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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 31, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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if you go home long it's bliek like you bought it tonight. >> i would think bk said that about gold i like tlt, uz treysry yields lower buy tlt. i great tune. >>t is that does it for us "mad money" starts right now my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere. and i'm i promise to help you find it. >> hey, i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica welcome to trick-or-treat. my job is not just to entertain you but to educate and teach you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer hold on a second you don't go from fabulous to
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horrible overnight we don't suddenly doubt the entire edifice of a strong consumer only, only on halloween would anyone accept a trick that we're about to go into recession because of weak numbers and more negative trade talk rather than the treat of good earnings and low interest rates on days like today when we get some soft manufacturing data, we do believe the worst is yet to come, something that may be exacerbated by the trade stalemate. the nasdaq was down 0.14%. at one point the market was down far more than that i think it's a big mistake to panic here and not just because no one ever made a dime panicking. see, the truth is nothing we heard today should come as much of a surprise to you if you're a watcher of the show. that's because for months i've been telling you that we have two economies in this country. there is the consumer economy, which is red hot, as we'll hear later in the show when we talk to a couple of companies, and
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then the industrial economy which is weak and in many cases getting considerably weaker. fortunately the consumer economy is larger than the industrial economy. that's why industrial weakness can't bring the whole statement down by itself it isn't big enough. the industrial slowdown can bring down manufacturing for sure, but with the exception of some companies that cut their forecast, most of the enterprises are doing pretty well the forecast cutters are few and far between. maybe the industrial stocks have gotten a littlehigh. i will share that view with you. national fundamentals are better than the macro data would certainly lead you to believe. today a story was floated by an important incredible reliable business network which claimed the chinese aren't about to make a serious deal with the united states the market wants the deal, so of course that caused the news to get hammered i was up at 3:00 this morning, and nothing, there had been no negative news. the story broke around 4:00 and the market plummeted that's how i know. that's when i saw the streak the end of the day, we have no real knowledge of what's happening behind the scenes.
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i don't share everything that i hear about trade with you. why don't i do that? because i often believe the information i have may not give you the full picture of what's going on so if you act on it, you may not make money so i don't tell you. but i do know this china's not calling the shots here the chinese economy is rolling over and anyone who thinks that they're in charge of their own destiny, listen to me, is dreaming dreaming the press here in america tends to be very credulous when it comes to the chinese government. we're constantly being told that they plan a dozen moves ahead, that they're thinking for the long-term. this is ridiculous, people the chinese communist party is capable of making mistakes and misjudgments, just like anybody else don't fall for it. here show i see the trade war. the united states and china are on the same repeated collision course but there is one huge difference that no one ever seems to be willing to talk about or doesn't want the talk about, i don't know behind the scenes, our
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government is relentless in insisting that u.s. companies move out of china, take their jobs out of china with all deliberate speed we do a ton of manufacturing over there they don't do much manufacturing over here. both companies have a problem with employment. china can't afford to keep losing jobs. they're flying to other companies in southeast asia. that's a bad problem to have if you're running an authoritarian one-party state. the last thing that party needs is more unrest, like the kind they can't seem to quell in hong kong huge loss of face every weekend. on the other hand, here in the united states we have a different problem. we can't find enough workers to fill all the jobs we have. their situation is suboptimal. our situation is fabulous, especially since there is no real inflation to speak of do this for me every time you hear about chinese intransigence, remember that our companies just bought more time to get the heck out of china, and that's the president's design think of zebra technologies. they came on the show the other day. they told us they're moving out of the people's republic as fast
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as possible. they used to make everything there, most of it. i don't see china winning back that business. they can put all the soybean orders they want they're not going to get zebra's business back. they can order all the 747s they want zebra is emblematic. i've got dozens of companies moving out actually, i've got hundreds. you can check them off in the s&p, there is dozens. let me make this very simple the longer the trade talks drag on, the worse it is for china, not us maybe some presents will end up cost mortgage this holiday season because of the tariffs. you'll hear about one later in the show but that's a small price to pay. you may not even see the price increases, because i suspect w.a.t.c.h. will be able to eat the cost third point, didn't the fed cut interest points yesterday? did they really say they won't cut again? no, that's just that parlor
