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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 2, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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you are in the "cnn newsroom." this is sunday, october 2nd. i'm fredricka whitfield. american, amanda knox, ics expected to make a personal plea to be set free. word is she will address the appeals jury in italian. she was convicted of murder and sentenced to 26 years for the 2007 killing of her british roommate. a live update in minutes. testimony resumes tomorrow in the involuntary man slaughter of michael jackson by dr. conrad murray. the witnesses returning to the stand, dr. rachelle cooper. she is expected to say how they tried unsuccessfully to bring jackson back to life. dick cheney delivered a rain
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pat on the back to president barack obama. >> well, i think the decision that has been made with respect to allowing gays to serve openly in the military is a good one, the right thing to do. >> president obama signed the law repealing, don't ask, don't tell." it went into effect last month. the brooklyn bridge is open today after a group of occupy wall street protesters shut it down saturday. police arrested more than 700 of the protesters. the loosely organized demonstration began three weeks ago today to protest what the group calls corporate greed. it has spread to other cities, seattle, los angeles, boston, san francisco, as well as a few other cities. we will have a live report at the half hour. a live picture of the washington monument in the nation's capital. no word, however, being done today to locate damage caused by that august earthquake.
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weather is keeping crews away for a second day. these are some spectacular pictures from last week showing just how dangerous that inspection is. the only way for crews to get a close look is to look at every square on the exterior of that monument. federal health officials now say at least the 15 people have died from tainted cantelopes. the melons from colorado-based jensen farms are contaminated about listeria bacteria. 80 people have gotten sick. there could be more. there is a lag time between eating the cantelopes and becoming ill. a worldwide travel alert for americans living or traveling abroad. it warns that followers of al qaeda figures killed on friday could stage revenge attacks. read the entire warning on the u.s. state department's website. it is no secret many
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celebrity marriages don't last long always but kiss rocker, gene simmons, and his long-time girlfriend, they may buck the trend. after a 28-year courtship, the couple got married last night. simmons proposed to tweet after a nasty tiff this past summer on "the joy behar show." that show rather airs on our sister network, hln. if you had 20 minutes to save your life, what would you say, that's a delaware limb ma. for amanda knox as she prepares to face the judge and jury toechlt r $15.99. my name is angela trapp, and i sea food differently.
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a costly and deadly mistake
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in yemen. 29 members of the armed forces were killed mistakenly targeted and bombed by the country's own air force last night. it happened in a province where yemen's military is actively battling islamic militants. high-water misery in the philippines two typhoons in one week slammed into the northern islands flooding entire towns. more than 50 people are dead from the storms. this time tomorrow, we could know if and when amanda knox will be getting out of prison in italy. the american exchange student is fighting her conviction in the death of her roommate and she is going to make one final plea. conviction in the death of her roommate or to be set free? i talked to richard herman and avery freeman about amanda knox's chances of getting out, especially with prosecutors arguing that she and her
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ex-boyfriend should spend more time, not less, in prison. >> i think it is kind of hard for them to seriously make that argument when three-quarters of their case was thrown out by the appellate court. they claimed it was contaminated and degraded and not useful. it is grandstanding to say, we want to put her in forever. i think there is going to be a reduction. 50% of these cases that go on appeal in italy result usually in some decrease in prison time. i think she is going to get a decrease but i don't believe at this point that on monday, she is going to have a ticket to fly home. i just don't think it is going to happen. >> i think she has got a shot for a breakout. much of is it is dna being blown up. we have a different defendant. during the trial, she was flippant. she was younger. i think that 15 minutes that she
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presents on monday will have a profound effect on these judges and jurors together. i agree we are going to see substantial reduction. i would like to see an ac quit tall based on motive and lack of dna. i think that's what we are looking at. no less than a substantial reduction. >> let's look into the crystal ball and say, what is the content that needs to be in amanda knox's appeal? through her attorneys, they have said, the evidence wasn't there. there is nothing to corroborate that she, indeed, was there and may have participated in this killing, richard? what can amanda knox, what can her voice tell this courtroom they have not heard? >> attack the credibility of the witnesses that stood up and basically tried to destroy amanda knox. the co-defendant who is serving prison time now was the key government witness to testify against her. is his credibility really worth
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it. he did it for a reduced prison sentence. the other people that testified on behalf of the government, attack their credibility. she has to be pristine when she speaks to these people and pray, basically plead with them to let her go. i don't think it is going to be enough. i think there is enough evidence to keep the conviction. >> how much time does she need to spend on that night of her recollection of what did or didn't happen? >> well, she is the only one who really knows, at least at this point. rudy guede is in the penitentiary. his term was reduceded and he was convicted on substantial evidence. that's going to be a focus. the other thing that these jurors and judges have to see is the sobriety by which she is presenting herself. she is going to demonstrate, i have always been a good student, a responsible person. these circumstances are being used by the prosecution, who
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basically called her names, fredricka, instead of dealing with the evidence. bottom line, her natural presence, i think, will sell and it will work. >> you can catch our legal guys every saturday right here on cnn, noontime eastern. we will be taking you to italy momentarily with a preview on what else is to come. back to this country. the u.s. supreme court begins its new term tomorrow. a major case the justices are expected to review, a legal challenge to president barack obama's health care reform law. how did this health care challenge make it to the u.s. supreme court? >> this is a law that has been being challenged ever since the president signed it in march of 2010. it was a challenge before that. now, you have 28 states, dozens of groups and individuals that have brought lawsuits challenging this law. at issue is the mandate.
