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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 8, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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have a great weekend. you're live in the cnn newsroom where the news unfolds on this saturday, october 8th. i'm kyra phillips in for fredricka whitfield. happening right now, day 22 of the "occupy wall street" protest and the movement is spreading. rallies have been held in a dozen cities across the country. they're demonstrating again a number of things including income disparities and corporate greed. republican presidential candidate rick perry backing away from a controversial remark by a supporter. robert is a prominent pastor in dallas. he introduced perry yesterday at the value voters summit, a conservative gathering in washington. speaking with reporters afterwards jeffers said republicans shouldn't stroet for him because he's mormon and he
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called mormons a cult. romney, while not addressing yesterday's controversy, directly told the gathering, quote, poisonous language does not advance our cause, unquote. we have a live interview with pastor robert jeffers in a minute. legendary coach, commissioner and owner al davis died. over the years his oakland raiders won countless championships including three super bowls, and who can forget that saying, just win, baby. goodell says his impact and legacy will forever be part of the nfl. al davis was 82. two days after his death steve jobs was laid to rest in a private funeral. services were held yesterday at an unnamed location. the source says that the funeral was a small, family affair. he died wednesday in california from pancreatic cancer.
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now, back to that controversy that's overshadowing the values voters summit in washington. prominent baptist pastor robert jeffers who backs republican rick perry told reporters at the event that mitt romney shouldn't be the gop nominee because he's mormon, which the the pastor says is a cult. jeffers stood by those comments later during an interview with our political correspondent, jim acosta. >> the southern baptist convention, which is the largest protestant denomination in the world has labeled mormonism as a cult. i think mitt romney is a good moral man. i think we should prefer a competent christian to a competent -- to a competent non-christian like mitt romney. >> well, pastor robert jeffers joins me live from washington. did rick perry know what you were going to say when you introduced him? >> no, not at all.
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neither he nor his advance team had any indication of what i was going to say in the introduction. by the way, in my introduction, as you accurately noted, i did not say anything about cults or mormonism or didn't mention mitt romney by name. all this came about as a result of reporters' questions after the introduction, in which one reporter asked me why i personally wouldn't vote for a mormon, and that set this off. >> why did you decide to bring this up now and bring up the issue of mormonism and the fact you believe it was a cult? it was debated and discussed in 2008. >> i'm not the one that brought it up. a reporter asked me, and you know, my primary role is not of a politician or a pundit. i'm a pastor, and when somebody asks me a theological question about mormonism, i have a responsibility to tell the truth. this is no surprise, as you said. i'm not a jeremiah wright on the fringe making fanatical
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statements. it's never considered part of christianity. i believe mitt romney is a good, moral man. if it's a choice between mitt romney and the general election and barack obama i will vote for mitt romney. >> pastor, i understand you say you responded to reporters, but you introduced rick perry. he's running for president of united states. you're a supporter of his, and we asked perry what he thought about what you said. this is what he told our reporters right after. >> reporter: have you associated yourself with the comments? >> i answered your question. no, i don't think it is. thank you all. >> here's a man that you support. he's saying right there to reporters he doesn't agree with what you said with regard to mormonism being a cult. so does this change your mind about him and how you feel about him? >> oh, not at all. listen, there are plenty of reasons. i believe conservative evangelicals ought to vote for