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game oh, we're going to about that too. fed chief powell has finally come to his sense. he is doing what's right tons of home related loans and auto loans get priced off the short-term rate set by the fed jay powell has our back, even if people in the media like to speculate he doesn't more on that the stuff gets me angry. fourth, did anyone even bother all these naysayers, the negatives? did they bother to listen to the apple call, the facebook call last night holy cow yes, it took me an hour an 15 minutes to read the apple call and took me about an hour and a half to read the facebook call it is really grim. i don't want to do it there was a lot of cool things on tv last night, but i got to read the damn calls i'm telling you, people don't do it if they had, they would realize facebook is practically coining money and they're helping hundreds of thousands of people build businesses, though all we ever hear about is their policy on political ads i think they should sticker the darn stuff with the same kind of
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warning you see on a pack of cigarettes and then you can move on meanwhile, apple is selling incredibly expensive phones which i think are a bargain by the way and setting is up a rapid pace that it's hard to believe anyone is talking about a weak economy facebook and apple would indicate things are getting better, not worse, with the consumer neither company is totally emblematic of the earnings season they're way too good when i search the bevy of all the different conference calls, statements that i read, do you know what? other than grubhub, i haven't heard a company say things are terrible just grubhub and that's a promiscuous situation. what can you do in this era here i think it's simple. all stocks went up in the most recent value now everyone is coming back down in the sell-off. in the rally the industrial stocks soared. those industrials now need to give back some of their gains. but stocks like bristol-myers, merck, eli lilly, biogen, they can and should be bought on the way down let me give you a couple of
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others monday mondelez and that's attractive to me when we get these sell-offs, we tend to hear broad sweeping predictions. we hear apple moved up too far too fast or starbucks didn't rally so the quarter may not be that good. i want you to view this pullback as a gift. cross your fingers and hope the market will let you into apple at lower prices because it's gotten too cheap given its fantastic evergreen stream of revenue. tell yourself the sellers are wrong. it is time to pick up some starbucks, which had a truly fantastic quarter which rallied a paltry 37 cents. that stock is a buy. bottom line, when you look at the sell-off through that prism that i just gave you, the one after everything taking into account that's going right, you'll recognize that nothing has changed here except the stock prices got cheaper the market is throwing you a
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sale that it doesn't need to throw. that's opportunity, not tragedy. mark in arizona, mark? >> jim, what's up? >> not much. how about you, partner >> man, i'm dying here >> why >> caller: well, of all the cannabis stocks, i thought after constellation brands put $4 billion into canopy growth it was going to go, go, go. but it's down $19.96. >> they don't trade together remember, there is no real ceo there is a guy caretaker ceo canopy did not do well on bruce linton's sign. i know he thinkswell, but boy, it would have been better to keep on shoulders. i do believe that one day cannabis will get its mojo back, but not any time soon because there is no earnings to speak of and the shorts keep letting a roll on the stocks ethan in california, ethan >> caller: jim, a pleasure. >> yes, hi
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>> caller: match group is going to be spun off what impact will that have >> we know the business is good and that's what we care about. even cheaper than match is interactive self barry dillard very good the other day. how about matthew in maryland. matthew? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. thanks a lot for open investing for millennials like me. i really do appreciate it. about three months ago i took your advice and took risks as a young investor and it paid off 26% in my first three weeks. since then i've gone into the red but plunged regardless the most recent example in phase energy it was down 47% from its august high. >> right >> caller: they ended up eatings earns anyway but still plunged another 25%. why did the stock plunge >> it went up a lot on a short squeeze, okay. it is a solar power solutions play those have lots of short
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sellers. it's interesting we mention the short seller in canopy they knocked it down i think enpa is being knocked down by short sellers. they actual will i have the ability to do it i'm not blaming short sellers, i'm just saying they're selling it aggressively. if you really love it, you can go buy it aggressively there are two sides of the same coin, but i don't want you to do so i am more conservative than that listen to me i don't want you to be intimidated by today -- what am i doing? i don't want you to be intimidated by today's action. the sellers i think for the most part did not heed what i'm talking about here, all right? this is what opportunity looks like on "mad money" tonight. the winter boots, down jackets, columbia sportswear can help protect you from the elements. but after earnings, is the stock feeling the chill? i'm sizing up the company with the ceo. and then forget the darn parlor games i'm going to tell you why it's time to focus on good old-fashioned stock picking. and it's the biggest day of the year for smarties. i'm getting the story of the founding company from the women behind the business.
