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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNNW  October 22, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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now egone and libya's future is the big unknown. jaunt mann, cnn. >> that's it for me. thank you very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer. join us weekdays in "the situation room." at this time every weekend on cnn international. the news continues next. good evening. i'm deb feyerick. we begin with two vitally important international stories. one, the future of u.s. troops in iraq. the other, the end of a brutal dictatorship in libya. let's begin with the war in iraq. it will officially end on december 31st. that's when president obama says all u.s. combat troops will be home from iraq. it is welcome news at places like texas where marty savage
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joins us live. how are families planning to celebrate these soldiers when they come home? >> reporter: well, you know, i've been to a lot of mill bases and seen a lot of very tearful departures as the troops have gone off. perhaps the most joyful words you could ever hear on a military base is they're coming home. that's exactly what they've heard here at ft. bliss. rumors have been circulating here for some time. not long after the troops here deployed which would have been back in july and august. all that was made official yesterday when w the announcement of president obama. that means the 3,500 or so troops that are in iraq for the first armor division will all be coming home as of december 31st. i was talking with denise young. she got the news with other spouses. and even though it's her husband's second deployment, she said that this goodbye was actually harder than the first. listen to what she had to say. >> it's always a worry. any time he's gone, whether it is at a training exercise.
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especially when he's in iraq because you don't know the situation they're going into. last time we were very concerned. he was doing missions. that's their job. that's what we signed up for. we know it going in. and you just, you know, you have to take it one day at a time. >> reporter: i know from a personal sense, it's wonderful news. from the nation's point of view, do you think it's time these soldiers come home? >> it's hard for me to speak for the nation. i as a military spouse who has lived this life for five years, grew up in this life, my dad was a marine for 28 years. i've seen our fair share. obviously i have trust in our president. i think that he is there for a reason and he will make the decisions he will make. i hope it's the right one. whether it is or not, i guess time will tell. >> reporter: we've got some photographs we want to show you of her husband, john young. he is a medic and he has been serving over in iraq. the first time he went over there was 2009.
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as the families get ready to celebrate, it should be pointed out that they remember this war had a very significant cost. that i believe here at ft. bliss alone, some 52 soldiers died in iraq. and of course, there are 5,000 now that are still serving in afghanistan. and so for their families, for them, that war and their worries are far from over. >> and marty, we can their air show going on behind you. one interesting thing. once these people come back, it doesn't mean they're done. they could still be redeployed to afghanistan, for example, correct? >> reporter: exactly. if you're not getting out of the mill, in other words, if they aren't retiring, of course they can be deploixd it usually had been a practice if you are deployed for some time, you could be home for a area or two years. because this was an abbreviated deployment, no one is certain what will happen and there is that other war going on. so many families are anxious. but right now, they're going to stick with the happy thoughts. their loved ones will be home in time for the holidays. that's the best gift they cover
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ask for. >> always good to look at the bonus. a lot of families look at it as just that. thank you for joining us. support for the war in iraq is steadily declined among americans. this cnn poll shows americans' opinion of the war was highest shortly after it started. today the number of people who say they favor the war in iraq is down sharply. this pugh research poll shows just over a third of responsibilities say the war has been worth fighting. 57% say huh-uh. it has not. the u.s. troothds troop withdrawal from iraq has an immediate impact on iran. fareed zakaria scored an interview with him. >> reporter: president obama has said that all american troops will be out of iraq by the end of the year. in light of this announcement,
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will your government increase its efforts to train iraqi army since there will be a need in iraq for training and support? will the iranian government be providing greater support in that area? >> translator: i think we should have done it sooner. maybe seven or eight years ago. and they could avoid killing so many iraqi people or americans as well. i think they should have done it much earlier. but the people and the iraqi government did not accept the increased presence of the americans. the iraqi government is independent and sovereign.
