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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 29, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: by the way, we would like to bestow a shortened lifetime achievement award to the human smoke machine who provided us with our smoke screen. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> leave it to jeanne. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer. join us weekdays in the situation room from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. eastern. every saturday at 6:00 p.m. eastern. and at this time every weekend on cnn international. the news continues next. -- captions by vitac -- top of the hour, thanks for joining us. the last week of october feels a lot like the depths of winter for millions of people tonight. you're lucky if you're at home and be out in it. snow is falling from the mid-atlantic states through the northeast. and the winter, well, the
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winter-like blast, i should say, is causing all kinds of problems. snarling air travel and knocking out power to thousands of people. we're on top of all this for you. cnn reporters and anchors out in forceful our weather anchor chad smirs in pennsylvania. and standing by in the severe weather center. we want to start with our meteorologist out in the field. i spoke to you a little while ago. is it still snowing? >> reporter: it's still snowing and it is noticeably colder than a couple hours ago. so the slush on the ground right now is starting to turn into ice. and you may say, what are you in the parking lot for? we're in the parking lot where there is electricity. people are literally out driving around, looking for something with power.
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because their houses are without power. there are so many houses without power in this area, they're getting cold and hungry. they're driving around looking for a restaurant that's open. this happens to be one that's open. this is very heavy snow, don. it is just a perfect snowman's snow. the problem, there are still leaves on the trees everywhere here. so these trees are literally splitting in half. and especially the pears. they have no chance in this weather. those trees and power lines and branchs are all coming down all at once. the power is just about, i just saw lights go out right there. in fact over may shoulder. this will be the case for all of the northeast. we have at least now a half a million people without power and almost 100,000 people in pennsylvania alone. this is one of the hardest hit areas and we don't even have the wind that's coming up later tonight. and jacque will tell us about. we can show her. she is helping to operate the radar for you. as we talk about this, let's continue to talk to chad out
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there. you're standing there, it looks like a packing lot. what people don't realize know we're in the field. the viewer would like to know where we are. you showed us the snow but i would imagine this is indicative of what people are facing. >> reporter: this is what we're seeing. i'll walk around the area and show you this slop. this is what's on the roadway. this is just slush at this point in time. when temperature get to 27, 28 degrees, that won't take very long for that to happen. this is all going to freeze up. this is going to be one skating rink here. a sheet of ice coming up in the next hour. there are people driving here from new york because they don't have any power. they're seeing the lights on. hey, we can have dinner. let's watch the football game them get inside and have a a great time and a couple cocktails and then they're driving home on a sheet of ice. this will be kind of a wreck for some people. this will be a at that cal place to drive around with the power lines coming down for the rest of the day and night, people are still hearing cracks in the
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distance. you hear a crack. the lights flash. the power go out and the power companies are telling us, as soon as they get one power line up, literally, they're called to the next line. trees are coming down left and right. >> all right. chad myers standing by. thank you. just got noticed, the governor just declared a state of emergency for saturday evening for the garden state because of poor weather conditions. >> 500,000. he just tweeted in new jersey alone. and chad just mentioned 500,000 in pennsylvania. so you add those numbers together know we're talking a million people and i know that there are hundreds of thousands on top of that in places like connecticut, into new york as well as into maryland. this is a lot of people without power and i hate to say this, but chad kind of alluded to it there. those winds are going to start picking up. the storm is still getting stronger as we speak. so we've got these limbs that are hanging by a thread right now.
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heavy snow. these limbs are covered with leaves in many of the areas. once those winds continue to kick up, we'll see more. this happening overnight. so it is a good idea, certainly, to stay home. as you can see on the radar picture, chad is in this area. his snow is starting to taper off at this time. look at this heavy snow out there. upstate new york, down through poughkeepsie into northern new jersey, into western parts of connecticut, into western parts of massachusetts. this is we are we're seeing as much as two inches of snow per hour. so those accumulations are really going to start kicking in. and those winds, sustained now about 20 plus miles per hour. and over here off long island, we're starting to see reports around 40. that's the sustained winds. that's the average three-minute wind speed. that doesn't even have to do anything with the gusts which could reach 50 to 60 miles per hour. so certainly very extensive with this thing. let's talk about the totals that we'll expect all together once this thing is said and done. well over a fat in those areas.
