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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  June 15, 2011 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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possible that the jury will be deliberating on casey anthony's fate. >> sunny hostin, thank you so much. we'll check back in with you and on this trial tomorrow. a new day for them. thank you. and also, quickly, coming up tomorrow, parents, your kids probably know who this is, selena gomez. she will be joining me in studio. do not miss that. and now, thank you so much for watching me. i'm going to turn things over to wolf blitzer. "the situation room" starts right now. happening now, president obama offers a new defense of the libya military mission as some members of congress challenge the commander in chief -- the commander in chief in court. this hour, the legal and the political fight over what happens next. and the war powers act. plus, pakistan arrests some of the people who helped the united states find and kill osama bin laden. it's fueling outrage and putting even more strain on u.s. relations with pakistan. and congress investigates why federal agents -- get
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this -- allowed weapons to fall into the hands of the mexican drug cartels and the criminals. it's being called a catastrophic failure of leadership. and it had deadly results. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in the "situation room." right now president obama is trying to put down a mutiny in congress over u.s. military action in libya. he's sending a report to lawmakers defending the mission and his authority to order it. some angry house members from both parties went to new lengths today to push back at the president announcing a lawsuit challenging america's involvement in the libyan conflict. let's go straight to our white house correspondent brianna keilar. she's working this story. first of all, brianna, we know what the report is going to say, but what's the status of actually delivering it to congress? >> we're expecting it to be delivered to congress imminently, wolf. in fact, we're a little surprised that it hasn't been delivered by now.
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so this could happen any moment. and of course, we'll be getting it to you as soon as we get it. but about 30 pages or so as we're hearing from the white house. what it's going to include is the justification for u.s. military involvement in libya. but also, and very importantly to members of congress, a rational, a legal explanation for why the white house has not stopped congressional authorization for having u.s. troops involved in the operation there. we do know now from senior administration officials what their argument will be. and it is this. that because, they say, the u.s. is involved in a limited role, that in their words on a conference call they had with reporters not too long ago, wolf. there's no boots on the ground, no exchange of hostile fire, and no sustained fighting, that they are in the parameters of the war powers resolution, which says to the president, you can have troops involved abroad for 60 days, but if you don't have congressional authorization after that, you have to pull those troops out within 30 more
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days. the deadline on that 90-day period being up here on sunday. they say, the white house, that they are in line with that. because there is some fine print in the war powers resolution, and they are basically saying, wolf, that saved them and that is part of it. >> democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives, brianna, who flatly disagree with the white house's interpretation of the war powers act. >> reporter: and wolf, you don't need to wait for this report to go up to congress to be able to say there are many members of congress, democrats and republicans, who are not going to be satisfied with this explanation. we talked with some experts. one who did tell me -- and there was some disagreement among experts. but one who said in her opinion, the president is in violation of at least the spirit of the war powers resolution, if not the letter. but it's important to note, wolf, that many presidents in past decades, democrats and republicans, have essentially -- as she put it -- used the it in similar ways.
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>> he's here in the situation room, vehemently disagrees with the president. my interview with him coming up later this hour. and brianna will be back as soon as we get the official report. those 30 pages. standby, brianna, for that. there's new reason to question whether pakistan was working with or against the united states in the hunt for osama bin laden. sources say pakistan's intelligence agency has arrested several people who gave the cia information about bin laden before he was killed. cnn's reza sayah has more from islamabad. >> reporter: just when you thought the relationship between the u.s. and pakistan couldn't get more twisted, tangled, and complicated, we learn that the isi, pakistan's top spy agency has arrested several suspected informants for the cia. these are pakistani men who allegedly fed information to the cia before last month's big raid
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on the bin laden compound. this according to two security officials. it's not clear why they've been arrested, where they are, and what if anything they're being charged with. one of the men is reportedly an army major who allegedly wrote down license plates of vehicles going in and out of the compound, but one of our sources, a security official says, that's not true. that none of the men arrested is an army officer. security officials do tell us that some of the individuals in custody were staying at a safe house rented by the cia to serve as a lookout on to the bin laden compound. these arrests obviously raise some questions, again, about pakistan's top spy agency. why has the isi been arresting informants for the cia when they were supposed to be onboard with u.s. efforts to go after bin laden? you would think they would praise and commend these men instead of arresting them. the fact that they have arrested them suggests that they may not be happy with what they did. we caution that there's not a lot of detail about these
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arrests. we still don't know why these men were picked up. but if, indeed, they're in trouble with pakistani authorities, it's going to fuel suspicion again about pakistan's commitment to the u.s. fight against extremists. and once again, it could ignite more questions about pakistan's intelligence agency. whether it's a u.s. friend or playing a deceptive double game. reza sayah, cnn, islamabad. let's get white house reaction now. more on the concerns of whether pakistan is really a reliable ally in the war on terror. dan lothian is working this story for us. how are they dealing with this over there, dan? >> reporter: wolf, today during the white house briefing with jay carney, he was describing this relationship between the u.s. and pakistan. he used the word complicated at least seven times. but some people believe that complicated does not adequately describe the situation, and that the arrest of those people suspected of helping the cia is yet another low point.
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>> well, i mean, i don't think it's been worse. >> reporter: peter bergen says this is another blow to the already rocky u.s./pakistan relationship. >> i think it's the worst point it's been since arguably 1990 when the united states put sanctions on pakistan because of its nuclear program. and it's brad, it's very bad. >> reporter: the u.s. unilateral mission behind the back of pakistan's government was a big embarrassment. drone strikes aimed at eliminating al qaeda leaders has also heightened tensions. >> i think we've been upfront about challenges in the relationship. but we've also been consistent in saying that pakistan and the u.s. need each other. >> reporter: white house spokesman jay carney had that chance to call them that, but kept using the word partner. he did say the government has been helpful in going after some militant targets and the u.s. is working to improve the relationship. >> the administration -- a
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scenario where you have tough love, where you have to start looking at the aid to pakistan in order to bring that friendship back to the middle. >> i think, dan, we are very clear-eyed about this. and we pursue this relationship and value it and state its importance precisely because it is in the national security interests of the united states of america to have this relationship. >> now, the white house has been very careful to not openly criticize pakistan, even as questions were being asked about what the government knew about bin laden's whereabouts. going forward, how can this relationship be mended? well, experts say first of all, the u.s. needs to continue to make the case to the pakistanis that when it comes to going after terrorism, especially inside their own country that this relationship needs to be healthy. and also, bergen points out that fewer drone strikes when inside of pakistan could go a long way too, wolf. >> quick question, dan.
