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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 2, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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santorum, i think, who will very likely be the story that people are looking at tomorrow. thank you guys very being with us. "cnn newsroom" with kyra phillips begins right now. good morning, everything. of course, we begin this morning in iowa. the clock is ticking towards tomorrow night's caucuses and the first real test for the candidates seeking the republican nomination. here is the latest poll by the des moines register. mitt romney in a statistical dead heat with ron paul. rick santorum still surging, in third place. today, all the candidates scrambling to win last-minute support. >> still half the people in iowa are undecided. i just think this is -- they are going through the serious process of making an analysis of who the right person is. >> and of course, we're covering all the angles. jim accosta is following the candidates as they race the clock. dana bash looks at ron paul and his unconventional campaign that seems to be clicking with a lot of voters. jim, let's start with you. on the eve of the caucuses, things got pretty tense between mitt romney and rick santorum.
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>> that's right. one of the big questions in this day before the iowa caucuses is whether the man in the sweater vest can make mitt romney sweat. rick santorum is in the enviable position of being the final surging non-romney conservative to do well. before these iowa caucuses so we are chasing him from stop to stop to stop today. he is chasing the undecided caucus goers. and you get the sense looking at the poll that came out over the weekend that showed rick santorum in third place. if you look at the last two days that that poll was taken, he is surging into second place into a statistical tie with mitt romney. so it's no surprise that the former massachusetts governor went after rick santorum, talking about the fact that santorum was a senator in washington, trying to tie him to those other politicians, those other washington politicians, who are in the race. and rick santorum had a response for that. let's play that for you.
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>> senator santorum was kind enough to endorse me last time around. i appreciate that. and we have been friends. i can tell you that our backgrounds are quite different. like speaker gingrich, senator santorum has spent his career in government, in washington. nothing wrong with that. but it's a very different background than i have. >> with respect to the issue about -- i get a kick out of this with governor romney. newt said this at the debate. governor romney is not like he hasn't tried to be a career politician. he just hasn't been successful. >> so this is a real study in contrast in terms of how each of the two candidates have gone after caucus goers in this state. rick santorum has been the marathon man. he would make any political road warrior envious with the travel schedule he's had. he's visited all 99 counties in the state. held nearly 360 town halls. contrast that with mitt romney, who is only on his ninth trip to the state.
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he's had a much lighter footprint than in '08 when he invested heavily in iowa and lost. >> well, newt gingrich has seen his support fade in the last few weeks. what do you think, jim? is he planning anything bold? >> you know, newt gingrich is definitely changing course. you know, for the last several weeks, he has put himself in this box by saying, look, i'm going to wage a positive campaign. i'm not going negative against the other candidates. the problem was, mitt romney did not have the same game plan. romney and his pro romney superpac out there have been relentless, seeing newt gingrich as basically the only threat to romney's candidacy. and so those ads that have been hitting newt gingrich have brought down his poll numbers. it's so surprise that's happened. so what newt gingrich said yesterday, we were with him up in marshalltown, iowa. i asked him, do you feel swift boated here in this state? and he said, no, i feel romney
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boated. he signalled he's going to be taking a much tougher approach when it comes to going after mitt romney. he's going to be laying into the former massachusetts governor's record, and it will be interesting to watch, kyra. >> jump, thanks a lot. now another candidate who has developed a love-hate relationship with voters and the very party he wants to represent on a presidential ticket, dana bash has a closer look at ron paul. paul has surged at just the right time. what's pushing him to the near top of the polls? >> well, you know, kyra, he is somebody that wants to abolish the federal next tax, abolish the irs, legalize drugs, and on foreign policy he wants to bring all troops back home. that obviously makes him incredibly different than any every other candidate in this republican race. every other candidate in general. and that is what makes his supporters so fervent. but it's what makes the republican establishment say he's nothing more than a fringe candidate.
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go to a ron paul rally, and his appeal is apparent. >> different strokes for different folks as the old saying goes. >> reporter: especially on the economy. anti-tax, anti-debt. tea party mantras paul talked about well before they were cool. >> i want to cut $1 trillion out of our spending in one year. >> reporter: liber >> reporter: libertarians love it. >> the government should be to protect your liberties. >> reporter: isolationists eat it up. >> we are in way too many wars. it's time to bring our military home to protect this country. >> anecdotally, people have come up to me that are self-described democrats who will caucus for ron paul. >> reporter: iowa's republican chairman says that paul has an organization to behold. in 2008, he finished fifth with just 10% of the vote. but his supporters never left.
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they have been building a paul infrastructure all over iowa for four years. campaign offices in tiny towns like here, population under 6,000. >> i think it's an incredible example of the way he is organized around the state. i can't imagine that any campaign, either in the current caucuses or the past caucus would have had an office in that small of a community. >> but paul's power in iowa appalls many in the gop establishment. exhibit a, about the bush administration. >> just think of what happened after 9/11. immediately, before there was any assessment, there was glee in the administration because now we have invade iraq. >> reporter: on foreign policy, this makes many republicans go beserk. >> why does israel need our help? we need to get out of their way. >> reporter: so does his hands-off attitude towards a nuclear armed iran. >> that makes him a very dangerous person to be our next president. >> reporter: paul opposes sanctioning iran. >> i think we should not put on
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sanctions. they are an act of war. >> ron paul wants to abandon the war. i often think if ron paul was around at the time of the american revolution, would he have told the french to stick their nose out of our affairs and stay home and we would have lost the revolution. >> but even worried republicans who call paul dangerous say they get it. for caucus goers who want to send washington a message this is hard to pass up. >> $1 trillion year one. that's trillion with a t. department of education, gone. interior, energy, hud, commerce, gone. later, bureaucrats. that's how ron paul rolls. >> in fact, kyra, in the des moines register poll that just came out it showed that iowans who really want to reduce spending and limit the role of government say still that ron paul is their first choice. the problem he has as you have been talking about it is the rick santorum surge, as santorum has surged it looks like paul has diminished.
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and a senior adviser i talked to in the paul campaign admitted that the issue has been the scrutiny to some of the more controversial things that paul has said, both on foreign policy and domestic policy. that has taken a toll on his popularity here, and that is not what you want just a day before the iowa caucuses. kyra? >> we'll be talking a lot more. and by the way, this is the first chance i have been able to see you and talk to you. welcome back to work, mommy. i saw -- john showed me the baby. absolutely beautiful. >> thank you. you told me it was going to change everything. and it's the best thing in the world. and boy, you were right, kyra. >> amen. great to see, you dana. for weeks, we have been talking about the iowa caucuses so let's explain exactly what happens tomorrow. there's going to be nearly 1800 separate meeting places. one for each voting precinct. and then gatherings will mostly be in schools, libraries, and churches. only two will be held in homes. representatives from each campaign are given time to speak on behalf of their candidate. the caucus results don't have a direct effect on choosing the party's nominee, but can be critical in building a candidate's momentum.