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i-95, really, the big key corridor if you're west of there. forget about it. definitely stay home tonight. on the coast, this is mostly a rain event for you. if you're right in that corridor, overall you can expect to see one to two inches. a fast-moving storm. that's the best thing i can tell you. by this time tomorrow, bye-bye. over and done with. the temperatures will warm up, too. tomorrow you'll be in the upper 40s to 50s. a lot of melting will take place very, very quickly. if you're trying to travel, that could take a little longer. we have other major delays. cnn confirming that all flights have been canceled in newark. jfk, five hours. over two hours in philadelphia l.a. guard i can't, not reporting those delays. but i'm going to guess that has a lot to do with cancellations. we were looking at 5-hour delays earlier today. it has been a mess for travelers. >> we're trying to get in touch with richard roth. >> he's been on the plane for hours. i think we're talking six hours maybe now in connecticut. >> where is he stuck?
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hartford. so there we go. we say it and it comes up. hartford. >> there is a tower cam. >> courtesy of our affiliate. the camera is focusing. we don't have control of these cameras. >> people are still out there driving tonight. >> you said forget about it. we talked about new jersey, what the governor is doing. let's go to new york now. another neighboring state. the cold wet weather, testing the result of the occupy protesters in new york. that's we are we find susan candiotti standing by for us. take us inside that park. give us the conditions and tell us what people, how they're dealing with it. >> reporter: i think you can see by looking at the conditions and the rain blowing side warks it is ugly. you can see the tents in some cases are barely holding on. a lot of people have tacked them down as best they can. we've seen more than one blow
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apart. so it is miserable. they had heavy wet snow earlier on in the day. the only good thing if you can put it that way is that these trees here are relatively young. and you can see that the snow, even if it had stuck to them, wouldn't weigh them down too much. so that branches would be breaking down and falling on top of people. thank goodness that hasn't happened. we did have a kansas to talk to the protesters here and how they're roughing it. despite the conditions, the chant is, in the snow, in the street, occupy wall street. they're still marching in this sleet. it's rough out here. you spend the night here? >> i've been here 20 days. >> reporter: what was it like all night? >> it was freezing cold all night. terrible. >> reporter: how did you manage to stay warm? >> just huddled together and try
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to keep our body heat together and stay warm that way. >> reporter: the obvious question is, how can you bear this? >> i don't know. it's just for the cause, i suppose. >> reporter: how long do you think you can stand these conditions? >> until something gets resolved in washington. >> reporter: who whngs that will be? >> that's true. >> reporter: it could be a long know hard winter. >> it could be a long, hard winter. >> reporter: that's correct. walking through the park here, it is fill with tents. over here, you've got the place that's always had everyone serving food. they've got -- some fresh fruit coming in here. you've got a shipment of bananas to hand out to people. is this your ten? can you show us? >> everything is folded up. you're more than welcome to come in. you're prepared to stick this out through the winter. >> yep. >> reporter: why? >> it's worth it. i'm so passionate. it's worth it. i'm ready to see change. >> reporter: and i think the
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immediate change they would like to see now is a change in the weather. that sleet is hitting may face. so far they've taken away about ten people to be treated for hypothermia. we saw an ambulance hear a little while ago. back to you. >> susan candiotti in new york. thank you very much. we're seeing major air travel, slowdowns across the region. new york and philadelphia among hardest hit. richard was stranded aboard a jet blue flight in hartford, could not kochbl i think he is off the plane now. how is it going? >> reporter: after four hours and more trapped on this plane on the ground at bradley international airport, i'm off the plane. 100 passengers got off, not knowing if we will take off. there are several planes here. many cancellations at bradley international. our jet blue flight from syracuse to jfk, new york, almost made it in. but it was diverted at the last minute and the crew said the
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ground navigational gear may have broke. i always hear of these travel horror stories and you hope one day you're not one of those stories. and so a flight that would normally take 45 minutes has taken so far seven hours. and we don't know yet if we'll be taking off. a remarkably calm and good humored group of passengers. if it was a different set of people traveling from new york, i would say people would have lost more patience. there was at one point a call for a doctor on the plane and someone was administered oxygen. back to you. >> we're looking at a shot of you on the plane. it looks like you're surrounded by some very frustrated passengers. one of the passengers on board your plane e-mailed us and described the nation as a nightmare. so i guess you would concur as well. richard roth, thank you. best of luck to you. we'll check back with richard roth a little later on.
