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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 21, 2011 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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wrongs and our rights ♪ ♪ charles in charge of our days and days ♪ ♪ charles in charge of all of the rays, and that is it, i want charles in charge of me ♪ that's it. that is all i could do. >> jimmy fallon, thank you so much. >> it is a pleasure and congrats on this gig. you are awesome, man. right now on cnn, from israel to syria to libya, the middle east explodes in gun fire and chaos. we will take you to the middle of the fighting. >> they did not kill my son. >> the father of a little boy speaks out on behalf of the men found guilty of killing his
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little son, and one of the bizarre twists in the case now known as the "memphis three." >> and you unleash us and tell us that you are readier for us to have this conversation. >> why congresswoman maxine waters is ready to unleash on the president, and does the president's new promise to promote diversity have anything to do with the comment? we ask. it is all right here, right now on cnn. >> standby now. good evening, everyone, i'm don lemon. we start with breaking news out of libya tonight. rebel forces say they have begun the offensive on the capital. the libyan government denies it. moammar hadafy went on tv to rally his soldiers. and we have the latest from matthew chance. what is the latest . >> well, don, we have been hearing intensive clashes of
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firearms and the clashes of the khadafy loyalists who have been attempting to confront them, but those sporadic gun fires and exchanges appear to have stopped as we got into the early hours of the morning, and we are not hearing anywhere near as many explosions as we did before. but certainly, this has been a night filled with mayhem and violence. the government has come out and admitted that there are a number of armed groups that have been confronting the armed forces, and the military, and the khadafy loyalists in various parts of the libyan capital, tripoli, so it is not just one confrontation, but in many districts of tripoli, uprisings and people have come in and
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rebels have come in from outside and challenged the gadhafi security forces, and the government says that the battle is now over and that tripoli has been defended and that the armed groups are defeated, but we will see what the situation brings when the daylight comes in a few hours from now. at the expectation is that this is the start of a much longer campaign to try and wrestle control of libyan capital from colonel gadhafi, don. >> and we have been monitoring the television and they have been showing patriotic images all evening on the libyan television. and earlier images of gadhafi taken recently, and there were some that said they had beaten back all of the traitors, and do we know about the authenticity of the video or a live report from the libyan television? >> it was not video. it was a telephone message that he was delivering over the
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pictures that were broadcast on libyan television of the crowds that had gathered in green square in the center of tripoli. he went to some considerable length, colonel gadhafi to ensure it is a live broadcast,ed and at one point in the speech he said the exact time and date was, and so he went to some lengths to show that this is something that he was doing live and also talked about what pictures were being shown on state television, and so, this was clearly, you know, a phone-in. he called in to state television and had been patched through to them, and he was delivering his message. his message was one which we have heard several times in the past condemning nato for their continued air strikes, condemning the rebels for, you know, for their military action. he said that they weren't libyans. he said that when they go into
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towns, they destroy our air conditioners and he made a bizarre comment like that. and, basically, it was a bit of a rant at times. but, again, it was characteristically defiant from this colonel gadhafi who has been in power in libya for the past 41 years. >> all right. matthew chance, appreciate it. rebel forces say they have driven gadhafi's troops out of the coastal city of zawiya which is important for the oil and the refineries and here is sara sidner from zawiya. >> this is where the fighting has been happening and the rebel forces have the flag, and right behind them is the refinery here in zawiya which is an important get for the rebels. they say there has been a lot of fighting in the city, and we are hearing the sounds and blasts
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and definitely mortar fire and tank fire and small arms fire. if you look over here, our crew is here, and the rebels have come in front of us just so that we can get through the checkpoints. we are now about 30 miles outside of tripoli, so we are very, very, very close, and this could become quite a target, and because of that and because of the importance of this oil refinery here where there is tons and tons of the storage tanks and as we drive along we will see 10 or 15 of these large oil storage tanks and oil being an important commodity here and in the world, and the rebels said they got help from nato and they could secure this site, and a fighting is continuing from outside of the city, because that is where the troops are continuing to try to fight into the city which is a thoroughfare to get supplies into the capital.
