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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 27, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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will see. >> >> a big night with the cubs. >> you know, a couple of weeks ago we thought there was something weird going on in blackstone that uk isser made an all-time high today, bx. >> that does it my miegs is simpssion is si make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, my job is to make you money. call me at 1800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. i figured it out this market is like a needy little baby. not a cute baby.
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the other kind of baby i love my kids, but i especially love them now that they are adul adults this market is not an adult. it's a whalie wailing crying in. as it gets its way, it's never content. after a day where the averages seesawed up and down, a classic past time for small children with the dow slipping 121 points and s&p declining and nasdaq shedding 4.3%, what does this darn baby want what's the pacifer that will smash your stocks? this is not an ordinary baby it's like a bear cub and can't be separated from his mom. there is one thing that could be the stock market's mommy, the larger more important bond market when bond yields go down, the
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cub cries. [crying] >> because bond yells are viewed as a sign that the economy is slowing. and for a baby, that's pretty good logic, historically rates go down during a recession it doesn't matter how many times we demonstrate the u.s. economy is doing just fine doesn't matter if the big retailers and home builders and talented ceos say business is good this little cub keeps howling that recession is inevitable how howls a lot louder when you take away its pacifier. just lt happened today. this morning stocks opened strong because the bond market was strong but didn't take long for money to come pouring into u.s. treasuries from overseas because rates are higher than anything else you can get in the developed world. sure, the 30-year less than 2% but that's better than what germany is paying. all that foreign money, well, let's say the buying created an
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inverted yield curve where short-term rates are higher than long-term. that's a very, very bad omen it's an anomaly because the rates are so out of step with the rest of the world. babies do not understand anom y anomali anomalies. they do not understand the kind of links that say you sell stocks when the yield curve inverts. that's what dominates action now and will turn out just like the last one with oil. you were supported to sell stock when the price of crude went down because it could be signaling that there is something wrong with the economy. how did that work for you? badly. it turns out that there was no meaningful correlation, oil wasn't going down because there was less demand, there was too much supply and selling another 2 million barrels of the market and believe another million is coming no reality, it was great for earnings of companies that
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condition sum. by the way, almost all of them when oil prices started recovering, that wasn't a bullish signal, it was a bearish signal it meant we might have inflation that gave the fed cover to tighten and tighten and tighten some more which it did and we find ourselves in this fix after this market stopped playing with oil, we got a new one. it was the dollar. so brilliant every time the dollar went up, the averages went down the dollar made more sense it made more sense than the other, a strong currency does hurt american companies that were good for companies that rely that the dollar was the key to the market and whenever the dollar rallied the correlation, we got used to companies reporting earnings on a constant currency business,
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what they could make without foreign fluctuations started ignoring it and companies got translated back to dollars and mcdonald's and proctor and gamble, you missed out on phenomenal moves the market -- like it's not fix sa sate -- fixated on the dollar and a crystal ball and p preventing stocks heading into a serious slow down, namely the industrials and including the cyclical tech stocks that need a healthy economy to thrive. how do we pacify this cub? the only thing that will make this recession go away is a trade deal she's not impressed by the strong labor market and an indicator she knows that the fed seems ocblivious, it's trade dea
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or bust and that's a shame because i don't see the trade war ending any time soon we spoke to the ceo of hasbro this morning and rolling out tariffs. but made it clear hasbro has an asset light business model so they can move production not many are like that i think the white house underestimates how hard it will be for these companies to pull up stakes. trump appears to have the upper hand we import from them far more than they import from us and we know the chee niinese are strugg what happens if we get a recession? we need to talk about politics, which i hate with the recession you're likely to have a democrat in the white house come 2021. whatever your views, the stock market prefers someone like joe biden that won't rock the boat but what about bernie sanders,
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elizabeth warren, if you want to understand their impact, i got a way to do it you know how i like to get things, i like metaphors of stocks, i like humana. they will be public enemy number one and sanders or warren white house, they want single payer, no room for private insurance so humana will get clubbed. they will be hit the hardest when the yield curve inverts because it raises the likelihood of a sanders administration. for the moment that's all this market cares about so why bother and deal with the baby excellent question because like the dollar link, like the oil link, it's wrong the lower interest rates go the better it is for the consumer because people can borrow cheaply. this will be a huge boom to housing. lower rates are like oil as long as you're not forecasting recession, they are great for the economy.
