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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  September 9, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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anything super aggressive but do good work. i like at&t. >> the move in blackstone has been remarkable. not talked enough about it, i don't think. but something is clearly going on >> that does it for us se "mad money" starts right now my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i ploromise to hp you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica people want to make friends, i'm trying to make you money call me at 1-800-797-cnbc. nasdaq declining 1.9%.
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underneath we saw a radical devaluation of all sorts of stocks we were forced to reconsider how much we'll pay for a certain amount of stocks now and certain amount of growth now and how much we will pay in the future or do we sell? most dramatic example. this morning an activist group elliott management took a $3.2 billion stake in at&t, gigantic, and sent a letter to the board of directors stock trading at just under 37 they think they can get it to $60 plus by the end of 2021 if the changes are made that will be huge. at&t has been a real lager at&t blames ill advised decisions by management, like overpaying for directv what would the failed acquisition of t-mobile which ended up jump starting their competitor with a gigantic breakup. with some changes elliott argues at&t can be worth a great deal more than it's selling for they want the company to
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distract itself from side businesses cut the fat. emphasize changes. stop doing willy-nilly acquisitions at every turn put it altogether and they believe the stock can get a much higher price notice i didn't say elliott is calling for the head of randall stevenson, the ceo they didn't ask forbort seat bos they confiscated a warship from argentina. they were owed it. in reality though, you know what, i think this reputation is entirely over blown. elliott is quite constructive if you are willing to work with them they're really showing a lot of confidence in at&t they presented a totally reasonable roadmap for attracting more institutional investors. stock has a surprising few number of them and, therefore, sending the stock higher it shouldn't be that hard given that at&t sports a bountiful 5.5% yield they're paying it away for the changes. why isn't the stock higher
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elliott blames poor management they found the leadership wanting. they changed the strategy. stock could catch fire they didn't say if they changed the leadership, just that the leadership changed its strategy. again, i thought it was very gentlemanly even though i know many home gamers own at&t. hedge funds have shunned this stock. if randall stevenson embraces this, then the stock could be worth buying even after today's run. at&t stocks still lagging well behind the rest of the market and if they can get their house in order i think you could end up looking very cheap in this environment. yes, i say it's a buy. emphasis on it though is this environment phrase i gave you. we're seeing a wholesale revision of what's safe and cheap versus what's problematic and expensive here something that's royaling the entire market underneath while it's been going on for a week, it's impossible to deny that we're seeing an avalanche of selling as money managers
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swap cheaper and slower and steadier names like at&t today we saw a breakdown of growth names they went into laggards, it's a little comforting given the selloff. look at shopify. business is so good, earlier this morning bayer raised their sales estimates. shopify has phenomenal numbers this $358 stock down from 406 a few weeks ago, it's expected to earn roughly 70 cents for a share for 2019 even though it has explosive growth, shopify is absurdly expensive on an earnings basis the market's no longer willing to pay up which is why the stock punched another 5.7% today at least it has earnings it could be worst. they reported a fantastic
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number even raised the earnings forecast unfortunately the company is losing money they don't want to see losses and they have new found competition. it wants cheap stocks and ones that are turning a bountiful profit it has 12% today on top of friday'shideous declines people are losing money. later tonight we'll hear from two other stocks that are selling off because of this exact rotation altericks and zoom video it's not the fault of the companies, it's the fall of the stock market, okay the market doesn't know what to do with these stocks so what's now in style in wall street fashion show money managers want stocks like citigroup that's trading at nine times earnings they want goldman sachs with a smaller yield at nine times earnings they prized jpmorgan it's not just the banks. the stocks of the real down and outers, the oil companies rally,