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rick perry over mitt romney and mormonism is just one issue for evangelical christians. i think an equal issue is going to be governor romney's lack of consistency on core issues those of us that are evangelicals like the abortion issue. i think many conservatives are suspect of his flip flopping on the issue, and because of that they have grave doubts about his suitability to the the conservative candidate for president. >> romney, as you know, is a very successful businessman, since we're talking about issues now. he's a ceo of a successful company in addition to running a state. many people believe he'd be a very competent chief executive to run this nation in brutal economic times. are you suggesting that religious beliefs should trump competence to be president? >> yes. to religious people, religion matters. i'm a pastor speaking to a group of conservative evangelicals. i said in my introduction of governor perry, i tout his
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economic platform and his success in texas, but what i care about most as a christian is his stance on bib lickal issues. governor perry has a strong, long track record of being consistent. for example, he signed the texas sonogram bill and defunded planned parenthood. >> understand, we know you support rick perry, but what does religion have to do with being a competent president, and i'm talking about what you said about mitt romney? >> john jay was the first chief justice of the united states supreme court, the author of federalist papers, and he said, quote, we have a duty and a privilege as christians to select and prefer christians as our leaders. i hardly think john jay was a bigoted person. the fact is those of us that are evangelicals have every right to prefer and select a competent christian over a competent non-christian. it's not the only issue. it's certainly one issue that we
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evangelicals consider. >> let me throw something back at you, then. let's talk about article 6, paragraph 3 of the constitution that says there's no religious test to be president. are you going against the constitution? >> kyra, that is an outrageous statement. that refers to government can't impose a litmus test. as individual citizens we have ever right to phave that. you can show preference without being a bigot and without inviting the constitution. the most simple constitutional student knows article 6 applies to government imposes no test. it has nothing to say about individuals having their own test. >> finally, are you concerned about creating a split among the gop candidates with your statements? >> all i've done is highlight what's always been there, will continue to be an issue.
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i believe we need to be able to talk about the issue of faith in a sane way. the fact is this will continue to be an issue, and this idea that religion is private and it shouldn't be an issue and has nothing to do with the election is ridiculous. our religion is the essence of who we are. it has great impact on how we govern and the other choices we make. this is going to be a continuing discussion whether politicians like it or not. >> oh, i indeed think it will. pastor, thank you for your time this afternoon. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> mitt romney did not directly address the comments during his appearance today, but he did criticize another speaker who in the past has claimed that mormons and muslims do not deserve first amendment protections because they have a different definition of who christ is. >> our values are noble as a citizen, and they strengthen the nation. we should remember that decency and civility is important, too.
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this language doesn't advance our cause. it's never softening a single heart. the blessings of faith carry the responsibilities of civil and respectful debate. the tafshg before us is to focus on the conservative beliefs and the values that unite it. let no agenda narrow or vision or drive us apart. >> candidates at the value voters summit hope to win the event straw poll. results are expected in less than an hour. we'll bring them to you as soon as they're announced. "occupy wall street" protestors are not backing down, and the movement is spreading. we'll take you there. [ male announcer ] theraflu, mucinex,
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bloomberg isn't a fan of the "occupy wall street" protest. in a radio interview he says the movement is out to destroy jobs of the working people in the financial district. the protest is marking day 22. it spread to more than a dozen other cities and shows no sign of letting up. back in the epicenter the group is planning a march in new york city today voicing anger for unemployment and greed. >> that's all we're here to do is express the from us trags. we're not here to solve the problems. we're here to make people deal with the problems that are supposed to deal with them. the more people rise up the more they're forced to deal with the problem. the track "occupy wall street" and to contribute our own angle visit it's a new way to get involved and share your voice.
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it's the number one issue in american homes, getting your financial house in order.