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getting any indication at all from white house officials that they're thinking about cutting u.s. aid to pakistan, it's about $2 billion a year. >> exactly. we have asked that question for quite some time, and you heard it there. even posed that question to the white house. and they have not yet publicly said that they are looking at cutting that aid. a lot of things are on the table. they are examining this relationship. it does appear that at some point they have to get much tougher. but so far, no indication that they're ready to pull that aid, wolf. >> thanks very much, dan lothian at the white house. we'll have more on the story later in the "situation room." standby for a cnn investigation of programs in afghanistan funded by all of us. u.s. taxpayer dollars. new evidence that the money simply isn't being spent wisely. a lot of it simply wasted. and federal agents who are supposed to guard against gun violence purposely let weapons fall into the hands of drug cartels with deadly, deadly consequences.
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congress now investigating. stay with us. you're in the "situation room."
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on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move. jack cafferty's here with the cafferty file. >> wolf, this calls for a quicker u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan get louder in washington, a very interesting story appear in the british newspaper "the guardian." that paper reports u.s. and afghan officials are in secret talks over a long-term security partnership between the two nations. if that's the case, this kind of a deal could put u.s. troops, special forces, and other personnel in afghanistan for decades. "the guardian" reports the talks have been going on for more than a month. the u.s. official deny it is report and says there are no plans for a permanent base in afghanistan. the federal government wouldn't lie to us about something like that, would they?
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the withdrawal of troops is supposed to get underway in july. and president obama is getting ready to release his plan on how many of the more than 100,000 troops in afghanistan will come home as the withdrawal begins. more than two dozen senators sent a letter to the president today calling for a "sizable and sustained reduction" of military forces in afghanistan. the u.s. is involved in four, count them, four wars right now, even though the white house is trying to clear the president of any wrong doing under the war powers resolution arguing that the military action in libya does not amount to full-blown hostilities. we are spending money there, and we are dropping bombs and doing other military things, and we're putting military lives at risk. and we're stretched very, very thin. here's the question, how would you feel about the united states maintaining a military presence in afghanistan for decades? you know, like germany, japan,
2:15 pm
south korea, et cetera. go to post a comment on my blog. my gut says we're going to be there a long time in some form. >> maybe, but you know what? barney frank is going to be joining us, jack, this hour. he makes the case that it's a strong case the u.s. right now is spending between afghanistan and iraq about $150 billion a year. $150 billion a year, think about over ten years how much that would cost. and think about how much that money could be used either here or paying down the debt. that's a lot of money. >> and isn't osama bin laden dead? oh, yeah, i think that's probably -- >> he is definitely dead. i want to continue this story, president obama moving, as jack said, closer and closer on the decision of the pace of troop withdrawal from afghanistan. facing a lot of second guessing about the mission and about america's huge financial aid package to afghanistan. cnn has uncovered new evidence
2:16 pm
that millions and millions of u.s. taxpayer dollars, maybe billions of dollars have not been spent wisely at all. here's cnn's nick peyton walsh. >> reporter: a generous state-of-the-art gift, a power plant magnificent in design and in cost, $300 million before anyone had even switched it on. but american planners forgot one thing, could afghanistan afford the fuel to keep it going? you can listen to the answer here. much of the time the plant stays sight because the diesel fuel that it runs on is so expensive, that to run it at even half capacity could cost the afghan government up to $100 million a year. its high-tech turbines are on about 7% the amount planned. but its sponsors say its occasional backup power is vital. >> what i think the person on
2:17 pm
the street would probably tell you is that he or she is pretty satisfied by the fact that power, which was available two to four hours a day in 2009 is now largely available 24 hours a day. >> reporter: but to many, it's a symbol of the billions that america spent here without asking itself will afghans be able to pay for this once we're gone? the same question about this, a huge network of highways built for over $2.5 billion. it's a vast project, money around the country through some of the least safe areas meant to breathe a life of trade between cities. there's a few glitches, though, much of it's made of asphalt, which some u.s. officials admit is very hard to repair here. and then, there's the burden of maintaining it for heavy use. usaid thinks that will cost $117 million every year. the roads here are very broken, this trucker says because of the large load they carry. in real terms for afghans
2:18 pm
working here, the $3,600 he earns in a year is equivalent to the cost of maintaining just 100 meters of road. it's one thing if power plants and roads run out of money when the americans leave, the it's another when medical care is affected. people in central kabul's hospital will feel it hard. care is free here, but these high-tech devices america paid for and not without continued huge inputs of cash from donors, they could stay off permanently. america's gifts so costly, afghanistan so broke that the bid to give them everything risks coming to nothing. cnn, kabul. >> this explains why there's so much anger here in washington right now. billions of dollars potentially, simply wasted u.s. taxpayer dollars, wasted in afghanistan on roads, infrastructure, power plants, hospitals, billions of dollars that could have been spent right here in the united states. much more on this part of the
2:19 pm
story coming up. we'll assess what's going on. but so many members of congress right now and the american public deeply frustrated by this waste of money in afghanistan. greek citizens, meanwhile, frustrated over budget-cutting measures in protesting right now. and they're protesting on math. we'll tell you what the prime minister is doing to try to calm their fury. and inflation in the united states is climbing a bit higher. we'll tell you like some economists right now. they say they are concerned. [ female announcer ] only yoplait original has twice the calcium of the leading yogurt. that's 50% of the daily value. pass on the news and make sure you and everyone you know is getting the calcium they need. ♪ there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. our premium litters now work harder to help neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home.
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mary snow's monitoring some of the other top stories in the situation room right now. including violent protests in greece happening. mary, what's the latest?