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so, here we are getting closer to the front line and we are a kilometer from the eastern gate where the gadhafi forces are, but as you can tell, we are very, very close and any of the mortars could fall where we are, and that is why you heard that so incredibly close to us. dangerous situation here, and we are up against a wall, because we want to make sure, and we want to make sure that we have something between us and the fighting and the fighting is literally on the other side of this building. all right. yep, so, it is getting too close. there are snipers on the top of the buildings and loud bangs and artillery fires and mortars so we have to get out of here. let's go. >> cnn's sara sidner with libyan rebels in zawiya and we will continue to follow the developing story and we won't go far from it. we will get to you as we get new
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developments. and going to teheran, state media say two american hikers have been convicted of spying and sentenced to eight years in prison. shane bower and his friend were convicted of trespassing and a third hiker sarah shourd was freed last year because of medical reasons. and in the city of oms, pro democracy activists say that tankers rolled into the city and they are now afraid to leave their homes because of the fighting. and one calls this a real war. cnn is not currently allowed into the country to cover the unrest, so we are unable to independently confirm the reports. a television interview with president bashar al assad said he would not step down. and seen here, the strikes
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in israel are striking tunnels used by militants to launch attacks on israel, aed on theday is the third straight day of violence between the two sides. tropical storm irene is swirling right now in the atlantic and those living on the southeast coast need to keep a watchful eye, and plus the deadly moments of the kansas city air show. [ woman ] welcome back, jogging stroller. you've been stuck in the garage, while my sneezing and my itchy eyes took refuge from the dust in here and the pollen outside. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms.
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scooter you need. i didn't pay a penny out of pocket for my power chair. with help from the scooter store, medicare and my insurance covered it all. call the scooter store for free information today. a new weather system is brewing up that could have a big impact on the u.s. and in just a matter of days and let's turn now no the meteorologist jacqui jeras, and jacqui, the u.s. could get hit by a hurricane for
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first time this year. >> well, potentially, and it is not exactly sure who and where or how strong this storm will be, but we are concerned about what the models are showing and the potential here in the southeastern u.s. as we head into the latter part of this upcoming week now. take a look at this, this is irene, a tropical storm, and this has been a wake that came off of the coast of africa a couple of days ago and the computer models are showing it would turn into something, and today it did. it is a tropical storm and the winds are 50 miles per hour and moving west/northwest at this time and there are tropical storm warnings for the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico which will be impacting you guys as we head into tomorrow afternoon. the storm is expected to intensify, and there is little wind shear, and the temperatures of the water will get warmer as the further west it goes, so all signs are pointing to the first hurricane of the season. we are expecting for timing for
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this to continue through the caribbean to the middle of the week. if it spends more time over land, it will be a weaker storm, but if it takes a track which is going to keep it a little bit more over the open water, the storm could be stronger and the question that everybody wants to know, what is going to happen over here? a south florida storm or atlantic storm or talking about a gulf storm? it is too early. the margin of error this far out, and we are talking about a couple of hundred miles and either side of this line, and at this point, everybody needs to be prepared for a landfall late next week or next weekend and we will keep you posted as the storm continues to develop over the next couple of days. all right. the other weather story today is impressive video and if you are not at the tv come over here and take a look at this. it is from skokie, illinois, a suburb of chicago and there were thunderstorms that moved through earlier in the morning, and lightning struck a power line which brought it down which toppled a gas line and ignited