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this is open enrollment season at many workplaces, the time of year when employers can make changes or employees can rather make changes to their health plans. eric joins us once again from dallas. eric, good to see you. let's talk about what makes a good health care plan? >> you have to look at the fundamentals of a good health care plan. first of all, make sure you look at benefits of your medical, your dental, your vision. you want to make sure you understand the benefits of those, what kind of co-pays you have and deductibles before you sign up. it's a very, very serious process. you want to look at cost analysis and make sure what you pay for your health care is what you want. health care is very expensive and you want to sit down with your family and make sure you afford it. >> why does it cost so much? >> that's a great question. a lot of people ask that question. there's several variables going on. modern medicine is expensive right now. we want to get into the doctor's office faster, we want better care but that costs money. it costs money to do that. also, more americans are sick
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right now. what i mean by that as far as people have diabetes, more heart disease. i mean, you have a lot of things going on with that, and it costs more as well. finally our demand as far as the economy is growing, and we have about 300 million people in the united states, somewhere in there. more people -- people are living longer, and that puts more pressure on health care overall. >> you know something that we've covered a lot here at cnn, and that's medical bills with numerous mistakes. i can't tell you how many times even a lot of us here have experienced that. what is your best advice to how types of treatments that you're getting. you want to make sure that, okay, if iet a bill in the ged bill. yo adngproperly, ter, any idea who isin the
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poll? >> reporter: now. you got to think this is a crowd for texas governor rick perry, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. the social conservatives in the presidential race, that's who turned out today. there's over 3,000 activists participating today. rick perry has been on a slide lately, but this is his audience. he gave a forceful speech yesterday. he's unapologetic christian. a good showing in the straw poll today could give him momentum after a shaking few weeks there. >> talk about shaky, as we know. last night the controversy at
11:26 am
the the summit when the pastor who had just introduced rick perry called mormonism a cult. those remarks appear to be directed at mitt romney, who is a mormon. romney hadn't said anything as of last hour. anything since we last spoke? >> reporter: he did not directly address this. these comments from the pastor were directed at mitt romney. you know, today, mitt romney gave a speech. he did not address it, as you said, but a former education secretary bill bennett, talk show host did address it, and then romney gave him a pat on the back. take a listen to this. >> remember george washington, his mannelly advice to us to s despise all forms of bigotry.
11:27 am
we should approximagive it to s. let's follow him. >> speaking of hitting it out of the park, how about that bill bennett? isn't he something else? >> reporter: so, you know, there you have mitt romney. romney sort of obliquely addressed it. obviously, he doesn't want the conversation to be about his mormon faith. he wants to kyleep the focus on jobs. he want gave him a pat on the back to defend him after that suggestion from the pastor yesterday. >> you know bill bennett will say something and understand hold back thank you so much. governor perry is on the campaign trail in iowa. he didn't address the controversy. listen to what he had to say a short time ago. >> i'm reminded almost daily that the pundits don't choose presidents, iowans choose
11:28 am
presidents. iowa voters are not always looking for the most polished candidate. they're looking for somebody that's authentic, somebody that will look them in the eye and tell them what the challenges are and give them a picture for the future, a vision of where this country needs to go. from my perspective a very positive vision of where this country can go. checking top stories now. monday is the new deadline to reach a labor deal between nba players and owners. if there isn't one commissioner david stern will cancel the first two weeks of the season. he also said the entire season could be in jeopardy. the issue is how to split the profits between the owners and the players. someone's got to stop her from going through with this fight. >> the fight between 20th century fox and the producers of
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"the simpsons" is over. both sighed have agree. negotiations had stalled over pay for the voice actors. new developments in the legal woes of casey anthony. she's giving a video deposition at a secret location in florida today. she's expected to plead the fifth. the deposition is against the defamation case. the lawsuit is brought by the woman who shares the same name of the fictitious nanny. new developments in the frantic search for the missing baby girl. the fbi is rummaging through a landfill looking for clues in the disappearance of lisa irwin. despite mixed signals, the baby's family says they're cooperating with police. our ed lavandera is following the investigation. ed. >> reporter: the bottom line is the disheartening news that still after little lisa irwin, 10-month-old baby has been missing since monday night, early tuesday morning, police
11:30 am
