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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 4, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PST

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bachmann finished next to last in the iowa caucuses, just 5% of the vote. so while we wait for bachmann news conference to start, i want to bring in dana bash. she is in west des moines, iowa. john king as well. dana, first of all, let's start with you. obviously breaking this news. any sense of the mood within her campaign right now? clearly they don't want to actually get ahead of this announcement, but it seems like it's a pretty disappointing finish. >> reporter: i think that's definitely an understatement, suzanne. they are kind of in lockdown mode inside her campaign, trying not to say much. again, as john said earlier, trying not to get ahead of the candidate. there is no question about it, that they are, really for lack of a better term, bummed out. this is a woman who came in flying high. she won the aims straw poll, the first real contest here in iowa back in the summer. she did it in a very surprising and impressive way but since
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then she has tumbled, tumbled in a pretty intense way in the polls. it's really unclear why because she has at least at the beginning she had done pretty well in debates. she had been here campaigning very hard. she, like rick santorum at the end of this campaign, was around the state. she did all 99 counties. guess what, she was even born here. she was born in water loo, iowa. she is a native daughter of the state. she did not do very well. very disappointing. at the end of the day, suzanne, you know this. you've covered many campaigns. you need money to go on. if you're not doing well, the money dries up and that is a critical problem for her. >> it's a mystery. she actually won that straw poll back over the summer here. do we have any sense of why her campaign just didn't gain the traction that was necessary? >> you know, she was competing with other candidates here who
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were pretty strong when it came to being socially conservative, which is really where she was appealing. that definitely divided the vote. you know, it is a little bit of a mystery. it is definitely a little bit of a mystery why she didn't do as well as she did. talked to some republicans. they say that her campaign internally was a bit of a mess and that that was a big problem for her. that she never really got the organization here on the ground that she needed in order to do well. look, i mean, many candidates overcome that with their message and with their person namt. for her, she just didn't. >> do we know who she's endorsing and how important is that? >> we don't know. that is going to be one of the questions that i am sure a lot of other reporters are going to ask her, whether she will endorse. if she is 2technically suspendig her campaign? generally as you know in covering candidates who drop out, they don't do it right
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away. i remember mitt romney back in 2008, he dropped out of the race in a pretty abrupt way. he waited a little while before he officially formally backed john mccain. tim pawlenty, he pretty quickly endorsed mitt romney so you never know. >> dana, final question here. you and i have covered politics quite a bit. we've seen these republican women rise and fall. we saw sarah palin who elected to sit out this one. christine o'donnell, we'll talk to her in the next hour. we see michele bachmann here. what do you make of this? do you think it says anything about the state of women in the republican party? >> reporter: i'm glad you asked me that question because i've been thinking about this as i've been sitting here trying to think of what question i could ask her regarding the state of women. i think this is a disappointing end to -- an early end to her candidacy. i think that michele bachmann, if you are a republican woman, is probably somebody who you can look up to because she was, i think, simply a candidate, not a female candidate.
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she kind of stood up there with the boys and she definitely held her own. she talked about the issues that she believed in in a way that was i think very impressive for -- by any means and by any measure. i that i that is one thing that is different about her campaign. obviously when sarah palin came on the scene people looked at her and talked about the fact that she was a female and a female nominee, the first ever on the vice presidential ticket, but michele bachmann was a different kind of candidate. i think that's fair to say. >> all right. dana, hang with us. obviously we're going to go to that live as soon as she makes her announcement. i want to bring in john. john, we watched her support simply erode over a course of weeks if not months. where did her support come from in the first place? >> well, suzanne, sometimes we overcomplicate things. in the end, politics is about math. as dana noted, she won the aims straw poll, just shy of 5,000
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votes back then. that's in august when people show up. look at the numbers last night, 6073 votes. 5% in the state where she was born. michele bachmann was born there. this right here is blackhawk county. you saw her. she spoke at a caucus here. there was a large caucus here. she came in, played up, i'm one of you. i'm from here. i understand you. i share your values. she said she was the republican who could beat barak obama. in the county where we saw her speak last night ron paul won, then mitt romney, newt gingrich, michele bachmann, she just barely by a few votes beat rick perry. you can't come in fifth place in the place you call home. look at her color. she is the yellow color. purple santorum. the dark red romney. orange pinkish color is ron paul. green, that means there was a tie in that county. of it not a ty involving michele bachmann it was ron paul and rick santorum. rick perry even carried two small iowa counties. if you are the midwestern candidate who knows, we will say for the next week mitt romney