2:23 pm
>> anger over greece's austerity program is boiling over in the streets of athens. at least 25,000 demonstrators tried to form a humid shield to stop lawmakers from debating the budget cuts. some protesters threw gas bombs at the finance ministry. police responded with tear gas. tonight, the country's prime minister reshuffled his government and says he'll seek a vote of confidence tomorrow. in the u.s., inflation is on the rise. the consumer price index, which measures inflation, rose 3.6% over the past 12 months. the government also reports the pace of inflation continued to climb in may. some economists worry the higher prices could hurt the economic recovery. others say the rise in inflation is caused by temporary factors that could change in the next few months. angelina jolie is headed to turkey to visit refugees. the actress and long-time good will ambassador is expected to land in istanbul on friday. that's where thousands of
2:24 pm
syrians are living in refugee camps after fleeing syria's deadly crackdown on anti-government protesters. and much of the world is witnessing a major astronomical event right now. it's an unusually long lunar eclipse. a lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, earth, and moon align in a straight line. in this one, the moon will be completely covered by the earth's shadow for one hour and 40 minutes, making it the longest this century. unfortunately, though, the eclipse is not visible in north america. wolf? >> thanks very much, mary, for that. members of the president's own party, we're talking about democrats, they are now hammering him over america's role in the libya conconflict. you're going to hear barney frank, democrat of massachusetts, he's going to tell me why he thinks the president of the united states is guilty of "an embarrassing degree of invasion." that's barney frank. and congress tries to figure
2:25 pm
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president obama's getting serious flak from both parties over the u.s. military operation in libya. but in the fight over the so-called war powers act, some democrats have been especially tough on the commander in chief. and joining us now congressman barney frank, democrat of massachusetts. congressman, as usual, thanks very much for coming in. the white house now says the war powers act does not apply to what's going on in libya right now. you're familiar with their argument. what say you? >> i'm very disappointed. i'm disappointed in the president who has been debating it. there's this thing where you become president and they tell you you're the commander in chief of the free world and your judgment erodes. they ought to understand, committing american military
2:29 pm
forces is enormously expensive, it has all kinds of implications. i do not understand why presidents continue to think that they should do this without bringing in the broader sector of the electorate through the congress. and apparently from what you read me, they're saying these aren't hostility because we're only shooting people and they're not shooting back. that's just an embarrassing degree of evasion. we are in there engaging in war-like activities, and, yes, there's a chance that people are getting hurt. and what i don't understand is why the president ought to be able to do whatever he wants with the military without any regard of what the rest of the government wants. and that's a terrible doctrine. >> what about the substance, forget about the war powers act for a moment, do you agree that the u.s. should be protecting civilians, libyan scivilians frm gadhafi's forces? >> no, i think that england
2:30 pm
should and france and germany and spain. he's a thug, and i hope he's thrown out, but you cannot have the american taxpayers to be the ones to do everything everywhere. we are bearing the brunt in many parts of the world. the notion that -- and secretary gates got it right last week when he talked about nato, in my words, being almost a sham. the notion that there's any evil anywhere, it's the military and taxpayers' job to deal with it is mistaken. we spend more than twice as much as a percentage of our gross domestic product on the military as any of our nato allies, three times as much as most of them, and there is a time when it's their turn. the question is twofold, should somebody go after gadhafi? yes. should it always be america? and should we be the ones protecting western europe from the communist threat? the single biggest thing driving our budget deficit is not
2:31 pm
medicare, we spend about $568 billion a year on medicare, we're spending $700 billion on the pentagon, much of it on things that are not directly related to our security and are being done to let our wealthy allies off the hook from doing their own -- >> i know you disagree with the president as far as afghanistan is concerned, as well. he wants u.s. troops to stay there through the end of 2014 at a minimum. you know it's costing well over $100 billion a year to maintain 100,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. what would you tell him? >> that he's gravely mistaken. that the good we are doing is not nearly worth it. that you cannot -- look, we are not defeating an enemy over there anymore. we are trying -- we are told we're there to contain terrorism. well, if afghanistan was no longer the refuge for some terrorists, it would be yemen, sudan, somalia. we cannot plug every rat hole in the world. and i am not going to be told that i can't have police officers on the streets here or that we've got to cut medical care or, by the way, i'm no
2:32 pm
isolationist, that we can't stop children from starving in much of the rest of the world, that we can't fight terrible disease in most of the rest of the world because we're spending such an enormous amount of money in afghanistan where we have, i believe a corrupt regime and a regime that's not prepared to cooperate with us. so i think he is gravely mistaken in staying in afghanistan. even more gravely mistaken in not immediately withdrawing from iraq. the thing about staying in iraq, so the american military can referee disputes. again, you cannot tell me seriously you want to reduce the deficit and spend $150 billion in iraq and afghanistan and another $550 billion elsewhere when we are doing unnecessary things unwisely throughout the world. >> at the republican presidential debate in new hampshire the other night, newt gingrich, a former speaker, a man you know, he said this about legislation that you co-sponsored. let me play the clip. >> the obama administration is an anti-jobs, anti-business,
2:33 pm
anti-american energy, destructive force, and we shouldn't talk about what we do in 2013. the congress this year, this next week ought to repeal the dodd/frank bill, the sarbanes/oxley bill. for those 13 million americans, this is a depression now. >> go ahead and respond to the former speaker. >> well, mr. gingrich would forget under his leadership we deregulated all sorts of financial activity. we had the worst economic crisis since the great depression rivalling it if we hadn't taken steps. here's what he's talking about. do not have an independent consumer bureau, let the federal reserve be in charge of consumer protection. do not do speculation, the position we put legislation on the books last year to be used this year to say that speculators cannot go up and buy oil futures, hold it off the market until the price goes up, and then sell it. we want to put an end to the
2:34 pm
speculative impact on oil prices, which many believe is at least $20 a barrel. he wants to undo this. he wants to go back to exactly what happened to cause the terrible crisis. so the notion by trying to restrain derivatives, trying to restrain mortgages that shouldn't have been granted, part of this bill says you can't get a mortgage if you are not going to conceivably be able to pay it back. what mr. gingrich says is those policies that led to this terrible economic crisis were okay and let's go back to it. and he's apparently defending the rights of the large financial institutions, the banks and investment houses to do whatever they want as long as they make money regardless of the negative consequences on the economy. >> one final political question, congressman, before i let you go. it involves mitt romney, arguably the republican front runner for the republican nomination. back in june 2007, you told new england cable news about your former governor. the real romney is clearly an
2:35 pm
extraordinarily ambitious man with no perceivable political principle whatsoever. he is the most intellectually dishonest human being in the history of politics. do you remember saying that? >> i do. and he's confirmed it since. i have sympathy for him. apparently he spent so much of his money he can no longer afford ties. poor mitt has not been seen in a tie in several months. i'm going to come up with a collection. i would like to see if we could get a tie to put around his neck. he's going around without any tie. he looks a little bit underdressed. >> i'll take that as you standby those earlier comments. >> well, there's no question. no, he has made it worse. he's flip-flopped even more. this is a man who in 1994 said he would be a better gay rights advocate than ted kennedy, a total reversal. he flipped on abortion, back and forth over the health care mandate. i cannot think of a public policy -- the only consistent principle mitt romney is, he thinks he should run the world.
2:36 pm
>> congressman frank, thanks very much for coming in. >> you're welcome. it was known as operation fast and furious, but now members of congress are calling it a colossal failure. guns allowed to fall into the hands of violent drug cartels while u.s. agents sat back and let it all happen. and a former porn star goes before the cameras to say congressman anthony weiner told her to lie about their online communication. ...was it something big? thing you ever saw? ...or something small? ...something old?
