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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 2, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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so you're not going to blow your budget all in the month of december. >> what happens when you wait until the last minute or a couple weeks, you end up spending more, you panic, this isn't what i wanted to get them but this is what we're going to get anyway because this is all i have time to find. >> we've all been racing down the aisles. the next thing i want to tell you, really important. save all your receipts. don't take tags off. you're not going to start wrapping anything. >> if you find something three months in advance, are you giving that receiver an option to actually -- >> you know what you're going to do, you're going to watch the prices. when those prices come down as they get closer to the holiday, you're going to go back to the store or the online vendor -- >> this is a job. >> -- and ask for a price adjustment. and they do it. they'd rather you still buy it at the lower price than return it completely. >> you can catch financial fix every saturday 2:00 eastern time. on sundays at 4:00 right here on cnn.
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we begin this hour with a travel advisory. the u.s. state department issued a worldwide travel alert for americans living or traveling abroad. it warns that followers of al qaeda figures killed on friday could stage revenge attacks. read the entire warning on the u.s. state department's website. and in a matter of hours, amanda dknox is expected to spek directly to the jurors hearing her appeal. the american exchange student will have about 15 minutes to convince them to overturn her murder conviction and set her free. she is serving 26 years for the killing of her british roommate. back in this country, the jury in dr. conrad murray's trial returns to court tomorrow. murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter in michael jackson's death. beth karas with "in session" from our sister network trutv previews what's ahead. >> dr. richelle cooper will be back on the stand to complete
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her toast testimony. she was the emergency room doctor on duty the day michael jackson was brought to the hospital. she gave paramedics to pronounce him dead. nonetheless, conrad murray wanted him brought to the hospital. she was there standing by with a team she assembled of 14 people to assist her. they tried for more than an hour to revive him before pronouncing him dead. now, after dr. cooper we could hear from another member of that team she assembled. one of the residents had briefly spoken to dr. murray to get some of the history of michael jackson. we could hear from her. also detectives were coming to the hospital. some of whom spoke briefly to dr. murray. we could hear from the detectives. coming up in the days to come will be the coroner and the coroner's investigator. we'll hear what their investigation and their testing and the autopsy showed.
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in los angeles, i'm beth karas for "in session" at the downtown courthouse. turning to health news now. the nationwide death toll from a listeria outbreak has risen to 15. the cdc traced the bacteria from cantaloupes from colorado based jensen farms. dozens of people have gotten sick. more could follow. there's a lag time between eating the contaminated cantaloupes then becoming low. live picture of the washington monument in our nation's call. no work done there again today to locate damage caused by the earthquake in august. for a second day the weather is keeping crews away. but take a look at when the weather is good and what they're able to do. spectacular pick htures from la week showing how dangerous the inspection is. the only way for crews to get a close look is to go to the very top, 555 feet up high and repel down the steep side. all right. not far from the monument is the
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u.s. supreme court. where the nine justices will reconvene tomorrow for their new term. cnn's athena jones joins us live now. outside the high courts. so athena, how full is the docket right now? >> reporter: it's shaping up to be a really busy term for the supreme court. with decisions expected on several big and politically important issues. monday kicks off a new term for the supreme court. and health care tops the lists of big issues the nine justices could take on. the obama administration has asked the nation's highest court to rule on the constitutionality of the patient protection and affordable care act. the health care overhaul signed into law last year. lawsuits brought by 28 states and dozens of individuals and groups have challenged the federal government's right to require people to purchase health insurance. the key provision in the law. analysts say the court will almost certainly address this hot button issue this term. with a decision coming just months before the presidential
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election. >> the law, itself, is obviously really important whether you like it or not. it has tremendous consequences for president obama's re-election because it's a signature achievement. >> the politics of health care aside, this is the central issue. this could hachange the way the government and people interact going forward in our country. >> reporter: among cases already on the court's docket, an electronic surveillance case that asks whether police can attack a gps tracker to a suspect's car without a warrant. the central question, do motorists have any right to privacy on public roads? another about whether prisons can subject people arrested even for minor offenses to suspicionless strip searches. and a case about whether the federal communication indecency rules violate broadcast network free speech rights. >> inevitable this term, they're going to have to describe what the free speech rights of broadcasters are to put profanity and some nudity on the
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air. >> reporter: other politically charged issues that could come up include immigration, gay marriage, affirmative action and aboard. >> the supreme court term so far is shaping up to be pretty interesting but it could become absolutely explosive and enthralling. it could be the most interesting one in a century. >> reporter: one important point i want to reiterate here, fred, is the supreme court only takes on about one out of every ten cases it's petitioned to review. the justices haven't decided whether they're going to tackle this health care overhaul. still nearly every legal analyst you speak with say the court is going to have to wait until this debate. so it's going to be an interesting term here. >> interesting to say the very least. thanks so much, athena jones at the high court. >> reporter: thanks. let's go to new york now. protesters known as occupy wall street are gathering again for another day of protests. let's head to the wall street area where cnn's susan candiotti is there in the thick of it all. how's it looking right now?