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too. everything from slumbers oil service giant to apache. it's widely disliked or at least it was both stocks paid bountiful dividends in excess of 4%. we own bp from my childhood friend it yields 6.6% and it actually has growth i don't know if i want you in. >> the house of pain. >> so let's try this rotation of two things people seem to believe they can see progress in trade negotiations with china. personally, i'm skeptical. more on that later hope springs eternal on top of that there's a belief that the federal reserve has no choice but to cut interest rates after friday's not so hot unemployment number. once rates are cut the bulls wish that the economy will get stronger which is why the long-term bond yield surged today. also it might explain that rally in oil although that could just as easily be because the saudis might cut back and when money managers see a rally in oil they assume the economy is improving and they buy the retailers, down and out retailers, not just
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watch retailers. it somehow brings in more shoppers since i'm no more running a hedge fund i like to be contrarian you don't need to chase the rotations because you don't have rich investors breathing down your neck pushing you constantly for outperformance on a daily basis. you can afford to buy what the money managers are selling although i wouldn't sell what they're buying because those stocks are way too cheap to ignore we're still not yet at a level that could necessarily sustain a real bottom of the turbo charged growth stocks. some people are beginning to realize the selloff started. remember, if long-term treasury yields keep climbing resumption will be that the economy is doing better they abandon the secular high power growth stocks for the cyclicals, the oils, banks, old tech stocks like what they bought today i think it's wrong the truth is high growth never really goes out of style for long it just has periodic hiccups that shake out the weak handed shareholders that's what's happening. if you haven't already found a
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terrific cloud stock you want to buy into weakness slowly please, maybe you want to think of cramer faves sales force or opta or listen to one of the two companies i have on tonight that are high growth and think you get comfortable with one of those. bottom line, you want to know why your growth stocks are getting annihilated, right there's a market growth out of these companies. by the way, that is why we play and diversify them on days like today you won't have all of your eggs in one high flying and now yolk filled basket let's go to rich in california rich. >> big thank you, jim cramer really appreciate everything you do my question is about ulterior groups, stock ticker mo. i purchased it three weeks ago i was hoping for a good purchase $57, nice dividend yield with today's news with the fda issuing a warning letter to jul i'm concerned about their
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marketing practices. should i be concerned for chopping stock prices ahead. >> i think you kind of lay low the juul stuff is pretty devastating. they're always anxious to say what they do is help people get off of smoking the fda seems to be a little bit more concerned about people getting on smoking and that is something that the juul people will deny. juul does not run the fda. let's go to chuck in washington please chuck. chuck? >> hello. >> hey, chuck. how are you? >> i'm great how are you doing today? >> i'm doing good. thank you. what's going on? >> good. hey, i appreciate your enthusiasm, your candid advice and especially your witt presently my wife and i are retired. we're drawing retirement and our stocks are managed by another financial group but this is the first time we want to try managing our own little portfolio. >> okay. >> and there's something i've been watching and i've got a gut
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feeling about it we both like it. smg. >> scott' miracle grow scott' miracle grow is an excellent company. i wish it were down a little more from its high but it was a -- they had a good selling season and i think that you can tell that but let's put it this way, if you're going to start a portfolio, i don't necessarily think you should start with a stock that's that expensive that doesn't have the dividend protection you might want you're retired you don't want to start going for what some people feel is a gunner stock good company, rich, thank you for the kind words. >> let's go to fred in new mexico fred >> hey, jim. i've been a holder of corning for many months and i've been riding this slow roller coaster wondering when the fact that they make the glass for tens of
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millions of mobile phones in the world, when are we going to see some growth happen in that stock or what is the problem with that stock when we know we have to migrate to 5g in the up coming years? >> i know. it never seems to be able to break out. it's almost as if all the holders who bought it in 1999 are still stuck in it. i think it's a slow and steady wins the race stock. i don't think it's a dangerous stock but i don't think it's breaking out here. let's take one more. let's go to ben in california, please ben. >> jim, what's going on, brother? >> not much. how about you? >> i'm good. i'm good question is on slack they had their first earnings since their direct listing last wednesday. initially after earnings the stock dropped about 15% after hours. then thursday it bounced back to 30 and then friday it dropped and today we're down another 10%. i got in shortly after the direct listing but what do i do