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so stay with cramer. >> don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets send jim an email to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to this is apple card.
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xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. some stocks, they just can't catch a break in this market last night we got results from columbia sportswear.
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that's the house of the power brands you know as c hardwear, even better, management raised their full year forecast yet the stock fell n, or 3.15% today. why? in part because the company only raised guidance by 5% a share, which is conservative, but perhaps also because some anonymous chinese officials told bloomberg that they're doubtful about the possibility of reaching a trade deal. columbia sportswear is widely perceived as having too much china exposure this is something that has been holding the stock back all year, even they they sported three quarters in a eroll. wall street only expected them to earn $4.08 a share. now that the company is guiding for $4.70 or $4.80 and the stock has pulled back to 90, sooner or
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later i think the market is going give this thing the credit deserves but do not take it from me let's check with tim boyle mr. boyle, welcome back to "mad money. >> thanks, jim great to talk to you >> tim, you've got some accelerating brands. first, before we get to this china issue, sirrel. this is a remarkable brand it's almost as if you just launched it. how did it get an re-acceleration which is pretty dramatic versus all the other brands i follow? >> you know, it's really interesting. it was probably missed in yesterday's announcement, but sirrel's third quarter was up 27%. you know, if you remember sirrel is an old brand, frankly it started in the 20s in canada, and was really a men's work brand. it caught fire a little bit in the '90s when it became the snowboarders snowboard boot. but frankly, we've converted that i shouldn't say we. it's really or management team
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at sirrel that has converted that brand and its entire reputation as a functional product into a women's fashion footwear brand and it's been very, very exciting it's really where the convolution of where fashion and footwear function come together. it's been very widely accepted, and it's really been a real key story for us this year and, again, it just proves the power of footwear. we had nice growth on top of significant growth in historical periods. it's going to be a really big brand some day >> all right let me drill down on that. when you say it's the footwear, what you really are saying for our viewers, it's organic. it's not like you're taking out full-page ads. you're not doing large tv commercials. it's people see it on other people's feet and they buy it. >> it's amazing. you know, it's an incredibly successful product based on its product attributes and the brand's reputation we're very excited about it.
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a big opportunity there. >> now you are -- got something very exciting that again i don't think got enough talk on the conference call. i may not pronounce it right but it's sh/ft footwear line. >> shift, yes. >> it looks to me that sh/ft is something i should be wearing but my kids should be wearing. this a universal message because they're really pretty cool >> well, thank you we really look -- we're looking forward to great things from sh/ft. when we talk to our customers about what can the next opportunity for columbia footwear be, we say if you took an athletic shoe and a hike boot, put them in a box overnight, that's what you would come up with and that's sh/ft and frankly, the reception has been terrific, especially in these boutique sneakerhead shops. not only in the u.s., but this europe it was a small launch in terms of product, but frankly, the uptake was quite compelling.
6:20 pm
and it's going to be the genesis of a number of different products from the sh/ft launching in that same family that we're launching over the next several seasons it's pretty exciting stuff >> is sh/ft being traded on one of these stock exchange things where they trade among a limited number of people like they trade nikes? >> i'm not sure. i'll check it would be great 23 it were we've had a few of those kinds of things happen if you remember last year with our star wars launch. >> right. >> that product picked up and was traded on ebay but i don't know we'll have to check on the sneaker launch >> well, it could be frozen ii could be like that >> i agree it's exciting merchandise and you know, the interesting thing in terms of our relationship with disney, typically, their products that are sold under license are inexpensive, maybe t-shirts might be the most expensive product. and we have very expensive products in the disney launch.