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now, tomorrow night, the country's first real vote, the candidates' first true test, will take place in the iowa caucuses and you can watch what happens from all sides. a special live coverage of the iowa caucuses all begins tomorrow night, 7:00 eastern, right here on cnn. well, los angeles police have detained a man in a suspected arson spree. at least eight more fires were set this morning, making a total of 47 fires in just the past few days. police also released the surveillance video of an individual that they want to question about those fires. cnn's casey wyans is joining us now. what do we know about the man that police have detained, and is there any possible -- well, any possible connection, we should say, to those fires? >> reporter: well, we don't know a lot, kyra, at this point. what i can tell you is that he does bear a similarity to that surveillance video that was released, taken not far from
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where i am standing at the command post in hollywood over the weekend of a white male emerging from a parking structure as you mentioned. someone police wanted to speak with. let me back up a little bit. we arrived here at the command center about 1:00 in the morning local time. so a little more than five hours ago. and we spoke to an arson investigator who said all was quiet overnight. it was just trying to get a lot of work done. then over the next two hours, there were reports of a dozen different fires in vehicles throughout the hollywood area and throughout the san fernando valley. bringing the total number of fires according to the los angeles fire department since early friday morning to 55. and then came word we were monitoring the fire department's scanner. came word of a detention of a man that they wanted to speak with. and that was also near here for those familiar with the los
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angeles area near the corner of sunset and fairfax in west hollywood, where two vehicle fires were set earlier tonight. and what's interesting, even though the fire department nor police will say why they are questioning this man, why he was detained, we have been monitoring that scanner traffic all morning, and there have been no fires reported since that man was detained for questioning. kyra? >> all right. so police think one person is -- or do police think that it's one person responsible for setting all these fires? because there has been talk out there, casey, that there might be more than one individual. >> there have been those reports. they will not tell us whether they believe it is one person or multiple people. they have been looking into both those possibilities. what i can tell you is they have been very concerned about copycats in the area. and they have released very few details about how these car fires were set, other than to say that some type of incendiary device was used.
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they were also urging the public to keep their cars locked, to remain vigilant, and to report any suspicious activity and any sightings of the person who they -- that was in that surveillance video. i can tell you from all of the reports on twitter and the people we have spoken with, this is a city very much on edge over the last couple of days. in fact, if this is a significant break in the case, a lot of folks are going to be relieved, kyra. >> casey, we'll follow it. thank you so much. heavy snowfall and winter storm warnings may cause major travel delays for a lot of people. rob marciano has the latest forecast. >> good morning. winter has finally arrived after a long, long wait. december certainly was mild. now we have lake effect snows going across parts of u.p. of michigan, chicago seeing some snow. some of the areas will see a decent amount, maybe 10 to 20 inches plus. and it does include parts of upstate new york between syracuse and watertown especially. we do expect to see maybe 10 or 20 inches of snow with the
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potential snow rates happening. even with the blizzard ratings still posted in the u.p. of michigan with visibility dropping down to zero at times, dangerous driving conditions, no doubt about that, and it will be windy across parts of western p.a. and upstate new york with 40 mile an hour plus winds potentialee potentially right through the rest of the day. places like new york city, if you're traveling out of those airports, we'll see delays throughout the afternoon. cleveland to say the least with the snow will see some of that also. some chillier air all the way down to west palm beach, with wind-chill advisories there. it is cold in iowa. not snowing but cold. and tomorrow we expect high temperatures in the mid 30s, which by iowa standards is pretty nice. good election weather. kyra, back to you. well, it's 2012. and the november election doesn't seem so far off right now. we're going to take you back to the center of the political universe, if you don't mind, right after the break. a lot of iowans haven't made up their minds about who to vote for tomorrow.
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but that could change now that the self-described conservative blow torch has made his choice. we're going to talk live to him. also, we're going to tell you about a manhunt going on right now in washington state. authorities think a killer could be hiding somewhere in the shadow of mt. rainier. my name is jill strange, i'm forty-nine years-old, i love gardening, and i love volleyball. i've been taking osteo bi-flex for several years now. i really can't see myself not taking it. osteo bi-flex is a great product.
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out of the equation. in iowa, it's the last full day of campaigning before tomorrow evening's caucuses. live pictures now in davenport. mitt romney is about to host a grassroots rally for his presidential bid. we're following it. now romney might be in the
6:17 am
lead a day before iowa votes, but he shouldn't feel too comfortable, and here's why. steve days is backing newt gingrich. he is a syndicated radio talk show host in des moines, and he has a lot of followers. as a matter of fact, he's been called the conservative blow torch of iowa. and his heat gets results. he endorsed mike huckabee in 2008, and huckabee won iowa. steve, you're backing gingrich. the polls haven't been so good to him lately. how is the conservative blow torch endorsement here going to help him? >> well, i don't know. we'll see. i kind of think that the media has overhyped my endorsement the last few months. if anything, i'm the reason mitt romney lost iowa. but mike huckabee had to win that campaign himself. candidates win elections, not talk show hosts. but i hope that the real positive and bold solutions that newt has for the country, i'm hoping if anything that my endorsement will open up the eyes of uncommitted voters to take a fresh look at those again
6:18 am
between now and january 3. >> why did you wait so long to endorse him? and are youa, f afraid your supt comes a little too late now? >> i think it's possible. i really just had to wait until i was confident that, you know, i could back somebody. and as a christian, i think one day i'll look god in the eye and give an account for every decision i have made. i wanted to get to the point where i thought i had the right rationale and the right reason to back a candidate. and then i had to determine who that candidate was. and to me, i think there are only two candidates in this race who historically understand where we are at. as a people and what needs to be done and are offering solutions to go along with that. i think other candidates understand where we are at. but i think their solutions are anemic. to me, the two candidates offering solutions are ron paul and newt gingrich. but if you look at ron paul, you know, i'd like to live in the world from a foreign policy perspective that he thinks we live in, where the bad guys just want womant other things other
6:19 am
than wmds, but that's not the case. >> we have seen the bump for santorum. why aren't you backing him? >> i think rick santorum is a fine man. and he would certainly be my second choice. my prediction is either rick santorum or ron paul will win the caucuses tomorrow. i think if rick santorum is the nominee, he would be one of the most conservative nominees we have ever had. but there's one issue that matters more than anything else. if you look at where the left has gotten its greatest victories it is through the courts, through edicts of unelected judges passing laws that the american people have to live by, even though they didn't vote them into office. there's nothing more un-american than being governed by people you did not elect. one candidate seems to understand that, and i think also has the talent and the ability to explain to the american people why that paradigm is so flawed. i wrote an entire chapter in my book about this. and to me, that candidate is newt gingrich. >> steve, appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you very much.
6:20 am
>> you bet. authorities have cleared people out of mt. rainier national park looking for a man they think killed a park ranger. and it's not going to be easy. they have got more than 235,000 acres and five feet of snow to deal with. plus, it happened again. a flock of black birds fell out of the sky on new year's eve in the same arkansas town. technology. [ male announcer ] new bengay cold therapy. the same technology used by physical therapists. go to for a $3 coupon.
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a quick look at news from across the country. deja vu in an arkansas town. about 200 birds were found dead for the second straight new year's eve. a wild life official says that someone might have set off fireworks nearby. last year, nearly 5,000 black birds dropped out of the sky in the same area.
6:23 am
state leaders in ohio say that four fluid injection wells are being -- are staying closed indefinitely. that's after several small earthquakes hit the youngstown area. experts will try to find out if there's a link between the wells and the quakes. an active duty soldier is charged with trying to get on a plane with a military grade explosive. tsa agents in midland, texas, say that they found it when they screened trey atwater's carry-on. cops say there was nothing sinister about this, and there was no way to detonate the explosive. there's a manhunt going on at mt. rainier in washington. police are looking for a man wanted questioning in the fatal shooting of a park reasonable care. -- park ranger. they have evacuated everyone from the park. co-workers say that margaret anderson tried to stop the man before she was shot and killed. he took off on foot.
6:24 am
anderson was 34 and had two young children. >> margaret anderson worked at mt. rainier for about four years. she is an excellent ranger, a very dedicated public servant, really committed to park visitors and was an excellent ranger. her husband also works in the park as a law enforcement ranger, and they have two small children. so it's a terrible loss. it's a great tragedy for the park service and all of us are grieving that loss. >> and barnes is also linked to a shooting yesterday near seattle that left four people hurt. the stock market is closed today, part of the three-day new year's weekend. investors will face a pretty important week of trading starting tomorrow, though. and allison kosik is in new york to explain. >> good morning, kyra. ask just about any market expert, and they would tell you it's almost impossible to time the market to figure out when
6:25 am
the market or an individual stock has hit its high or its low. so some experts say the best way to understand how the market is going to do is look at historical trends. and one of those is called the january barometer. and since 1950, how the s&p 500 did in january has been used to predict how it will fair for the full year, and it's been correct more than 85% of the time. but lately the barometer seems to be broken, because in 2009 and 2010, we saw big gains for the year despite january losses. and in 2011, the s&p gained 2.3% in january but finished flat for the year. now one thing that could put the barometer kind of back on track is the fact that it's a presidential election year. and the january barometer has been 87% accurate in election years, including 2008. and that's actually the last time it worked. historically, kyra, election years are good ones for stocks. but analysts this time around are kind of cautious about how 2012 will do just because it's an election year.