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here do i cut losses? >> i have to tell you, this stock -- this stock is in all the wrong hands. it just is not doing nearly as badly as people think. i totally respect microsoft but i do think that slack has got great technology and i think a lot of people like their software i use it but all i will tell you is is that this stock, like many of these high growth stocks that do not have earnings is for sale and i don't know when they're going to stop. boy, it will be very clear they'll at least bounce and i would not sell work, so to speak, that's what the symbol is, if i owned it. beware, the sellers are just gunning for these stocks and moving into the lower multiple price range and that's a rotation that is severe enough for me to tell you to be careful. all right. i like the company i'm not changing my mind on it i like the company the stock itself is in the wrong hands. we've been seeing a wholesale revision of safe and cheap. that's why your high growth stocks like slack aren't
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working. don't take the rotation personally please. on "mad money" tonight, zoom video crushed earnings but the stock has been getting crushed i'm going to get to the bottom and as dollar tree braces for new price, does the stock remain a bargain or did you miss the discount i sat down with the ceo in one of the remodeled stores. since the stock is selling for 100% this year alone and it may not be on your radar although because it's up for 100% it's for sale i'll reveal the name and see that that decline will continue. stay with cramer. don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question, tweet cramer #madtweets send jim an email to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to
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this market has started really just slaying its darlings it's trying to get some of the fastest garden cloud names that investors couldn't get enough of this year.
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take one of my favorites, zoom video communications it became public in april and quickly became one of the hottest stocks in the market surging from $136 in its ip 0. it got too hot, too hot for its own good by the end of august it had pulled back to the low 90s it's been down 8% on friday and losing another 8% today to close at 78 bucks and change zoom reported a monster top and phenomenal full year guidance and that's what happens when a stock gets over heated even spectacular numbers won't prevent serious profit taking. it's still not cheap but zoom is a great growth story. sooner or later its stock will be worth buying so let's take a closer look with eric yuan he is the founder and ceo of zoom video communications. to get a better sense of his company, welcome to "mad money."
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>> hey, first of all thank you so much. i'm very excited to be on your show. >> eric, so you've got two different clients i'm going to ask you about them one is hsbc. 290,000 host the other is my executive producer from my morning show, todd bonan who used zoom for his football fantasy draft how can something work for a football fantasy draft and work for the most far flung bank in the world? >> so we do the future of communications we do the new voice. zoom can connect the people with any device anywhere any way they want that's why we have so many customers from all kinds of industries like high paying companies, uber, like hsbc, banking institutions, right. any companies can level zoom to improve their collaboration. >> now you started in cisco. cisco has webex, webex is run by
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amy chang. gave a very good talk to the team how do you compete against a company that you left that you know is a great company, cisco, given the fact that they are doing a huge amount of business on their own >> yes, cisco is great company i was there for 4 1/2 years. i learned a lot at cisco we really focus on customer side we listen to the customer carefully. we wanted to be the first company to really understand the customer's pinpoint. we also want to be the first company to come up with a solution we want to be along for trust. we don't have other competitors. if you truly care about customers, we feel trust with customers, i think we'll be okay. >> let's say i am a verizon customer, which i am, and verizon has chosen zoom to be a partner. do i go to zoom? do i go to verizon i want to use you for my football fantasy league.
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>> verizon is a wonderful partner of ours. you can go to zoom and also verizon already had a huge installment base they can resell zoom to their installer base either way is okay you will get zoom service. >> 96% year over year growth these numbers, people are going to be saying, well, the stock is getting hit. it's not because you're slowing down, it's because of the way the stock market works, right? there's not some sudden slowdown people asked me, zoom, something must have gone wrong at zoom that's not the way it works, correct? >> i think it's so i know how to build a product. i know how to manage a business. i have no idea about stock price. in a lot of ways i think as we have happy customers, i think the stock price will follow. again, we look at long-term shareholder value. >> i'm glad you mentioned that word because there's a particular word you mentioned i usually don't think of when it comes to telecommunications.