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2:40 pm
operation along the border with mexico. the program has enabled u.s. assault weapons to get into the hands, get this, of mexican drug cartels in the hopes of eventually bringing down an entire arm smuggling network. critics say, instead, the strategy led to needless deaths. our homeland security correspondent jean m jeanne meserve is covering this for us. people deliberate allowed the weapons to get into the hands of mexican drug cartel members? >> members want to know who gave it the green light and what they were thinking. when border patrol agent brian terry was killed last year near the mexican border, two guns were recovered nearby and traced. it turned out the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms allowed the weapons to end up in the hands of criminals. brian terry's mother was shocked
2:41 pm
when she found out. >> i was just flabbergasted. i didn't believe it at first. >> reporter: three whistle-blowing agents from the phoenix atf office said supervisors did not allow them to intercept weapons bought by so-called straw buys for cartels and criminals. the goal was to wait until the weapons surfaced at crime scenes in mexico and then bring down an entire arms trafficking organization. but the agents say such a tactic often used in drug cases was a colossal mistake, a catastrophic disaster when used with weapons. >> we weren't giving guns to people who were hunting bear, we were giving guns to people who were killing other humans. >> rather than meet the wolf head on, we sharpened his teeth, added number to his claw, all the while we sat by watching, tracking, and noting as he became a more efficient and effective predator. >> a republican congressional staff reports that the program was authorized at the highest levels of the justice department.
2:42 pm
>> we're investigating you, your organization. we want to know what felony stupid bad judgment led to allowing this program at the highest levels. >> reporter: a justice department official said he was unable to say who authorized the program, but that the attorney general wants to get to the bottom of it, and the department's inspector general is investigating. he backtracked from earlier statements that the atf made every effort to interdict illegally purchased weapons. >> we're not clinging to the statements in those letters. >> reporter: but congressman isa accused doj of stone walling the congressional probe. >> if you're going to count pages like this as discovery, you should be ashamed of yourself. that's not discovery. that is saying that nothing within the document requested under any circumstances are we going to be shown. >> so fallout from fast and furious is far from over.
2:43 pm
more than 1,000 of the weapons that walked are still unaccounted for. still in the hands of criminals and cartels on both sides of the border. wolf? >> shocking story, jeanne. thanks very much for that report. getting good news in from houston, texas. congresswoman gabrielle giffords has now been released from the hospital. a statement coming out of the hospital saying that she has improved to the point where she no longer needs to remain a patient in the hospital. congresswoman giffords has shown clear, continuous improvement from the moment she arrived according to her physician. we are very excited that she has reached the next phase of her rehabilitation and can begin outpatient treatment. we have no doubt that she will continue to make significant strides in her recovery. she'll stay, by the way, in houston. one of her neurosurgeons said this. gaby has recovered well from the surgery. her wounds have healed, she has
2:44 pm
resumed full physical therapy without a helmet, and i am comfortable that she can be discharged. good news. we still have the picture, there was the picture released earlier in the week. she's out of the hospital. she'll be going through outpatient therapy. we are wishing her, of course, only the best for a complete recovery. good news on the front of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. remember, she was shot in the head in tucson back on january 8th. here's a question, could senator marco rubio end up on the republican ticket as a vice presidential running mate? we're exploring that possibility. some in the gop are saying the florida republican would be a very, very smart pick. i'll tell you why they're saying that. that's coming up after the break. and one well-known democrat is insisting her party "now owns the economy." you're going to find out exac y ly what the congresswoman meant by that. a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver
2:45 pm
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2:47 pm
white house has just released this report to congress on why it believes the war powers act does not apply to the military mission in libya. brianna keilar, our white house correspondent now has the
2:48 pm
report. brianna, what's the headline out of it? >> reporter: wolf, a couple of headlines. one of the big questions that congress has about libya, how much has the u.s. involvement there cost? and for the first time, we have a number here. according to this report from the white house, $715 million, so almost $1 billion it has cost and that's accurate as of june 3rd. now, the other issue that really is headline here has to do with the legal justification for not asking for congressional authorization for having u.s. troops involved in the operation in libya. here's what this report says. the president is of the view that the current u.s. military operations in libya are consistent with the war powers resolution and do not require further authorization because they are distinct from the hostilities contemplated from the 60-day termination provision. you have the white house here, kind of looking to the fine
2:49 pm
print saying they don't have boots on the ground, and because of that, they are in -- or being consistent with the war powers resolution that says a president can commit u.s. troops abroad for 60 days, and if he doesn't have authorization after that, he has 30 days to pull them out. right now we know that members of congress are formulating their response to this, wolf. but no doubt, some of them will not think this is sufficient. >> standby, i want you to go through the report. we'll have much more on this breaking news that we're getting out of the white house. meanwhile, let's get to our political segment right now. all of us certainly remember election 2000 when we heard the mantra, florida, florida, florida. in tend, george w. bush won the state by 537 votes. the count was disputed, but the supreme court ratified the election. republican strategists have been offering any a 2012 is version of florida, florida, florida. they're already thinking about a close election next year for the state's 29 electoral votes. some republicans have said that florida's young popular new
2:50 pm
senator marco rubio would make a terrific running mate. he's smart, handsome, and hispanic. it could help carry the state. following the recent tension between barack obama and the israeli prime minister netanyahu, republican strategist mike murphy quickly predicted the republican candidate had just picked up 75,000 votes in s in florida and what jumped out was not whether murphy jumped out, but whether he saw the impact on the large jewish vote in florida. democrat strategists are very sensitive to florida and that may explain why shuttle served as the party chair. she is popular in the south florida district and she is jewish. bottom line in all of this, floridians get ready. the presidential candidate and surrogates will be showing a lot of love to you. let's bring in our strategy session right now, joining us is our contributor roland martin
2:51 pm
and david from you agree that the tension between the president and netanyahu may have picked up 75,000 votes for any republican candidate? >> there hundreds of thousands of votes because florida was hard hit sand one of the hand states at the center of the housing disaster and there is not a sufficient recovery. florida does not feel that way we have seen one more that is very important. we have seen a huge migration of professionals from puerto rico who are american citizens and free move to the mainland into florida. many, many tons of thousands of people. they are upper income. >> how would it be to pick marco
2:52 pm
rubio? >> he said he is not going to even go for it. >> it's a free country. >> of course, but interestingly you look at what he has done. he has not done anything significant and kept a low profile. the benefit for the obama campaign, scott is very unpopular. republicans thought when he won, it was a boom. i think we are making a mistake trying to suggest it's all about florida. when you look at the map, the obama campaign had serious concerns when you look at iowa, virginia, nevada, colorado, when you also look at even michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, i think they won't win indiana again. the other issue is this. of the states he won in 08, they lost clefl votes of states he won and picked up about five.