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>> reporter: hi, fred, it's been a busy day in terms of how crowded this park is. of course, you have to keep in mind it's sunday so oftentimes people working during the week who are unable to come can come out here this day. just to give you an idea of how large this park is, it's about the size of a city block. it's filled with people, people who are here to protest. not just one thing, a lot of things. everyone here seems to have a different message and they're still trying to pull it all together. and a lot of the people are here for the duration. if you look around here now, some people catching 40 winks. we have a sign here that's offering free hugs if you can make that out. you see a lot of mattresses here. there are food lines set up to take care of everyone. we're starting to feel a bit of a drizzle here. no one's going home. everyone here, as we said, complaining about different things. high price of gas, better health insurance, to stop cuts to education. there is no one person who is
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leading this protest, and a lot of people like that. so every day they hold general assemblies where they talk about different things and try to organize. the question is, will they be able to do it? for example, big protest at the brooklyn bridge last night. why? they told me because they wanted to try to bring a lot of focus. if they brought a big crowd out there, a lot of people from the news media would take pictures and their movement might grow. will it work? hard to say, but we're three weeks into it and still no organized message admittedly on the part of the protesters here. but they hope that it will come and apparently for now people are willing to wait for it, fred. >> all right, susan, hopefully you can hear me. i know it's crowded there. this crowd, is it central to that park? or is there concern that the crowd may interfere with business, traffic, come the workweek tomorrow? starting tomorrow? >> reporter: well, every day there are large crowds, i would
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say, on the weekends. it has tied down during the weekdays. and so there isn't much interference with traffic. but they are planning a larger protest in the middle of the week and hope there will be a large turnout for that. oftentimes the crowd estimates have not lived up to those estimations. we'll see what happens this week. >> susan candiotti, thanks so much, in lower manhattan. the reality show bug bites another famous family. these young women you're about to see are letting the camera into almost every part of their lives, but are their lives interesting enough to hold a television audience? and you will recognize the family name. that's coming up next. [ male announcer ] it's a fact:
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high water misery in the
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philippines. two typhoons in one week slammed into the northern islands flooding entire towns and causing millions of people to flee for higher ground. more than 50 people are dead from the storms. the same severe weather slammed into southern coastal china pushing rivers out of their banks and toppling thousands of homes. then on to mexico city. where lawmakers are considering a new way of entering into marriage. if the law passes instead of a lifetime commitment, newlyweds would be armed with an exit strategy. a temporary marriage license. under the proposal, when the first two years are up and the couple isn't happy, the contract ends. if they are happy, the contract is renewed. simple as well. all right. to denmark now. and that has become the first country in the world to put in place a fat tax. beginning this weekend, foods like burgers and fries will cost more. an extra fee that the danish
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government hopes will make people think twice about when eating junk food. example, a pack of butter could cost up to 30% more depending on its saturated fat content. denmark, by the way, has a lower obesity rate than most of europe, but officials say they want to improve the average life expectancy. young women, wealthy, famous and attractive. stars of a reality tv show with cameras peer into every corner of their lives. for better, worse, that formula is wildly successful on television these days. so here are the latest celebrity relatives looking into break into the show business, banking on their famous name. two sisters and their cousins in johannesburg, south africa. you want to guess now on what the last name may be? all right. i was going to give you a heartbeat or two. there you go. the grandfather, the name is nelson mandela. they are ready for reality tv.