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they should decide how to provide training for their military personnel. >> critics of the withdrawal fear that iraq could become weaker because of the pullout. you can hear more of fareed's interview with mahmoud ahmadinejad tomorrow morning. and don't go away. the biggest draw in misrata is the lifeless body of moammar gadhafi. the tyrant who ruled libya for 42 years. while many libyans are thrilled he's dead, human rights groups are worried about how he was killed. here more on the controversy. >> reporter: controversy is still swirling around the final minutes of colonel gadhafi's life. the ntc here is facing pressure for an independent autopsy as hundreds of people line up to see his body. as saturday outings go, this is
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surely one of the most bizarre and. his body is being stored in a meat market on the outskirts of misrata. some have brought their children here. they look uneasy perhaps because of what they're about to see. some of the children are young enough to be scared by a thunderstorm but old enough apparently to stare at the bloodied body of a tyrant. masks are handed out as people record their visit for posterity and then they're let in. a few at a time. what you're about to see is not for the squeamish. gadhafi's body is lying next to his son. we've decided not to show you what appears to be a bullet hole in the temple. it seem he may have been shot through the head. >> the ntc said they would treat moammar gadhafi's body with dignity. now he and his son have been turned into a ghoulish freak show with people peering for
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hours to see the former dictator of libya. >> why have you come here today? >> to see the end of the tyrant. the end, left for 14 years. >> reporter: he is 16 years old and has just seen the body. he says to tell you the truth, i've never seen moammar gadhafi in real life so i wanted to see how misrata's rebels had captured him. she says she wants to see gadhafi to know him. she said everyone gets to see the end of every tyrant. after all the things he's done, she says, there is a god and there is a judgment day. he is 8 years old, brandishing his own toy gun. he, too, looked into gadhafi's eyes. he said i saw him. i saw his whole face full of blood. i didn't feel anything. in sirte, the relevant nants of gadhafi's convoy are being
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cleared of bodies. 95 in this area. ten of whom were executed, according to the new york based human rights watch which is concerned gadhafi was also deliberately shot dead. >> it's very unfortunate that on the first days, the very first day of libya's freedom, this killing took place. and it wasn't just moammar gadhafi who was executed. we also found some bodies of wounded fighters. >> reporter: we may never know how gadhafi died but his home town is now a chilling monument to his last san. and the bleak savage reality of war. this all on the eve of the declaration of libya's liberation. as you can hear, they're already beginning to celebrate here. but the questions about how colonel gadhafi died just won't go away. deb? >> dan rivers for us there in misrata. thank you so much. in two minutes, cadaver dogs picked up the scent of a missing
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try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. the mother of a missing baby girl in missouri admits she was drunk the night the 11-month-old disappeared. just one of the dramatic turns in the case. missing baby lisa irwin. now court documents show more reason for the court to focus on the child's mother. sandra has the latest from kansas city. >> reporter: details in a court document released yesterday show that an fbi cadaver dog made a positive hit for the scent of a dead body inside the bedroom of
4:13 pm
baby lisa's mother, deborah bradley. it indicated an area of the floor near her bed. that made the police get a search warrant and they came back to this house on wednesday for an extensive 17-hour search inside the home and the surrounding area. of course the investigation is ongoing. a lawyer for the parents say it is unfortunate that these details and the documents were released and say that the parents feel this will derail any type of investigation. now, for the last few week, friends, family members and neighbors have been coming to this house, holding a prayer vigil and hoping to find baby lisa. and of course, the hope is still alive, according to the lawyer for the parents. the parents do believe she's out there and say they just want her back. deb? >> thanks so much. many questions this week about the slaughter of dozens of exotic animal in ohio. i've got to warn you, the images are graphic. police gun down nearly 50 lions,