2:53 pm
the map really shifts and it's not just etched in stone he is going to win the states. i'm not one who said it's all about florida. it's eight or 10 states that could be a difference maker. >> it's about the slow pace of recovery. that's the president's real vulnerability. the americans are fair-minded and know he did not create this mess, he inherited it, but he is judged on how well -- >> listen to the share and what was said about the economy today. >> we want to make sure we continue that pace of recovery and not go back to the policies of the past under the bush administration that put us in the ditch in the first place. >> we own the economy. a democrat woke up and made sense. we created the turn around. that's going to be the key. the problem for democrats, they
2:54 pm
have been winding and complaining and saying we inherited a difficult deal. suck it up. you won the house and the senate and the white house. this is what happens when you win. you get the blame and you get the credit. >> in the early spring, about eight eight million jobs were lost. since then about two million were created. i can do that calculation an enormous deficit of jobs remain. we have terrible numbers the president will be joined on the pace and slope. the recovery was rapid and strong and president reagan was reelected despite significant remaining unemployment. they don't see that now. >> it points to the problem we have that will be all of a sudden rapid. slow turn around. >> rapid in 84. >> the trend is really important. a long time between now and november of next year. thanks very much. we are digging into why pakistan
2:55 pm
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2:58 pm
become to jack with the cafferty file. >> how would you feel about the u.s. maintaining a presence in afghanistan for decades. there secret talks going on about that very subject. karl writes my idealistic side doesn't like the idea, but somebody has to baby-sit the clowns since we depend on oil and stability has to be maintained to support profits. if we ever replace fossil fuels with more sensible alternatives,
2:59 pm
we can leave the mideast to continue the never ending wars. until then we are stuck. chandler rights from rockaway new jersey, what else is new. we had a base in cuba since the spanish-american war and troops in germany and japan since the end of world war ii. our ally is at war and yes, we still have troops there as well. we will have troops in afghanistan and iraq forever. they don't have a chance against 1,000 years of war lords women ought to cut our losses. the mentality will never grasp the concept and the koran will never permit it. if there was a situation of throwing money down a rat hole, this is it. they better get out immediately. the only difference between staying in 20 years or 20 minutes is the number of dead military and civilians.
3:00 pm
it's an exercise in futility. bring them all home. the failed state of mexico. i am tired of the military being used as a police force. our reach exceeded our grasp. afghanistan is one of several countries in a perpetual state of war. what makes us think we can solve their problems. rick said that would be an idiotic idea actually. i agree with rick. idiotic idea. pakistani authorities round up people suspected of helping the cia hunt down osama bin laden. new accusations that they are tipping off militants to surveillance. a new test for a fragile
3:01 pm
alliance. rebel yon in the ranks of congress. a bipartisan challenge in the libya mission. now the white house is responding. an ex-born actress said anthony weiner asked her to lie about their communications. breaking news. political headline and jeannie moos straight ahead. you nrt situation room. fresh fallout from the u.s. commando raid that killed osama bin laden. pakistani authorities have rounded up people who may have helped the u.s. track the al qaeda leader and that's adding to the strains on a badly frayed relationship. brian, what are you learning? >> it's not clear if the people are still in custody and not clear if they will be prosecuted. what is clear is in the wake of
3:02 pm
bin latten's killing, this is more evidence of a fractured alliance. pakistan arrest and detained and detained informants before the raid on the compound according to pakistani officials. some were arrested in the safe house used to spy on bin laden the response from washington? >> it's not always an easy relationship, but it is vital. >> the arrests took place shortly after bin laden was killed. i spoke with national security analyst peter bergen >> how crucial was the preraid intelligence on the ground? >> it must have been crucial. without that you don't have a sense of who the kufrier is and when he comes and goes and what his brother was doing. how many guards are there if any. all the things you want to know. >> the new york times that reported this story said one performance was an army major who recorded license plates of
3:03 pm
cars that stopped at the compound. the pakastanis deny that. >> as a backdrop, lists of complaints of both sides. on the u.s. side, a question of whether two raids on militants were foiled by tip offs from pakistani authorities. the fact that bin laden managed to hide for years and the belief that pakistan is not cracking down enough on terrorist camps. on the pakistani side, they are opposed to drone strikes that the pakastanis say killed civilians. the raid was conducted by the u.s. unilaterally and in january, a cia contractor killed two pakistaniys who he said were muggers. officials claimed diplomatic immunity. he had condit conversations with top pakistani commanders he believes elements of pakistan's military and intelligence service assisted bin laden. >> what are would help you believe they gave him one?
3:04 pm
>> think there was logistical support that had to happen by either members of the military or former members. there was logistical assistance. >> rogers said there is no information that any top pakistani leader assisted or knew he was there. an official called it conjecture and pointed out that the prime minister has denied any pakistani cooperation with al qaeda. wolf? >> they gave you a stark assessment overall of his meetings in islamabad. >> he met with the pakistan army chief and the head of intelligence. after the conversations, he is the most pessimistic he has been in about years about the happy between the two countries. congress is going to have to set benchmarks in f the relationship will move forward. maybe an indication of where aid
3:05 pm
may go in the future. >> that's a lot of money. thanks for that. let's bring in the analyst. peter, explain to our viewers, here in the united states and around the world, the pakistani perspective. why would they go ahead and arrest. >> if they are working for the cia, they are spying. if they are nationals working for the intelligence agency and pakistani people in the united states were spying for pakistan. it's about their national sovereignty. even though there people who are helping in a sense with the harmful bin laden, people were spying for a foreign power. >> they are seen as heroes because they helped get bin laden. as far as you know, you know a
3:06 pm
lot about this. has pakistan arrested anyone, anyone in the country who may have helped bin laden hide out all those years? >> i'm not aware of anything like that. what i am aware of is they told me they are conducting four separate investigations. a military investigation and intelligence and air force investigation and parliamentary commission in pakistan, these sorts of investigations don't get very far we haven't involved the question of who killed benazir bhutto in 2007. those investigations are happening and what they will find, i'm not sure. >> how bad is the overall relationship right now? >> we agreed in the past that it's as bad as since 1990 when the united states put sanctions on pakistan. it's the worst i can think of in memory. >> the u.s. imposed tanks and
3:07 pm
cutoff arm sales that were paid for by the pakistanis and they said you can't get the planes because of what you are doing. as far as i can tell, there is no threat they are still committed >> let's look on the positive side. the helicopter crash was returned to the united states. they were given access to the compound. this relationship is much too important to preserve for mutual interest. >> lots at stake indeed. thanks very much. outgoing secretary robert gates is a short timer after three decades of service and he is free to speak his mind. chris lawrence is joining us with more. he is getting ready to leave at the end of the month. >> that's right, wolf.
3:08 pm
today was his last appearance before congress. leaving a job like this after so long gives you a little bit of leeway to be perfectly blunt. gates knows how long he has got left at the pentagon. >> 15 days. >> he is through holding back. why do we call pakistan an ally and shower them with aid when they helped the u.s. find osama bin laden. >> how long do we support governments that lie to us? when do we say enough is enough? >> the currency defense secretary let loose. >> most governments lie to each other. that's the way business gets done. >> do they also arrest the people that help us? when they say they are allies? >> sometimes. >> not often. >> sometimes they sent people to spy on it.