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the fire and the firefighters put it out and nobody was injured. that is a good news. also, more problems in chicago, don, with the air and water show. you know it, and you have been, there because it is beautiful. and unfortunately, they had to stop it for a couple of hours because of the thunderstorms moving through and everybody was okay there and they were able to resume and with sunny and sunshine and they will get another great day tomorrow. >> and it is a spectacle to watch especially in a high-rise, because they look like inches within that, and that video, yeah, come to the television if you are not there. thank you, jacqui. and come to the television now, because you can hear how the cheers turn to fear and spectators are sent into horror as a pilot is sent to his death in a small bi-plane. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh, it happened at an airport in kansas city,
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missouri, and the pilot's name is brian jenson, and he worked for delta air lines and joining me is the man who shot that video, timothy dorsett, and his son caleb, who witnessed it. i'm sorry that you had to witness that. but timothy, we could hear you throughout the video saying, please god, be with his family and oh, my gosh. it must have been horrifying for you. >> yes. the microphone? >> timothy, are you there? >> yeah, the, we are actually on a television. >> that is fine. we can do it like this. and i can hear you in the video saying, oh, my gosh, and then also, you saying, i hope that god is with, please god be with their families and it must have been horrifying to witness that especially with your son right next to you. >> yeah, my initial reaction was just shock and sadness at the
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same time. and i mean, my first instincts were to be concerned for the family. his family and friends that are having to deal with this. >> yeah. timothy, describe what you saw. the plane was doing some type of acrobatic stunt, and when did you notice that something was going wrong? >> well, to be honest, a lot of us thought it was part of the show, because it looked like a barrel roll coming down, but of course, he kept coming down, and he didn't pull back up. and it is honestly that you don't expect and you don't want it to ever happen in an air show, and i know they do happen, but you think it is part of the show until it happens. it really just hit us hard. emotionally. >> can you put caleb on, and ask him, what did caleb hear and see? what was he thinking? >> well, i was kind of like, well, is this a trick or is he actually going to crash down?
1:17 am
and as soon as he crashed down, i was like, whoa, did he just crash? and i was just kind of shocked and i was like scared that he had just crashed down. >> hey, listen, it is horrify ing to witness, and timothy, i'm wondering what do you tell your son after this, and how do you help him get through this? >> well, we taken a whole group of kids from our church to the show today and half of them saw it and of course, other families and children saw it, but immediately when we went back to our car, we sat down with all of the children and had a little discussion about basically about life and death, and how our moments can be short in this life, and of course, as a christian, we always bring it back to jesus in our lives, and you know, i am going to get emotional now, because it is hitting me hard this afternoon, but a it is always sad to have anybody lost, and i don't want
1:18 am
to see anybody die for any reason. and especially when we were just out there in the -- and the mood changed. that is what really hit hard. because the day was great. because it was raining all morning even, and that didn't even dampen our moods, and it was lively and everybody was having fun, and then once this happened, i mean, everything just went completely quiet. and we were all just in an emotional, emotional feeling for each other, i think that, you know, for all of us to be alive and care about each other and those we didn't know, and we were all holding each other and praying with each other, and -- i can't even put all of it into words except for this, the love that we have for each other, and that we can value and cherish the moments that we have. our hearts go out to his family and friends of course. >> yes, life is so precious and fragile, and thank you so much for that timothy and caleb as
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well. we wish the best for you. okay. i have to tell you about another plane crash and this is in northern canada today that killed 12 people and left three injured. the charter flight went down near the resolute bay airport ten minutes after the last communication. one of the survivors is reported in critical condition, and members of the canadian military were among the first to respond to the downed plane. the cause of the crash is not immediately known. a federal judge has awarded an illegal immigrant $200,000 in a lawsuit against a tennessee sheriff's office. find out how the deputies violated her civil rights when we talk to her attorney in a few minutes. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal.