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bears, tigers and other large predators let loose from a private preserve near zanesville. the owner had release them. then he killed himself. did the big animals have to be killed? should more effort have been made to capture them alive? mike newman is general manager of wild animal safari in pine mountain, georgia. first, you have to imagine this man, this desperate man, going from cage to cage and releasing these animals. one of them apparently mauled him. he did have a head wound. could any of them actually have been captured alive? was there a window of time where that could have happened? >> what police had to deal with at that point in time, they were unsure of. when they showed up on the seep, they had no idea how many animals were actually loose at that point in time. so a decision had to be made in a prompt fashion. i think they acted appropriately. any time you talk about a 400 plus pound cat being out, and not knowing how many were out at that point in time could lead to
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a very desperate situation for law enforcement. >> and one of the things i was amazed by, they did kill many of them quite quickly, actually. i guess it wasn't even an option to catch any of them alive. >> well, there again, when you're given constraints of nightfall approaching rapidly, not knowing how many exact numbers as far as the number of big cats, the number bears, the number of other exotic animals that were displaced at that point in time. like i said, they had to act quickly. typically, most drugs that you use for tranquillizing have a period of time before they're effective. it could be anywhere from five minutes to 20 minutes. potentially. or the drug may not be effective. so lethal was the best option at that time. >> the animal in ohio were part of a private collection. part of, not part of zoo or safari like the one that you run. there is no oversight. doesn't that seem kind of
4:16 pm
reckless on these private sort of preserves? >> well, different states have different regulations involving the care and upkeep of exotic animals. the state of georgia is quite different than ohio. we're governed by both the georgia department of natural resources and the fda. we receive regulations to make sure we're in compliance here. >> let's talk about compliance. but also the larger, there are hundreds of these small preserves around the country. what about security? how do you keep animals in and how do you respond when they get out? i think we have some video that you were kind enough to shoot for us at the wild animal safari. there's your safari. how do you do that? how is security handled? >> we take several measures the, to make sure the general public is skumpl none of our animal get out. over our 20-year his trirk we've never had an inherently
4:17 pm
dangerous animal escape. we have redundant safety features. we have at least four barriers animals would have to cross to get out into the rural area that our zoo occupies. what you're seeing on the video now is some of our big cats. the enclosures consist of concrete block foundations. welded steel wire. we have netting across the top of that. we have a perimeter fence around that. redundant locks and then a perimeter fence beyond that. so as you can tell, we take it very seriously at our wild animal safari. >> let's talk about finally you. you work there. there are folks who feed these animals. you're much closer than i would be, for example. >> absolutely. >> this man, you kind of have the feeling he thought these were pets of his. he would feed them. realistically, how close can you get to these cats? even if you're comfortable around them. >> we work with them on a daily basis. that being said, we keep our
4:18 pm
distance. we have a great respect for them. fear is not an accurate term but respect, i think, is the term you're looking for on it. once the cats reach maturity, you will see behavioral changes that you didn't notice when they were kittens and natural instincts tend to take over. we're very, very careful around those animals. >> thank you so much. we appreciate your joining us and shedding some insight on this. a lot of people feel for these animals very much. thank you so much. we're in the midst of a time frame right now, folks, for a satellite to fall to earth. the heads up will be short notice. we're keeping an eye on this space junk which is headed now for our planet.
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( laughing ) it's actually a pretty good day when you consider. that's great. in tonight's making their mark segment, the death of moammar gadhafi reminded us of our earlier coverage of some of the courageous libyan who's stepped forward to report the fight for freedom in their country. here now is our tribute to the general who paid the ultimate sacrifice after filing several reports with cnn on the dangerous conditions inside the country. >> hello, everybody. we are right now being attacked from everywhere. a plane has crashed right now. i'd in the back of the truck. on top of this bridge!