3:09 pm
>> they tangle on giving money to afghanistan. >> i'm not talking about a vermont democracy. >> neither am i, mr. secretary and you know that. >> i know. >> here admitted to susan collins, the white house gave him a dollar figure and said start cutting. >> were you consulted by the president in the size of the target that $4 hundred helped billion that has been assigned to the department of defense? >> i was informed about it the day before it was announced. >> hoary knows cuts are coming, but made a last appeal for the scalpel. >> we must not repeat the mistakes of the past. we are meant mostly by taking a percentage off the top of everything. >> gates said when you think about cutting off aid to
3:10 pm
countries like afghanistan and pakistan, it shouldn't be done as an accounting issue, but should be done looking at the long-term effects into the future. he also said that cutting the money to the defense department and to the military has to be done with an eye to what sort of role you want the u.s. to play down the road. he said it runs the risk of hollowing out the force. some of the supporters of a more conservative fiscal strategy who want to see budget cuts will say the u.s. has the most powerful military in the world. they can afford to make cuts. wolf? >> chris lawrence reporting for the pentagon. remarkable reporting for inside syria. damon managed to go where few western reporters have. he will join us with the suffering of civilians and fleeing a government crack down also the escalating battle between
3:11 pm
the white house and congress and military mission in libya. is the power violating the powers act? the white house is speaking out and the speaker just replied. a new player in the anthony weiner scandal and said the congressman attempted a cover up. >> i refuse to lie so i went silent and went into hiding. [ male announcer ] breathe, socket. just breathe. we know it's intimidating. instant torque. top speed of 100 miles an hour. that's one serious machine. but you can do this. any socket can. the volt only needs about a buck fifty worth of charge a day, and for longer trips, it can use gas. so get psyched. this is a big step up from the leafblower. chevrolet volt. the 2011 north american car of the year. the authentic, the rare, the hard to define. to those always searching for what's pure and what's real from we who believe we know just how you feel.
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3:14 pm
>> jack cafferty here with the cafferty file. >> the wisconsin supreme court said that a law that limits the rights of most state employees violates the constitution. the court decision limits the ability of most of the state's public employees to bargain over their wages. raises will be limited to inflation unless the voters a prove other increases and believe employees will be required to put 6% into pension and pay 12% of health care.
3:15 pm
thousands of union backers camped out in the legislature earlier this year in an attempt to stop a vote on the measure. 14 democratic state senators ran away and left the state and their duties as elected officials in support. it passed anyway and survived the challenge in wisconsin. the rule suggest yet another sign that organized labor is losing power. in a different case in seattle, the relations board on behalf of the machinist union is alleging that boeing move jobs from union factories in washington state to a new nonunion plant to save money. duh. they said boeing moved to south carolina to get back at worker who is had previously gone out on strike. the nlrb wants to limit the growth to washington state. boeing and the south carolina politicians disagree and call it an attack on job creation.
3:16 pm
it's a tough sell to defend the unions in touch a tight economy we have 9 plus% unemployment and a lot of americans haven't gotten a raise in years. others have seen the hours cut back and they are making less today than a few years ago. you have to wonder if the unions ever regain the power they had. that's the question. what does the future hold for organized labor? go to file and post a comment. the boeing case is going to be interesting i think boeing will go over the map and fight it >> it's a huge, huge case and a lot of business types are really upset at the president and the obama white house for not getting directly involve and allow bowing to build. they almost spent $1 billion building that plant for the new dream liner in south carolina. we have extensive reporting on it yesterday. a lot of business types saying if both wants to build a plant,
3:17 pm
it's their right to do so. they said it would be a violation of laws. this will be a fight. at least they are not building that plant in india. it's a huge case. we will see what boeing says. the human rights office called for a thorough investigation into syria's crack down on protests. they cite widespread respects of torter and mass arrests and 1100 civilians are already believed to have been killed. turkey said the actress and special ambassador this week will visit syrian refugees on the border. cnn managed to briefly cross into syria and speak with people who fled the crack down. at the scene, she is joining us live. you first reported this 24 hours ago.
3:18 pm
yesterday here in "the situation room," based on your eyewitness account, is the situation there getting better or worse? >> wolf, by all accounts it would appear as if there an increasing number of refugees streaming across the border. they do tell horror story upon horror story of what it was they fled. upon the horrors they witnessed as they were leaving their respected villages and towns. this piece that we have to show you is one example of what this one woman witnessed that caused her to flee. >> she was too terrified to appear on camera and asked that we don't use her real name. the 22-year-old english major came to this rudimentary camp alongside the turkish border because if she stays at home, she will die.
3:19 pm
>> i come here >> she described what she witnessed just outside her house as nothing short of horrific. >> every day when we have the protesters in the street, military and the army come and kill them in front of our eyes. >> did you see that? >> we have a window and you see fire. if i'm sleeping under something, i will lose myself and will die. we go down to the kitchen and we sneak on our stomachs >> sneak into the kitchen on your stomach? >> yes. >> last friday activists reported the government onslaught to be especially bleed. the syrian government consistently said it is only targeting armed groups, something active as an eyewitness said is a lie.
3:20 pm
this video reported to be taken last friday and posted to you tube cannot independently verify and appears to show people seeking cover behind a wall as gunfire rings out amid plumes of smoke o. that day, a lawyer she knew was gunned down for no reason. >> he doesn't want to go to the protest. he is going to visit his sister and i showed them. the people come to take him to the hospital and after 10 minutes, they returned him. >> you saw this from the window? >> like this car. the suzuki and the blood came from this car >> that was when she fled with her family. >> she is so scared that she is talking her hands just keep shaking uncontrollably. you can hear in her voice, quivering as well. it's just the trauma of what she has seen and talking about is so evident. >> as is her raw anger and frustration. >> got created human beings to
3:21 pm
live in this world. why does one man and his family control all? why does only one man want to control all these people? why? >> there is one man who can make it stop. >> get our brothers and sisters and take them to their presence? why? i want to ask him this question. >> the question that we hear being asked over and over again from the people who fled the violence in the surrounds areas and from others as well. people wanting to know what it is going to take not to step down, but what it's going to take for the international community to step in and take action. >> unfortunately i hate to tell you because i know you are there on the scene, it doesn't look like the international community other than issuing statements
3:22 pm
and posing sanctions is going to do anything at all, similar to what the international community is doing in libya. i don't think there is a heart or guts to do it in europe and certainly not here in the united states. >> no, and that is one of the big critical issues right now because most certainly it appears when it comes to the united nations it appears russia and china and they appear to be o poetzed to the united nations revolution. the syrian government knows of the division that exists within the international community. that gives a certain level of confidence. they also do realize there significant global players because they have a strong ally in another regional power house. that is iran. that is why akt vifts and other
3:23 pm
members of the opposition say they seek the attitude of indiscriminant use of force they realize there is not a lot that the international community and the u.s. is willing to do at this point in time >> the u.s. officials were very frustrate and disappointed and even angry that the arab world unlike libya is not doing anything to go against damascus either. one of our could you rememberuous journalists on the scene we will check back with you tomorrow. the breaking news, the white house justifying the military role in libya. stand by for details on what is right now a $1.1 billion u.s. taxpayer expense in libya. republican presidential hopefuls calling for the u.s. to leave afghanistan now.