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an illegal immigrant who successfully sued a tennessee sheriff's office is taking a long-shot bid for a visa. she will ask a judge for a special visa that allows her to stay in this country for three years and possibly seek citizenship. this comes after she was awarded $200,000 after being handcuffed by sheriff's deputies before and during birth of her fourth child. her attorney elliott ozmet joins me from nashville, tennessee. handcuffed? can you imagine. so sir, explain to the viewers what your client went through so they can understand what is at stake here. >> well, she was arrested for driving without a license. and was taken to the metro nashville jail which is supervised be i the sheriff here in nashville. after she had been in jail for two days, awaiting her day in
1:23 am
court on the driver's license charge, she went into labor. her water broke. she was taken to the jail infirmary and then put in an ambulance and taken to metro general hospital. there, she was ordered shackled while she was in labor, while she was having contractions, and during the trial she testified about how she was afraid for the safety of her baby. she thought that maybe her baby would even be choked as the delivery was about to take place. she didn't know what to expect. she didn't know what was going to happen. >> what do you mean her baby would be choked? choked by whom? >> well, choked by the fact that she was restrained and the movements were restrained and that she did not have free movement of the legs to achieve the separation that she felt she needed in order to have a safe
1:24 am
birth. >> her legs were shackled? >> yes. >> her legs were shackled as she was delivering this baby? >> no, as she was in labor. just before the baby was born, they did remove the shackles, but she did not know that was going the happen. >> okay, okay, i understand. listen, that is horrible. but here is the question, your client did break the law. so what entitles her to a visa? that does not say that what they kid was right and it is terrible to be shackled and handcuffed, but what entitles her to a visa? >> we believe she was the victim of an illegal action by the sheriff and the law says that the immigrant who is the victim of an illegal action if it rises to a certain level of activity and outrageousness, may be entitled to something called a u-visa.
1:25 am
this is something that is written into the law. it is a part of the u.s. law. it is provided to victims of wrongs that rise to a certain level. >> but a u-visa has only been awarded once by a federal judge, and what do you think that your client's chances are here? >> well, we don't know. we are going to ask a federal, the judge in this case, next week, to certify a u-visa, and he does not issue it, but he simply certifies that she has been or may be helpful in the investigation of possible criminal activity. and if he does certify that, then we will take his certification and send it to immigration service and the immigration service -- >> and what if he doesn't? >> well, if he doesn't, we will have to resort to other means to try to keep her here in this country. >> okay. >> but she has been the victim
1:26 am
of a terrible, terrible wrong. what's outrageous about this even after this was all said and done and after the trial was over, the sheriff came out and said, that he was going to appeal this verdict whether the award was $1 million or $1. what that tells me -- >> mr. ozmet. you can finish your thought, but this has to be the last word. you can go ahead and finish. >> what that tells me is that he still does not recognize how wrong his conduct or the conduct of his office was in this case. >> we don't have a comment of the sheriff's office in this case, but we will take you at your word on this, and sorry to cut you off, but we have more show to get here and we are running out of time. the attorney is elliott ozmet. thank you, sir, and let us know what happens. >> thank you, sir. the west memphis three are freed from prison the same day they plea guilty to murdering three children, and the little
1:27 am
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in the headlines tonight, libyan rebels say they have taken their fight into the capital. this is video of a recent nato air strike in tripoli. by all appearances moammar khadafy is still in control, and a message from khadafy on state tv urged his supporters to fight.
1:30 am
officials say there have been some fighting in the capital, but says that the rebels were quickly defeated. and in iran, two american hikers have been convicted of spying an sentenced to eight years in prison. shawn fatale and his friend were detained as a third hiker who was convicted was released for medical reasons, sarah shourd. and there are threats of fierce flash floods coming from tropical storm irene. it is possible say forecasters that it is possible to hit the florida keys. it is not clear if the gulf of mexico will be affected. and another victim has died after the collapse of the stage at the indiana state fair. and there was a funeral today for a woman who was hoping to be a teacher.
1:31 am
a scholarship has been set up in her honor. and experts believe that winds caused the stage to collapse. and rescuers told our affiliates that the water on the street was at 1.9 feet high in pittsburgh as they found another victim. at one point i should say 9 feet high. maxine waters has issues with president obama, but not everyone agrees that going public is the best way to handle it. both sides of the argument are coming up next. that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste?