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cnn international here with more on this and why they said yes. yes. why they're saying yes to reality tv. >> well, they are just interested in putting together a show. they think they can be good role models, they can present the image of a contemporary south african woman. successful. middle class. going about her life as mothers, as career women. and set a positive role model. however, the grandfather is beloved, respected around the world -- >> does he like this idea? >> we don't know, they won't say. he's 93 years old, failing health. we don't know if he's even aware about their plans. the show hasn't been picked up by any network. they're hoping it will be picked up. they don't know when it's going to launch. everything is preliminary. they're working with a u.s. producer of reality tv show and two south african companies. >> they wanted to air not not only in south africa but abroad
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as well. >> they grew up in boston in the united states. they grew up, educated in the u.s. they went back they say for family reasons and business reasons back to south africa. that's where they're living right now. it's very tough to really know what the show is going to be about. cnn interviewed one of the granddaughters and here is how she described it. so let's see, in her own words. >> it's about us being independent women and us being independent african women, south african women. we've grown up having cameras around here or there, so i'm not too worried about it. >> do you like the camera? >> i wouldn't say i like the came camera. i wouldn't say i don't like the camera. the camera is just there. >> and they're just used to it. >> didn't quite answer the question. she is a single mom with a 3-year-old daughter. and she is interested in setting up a foundation for housing, education, and things like that.
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but there are a lot of concerns that, you know, no matter how much they try to respect their grandfather's legacy, reality tv shows are about what makes them interesting. they're about quarrels and contention. how are they going to keep up and live up to nelson mandela's name? >> is that one of the concerns that's kind of pervasive? south africa, that people feel like they want to be protective of the mandela name? >> very protective. >> so they're a little worried about just how real these young ladies could be? >> and what impact it would have on their name. some people even outright saying they're cashing in on their grandfather's legacy. >> oh, boy. >> and that they're denying this. they're saying this is just the way they're expressing themselves and that they're very mindful and it's not about the name. >> what's the timetable? they are kind of test driving the shooting right now, shopping it around? are they hoping to get this, you know, in people's homes in a matter of months? or a year? >> well -- >> do they know? >> one of them is pregnant and expecting her third baby in
2:17 pm
january. they're hoping that january, the beginning of the year, there's a network that will pick up the show and that they can start the show. >> the birth of a baby and birth of a tv show. >> the birth of a baby and birth of a tv show. the oldest one. yeah. >> i can see the promo now. >> she has an interesting u.s. connection. atlanta connection, in fact. she met her husband while she was studying psychology at clark university here in atlanta. she's the one who's expecting a baby. >> you're going to have to give us the followfollow-up. >> people are saying they might be seeking also to cash in because the oldest one wants to set up a luxury clothing line. we'll see what happens. >> okay. >> they might surprise us. >> we're going to see what happens. you're going to let us know. >> i will be on the story. >> all right. thanks so much. >> my pleasure. all right. straight ahead, standing out in a very tough job market. tips on how to get noticed and the benefits of being likable at work and knowing how to create your brand.