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must win new hampshire. well, the michele bachmann dynamic in this campaign was michele bachmann must win iowa to prove she was a viable contender. not even close, suzanne. this is a simple case of simple math. she didn't prove herself in the one place she most needed to prove herself. >> john, i want to ask about her credibility here because some of the statements that she made really as she rose to prominence raised a lot of eyebrows, some of them that considered kind of outrageous. this is back in november of 2010. this is when she talked to anderson cooper. >> within a day or so the president of the united states will be taking a trip over to india that is expected to cost the taxpayers $200 million a day. he's taking 2,000 people with him. he'll be renting out over 870 rooms in india. these are five star hotel rooms at the taj mahal palace hotel. this is the kind of over the top spending, it's a very small example, anderson. >> that was the kind of over the top statements that she used to
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make, john. having covered president obama's trip there, we knew it was patently false. she repeated misstatements about the risks of getting the hpv vaccine. >> she had a consistency problem. i asked her about this at the beginning of the campaign. i said do you understand now you're running for president. she said, yes, i've made a lot of mistakes in the past. i must meet a higher credibility test. that was before a few other con throw versal statements. you make a key point. this campaign up until the final ten days, two weeks in iowa was defined by what? the debates. in june or very first cnn debate, michele bachmann turned in a pretty strong performance. she went up in the polls. in the future debates she was not viewed, this is a race for the presidency. republicans, especially, again, up until the final ten days before iowa, even iowa was tracking the polls. the praise was defined by those debates and who was the most presidential. republican voters clearly made a
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decision in iowa last night, and the new hampshire polls, the south carolina polls, the florida polls, she has done this since the spring. republican voters across the country making a decision, looking at this field in picking a president, in picking a candidate she always said she was the best candidate to go up against barak obama. if you look at all the data the republican voters who will decide their nominee beginning in iowa last night just flat out disagree. >> john, one of the things, it was a campaign were some of the harsh statements against president obama. she had said previously that he may have anti-american views. she said his administration had embraced something what she said gangster government. >> she calls him a socialist. >> did this resonate with a certain population that doesn't like this president? >> you were having an interesting conversation. when sarah palin decided not to run, one of the big conversations was could michele bachmann pick up the sarah palin base. governor palin never ran for president. we don't know what her base would be. we do know who was attracted to her. one of the things we looked at
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in eye ee wa, this is tea party strength. we knew about evangelical voters. they've been a force for were. the tea party is a new presence on the scene. the darker the county, the higher presence of people who identify themselves as tea party voters. lot of tea party voters here, here, a lot of tea party voters here. michele bachmann with those statements, the harsh criticisms of obama care, socialist, gangster government, that was designed to appeal to the strong anti-obama sentiment in iowa. when you turn this off and turn this off, turn this off and come back to the regular map, any yellow? any yellow? did michele bachmann win in any of these places where you find deep pockets of the tea party? the answer is no. that's why she's about to suspend her campaign. >> john, final question here. suspending the campaign simply means -- she can continue to raise money here. herman cain suspended his campaign. what does this mean for her? >> most candidates do this,
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especially the lower funded candidates. herman cain got out in the last calendar year, in december. she is getting out in 2012. it is now where you can apply to the federal election committee for matching funds. she's a classic matching fund candidate. a lot comes in in small 25, 50, $100 donations from conservatives across the country. those campaigns can almost done their money by applying for federal matching funds. it helps pay off the debts, staff, the legal expenses it takes to close down the campaign. suzanne, there's a one in a million chance, i view this as far in the distance as a possibility you can get, that were something to happen in this race, she has the right to get back in. she's still officially a candidate. it almost never happens. this is a legal fundraising financial decision to suspend rather than end so they can do the paperwork and clean it up. >> john, we never imagined what would happen last night. you never know. one in a million chance. >> that's exactly right. >> thanks, john. we are awaiting michele bachmann's statement. she's going to have that