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let's talk about what matters now, our partnership with the "essence" magazine, and he is the president and so it comes with the territory, but president obama has not gotten a lot of criticism from the high-profile african-americans until now. at a jobs fair this week, congresswoman maxine waters said she supports the president, but he needs to fight harder for his principles. earlier i asked the congresswoman what's behind her frustration. >> the young people who cannot find jobs and mothers who have worked hard and fathers to send their kids off to college, and they come back and they can't find a job, and the parents are asking us, what is going on? i mean, i have worked hard to
1:35 am
send this kid to college and he can't get a job. and then, of course, a protracted debate on the debt ceiling where we got our clocks cleaned and the republicans walked away with everything. and we have no new revenue in this picture at all. and it calculates to frustration. >> congresswoman, let's stick to one thing at a time, and let's talk about leadership, and are you saying that a black president is not doing as enough as president to help black people? >> no, i am not saying that, and this discussion that i asked the constituents who were there in detroit to el the us whether or not they wanted us to have is basically that, a discussion. what is going on? why is it the unemployment is so persistent in the black community? and it is a discussion that i have opened up. >> what do you want him to do?
1:36 am
>> well, listen, you know what i was inspired by? the president went on a trip to three states in this country, and he went to iowa, and he went to iowa where the unemployment is about 6.2 to 6.7%, and he took about $510 million to help with the development of biofuels to infuse those dollars into the community and increase lending, so that it would have jobs. we liked that. we want the same kind of thing in the urban community. >> what do you think of the leadership? has he been in a good leader? and can he be a better leader in some areas, and if so, where would you like to see it? >> well, the president has worked hard and doing the best he can possibly do. i think that the tea party has made it more difficult, and the president's style is to really try to work, to get along, to try to get people come together. >> but has it been effective, congresswoman this is. >> it is time to fight.
1:37 am
it is time to fight, and it is time to look them in the eye, and stare them down and not give in and go for it. >> wel, goldy taylor has a different opinion. she is a writer for, and she has a different frustration towards the president, but listen to what she had to say when i asked her if african-americans should publicly be criticizing the president? >> well, your grandmother and mine did not putting dirty laundry out in the public to let other communities to see. and that is at play here. and i have to tell you that some of the black officials are losing frankly access to the white house because they are publicly critical. if you have someone like maxine waters and there are 12 african-american women serving in the senate and the house of representatives and if out of 12 of 535 and she is the most senior ranking african-american woman serving, and if she does not have a direct line to the president, we are in trouble.
1:38 am
>> wow. you just said a lot there. i want to tell you that i got a tweet from spike lee, and he was having a social event with the president at professor ogletree's house, and he said, in a conversation with president obama i told him he will continue to have my support, and he needs to take off the kid gloves. there is a growing sentiment of that among the african-americans. >> if you look at the unemployment rate for instance among all americans and somewhere around 9.1%, and then you look at double that for african-americans, and if you look for african-american men in places like detroit and atlanta and it is up to nearly 40 to 45%, we are feeling the heat. so to ask this white house for a concerted agenda to focus on the urban issues and the african-american issues is right for america and this president has to do it. >> you wrote a column in the grio saying would you hold him to a different standard if he were white? >> well, the african-american community does not. they are circling the wagons kind of community, and if someone is being attacked from
1:39 am
the outside and even if we see the flaw, he ain't perfect, but he is ours. >> and i have been told from my own, black people, constructive criticism is good for you, you need it, boy. >> i have a wish and hope that our community advances and matures in a way that constructive criticism can be taken, however, we are not there yet. >> two very different and interesting perspectives. congresswoman maxine waters and columnist goldy taylor. thank you. and how a little known legal strategy allowed the memphis three to walk out of prison after 18 years and still plead guilty to murder. [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans
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jason baldwin and damien echols and jessie misskelley were known as the memphis three and they were teenagers when they went to prison killing three little boys nearly 20 years ago. they always insisted they were innocent, and now they are out. due to a unusual plea deal where they had to admit guilt. it was an unusual ordeal. here is cnn's david mattingly.