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. top stories are straight ahead. plus this. a brave 4-year-old boy calls 911 after finding his mother unconscious. the child talks with the emergency operator for more than 14 minutes and stays very calm. just take a listen. >> do you hear the sirens? >> a bad guy is coming. >> no, no, the good guys are coming. they're going to come and help your mommy. >> oh. >> coming up, we'll listen to more of that 911 call and find out how the boy's mother is doing. but first, every week we focus on ways to get a jump-start in the workforce. and in today's reclaim your career, i talked with valerie
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burton about the importance of bra branding yourself. >> a personal brand has to be it and it's about what makes you a little bit different. there are people amazingly that i come across all the time that are getting two, three job offers even in this market. so what is it that they're doing differently? for many of them it's the fact that the company sees their value and their brand a lot differently. >> how do you do that? it's more than just telling people, this is what i do, this is my specialty. there has to be something else to really back it up. >> one of the things that's really important is there's something that makes you different. there's something you're known for. for example, one woman i know was known for doing things very quickly so she went through her career in her 20s doing things fast. her process got picked up by her company and they actually saved thousands of dollars. that's what she became known for and got promoted as a result of being the person that's known for that. it might be that you're known for your energy, you're a bridge builder, you get things done quickly. obviously you want to be known as the person who's going to get
2:21 pm
the job done. >> along the way, people have to like you. you say that likability factor is huge. >> yeah. being likable, that sounds almost cliche. it's true. if you're drama free, if you're the person people are able to get along with that they trust, you become a leader even if you don't have the title that goes along with being a leader. this really is about not just having your career as something that your company tells you, oh, here's the steps you need to take, but instead managie ining career like a business. most people unfortunately don't manage their careers that way. >> you could have these great things going for you and known for something, but if you're the queen of mean or something, you know, people are not going to appreciate all those great attributes that will, i guess your personality will kind of undermine your abilities? >> you know what's interesting, there are those people out there that we can say have terrible personalities and yet they get promoted. >> or be the king of mean. >> be the king of mean, of course. >> those are still usually people that are known for something. there's something they bring of value to the company that someone else doesn't bring, even
2:22 pm
if they have the same experience and same education and background. >> how do you become, like, one who's in demand? >> well, number one, like i said, manage your career like a business. that means even in taking, having your own database. every company has a database. every company reaches out in a methodical way. do that with your own personal brand. to begin expanding your network very intentionally. how often do you reach out? what are your goals on a weekly basis for meeting new people and making sure you touch back with those executives or people within the company that are decision makers? what are you doing to expand and build your network? >> then you need to take advantage of the opportunities. at least you want to take advantage of the opportunitiy i but if a company says we're looking your "x" and you bring "y" how do you make that transferable? >> getting insight from other people. have mentors and people around you that have been there and done that. >> valerie burton. every sunday 2:00 and time. reclaiming your career. all right.
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another presidential candidate is having a sit-down with donald trump. find out who that is. after the break.
2:24 pm
time for a check of what's happening. in the week ahead, britain's prince harry is heading to the u.s. to polish his helicopter flying skills. he's enrolled in crimson eagle, an eight week advance training course on apache helicopters. the prince is a captain in britain's army air corps. when he completes his training at locations in arizona and california the young royal could return to duty in afghanistan. the 2011 nobel peace prize winner is expected to be announced on friday. last year's winner was chinese pro democracy activist.
2:25 pm
the winner could come from the arab spring uprisings. the pro democracy protest which swept akos countries in north africa. the chicago bears are finally getting their day at the white house. more than 25 years ago, their visit was canceled due to the "challenger" space shuttle disaster. it's a busy week ahead for republican presidential candidate herman cain. the former ceo of godfather's pizza is planning a lot of meet and greets including one with a fellow business mogul. joining us live now from washington, cnn deputy political director paul steinhauser. what's on his agenda? >> the business mogul is reality tv star donald trump. herman cain will be there tomorrow meeting with donald turn in new york city. meeting with trump is a must do if you're running for the republican presidential nomination.
