're going super negative we've been raising the flag on countries with negative debt germany, france, sweden,
5:59 am
switzerland, all negative. the total value of negative debt around the world, 12$12.5 trillion that's your number of the day. random but interesting dow futures up 242 oil is up. big day for "squawk box. they're next see you tomorrow futures sharply higher and yields are falling to multi-year lows after jay powell left the door open for future interest rate cuts. breaking news. iran shot down a u.s. military drone overnight, and crude prices are spiking and it's public debut day for slack. we'll bring you an interview with the company's ceo before the stock's first trade on wall street it's thursday, june 20, 2019 andrew has that nice shot again right near the new york stock
6:00 am
exchange "squawk box" begins right now. ♪ live from new york where business never sleeps, this is "squawk box. good morning welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc we're live from the nasdaq market site in times square. i'm beck along with joe kernen andrew is reporting live from federal hall in lore manhattan andrew, lots going on. there's a reason you're there today. tell us about it >> you're back, i'm going. slack making its public debut right here at the new york stock exchange via direct listing. at its reference price of $26, the software company valued north of $15 billion. could be 16 billion or 17 billion. we'll have an interview with stewart butterfiel


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