6:21 pm
and it's pretty exciting to see how well that's taken up >> now around the world, you were terrific. but i guess i have to point it out because i know it's always in news these days, you did have a slight decline in china and you still make things in china obviously, china is a flash point. do you think your company is being too colored by what is really not nearly as important to some of the things we just talked about >> no. you know, i think china is by far the largest categorical -- sorry, geographic opportunity for the company. we have a great business there we've been doing business in china. on the selling side, for almost 20 years and we have a great brand recognition. we didn't handle that part of the business properly. we have new management in there. it's been in there about six months we're rightsizing the business and doing the right things but the brand is very strong there. now when we talk about what's typically in the news today is the tariff implications on sourcing product in china.
6:22 pm
and we've over the last several years been moving product out of china, not because we don't like china, but frankly because there has been better opportunities in other sourcing countries now some things, for example, some of the sorel product which is shyly technical we can't move quickly out of china so we're paying additional tariffs on that merchandise which we've been very clear, it's bad for consumers globally, bad specifically for consumers in the united states, and we're free traders we like the opportunity to tell more merchandise at better prices to consumers. >> you offer a great bargain because of the high quality of your goods so i understand your desire not to have governments making it even more expensive than it should be. thank you so much to tim boyle, president and ceo of columbia sportswear company the stock is too cheap, guys it's been a winter whole way it's going to stay a winner. "mad money" is back after the break.
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the moment the fed cut interest rates yesterday, the talking heads immediately started in with the next round of the parlor game what will the fed do next? will it cut again? will it pause? which officials want it more easy which officials want it to stop. every time i hear this i want to ask are you really so desperate for a story that you can't even take time to savor that moment
6:26 pm
i think it's incredibly boneheaded to immediately move on to the next thing without taking at least a second to process what actually just occurred a long time ago, i used to be a sports writer. it taught me what i often considered to be the best form of analysis, the postgame. there are so many fantastic commentators in sports that the quality often blows me away. i bring this up because no matter what, they always talk about the game at hand, both before and after not the game the next week and these guys, the fed guys talk about the game four months from now if the 49ers trounce the cardinals tonight, you better believe we're going to hear about all the havoc that nick bosa created for the hapless arizonans. we'll hear what it means for the play-off hopes of the rams we'll learn whether the cardinals are simply hill dopplers, that's my name for pro team the one thing you hear is the next game for either team. why? it's too soon. the next game is irrelevant. come on. in baseball terms you talk about
6:27 pm
how the nationals beat the astros you don't talk about whether there is going to be a rematch i wish the business media has the same discipline as sports media, because we constantly make this mistake. before we have time to process what the fed did yesterday, we're back to the parlor game about what they'll need to do at the next meeting in december all this commentary is worthless to you you have to do the best to tune it out i mean, it's just not helpful to making money the same goes for the china talks. that's another parlor game i know tim cook, the ceo of apple sounded more optimistic about some sort of deal when i spoke to him before apple reported but then today some chinese officials leaked word that they're pessimistic about the prospects for a trade deal and then the market got hammered the truth is we don't have any idea how this is going to go and trying to bet on it is a bit of a fools game. but i'll tell you what we do know we know the only person who wants to be tougher on china than trump is elizabeth warren, the current democratic front-runner in other words, no matter how the election goes next year, there is a very good chance the white house will continue to try to crack down on china's unfair trade practice