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can the federal government require people to buy health insurance? that mandate isn't set to start until 2014. that's pretty soon. that's the central issue they are expect pekted to look at? >> who are the players involved? >> well, the real issue here is that the court hasn't yet decided it is going to take up this case. we have 49 cases already on the docket. another three dozen could be added in the coming months. the case load is usually determined and settled on by about february. legal analysts believe that this is such an important topic that the supreme court is going to have to address it. they can't dodge it precisely because you spoke of players. you have 28 states, individuals, groups, businesses and you have different courts that are deciding coming down on different sides of this issue. so it is going to be up to the high court to give the final say, fred. >> you have the u.s. justice department that wants the
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supreme court to weigh in on this. an awful lot is at stake for this administration, particularly the timing. if there is a ruling in favor of the obama administration, time for 2012, that's great for them. of course, that ruling could come back in the other direction and could also time with that presidential election. >> well, exactly. so the idea is that if they decide to take this up as many as everyone expects them to do, the decision would come down by the end of the term, in june. that's in the thick of the presidential race. the election wouldn't be for several more months. this has been a key issue all along. you have republicans that are running saying my first order of business is going to be to repeal this law. of course, the obama administration believes they are completely within their right to have this mandate. either way, whatever side it comes down on, it is going to play a role in this election, no doubt, fred. >> athena jones from the u.s. supreme court, appreciate that. >> thanks. this time tomorrow, with he could know if and when amanda knox will be getting out of
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prison in italy. the american exchange student is fighting her conviction in the death of her roommate. she is going to be making one final plea. our senior international correspondent, matthew chance, is outside the prison in per use perugia? any idea of the points she is going to try to make. >> reporter: she is going to plead her innocence. we have been speaking to her parents. her parents tell us that she has been working on the contents of the address to the court and justice. she has been in prison for several years in italy. over that time, she has learned to speak italian very fluently indeed. she will be making the address in italian, not in english, which endear her somewhat to the
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jury. she is going to be saying, i am innocent, i didn't kill meredith kercher in 2007 and asking the jury to set her free from her 26-year prison sentence here in italy, fredricka. >> her family has been there every step of the way at least in recent weeks and months. any idea what the general sentiment is in the town of perugia as people are highly anticipating what it is amanda knox will say tomorrow? >> reporter: it is a good question. actually, i have done a bit of research on this. a lot of people are pretty sick of hearing about it, frankly. they feel it sports a bad name to this very beautiful, italian hillside town in the proof advice vince of umbria famous for its chocolates. the world's media has descended here, asking about the killing
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of meredith kercher. the locals want the business over. just like everywhere else in the world, people are fascinated as well. >> when will a verdict come, very soon after she is to speak? is it a matter of hours or even days? how does it work? >> reporter: it is probably not going to be days. what we are expecting now is that amanda knox is going to give her address in the morning, about 9:00 local time. shortly afterwards, there will be a few other sort of legal things that have to be done. the jury is going to retire and consider all of the evidence in this case. when they are ready, come back to give their decision, to give their verdicts. we don't know whether that will be an hour or hours. we are expecting on monday night. matthew chance, thanks so much in perugia. >> when we come back, we are going to be talking about your
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career. when you hear about the word branding, what do you think of, maybe one of these companies that are known all over the world. which ones rank number one in your view as it pertains to branding? we are going to tell you when we come right back.