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you used the word happiness. throughout your documents and your comp score you talk about happiness. i usually talk about money what does happiness have to do with money >> so the purpose of life is about happiness, right how do you make sure your happiness is sustainable we say to make others happy. your happiness will be sustainable. we built a business to deliver happiness to customers all of us at zoom, we feel very happy if we keep doing that. >> how do you make morgan stanley happy? >> first of all, morgan stanley is our customer already and we build much better service. we help morgan stanley improve employee vision. the company portrait is getting better that's whythey become happier customer after a while morgan stanley will see the huge value after they be part of zoom this is a way for us to deliver happiness to our customers like morgan stanley. >> sir, what is the best way to measure if you're a retail
6:22 pm
investor do we look at your rapid revenue growth because your actual contract strategy makes it a little bit harder for me to analyze it by deferred revenue or billings what's my metric here? >> i think you look at our camp based on idc by 2022 it's a $43 billion market look at our revenue today. as long as we keep working harder and make sure customers are happy, i think long-term value i think should be okay. >> why do -- people are leaving face time, they're leaving a lot of different little guys i mean, i always thought cisco's pure enterprise, but i am hearing more and more younger people, people 20s, 30s, 40s, they're setting up zoom conference calls among their friends. it's that easy to use? >> zoom, you are right on. millennials, they always wanted to use the best and brightest service. look at all the millennials. they all probably want to use zoom because zoom offers a much better service
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it's very easy to use. >> i have to tell you, you run a remarkable company i know cisco doesn't want to lose share to you since you were at cisco, but i want to congratulate you for everything you've done. it's a remarkable story. >> jim, thank you so much. i really appreciate it. >> terrific. that's eric yuan eric, he is not -- there's nothing happening at the company that's why it's going down you've got to believe me you heard eric and his story is so good. but you have to understand stocks go down, too, they don't just go up, even if nothing's happening at the company and the company is zoom video communications "mad money's" back after the break.
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i keep telling you there are two kinds of retailers working this environment there's the big dogs that have the strength to storm their suppliers and crush their competitors because they've got scale and then there's the off-priced plays that offer incredible values that you can't really find anywhere else. consider the spectacular recent move in dollar tree. the dollar store chain that's now turning itself around by sprucing up the lackluster locations they acquired from family dollar. last year gary philbin told us this turn was coming you have phenomenal gains. stock's tacked on 20 bucks in the last month or so could it have more room to run earlier today we got a chance to check out this dollar tree turn around in person we joined gary philbin in one of his renovated family dollar locations in asbury park, new
6:27 pm
jersey, which happens to be near my place take a look. >> gary, we are in to me a new store. i have told you often i didn't like the old store how did you do it? this place is gorgeous versus the previous model >> thank you, jim. welcome to the asbury park family dollar. what you see here is really the culmination of everything we've been talking about in h2 so exciting wow items, more of what our customers want on frozen food. the injection of over 20 dollar wow sections we're very excited, thank you. >> a lot of the analysts say when is the turn going to happen you have 7,000 of this, 7,000 dollar tree. stop me because when you were at 85 you were saying the turn is happening, jim it is obviously happening. where are we in terms of the progression? >> this is an important quarter for us keep in mind when i saw you back in november we've got from a one four comp in family dollar to one nine to two four
6:28 pm
we've accomplished 1,000 h2 renovations. we are so excited, we're planning on 150 before september finishes that will give us over 1,000 we need to do more h 2s. the whole fleet of stores did better in the last quarter we sold more of what we are creating in our impact sections across our stores. it was a good quarter for all those reasons. >> what is the secret sauce behind an h2 and describe what an h2 is. >> i would invite everybody in h2 for us starts at the impulse at the start of the store. you're going to see incredible 1, 2, $3 items expanded party you'll see a wow discretionary on our clothing set. you'll be surprised at the number of dollar product through the store and you're going to see impulse items throughout the store. you're coming into the store and you don't have a list, we're going to have something to put in your basket. >> this store has a combination
6:29 pm