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president conference about the future of her campaign. as soon as that happens we'll bring it live. most of the republican candidates, it is bye-bye iowa, hello, new hampshire. mitt romney beat rick santorum by just eight, we're talking eight votes. each got about 25% of the vote. ron paul was a close third followed by newt gingrich. revved up santorum thanks his supporters for the late surge while romney took aim at president obama. >> he said three years ago after being inago gur rated, he was on "the today show" he said if i can't get this turned around i'll be looking for a one term presidency. we are here to collect. game on. >> by standing up and not compromising, by standing up and being bold and leading, leading
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with that burden and responsibility you have to be first you have taken the first step of taking back this country. and we are waiting for a live event. michele bachmann to talk a little bit about where her campaign is going to go. want to bring back dana bash. dana, much was made about her family. we've seen a lot of these candidates with their family members. we know she has four children and some 23 foster kids throughout her life. her husband as well. who's in the room with her now? paint a scene for us, if you will. >> reporter: well, no one yet. i'm looking over my shoulder yet to make sure. we were told she's going to come within the next two minutes. we should expect her at any minute. it's hard to imagine her not having her family around her as she has over the past few days campaigning around this state talking about the fact that she did believe that she was as john was saying the best person to
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beat barak obama, never mind the fact that obviously that did not even close to take hold with the republican voters that she was appealing to. look, this is going to be a very difficult comment that she's going to make. very difficult speech that she's going to make. very difficult for any candidate. i think it's even more so for her on a personal level because of the fact that she did make this run as somebody who is, as i said, a native daughter of iowa. the fact that she was born in waterloo. she is a congresswoman from minnesota, she came here, she officially kicked off her campaign in the city of waterloo. talking about the iowan values and so forth. it absolutely didn't take off beyond what happened earlier in the summer, which was her very strong showing. in fact, not only did it not take off, it absolutely plummeted. the more she went around the state, the more she talked, the less she gained voters. that was obviously a huge, huge problem in the results that we saw last night. >> she was one of the candidates, it seemed that she
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struck the right balance when it came to negative and positive ads there. she really saved much of her fire power for president obama, almost as if she was trying to leap frog above some of her competitors there. she really went very hard after the president. did that seem to resonate with the supporters? >> reporter: you know, it obviously didn't resonate enough because what they wanted was somebody who was quite a different candidate. covering michele bachmann in the united states congress, it is very interesting that she didn't get the kind of support that she thought she was going to get. john was pointing out the map and the tea party supporters. she started the so-called tea party caucus in the house of representatives. she very early on appealed to that contingent of people, tried to really be a part of them and be one of them because she saw that that was where the movement of the republican party was going. the fact that she didn't catch fire with them in this very important state of iowa is really perplexing, i think,
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because she was so known to be one of those tea party caucus people. the reality is the tea party caucus is a caucus in the house that doesn't effectively do very much except to have an important name and an important connection to this important movement out there in the republican party. that is really, as i said, fascinating and perfect flekt g i perfect flekting she didn't catch on. >> dana, we are waiting. we'll get right back to you as soon as that starts live. we'll squeeze in a quick break first. don't have the hops for s with your buddies? lost your appetite for romance? and your mood is on its way down. you might not just be getting older. you might have a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t. millions of men, forty-five or older, may have low t. so talk to your doctor about low t. hey, michael! [ male announcer ] and step out of the shadows. hi! how are you? [ male announcer ] learn more at [ laughs ] hey! [ smack! ]
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we are soon going to be going to michele bachmann event. she is going to be announcing very shortly that she, we
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expect, is suspending her campaign after a poor showing in the iowa caulk causes. the first of the presidential race is over. the second less than a week away. we'll have highlights from the iowa caucuses. our correspondents, political analysts going to break down what is happening and what is next. going to have live reports from dan lothian. he is in manchester, new hampshire. christine romans in atlanta. going to talk with larry sabato at the center for politics. want to zero in with the next political battleground states. we are talking new hampshire holding the nation's next primary. south carolina's primary on saturday, january 21st. dan lothian brings us to manchester. mitt romney has a substantial lead in new hampshire polls. the raisin tense si fieg there after last night's tight three way. what do we expect in new