6:26 am
kyra? >> allison, thanks. rick santorum surging at just the right time in iowa. can he ride the evangelical vote to a win? we'll talk about that with lz granderson and will cain. and substituting gunfire for fireworks leaving a florida child fighting for his life. his story is coming up. when bp made a commitment to the gulf, we knew it would take time, but we were determined to see it through. today, while our work continues, i want to update you on the progress:
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there's been 47 fires in the los angeles area since friday. ♪ at last >> and etta james' son says that the singer is off a respirator and breathing on her own. the 73-year-old remains in a california hospital, and is in the final stages of terminal leukemia. in iowa, it's the last full day of campaigning before tomorrow evening's caucuses. a live picture as you see right here from davenport, the latest stop for mitt romney. entering the room now with his wife. he is about to host a rally for his presidential bid. we're following that for you. all the presidential candidates are bliting the state today. here is the final poll by the des moines register it. shows that mitt romney is in a statistical tie with ron paul. rick santorum is in third place, and riding a wave of momentum.
6:30 am
cnn political editor paul steinhauser is in iowa. is santorum surging at just the right time? >> i think so. remember when we said newt gingrich was surging at the right time about a month ago? i guess not. but that poll you just showed, let's just show the last two days, thursday and friday. it really illustrates that the former senator from pennsylvania is surging. there's romney, still on the top at 24%. but there's santorum at 21% ahead of ron paul, and basically in a dead heat with romney for the top spot. it kind of illustrates how santorum has been moving up. he used to be an afterthought. no longer. another number as well. this is interesting. again from the des moines register poll, people likely to take part in that caucus, electability. which guy and ladies can beat president obama in november? romney on top. romney has been there with the electability numbers for a while. gingrich has fallen, though, 13%. those negative ads that have been playing here have been digging into gingrich. another sign of why his numbers have been dropping, kyra.
6:31 am
>> and, you know, as we have been talking about all morning, not everyone has made up their mind. >> yeah. one day to go. can you believe it? take a look at another number here from the poll that really illustrates that. 41% say, you know, i'm backing this guy or that woman. but i could be persuaded tomorrow night to change my mind at the caucus. and at the bottom there, kyra, 7% still haven't even decided on a candidate. >> there's a lot of peer pressure that happensa the these caucuses as we will know. who do the insiders like? >> i'm glad you ask, because we have this. it's called the cnn insider's poll. we questioned 74 republican insiders here in iowa. and look, who will finish first? well, the insiders here in iowa, the political experts on the political side, overwhelmingly, 2/3 say mitt romney. and i know you had those live pictures. he is about 2 1/2 hours from here in the eastern part of the state today. and kyra, i know have you been talking to our guys today. but i'm outside. i'm not inside. i'm out here with jeff parker.
6:32 am
and we are enjoying the beautiful cold windy winter day here in iowa. >> obviously, i can tell by your energy level you're on your sixth cup of coffee by now. >> oh, yeah. >> we'll be talking more, i can promise you that. in iowa, this is the last full day of campaigning before tomorrow's caucuses, and polls show uncommitted voters could decide the race, as you heard paul say. and one candidate has spent more than a year reaching out to them. in the final days, rick santorum has been feeling their love. joe johns takes a closer look. >> i have done literally 358 or 59 town hall meetings in the state of iowa. we've been to all 99 counties, and we weren't speed dating. >> reporter: rick santorum's polling numbers, his surge in the race for iowa, is starting to look like love, though the question is, what took so long for a staunch conservative who has been courting the state for months to finally get some traction? >> the crowds are bigger. but i think they would be bigger under any circumstances because people are focused.
6:33 am
>> reporter: for some of the evangelicals and social conservatives, he has been with them on all of their issues for so long it's as if they are just now remembering he is actually in the race. anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, pro national rifle association. on the right side, the far right side, of many things that matter to them most. one santorum selling point is that he appears to have no serious baggage compared to others, because he was vetted during his years in congress. >> you know, i got a thorough cleansing, if you will, when i ran in 2006. i had everybody look at everything. and had national profiles and everything else. you know, the answer is, i have been through this. >> reporter: that 2006 senate re-election campaign haunts him. he got crushed in his home state, pennsylvania, a battle ground state. so why would the republican party risk giving the nomination to a guy who got bounced out of office like that? answer number one, it was a tough year. >> it was the worst election for republicans in, you know,
6:34 am
probably -- maybe in the history of the republican party in pennsylvania. >> reporter: answer number two, to explain that drubbing in the senate election, principle. he got advice to moderate his positions in order to suit the voters' moods but he refused. >> yeah, i lost, but i stood for what i believed in. my feeling was, if there's one thing worse than losing, it's sacrificing your principles. i wouldn't do it. i didn't do it. >> reporter: democrats poke fun, of course, pointing out this humorous ad that makes santorum look like quite the compromiser. >> barbara boxer and i were to protect open space. i'm even working with hillary clinton to limit inappropriate material in children's video games because it makes more sense to wrestle with america's problems than with each other. >> reporter: he has also gotten slammed for earmarking while in congress. he argues there was nothing wrong with it. >> yeah, i did. >> reporter: but make no mistake. standing up for conservative social issues has defined rick santorum's career. to the point that some
6:35 am
republicans who know him point out he's gotten pigeon holed. >> he has really revolved himself around social issue like boerkz abortion. and when you're talking about the economy as the number one issue to americans and the republican primar voters, he is speaking one language but needs to speak everything to voters right now. >> reporter: joe johns, cnn, des moines, iowa. now let's go from des moines to davenport live, shall we? this is live pictures. the latest stop on the campaign trail for mitt romney. we will take it live as soon as he steps up to the mike. >> you have a lot of candidates who are running.
6:36 am
yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can come from any faucet anywhere. the brita bottle with the filter inside.
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mitt romney campaigning before tomorrow evening's caucuses. he has his family standing behind him. his wife by his side. let's listen in. >> i was immediately struck by that beauty, and actually we were at a party. she came with someone else. i went to the guy she came with, and i said, look, i live closer to ann than you do. can i give her a ride home for you? and he agreed, and we've been going steady ever since. >> it's great. it finally feels like winter in iowa. it's really chilly out there this morning. i'm so glad we are in an indoor facility. this is the way it's supposed to be. the caucuses are supposed to be cold. and i know that means if you get
6:39 am
out today when it's freezing like this, you can get out tomorrow night. please, folks. let's do this. let's do this tomorrow night. we are excited to be here. we love being here. we made wonderful friends four years ago. and we see some of you in the audience. and brian, again, thank you so much. you were so helpful last time as well. this is a serious thing we are all coming to. and i sense something happening as we have been going across iowa. i sense a feeling, a coalescing, a momentum, or whatever it is you want to call it, around mitt. and i think people are starting to figure out that this is the guy that is going to beat barack obama. [ applause ] >> so we're sensing it. we are loving this. we are loving the turnout. loving the fact that you guys are cheering us on. and it's important to us. i have known this guy for a long time. i think he mentioned that. three of the five sons are here. we love having the boys.