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in two minutes, something you don't satisfy every day. a high-speed chase where the car being pursued is a police car and it is driven by a cop. >> and later this hour, do you ever get auto corrected? like when you men to tex googled and instead it comes out something a little more risque? we'll look at some of the best oops texts coming up. ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪
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so now your deductible is zero. the other good news ? i held on to your coffee. wow. ♪ nationwide is on your side ( laughing ) it's actually a pretty good day when you consider. that's great. . the question is who wins between a police officer and a state trooper? this wasn't exactly a race. you're looking at, and live were put in danger. on october 11th, this speeding police officer refused to pull over for a florida trooper leading her on a chase in excess
4:15 pm
of, get this, 120 miles per hour. the officer's skews when he was pulled over at gunpoint, he was late for a second job. joining me now on the phone, the detective steve rogers from nutley, new jersey. first, this story sounds crazy. have you heard anything like this before? >> it's not only crazy, it's very troubling. no excuse for anyone let alone a police officer to take another police officer on a 120-mile-an-hour chase. it troubles me, it bothers me. wave got a lot of good cops out there who work so hard to gain the trust of the public. and one incident like this actually causes the public to question all of us. it's terrible. >> many times, some police departments don't do high speed chases or pursuits because they're too dangerous. and to satisfy an officer doing it, it sort of goes along with your sentiment. did the florida highway officer,
4:16 pm
d.j. watts, handle the chase and the arrest properly? >> a high-speed chase results in putting many lives in danger. not only the person that is initiating the chase but also the officers who are chasing that person. and as you look at the video, look at all the traffic around. if that officer who was violating the law lost control of that car, we would be seeing a video with multiple injuries and perhaps death. >> the officer has been charged with second-degree reckless driving, a misdemeanor. is this punishment, does it fit the crime? >> well, each state has different policies and procedures and laws. i can tell what you will happen here. the florida the police department, the miami pd is awaiting the court case, which is the right thing to do. i'm sure there will be an internal affairs investigation. i can bet may bottom dollar this officer will be us is penaltied perhaps, for a long time.
4:17 pm
it's aer is a just crime. this is not careless driving. this is reckless driving. this never should have happen. no excuse. i have to tell you. i have to hand it to that trapper. she did her job professionally and i hope that people look at her as a model more than the officer who committed this act. >> you said would probably be suspended for a long time. do you think he'll lose his job? >> there is a possibility, i can tell you that. in new jersey if an officer lost his driver's license, he is in danger of losing his job. and this guy could very well lose his job. >> thank you very much. retired detective steven rogerers rogers. up next, a suicide bomber takes aim and there are believed to be american casualties. omorr. your husband put this all together when emma was born.
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there was a suicide bombing in kabul today. americans are believed among 17 people killed in the attack on an armored personnel carrier. the strike was one of three across the country. nick peyton walsh has more from kabul tonight. >> reporter: a suicide bomber driving a vehicle laden with explosives ran into a nato convoy. detonating this device and hitting an armored bus known as a rhino.