2:26 pm
last month the two front-runners in the race, rick perry and mitt romney separately met with trump. herman cain does it tomorrow. on tuesday his book comes out. "this is herman cain my journey to the white house." herman cain will be making the talk show circuit. he won the straw bopoll in florida. since then he's been nonstop everywhere. his top press person resigned over the weekend. interesting timing. >> what does that mean? >> we're looking into that one. >> let's talk about chris christ christie. he hasn't said he's going to run. there's a lot of pressure on him to make up his mind again. is it too late? is he seriously considering? >> he's considering. remember, because he kept saying no, no, no. the new jersey governor said no, no, all year. at the big speech a week ago at the reagan library, he didn't say yes, didn't say no. his top political advisers are trying to figure out what you said, is it too late for him to
2:27 pm
jump in if he really wants to, which he don't know. remember with the primary calendar moving up a month, for people like christie or sarah palin or giuliani, if any of the people want to run, they have one less month to see if they can raise money, get on the ballot in the early states. the deadline in new hampshire is less than four weeks alone. >> my goodness. >> stay tuned to see what's going on in trenton, new jersey. >> time's a flying. rick perry's strategy to fight mexican drug cartels is generating a lot of talk. >> yesterday he was campaign in new hampshire and said he would consider maybe putting troops into mexico and also talked about if he won the election he'd sit down with the mexican leader and discuss how to combat the illegal drug wars and trades crossing over the border sometimes. controversial comments sending u.s. troops to mexico. perry has been under the attack by the other republican candidates for maybe being too soft on immigration, for the dream act in texas and not wanting to build a wall along the entire border with u.s. and
2:28 pm
mexico. maybe this is his way to try to beef up his stance on illegal immigration. it's very important, of course, with primary caucus voters, fred. >> paul, thanks so much for washington. rick perry is also at the center of a new controversy. we'll have more on that straight ahead. and friends and family of amanda knox are not the only ones waiting to see how her appeal turns out. so is an entire town outside london where knox's former roommate, the girl who was killed, grew up. ♪ [ dog barks ] [ birds chirping ] ♪ [ mechanical breathing ] [ engine turns over ] ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new volkswagen passat. a new force in the midsize category. ♪
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a look at our top stories. the u.s. state department issued a worldwide travel alert for american living or traveling abroad. followers of al qaeda figures killed on friday could stage revenge attacks. read the entire warning on the u.s. state department's website zblfrlg . andy rooney may soon have idle time on his hands. "the 60 minutes" commentator delivers his final regular broadcast on tonight's show. the 92-year-old rooney has written 1,097 essays. you'll get to hear the last one tonight. john hinckley jr. who was found not guilty by reason of insanity of trying to kill president ronald reagan might be released from a mental hospital. the government facility where hinckley has spent much of the last 30 years is asking a federal court to let him live with his aging mother in
2:32 pm
virginia or at least or at least close by. and testimony resumes tomorrow in the trial of dr. conrad murray. doctors from the ucla medical center where michael swrjacksons declared dead are expected to take the stand. also on the witness stand, representatives from murray's cell phone providers are expected to testify about the calls murray made on the morning that jackson died. and amanda knox could find out tomorrow as well if she is going to get out of prison in italy any time soon. just hours from now, the american exchange student is expected to make a personal plea directly to the jurors hearing her appeal. she has about 15 minutes to convince them to overturn her conviction in the killing of her british roommate and set her free. and what about that former roommate? how do those closest to meredith kercher feel about the appeals trial? cnn's dan rivers takes us to her
2:33 pm
hometown south of london. >> reporter: amid the near constant coverage of amanda knox's appeal, it's easy to overlook the victim of the murder. meredith kercher was knock's flat mate, a bright 21-year-old student studying language here at leads university. but during a one-year placement in the italian town of perugia, she was stabbed and sexually assaulted in 2007. a crime of which amanda knox and her boyfriend raffaele sollecito were convicted. a drifter was also convicted of her murder, rudy guede, in a separate trial. this is the house where meredith grew up in coulsdon, a leafy, quiet town south of london. the kercher family has always maintained they thought the trial was fair. meredith's father, john, wrote in one newspaper that amanda knox is being convicted of taking our precious meredith's
2:34 pm
life in the most hideous and bloody way. the prospect of amanda now being released will clearly be very upsetting to the kercher family. the kercher's neighbor, maureen levy, says the appeal put meredith's family under enormous strain. >> this has been going on for four years. i mean, there was the initial murder then, of course, there was the trial and since then it always seems to be in the news. and as they say, meredith seems to be forgotten in it. she was beautiful. she was friendly. she was nice. she was clever. and there's not enough metaphors to say how nice she was. she looked after my grandchildren. and it was just a tragedy. >> reporter: local politician richard ottaway attended meredith's funeral. >> it was packed and overflowing. the -- it was quite clear that meredith was a popular girl. so many friends there.