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who doesn't want a 3% mortgage the market can stay. am i right when will you know it? we need to see an acceleration of hiring and work force participation. bottom line, until we get tangible signs that the economy is picking up, you're going to have to get used to the screams of this needy bear cub of a market but urge you to stay the course because like oil, like the dollar i believe it will be exposed as faulty and stocks will remain the best investments. andrew in north carolina, andrew >> caller: hey, jim, a big north boo-yah to you and yours. >> i'm liking that immediately what's going on? >> caller: not much. first wanted to say thank you for advocating to everybody to keep their own straight during the market up and downs. >> thank you thank you. >> caller: yes, sir. i have a question, i've heard you talk a lot in the past about wendy's and how it stood sharp
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in dividend make it one of your favorite growth stocks i want to see what you thought about wendys going up during this most recent market -- >> wendy's has been a star wendy's has been a star. let's see. hey, i would say 16 points and i'm staying behind it. i think there is more to wendy's. let's go to kyle in kansas, kyle >> caller: hey, jim. boo-yah. >> okay. >> caller: my question is about big bank stocks with increasingly inverted yield curve, global economic slow down and the possibility that profit margins for banks are going to decrease should i stay away from big bank stocks like bank of america? >> here is the problem i think that the bank situation is much better than people realize. but it won't matter until they report and until they report, i think they are just going to go down because all anybody looks
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at is the yield curve and decide that's all that matters for bank of america and the rest of them. even though i think bank of america is cheap, i got to tell ya, i do not want you in so i'm going to say. >> don't buy. >> is that painful i like the company so much this market will be needty for quite sometime but try to stay strong i think stocks with investments, on "mad money" tonight as it lost its spunk is it a buying opportunity i'm getting to the bottom of it with the ceo and stocks rallied, get, rallies prior to labor day. why are they charge forecasting this time? i'll break it down when we tackle the technicals and the world's largest food company to offer a read on the consumer and real sustainable do not miss my sitdown with nestle stay with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter
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what the heck is going on with cloud stocks? couple managed to rebound after the market wide beatdown and others are struggling here look at splunk last week they posted an 18 cent earnings beat higher than expected sales of 33% year over year the full year forecast very strong initially the stock rallied hard and investors journeyed in splunk slashed the cash flow instead of 250 million, they are talking about negative 300 billion. freak people out stock cratered from 128 to 118 in a single session and continued to sink. i think the sellers may be making a mistake here. they have taken the cash flow because they are switching to a new model.