4:21 pm
they haven't clarified casualties in this. there are eight isaf civilian person and he will five military. the nationality is not clear. a u.s. official saying then all 13 of them americans. but it now transpires, one according to canadian military was a canadian soldier. so really this fluid situation perhaps a testament to the sheer scale of the blast here. an enormous amount of explosive required to blow up these buses used to ferry personnel. this is one of a number inassistants during the day. another blast, a suicide bomber, age 25, we understand from afghan officials. they're detonating a device hidden under her burqa outside the afghan intelligence service. >> as deadly as this month has been for our troops, it still trails far behind august. 71 american troops were killed that month. it was the deadliest for u.s. forces in afghanistan since the
4:22 pm
campaign began. 30 of those casualties came in a rocket propelled grenade took down a chinook helicopter in wardak province. 17 of those victim were nay isles. in syria, a deadly day as forces pounded the western city. proposition groups say at least 70 people were killed. 17 people were killed in the fighting nationwide. today's violence follows anti-government protests on friday in which opposition sources say 35 civilians lost their lives. demonstrator have been calling for the u.n. taking a stand against teen bullying. the rallying call coming from a teen rock band. that story just ahead. but first, another effort to help struggling home opener. the obama administration plan allows more people whose homes are worthless, their mortgages
4:23 pm
are worse less to refinance at lower rates as long as they're currently on the payments. well, cnn reporter spoke to shawn donavan in this week's mastering your money. >> we sat down. we attacked five major barrier to people refinancing. many of those could help other families that don't have a fannie and freddie mortgage. we've now figured out a way to automatically resubordinate second mortgages. you may ask what does that mean? many folks who have an underwater first mortgage also have a second mortgage and they're blocked from refinancing. that automatic resubordination can help them refinance. another example is we've eliminated the need for an appraisal for many of these. that lowers sneeze will allow other folks. if we can take these innovations and spread them more broadly to other parts of the market, we could have a much bigger impact. the president was there on
4:24 pm
wednesday to announce this. this is an important step. we need congress to do their job. we need them to fast american jobs act. why? part of the jobs act is a project rebuild that would create 200,000 jobs, putting construction workers back to work, renovating and rehabilitating vacant and foreclosed homes. what would that do? that helps to lift everybody's property values. if you live next door tour home that has been foreclosed on, even if you pay your business, your own home drops in business. we need congress to act. the markets never stop moving. of course, neither do i. solution? td ameritrade mobile trader. i can enter trades on the run. even futures and 4x. complex options, done. [ cellphone rings ] thank you. live streaming audio. advanced charts. look at that. all right here. wherever "here" happens to be.
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here's an alarming number for you. six out of ten teenagers see someone being bullied every day. that's according to the national crime prevention council. some ignore the bullying. others join in. few try to stop it. a teen rock band is encouraging more kids to stand up and do something. education contributor and high school principal steve perry talks to them in tonight's perry's principles. >> the teen band is making some
4:28 pm
noise about bullying with its first single, renegade. >> starting to write your own music. when the wheels stop spinning, how do you end up on bullying? >> we had this idea. let's make three lists. thing we love, things that we don't really care about, and thing that we really don't like. and we all wrote the word haters on the list of dislikes will. >> what's a hater? >> someone had a makes fun of you for what you like, your style. and we're like, that's it. that's the song we want to write about. something that has affected us in our lives. >> we've all experienced it. but probably me the most because i've always been on the shorter side. so kids are like, got a hoot out of, either verbally, picking on me or sometimes even physically. >> when you look at bands like the ramons and others, they must
4:29 pm
have been outcasts. tell me about that experience of being on some level by design, outcasts. >> i guess you have to learn that it's okay and that even though people may not think you're the definition of cool, it really all right. you have to be your own person and not care what other people think. >> to spread that message, the band teamed up with do a nonprofit that provides tools for young people to create social change. together they sold out and rocked out at several high schools in new york and new jersey this year. >> it's definitely more effective than sitting down through a boring chit-chat. kids can relate to it. >> what do you want kids to take from it? >> when i saw kids at may old school, it was the same kids bullying the same kids. nobody would do anything. we're trying to get someone to stand up to the bully and say stop that. >> these songs speak to your
4:30 pm
generation? >> yeah. >> we have a song called future generation. that tells people we are the generation. it's our time to change and it's our time to make things better. >> welcome to this new school generation ♪ here's a tear jerker. one of facebook's founders says it's tough being a millionaire. wouldn't we all like to find that out? a billionaire. we'll explain. [ female announcer ] we understand that today your life if full of responsibilities. so if you're thinking of going back to school we created the phoenix prep center, a personalized academic planning resource. and when you're ready to take that next step you can attend our orientation workshop, either on campus...or online to see if our university is right for you. our commitment to you begins before you even enroll.