6:28 pm
hey, it looks like we play the long game over here too. and we know the chinese economy has been hit a lot harder than our economy. sooner or later i think they'll realize there is no point in trying to wait out trump they've got to come to the table, although that could take a while. either way, when you see some headlines speculating that we won't be able to reach a deal with china, i urge you to forget about it that headline could have been written any day of the week it's called an evergreen story, people it's being ginned up so they have something to say. in other words, it's no different than fed gas bag, which is a terrible reason to sell stocks. you need to ignore these games keep your eyes on the prize and that's owning high quality stocks of high quality companies and riding them through periods of idle chatter. i know it is hard to believe, but let me tell you, after 40 years of doing, this i can tell you that most of this speculation about the fed or china trade talks is absolutely meaningless. do yourself a favor and tune it out. [ buzzer ] tony in pennsylvania, tony >> caller: hi, jim
6:29 pm
boo-yah. >> boo-yah, tony. >> caller: i'm a first time call. >> and i want to thank you for this great show. i really enjoy it. >> oh, thank you >> caller: my question is on american express i know this someone of the companies you like. >> right >> caller: but its stock has drastically -- >> oh, don't there is a downward pull for all of tin techs right now it was a terrific quarter. elva in michigan el elva >> caller: love you, jim. >> thank you >> caller: i'm 93 years old and i watch your show every day. but etsy for my drand daughter. >> here is a problem they had one-time problems the stock is going to be under pressure a little longer do. not sell it. but don't buy it until it goes down another 10% because i think it may actually the that don't let the parlor games distract you. keep your eye on the prize, people i'm here to help much more "mad money." after three generation, smarties
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candies have been a favorite among halloween trick-or-treaters. i'm finding out how the cramer-proof candy has been strong all these years and maybe the economy was chugging along and being helped by the consumer. but what can win in an environment like this? i'm talking to an expert in the field to find out. and all the calls in tonight's rapid-fire edition of the "lightning round." so stick with cramer ♪ hallelujah - at southern new hampshire university,
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...i saw shared connections. that was a plus. but the most important thing... the ability to connect to people and she had it. and i knew... ...she was the one. post a job today at wrapped up in a little cocoon, these sweet cylinders of sweetness have given generations of children that much desired sugar high the smarties can the classic treat take this candy company into the future? >> on the only night of year when we stockpile bags of candy to hand out to screaming
6:34 pm
children, i think it's worth taking a closer look at the business of candy. so in keeping with the spirit of halloween, i've got a real treat for you. smarties candy company that's a privately held confectioner that make miss number one favorite candy. i keep a dozen cups of all different kinds of smarties on my desk at all times and you need to ask me if you want one i often say no because i'm arbitrary and capricious and it's my darn show. this year's smarties is celebrating its 70th year in business, all under the same family and they've done a great job making their old school brand relevant and exciting. with liz dee, the copresident of smarties candy company to learn more what the future holds for my favorite candy. miss dee welcome to "mad money." >> thank you so much and happy halloween. this is so great. >> happy halloween it's my fav. >> eric miller, a friend of ours told us when you showed the brain, your brain and a portion of it was smarties, he saw that
6:35 pm
and immediately texted me and said oh, my gosh, jim cramer loves smarties so of course we needed to hook you up with some smarty. >> thank you >> it's so awesome because you're such a smarty. >> thank you this is a true family-run business give us the lineage and how exciting it is for you right now. >> thank you, yes. like you said, we're celebrating our 70th year in business. in 1949, my grandfather edward dee came over to the united states by boat and started the business right here in new jersey where we still are today. >> well, i have got to tell you, it is remarkable because i've always felt that a lot of candy companies have moved away, and they try to act like they're american, but they're not anymore. why did you stay >> it's so important for us to stay here in new jersey. we have an incredible team many people have been with us for decades. in fact, my grandfather just celebrated his 95th birthday. >> that's great. >> and he still comes into the office nearly every single day it's a family tradition that is our honor to continue. it's so important for us to