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that's wall street, the target of protests that are spreading from new york to seattle to denver and who are these protesters and what are
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their demands? a live report coming up at the half hour. then, take a look at these company logos right here. we showed them to you before the break. do you know which ranks number one in the world? according to a leading brand consultant, it is coca-cola. world headquarters in atlanta, followed by ibm, microsoft, google and general electric. i guess no surprises really there. every week, we focus on ways to get a jump-start in the workforce. today's reclaim your career, we are talking about branding yourself, not just waiting for your company to do it but how about you as an individual. valerie burton is the author of where will you go from here? she is here to talk about how to man nlg yourself just like a brand. we saw a lust of the most influential companies. no surprise there. you see the brands all the time. what comes with a brand is a real identity.
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that's what you are talking about, really identifying yourself with something or a task or a specialty. >> especially when the economy is going south in many ways. people need something that makes you stand out and really, for you, a personal brand has to be it. it is about what makes you a little bit different and so there are people amazingly that i come across all the time that are getting two and three job offers even in this market. what is it that they are doing differently? for many of them, it is the fact that the company sees their value in their brand a lot difrm than others. >> how do you do that? it is more than telling people, this is what i do, this is my specialty. there has to be something else to really back it up. >> yes. one of the things that is really important, there is something that makes you different, something you are known for. >> one woman i know was known for doing something quickly. her process got picked up by her company and they save thousands of dollars. that's what she became known for and she got promoted as a result
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of being the person that's known for that. you might be known for your energy, you are a bridge builder and you get things done quickly. you want to be known as the person who gets the job done. >> along the way, people have to like you. that like ability factor is huge. >> being likeable. if you are drama-free. if you are the naern people are able to get along with, that they trust, you become a leader even if you don't have the title that goes along with being a leader. this really is about not just having your career as something your company tells you here are the steps that you need to take, instead, managing your career like a business. most people unfortunately don't manage their careers that way. >> you could be known for something but if you are the queen of mean or something, people are not going to appreciate all those great attributes that will, i guess your personality will kind of undermine your abilities. >> you know what's interesting. there are those people out there that have terrible personalities
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and then they get promoted. >> or you can be the king of mean. >> those people that are known for something. there is something of value that they bring to the company that someone else doesn't bring. >> how do you become like one who is in demand? >> well, number one, like i said, manage your career like a business. even in having your own database, every company has a database. every company reaches out in a very methodical way. you need to do that with your own personal brand. to begin expanding your network very intentionally. what are your goals on a weekly basis for et mooing new people and making sure you touch back with those executives and people within the company that are decisionmakers. what are you doing to expand and build your network? >> then, you need to take advantage of the opportunities or you want to take advantage of the opportunities. if a company says we are looking for "x" and you bring "y," how do you make that transferrable? >> sometimes that means getting insight from other people. i think it is really important
11:23 am
to have mentors and people around you that have been there and done that and to take some feedback and say, what can i do with this? how can i move forward despite the fact that maybe my qualifications don't line up the way i thought they should? >> i did that in my first position and ended up getting promoted to director much earlier than i should. >> you almost have to get into a practice of saying, you know what, i've got to sell myself and my brand to you. you are telling me you don't need this but i have toll you why you do need the brand i am bringing. >> if you are really bringing that brand. you are really bringing that value on an everyday basis, you don't have to beat people over the head by telling them. they see it by what you are doing. it is important you be intentional about it. it is almost like a second job. you have to analyze where am i in my career, what do i need to do differently? am i really bringing that added value? i know i keep saying that over and over again. when you have two people coming with a resume and both have
11:24 am
similar experience, what is it that makes you different? you need to make sure that whatever that is, people get it and get it quickly. even if it is energy, you do things faster, that makes you different. people will bring you in, promote you and maybe even steal you away from another company just to dpget what that is. >> especially now. it is highly competitive. valerie burton, good to see you as always. thanks so much. >> thanks, fred. one woman who quit her job to start her own production enterprise and guess what, she is all about branding too. she developed her own script, her own show and now it is a huge hit on the web. my conversation with issa ray in about 15 minutes from the "newsroom." [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] vicks nyquil cold and flu. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold... medicine. ♪ ♪
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a look at our top stories. bank of america customers are furious. many say they will switch if the bank starts charging a $5 fee for using the debit cards. the outrage may benefit bank of america. even angry customers are reluctant to change banks. if they switch to credit cards, the bank can make even more money. read all about it on >> a former cia contractor who went to prison in pakistan was arrested in colorado yesterday. raymond davis fought with another man over a parking spot at a shopping center.