say they still have no leads to go on as to why she is missing and where that little girl might be. all of this kind of clouded by the situation resolving around her parents who came out a few days ago and police here said they had stopped cooperating. lisa irwin's parents say they are talking to them. the kansas city police say they have opened up communications again with lisa irwin's parents but no meetings or anything else have been scheduled so far. the search continues. you mentioned that the fbi search going on. as i mentioned, all of this kinld of clouded by the fact that all of this swirling around her parents. in a morning show interview, lisa irwin's mom mentioned police told her she had failed a polygraph test. she came out and admit that had in an interview, and now she says despite all of this, we've talked to other family members, despite all of that they're standing by her and supporting her. we asked a relative in
11:31 am
particular last night in front of the home if they believed her. >> absolutely. there's zero, zero doubt in deborah. you know, i don't want to go into it too much, but the police are doing their job, you know. if you don't have any other suspects, than the one person there that night, the last person to see her, you know, who do you point your finger at? >> reporter: so that search continues. yesterday afternoon you mentioned that the fbi was searching a landfill. that didn't turn up anything. later in the afternoon fbi teams sxoer police officers returned to the scene. they searched with metal detectors this wooded area behind the home. there's a creek that runs through it. they spent several hours going through that. so far there's no leads in it case, almost five days little lisa irwin has been missing. >> what's the deal with the family, are they cooperating with police or not? >> reporter: basically the bottom line is that the family
11:32 am
is no longer staying at the home. they've got out of this neighborhood. any say that they were bombarded in endless questioning by authorities on thursday, and that's when they said they couldn't take that anymore. that's kind of when the communications broke down. that one relative we spoke to last night xhaukchalked it up t miscommunication between police officers, investigators and this family. however, police are still saying there hasn't been a whole lot of talking going on between them and these parents here in the last two days. however, the family says they're open to doing that, but it sounds like they're trying to change the atmosphere or the way those communications are handled. a lot of this still kind of playing out as the search continues for lisa irwin. >> ed lavandera, appreciate it. george clooney is back and doing double duty in the political thriller "the ides of march." one i reporters sent endorse
11:33 am
the: >> a solid 4 out of 5. the film has nothing to say about american electoral politics that we don't already know. first a new movie made it onto the list of the top 10 highest grossing films of all time at u.s. theaters. here's the new list starting with the newest edition at number 10, lie con king, "pirates of the carribean," number seven "star wars," number 6, e.t. what movies are on top? finds out after the break. where do you go to find a business backed by the superguarantee®? only& suonline.s®. on your phone. or in the book. go to superpages®.
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and let the good guys save the day.
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before the break we gave you five of the ten highest grossing films in u.s. history. here's the top five. shrek 2, "star wars," "the dark knight" and titanic and avatar. it's saturday, and if you're thinking of heading to the theater, gray drake from fandango joins us today. let's go, gray, and start with "real steel." >> let's get to work. nice. let's do that again.
11:37 am
nice. three-pinch combo. combo. again. again. faster. faster. nice. you're not even out of breath. see how you move. >> oh, gray, it is sexy hugh jackman. the washed-up boxer barely making a living as a promoter, robots have taken over the boxing ring. so you've got jackman playing charlie kenton who reunites with his son to build a winning row botts. >> yep. he is so much fun to watch. that kid sasses everybody within like a five-mile radius and makes this movie really, really entertaining. i say "real steel" is real great, and i was really surprised. >> so how would you grade it?
11:38 am
>> i would grade real great as being a b, because boxing rebots are fantastic. if you're a kid or like watching real antronic robots punching each other, you're all set. this is better than transformers 3. >> sugar ray is all over the film. he helped out. "the ides of march" is a political thriller about courage and playing dirty, right? >> i just spoke to ida horowitz. she's threatening to release the story. >> how did she find out? >> don't play dumb, tom. >> you think i linked it to her? >> yeah. >> i didn't link it to her, steve. >> i know i didn't, so that leaves you. >> what does she know. >> she knows whatever you told her. >> we have all the hollywood
11:39 am
hunks this morning. an idealistic staffer for a newby presidential candidate getting a crash course of dirty politics during his stint on the campaign trail. what did you think? >> i don't think how much of a thriller this movie is, per se, but there's plenty of scandal. watching these actors stare each other down and give each other crazy eyes is really, really interesting. they're led by george clooney as the director, and he is spectacular. i think he's really telling a story here about the, like, innocence of youth being lost really. that's something that we don't often see in movies that are supposed to be about politics. there's a lot going on here. >> and your grade? >> i give this one an a, because i love watching ryan gosling give crazy eyes. my new official favorite past time. >> how do you do the crazy eyes? >> i'm so excited. i get to demonstrate.