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they are doing ratable billing it changes the way you have to think of the company and means they take a hit up front but over time should make a lot more money as one-time payments turn into recovering revenue. it has happened with adobe let's check in with splunk get a sense how the company is doing. welcome back to "mad money." good to see you, thank you. >> good to see you. >> i want to clear things up because there are changes in the way you report i think that people saw a cash flow from profit to loss and just said maybe we are miss judging, maybe splunk is slowing. that's not true, right >> that's not true we signalled a year and a half ago at our day that we're moving from less than 50% ratable term or cloud to the target was 85% by the end of next year, and we have over performed on that
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transition and we ended last year in excess of 80% renewable contracts and still held an 85% target for the end of this year and ahead of where we had signalled in our three-year outlook and we saw q 1 and q 2 customers as we were moving into a renewable model we can use this under a term contract or we'll serve you from the cloud that they really wanted -- didn't want perp to go away. perpetual to go away. >> it's not the cash flow. there is no cash flow. >> it's a timing issue in a perpetual model, you get the software and own it and bill for the entire amount as you should if i sign a three-year giym membership, i don't pay it up front or monthly or annually if they give me a discount. we conform to the native cloud company and license a three-year
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sales force or workday or service now contract where customers are and we do multi year to get visibility on the cost and pay them annually for they are service. >> you do great an lialytics an security there is sales force and companies we saw not have that good a quarter have things gotten too competitive? is that something that may be causing selling? >> ironically we raised guidance we're forecasting 2.3 billion january 1st. at that rate, we will become one of less than 10 companies in the history of enterprise software the history of enterprise software to hit 2 plus billion growing at 25% when i look at the business, we have moved from a singled product to ten different products to compliment splunk and transition the business from a large perpetual business to a
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determine and cloud business and that only happens if customers like what you have. >> i'm glad we cleared that up it's bugging the heck out of me. everything you do is exactly what adobe did and sat here and said listen, things are good and nobody believed it and caught a quad quadruple. let's talk about door dash door dash is the biggest and can pick anybody why did door dash pick you and what are they doing for me that i don't know about >> it's a great company. we're all so reliant on it now they have this beautiful completely online environment, very complex environment they need instrumentation on what is happening on a moment by moment basis so my order doesn't get lost, i can monitor from delivery times to quality of ratings from different consumers. we're helping them with everything from classic i.t. resiliency, engineering, cybersecurity and business analytics. so it's a true as we talked
6:19 pm
about, a true data platform story for door dash. >> you're a competitive advantage because that's all they have. all those things you described have to go right. >> they have to go right the hard part about splunk, we tent to be mission critical. when you're ingesting data per day, that usually is a critical system and have to have reliable visibility across that data. >> you have a relationship for comcast, the company i work for. >> a long-term customer. >> what would they do for mission critical >> similar set started back in i.t. and i.t. resiliency all the systems you use, your p.c. stays up and email is working moved into cybersecurity because that's a flip coin of the i.t. then started moving into different business processes set top box monitoring to make sure my xfinity service i love so much -- >> okay. >> and then begin a transition
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to how do we get better understanding of overall consumer flows where the business processes across this large, large expansive estate t get a better feel for customer engagement and conversion rates and we wind up usually with the small use case back for a technical buyer and then if we do our job right, they understand the value of splunk and help them with that, we drift across the company with a multitude. >> same with the company i like very much, slack. >> great company we are very reliant on slack they are the backbone across the company and back in the cyber center making sure that service is secure. really important to me stewart and company. all of our critical data is there. we'll continue to work with them to see where else we can add value. >> you're an elite group, microsoft, oracle, sales force and workday with others that have been $2 billion in revenue
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obtaining growth at 25%. congratulations. >> thank you we have a few more months to get there and we're proud to be part of helping organizations to get real-time decision making. >> thank you, doug so great you're here president and ceo of splunk, a cloud king i feel better about it confusing conference call but not confusing guidance "mad money" is back after the break. you should be mad at airports. excuse me, where is gate 87? you should be mad at non-seasoned travelers.
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how are we supposed to get bearings in what is a constantly seesawing stock market do we stair at the action in the bonds hoping it will give a glimpse to the future? do we watch the white house like a hawk deciphering every tweet for clues what is next in the trade war? maybe we parse the estate published chinese newspapers for hints whether the communist party is ready to make a deal? i don't know we'll take a step back
6:24 pm
how about we think this may be the situation to put emotions in check and nothing makes people more emotional than armed chair political analysis, which i hate we need to take a more objective approach, nothing that is a he said, she said regarding tonight with the help of legendary chartest larry williams. he's been trading futures, commodities and stocks for longer than i've been alive. i said this before but worth repeating. williams is a figure in this industry that's written almost a dozen books. he's got his own website i really is what it's called and created a slew of indicators many named after him like how many times have we used the williams' percentage oscillator when he looks at the market, he doesn't see a disaster waiting to happen. he doesn't he doesn't see a reason to panic or sell out of the market. he's not waiting for the other shoe to drop williams says you should buy buy right now, right here.