11:28 am
he was released from pakistan earlier this year. he was charged with killing two men when he worked for the cia there. 60 minutes commentator, andy rooney, is calling it quits. the 92-year-old delivers his final regular broadcast tonight. he has been a staple with cbs news for more than 60 years. in that time, he has delivered 1,096 essays, bringing ordinary grievances to a national platform. now, he has just one more left, tonight. here is a glorious site over albuquerque, new mexico. hundreds of brightly colored and oddly-shaped balloons. the weekend weather has been perfect for the launch of this annual fiesta. it takes place every day through next sunday. jacqui jeras with us now.
11:29 am
clear skies. blue skies and then a chance to do it in the evening as well. this is amazing. >> the nighttime glow is so beautiful. >> i like it too. >> apparently, they will have like a race and some of the balloons can go as far as 1,000 miles. whoever can go the farthest is the champion of that race. >> wow. wonder how long that takes? 1,000 miles, that's quite the distance. i think the record is like 2, 000 something. i have some cool pictures. this is from california, from one of our ireporters. how gorgeous is this. this is from julie eldelton. she took these at sunset on friday oong. there were a few storms. she was able to catch that nice sunset with the clouds. there, you can see the beach. take a look at that water.
11:30 am
california is going to get some weather that is not quite as relaxing as those pictures. a huge storm system in the pacific. you can see the little comma curl associated with our area of low pressure. the first in a series of storms that are going to impact the week ahead. some that haven't seen rain in months will get some. the wet weather, not too much right now. we could be seeing as much as 4, 5 inches of rain especially in the higher elevations. this is going to be coming in tomorrow. our second front comes in late tuesday, into wednesday. that's going to move all the way down into southern california, even san diego could be getting some rain with this latest system. we also have our upper low that's still sitting there lingering into the northeast. low cloudiness here along with rain showers. we have seen a little snow, the first snow of the season in some of the higher elevations in west virginia, and the carolinas. we have airport delays as a result. ground stop in philly and delays
11:31 am
in toronto. otherwise, looking real nice. comfortable temperatures, warmer than they should be. >> enjoy it now. >> thank you, jackie. on to new york, protesters known as "occupy wall street" are gathering for another day of protest. this is what it looked like yesterday as they shut down one side of the brook brlyn bridge protesting what they call corporate greed. they enter the third week of protest today. susan candiotti is in new york where they are gathering. first of all, help us understand. what are all the grievances that people are airing? >> reporter: well, it depends on how long you have, fred. there are so many of them. that's because there are all kinds of people who are represented here today. you have people who are employed, people that have lost their jobs, some that are part time. people that are students, people that have a number of different
11:32 am
grievances. broadly based, corporate greed, as you mentioned. people who are protesting the decline of civil liberties. you have one group of people over here, teachers, who are sitting here grading papers. they are saying they are here to illustrate all the budget cuts that they have to deal with. there is so much work to do and fewer teachers to do that work. so a lot of different ideas are represented here this day. so it's really hard to focus on just one theme. certainly, it is hard to focus on any solution. take a look. their message, "end corporate greed" they say is killing america's economy. >> solidarity forever. >> reporter: will they be heard in washington? >> politicians can be bought. political influence can be bought through political donations. this needs to be addressed. >> reporter: organizing isn't easy. most of the time is spent trying to figure out what they are trying to say and how to
11:33 am
organize. no one is in charge. that's the way they like it. >> we are gathered here in this place to join with that mission's statement, to shape a statement of what it is we want and how we are going to get to it. >> this new jersey mother used a school holiday to take her four and 5-year-old to join a peaceful protest for a day. >> we are 99%. the rich and powerful are 1%. we need to be a lot more equal than that. >> reporter: is it hard to put together a solution? >> very hard, very hard. that's why i am skimping on my words here. there are so many ways you could come to the end, to a solution. you know, in the meantime, it is just kind of awakening people up to know what's going on out there. >> reporter: the new york group insists it is staying put with no exit strategy. police say they have no plan to move them out. every afternoon, there is a daily march.