4:22 pm
>> reporter: mohamed is one of the many people who literally risked their lives and paid the ultimate price to get the news out. the real news out about what was happening in his own country. he was one of those young bright, inspiring minds. everybody who knew him grew to respect him. >> be in touch and be safe. >> reporter: i'm not sure i will be there tomorrow. i'm not sure if i'll survive tonight. but there will be another group with you tomorrow hopefully. >> reporter: mohamed nabbous was one of those who risked his life to speak to you over the phone. and somehow he also managed to get those pictures out by by passing whatever systems the gadhafi regime had been trying to put into place. bypassing those fire walls to get the message out. he was one young american out of many who passionately believed in this cause. in this battle for a free and democratic libya. >> i want to let all of you know
4:23 pm
that mohamed has passed away for this cause. please keep the channel going. please keep videos, post videos and move every -- every authority you have to do something against this. they are still bombing. they are still shooting and more people are going to die. don't let what mo started go for nothing, people. >> when they saw i was on cnn, they came here running. what do you need? we would like to help. >> he was amazing. he was special. to me and everyone who knew him. he just had this, he loved life. and he was so full of it.
4:24 pm
and he had so many plans. he had so many ambitions. and i just, i'm keeping every single memory i have of him. and i will just give everything, as long as the baby is inside of me, i'm not scared. he was like, i'm doing this for and you the baby and i want the baby to be proud of his dad. >> reporter: i would like to share one of his favorite quotes. a candle loses nothing but lighting another candle.
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gop presidential contenders are looking for an edge in iowa. but two are no shows. mitt romney and jon huntsman. both mormons. there has been some tension between attendees and occupied des moines protesters. shannon travis is at the event in des moines. bring us up to speed. what's going on?
4:28 pm
>> reporter: well, what's going on right now, deb, in this building behind me, about 1,000 people, about 1,000 eye wants, many christian evangelicals. this is a huge gathering for iowa conservatives right now. many of the presidential candidates are slated to speak. herman cain, michele bachmann, rick santorum, newt gingrich and the texas governor, rick perry. i caught up with him a few minutes ago as he was arriving and glad handing and greeting people. and i asked one quick question. take a listen to this. >> reporter: why is this an important event for you to be at today? >> absolutely. yr why? >> first in the nation. you have to be here. >> reporter: you've got to be here. let's talk about who is not here. that would be as you mentioned earlier, mitt romney and jon huntsman. in terms of mitt romney, i questioned the campaign yesterday. didn't get an answer about why they were here. they were just hear on thursday. they're not here for this. the organizer of the event, his
4:29 pm
name is steve. he told me in a conversation, i don't think mitt romney is comfortable in this environment. i pressed him. i said what do you mean? he said i don't think he's comfortable being around social and economic conservatives. in fairness, we know that he's been to many large gathering of social conservatives. he was just at a values summit two weeks ago in washington, d.c. but steve said you have to plan eye wax one last thing you mentioned, the occupy des moines protesters, they were out here earlier. they're gone now but there were two dozen. they were screaming things like down with greed and corporations are not people. >> is it possible that romney romney and jon huntsman decided to skip the vaeevent because yo have christian conservatives dividing the vote amongst themselves, as opposed to mitt romney and jon huntsman putting themselves in the line of fire, perhaps? >> reporter: that's certainly possible. a lot of people are speculating about mitt romney's iowa
4:30 pm
strategy. he has been here but certainly not as many times as the other candidates have been. and part of that could be that mitt romney is trying to appeal to economic conservatives. maybe even disgruntled democrats. the democrats who are upset about the economy and leaving perry, bachmann, cain, to split the conservative vote. if they split that vote and he holds on to what looks like a solid lead or a high standing in the poll for iowa, he could come out ahead in iowa. >> and those protesters that you mentioned now gone, was it part of the okay pay wall street? was it similar to that movement? were they trying to get to the candidates or to show that not everyone is happy about this event? >> reporter: a great question. i asked that them call themselves occupy des moines. they say they are affiliated or at least supportive of the occupy wall strereet movement.