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hampshire, dan? >> reporter: well, i think, first of all, one thing that new hampshire voters pride themselves in is the fact that they are independent minded. they don't necessarily embrace what others have decided in other states, in particular iowa. we saw president obama in 2008 win in iowa but he did not win here in new hampshire. so, you know, one expert we talked to, one political expert told us we see the polling out there. we see what's coming out of iowa, but don't necessarily believe that new hampshire voters will simply go along with it. what does that mean? well, let's break it down. first of all, here for the last several months we have seen mitt romney, who is well known here because he ran in 2008, he has a home here, he's also the former governor of the state of massachusetts, which is right next door, he has consistently been leading in the polls,
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strong double digit leads. again, because he is not someone that they have to get introduced to but they know everything about what he stands on and also know him just as a person. again, we don't see much fluctuation when we look at the latest position from nbc, orc -- rather cnn orc where he was at 47% in december, continues to be in 47% according to those who were watching the caucuses last night. the only shift that we have seen is with senator santorum where he has now gone from an early december 5% to last night at 10%. his supporters we talked to believe that the momentum that he got coming out of iowa will translate here in new hampshire as voters get a chance to take a second look at him. they believe that he'll also get that bounce here, suzanne. >> dan, what do we think about
8:21 am
jon huntsman? >> reporter: i think one thing that can come out of this is anything can happen. we've seen him. we were at one of his events last night as well. had he a large turnout. we were told one of the largest turnouts that he has received in quite some time. he's had about 150 events here in new hampshire, and his campaign believes that he can have that same surge. he has been going door to door. he has been getting out there and meeting people, and they believe he's starting to resonate with the voters of new hampshire. he could, according to them, have that surge and anything can happen as we have seen. >> dan lothian, thanks. i want to let you know in the bottom of your screen there you are watching the michele bachmann news conference supposed to start momentarily. looks like her supporters are all gathering behind the podium there. there she is. she's approaching the podium now. let's listen in.
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>> thank you, everyone, for being here today. i'm once again very proud to announce to you a good friend of mine and certainly great husband, marcus, michele bachmann. >> thank you, brad. thank you so much. thank you, everyone, for being here. i appreciate t. my name is michele bachmann. entrusted to every american is the responsibility to watch over our republic. you can look back from the time of the pilgrims to the time of william pen to the time of our founding fathers. all we have to do is look around because very clearly we are encompassed about with a great cloud of witnesses that bear witness to the sacrifices that were made to establish the united states and the precious principles of freedom that make it the greatest force for good that has ever been seen on the planet. every generation has served as the next stepping stone down the path of our liberty, and every
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day i'm reminded of that conviction that we have to the principles of freedom and justice by a painting. it's a painting that hang in the united states capitol. it's made by howard chandler christy scene at the signing of the constitution of the united states. it hangs in the east grand stairway of the united states capitol. every school child is familiar with this painting, but i've been privileged to see it on a regular basis doing my duties in congress. but never was the painting's poignant reminder more evident than on the evening of march 21st, 2010. that was the evening that obama care was passed. staring out from the painting are the faces of the founders, and in particular the face of ben franklin who served as a constant reminder of the fragile republic that he and the founders gave to us. that day served as the inspiration for my run for the presidency of the united states
8:24 am
because i believed firmly that what the congress had done an what president obama had done in passing obama care endangered the very survival of the united states of america, our republic because i knew that it was my obligation to ensure that president obama's program of socialized medicine was stopped before it became fully implemented. so my message has been the necessity for the complete repeal of obama care in this once in a lifetime campaign cycle for the presidency because obama care represents the largest expansion of entitlement spending in our country's history, and it is now become the playground of left wing social engineering where the right will always lose every battle and the left already has been given the formula for passing their agenda. it must be stopped. and its repeal is more than just a cliche for me.