6:25 pm
he thinks the averages have bottomed or about to bottom at least for the moment, bullish, what a god send. all right, what does that confidence come from for starters a forecast base on advance decline line that measures the market's breath advanced decline line nets some of advancing stocks versus declining and up versus the number that goes down every day and it's cumulative. you can see it in black, okay? so when more names of the new york stock exchange go up than down, it rises williams likes to rely on this tool because it's more stable with fewer wild guy ratiirationu see. based on the action in the advanced decline, williams sees rallies that seems to repeat itself you can see the forecast, the red line tends to move in tandem
6:26 pm
with the indicator although more exaggerated. these cycles track the direction of a given move but not it's magnitude. they predict when something will go up or down, not by how much see where we are, okay when you project that cycle out, suggestion the market should rally from here. right here through the end of september hopefully. okay with another big decline williams says you want to buy again at the end of the october right here, okay and looking at another major run as we head into the end of the year and that's just one bullish forecast out of many check out this chart, the cbo volatile tin dindex. we love the vix and a fabulous reflection of the level of panic in the stock market. as i told you before, the vix and s&p 500 tend to move in
6:27 pm
opposite directions. when the s&p rises, the vix falls and when the s&p falls, the vix rises. so williams is on the hunt for times when traders are more fearful, more emotional. he thinks there is a cycle involved and you can see it in red on the chart okay so far this year it's been a pretty good indicator, it captures the swings in the volatility index if you can predict the action in the vix, that's a tool for calling tops and bottoms what happens when williams projects that cycle forward? you get a big spike in the vix right about now. at which coincides with the turmoil but sees a big fall off in volatility, okay? when the vix goes down, time for the s&p to rally again really good indicator and he likely through the end of september, that would be a nice run, that's why williams think
6:28 pm
it's highly unlikely stocks will go lower the volatility is the s&p, when you look back over the past ten months, williams sees a dominant 80-day cycle that keeps repeating and project it forward, the red line again you see we're poised for a major rally or at least an extended move higher. they just tell you the decline is likely to make place. williams has three different features, advanced decline and s&p 500 itself a market is done going down and ready to rally the charts as interpreted suggests that it's time to stop panicking and fear negativity has run the course if the averages haven't bottomed
6:29 pm
already, they will bottom sioon. that's why williams says i think you need to take the bullish where so many professionals seem committed to sowing fear i never did. let's go to mark in pennsylvania, mark >> caller: boo-yah, jim. volatility is we metals, wpm a good invest mtd given exposure to gold and virile >> i like barack let's go to rick in illinois, please, rick >> caller: hey, jim. i've been a long-time member of action alerts plus and appreciate your guidance in the volatile markets we're in? >> thank you >> caller: going along with your resent theme to try to have
6:30 pm
quality dividend companies, awhile back you had the ceo of apple on your show i listened to the conference call and was impressed with the fact their portfolio consists of over 200 u.s. based marriott and hilton hotels and in addition to th that, they pay a dividend of 7%. so with gas prices and interest rates relatively low, and consumer confidence high, it seems like utility companies should do well in this environment. >> that's a good idea. we did have them on. ben stellar and i have been working to find out which dividends are safe which returns could be safe and i've got to tell you, i've got to do more work but think there is a very compelling idea if it checks out 7.7% yield is a pretty nice yield. all right. our chartest says it's time to stop panicking and start buying. i'm not one to go against
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legendary williams there is much more "mad money" ahead. my exclusive with nestle i'll talk to the ceo and how much emotion is in this market take one look at my twitter account to find out. why it's time to check your feelings at the door and all your calls, rapid fire tonight's edition of the lightning round so stay with cramer
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with so many investors
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worried about worldwide slowdown, the strength in the stock of nestle. there is nothing super sexy about nestle it's the classic slow and steady package with the high quality portfolio of brands. kit c kit-kat bars, ice cream, too fattening for me and fancy feast we use at home the stock is up 37% for the year seemingly setting highs every day, a tech stock. $31 billion pantry but $331 billion, people don't realize how big this company is and the strength is more than rotation when northeaestle they reported strong quarter smucker disappointed big time. in other words, this is not just a slowdown stock but a slowdown stock with terrific execution. can it keep climbing let's talk to the ceo of nestle to get a closer read what his company is up to
6:36 pm
welcome back to "mad money". >> good to see you how are you? >> welcome to starbucks, i had him on there is very few win wins and the numbers are spectacular and we're early innings, right >> sit a win, win you're absolutely right this is the first anniversary of the closing of that deal in that year we accomplished a lot we took only six months to introduce the first wave of 24 products, went out in 16 markets. we're starting a second wave of launches this fall covering most european markets so we have an exciting plan for the future and i noticed yesterday how much you liked his -- >> oh my gosh, spectacular. >> you liked his pumpkin spice we have that and just announced it for home use. >> this is a category that used to be maybe one, 2%. you're growing for this stuff. >> and i think it just shows first of all, people like the