4:31 pm
they did say they would stay out here to protest the arrivals of the candidates. but from what we could tell, none of the candidates came through the front door. and the police actually pushed the occupy des moines protesters off to the side. so who know if they were able to even spot any of the candidates that are here. >> okay. shannon travis for us live. thanks so much for bringing us up to date. appreciate it. just last month, we warned you about space debris falling out of the sky. now, another warning. this one about chunks of the german satellite that could fall to earth any moment.
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don't look now but there is another satellite that could be just minutes away from crashing to earth. this time the danger is from an old german satellite. the odds are pretty good that any fragments will fall into the ocean. but it's not likely to be the last time we face this danger. let bring in tareq malik. he brings me via skype from new jersey. what do we know about this particular satellite's trajectory toward earth? >> reporter: in the last few hours, the one thing we know is that it won't fall over europe.
4:35 pm
that's a pretty good lock. and then it will fall sometime in the next six hours. between now and about 1:00 a.m. eastern time, is the strike zone, if you will, for this satellite right now. so europe is safe. the rest world pretty much fair game right now. >> okay. that's normal overing it down a little bit. i think people would be amazed to know how crowded space is. especially because we're now getting a lot of aging satellites. are we going to start seeing this happen much more frequently? >> reporter: that's right. this isn't the last one that will be coming down. in about a couple years, in 2013, a u.s. japanese satellite will fall out of space. and we saw a huge nasa satellite fall last month. these satellites are old. this one coming down tonight, 21 years old. similar ages for the others that are coming down now. a lot of stuff. thousands of pieces of space debris. hundreds of dead satellites over the years that are going to have to be dealt with one way or the
4:36 pm
other. >> when it comes back into the atmosphere, how big are the pieces expected to be? and do any ill poe a radioactive danger to people? >> reporter: there's no serious contamination threat from this satellite in particular. it, basically the big pieces, the big components of its matterors. this was an x-ray satellite. it was designed to look out at the universe and peer at stars and galaxies. that big mirror they think will survive on the way down. that's probably the biggest piece. and then more of its optic systems. the ceramic chunks hardened against the extreme parts of space. it will hit possibly even an ocean or the ground. if it does fall over ground, it are not a 50-mile long track that the debris could be spread across. and if it is over a populated region, it could light up like a
4:37 pm
fire ball and be visible from the ground. >> if it were to hit the earth, full impact, would it create a crater or a meteor like effect that we sometimes see? or is it not going to be that big and that powerful? >> reporter: it's definitely not as powerful as the large meteor. these big pieces, they're farley lefty. 1,600 kilograms would be the biggest piece. you wouldn't want that falling anywhere near you. it could damage a car. something like that. now it could cause a pretty good visual spectacle whether or not you have your house damaged, that's pretty rare and remote for this. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us. bringing those insights. we know that europe is clear. we don't know where else it could hit. right now we'll to go alexandra steele in the weather center for more on this falling satellite and also the weather. >> so we have a six-hour window
4:38 pm
to give you some perspective. the size of the satellite is about the size of a minivan. that's the size we're talking about. 75% of the earth torborg give you perspective, is made of water. so most likely it will hit water. remember last month, we talk about that nasa satellite hitting. the risk of anyone being hit on the planet was one of 3,200. the rick of this in the next 36 hours, kind of coming in. 1 in 2,000. the world population, 6.85 billion. the rick of you sitting at home watching us at this moment is 1 in 13.7 trillion. the odds aren't that great but it is fascinating. he was talking about, an 800 pound mirror. the mirror of the telescope and it is heat resistant. so it will most likely stay together as it makes reentry. we'll monitor that. maybe some interesting breaking news. to the weather we go, on other fronts. no pub intended.