11:34 am
nothing major planned today. organizers say that probably won't happen until midweek when they announce support from major unions who will be marching with them. in fact, fred, you even have tourists walking by and snapping a lot of pictures. they are also interested in taking all this in. susan candiotti, thanks so much for helping us understand why so many have converged there in lower manhattan. let's take a look at the week ahead. britain's prince harry is heading back to the u.s. for some advanced training on apache helicopters. the young royal will take part in crimson eagle, an eight-week military exercise in arizona and california. completion of the training could help the prince who is a captain in britain's army air core return to the front lines in afghanistan. the nobel peace prize winner is expected to be announced in oslow on friday. last year's winner was
11:35 am
imprisoned chinese prodemocracy activist, lou shaibou. the chicago bears are finally getting their day at the white house, the 1985 super bowl champs original visit was chance ld in january of 1986 because of the "challenger" space shuttle explosion. >> forbes released the top tv actors. they earned a combined of $94 million between may 2010 and may 2011. let's start at the bottom. juliana marguiles earned $6 million. ellen pompeo with $7 million. also with $7 million, courteney cox, from cougar town and tying
11:36 am
for fifth place, felicity huffman and terry matcher, both who earned $9 million. what television actresses came out on top with the most money made. the answer right after this. 
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11:39 am
five of the top ten paid tv actresses in hollywood. here are the top five. in a three-way tie for third places, we have marg held den berger from c sichlt, marissa hargitay and marsha cross from desperate housewives, all earning $10 million. coming in at the top spot tied eva longoria and tina fey from 30 rock, both with $13 million each. a woman fed up with what she was seeing on television quits her job to create her own web series. issa ray is the creator and star of the popular episode, the misadventures of a black girl. i talked to her about what inspired her and why it has such
11:40 am
broad appeal? >> i just felt like i didn't see myself represented on screen or television or film. i love these shows like parks and recreation, like 30 rock. they have this awkward humor, sign felt and these shows represent my accepts of humor. i thought it would be funny to have a series based around this african-american girl who goes through everyday awkward situations. i decided to stop sitting on it after reading an article about, where is the black liz lemon? i said, that's my idea. that's what i want to do. so i decided to shoot the first episode gorilla style. i called on friends. i had a friend in l.a. who i just know is really talented. i asked him to be in it. i called my best friend to film it. that was if it. that was what gorilla style was. i have a camera. i need you to film this. i have the idea. let's just act it out. that was the first episode. the response was ridiculously
11:41 am
positive. >> so it's the misadventures of awkward black girl. you have these situations that are really very universal. your character is jay. how much of what we see in jay's life is really your life or your experiences. >> i would say jay is more of an extension of me. her life is an exaggerated version of my own life. >> was he standing behind me the whole time? hey, hey. >> the title says, awkward black girl. you are trying hard to send the message that these are universal experiences. >> i think we just wanted to demonstrate, you can be awkward au and you can be black. awkward doesn't have a race. that can be universal. by watching this character on screen, you can relate to her, no matter what her color is, no matter what her background is. that was important to me.
11:42 am
i wanted to make her race clear and show that you can still relate to her. >> i hate parties. they are so competitive. a blatant contest of looks and style and sexiness. >> i thought awkward and black would make a great brand. i thought it would make my friends laugh. i didn't realize that so many people shared this same sense of humor. >> what's the future of dinlg tol content of productions on the web like this in your view? >> in my view, this is the future. this is what we are going to be watching on television. people are going to see awkward black girl on their tv screens in the future, because they will be watching internet from their tv screens. i think that especially for minority content creators, this is the way to go. there is no gatekeeper on the internet. you can release whatever content you want and i think that this is the best route to take honestly. >> oh, my god, you are awkward. >> i know.
11:43 am
>> i get you. >> this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. >> viewers have helped keep rae's show in production. viewers donated more than $50,000 through a fundraising website and that money helped keep the awkward black girl series on the web. the ninth webisode airs this thursday. you will laugh outside. this is funny. a controversy surrounding a gop presidential hopeful. find out what's going on and how that candidate is now responding. we hit the political trail next. as much as you like any way you like, like new sweet and spicy shrimp, all for $15.99. my name is angela trapp, and i sea food differently.