11:40 am
here we go. >> wait. >> we have to get gray up on the cam. there we go. >> bring me up. >> let me see it. >> here we go. there's a lot of that at the end of the movie. you know? george clooney, too. everybody. it's so good. if anybody can pull it off, it's this cast. >> you probably taught him how to do the scary eyes. thanks, gray. >> thanks, kyra. >> you bet. bullies in schools. we're going to show you what a student and his mother are doing about it coming up next. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol
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astrazeneca may be able to help. politics update. we're keeping an eye on all the latest headlines. here's what crossing right now. it looks like the iowa caucuses take place right after new year's. reporters say iowa republican leaders have agreed to reschedule the caucuses for january 3rd. they had events for february, but that was before other states changed the dates. by holding the caucuses on january 3rd, iowa will retain the first in the nation status. in his first major foreign
11:44 am
policy speech mitt romney promised for funding for the pentagon. he blasted president obama accusing him of gutting the defense budget and jumping from crisis to crisis. under fire under loan guarantees to a solar panel company, the white house has sent more than 2,000 pages of e-mail records to congress. it went bankrupt this summer 15 months after receiving money. it isn't really news that kids get bullied, and in a new cnn poll more than a third of teens say they've been ridiculed, humiliated and even threatened. one high school student is taking action. our education contributor steve perry has the story in perry's principles. >> reporter: for some bullying victims like joey school must be survived. >> we don't go to school to get an education.
11:45 am
we go to school to make it through the day without being killed or without being to the point where we feel the need to kill ourselves. >> his trouble started many middle school when word got out that he was gay. what did the kids do to you? >> a lot. they -- a lot of threats. one kid said that he wanted to light me on fire like the faggot i was. >> the child was not reprimanded? >> he was not suspended. the child was not given anything other than a talking to, and then sent back to class. >> if i'm juror son's principal and it this has happened, what can i do to help you as a mom feel like i'm doing my job? >> teachers need to be trained or be given permission in their classrooms to simply, succincting address intolerant comments and behavior. >> joyce mundy is the 2010
11:46 am
middle school principal of the year and joey's mom. today they're teaching current and future educators how to stop bullyi bullying. >> the culture doesn't change until the whole school community takes on. >> most schools have a 45-minute tolerance assembly in their schools. only once in the entire year, it's putting a band-aid on someone needing surgery. >> joey created a facebook page where everyone can share stories and lend support to those being bullied. i really want you to keep up the amazing work. i wish i had the guts to help you without people judging me. >> the messages are all the same. schools across america do not know how to deal with the issue of bullying. >> joey and his mom hope it will change. >> there is a part of me that is dead, and that no matter how hard i work will always be gone. i don't want any other child to
11:47 am
have to deal with that. when i get that diploma it's not going to be about the education i received. it's going to be about finally i can go through life in peace, and i can get out of that survival mode and move into my life. >> a quick update on this story. joey and his mom recently moved from pennsylvania to new jersey, and joey goes to a high school where he feels safe because as he puts it the administration is more accepting. he's looking forward to graduating in the spring and heading to college. it's time for awful us to take a stand. tomorrow anderson cooper hosts a town hall conversation about bullying. watch it sunday night at 8:00 eastern. [ female announcer ] for over 30 years, we've been dedicated to helping our students succeed in america's most in demand careers. we provide you with instructors who are professionals
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i a plane trip from california to hawaii turned into an emergency. the pilot of a small plane had to ditch it in the pacific ocean
11:51 am
on friday. the coast guard rescued the pilot, 65 years old by the way. he had radioed in saying he was in trouble. he was taken to the hospital for observation. he appears to be okay. so far authorities are not releasing his name. it's pretty amazing pictures and the fact that -- that's his rescue that was captured there. >> really running out of fuel, not a great thing, but when you call the coast guard and you say, hey, i'm not going to make it. come and get me. on that kind of plane, it's a cessna plane, you lose the engine you have control of everything else. >> your husband is a pilot. you know these things. he knows how important it is to have water survival too as a pilot. no matter what you fly, you should know how to sur vai the waters and egress from the aircraft and hang in until the coast guard comes in. >> kind of sully sullenberger the way he was so flat. when you look at that, nice and smooth. he glided it right nu. the plane did sink, but he got out safely.