6:40 am
the best part of having children, i will tell you, is the grandchildren. and the best part of being a grandmother is watching my grandchildren misbehave. [ laughter ] >> these boys deserve every minute of it. so it's a great thing for all of us to be here together to try to encourage you to get out. so let's hear mitt tell us how he's going to do what he's going to do to beat barrack. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you, sweetheart. you didn't get to see her on tv this morning, by the way. she was on fox and friends this morning. and you were in the background. i saw some of you gathering at that early time. and she was marvelous. they asked her tough questions, and she did exactly what you're supposed to do. she didn't answer them. [ laughter ] >> she talked about what she wanted to talk about. and i want to tell you what i want to talk about today, because i have been watching some clips of president obama,
6:41 am
then candidate obama, when he was going across iowa four years ago. and the promises just were nonstop. all the great things he was going to do. heal the nation, bring us together, repair the nation and repair the world. the list was extraordinary. i haven't seen such a big gap between promises and performance in a long, long, long time. and you go through the list. one, he was going to change things internationally. probably the greatest threat we face on the globe is a nuclear iran. and he said he was going to engage iran. remember, and visit with ahmadinejad in his first year? didn't quite work out like he helped. iran pursuing their nuclear ambition. announced yesterday they now developed a nuclear rod. they tested a medium range surface-to-air missile. iran continues to be and is actually a greater threat than when he became president. then he said he was going to be -- he was outraged at the size of the budget deficits that president bush had put in place. remember about $450 billion. then his were about three times that size.
6:42 am
and as the senator indicated, he is on track by the end of his first term -- well, his only term -- [ cheers and applause ] >> he is on track to put almost as much debt in place as all the prior presidents combined. it's just unthinkable. and then of course there's the economy. remember we said if we let him borrow $787 billion, almost $1 trillion, that he would hold unemployment below 8%. it has not been below 8% since. and 25 million people are out of work, or stopped looking for work, or seriously underemployed. and by the way, that's not just a statistic. if you have been unemployed for some period of time, you know that being unemployed is a traumatic experience. and i had the opportunity to work with people who had lost their jobs. and try and help them get back on their feet. but for a lot of folks, it's a psychological impact. sometimes marriages falter. people sometimes lose their
6:43 am
faith. it's become depressed. it's tough being out of work. 25 million people. we haven't had a presidency with this many jobs lost during their term since hoover. this is just an american tragedy. and so i look at this president and realize that he just doesn't know what has to be done to get this country on track again. you know, when he was just a new elected president, he went on "the today show." and he said, if i can't get this economy turned around in three years, i'll be looking at a one-term proposition. i'm here to collect. all right? >> mitt romney there in iowa, davenport, actually, last full day of campaigning before tomorrow evening's caucuses. we will follow all the live events taking place and dip in live for you so you can get a feel of what's happening the day before the big night. we'll take a quick break. more from the cnn newsroom straight ahead.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
police believe it was senseless celebratory gunfire that has critically injured a 12-year-old boy. a bullet went through the top of his head. his parents say he was just watching fireworks in his front yard. george howell has more on this story and others like it, unfortunately. what happened here, and what's the deal? >> i just got off the phone with the hillsboro county sheriff's deputies. they tell me that diego is still in the hospital. the bullet still lodged in his head from this incident. he was just outside watching
6:47 am
fireworks when detectives say a bullet hit him in the head. his family, his mother, was outside. didn't realize what had happened until she got to the hospital with him. >> do we know who fired the gun? could that person be held responsible? >> it all depends. in certain parts of florida, in rural parts, it's apparently ok to fire weapons. but in some areas, cities, closer to towns, it can be a misdemeanor. if this person is caught, it could become a felony with jailtime attached. again, just depends upon them determining whether the bullet that's in diego's head, whether that matches the bullet of the person that they find. >> you know, this is not the first time, you know, that we have reported on stories like this. >> no. >> and sometimes you wonder, what are people thinking? >> you know, we did a story on friday on celebratory gunfire on a mother in atlanta who was in a church with her son when a bullet came through the roof and hit him in the head. so this happens, it seems, every year there's an incident of celebratory gunfire injury.
6:48 am
again, police and investigators trying to find a way to stop it, trying to get people to think about what happens when you fire that bullet in the air, it has to come down somewhere. >> there's other ways to celebrate, wouldn't you say? >> yeah. fireworks. >> exactly. george, thanks. a quick look at other news from across the country. new york police say that molotov cocktails were thrown at three places in queens last night. one of them at an islamic center. there was some damage but no injuries. a soldier has been charged with trying to board an airplane with an explosive. it forced the temporary closing of part of the midland, texas, terminal. law enforcement sources tell cnn there was no detonator on the explosives. and same sex unions are now legal in hawaii. six states in washington, d.c., recognize same-sex marriage. stay with us. we'll take you live to iowa on this day before the republican caucus us. we have the latest news and insights from all across the campaign trail. the denver broncos lose a
6:49 am
must-win game, but make the playoffs anyway. we have highlights in sports eight minutes away.
6:50 am
6:51 am
welcome back. here's a look at what's happening today. the 123rd rose parade makes its way through southern california at 11:00 eastern. new york rangers take on philadelphia flyers in the winter classic. that begins at 3:00. vacation is over for the first family. they're headed back to the white
6:52 am
house. scheduled to leave tonight at 10:00 eastern. we're following lots of developments next hour. let's check in with jim acosta in iowa. >> reporter: that's right. we are following the surging rick santorum. can the man in the sweater vest make mitt romney sweat? we'll have a live report coming up in a few minutes. >> reporter: the number of arson fires in los angeles grew to 55 overknight. i'm casey wian in los angeles. there may be a break in the case. i'll have the details coming up at the top of the hour. i'm rob marci an noempt 5,000 black birds wound up dead in arkansas last year. sadly it's happened again. i'll have the story in the next hour. thanks so much. next hour you probably knew him as go ph er on the love boat. newt gingrich knows him as one of his most well known supporters in iowa. we're talking to former iowa congressman fred grandee in the next hour.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
dick clark's new year's rocking eve rang in the ratings with more than 22 million viewers. the 40th anniversary event gave the network its biggest draw in 11 years. we're talking about some pretty big performers, lady gaga, justin bieber. the mission impossible ghost protocol proves to be a box office gold. it neared the $350 million mark.
6:56 am
steven spielberg's war horse brought in 17 million. if you want a romantic vacation, where else would you go? paris, naturally. look how happy they are. according to people magazine that's where derek jeter and mika kelley were for the weekend. they broke up back in august for after dating for three years. lebron james put a ring on it. he popped the question to his long-time girlfriend on saturday. the two have been together, by the way, since they were 16 and they've got two kids together. let's talk about all of that scoop, jeff. you want to talk nfl playoffs. >> she finally has a ring, that's nice. >> doesn't he have a lot of rings? >> he'll win one one day, i'm sure. >> last sunday the nfl, we finally know who's in the playoffs. the dallas cowboys battle the new york giants for the final playoff. first quarter, that's giants quarterback eli manning finds victor cruz, 74-yard touchdown.
6:57 am
he set a single team season record. look at the little s sa lsa after the score. >> he threw for two more touchdowns. the giants win 31-14. they take the nfc east. quarterback tim tebow trying to lead denver for the playoffs. they need a win or ray ders loss. tim had a horrible game. he threw an interception. kansas beat the broncos in denver 7-3. oakland needed to beat the chargers. san diego's richard goodman takes it from deep in his end zone and he is gone. taillights on the highway. the chargers win 38-26. the raiders are out. that means the broncos and tebow get in even though they lost. buffalo ran up a 21-0 first quarter lead on the patriots. look at johnson get the touchdown. then to celebrate a t-shirt that says happy new year. not a good idea.