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it's essential to my core of conviction because obama care violates our fundamental liberties as americans, including for the first time in the history of our country taxpayer funded abortion. deeply troubled by the state of our country, i ran for the presidency foremost as an american citizen who believes in the foundation and in the greatness of our american principles. and our principles derive their meaning from the founders' beliefs which were rooted in the immutable truths of the holy scripture, the bible. while the congressmen by title, a politician i never have been nor will i ever hope to be because i am not motivated in this quest by vein and glory or the promise of political power. i have served one singular purpose in washington, d.c., to lead an effort that was begun by the people of this country. i ran as the next stepping stone of passing on and protecting that torch of liberty, and that
8:26 am
duty required taking on the charge of repeeling both obama care and dodd-frank which mandated ensuring the election of 13 additional republican senators to guarantee that legislation's demise. these words are a warning. the implementation of obama care will represent a turning point for our country and our economy, and i worried what a future painting in christie's vein might depict should obama care be ultimately placed into effect. would future generations ask us gathered here today, what did we do, what did we give, what did we sacrifice to ensure the survival of this incomparable republic? i ran because i realized 2012 is our last chance and our only chance to repeal obama care and dodd-frank. i knew how to get rid of both of them. i ran not only for me, but i
8:27 am
also ran to elect 13 more republican united states senators who had helped me to repeal that legislation. i ran because i believed that since day one barak obama's policies based on socialism are destructive to the very foundation of the republic. i ran because i wanted my children and all of the children of this country to live free and have even better opportunities than our parents gave to us. and i ran to secure the promise of our children's future. and so i decided to stand up, stand up and fight for our freedom and stand up for the survival of the nation. and i will continue fighting to defeat the president's agenda of socialism, and i'll continue to fight for you, for more liberty and less government, to stop the overspending in washington, to keep our country free, safe, and sovereign, and to fight against crony capitalism. fight to end excessive government regulation and a tax
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code that is absolutely unfair and is killing american competitiveness. i will fight to legalize american energy production. i will fight for american families. i will fight to protect life from conception until natural death. to protect traditional marriage and i'll fight to secure our borders and i'll fight to protect religious liberty. i'll fight for this country and the american people every day in the way that god allows me to. so i came here to this wonderful state of iowa where i was born and raised and that i've come to trust and love, and i had just one message to tell you, that i mean what i say and i say what i mean. i've told you the truth, that our country is in very serious trouble and that this might be the last election to turn the nation around before we go down the road to socialism, to a burden of debt too heavy for our children to bear. i didn't tell you what the polls said that you wanted to hear.
8:29 am
i didn't tell you what i knew to be false. i didn't try to spin you. i listened to the people of iowa and all across america, and they agree that president obama and his socialist policies must be stopped. and i sought the nomination of the party of reagan, the party of lincoln that believes in the strength and the goodness of the american people and that america is and does remain the greatest force for good that the world has ever known because we don't believe that government has the answers. the people do. the government should respect the rights and the opportunities of the people to whom we are accountable because we believe that government should do its job enumerated by the constitution, not our job. it should do it without spending more than what it takes in. and so last night the people of iowa spoke with a very clear voice and so i have decided to stand aside. and i believe that if we are going to repeal obama care, turn
8:30 am
our country around and take back our country, we must do so united. and i believe that we must rally around the person that our country and our party and our people select to be that standard bearer, but make no mistake, i'll continue to be a strong voice. i'll continue to stand and fight for the country and for the american people and for our freedom because mr. franklin and all the founders, all the men, all the women who have given their last full measure of devotion and our military, our veterans are watching us. they're expecting us to stand up and protect what they fought to give us. and so we owe it to them and to our postert and to the god that we serve who created us, who gave us life in our very being to keep our republic free. and i will be forever grateful to this state and to its people
8:31 am
for launching us on this path with our victory in the iowa straw poll. and while i will not be continuing in this race for the presidency, my faith in the lord god almighty, this country, and our republic is unshakeable. and as i have traveled around this state and the country, i've seen the very best in the country and our people. i'll always believe in the greatness of them and in the greatness of the god that i serve. and of course i'm deeply grateful to our entire campaign team here in iowa, in south carolina, and everywhere. i have no regrets, none whatsoever. we never compromised our principles and we can leave this race knowing that we ran it with utmost integrity. we made a very important contribution to this race. so i sincerely thank my wonderful husband of 33 years, marcus bachmann, my entire family, lucas, harrison, elisa,
8:32 am