3:24 pm
are they turning into bean counters? gloria is standing by. e to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. glucerna products help me keep everything balanced. [ golf clubs clanking ] [ husband ] i'm good! well, almost everything. [ male announcer ] glucerna. delicious shakes and bars. helping people with diabetes find balance.
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3:27 pm
the big story right now, rebellion in the ranks of congress. they monitored a challenge to america's involvement in the libya mission the lawsuit arguing that congress has an equal say in committing u.s. forces to an armed conflict. critics say the president may be in violation of the war powers resolution. that's the act back to the last phases of the vietnam war supposed the to limit the power to commit u.s. forces. in the past hour, the white
3:28 pm
house has responded with a report to congress saying it doesn't need congressional supporting role in libya. let's go live to brianna keilar who had a chance to go through the documents. share the latest on what we know. >> the big headlines here among them, the cost. $715 million, the cost of u.s. involvement in libya. that goes through june 3rd and also in this report, a projected cost for how much it would require to go through the end of september. that is about $1.1 billion. the big headline had to do with the legal justification and the white house lays out for why the white house feels does not need to seek authorization for having troops committed for the resolution.
3:29 pm
here's what the support said. the military operations in libya are consistent with the war powers and do not under the law require congressional authorization because military authorizations are distinct from the hostilities with the 60-day termination. the white house is looking at the fine print saying this is a limited engagement and there is no boots on the ground and not an exchange of hostile fire. >> i remember shortly after the military operations began, i was talking to national security counsel officials and i pointed out this would cost hundreds of millions of dollars. they disputed that and thought the number was way, way overblown. now we are talking about $1.1 billion. by the september of this year. they will be angry i am sure of that. are you getting reaction?
3:30 pm
so far the president has fallen short to inform congress and they, the speaker's office will be reviewing the information. there is not so much of a threat and that doesn't seem to have a ton of teeth, but what we know is congress controls the purse and next week, the defense spending bill is going to be on the floor. there is discussion among rank and file about attaching a provision to defund lib yachlt i like the idea to deduct from the frozen libyan assets. the u.s. is trying to liberate their own country. we will see if that gets any traction. at the white house, the commander of the war in
3:31 pm
afghanistan has to get ready for questioning after the next director. his first priority is to help the administration get ready to withdraw troops. what are you learning? >> look, wolf. relations between the cia and pakastanis couldn't be at a more low point. the general arrived in washington to prepare for his confirmation as the next cia director. this is what to do in afghanistan. it's here on the afghanistan border that general petraeus believes there is progress against insurgence is there enough progress across afghanistan? there was just one hint weeks ago of what petraeus may be thinking. >> while the progress achieved
3:32 pm
over the past year is significant, it is also fragile and reversible. >> he is now in washington to recommend to the president what he has waited months to hear. how many u.s. troops petraeus thinks can start coming home this july. it may be his most sensitive assignment yet. >> he is trying to walk a fine line between having to do what he needs and thinning out the way the president meets his promise to the american people. >> it was a promise made the night he announced a surge of fores. >> i determined it is in our vital national interest to send an additional 30,000 u.s. troops to afghanistan. after 18 months our troops will begin to come home. >> he will offer several options. aides say he is not telling them what he is thinking until he talks to the president, but the
3:33 pm
pressures are emerging. robert gates called for moderate cuts and his successor thinks differently. >> president obama said that the size of troop reducks from afghanistan will be "significant." do you agree that the reductions in july should be significant? >> i agree with the president. >> republican candidates must decide how tough they want to sound. >> time to bring the troops home as soon as we can. >> romney said he relies on military advice. the president may be able to do just that and avoid a showdown >> i think in terms of the president's calculus on this, this is not a situation where if he doesn't give democrats a 15,000 soldier withdrawal that the converse will vote to defund the war. >> now the general will tell the president the risk of each
3:34 pm
drawdown option that he presents and then of course president obama will make the final decision. they are calling for 15,000 troops, half the surge to be home by the end of the year. republicans for now seem more cautious. wolf? >> some republicans, not all necessarily. thank you. the war is increasingly unpopular with a lot of republicans listen to the gop candidate, mitt romney >> i want the troops to come home based upon not politics or economics, but the conditions on the ground determined by the generals. i also think we learned that our troops shouldn't go off and try to fight a war of independence for another nation. >> let's bring in gloria. you watched the debate and have been monitoring what has gone on. you sense a shift among republicans when it comes to the issues of national security? >> right now it's nuance, but it
3:35 pm
could be much more pronounced. you and i had politics for a long time. republicans have been the hawks recently in recent history and talking about a muscular national security strategy. now it seemed to that they are governed more by the bean counters everything has this overlay of what we can do with the budget deficit and the debt mess. you heard what mitt romney was saying he said it's not about economics and we can't fight other people's wars of independence. you heard michelle bachman at the debate saying we never should have intervened in the first place. what you have is a struggle within the republican party about where they are going to stand on the issues of national security. >> more and more of the republicans are joining ron paul who is opposed to any of these. >> ron paul after the debate said he actually felt a little more in step with his party than he had for years. that's because he was the only
3:36 pm
one four years ago saying we shouldn't even be in iraq. john mccain was in the race and john mccain is an interventionist. >> some of the republican hawks are concerned. listen to lindsay graham. he told the hill newspaper from the party's point of view, the biggest disaster would be to let barack obama become ronald reagan and our people become jimmy carter. >> those are fighting words. i ran into john mccain up on the hill today he wouldn't say much except i keep asking myself the question, what would reagan do? his imploid answer is that reagan would not do this. what lindsay graham is saying is romney has it wrong the fight in afghanistan is not a war of independence from the taliban, but a war vital to our national interest and our struggle against terrorism. what you see here really is the
3:37 pm
tea party influence on the republican debate. you have to make choices now. if you are not going to raise taxes, these wars are very, very expensive. >> you can read gloria's column and read my blog on our new website and i wrote about florida florida florida and the presidential elections. thank you. we are going to get a quick check of the other top stories up next. an ex-porn actress said anthony weiner asked her to lie >> i didn't want to lie for him. i mean shipping is a hassle. not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that is easy. best news i've heard all day! i'm soooo amped! i mean not amped. excited. well, sort of amped. really kind of in between. have you ever thought about decaf? do you think that would help? yeah.
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3:40 pm
>> drones have been busy firing positions in pakistan. the other top stories in "the situation room" right now. what do you have? >> at least 15 people are dead in two suspected drone strikes in pakistan's tribal region.