11:52 am
that's great. let's talk about the country in terms of weather. we have two huge weather headlines today. we're watching the mid-section with a stalled out front here and heavy rain along with it. we're watching an area of disturbed weather across the state of florida. too much in a short period of time is the big story on both of these. we'll go into texas where we've seen as much as 3 to 35 in5 incf rainfall already, and flash flooding is a concern. there is a flood watch in effect. can you believe it where the drought has been so terrible. it's the driest 12-month period in midland, texas. you had 2.22 inches of rain in the last year. today we could double that, believe it or not. getting all that rain at one time, and with the ground so dry and cracked it's going to run off. we expect another round of showers and thundershowers to move in late tonight and continue into tomorrow. look at this forecast for a 48-hour period. you get into that gold area talking about two-plus inches. you get into purple and you talk
11:53 am
about the potential of six or more inches of rainfall. certainly putting a dent in the drought, but i don't think this is a drought buster altogether. another place with a lot rain is florida. we have a big cluster of showers and thunderstorms here. it could organize itself a little bit in the next couple of days. the hurricane center says it could become a subtropical or tropical system. it doesn't matter whether it does. it's a big rainmaker regardless. heavy showers and thunderstorms and strong winds. the rip current threat is high today. brulgtsz conditions especially along the east coast. make sure you watch out for that today. you look at the forecast for tomorrow, that continues to be the big story. no big changes there. beautiful weather across the southeast and northeast minus the florida situation. a lot of people out there looking at the leaves this weekend, kyra, as things are so nice along the east coast. >> it's so beautiful and cool and it's the perfect porch weather as we like to see in atlanta. the ipad for many people,
11:54 am
it's indispensable and for some top secret. we'll look at how the military is going mobile. [ dr. banholzer ] every once in awhile
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a top secret ipad and only a few people in the military can use it. our barbara starr goes in depth as the military goes mobile. >> not only does the commander in chief use an ipad, but his top military adviser, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, says his ipad is indispensable. i'm noticing the red sticker. >> sure. >> secret. >> yeah. >> this is an ipad that contains some of this nation's most critical day-to-day military secrets? >> well, i don't want to overdramaize it, but it does information on it you don't want anyone else to have access to. it's not wireless yet. we can't have secret information sitting in a cloud for the chairman, but they load it up and send it to the house and have the daily brief and intel brief, it will have a walk around the world. it will answer my commander's critical information requirements.
11:58 am
>> the general says his ipad is not only crucial for him, but it's the kind of technology the entire military now depends on. >> what i'm interested in, by the way, is, you know, we have -- one of the lessons we've learned over the last ten years of war is the extent to which we've pushed capability to the edge to empower that junior leader at the edge of all of this with the information he needs to understand what's going on. >> the military does have to be careful. due to worries about viruses and worms, most devices must be used in a stand-alone mode. they cannot be directly connected to military computer networks. >> this is probably the tactical outpost of the future, because the power, the generating power and data management devices in the future, that wherever the commander is, if he and his staff have these devices, this
11:59 am
can be your tactical operations center. every bit of information you need at some point is available to you right here. >> even pilots flying over afghanistan and libya used commercial maps loaded onto their ipads when flying combat missions. apple, of course, isn't the only company with this kind of technology, but in one sign of the military's high regard for the company, last year a number of senior army officers went to the company headquarters in california to see how steve jobs and apple made it all happen. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. the latest presidential straw poll results are due in just a matter of minutes. we're waiting for those results taken at the value voters summit, a gathering of social kwesh actives this weekend in washington. peter standing by and will join us in a few minutes to tell us who won. anti-corporate ang


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