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republican presidential candidate, rick perry, is at the center of a controversy surrounding the name of a hunting camp once leased by his family. "the washington post" reports a rock at the entrance of the texas camp was painted with the name that included the "n" word. his communications director says governor perry's father painted
11:47 am
over the offensive language soon after releasing the property in the early 1980s. the communications director also said this. joining us from washington, now, to talk more about how this is impacting the presidential race and other political headlines, political blogger, danielle belton. >> great to be back. >> is this story, this washington post reporting, is this going to be a big distraction for perry on the campaign trail? >> i think it will. i think it has a lot to do with our uncomfortableness with a lot of america's racial past and problems we continue to have to this day. it is not all that surprising but rather disappointing. it is not that surprising. a lot of historic places that have problematic names named
11:48 am
after derogatory terms for african-americans or other ethnicities. >> the perry camp is saying, when that discovery was made, they painted over it, it wasn't a mainstay and something that they were proud of existing at that camp. in the meantime, one of the other republican candidates, herman cain, saying that is very insensitive. do you see perry's competitors trying to seize upon this? >> it's typical. they are trying to differentiate themselves from him. he is weak coming off the poor debate performance. it is natural. you see a volley. you are going to jump up and spike it. that's all he is doing, taking advantage of the situation. >> let's talk about the field of these republican candidates. the drum continues to beat louder for chris christie, whether he is in, whether he is considering it. when you look at the calendar, can it be too late for chris christie to jump in at this juncture? >> i can't see it happening. he has two months.
11:49 am
january, the primary season has gun. debates have already been underway now. people are out there elbowing, trying to make a difference. i don't know if it is possible to pull off a run this late in the game. >> is that just case for chris christie? might that also be the case for sarah palin if she decides to jump into the race? whether it is rudy guiliani and hike huckabee? >> maybe in the case of huckabee. it is really late in the game. they have two months to get a ground team together and get things going. in the case of palin, she is not running. she is running for attention. >> even tho he sknow she is goi crisscrossing the country. >> what is she doing? >> getting attention. she likes attention. she likes to be involved in politics. she wants to be a game changer. she wants to get some hype. she wants to be part of the
11:50 am
debate. i don't think she wants to run for president. >> let's listen to president obama who last night was chastising the republican party, in large part for what is and isn't being said as it pertains to human rights and gay rights. >> we don't believe in a small america. we don't believe in the kind of smallness that says it is okay for a stage full of political leaders, one of whom could end up being the president of the united states, being silent when an american soldier is booed. we don't believe in that. we don't believe in standing silent when that happens. we don't believe in them being silent since. you want to be commander and chief, you can start by standing up for the men and women who wear the uniform of the united states, even when it is not political convenient. >> so what's going on here? last week we talked about how
11:51 am
president obama was taking a much more assertive stance when he was talking to the congressional black caucus and now we are also seeing this week he is pointing the finger more and talking about what others are not doing or what ver nothe knack cuellar is not being used. you have people boo this gay soldier. you had this lackadaisical, where they didn't want to talk about it response. i think this is a good plan of attack for the president to point out the differences. he wants to hold the people accountable and the fact that he supported the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, supported the rights of gays and lesbians to openly serve in our military. this is a way to really differentiate what's the difference between obama presidency and the presidency of some of the republican candidates that didn't have much to say on this issue. >> danielle belton, good to see you. >> good to see you too. for the latest political news, you know exactly where to
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>> fans are counting down the ruffle 42 hours until apple's
11:55 am
new iphone is unveiled. the new apple ceo, tim cook, will make the announcement. many are already selling their current iphone to buy this newest model. all eyes are on the bottom line. new fees from a megabank and jobs or the lack of them. we are keeping tabs on all of that starting with allison cos sick. the nation's biggest bank is rolling out a controversial new fee. next year, bank of america will begin charging customers $5 a month when they use their debit card to buy something at a store. it doesn't matter if you swipe it at one store or 20, you will still get charged no matter what. atm withdrawals will still be free. wells fargo and chase are testing debit fees as well. b of a is the first to do it. felicia has a look at what's coming up next on wall street. felicia? the focus next week on wall
11:56 am
street will be the jobs market. the government releases the september job report and the numbers from august will likely be revised. the august report came in at zero. no jobs from added, no jobs were lost. that could be revised. if it is a loss, it will be the first since 2010. >> thanks so much, ladies. remember, you can get your financial fix every day on
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a look at our top stories, amanda knox is preparing her final plea. the american exchange student women have about 15 noints convince the jury to overturn her murder conviction and set her free. she denies any involvement in the 2007 killing of her british roommate. a worldwide travel alert has been issued for americans living or traveling abroad. warrens that followingers of al qaeda figures staged could stage revenge attacks. read the entire warning. coming up later on today, at 4:00, treasure hunters find a shipwreck on the bottom of the ocean. it's cargo could be worth


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