6:37 pm
strength of the starbucks brand name they like that this name stands for quality in coffee and wonderful sustainability it resonates strongly with us and with us you get superb execution and the presence on the ground we're having feet on the ground and 190 markets so we can do a lot for starbucks. >> let's go back to sustainability we care about impact per share and want to know when people say sustainablely, what they mean and let's see it. >> absolutely and one of the big themes is recycling. you see the classic expresso aluminum coffee that will have a second life and that could be for example aluminum pen or bike behind you there is lots of users where aluminum can have useful second life for consumers and we have pioneered in recycling skeechems for aluminum.
6:38 pm
>> we're terrible about recycling in america. >> when you order that product, there is a prepared ups with it so return the used capsules and we'll do the rest. >> so smart. great idea you guys do more than just food. there is -- you do health care and there is a thing that i lost my mom to cancer and i wish that we had copes, this copes program is extraordinary how did you think of it and what does it mean for the company >> this resonates with me and my prior career in health care. for cancer patients, it's not only about the medication, it's also about nutritional status and i know cancer patients get a lot of conflicting advice from experts and pulling it together and having one network that's online gets you in touch with an expert when you need it and givers you advice, there is a real high medical need for that. we started to roll this out this spring it really catches on nicely in the market and it just shows that we're not just interested in selling the product but we want to do is sell the solution.
6:39 pm
>> what happens? do people say this nestle is a caring company when i'm face in a supermarket with one product versus another, i want to do nestle because i think they are caring >> eloquent witwell, we speak tr brands different brands stand for different things those brands have to be convincing some say nestle honored, others don't. all of them have a different purpose and everything needs to be consistent with that purpose. >> thinking of that, plant-based, you mentioned the incredible burger. but you kind of just dropped the conference call. where are we >> look, plant-based is a major, major theme for us. >> okay. >> not only about meat but about dairy. so think about ice cream -- >> i love your -- absolutely your plant-based products and creamers are the best. >> and that's a key theme because at the end of the day, it usually has a better nutritional profile for consumers and also has a better environmental footprint. right for ou, right for the planet is a big theme for us
6:40 pm
on the burgers, we have it out in europe. we're doing well we're launching the awesome bugger in tbu burger in september. >> i want to go to a chef and have it made and it's not just me putting it on a grill you need more than that. >> the burger is a classic out of home product. you want to buy it retail and be able to have it at a restaurant. one of the things i wanted to suggestion is why not have a side by side great plant-based burger shootout -- >> done. >> the product prepared the same way -- >> you're willing to stake your reputation remember, there is no accounting for taste. >> we're willing to compete. >> one last thing, i know that you had some expenses in water last year that related to transport and packaging. had those come down at all so the margins are getting better >> on margins, we've improved a lot on packaging we have established an institute of
6:41 pm
packaging signs because we noticed -- >> what? >> institute of packaging -- america? >> in switzerland. it will develop better materials for packaging but come to this country, too because packaging is a big theme when you are serious about sustainability, you have to look into better solutions all the time we did not want to be a passenger to what the packaging industry is dishing out. we wanted to do our own thing. >> that is so smart. the industry is woeful they are big talk, i mean, big had no cattle. i've dealt with these people and they really just talk it they are not doing it. they are not doing this. >> one thing we realized, it's our name on the product. >> right. >> we want to be sure it's packaging material we fully endorse. >> something like this that's incredibly important the last thing i need tolearn more, what percentage of the bike is this and how do we get one of these >> so, for the bike this is a part of the program. we made 1,000 of those think about, you know --
6:42 pm
>> this is what we want for holidays and for birthdays. >> 40% of the capsule is going to it. 60% needs to be a harder alloy to stand up as a bike. this is an opportunity and we'll think about scaling it up. >> you are for real. you are for real. >> we're trying hard. >> thank you so much that's mark snider the ceo of northeaestle, which company that cares about more than just good tasting food. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? "mad money" is back after the break. "mad money" is back after the prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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it is time, it is time for the lightening round buy, buy, sell, sell, buy, buy and then the lightning round is over are you ready ski daddy. time for the lightning round ron in oregon, ron >> hi, jim thanks for talk ever ta s fs fol you think i should add to my position >> i like smith kline.