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this just in to cnn. we want to show you some video that's from our affiliate. denver police say they knew that there was going to be a protest there. this is occupy denver. again, this just coming in. they wanted to keep this particular occupy event peaceful so officers went inside the capitol which was illegal. protesters, i should say, went inside the capitol and it was illegal. they started spraying pepper spray. officers said they used nonlethal agents like pepper spray, like rubber bullets to subdue the crowd.
4:34 pm
this is from occupy denver. a skirmish between police and protesters. police say that the occupy went inside the capitol of the city hall and should not have done that so they used pepper spray and rubber bullets and they should not have done that. let's listen to some people involved. we will hear from him. they're washing the pepper spray out of the eye of some guy that's there. let's listen to this guy. [ yelling yelling ] this is denver. last week we know it was oakland where sadly a member of the u.s. military was injured.
4:35 pm
occupy new york, occupy wall street, they're still out there braig the cold. just in from denver. we'll check in on this. thanks to our affiliate. we appreciate it. more details coming up. let's turn to this. facebook billionaire said it is tough being rich. herman cain' political ad that people first thought was a parody gets parodied. and real life politicians are too scary for halloween. so we'll explain all of those bizarre stories. good to sigh. who is this billionaire and with a is he complaining about? >> shawn parker, the facebook millionaire, was tweeting about occupy wall street the other day. and he said as a member of the 1%, he feels attacked. he said, quote, i have a whole new set of problems to deal with now. security, extortion attempts, kidnapping threats, death threats, et cetera.
4:36 pm
life better b 4? he said he thinks people are being unfair to him. as a billionaire, things are actually pretty hard. >> okay. enough said. >> the magic of being a billionaire, if you don't want to be one, you don't have to be. a lot of people will take that off your hands, shawn. >> then people let's of a billion reasons why he shouldn't be complaining about it. let's talk about the herman cain ad. it's a pairedy. now i hear john huntsman's daughters are getting in on it. >> his three daughters, abby, liddy and marian made their own ad them donned fake mustaches. >> we need you to get involved to make sure our next president is based on substance, not sound bites. >> check out our dad and follow us on twitter at john 2012
4:37 pm
girls. >> any fallout from that, maureen? >> not much. john huntsman is at the very bottom of the pack. he has about 1% of people want him to be the gop nominee. so they're scrambling to do anything to keep the momentum of the campaign. >> so scary masksf. i hear that you're saying this year political figures aren't popular. why is that? >> a "washington post" report today noted that halloween costume sellers are saying there isn't the same demand for political figures. they're saying part of it is the political situation is pretty dire. people aren't feeling the same levity and fun. you have palin, you could wear
4:38 pm
eyeglasses. if you want to be michele bachmann, you look like a lady in a power suit. "newsweek" put something on their website encouraging people to pews famous cover of michele bachmann where her eyes were wide and they're saying should you cut that out and make it into a mask but people aren't into it this year. >> there will be some herman cain campaign manager masks. i'm sure. we can look for that. always a pleasure. have a great saturday night and stay dry up there in new york. coming up, a new facebook video is freaking people out.
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[ sam ] my first ride lasted just 30 seconds. another reminder of what i couldn't do. ♪ the accident could have been my excuse to quit. i made it my reason to go even harder. ♪ [ male announcer ] helping people achieve without limits. at the hartford it's what we do... and why we're the founding partner of the u.s. paralympic team. show your support at
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halloween. two days away. tis the season to be scared and facebook users are getting a new fright. how much do you reveal on your account and do you know who is reading it? take a look.