6:36 pm
continue to be made right here in new jersey. >> and how do the copresidents work it out? >> well, with three people you can never have a tie, so that works very well. we're fifth generation candy makers so it's really important for us to continue our family's candy making tradition of course while we continue to modernize, we're never going to change the formula, because heaven forbid, you taste your smarties one day and it's different. we're never going to do that. >> don't do that don't do that. you guys may be old, but you love social media. >> that's right, yes we try to remain current of course on social media and we have done a total rebrand and package redesign recently as well so while we are still a nostalgic and icon candy, we continue to continue to stay fresh. on today of all day, halloween, you never know who is coming to your doorstep and what needs they have. so what works for smarties is it appeals to a modern consumer because we're fat-free, gluten-free, peanut free,
6:37 pm
dairy-free and vegan we're working for today's sensibilities while still staying classic and true to our roots with the candy >> my father sold gift wrap for a living and particularly christmas gift wrap. the one day he had off was christmas because he didn't have to worry anymore is today an easy day for you >> well, that depends what you mean by easy >> is this -- once you're done on the holiday, do you get a couple of days off before you start thinking about next halloween? >> i plan on kicking my feet up a little bit. >> you will? >> yes, he will. i'll be going hiking this weekend with my dog and my husband. >> fantastic. >> that's how i'm going to be recuperating from a busy halloween season. >> what are the channels that are best are the dollar stores? is it walmart? the club stores? am don is on where do you sell the most one thing that is exciting about smarties is they can be found everywhere candy is often an impulse buy. so in-store is definitely strong for us oftentimes people don't visit on their list, but then they walk by the candy aisle and say oh,
6:38 pm
yeah, i wanted to pick up marties. of course halloween is our biggest candy holiday. it's the end of our fiscal year today as well. we know how we have done for the year once halloween is done. >> i have the basket it's filled with martys. i let kids take as many as they want are most people here >> well, the entire smarties team takes home about 40 pounds of candy to share with their friends and family so we're very popular around halloween. and it's funny, because sometimes we can hear the kids on the street say go to that house, i'm going a second time that's the smarties house. they'll let you take as much as you want >> last question, what i understand and why i am so cherry about it, they give me four every day, they line them up i eat three. try to put one away. but i don't really need to because these are not a lot of calories >> right one roll is only 25 calories, which often surprises people and of course there is 15 tablets in a roll. >> tablets >> yes. >> don't call them tablets.
6:39 pm
>> okay. pieces of candy. >> yes >> 15 pieces of candy in every smarties roll. you never know what you're going to get you can ration them out. >> that i what i do. >> that 25 calories go a very long way. >> i'll have maybe six and then four and two right before i come out. and it's why i brush my teeth. anyway >> i love that >> it's my darn fav. that's liz dee, copresident of smarties candy company on the greatest american holiday of the year >> thank you >> "mad money" will be right back after the great if you have medicare, listen up.
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there may be medicare benefits and savings you're missing out on only healthmarkets has the free fitscore call the number on your screen before the deadline call healthmarkets now ♪ it is time it's time for a very spooky "lightning round." >> buy, buy, buy >> sell, sell, sell! [ buzzer ] >> and then the "lightning round" is over are you ready, skee-daddy? the "lightning round" with cramer ashwin in california, ashwin >> caller: thanks for taking my call my symbol was xlmx.