6:46 pm
it's terrific. let's go to jean in indiana. >> caller: nice to talk to you. >> i like the hoosh ers, good movie. >> caller: i bought stock on my security i bought century link two years ago 300 shares at $27. today you showed the stock at 11.59. i should have sold sooner. what should i do >> i don't like it there and i don't like it here and i think, yeah, you have to. i really do. i'm sorry. let's go to reginald in texas. >> caller: hey, jim, how is it going today. howdy and big texas boo-yah to you. >> what's going on >> caller: i was calling today because i had a question about a particular stock that i have, a
6:47 pm
small position in. their ticker is pegi and their patterson energy group. >> i don't understand why it's doing so well. it's got a great yield i'm trying to figure out whether it's connected at all with the problems at pg&e we'll have to get back to you on that stock let's go to pennsylvania. >> caller: hi, jim thank you for taking my call. >> of course >> caller: i just want to say i absolutely love your show. >> thank you, thank you so much. >> caller: my question is about health catalyst inc, ticker hcat a few weeks ago, you said you wish you had recommended it as $38. and i have been buying it in instrumeuranc increments should i continue buying it or just hold for now? >> wait for it to come down more
6:48 pm
because that was our ultimate victi verdict. let's go to juan. >> caller: boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: calling about my hometown stock what do you think? >> what was the stock? >> caller: wen resorts. >> too much china. don't want to touch it way too much china let's go to north carolina >> caller: hey, boo-yah, jim, how are you doing today. >> boo-yah. >> caller: hey, jim, i'm calling about one of the cloud software stocks, which is cloud-based enterprise work management. >> okay. >> caller: it's called upld. >> i just don't know how -- whether they can distinguish themselves enough and there are so many cloud companies now. they are all going down good and bad so i'm going to say. >> don't buy, don't buy. >> joe in connecticut, joe >> caller: jim, big boo-yah from
6:49 pm
the constitution state thank you for all you do for us. >> quite welcome thank you. thank you for saying good things >> caller: you're the best i wanted to get your thoughts on air mark in light of i just read about a mantle ridge taking a big stake in the company. >> yeah, driven the stock up a great deal they may be an interesting level to take some off the table let's go to vince in nebraska, vince? >> caller: boo-yah jimmy, how are you doing? >> all right how about you? >> caller: good. jimmy, i'm looking at a stock more for play than anything else, i correlate 225 into 1.2 million in my 25 years of investing. >> well done. >> caller: vintage capital has a position trying to get them on the board i think to sell. what do you think? >> i don't know. there is a downgrade today that seemed cogent. i didn't think this was the
6:50 pm
level to be involved i won't recommend it it seems like there is hair on the story and don't want to go there. let's go to mark in wisconsin, mark >> caller: jim, the stock i have for you has had a pretty nice run the last ten, 11 months. my question is, should i ring the register and take the money and run? the name of the company is end phase ticker -- >> recommended more than any other stock in my twitter feed it's red hot it's solar it's a very good company but at the same time, let's be disciplined, disciplined i was doing a pod cast, a show today about fantasy football and i have to say, i said discipline trumps convention. discipline says you have to ring theregister on very hot stock. let's take another ten calls this time we'll go to joel in new york, joel >> caller: hey, what's up, jim, boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: okay. i have a question on the cold
6:51 pm
storage. wall street is finally looking into the cold storage business. >> yes, it is. >> caller: so i wanted to know -- >> the food distribution business, whether it be sysco, it's a read. pretty attractive. we should be recommended these stocks our viewers are smart. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ♪♪ ameritra ameritrade