4:42 pm
all right. we'll explain that. it's scary but there's a special yeen facebook users are seriously freaking out. here to explain, scott, i want to emphasize that facebook has no connection to this take this lollipop movie. so what's different about this viral video? hears the thing. explain to our viewers. we saw the scary movie, the guy looking in. and then we saw someone's facebook page popping up. explain why this is dangerous. >> what's completely different about this, it is like a saw movie in which you and your social network friends star. it includes your profile photo. takes your photos, your albums, your wall, shows your location. it shows this psycho pathic person degenerating and appearing to come right after you with your face on the dashboard of his car when he gets out ready to do some damage. definitely creepy. points to the need for more privacy. >> disney of your personal information pop up does any of your personal information pop up there?
4:43 pm
>> it is a third party app that has access to your account. everybody kneads to be aware of who can see what's on your profile. just how much information is out there in the public eye? >> let's move on. talk more about facebook. there is another feature for people who can't remember their passwords. tell us about it. >> this is call trusted friends. what happens is you can assign five or so guardians who will be your trusted friends. you'd better stay on their good size. if you lose your facebook account because hackers got and it then you don't have access to your e-mail questions, you can have facebook send them codes. if you call them up and you can get three of the five codes, you can regain access to your account. >> let's talk about tablets. you say a game changer is about to enter the market. something that could compete with the ipad. really? >> yep. the first real game changer is call the kindle, the touch
4:44 pm
screen tablet. it focus on value and convenience. it will sell for $199. coming out mid-november. it gets rid of some of the extraneous feature like video cam and calling. a wi-fi only unit but it offers most of what the ipad does for less than half the price. music, movies, games, apps. you can even have music and games and cloud storage. a major shift for the computer. >> appreciate it, sir. you've heard of amazing stories like the film rudy, right? college athletes proving naysayers wrong and making a team without being recruited. this is one walk-on story you won't soon forget. phyllis made the team after only picking up swimming six years ago. she is also a former model. did i mention she is 49 years old? that's right. she is older than some of her teammates' mothers. she calls herself one of the
4:45 pm
girl. phyllis is making a splash and making her mark. congratulations to her. you've got to love samuel l. jackson's story. he didn't make it big until he was 46 years old. now he is so big, he just made now he is so big, he just made it into the nationwide insurance, what's up ?
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what's vanishing deductible all about ? guys, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductible. every year you don't have an accident, $100 vanishes. the next year, another $100. where am i going, carl ? the next year... that was weird. but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side
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her video is calling "rolling in the deep." ♪ >> for the smooth sounds of her music, it has hit a sour note. she is canceling the rest of her tour this year. 16 concerts. hear to explain why, shannon cook. young people are here. when i read that, they went, huh? she has some health issues, right? >> yeah, yeah, she's had a really rough year. she's basically been battling
4:49 pm
laryngitis nearly the whole year. she's blogged about her voice just switching off. now her record label is saying she will have to undergo surgery for a hemorrhager in a her vocal cords. she is expected to make a full recovery but overall, it has been a really bittersweet year for adele. her album has been the year's greatest selling album around the world. yet for any singer, to have something go wrong your instrument is a complete night player. >> so rest, rest. her voice is a treasure so let's hope she gets better and she has a better year. samuel l. jackson just made the guinness book of records. tell us why. >> this is really cool. he is the highest growing movie star of all time. in total his films have grossed $7.4 billion. this is mainly because he is a
4:50 pm
movie making machine. he just does not rest. he's been in more than 100 films. last year he was in about six and sometimes he just has little bit parts but they're in blockbuster film like ironman ii. and you know, this is quite a feat given that jackson was in his mid 40s when he was in films like "jurassic park" and pulp fix which put him on the path to superstardom. >> congratulations, by the way, that's quite an accomplishment. let's move to charlie sheen. if he were a cat, he would be on his 30th life. he has a new gig. >> something like that. maybe his 46th. it's astounding how forgiving hollywood is. and it seems that sheen's bad behavior is being rewarded with a quick comeback. he will be in a new sitcom. it will be on the fx network. and it is based sheen is