6:43 pm
>> xilinx. xilinx has got too much china. people want to own the core and the microns and nbda or amd. i like all those better. let's go to mike in new jersey mike, mike, mike >> caller: boo-yah to you. thanks for taking my call. >> of course >> caller: jim, i own occidental petroleum, about $5 more than it's selling for now i was thinking of buying more at the lower price. >> no, no. we're not going to buy more oils i've gone over and over and over and the oils are just a bummer, okay that's a real technical term it basically means that they're fossil fuel stocks and the young managers won't own them and people don't even trust the dividends. okay let's go to joe in maine, joe? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. how you? >> i am good, joe. none better. what's going on? >> caller: well, thanks for being a great inspiration and knowledgeable teacher to all of us small investors out there. >> thank you thank you, buddy >> caller: i'm interested about your thoughts on data dog,
6:44 pm
symbol ddog. [ barking >> don't know datadog. that's a trick i want a treat let's try raul in connecticut. raul >> caller: hey, cramer i want to know what you think of wve. >> well, this is perfect just on halloween, i'm stumped on two right in a row. two people come right to my door and i don't recognize them maybe they're from another neighborhood they come in at 8:30, really scary and they want thousands of pieces of candy? well, come by at 6:00 and you'll get some of the stuff. i'm giving smarties out. i am how about chuck in california, chuck? >> caller: hey, jim. boo-yah. >> hey, chuck. how have you been? >> wonderful beautiful weather as usual after a decent earnings report but then 300 million mixed
6:45 pm
security filing, any thoughts on my speck fintech security play one span >> one span is good. you know i'm an okta fan cramer family fav okta has more staying power. that's the one you want to be in let's go to ovan in maryland ovan >> hey, jim, this is ovan from maryland i want to give you a boo-yah >> okay. >> caller: okay. here we go all right. so my stock that i'm interested, i bought it during some hard times and i believe in its model, and i'm curious with you how feel about it. the stock symbol is iipr >> yeah, i know it, and it's a pick and pan, some people say it like that. a play on gold in other words, it is a reit for cannabis and i'm going to say nothing cannabis is working, including a reit so no way, no how. ken in california, ken >> caller: hey boo-yah. >> boo-yah, ken.
6:46 pm
>> caller: thank you for taking my call. >> of course >> caller: also, thank you for your common sense approach to stock. >> thank you >> caller: my question is slack industries, work >> slack technologies i think is a very good company. i don't like these direct listings they tend not to be able to find real buyers. the other day it was time to buy spotify, and iowa been right i think you'll be fine putting on a little slack. geez, ones have come public, look at pinterest tonight, blew up got to be careful. john in montana, john? >> caller: boo-yah, jim, and thanks for taking my call. >> my pleasure. >> caller: hey, wanted to hear your thoughts on tw pharma. >> i think it's real good. i keep pointing out in montana etfs the shorts are pushing those down a lot of hot money but gw pharma is a true pharmaceutical company and i think it's fine.
6:47 pm
half position now and see if the marijuana stocks have one more leg down jimmy in california, jimmy >> caller: mr. cramer, boo-yah >> boo-yah >> caller: thanks very much for take my call, sir. it's my first time calling i've been listening to your program for years. >> thank you >> caller: my stock is covanta holdings i'm surprised that people don't trust that distribution. what people are worried about, just so you know about this, this yields almost 7%. as soon as you see a 7% yield, people say there must be something wrong. we've had covanta on the show several times. this is waste energy i feel confident about it. i could be wrong, but i felt when we had them on, they told a real good story. hank in florida, hank? >> caller: hello, mr. cramer, a big halloween boo-yah. >> ooh, very scary, very scary >> caller: listen, a few months back you recommended cme group >> yeah. i think cme is terrific.