3:41 pm
10 militants were killed and n one strike and 5 in another. cnn counts these as the 33rd and 34th drone strikes in pakistan this year. there were 111 last year. they are sand bagging as fast as they can in home ha, nebraska as floodwaters close in. a call is going out to fill a quarter million bags and there is a concern flooding might hamper the college world series in omaha. a levy break could leave parts of the city under several feet of water. a first look at john edwards's mug shots. cnn obtained them from the u.s. marshal service under the freedom of information act. he was indicted earlier this month on federal charges for allegedly using illegal campaign funds to cover up an affair. he is pleading not guilty. wolf? >> thank you. mary snow reporting. a former porn star reveals a
3:42 pm
role in the anthony weiner story. >> i think that anthony weiner should resign because he lied to the public and the press for more than a week.
3:43 pm
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
a new twist to the scandal with congressman anthony weiner. a porn star said he asked her to lie about online communications. mary is in new york with details. what's the latest? >> if ginger lee said after the scandal broke she asked him about what to do. she said he told her to lie about exchanges and provided the words she should say she is a former porn star whose
3:46 pm
path collided with anthony we were online. ginger lee and gloria allred held a press conference to speak out about the communications with weiner. she claims he coached had he ever about dealing with the press after pictures surfaced about a lewd picture. >> he asked me to lie about our communication. i put out a three-sentence communication he told me to say. it said "i haven't met representative weiner i follow him on twitter because i support him and what he stands for. i have been hounded by political opponents and that has not changed my view of him and what he fights for." >> he said they never met, but claims she followed him on twitter and after writing something positive, he started following her on twitter and it led to e-mails. >> although discussions at first were about politics, sometimes he would try to take it to
3:47 pm
another level. mentioninging had "package." >> allred said lee didn't respond to sexual advances, but in a blog post, she wrote she wanted to have sex with him. by june 1st, weiner was asked about it. >> i think this is about a pro forma thing that goes out that i sent out to people as i follow them. thank you for following me. check in at >> they exchanged about 100 messages and on june 2nd, one day after the interview, lee claimed weiner called her and on his advice, she stayed in her house and avoided cameras, hoping it would die down. as to why she is speaking now, allred said it was time to break her silence someone threatened to release a statement she didn't authorize and lee added a final message >> i think anthony weiner should
3:48 pm
resign because he lied to the public and the press for more than a week. if it might have never turned into this if he told the truth, but he kept lying. >> i reached out to weiner's office, but got no response. as for the threats, not a lot of answers she didn't give any details. wolf? >> thanks very much. mary snow working the story for us. what does the future hold for organized labor? the future up next. a man who married a mannequin. do you even have a name? well, it doesn't matter. because it's about to change. there's a cheaper, cleaner way to fuel up now. the volt plugs into any socket, and fuels up at home. sure it could use gas, but for most commutes you won't need much, if any. so from now on, fuel tube... we'll just call you...plan b. the 2011 chevrolet volt.
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it's more car than electric.
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3:51 pm
getting right back to jack. he has the cafferty file. >> the question this hour, what's the future hold for organized labor? lot of mail on this. alex writes from new york -- unions need to globalize. laborers a global market and unless unions can expand their reach to peak the global market for labor, nothing they can do in the united states will result in anything except more jobs lost overseas. marcella in los angeles writes -- unions are outdated. plain and simple. our country has so many fab layer or laws in place to protect the american worker today's unions are tantamount to
3:52 pm
cutting off your own arm to spite your arm or foot to spite your ear or something. richard in washington, corporate executives betrayed the work forces that made them successful. outsourcing american jobs developing nations is an effective union busting strategy without jobs to unionize, there is no future for the labor unions. david in virginia writes hard to say. if the republicans gain power organized laborer is done. along with living wages, access to health care, and the little things like hope. dale writes -- justice after the great depression when the unions were needed to save lives of the working poor. the unions will be necessary to save the lives of the working poor because of the current great depression. paul in nova scotia, canada, i believe organized labor should redefine themselves in order to match up with the times. the old sway over. our postal union is about to become a thing of the past because they don't have the
3:53 pm
smarts to see the handwriting on the wall and begin to bargain with sense. jeff in georgia writes, i have no issues for or against unionization for the private sector. but i hope that organized labor in the public sector becomes as obsolete as anthony weiner's soon-to-be irrelevant political career. mark in oklahoma writes -- your question is a mute point. how can we form unions around jobs had a don't exist? the highlight of the show still ahead is this true, a story about some guy that married a mannequin? >> we do. jeanne moos will have a most unusual report. stick around and you will enjoy it. >> creeps me out. >> see you tomorrow. for our north american viewers "john king usa" starts at the top of the hour. democrat dennis kucinich and republican rand paul. they are among john's guests. up next, jeanne moos, she will introduce us to the unusual couple attracting lots of attention.
3:54 pm
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3:57 pm
a most unusual report. married to mannequin. here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: it is such an incredibly odd sight that motorists do double-take. >> that can't be real. >> reporter: turn around for another look before posting it on youtube. someone create ad face book fan page for him. ned just did an interview with a couple of gdeejay. >> you are married to a mannequin? >> to me she is not a mannequin. >> reporter: this syracuse, new york, resident has become a phenomenon. pushing what he calls his wife,
3:58 pm
77 some miles, syracuse to watertown. back to where they first met and where watertown daily times reporter found. >> it he said hi, you know. my name is ned. this is my wife. he believed it. you can see he believes this is his wife. >> reporter: folks are noting sightings on his facebook page. they are posting photos posing with ned and his wife. people stlanlt met him think it is an ad sure doesn't seem like one. >> does she talk to you? >> well, yeah, i hear her clear. we love each other. we are just out living our lives. >> reporter: ned tells folks he met his future wife at the jerer son county children's home. a home for orphans and he first met her, she was just a head. >> the head told him to build her a body. that's what he did. >> reporter: we don't know why he chose this caricature of a black woman. the situation is out of the fit many "lars and the real girl." >> missionary.
3:59 pm
she -- >> he appears to have a delusion. >> fantastic. when will it be over. >> when he doesn't need it anymore. >> reporter: ned said he needed tegan 25 years. we can't diagnose ned's mental status but he says he's on government disability. >> do you have any kids? >> she's not flesh so she can't have children. >> sounds like she's not real. >> well, she's real. you know, there are ladies that are ple are flesh that can't have children. >> reporter: some may mock with music. ♪ pretty woman walking down the street ♪ >> reporter: some may snicker watching ned feed tegan a snickers bar. others are touch. >> he seems happy. >> reporter: at least he has the grace -- >> have a safe journey. >> we sure hope so. >> reporter: to wipe a snicker off thelys of his significant other. jeanne moos, cnn, new york.