of things that i would be paying less for that are store brand, national brand items, are you really making money with tariffs and all of this stuff on some of these dollar items >> the dollar items are a big injection from dollar tree with a high operating income there, yes, i can tell you we do make a nice profit on the dollar items but because we work very hard not just all the year but now especially with tariffs, we're still working on those same types of items. >> the analysts are suspicious how you can possibly mitigate when the tariffs pump up, tariff one, tariff two. who knows? a tweet is tariff five is it not a precarious time to be the ceo of dollar tree? >> let's not suggest tariff five i give great credit to the merchant team. we've enlisted our vendors how do we get price and costs down and pack it so we land it
6:30 pm
better the last thing we want to do is take value so our merchants go to asia and not just china and we're moving product out of china to the right places and i think over time what our folks have done is just -- we make it look easy but it is a lot of discipline with what we've done over the years with this working knowledge. >> you've been tough cancel orders, modify specification, evolve product list, diversify vendors. you obviously play hard ball to get low prices. >> well, we play hard ball but i would say we've always been fair we've worked very hard with our vendors. we serve a unique customer our vendors are a part of that i think we're very proud with relationships we've had long term with our vendors but they get it too business is at a certain moment at time can be risk if we couldndon't provide value to customers. >> tell me how you work. i've been pretty vocal i have a fabulous dollar tree. i got $16 worth of stuff i could not believe. seemed like around 40. i say when is the family dollar
6:31 pm
going to become a dollar tree. that's not what you're doing you're building new family dollars. isn't it easier to make them all dollar >> it's not easier we bought family dollar with a specific intent. two brands five blocks from here we have a wonderful dollar tree. both brands are doing well the family dollar now is doing great with this h2 we serve more customers. we bring more people to a dollar tree/family dollar combination that's the power. >> okay. so i'm in a snack zone here, right? now is that a great area where are the best -- where are the real areas that you're killing it >> it depends on the customer. customers come in often for the basics i think what surprises them, jim, is everything we sell in aisle one, the surprising party section now. halloween is out we shared some of the christmas wow product that's going to come into most stores in another month. that's the stuff that our customers really don't expect when they come into a family dollar that's the part we see them buying more of. >> i have not seen some of these
6:32 pm
brands like clorox i never thought clorox would want to be in a family dollar? >> they're a wonderful vendor for us we have great share with them. that's a pretty good example of a basic item that cuts across demographics family dollar customer, that's a great brand within our four walls. >> now when they see side by side or right here in snacks, i mean, who cares? do i really want to pay three bucks for lays salty snacks or salty snacks your compare is starting to win, right? >> we have compare and save. smart ways to save when you think about what our private brands accomplish for our customer on a tight budget and you can save from 20 to 40% same size, great tasting product. we have onesies, baby lineup looking for infant/toddler wear. that's where we can make a difference for our customer. >> you walked and talked about
6:33 pm
how people don't realize not everyone in the country makes a lot of money you have your, i think, the pulse on the $40,000 consumer better than anyone in the world. how is she doing >> you know, i think our customer with unemployment has had a better opportunity to have a steady job i find our customers are often one paycheck away from not doing so well. >> right thank you for recognizing that. >> i think what we offer them is just a way of saving money, which is so important to them. and our customers are so savvy they know the retails of our stores and anywhere else in the neighborhood that they happen to shop. >> it's not just them, right the millennials price check. >> they have a phone and if you have a phone you can get the family dollar smart app and it will tell you the best deals right on your phone. we accomplish both. >> one last thing. from the consumer perspective, all right? i love your balloons, okay >> we get it. >> it is not your fault that you
6:34 pm
don't have all the balloons i want, right? >> i apologize to all of our customers. obviously they love our party sections, the balloons really drive it we're going to be tied up with a shortage here probably over the next 9 to 12 months. we think we see a horizon. >> people think that helium grows on skies it's not true. >> it comes out of the ground and so it's what we have is what we've got to deal with, but the birthday parties, you can still celebrate at a dollar tree or family dollar if you come in plenty of other items to buy if we happen to be out of helium. >> you represent a great hope for the people who want to do better, maybe not have a chance but will you've made it so that it's affordable to be an american i want to thank you, gary philbin. terrific, sir. >> appreciate it. >> dollar tree president and ceo. we are at a beautiful family dollar that frankly i've avoided for years but won't anymore. >> come on back. it was sophie's big day.