6:58 am
that got him a penalty. he was benched for the rest of the game. he said, behave, he didn't do it. no lead was safe against brady. he threw for three touchdowns against the bills. this one to grong could you ski. they scored. tom brady was terrific. drew breeze was terrific as well. this one went to colston. brees demolished marino's record. he set other nfl records this season. they roll over carolina and head in the playoffs on an eight-game winning street. another quarterback, aaron rodgers. enjoy the new year taking the day off. packers already had their playoff spot. matt flynn threw for a team record. six touchdowns. this game winner late, 45-41.
6:59 am
they win. they finish up the regular season 15-16789 they are the top seed in the nfc. it's been a terrible year for the colts without peyton manning. the backup quarterback beat the colts 19-13. peyton hurt all year. indianapolis finished 2-13. they will get the top seed in the nfl draft. they could get andrew luck. here is your schedule for the first round of the playoffs. saturday, cincinnati at houston. then the saints host the lions and then the falcons visit the giants and the steelers travel to denver to face the broncos. we'll see if tebow can get it turned around for the playoffs. >> kind of bump up the prayers. >> you know, the broncos need some help. the steelers are good. they keep making postseason runs. tebow, you know, everyone
7:00 am
worried that he might struggle. we're starting to see a little bit why people were worried. he has the leadership qualities. we'll see what he can pull off. >> drew brees too. >> not for aaron rodgers, drew brees would be the nfl mvp. >> we'll watch it. thanks, joe. >> okay. we are hitting the top of the hour. thanks so much for staying with thanks so much for staying with us. -- captions by vitac -- the clocking ticking for the first real test for the candidates. in the final poll, mitt romney is in a statistical tie with ron paul. rick santorum in third place and riding a wave of momentum though we've been talking quite a lot about this morning. the winner could be decided in these final hours. as you know, nearly half of likely caucus goers have not settled on a candidate n. this hour newt gingrich is reaching out. he's actually hosting a campaign event in independence, iowa. jim acosta is following all the
7:01 am
candidates and of course as they blitz the state. dana bash takes a closer look at ron paul and his unconventional campaign that's clicking with voters. jim, let's start with you. on the eve of the caucuses, let's talk about how they're spending their last full day. we've seen a number of live events this morning. >> reporter: that's right. for rick santorum who we're following, he's going to be here in an hour in polk city. he's been the marathon man. 's been to all 99 counties. now it's a sprint. he's got a series of events today. they're almost drive-byes. you come in, shake some hands, get on tv. there's a bunch of cameras in here. i'm going to guess this is the first time that he's had the british, german, japanese press following him on the campaign trail before the iowa caucuses. he is in a little bit of a fight right now for mitt romney because if you look at that des moines register poll that came out over the weekend, what was
7:02 am
really interesting is the last two days that poll was taken rick santorum had moved into a sort of statistical tie with mitt romney. now aside from that match-up between mitt romney and rick santorum, there is also newt gingrich who is changing his strategy somewhat. he has been, as you know, been the subject of a barrage of attack ads from proromney forces. they've been blanketing the air waves with antigingrich ads. out in marn shal town iowa inside the sports bar, newt gingrich signaled he is going to change his tactic. will he get away from the positive campaign. he's going right after mitt romney. now whether that's too late here in iowa, that remains to be seen. but i asked him at this press conference yesterday in marshall town, i asked the former speaker, do you feel swift-boated in this campaign? here's what newt gingrich had to say. >> for a state this size to
7:03 am
spend that number of dollars in negative ads into one candidate is pretty amazing. >> do you feel swift-bothed. >> no, i feel romney-boated. >> you feels romney-boated which has become sort of a buzz phrase of the last 24 hours of this campaign. it's possible that newt gingrich has basically changed the game for himself -- the game plan for himself a little too late in iowa. he's going on to new hampshire right after the iowa caucuses. that's going to be interesting to watch after the iowa caucuses are over. one thing we should keep in mind, in that poll gingrich was essentially in a statistical tie for third place. even though everybody is saying newt gingrich,'s done, toast, don't count him out. he's drawing big crowds. so is santorum. you can see this room starting to fill up. >> yes, indeed, it is. it's starting to pick up since you and i talked last hour. what's the buzz in the room like? what can we expect?
7:04 am
>> reporter: well, i think we're going to hear rick santorum make his closing argument. that basic closing argument has been to thank the people of iowa for covering him over the weekend. what he wants them to do, what he's saying to them in the final days, in the final day before the iowa caucuses is reward the guy who has put in the hard work. he has tried to wage this the old-fashioned way. he doesn't have a big splashy bus with his face on the side of it, rick santorum for president. he's been going around in a truck with his son going from stop to stop talking to these people. he's really capturing sort of the mike huckabee spirit that carried mike huckabee over the top in 2008. he is getting those social conservatives behind him at just the right time. that's going to help. i think there is a sense among eye owe juans that they want to give it to the guy who's putting in the hard work. we have to see if it's going to work for him. >> jim acosta. thanks so much. let's talk about ron paul and
7:05 am
how he's seen his poll numbers surge in recent days. while his message resonates with some voters, it also is irritating the very party that he wants to represent in a presidential race. dana bash has a closer look. >> reporter: go to a ron paul rally and his appeal is apparent. >> different strokes for different folks as the old saying goes. >> reporter: especially on the economy. ain't-tax, ain't-debt. tea party mantras he talked about before they were cool. >> i want to cut a trillion out of our spending. >> reporter: libertarians love it. >> the role of government in a free society should be to protect your liberties. >> reporter: isolationists eat it up. >> i think we're in way too many wars and it's time to change that and start bringing our military home to protect this country. >> anecdotally i've had people come up to me that have been self-described democrats who are going to caucus for ron paul strict sli on the basis of his
7:06 am
non-intervention allist foreign policy beliefs. >> reporter: they say paul has an organization to behold. in 2008 he finished fifth with just 10% of the vote, but his supporters never left. they've been building a paul infrastructure all over iowa for four years. campaign offices in tiny towns like here in miquoqoda, population under 6,000. >> that's an incredible example of the way he's organized around the state. i can't imagine any campaign would have had an office in that small of a community. >> reporter: but paul's power in iowa appalls many in the gop establishment. exhibit a about the bush administration. >> just think of what happened after 9/11. immediately before there was any assessment there was glee in the administration because now we can invade iraq. >> reporter: on foreign policy this makes many republicans go
7:07 am
bezerk. >> why does israel need our help? we need to get out of their way. >> reporter: so does a hands off attitude of a nuclear armed iran. >> that makes him a very dangerous person to be our next president. >> reporter: he opposes sanctioning iran. >> i think we should not put on sanctions. they are act of war. >> ron paul wants to abandon the world and i often think if ron paul was around at the time of the american revolution, would he have told the french to stick their nose out of our affairs and stay home? >> reporter: even worried republicans who call paul dangerous say they get it. for caucus goers who want to send washington a message, this is hard to pass up. >> department of education, gone. interior energy, hud, commerce, gone. later, bureaucrats. that's how ron paul rolls. >> now i know how dana bash rolls. she's in des moines, iowa, for us this morning. how is his camp responding to
7:08 am
santorum's rise? >> reporter: you know, it's interesting, kyra. he, santorum, has risen so fast that we haven't seen much of a response from ron paul. the congressman was home in texas, a very unusual move to do a couple of days before the caucuses, and so we don't know. we're going to catch up with both the congressman and his son, the senator, in just a little while. they start a five-stop tour here in des moines in a couple of hours. one thing that we really are looking for is whether or not ron paul's organization can prevail. i talked to a senior paul advisor who insists that they have enough voters identified that could give -- >> we apologize for that. we lost our connection to dana bash in des moines. we'll check in with her. in about eight minutes we'll check in with former congressman fred grandy. he was gopher on love both.