1:43 am
>> reporter: after more than 18 years behind bar, the men known as the memphis three find that freedom has a bitter taste. >> this was not justice. >> at the beginning we told nothing but the truth that we were innocent, and they sent us to prison for the rest of our lives, and now we have to say that we will let you go only if you admit guilt, and that is not justice no matter how you look at it. >> reporter: in a complicated deal, the three get out of prison to proclaim their innocence, but only after admitting that the prosecution has evidence that could convict them. the west memphis three go free, but not free of the word murderer. >> it is not perfect. it is not perfect by any means, but at least it brings closure to some areas, and some aspects. you know, we can still bring up new evidence, and we can continue in the investigations that we have been doing, and we
1:44 am
can still try to clear our names, but the only difference is that now we can do it from the outside instead of having to sit in prison to do it. >> reporter: and after their entire adult life has been spent in prison, what next? they have the support of pearl jam's eddie vetter who was inside of the courtroom when they were set free and also the relentless hatred of some of the families of the murdered children. in this outburst, a father yells to the judge, he is opening up a pandora's box. >> i don't think it will make the pain go away to victim's families. i don't i think it will make the pain go away to defendant families. i don't think that it will take away a minute of the 18 years that these three young men served in the arkansas department of corrections. >> reporter: prosecutors say that the case is closed. they have their killers, and their guilty pleas, but others e including the father of one of the murdered boys say they still
1:45 am
want answers. >> i have been on their side and i have been fighting for them hard since 2007 when i realized that i was wrong. and i had to make many amends to people, but i am still standing and fighting for justice, because they are innocent, and they did not kill my son. >> the west memphis 3 saved from a lifetime behind bars now facing a lifetime of questions. david mattingly, cnn, jonesboro, arkansas. all right. david, the west memphis 3 may be free, but they have the burden of trying to clear their names in this horrible crime. i spoke about that very difficult challenge with criminal defense attorney holly hughes. >> remember, there are three victims here and one of the fathers does that say and has said that for a very long time and several of the mothers have come out to say we think that the three young teenagers are innocent, and now of course, they are young men in their 30s, don, and been in prison for over half of their lives.
1:46 am
what they are going to have to do is to hire investigators, hit the street, interview people, and if they want to clear their name, and the sad fact is that the evidence is gone. it is degraded, and if some drifter did this some 18 years ago, they may never clear their names. >> the three little boys, steven branch, christopher buyers and michael moore were second graders when their mutilated bodies were found in a ditch. a group of mississippi teeners accused of beating a black man and the new developments in this racially-charged case. first, we have all seen the moving images of somalia and tens of thousands of children literally starving to death victims of famine and war, but the drought extends across kenya where one group founded by a 2010 cnn hero has stepped up the efforts to reach thousands of the youngest victims. >> reporter: as millions struggle across the horn of africa in what the u.n. refugee agency is calling the worst
1:47 am
humanitarian disaster in the world, this organization, mary's meals, is in the middle of the crisis. >> we have been working in northern kenya for about four years now, and we have seen the situation worsen steadily. today, around one-third of the children are malnourished, and so we have a real situation of life and death, and because of that, we are trying desperately to expand our program the reach more children at risk. >> reporter: since 2006, mary's meals has been feeding thousands of young children in schools across the region. >> the mission of mary's meals is about linking food to education, and that education can be the light out of poverty in their whole community. >> reporter: in recent weeks, his organization has responded to the crisis by feeding an additional 6,000 children daily and 24,000 in all. the kind of important global work for which magness was named a top ten cnn hero last year, and given a imperial order by queen elizabeth. he continues his work in africa.