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i've said it a million times, i'm going to say it again if you plan on managing your portfolio, in politics you've got your team. you want your team to win. that's fine. but the stock market doesn't care about your partisan affiliation. trying to invest as a democrat or republican is a great way to lose money i know so many conservatives that hate president obama. they let that drive their decision making and missed out on huge gains. people on the other side of the spectrum making the same mistake with president trump likes and dislikes will lead you astray consider yesterday trump said he got two phone calls from the chinese and want to make a deal and he denied it first, you got to admit, those calls were well timed. if the calls happened, they were let's say perfect. coming into monday morning it seemed like we would have a huge
6:55 pm
stock market decline people didn't get to sell as much as they wanted to on friday so the setup was ugly and things could have gone off the rails. then we hear about the calls and the market comes roaring back. whether or not trump was telling the truth, that was always going to be a positive for stocks because it showed he was willing to talk rather than continue to ratchet up tensions. you can hate trump you can roof a recession so he'll get booted out of office but can't let that call your approach to the stock market you have to think about the events in terms of outcomes. will it send stocks higher will it send stocks lower? the event that one thing, the outcome is what we care about on "mad money." by the same token, there is a belief the people's republic of china is powerful and they can with stand any amount of pain so we can't win the trade war they have done a fantastic job of managing the economy and put 400 million people to work and play for keeps but if you think the party is all powerful, how
6:56 pm
come they lost control of hong kong as one of the largest cities think outcomes the long game doesn't matter you think china will try to out last trump that's good luck unless biden wins the nomination and he's clearly lost a step, there is a good chance the candidate will be tougher on china than the current administration they think president trump is mad at them for stealing american jobs, wait until they have to deal with president mad about the jobs and even matter about them to spoil the environment. that's why i'm generally confident we'll win the darn war but i have no idea how long it will drag on or how much damage might end up in the process. let me make this simple. here on "mad money" the only agenda is higher stock prices because you tend to own stocks think of me as a dollar sign represented by a man take it from someone who knows you don't rack up big gains by trying to judge politicians. you need to judge the outcomes and in terms of outcomes, i've
6:57 pm
got the char aboacter has littl do warren g hard nl nen not a greay herbert hoover a terrific guy. terrible for the stock market. jimmy carter, the guy not so good for the stock market. sometimes lines up the other way. nixon bad guy and bad market but mostly people there is no correlation. do me a favor, don't try to invent one invent one stick with cramer. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. - [spokesman] if you've tried you can do it, you can finish. - [spokesman] finish your degree at
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are we supposed to dance? ♪ boy boy bands without dancing are just ok. get a better than just ok unlimited plan with spotify premium included on america's best network. only from at&t. more for your thing. that's our thing. after the bell all the desks reported bad numbers sending cloud stocks down. i liked when splunk had to say but will get hit by auto desk. the idea to buy the market and resonate with me because i don't know a soul who likes the market and i know many who hate it. perhaps larry williams was on to something. wouldn't be the first time there is always a bull market somewhere and i pratrol promise somewhere and i pratrol promise it here on "mad money.
7:00 pm
>> welcome to the shark tank, i'm jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ with a modern way to send a traditional postcard. ♪ hi, sharks. my name is josh brooks. i'm the founder of on the run tech and postcard on the run. today i'm seeking $300,000 in exchange for 5% equity in my company. if you're anything like me, you've got 22,000 photos stashed away on a hard drive,


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