2:35 pm
it was probably one of the most moving services that i've ever been to. >> reporter: it was packed with 500 to 600 friends and family, a sign of meredith's popularity. i was told how meredith's parents dealt with that emotionally charged day. >> they were very, very courageous. they had great dignity. a calm sort of dignity which i think they've maintained right up until now. >> reporter: which must now be under immense strain as they wait to find out if amanda knox and raffaele sollecito will be set free. dan rivers, cnn, coulsdon, england. a 4-year-old makes a dramatic call to 911. the young boy had just found his mother unconscious. he remained remarkably calm during the call. just take a listen. >> what color house do you have? >> it's white.
2:36 pm
>> what color door does your house have? >> i'll go check if it's brown, okay? i'll be right back. >> well, don't hang up. don't hang up. >> i'll come out there and see if it's brown. okay? >> okay. you go -- but you can take the phone with you. >> so the good news, the mother actually will be okay. the family had just moved to iowa from another state and the boy used a cell phone to call 911. authorities used cell phone tracking to locate the boy and his mother. and controversy surrounding a gop presidential hopeful. we hit the political trail next. and haunted. haunted houses are already pretty scary. wait until you see the immense scaly creature that's waiting for visitors at a haunted house in kansas city. that's coming up. thanks for the falcon. i didn't buy anyone a falcon. sure, you did. you saved us a lot of money on auto insurance.
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okay. tick tock, tick dock. get all that orange and black out. halloween is fast approaching. >> you have your fall colors on. >> i pulled out the fall stuff.
2:40 pm
it's feeling fall. i like halloween, don't you? >> it's fun. >> yeah. >> i like pumpkins better than, you know, scary things. >> do you go trick-or-treating with the kids? >> i'm usually the one that hands out the candy. >> okay. very good. would you go to a haunted house? >> not so much. >> really? what about this one? maybe this one you'll check out. it's semi scary. take a look. this one is semi scary because of this one right here. that big old seven foot snake that's almost knocking him out right there. >> he's a rascal. >> it's actually in a haunted house, no kidding. >> look at how many people are holding it. >> this is in kansas city. people like to go into this haunting house because they are hoping they can encounter mcdusa. no thank you to me. >> it weighs 300 pounds. no. >> okay. let's move on to something, maybe something else that we will go visit. this is the bronx zoo. let's check out what happens at the bronx zoo when you throw pumpkins into the pen with some
2:41 pm
big old bears. >> look at them. >> they're so excited about it. chomping on them. carving their pumpkins. >> look at how they use their claws to get in there. pumpkins are a super food. did you know that? >> that's great. >> really healthy for you. i'm sure for bears, too. >> they're digging it. get it, they're digging it? you want to check in the bears in action, for real? in october every weekend go to the bronx zoo and see this action taking place. >> they look so happy. >> happy halloween. lots of treats. no tricks. that's our viral for today. okay? thanks so much, jacqui. we're going to talk politics straight ahead because there is controversy surrounding a gop presidential hopeful. find out what's going on and how that candidate is now responding. whether it can be done safely and responsibly. at exxonmobil we know the answer is yes. when we design any well, the groundwater's protected by multiple layers of steel and cement. most wells are over a mile and a half deep so there's a tremendous amount of protective rock between the fracking operation and the groundwater.