6:48 pm
cme has got really -- this is transaction-based business if it comes in, i want to be even bigger. this company has great franchise. i really like cme. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round"! [ buzzer ] >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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6:51 pm
i said it before, i'll say it again this whole economy is being propped by the consumer. despite the trade tensions with china, slowdown in business investment here in the u.s., the labor market is in terrific shape and the consumers are flush. so if we want to understand what can work in this environment, we have to catch up with a true retail expert. i'm talking about adriidrienne shapiro. it's a retail oriented private equity firm. shapiro is a legend. she spent 13 years at goldman sachs where she taught me a ton. she is the managing director in global investment research covering the broad line retail sector she then became the cfo of and designed jewelry from 2012 to 2016 just today we learned her firm bought a commercial stake in a supply company known for hipster retro back pacs that my wife loves. let's take the pulse of the consumer with my friend, friends is about money
6:52 pm
adrien shapiro, and learn more about the latest investment. ms. shapiro, welcome to "mad money." >> thank you, jim. so good to see you. >> i mean it when i say you taught me so much. you were the best retail analyst on the streets for years and years and decided to go out on your own tell us about this one, because this is a brand. i was trying to figure out who own it i see it everywhere. >> founders. what's so exciting is they really disrupted the category ten years ago. two brothers in vancouver, jamie and linden cormack saw that the backpack category was much more fungal, and they brought quality, design, craftsmanship and their badge. and it added a heart beat to the category they really recognized that consumers were valuing travel, adventure, and they wanted herschel to be part of the journey. an that's what they did. >> you looked at financials ahead of time. they're not inexpensive. they're good-looking
6:53 pm
look, schlock. they're really god are they selling >> they are. >> the consumer, drew a conclusion that herschel is doing great and the consumer is doing great? >> well, it depends. herschel is doing great. i've got this hip sack here. just when you thought it couldn't get any chic-er look at that i am so cool going through the tsa line what they bring is a great aesthetic. and travel and mobility. everything has to be hands-free, right? you've got so many phones you're juggling and what they have done is brought smart solutions to the modern multitasking consumer and you feel well traveled you feel super smart when you have herschel that has thought through a lot of things. >> i don't have you cool brands that people don't know are your. >> yes >> why don't you tell them all the hipsters will know that's really what you put together >> thank you alongside my partner jill granoff when we launched eurazeo
6:54 pm
brands, we had the great opportunity to birth brands. and eurazeo is an 18 billion listed private equity firm in paris, yes. but on the heels of the great montclair success, our ceo thought let's go after consumer differently. so she charged jill and i to think about consumer brands in a way that really resonated with the consumer who is talking and tugging at the heart strings of consumers today. so we have 800 million allocated to invest across consumer vert kalts, fashion, beauty, home, leisure, food and wellness we've done now five investments, two in beauty, nest fragrances and pat mcgrath color cosmetics. in active wear, we invested in bandier and q mix. >> it's brilliant. >> brooklyn based. >> brooklyn based. and what you just -- it's just crushing it, because no one
6:55 pm
wants the big old brands just like bud. q is craft versus bud. >> it's true the emerge brands are winning. how we shop is being disrupted as a result, consumers can kind of -- the transparency drives great knowledge about these brands so the consumer demands a soul >> soul? >> a soul. >> the consumer demands a soul >> yeah. >> people think facebook is phony. and they think instagram is phony. do they have a soul? >> what we found is our founders, all of our five investments are founder led. they're unbelievable soulful people they have great stories to tell. consumers really resonate with that when you light a nest candle, it creates a mood. when you're wearing pat mcgrath cosmetics, you feel beautiful. when you are wearing bandier, you feel strong. q, a spectacular cocktail. and herschel, you feel super smart when you travel. all those things i think really
6:56 pm
resonate with the consumers. and i think given jill and our operating expertise, i think we recognize that, again, consumers are demanding much more for brands than just, you know, what was the past >> i see these brands resonate with social media by people who love them. >> right. >> really, isn't that part of the allure and part of the sales? >> people want to be part of the tribe. people want to be part of that movement >> this is new from when you wered a goldman. >> yeah. that was not the case. >> right circumstances the department store dead you covered them all. >> look, i think boring is dead. i think -- >> boring is dead? >> i think what's happening -- >> that's good . >> there is a wedge between winners and losers i think winners are almost like good husbands, the ones that care and listen. you know what that's like. so if you care and listen to the consumer, you're winning >> look, congratulation, this is a very big deal. i know everybody was talking about it today you have to come only because
6:57 pm
you have the pulse better than anyone i've ever met i'm not kidding. the best pulse she knows more about retail than anyone i've ever met >> thank you very much let's also excited that we've got coinvestors with this deal. >> that's adrianne shapira she is director eurazeo brands
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
first, happy halloween i'm going to go home tonight and after i've given out all the smarties that i have, i'm going to longshoreman to give out the smarties, i'm going look into anet, which is down so badly, but look into corvo, which is a cell phone maker semi that is soaring. so cell phone semi up. and then a company that is involved with the cloud. that's a-net down big i always like to say there is a bull market somewhere. try to find it for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer i'll see you tomorrow.
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