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by the way, she's the next mozart. as usual we were behind schedule. but sophie's enthusiasm cannot be dampened. not even by a run-away donut. we powered through it in our toyota prius. because a star's got to shine, no matter what. it's unbelievable what you can do in the prius. toyota let's go places.
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at last, finally that meaningful buying opportunity i've been talking about in the hottest of the hot cloud stocks. the whole group started rolling over last week some of the smaller players
6:38 pm
reported imperfect quarters. they've really been getting annihilated. look at ayx. the rapidly growing analytics data play. i've been telling you to wait for this one to give you a pull back because i thought it was too expensive even though it's got a terrific concept their technology sits in the middle of the business's data ecosystem like a very efficient input between pipe lines and ecosystems on thursday alteryx was at 147 now it's $120. it plummeted another 15% today why? simply because of the cloud space coupled with the rotation and cheaper, safer stocks that i talked about at the top of the show nothing's changed with the underlying story fundamentals are fantastic last quarter was incredible. i think alteryx is exactly the kind of stock buying slowly into weakness, emphasis on slowly let's dig deeply with dean stoker the chairman and ceo of
6:39 pm
alteryx. welcome back to "mad money." >> hey, jim. welcome and welcome to silicon orchard here in orange county, california. >> there it is i always liked orange county more than i liked up north dean, i downloaded your book, okay because it's terrific. i download all the stuff that you do but now i've got something that keeps selling i'm going to show my age i keep being told this is the age of the bad ass analyst how do i get to be a bad ass analyst? >> well, you've done the first part, jim. you've downloaded the software you click and run it you'll get the thrill of solving all of this over again. we typically start our journeys with our customers by simply getting the 14-day trial and prosecuting analytics in a variety of ways so that you, too, can get the thrill of problem solving again. >> what it seems like, as you say, code free people get to learn things and people who are
6:40 pm
code friendly really get to learn things how could something be both? >> well, that's a great point. first of all, alteryx is a platform, not a point solution we purpose built the platform to address the two primary audiences that are affecting digital transformation today we made alteryx drag and drop, click and run code free for the citizen data scientists for people living in v lookups and spreadsheets and we made it code friendly for the 2 million ph.d. trained statisticians. we see a convergence everywhere we go and in all verticals around the world. >> i have to tell you, i know a younger person who is at a company and everyone is using excel. he found out about your company. he is running rings around everybody else are there still people who cling or remain disenfranchised by excel? >> well, of course i think people are -- have been historically locked out of bi
6:41 pm
and analytic processes from yesteryear they're the system of record deep in i.t. in order to get work done analysts took their work back and they decided to try to do the big data analytic solutions inside of a spreadsheet that was built 30 years ago, still going to be the last mile in analytics. people are trying to figure out how to put a trillion rows in a million row spreadsheet. we know that's untenable we typically find the analyst who just doesn't like their job anymore because they're not productive citizens for the enterprise they start that journey like you did. you can become a bad ass analyst in no time using alteryx. >> if i am fortunate to work for the dallas cowboys would i become a bad ass analytics doing sentiment analytics? >> sure. most sports teams, not just the dallas cowboys, but the green bay packers use alteryx to do
6:42 pm
all kinds of things, things inside the stadium, on the field itself there's a ton of data being assembled and within a stadium from videos of lines at the food counter, the wait times at the beer stand, tweets about players in section 4 during a particular play and, you know, the nfl teams are beginning to leverage analytics to drive a better experience not only for the players on the field but a better experience for the patrons in the stands. >> i'm getting a lot of word that people are -- there's -- i just watched it, actually an old friend talk about how stadiums are being wired for gambling i have to tell you i'm not allowed to gamble, but if i were a gambler i would love to know what your company could do for me >> well, we actually work with many of the casinos in all parts of the world in fact remote indian reservations, some