1:48 am
>> as part of the emergency response, we intend to reach many more thousands of children, and we will do it as funds allow us to do. >> reporter: many more being supported by an organization that is feeding children daily in 16 impoverished countries. >> it is the will of people to share a little of what they have in order that the children can be fed. it is the kind of heartless [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. [ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. any questions? no. you know... ♪ we're not magicians ♪ we can't read your mind ♪ ♪ read your mind ♪ we need your questions ♪ each and every kind ♪ every kind ♪ will this react with my other medicine? ♪ ♪ hey, what are all these tests even for? ♪
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it is the kind of heartless act that is a reminder of the jim crow days in the south, but right now, as i'm speaking, a 19-year-old sits in a mississippi cell accused of murdering a man, because he was black. witnesses said that they heard the attacker screaming "white power" as they beat 49-year-old james c. anderson, and now federal investigators are getting involved. drew griffin explains why the case became a capital crime. >> reporter: the investigators found out that the victim in this case, james craig anderson was robbed before being beaten and killed, and it is because the murder took place in the commission of a crime that now prosecutors there can file a capital murder charge which makes him eligible for the death
1:52 am
sentence, so it was the addition of being robbed that capital murder charge was filed yesterday. >> but i have only one thing to tell the media, and that is, go to brandon, mississippi. go to brandon, mississippi. and get those other five murderers who committed such a horrendous violent act against my beloved brother james craig anderson. now, run and tell that. >> reporter: don, that was the emotional plea of barbara anderson young, james anderson's sister, and as you know, since this crime happened not a single member of mr. anderson's family has come forward to say anything, and she finally broke the family's silence yesterday with a plea that we have been hearing ever since we aired this surveillance tape that gruesome surveillance tape which shows
1:53 am
james craig anderson being run over by an f-250, a large ford pickup truck in the parking lot of a hotel. that video went viral, and there were many, many people calling for more charges to be filed and there were seventeen agers in all involved in this, and only two have been charged. deryl deadman is the person who was driving the truck and another fellow john rice who has been charged with a lesser crime. >> i will continue to follow the story with you, and i have been in touch with the attorney and the family involved and look for an update when i host the joy behar show at 9:00 p.m. eastern on hln. and we are going the meet the man who could be the next eddie murphy and trust me, it is an interview you don't want to miss.
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1:56 am
all right in the headlines right now, the libyan forces say they have taken the fight to the capital. this is video of recent nato strikes in tripoli, and by all appearances moammar khadafy is still in control and today on state tv, he urged his supporters to fight. officials claim some fighting in the capital, but rebel forces have been defeated. and irene has gone to the leeward islands in the caribbean bringing the fear of flash floods. is it is the ninth-named storm of the year, and forecasters say that next week it could hit the florida keys. it is not clear yet if the gulf
1:57 am
of mexico will be impacted. all righty. kevin hart is a vertically-challenged man with a potty mouth who has a fierce following as the new movie shows. >> my dad was tell manage toe play sports, but i was in the spelling bees. all i can remember is my dad saying, all right, all right, all right. >> well, hart talked to me about his new film, "laugh at my pain" and a bunch of topics. he was a funny man throughout but he grew most serious with connection to fans including the 2 million followers on twitter. >> i'm very big with being, being accessible, and i take an obligation to make sure i am talking to my fans personally. i am back and forth with them on twitter and v-logs like i'm serious about talking and connecting with my fans. >> you have to be real on social media and say make sure you join
1:58 am
me, and you have to talk to people, and i'm eating chicken fried wings, and this is on point, you know. >> you have to make sure they see who you are as an individual. because i am so consistent with that, my fan base is loyal and they support me. >> who supports you? you are talking about the "kings of comedy" and who in that movie inspired you? >> well, richard pryor and what he has done for comedy and the doors he has opened is unbelievable. eddie murphy, of course. martin lawrence, i mean, the list can go on and on. i'm a student, a student of comedy. chris rock. >> everybody you said use a lot of cuss words. do you believe if you didn't use a lot of cuss words that you would be as popular? >> well, don, i'm filthiment i have a filthy mouth. and if we were on the street, don, i would be dropping a lt of bombs, because that is who i am. >> how tall are you?
1:59 am
>> 5'4". 5'3" -- okay, 5'2". if you want to be honest, five feet. >> and set up the movie clip. >> well, this is a good friend of mine who is in politics and knows all about it. >> this is my man, pots and pans, and he understands at the current time, it is not what it used to be, larry. >> i beat the hell out of this boy. >> he put his hands on me. >> he remember, and if he don't be right, i cut him. >> and what about the tea party? >> what tea party? ly go i will go. i said you could be a double for barack obama but you just need better hair grease. >> and you know sarah? >> yes, i went to the tea party, and everybody have to wear white. the one i went to was a white party. >> you are a fool, you know


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