4:39 pm
the forecast tomorrow, similar to today. weatherwise around the southern plains, even a tornado warning in oklahoma a little while ago. on the whole you'll wake up to a really crisp morning. no question about that. the coolest air so far of the season in the southeast. but with that sunshine still warming thing up nicely, the temperature will get pretty warm. a if you degree warmer than they were today. in the south, about 70. you can see 72 in atlanta. only in the 50s in the northeast, going to pick up a few degrees. certainly pretty pleasant. 72 in l.a. one quick look. we're looking at noaa coming out with the meteorological winter. december, january, february. cooler along the northern tier of the country and warm he in the south. a little wetter there. wetter and cooler means we'll see great snow conditions. wyoming, northern colorado. >> and getting back to the satellite. i'm going to run out and by a lottery ticket.
4:40 pm
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'90s raerp mc hammer is aiming for a new hit online. he is going up against google with a new search engine. tech expert daniel is here to explain. and dan, boy, mc hammer pushing a search engine. how does this work? is it going to be any different? >> he's saying it is going to be a little bit different. it is called wired doo. he talk about it recently at a tech gathering. what he says is it is all about deep search. so programs do you a search for a particular car and not just the car comes up. but informing about insurance, mileage, getting registration and tags. sort of these tangential things. so he thinks there's room in the market for this. of course, google is number one. bing is up there for microsoft. he has a bit of an up-hill battle. he is a bit of a tech guy. he has given up the famous pants
4:44 pm
and tried to get into the tech world. it is coming out in december. >> so related in subcategories. that could save people a little time. if you're looking for a job our want to make a good impression, obviously the picture you put on link in the or twitter matters it can't that be bad drivers will not photograph. explain what kind of an impact it will make on a prospective employer. >> it is really the first impression people get. especially if you're looking for a site like linked in. first it is important to have a picture. that profile that have a picture are seven times more likely to be viewed by prospective employers. we happen to have my photo. it is not the best one out there but i think it's decent. there are some points, some key things to remember when you're thinking about your particular profile picture. number one, it should be just you.
4:45 pm
not you with, say, your spouse or a pet. you should think about minimizing the glitz and glamour. so not so much with the fancy outfits. also, good posture counts. may mother always reminds me of this. sit up straight. you want to look confident and poised. and then it should be in color, not black and white and a little casual. not too formal. not something that looks like it was thought about for too long. >> you need to be likable. yours is very likable, by the way. so from business we shift again to pleasure. in the singles scene. people are really dating at faster speeds because of technology. there are new time lines now for making the first contact after the first date. guys shouldn't wait the typical three days. the rules are completely foreign. what, explain. >> they have, this recent study looked at the amount of time between say, meeting somebody in a social setting and when you would hope to hear back from them if they're interested knew. it used to be three days.
4:46 pm
maybe even five day. now it is down to 1.25 to two days. a day and a half. if you met somebody on a friday and you heard from them by monday afternoon or tuesday, then they're saying there's a get chance they're not interested in you. the reality is you can get in touch very quickly through e-mail, text. if you haven't received a facebook poker a a cell phone call, there's a good chance they aren't interested in you. the onus is still on the men to get in touch with a woman if they're interested. the dating scene change in the so many ways. speeding up. soon it will be ten minutes. >> exactly. if you don't hear from me in ten minutes, it's order. no prospect to the relationship. quickly with the business world, how long should you wait for an e-mail if you are applying for a job? >> maybe roughly the same. two to three days. give it a little cooling off time. show that you're interested. and think about when you're sending that e-mail. maybe you send it mid morning. not first thing in the morning.