7:09 am
we'll ask him about his endorsement of newt gingrich. why he's throwing his support behind him when so many other capitol hill vets are running in the other direction. tomorrow night the country's first real votes. the candidates' first true tests take place in the iowa caucuses. watch what happens from all sides. special live america's choice, 2012 coverage of the caucuses. it begins at 7 eastern. los angeles police now say they've arrested a man in that suspected arson spree. at least eight more fires were set early this morning making for more than 50 fires since friday. we're not yet sure if it's the same man that police identified in this surveillance video from several crime scenes. cnn's casey wian is joining us from l.a. casey, what do we know about the man that police detained? >> reporter: well, we don't know that much, kyra, except for the fact that he looks very similar to the man that was in that surveillance video that police
7:10 am
released over the weekend, a man that was emerging from an underground parking structure here in hollywood, a man that police say they wanted to talk to, the man who was a resd not far from here at the corner of sunset and fairfax in west hollywood is being questioned by investigators. police and fire officials will not tell us why they stopped him, why they detained him, why he is being questioned. what we do know though is that arrest was done not far from where the last of 11 fires were set overnight in about a 2.5 hour stretch. when we arrived at the command post about 1:00 local time this morning an arson investigator told us all was quiet. that really changed over the next couple of hours as 11 different fires, more than a dozen cars, were reported throughout the city of los angeles and west hollywood. fire investigators and fire crews were scrambling to get to all of those scenes. once this person was stopped and detained for questioning, fire
7:11 am
department just confirmed to us that there were no more fires throughout the rest of the morning. so you can draw from that whatever inference you will. the fire department says they are continuing to investigate these arsons and they are continuing to comb over these scenes. they have no conclusions on whether they have a potential perpetrator in custody or not. that's the latest, kyra. >> keep us informed. it happened again. dead blackbirds falling out of the sky in the same arkansas neighborhood as last year. >> it's disturbing to say the least. last year was pretty much pinned on the conclusion was fireworks or shotgun, people celebrating. these blackbirds, their migratory patterns bring them into arkansas. bebe is just north of little rock, and these birds can toolly roost within residential areas.
7:12 am
the blackbirds -- the black ones are male. the brown ones are female. the ones that we've seen f we have the video, the ones that we saw with this one, 200 fell to the ground. authorities think that folks went into these roosting areas, not once but twice, and flushed them out with fireworks again. these birds, they only fly during the day because their night vision is bad. if you flush them out or disturb them at night they'll get scared and spooked, like they did last year, 5,000 died. this year anywhere from 100 to 200 died on new year's eve this past weekend. this is the migratory map of how these birds -- they're all over the place they're prevalent across north america. the area across the lower 48, that's where they can hang out year round. if they go up to canada to breed in the springtime they'll fly down a little farther south in the wintertime to feed. they feed during the day.
7:13 am
they come back in large quantities at night to roost. authorities are pretty sure that someone went into the roosting areas and flushed them out with fireworks once again. that's a sad story that we certainly hope doesn't repeat in 2013. >> what a shame. coming up we'll tell you about the man hunt going on right now in washington state. authorities think that a killer could be hiding somewhere in the rugged shadow of mount raniere. later, gopher and newt. tv star fred grandy telling us what gingrich has to do to win over those undecided caucus goers. ononon my journey across , i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer.
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let's get back to the iowa caucuses. they are one day away. romney's in the lead. santorum on the move. lots of caucus goers aren't sure who to pick. let's keep the story going. you remember him as gopher on tv's "love boat." he was a congressman. he's a current supporter of his college colleague newt gingrich. we were able to talk to fred deace. his support of mike huckabee in 2008 helped him win iowa and kind of put his campaign on the map. do you think deace's endorsement will help gingrich with those undecided folks? >> well, i hope so. i started supporting newt about three weeks ago. he dropped 20 points in the polls. he needs something. but, yeah, the radio hostness
7:17 am
iowa i think do make a difference, but really as i'm sure you're aware, kyra, this is very much a combination of a ground game and now the net effect of the 13 debates which is a relatively new phenomenon in the iowa caucuses. >> were you being serious about your support of the 20 points. i thought is he giving himself a hard time? do i need to laugh or should i follow up with that? >> well, i thought i'd criticize myself before you got to it. >> you poor guy. let me ask you. many of gingrich's old colleagues have slammed him and won't support him. you're sticking it out. you continually have backed him up. why? >> well, because i think he's the perfect guy for the job in this time, and one of the reasons i'm supporting newt is because he -- and this is taking nothing away from most of the other candidates, but i think newt really understands how dangerous the world is, both at
7:18 am
home and abroad, particularly with emerging threats in the middle east, new problems coming out of europe, china, and russia. my experience having worked on national security issues and counterintelligence issues is that newt is superior to the other candidates. the other ones are good. some are better than others, but i really feel newt is say man whose time has come for this particular election cycle. so i'm staying with him for as long as he's in the race. >> you know what, you're part of a dc think tank that focuses on national security issues. you pointed that out. what is it that you know about newt gingrich about that topic that's keeping you tied to him? >> well, i think part of it is the contrast with the present administration, kyra. this is an administration that has a come mccommodated and bow to countries like iran, now the
7:19 am
growing islamist movement, egypt, libya, two nearby sha. the speaker was one person who stood up and said, no, we shouldn't go this way. this is an emerging hostile hygeminy. i think we need a president who understands that. this is taking nothing away from rick santorum or mitt romney who i think are coming around to this conclusion, but i believe the speaker has led on this. i think we need a man right now with a very strong world view. someone who understands what is happening in china, what is happening in russia, europe, and the middle east. >> let me ask you because you're a former iowa congressman. how do you explain santorum's surge? >> i think rick santorum is essentially profiting from the kind of sweat equity and road trip that a lot of iowans expect. he has run a traditional iowa campaign. he is reaping what he sewed.
7:20 am
it's hard not to like rick santorum. he's one of the best stories in this campaign. this particular iowa caucus story i think has some of the best narratives that we've ever had. the debates, the whole prevalence of the super pacs, and yet you have so many come from behind stories, starting with michele bachmann, then rick perry, the speaker, now rick santorum. so there is a lot to like about that narrative. i think that rick santorum, if nothing else, is an emma nently likeable person. >> fred grandy, appreciate you chiming in with me this morning. great to see you. i love to see that you've kept your sense of humor, fred. >> great to see you. we're going to take a look at news from across the country. police say a 12-year-old boy was shot after new year's travelers fired guns. doctors say the bullet went through the top of his head. his parents say he was watching fireworks in his front yard. state leaders in eye who he
7:21 am
owe say four fluid injection wells will stay closed indefinitely. earthquakes hit the youngstown area. and an active duty soldier is charged with trying to get on a plane with a military grade exploes simpt tsa agents say they found it when they screened his carry on. authorities say there was nothing sinister about this. there's no way to detonate the explosive. cops have cleared people out of mount raniere national park. they're looking for a man that they think killed a park ranger. it's not going to be easy. they have more than 235,000 acres and five feet of snow to deal with. with your buddies? lost your appetite for romance? and your mood is on its way down. you might not just be getting older. you might have a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t. millions of men, forty-five or older, may have low t. so talk to your doctor about low t. hey, michael! [ male announcer ] and step out of the shadows.