4:51 pm
apparently going to play an anger management therapist. interesting to see him playing any kind of therapist. but apparently, his character has some serious anger issues himself. love him or hate him. at the moment, charlie sheen is a good sitcom actor so i'm sure his fans will follow him to fx. if you follow the whole thing that happened with him on cbs, a lot of people did, they said he always did his job. it was just outside. >> her family was actually suggesting that maybe the cause of her death was withdrawal from alcohol and or maybe drugs. but it was ruled that her death was actually a result of alcohol
4:52 pm
poisoning. we've learned her blood alcohol level was five times the legal limit in the uk at the time of her death. >> so sad. shannon cook, appreciate it. just ahead, a website dedicated to how silly your smart phone makes you look. have you ever been burned by auto correct? it's happened to me, all the time. bone chilling halloween fright night at the white house. why do we have aflac... aflac... and major medical? major medical, boyyyy! [ beatboxing ] ♪ i help pay the doctor
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i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. new traumatic video just in to cnn. so police in riot gear confront occupy protesters with mace and pepper balls today outside the state capitol in denver. the video is coming to us from our affiliate, kusa. look it a. you see them doing it. police say they took aggressive action with protesters wanted to get inside the capitol. more than a dozen people were arrested. we'll keep an eye on that. in other headlines, a cold wet snow is fall across the northeast. knocking out power and snarling air traffic across the region. the connecticut governor has
4:56 pm
signed an emergency order. he said one person has died as a result of the storm. there won't be much accumulation but people living west of the i-95 corridor could see up to a foot of snow. americans are believed to be among the casualties of a bloody suicide attack in kabul, afghanistan. at least 17 people were kill when a bomber struck an armored personnel carrier. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. it was one of three today in afghanistan. talk about sailing the high seas. check out this video of the u.s. coast guard unloading seven tons, that's 15,000 pounds of cocaine that was seized off a submersible watercraft in central america. that's worth roughly $180 million. to put the bust in perspective, this haul alone equals roughly one-third of all drug based land seizures in the u.s. for an entire year. in other news, the white house is getting a jump start on
4:57 pm
halloween. today president and the first lady hosted trick or treaters from several schools in the washington, d.c. area. look how cute they are, the little kiddies all dressed up. we'll be seeing them soon. they handed out goody bags filled with cookies and dried fruits with the presidential seal. it was snowing. washington got a half inch of snow from that early winter storm that's moving up the east coast. okay. so if you text and you have a smart phone, you've probably been burned by the feature known as auto correct. your smart phone tries to fix your texting mistakes. you get it. sometimes it gets it so wrong, the only thing to do is laugh. well, sometimes. >> at first it's just a chuckle or a giggle. then the snickers get longer and the laugh becomes so hard they literally take the breath away.
4:58 pm
i showed my colleagues this website which features text messages ruined by auto correction. that's the smart phone feature used to fix miss spellings. but once in a while it inserts words the phone user never intended. website founder gillian madison chooses the most chuckle worthy from 400 to 500 submissions a day. her business idea came to life after she was burned one too many times. >> kind of the straw that broke the camel's back. i sent an e-mail to a friend of mine asking her if she had ever fondled herself. i meant to ask her if she had ever googled herself. >> that was one year ago this october. now she said she gets 1.25 million page views a day and lots of doubters who stay texts cannot be real.
4:59 pm
>> again, just from the sheer volcanoe volumes of submissions i get, i refuse to believe there are millions of people making up fake auto correct. madison explains, people can't replicate some auto corrections because the feature corrects differently for each user. learning if what's commonly typed. that person has definitely typed that into their phone before. so that's kind of an insight into their psyche. we're communicating, typing, talking so fast, we're not even saying, hey, let me look at what i'm sending before i'm hitting send. >> fast but not so fast to not take time to laugh at how stupid


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