6:43 pm
of the vegas clubs that exist today. imagine all the data that's being collected from slot machines and the cards that are given for loyalty business and where they meander throughout the casino and so because alteryx has the ability to understand spatial analytics, predictive modeling it's a pretty good chance we'll know what you're going to do next and that's priceless to c suite in organizations around globe. >> and also for c suite for those who have tariff problems, you're talking about being able to automate some of that data so that maybe they can keep prices down >> well, automation is key to every business who's embarked on this digital transformation journey. i just got back from hong kong yeah, there more than any other place we're seeing supply chain try to understand how to reduce shipping costs, how to improve time to delivery, how to improve just in time manufacturing and
6:44 pm
take risk out of the system. we have no exposure to china but we're helping everyone who does have exposure to china figure out how to design analytic pipe lines and automate processes that drive value for organizations. >> one last question, dean obviously you don't control your stock. stock has been -- was a rocket, is coming back down. advice to people who own the stock. >> well, listen, it's one day in our journey we are not changing anything our go to market model is more powerful than the platform itself we have in play a massive opportunity. there's a $24 billion addressable market just in the line of business and our belief is that the winner take all in that space and we intend it to be us. we'll be the natural beneficiary of the share shift of legacy technology that sits in i.t. today. so we're very bullish on the future we're excited about our lot in
6:45 pm
life we took a long journey to get to this point and we're going to continue down this path to success. >> that's dean stoker, chairman and ceo of alteryx thank you so much, sir. >> thanks, jim. stocks get hot, rotation stocks get cool, companies stay the same this is a good one dean stoker, chairman and ceo of alteryx. "mad money" will be right back
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by the moments we share. everything you need, all in one place. expedia. it is time it's time for the lightning round. then the lightning is round. are you ready skee-daddy time for the lightning round start with betsy in california betsy. >> hey, jim. first, thanks for all you do in teaching me how to study >> ah. >> and, secondly, jim, i'm calling you today about a one of a kinder stock i know you like duopolies? what's better than a duopoly mine is one of a kind. mine is vail resort.
6:49 pm
it picked up 17 properties, midwest, east coast, new york, new hampshire, missouri, nebraska so no matter where the snow is, they're going to get it. >> they're really smart, betsy you're absolutely right. it's been down a lot lately. i think it's a 3% yield. buy some now, get it when it's at 3.5%. >> john in pennsylvania. john. >> thanks for taking my call, jim. >> absolutely, john. >> there's no fda approval. >> i think it's very good on that issue i agree with you it needs to be solved. think are in the forefront but it's speculative just so you know that. let's go to larry in illinois. larry. >> jim, love your show. >> thank you. >> thank you for all your hard work. >> thank you >> listen, tomav it's taken a hit in the last few days should i get back in >> i don't know that i don't know that one.
6:50 pm
i'll have to get back. being shellacked got to find out why. >> richard in virginia richard. >> hey, mr. cramer great big boo-yah from richmond, virginia in mid july i bought shares in comstock resources symbol crk. what's your opinion? >> jerry jones just talked about it he liked it. i don't like the group so i'm going to have to say. >> don't buy, don't buy, don't buy. >> i like jerry zone zeke, he's back. give him the ball a little more please john in georgia. john >> boo-yah from atlanta, jimmy. >> oh, what's up >> i've got to ask you about waste management more room to run or -- >> day one of a selloff. day one of a selloff is a day i don't like to buy. i want to come in a little more. i don't like to be the pioneer of a decline give it two or three more days to come down more and then -- >> buy, buy, buy. >> why do we care?