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republican presidential candidate rick perry is at the center of a controversy surrounding the name of a hunting camp once leased by his family. the "washington post" reports a rock at the entrance of the texas camp was painted with the name that included the "n" word. perry's communications director says governor perry's father painted over that after leasing the property in the 1980s.
2:45 pm
the communications director said this, quote, a number of claims made in the story are incorrect and consistent and anonymous including the implication that rick perry brought groups to the lease when the word on the rock was still visible. end quote. earlier today, political blogger danielle belton weighed in on the controversy. i asked her whether this story will prove to be a big distraction for perry on the campaign trail. >> i think it will. i think it has a lot to do with our uncomfortableness with a lot of america's past and racial problems we continue have to this very day. the incident isn't that surprising to me. it's rather disappointing but not surprising considering there are a lot of historic places, communities that have problematic names like this named after derogatory terms for african-americans or other ethnicities. >> just for the record, perry camp is saying that when that discovery was made they painted over it and that it wasn't a
2:46 pm
mainstay and something they were proud of existing at that camp. meantime, one of the other republ republican candidates, herman cain, his reaction to it, saying, quote, that's very insensitive. do you see perry's competitors try to seize upon this? >> they're trying to differentiate themselves from them. he's weak coming off the poor debate performance. it's natural. you see a volley, you're going to jump up and spike it. that's all herman cain is doing here, taking advantage of the situation. >> perspective from danielle belton. rick perry's communication director said -- he goes on to say, i'm going to quote this now, that is why the perrys took quick action to cover and obscure it. end quote. much more straight ahead in the newsroom with our don lemon. >> yeah. we're going to be talking about that as well. i think danielle had a pretty good perspective. what we're going to be asking is, can you ever recover, even
2:47 pm
if it's an allegation, if you had nothing to do with it, can you recover from using a word like that? it's tough. there are lots of names like that historically in america. so yeah. we're going to be talking about that, fred. as you know, i was out in los angeles all week covering the conrad murray trial. man, man oh man. we're going to be looking ahead in just a little bit at the wekk that was and the week ahead. here's some of my reporting. check it out real quick. a lot of people think because of what happened, it's a slam dunk, open shut case. it's not. you shouldn't count the people out. conrad murray put together a very, very smart team of attorneys. the audiotape of michael jackson, they had to play it twice because the first time you couldn't hear it. it was heart wrenching. everyone looked at each other like, is that michael jackson? conrad murray recorded michael jackson's either a conversation or something he was taping him doing and that's what the prosecution found. of course, you saw it on
2:48 pm
television. he started to tear up. we could see the back of his head. we saw him reach for a tissue. the jury saw it all, saw him doing that. fred, it was unbelievable. i was sitting this close to the jackson family as this was all going down. to just watch -- >> what have been their reactions when, say, conrad murray was tearing up or when they were hearing testimony from the first responders? >> you could hear them sort solve groaning for certain things and they were crying. they would lean in at certain points. it was just very interesting to watch that and to be that close. we'll be talking about that. i'll be going back for closing arguments. also going to be talking with the author of a book about hall of famer walter payton. the book is called "sweetness." yeah. it's a look at the troubled life behind the football legend and drawing some controversy again. because it talks -- it makes him human. he's had this sort of iconic type of -- >> yeah. okay. congratulations to you because you received a big award last night from g.l.a.d.