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7:24 am
live to independence, iowa, now. newt gingrich, wife by his side. last-minute campaigning there. let's go ahead and listen in. he's at a farming museum. >> one of the keys is to understand there's this really complex system in which many different individuals have good ideas. we were down at vermere a couple of months ago. they started as a company with three people because somebody has a better idea and they think they can build something and they build one of them. then they get to sell it and they build a second one. they gradually build a company. you go out and look at some of the name plates that are no longer existing that were very important at one time because somebody had an idea at that time that was the best idea and it worked. this is a great introduction to the fact that technology and innovation have been at the heart of america's standard of living and that we need to find ways to have policies that continuously maximize technology. that's why part of my job as an
7:25 am
economic growth plan has 100% expensing. you can write off any new equipment in one year so you maximize the desirability of buying the next generation of new equipment so that our workers and our farmers are the most productive in the world. this is as perfect a place to look at that as you can imagine. second, i notice there are several young people here, and we have our grandson robert, who's 10, and his friend will who have come in from atlanta to hang out with us for part of the campaign. as i look at the young people that are here, somehow i wish we could get across that they should really be wihat the campaign is about. one of the reasons i've tried to run a positive campaign is i really believe we are in trouble. i think that to get out of trouble we have to have a positive conversation about real solutions and we have to have an ability to look at alternative options of real solutions and to talk about them and to offer them a better future. i wish, frankly, that the people
7:26 am
running all these negative ads would adopt a very simple rule. if you won't show your ad to your grandchildren, don't run it. if you're not proud of it, don't run it. i think you'll see about 80% of the negativity come off tv. again, i have no problem with contrast. people can say this is where i stand, this is where you stand. that's fine. but a lot of the negativity is just very clever consultants who are paid a lot of money to be nasty. it has nothing to do with governing america, solving our problems. it has everything to do with a very cheap, and i think very destructive model of politics which is part of why washington is sick today. let me also comment on the president's most recent comments, which i found beyond astonishing. the president has obviously had problems, and he found it difficult to be president. it turned out to be a really big
7:27 am
job, and having gone off to hawaii for a while he's now concluded, at least as i understand the news reports, they have decided they're going to govern without congress. now i don't know what country he thinks he's in, but it's constitutionally impossible to govern without congress. there's some comment this morning, some white house staffer said now that we've got the two-month tax extension, we don't need them. well, what happens at the end of the two months? what happens to all the appropriations bills this coming year? what happens to the debt ceiling? what happens to all of our national security concerns? the idea that a president of the united states a year before the election is going to decide i'm going to do it by myself is literally unthinkable. it's not possible. i think it tells you how little president obama understands about the american constitution,
7:28 am
the american system, and the process of governing. what you need is the opposite. you need a president who says how do i get us to work together? you need somebody who says, gee, this has been a mess. why don't we sit down and as a new year's resolution -- i'd of felt better if he invited all 535 house and senate members to come down to the white house for a couple of days and chat. no negotiations, just can we find some common ground? could we do something together? i was asked a while ago, how would i start to break it up? senators webb and warner have a bill that would allow development of oil and gas offshore in virginia. they're both democrats. it's a bill i agree with. i would urge the house republicans to pass their bill exactly as it is. send a democratic bill to the senate on behalf of more american energy, more american jobs, more revenue for the
7:29 am
federal government and challenge senator reid and president obama to stop a democratic bill that has bipartisan support. i would look for excuses to bring people together. when i was a very junior member, in fact when i was a freshman, i helped the reagan campaign in 1980. we developed a capital steps event for the very first time in history. we brought all of our candidates together. we stood for five big ideas. as a result of the momentum of that event we won control of the senate by really a narrow margin. we had six senators who won by a combined total of 75,000 votes. we now had a republican senate, a republican president, but we sthil a democratic house. i was serving as a sophomore with tip o'neal. so if reagan wanted to get his economic growth plan, which is the three-year tax cut plan, if he was going to get it through, we had to get a third of the
7:30 am
democrats. we couldn't pass it as a partisan idea. reagan worked very hard as a former fdr democrat, he worked very hard to always reach out to democrats and independents. even at the republican convention in 1976 he said my fellow republicans, and he stopped, and there was a pause and he said, and those democrats and independents who agree with us around the country. he always in the back of his head understood that he had to be an american who brought us together. he couldn't just be a narrow partisan. so when i got to be speaker, we had the same thing. i knew from the reagan experience that there's a reagan cookbook. lower taxes, less regulation, more american energy, and be positive about people who create jobs. make them feel good about the risk they're taking to go create jobs. the obama cookbook is the exact opposite. higher taxes, more regulation, anti-american energy and class
7:31 am
warfare to attack the people who make jobs. newt gingrich campaigning in independence, iowa. we're checking in with the events that are taking place live. you know if the iowa caucuses were a reality show, what would it be? we ask our political buzz panel next.
7:32 am
7:33 am
checking top stories now. iran says it successfully test fired a long range missile today. it came on the final day. a man in southern california has been detained in a suspected arson spree. there's been 55 fires in the los angeles area since friday.
7:34 am
such say beautiful voice. etta james son says the singer is off a respirator and breathing on her own now. 73-year-old grammy winner remains in a california hospital and is in the final stages of terminal leukemia. it's time for your political buzz. rapid fire look at the best political topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. playing today, maria cardona. talk show host and comedian pete dominick and cnn contributor will cain. first question. everyone is talking about iowa this morning. for jon huntsman the focus has never waivered from new hampshire. >> no one here is talking about you. literally it might just be me this morning. doesn't that hurt you ultimately? >> that's about to change in about 48 hours. then the big, bright light will be on new hampshire and in true fashion, new hampshire always tends to upend conventional wisdom.
7:35 am
>> is that true and are things going to change? maria? >> well, it depends on which cycle that huntsman is pointing to. if you look at what happened just a few short years ago, then, yes, because clearly what happened in iowa was not what happened ultimately for the republicans at least for the nomination. the opposite happened for democrats. president obama won in iowa and hillary clinton won new hampshire and president obama ended up winning the nomination in the election. so i think it all depends. the problem with huntsman overall is that he is actually reasonable and moving on in this process he won't be able to convince conservatives he can win. >> will? >> will it up end the conventional wisdom, i don't know. kyra, this was in the concord new hampshire monitor. it said an iowa republican caucus winner has never won a new hampshire presidential primary in the modern, era. never has the same guy won a contested election in both states. now what does that mean?
7:36 am
which one of the winners? i think marie is is right, iowa, new hampshire, which one is more indicative to win your nomination? it does indicate who we'll be talking about this week until we're blue in the face will be different next week. >> pete? >> this is sad, kyra, because jon huntsman is actually probably the best candidate for republican voters. he chose not to compete in iowa. he didn't make the ballot like almost all the rest of the candidates except for ron paul and mitt romney in virginia. 's got a lot of money. he comes from a lot of money just like mitt romney. he's also a mormon and there's a lot of evangelical christians on the record saying we can't vote for him. he is a reasonable candidate who kind of believes in science but he doesn't have a chance and he'll be done after new hampshire. that's sad. >> you said done after new hampshire. okay. mitt romney telling an iowa audience, guys, what, exactly, he thinks of the promises president obama made on the campaign trail.
7:37 am
take a listen. >> the gap between his promises and his performance is the largest i've seen, well, since the kardashian wedding and the promise of till death do we part. >> all right. now he might get some i guess pop culture credit for that one, but if the iowa caucuses were a reality show, what would it be? will? >> well, here's the problem with that question in my estimation, kyra. the iowa caucuses are a reality show. let me show you something. this is the numbers that everybody's playing for in iowa. the winner if the polls hold true right now will win 7 delegates. the second place guy will get 6 delegates. here's new hampshire. the winner suggests they would get 4 and the second place guy would get 26789 you're playing for a spread of three on your way to 1144. what are you playing for? you're playing for the conversation. what we're all talking about for the next week. that, i think, is a reality show. >> will cain's magic board,
7:38 am
ladies and gentlemen. maria, what's your take? >> well, with all the back biting and nastiness and negativity and snarkiness, i think i'd have to say first of all house wives of d.c. the housewives of d.c. ultimately because all of these candidates will have atrocious policies for the american people, it would have to be deadliest catch. >> pete? >> kyra, i've got a lot of different ideas of what reality show the republican race can be. how about america's got less talent than we hoped? perhaps who wants to vote for a multi-millionaire with multi-millionaire's interests in mind. maria mentioned the real housewives. how about the real hls house wives of texas, utah, bethlehem, and newt gingrich? can i go on. >> go ahead, pete. >> this has been so bizarre to watch, kyra. it really is a reality show.