4:47 pm
a lot of spam go out very early. it could get lost. or after lunch, people have time to go back and check their e-mail. then take some time to respond. you don't off the respond right away. something to think about. it's the new reality with the business world and the dating world. >> all right. thank you so much. really appreciate it. always interested to hear what the new world -- all right. thanks so much. well, under the federal no child left behind law, students are allowed to transfer out of failing schools. abandoning a struggling school is not always the best option for that school. it might be the only way students can get the education they need. cnn contributor steve perry has more on this edition of perry's principles. >> reporter: no child left behind is federal legislation everywhere. what happens is when you begin to choose schools in a district that has a failed school system, you're really choosing between
4:48 pm
the bow and the stern of the titanic. no child left behind says every single child needs to perform at or above grade level. when a school over a certain period of time consistently perform poorly then that school should be closed or the children should be given additional opportunity to learn. if none of that works, the child should get to go to another school. here in hartford, almost 50% of the children participate in the school choice pam meaning they decide to not go to their neighborhood school for another school. even if it means to go to school an hour and a half away. parents want options now. and we're seeing that when the parents speak, the legislators will start to listen. >> and recently the obama administration said it would free states that seek a waiver from the no child left behind laws. the state has to prove it has a
4:49 pm
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well, how far is too far when it comes to comedy? standup comedian colin quinn is catching heat for comments he said about moammar gadhafi's death. he said i know one thing, when it all boils down to it, i think we all agree he did more good than bad and that's all any of us can expect. and he made people smile. and that's something most people in libya cannot say. joining me is shannon cook. quinn's show long story short "history of the world in 75 minutes" is irreverent. what is it quinn's response to this, shannon? >> he says everybody needs to lighten up and he was just joking around. cnn reached out to him for a comment.
4:53 pm
he said i understand the methed out 15-year-old kid not getting my irony but cnn should. what the hell, here i am trying to bring a little fun to twitter. what do they want to do, just hear about what i eat? deb, i should point out other comedians crack jokes about gadhafi upon hearing the news of his death but quinn's comments just don't really come across as obvious jokes, especially to those who aren't as familiar with his type of humor. >> irony can be very subtle if you don't have the smiley face at the end. did his followers take issue with this or did they take it in stride? >> quinn actually retweeted a lot of the angry responses from people and he was called everything from unamerican to stupid. some people told him to move to libya, and several did actually suggest that they were going to unfollow him because they were so appalled by the things he was
4:54 pm
saying. but if you look at his twitter feed, he still has more than 100,000 followers at this point. >> nothing to sneeze at. let's move to something a little different. beatles fans may be chomping at the bit at a new auction. i can't believe it's on auction. >> i hope nobody's eating while they're watching cnn at the moment because it about to get nasty. john lennon's tooth is going up for auction. it's expected to fetch about $16,000. here's a picture of it. it's pretty decayed. if you look pretty closely, you can see a great big cavity inside this tooth, which is likely why he had it removed. apparently on the day he had it taken out he gave it to his housekeeper back in the 60s and she hung on to it. it's apparently too fragile to conduct dna tests to profits
4:55 pm
really his tooth but apparently the auction house isn't questioning its authenticity. you saw it. it's not surprising it's too fragile. it looks like if you just breathed on it, the whole thing would crumble. >> i'm in the quite sure why anyone would want to own that when you can actually great record instead, cd, dvd or whatever. >> some crazy beatles fan. >> the tooth will make their life. let's switch to river phoenix. he died about 20 years ago. the film he was shooting when he had a drug overdose is actually coming to theaters. how are they doing this? >> well, the film's director claims that he kept the footage for this film. the film was called "dark blood." he's told the "hollywood reporter" he reedited. he said he wants to ask river's brother, joaquin phoenix, to
4:56 pm
record some voiceovers. that may be difficult because according to a story that "entertainment weekly" received from joaquin's representative, the family said they're not too happy in the film and will not take part in the completion of it. it remains to be seen whether it does come to light. >> thank you so much. >> an nfl player under arrest accused of doing his hitting off the field. plus a big day for former presidential candidate john edward as he is oldest daughter gets married. your top stories coming up next. why do we have aflac...
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. checking some of our top stories, the u.s. embassy in nairobi is warning americans in kenya terrorists to strike areas where foreigners are set to meet. the warning comes after kenya's military sent troops across the boarder into somalia to pursue suspected islamic militants. minnesota vikings cornerback chris cook has been arrested, charged with two counts of domestic assault. the vakings say he will not play this weekend against the green bay packers. and the daughter of john edwards


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