caroline, my mother gene, stepfather ray, my beloved brothers who are here, gary, paul, scott, david and george, i'm so grateful to them. our 23 foster children. they, along with the lord's provision, of his incomparable faithfulness have been my strength throughout the campaign. i look forward to the next chapter in god's plan. he has one for each of us, you know. if we will only cooperate with him, he has always had something greater around the corner far beyond what any of us have ever thought or imagined. i've been blessed to live a wonderful life. i'm grateful to have been a part of this presidential campaign and so i thank you. i say god bless you and god bless the united states of america. ♪
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michele bachmann there suspending her campaign saying she has no regrets, that she's looking forward to the next chapter in her life. dana bash is there on the ground right where that announcement was just made. it was interesting, dana, from the very beginning she has a fundamentally different idea, different view of what the government should be doing. she calls it obama care, this health care legislation. the signature issue and accomplishment of the obama administration saying that this was nothing but bad for the country, that it should be destroyed and that this is socialism at work. how did that factor into the debate here? clearly she feels the goal of the government is something that's fundamentally different than this administration. >> reporter: oh, that's right. that is really the mantra, the creedo of virtually every republican running for this nomination. the issue for michele bachmann is obviously that the voters, as she said, very clearly did not see her in this role. that is why she said she will, quote, stand aside noumpt
8:34 am
clearly an emotional moment for her. this was very, very difficult, particularly to do this in her home state of iowa. the other thing that i felt was quite interesting, you picked up on this obviously too, suzanne, the fact that she focused on what she calls obama care which has been the core of her campaign and what she had talked about in congress before she officially ran for president. it begs the question whether or not she would and could support mitt romney if he were the nominee. she did very clearly say that she will back whomever the republican nominee will be, but for someone like mitt romney who of course supported and really was -- would have been one of the manufacturers of health care in massachusetts, there is an individual mandate there. that is against what michele bachmann believes and to what many republicans in the quote unquote tea party movement believes. that will be hard for her to square that circle when and if, it's a big if, mitt romney would ever become the republican nominee. >> dana, thank you very much. i understand we're getting new
8:35 am
information about rick perry. i want to go to john. tell us a little bit about what you're learning from their campaign. i know he's reassessing at this moment. >> it was a quick reassessment. he came in fifth place at 10%. michele bachmann just said she's standing aside. she was in sixth. governor perry is going to reassess. they're saying the reassessment was quick and he will campaign in south carolina. he was supposed to be there today. it looks like he will wait through the weekend and then campaign in south carolina. why is this a big deal? governor perry obviously profoundly disappointed by this showing in iowa. his campaign spent the most, bought the most tv ads in iowa. when he first got in the race he went to the top. then the debate gaffes. however, the defining question in this race now is who will emerge as the conservative alternative to mitt romney? is rick santorum strong enough to be that candidate in the perry campaign? they have made the calculation and they were getting a lot of
8:36 am
push from their friends in the tea party movement, from other conservative leaders in the party. you may be more viable in the long run than rick santorum if you can re-establish yourself in south carolina. more drama in this race. michele bachmann steps aside. the big question is who emerges as the conservative alternative. we'll watch the fight in new hampshire, romney, santorum, gingrich, huntsman the main players in that state right now. don't count the texas governor rick perry out. we're being told pretty quick reassessment. he pledges as of now, he tweeted this out moments ago, see you in south carolina. >> so he's staying in the race. do we know how much money he has or if he has a lot of money to go forward for the long haul here, perhaps through many of these caucuses and primaries into the summer? >> i talked to the governor more just yesterday about this very fact. we don't know what he has on hand because the campaigns don't have to file yet. we do know he's the governor of texas. i'll pull out to the national map. you look for ten years, more than ten years he's been the
8:37 am
governor more of tension as. he's a proven fundraiser. he's spent a lot of money in iowa. he thought he might win iowa. instead the disappointing debate performances without a doubt have disappointed his supporters. consider where we are. romney wins iowa with 25%. his primary challenger coming out of iowa is rick santorum who lost his last campaign in pennsylvania back in 2006. the questions on the conservative side is do we have a viable challenger? is this somebody who can contest mitt romney in south carolina which is the next big conservative context. new hampshire is the next contest six days from now. then south carolina, florida, nevada, arizona, on and on if you have a long race. the question in this race will it be decided by romney's momentum quickly or will we have a marathon. the perry calculation, if we can compete here in state number three, then we can regain our
8:38 am
footing. after the disappointing numbers last night, they seemed to say it's not in the cards for us. when you see bachmann step aside, when you see the disappointing gingrich performance in iowa last night and you question, can rick santorum handle the pressure he is about to get now that he has jopd into the top tier. the perry clailgs this morning is it's not time to get out yet. there may be one last opening. >> all right. it's not a horse rodeo. john, appreciate it. presidential campaign is moving to new hampshire. we'll take a look at the winners, losers out of iowa. what does mitt romney's narrow victory over rick santorum mean for the campaign up ahead. . lost your appetite for romance? and your mood is on its way down.