6:51 pm
i don't want you to have a bad basis. the company is doing very well robert in oregon robert >> hi, jim i bought b&g food, bgs for 22.50. since then it has dropped 25%. do you think the stock price will recover >> it did have a bad quarter i used to like those guys. i can't say i do anymore i don't know what the heck happened to them they became the poster child for almost everything that's not right in the food business so i'm going to have to say take a pass and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade take control of your financial future with the new cramer's exclusive ceo interviews, full episodes, analysis, even your own sound board. plus special access to "mad money" 101 with rules and techniques to break down the market for all investors. >> the red flag that makes me
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we're finally seeing lots of stories about the slowdown in china thanks to the president's tariffs. for years most of the media bought into the idea that the chinese economy wasn't vulnerable now they're starting to question it, aren't they. there's just one teensy weens si
6:55 pm
problem. the consumer economy, not the export driven one, might be in better shape than what you see while you can't rely on the official numbers from the chinese government you can rely on the numbers reported by american companies and so far they're surprisingly strong no slowdown detected aside from the obvious exceptions caterpillar is hurt by weak chinese orders that's part of their fought. cat bought a mining company. back then china was committed so the machines were in high demand now their air quality is so bad they're cutting back and it's giving cat a hard time the other major industrials, boeing doesn't seem to have been hurt yet the 737 max issue is a serious problem, but given the shortage of new planes around the world, boeing will bounce back. there's too much demand for new aircraft the big take away of this earnings season is that while chinese exports have gotten hit, chinese consumer sales are doing
6:56 pm
well, much better than expected. for the most part the companies are reporting spectacular sales. nike reports in weeks. mark barker called out the strong sales in the people's republic este de lauder added great growth and canada goose and lululemon both reported amazing sales in the prc. they cited china as a dominant market lulu is rushing to meet the demand the call shocked me with the robust spending power. apple gets a sizeable chunk. they still reported robust figures for all of their businesses despite fears of a boycott that simply hasn't happened yet hear about that again tomorrow when they unleash their new designs. starbucks keeps opening new stores in china. they called it out as one of their best growth markets if not the best if you are hoping for an easy win in the trade war, i think
6:57 pm
that may be a lot less likely even though that's the current zeitgeist. for years they've been trying to go towards a more consumption driven economy i still believe and maintain that the united states is in much better position than china when it comes to the trade war negotiations but the consumer economy remains in great shape don't look to china for disappointment, at least not yet. for the most part the companies are making a killing confounding the merchants of both doom and gloom. stick with cramer. you should be mad at forced camaraderie. and you should be mad at tech that makes things worse. but you're not mad, because you have e*trade, who's tech makes life easier by automatically adding technical patterns on charts and helping you understand what they mean. don't get mad. get e*trade's simplified technical analysis.
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tonight in our all new american greed it's a $3 billion case of gold fever is your favorite piece of jewelry the product of a crime only one way to find out don't miss it tonight at 10 only on cnbc. like to say there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise i'll find it just for you right here on "mad money." i am jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow
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narrator: in this episode of "american greed"... ♪ a small, secluded community where polygamy is practiced as a spiritual right, two brothers, warren and lyle jeffs, claim they are bringing the word of god to devoted followers. these men were standing in a position as gods over us. narrator: but god, it appears, is just a cover. they were using their religion, they were wrapping themselves in their religion to commit crimes. narrator: for warren, the crimes are against children. this is about little girls being taken away from their parents, tied up, and raped. narrator: and for lyle, the crime is fraud.


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