2:49 pm
outstanding citizen award for being you. >> for being me. >> and for the release of your book, "transparent." and just really telling your story and being transparent. >> thank you. that's all i'll say. >> congratulations. it's a big honor. it's their biggest honor and you got it. well deserved. >> it's a little bit embarrassing, but thank you. >> well deserved. don't be embarrassed. be proud. >> you're the best. >> no, you are. go ahead. now you say, no, i am. >> no, you are. you are. >> all right. don, we'll see much more of you at the top of the hour in the newsroom. okay. all of us love free stuff, right? coming up in our gaming and gadgets, we have apps for your smart phone and tablet that will keep money in your pockets. i know you are going to be downloading them all, don. he's a big techie guy. >> i will. with better car replacement, if your car is totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. liberty mutual auto insurance.
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time for the gaming and gadgets segment. he has five amazing free apps to down load for smartphones and tablets. >> skype is one of the best free apps for iphone and android. it gives you, of course, realtime video calling.
2:53 pm
instead of spending money on a long distance call to friends and family around the world you can chat for free with video. it is more meaningful, more emotional when you connect with family overseas and free. skype uses wi-fi. so you can do it for free over your wireless network. it will cost you a little bit if you do it over 3-g or cellular activity. similar one facetime for iphone is a good one but only lets you connect with other apple devices. >> cool stuff. >> tell me about dragon dictation. why is this a must have if you have an iphone or ipad? >> dragon dictation is another free app that lets you -- basically transcribes everything you say in to text. let's say you are out on the go somewhere and you want to send a message to somebody. instead of typing, talking is more natural and usual ly faster. everything you say you'll see
2:54 pm
the words appear in realtime on your screen. it is incredibly accurate. it blows people away when i show it to them. once it is on your yeen you can text it, e-mail it, tweet it or upload it to facebook. it is a handy tool. as a journalist, i use it when i do interview ises and it transcribes everything you say or the person i'm interview is saying. >> i will be down loading that one asap. >> and google maps with navigation. why? >> google maps is a free app for many different kinds of smartphones but google maps with navigation is exclusive to android devices like this acer tab i have here. this is a gps-based app that does a number of things. you can see satellite views like this is where i live here. you can get an overview, directions with audio, turn-by-turn directions to where
2:55 pm
you are going. >> all cool stuff. thank you, mark. all eyes are on the bottom line. new fees from a mega bank and jobs or a lack of them. we are keeping tabs on all of it starting with alison kosik. >> reporter: the nation's biggest bank is rolling out a controversial new fee. next year, bank of america will begin to charge customers $5 a month when they use debit card to buy something at a store. it doesn't matter if you swipe it at one store or 20 you will be charged no matter what. atm withdrawals will be free. wells cargo and chase are testing the fees as well. but bank of america is the first bank to actually do it. it is response to new regulations hitting banks' bottom lines. fe least lee shah has what is next. the focus will be on the job market. the government releases the jobs report and the numbers will likely be revised. that is particularly important because the august report came
2:56 pm
in at zero. no jobs added or lost. that could be reviced and if it is a loss it will be the first since september of 2010. fredricka, back to you. >> thank you so much, ladies. you can get your financial fix every day on check in with jacqui jeras . the workweek weather looks like? >> wet. it is the first storm of its kind of the season and the first in a series of storms. an active week for the west coast. amazing picture. not only will we see rain. it will be heavy. in the foothills three to six inches of rain. in the sierra, 12 to 18 inches of snow by the middle of the week. that's up in the high country. certainly not so much in the low country. here's the big picture showing you the coast of the country getting hit. the upper low in the northeast. it will impact your travel. check your flights ahead of time tomorrow if you are going to the northeastern corridor and the
2:57 pm
nation's mid section. beautiful fall weather. temperatures above average and feeling great. >> beautiful stuff. thank you. we will see you throughout the evening. don lemon is up next. have a great week. i'll see you next weekend. what's in the mail? well, it just might surprise you. because this is how people and business connect. feeling safe and secure that important letters and information don't get lost in thin air. or disappear with a click. but are delivered. from person to person. and, sometimes, even face to face. have a great day. you too. for some of the best ways to connect and protect... it's all in the mail. learn more at
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