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8:41 am
two candidates finish neck in neck in iowa. one candidate bows out of the campaign. now the focus shifts to new hampshire. first a look at at close results in the iowa caucuses. mitt romney beat rick santorum by just eight votes. each got 25% of the vote. ron paul was a close third followed by newt gingrich. rick perry is reassessing just this hour. michele bachmann announced that she is suspending her campaign. joining us to talk about all of this, larry sabato. he's director of the center for politics at the university of virginia. let's start with the breaking news here. michele bachmann finished next to last in iowa after she had a pretty strong showing over the summer. what do you think actually happened to make her campaign
8:42 am
implode the way it did? >> you know, people complain about long campaigns in america, suzanne. there's a good reason for them. michele bachmann is a perfect example. she had a brief moment of glory. i think republicans correctly concluded she wasn't electable. i say this seriously. she was no james a. garfield. james a. garfield, of course, the only president directly elected from the house. any house member will tell you that doesn't describe michele bachmann. i think this was a good decision by michele bachmann and the republican voters also made a very good decision. >> a good decision by rick perry now to skip new hampshire, go directly to south carolina? >> this was a close call. i think it could have gone either way. if i were in perry's position, i would have done exactly what he's done. he's got the money to compete in south carolina. he was the major southern
8:43 am
candidate back when he was leading the race. he can make a last stand there and possibly, depending on what happens in new hampshire, do reasonably well. so he might carry the fight forward from south carolina. he can restore a bit of his pride if he does well. we'll see what happens, but i think that was a reasonable decision on his part. >> larry, who do you think really needs bachmann's endorsement? is there somebody who would really benefit from her endorsement in the next couple of days or weeks? >> i don't think it would have a great impact because she has such a small percentage of the vote. her voters are going to go to several different people. some will go to santorum, some will go to perry, a few might even go to gingrich. i doubt many go to mitt romney. so it is a shrinking of the anti-romney field. that helps anybody who emerges as the ain't-romney. of course, one aspect of perry's decision is it fractures the anti-romney vote further.
8:44 am
you've got huntsman, santorum, and perry and gingrich all still very much in it. i'm sure the romney people are very pleased with perry's decision. >> let's talk a little bit about romney because obviously he has a challenge ahead of him. he did come out on top here, but he beat santorum by eight votes. we are talking about millions and millions of dollars that he spent, some believe as much as $10 million just to squeak out that small win, eight votes. it seems like people are not supporting romney here. they're not behind him yet. what does he need to do to get the majority of the republicans behind him moving forward? >> well, probably by becoming the nominee. i don't think people are going to be rushing to his standard until they have to, and then he'll have to point to president obama to generate enthusiasm among the troops. there's just something about romney that many republicans don't take to. for some privately it is about
8:45 am
mormonism, no matter what they say. for others it is that he has flip flopped a lot on issues and they suspect him being a closet moderate much like john mccain. there are a lot of reasons why they're not for mitt romney and they won't be for him until they have to. >> all right. we'll see how that unfolds. thank you very much, larry. appreciate it. move over iowa. we're talking about new hampshire is gearing up for the nation's first primary. i'll talk to a political science professor and pollster at the university of new hampshire. [ male announcer ] the more you lose, the more you lose,
8:46 am
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8:48 am
got to put aside the polls for a minute. where do the candidates really stand on the issues that matter to you most? all this week we are honing in on the critical campaign issues. today it is social security. such a controversial hot button issue. normally nobody wants to touch it. several republican candidates see making cuts to social security as necessary to getting the economy back on track. so many of them also support representative paul ryan's plan to encourage retirees to buy private insurance as a way of taking pressure off the social security system. for the most part rick santorum and jon huntsman both back the ryan plan which would reduce social security benefits for everyone except current retirees. that is part of an effort to reduce the overall federal deficit. mitt romney says he is on the same page as the ryan plan.
8:49 am
he would consider raising the retirement age and limiting the amount of money high income retirees get. newt gingrich originally called the ryan plan too radical but more recently he walked back his criticism. he said he'd back the bulk of those changes. ron paul believes that social security is unconstitutional but should be maintained for the time being to benefit seniors who count on it. he also thinks that young americans should be able to withdraw from social security and make their own investments. rick perry has called social security a ponzi scheme and a failure. he believes states ought to be able to opt out of social security and design their own programs and he backs gradually raising the retirement age. tomorrow we're going to be taking a hard look at where the candidates stand on another hot button issue. we're going to talk about immigration. that is at 11:00 eastern in the "cnn newsroom."