7:39 am
oh, man i had so many more. >> yes, i'm sure. you can use it in your next standup. here's the buzzer beater. 20 seconds each on this one. it's often said that there are three tickets out of iowa. make your predictions. who will take the top three slots. will one of those top finishers become the republican nominee? >> i don't think that there are just three tickets out of iowa. bill clinton came in fourth in 19926789 mccain came in fourth a few years ago. romney, paul, santorum. probably one of those will be the nominee. again, deadliest catch for america. >> will? >> i think conventional wisdom is probably going to hold true here. romney, paul, santorum. romney wins the nomination. >> pete? >> will took mine. romney. romney will win. i think romney will win. maybe ron paul will win. ron paul will be done after. this he's a skeleton with more
7:40 am
skeletons in his closet. either santorum or rick perry might surprise some folks. you have to get that evangelical vote. don't forget about that in iowa. there's 600,000 iowa republican voters. a lot of them -- i went too long. i apologize. that vote will matter. >> the skeletons alone we could have kept going another 20 something seconds on that. guys, thanks. >> good to have you back, kyra. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. well, it's not just the republicans swarming iowa before tomorrow's caucuses. democrats are there too. they are fighting back. one candidate in particular is taking the brunt of their attacks.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
democrats are on the attack in iowa. the dnc opened their war room in des moines yesterday. they actually plan on holding news conferences to counter republican talking points until thursday. they even brought in a man who was laid off in the '90s when mitt romney's former company bought his employer. take a listen. >> i really feel he didn't care about the workers then. go back and look at some of the philosophies. look at the pattern. everything was probably done very legal, done the right way, but it was all about profit over people. >> cnn political analyst row land martin is here. if you don't know who he
7:44 am
supports, take a look at his ipad. >> in this particular race i support anybody but the folks with conventional wisdom. i want to see a long campaign so we can have lots of fun. >> he has a picture of himself with the president of the united states -- >> that's what the white house correspondents. i have one with president george w bush. >> interesting. bring that in. >> see, look at you. >> check mates. >> i'm an ago gi. >> we have a short amount of time. >> this war room, we're seeing for example this laid off worker that was brought in in the news conference, is this going to work? are we going to see more of this? >> absolutely. >> is this going to undercut mitt romney and talk about job creation. >> it's not new. you've always seen this. it takes place at both national conventions so it's not new at all. it is important whether you are a democrat or republican because you want to be able to frame the other candidate. this is not the old days where you wait until labor day, you actually begin the campaign. the obama administration, they
7:45 am
know. the campaign knows they're going to have a tough race. now also keep in mind he won iowa by 9.5% in 2008. they have six electoral college votes this year. this is going to be a tight year so absolutely you want to be able to target him because you need to win iowa again as a part of your overall electoral strategy to get you to 70. >> what do you think about the various articles that came out, i told you one i was reading. barak obama clearly beatable. >> it's a tough economy. when you look at the debt issue, when you look at the jobs issue, although we've had these consecutive months of employment vote, it is still a problem. people keep asking me, is he going to win or lose? i say, he's got a 50-50 shot. bottom line is you have to get to 270. republicans have a strong hand to play, but like this particular worker, if it's mitt romney, he has to deal with the issue of driving the company into bankruptcy but your company's still walking away
7:46 am
with $100 million. that big number doesn't play well with somebody who's out of work. >> is it too early to single out romney? >> no, absolutely not because you look at the trends and that is, look, republicans historically have always chosen the next guy. mccain lost to bush in 2000. romney lost in '08, likely the guy in '12. so obviously you want to target the strongest person. you want to weaken him out of the gate. you also want to force him to respond to you while he's responding to the gop candidates as well. >> who do the dems want to be the nominee. >> they frankly want rick perry or michele bachmann. you want the weakest person. you don't want the strongest of the lot. i think they recognize that there are weaknesses among all the candidates. their job is to exploit the weakness. just like in football you play whoever's in front of you if you want to win unlike the cowboys, they lost. >> i knew we'd get football in there.
7:47 am
>> my texans won. >> you want to talk about the -- >> houston texans. we're the playoff caliber people. sorry. >> good to see you. >> like wise. who would travel more than 200,000 miles for an 82-day stay? nasa would and has. we'll explain. s with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge!
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well, there is a manhunt
7:50 am
going on right now at mount raniere national park for this man. cops are looking for him. wanted in questioning for the fatal shooting of a park ranger. his name is benjamin colton barns. he has military experience and knows how to survive out in the deep woods and snow. margaret anderson had tried to stop that man before she was shot and killed. new york police investigating three attacks, one of them at an islamic center. cops say mol to have cocktails were used in all of the attacks. same sex civil unions in hawaii are legal. couples started lining up after the process went on line yesterday. these unions give same sex couples some of the same rights as married couples. after a rocky start for nasa's mission, both research probes have successfully, rather, entered the moon's orbit. rob marciano has been watching every move. >> exciting stuff. it took 3.5 months for this to happen. we watched the launch right here
7:51 am
live on cnn on september 11th. it was a beautiful launch. 3.5 months to get up there. back in the apollo days we got up there in two or three days. it took a different route, that's for sure. the way this puppy went up, it used what we call the balance position or the balance point between the earth and the sun. it uses that kind of to get a free ride basically to the moon. at some point when the spacecraft turned around it split into two. now we have not one but two orbiters that are making their way around the moon. so they've got into orbit yesterday. right now they're 100 or so miles in orbit. over the coming weeks they'll fire a couple of more rocket engines and get them into an orbit that's about 34 miles up. that is close. and for the first time they'll be able to peer not just on the surface of the moon, both the dark side and the side that we
7:52 am
see, but through the crust and hopefully into the manholes. see what the inside of the moon is made of. that will give us an appearance of how the rest of our solar system and potentially the universe was made as well. here's the thing. supposed to go to june 4th. on june 4th there will be a partial eclipse of the sun. that means that these vehicles will be in the shade. they're not designed to do that so they don't know if they'll make it out of that, but if they do, kyra, for the next few months into december what we find out will be a freebie. it's like going to the casino and playing with the house money. god knows what we'll find. >> you had to key the song. partial eclipse of the sun. here we go. cool stuff. we'll be watching it, definitely. not so easy to understand. >> i struggle with it too, believe me. cnn's checked with iowa insiders. they are picking mitt romney. they'll tell you where the other candidates showed up in the survey next.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
i love political coverage because everybody is here in town by my side. i love it. our political director, mark preston with us. out there getting the scoop from all the republican insiders. >> just got back from iowa. spent a week out there. this is where we're doing it here in global headquarters. out in iowa, kyra, and the republican insiders. who do they think is going to win? let's take a quick look at these
7:56 am
numbers if we can. it shows that two-thirds of iowans think that mitt romney is going to win. now i do have to caution. when you look at those numbers now that this was done last week at the same time we saw rick santorum starting to surge. it started with our cnn time orc poll. those numbers were backed up by the nbc poll. the gold standard poll, des moines register, were the same. rick santorum could actually win. >> we also know romney has been the most consistent throughout all of this. we've watched the up and down, the roller coaster, right? does that have any -- does that hold any weight? >> it does and bottom line, when you're talking to the insiders, a lot of them are gop establishment folks. they want romney to win. they want him to be the republican nominee to take on president obama next november. >> we'll talk a lot more next week especially tomorrow. >> absolutely. >> well, the search continues
7:57 am
for a man who shot a park ranger. he knows how to survive in the deep woods in the snow. next hour suzanne malveaux talking to the spokesperson for mount raniere national park.
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