8:50 am
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8:52 am
gearing up now for the nation's first primary in the presidential race and it happens on tuesday, january 10th in new hampshire. 111 days before south carolina holds its primary. andy smith is a pollster and associate professor of political science at the university of new hampshire. he is joining us live from manchester. andy, great to see you here. obviously, a lot of the folks are looking forward to what is going to come out of new hampshire and the primary there, and tell us first of all, how does it differ from the iowa caucuses? >> well, the biggest difference between the caucuses in iowa and new hampshire primaries is the turnout.
8:53 am
new hampshire has the highest turnout of any of the primary states. we had 60% of our voters turn out for the primary which is more than some states have for the general elections which means it is the regular voters and not the activists who determine who wins in new hampshire and that is the biggest difference of the two states. the biggest difference on the republican side is that there are moderate northeastern republicans here compared to the more socially conservative republicans you see in iowa. >> and the news that rick perry is skipping new hampshire altogether, and how does that actually shape the race? >> well, not too much, because he had been polling 1%, so there is not a lot of his vote to go to other candidates, but one thing it does is to allow the socially conservative candidates, and socially conservative voters in new hampshire, and there are not that many of them, but it allows them to focus on a single candidate, and looks like they will be coalescing behind rick santorum here.
8:54 am
i expect that santorum's poll numbers will go up as we get to the later week. >> and what are you looking for the issues from the voters there in new hampshire? what are the important issues for folks there? >> the biggest issue is economy. the economy dwarffes all of the other issues in the campaign, but secondly, it is electability. when it comes down to it, the republicans want to have a candidate to go out to beat president obama with. right now, in new hampshire, mitt romney is seen as the most electable candidate and the candidate best able to beat barack obama, so that is what it comes down to, but with the specific issues despite new hampshire's economy being better than most places in the country with our unemployment rate 5.2%, we are looking at the economy as the most important issue, because the voters here are not really voting for governor, but looking to vote for the president of the united states, and they are concerned about the economy for the entire country and not just what is happening
8:55 am
here. >> all right. andy smith, professor andy smith, thank you so much, and we will keep our eyes on what happens out of new hampshire. this is tuesday as the political year is heating up. make the best choice for politics, cnn, 2012, and join my friends wolf blitzer and erin burnett, and candy crowley for live coverage of the new hampshire primary, cnn tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. if you are looking for work or a better gig or raise, this could be the year. that is right. some good news. alison kosik is going to join me to explain. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol
8:56 am
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as you are looking for a job, 2012, actually it could be your year. alison kosik in new york with top tips and maybe some good news here, alison, and i'm surprised here, right? i mean, this is good, yeah? >> well, there is very good news. it is. so we are finding out that 1 in 4 hiring managers, suzanne, plan to hire full-time permanent employees in the new year, and small bizpses are also reporting that they are more confident to hire according to career a new jobs report comes out friday, so we will have a better idea of where the unemployment stands then. suzanne? >> well, not us, because we want to keep our jobs, but if you are looking to jump ship at your job and not happy and is there a right way to go about doing it? >> there is a right way. you don't need me to tell you this though. there are a lot of people who are fed up with their jobs, and
8:59 am
they want more money and they are feeling overworked and 34% of h.r. managers said that voluntary turnovers last year rose, and another 30% said they lost their top performers last year, so if you are thinking of leaving your job, brad karsh says don't burn any bridges. be professional and stay positive and don't slam your old job. it does not look nice. suzanne. >> all right. if you are unhappy in the job, and afraid to leave that you won't make any moves there, and is there anything that you can do to improve the situation now while you are waiting? >> oh, there are definitely ways. so instead of feeling this overwhelmed by your long-term goals, and make these subgoals each month to contribute to the overall bigger goals and brad karsh says to network every week. if you have a job, meet for coffee or lunch with someone in a different department than your own and don't be afraid to step out of the comfort zone and volunteer for a new assignment
9:00 am
and add social networking to the the job, and that may reignite the interest in your job and may not want to push you to find a new one. suzanne. >> all right. you can always make it better. thank you, alison, it is good news for the new year. >> exactly. top of the hour, i'm suzanne malveaux, and iowa is in the rear-view mirror and the next stop is new hampshire, and political candidates are not wasting any time to get ready for the primary next tuesday. we have rick santorum, and newt gingrich and mitt romney and jon huntsman campaigning in the state today. this morning, paul and romney talked about the road ahead for their campaigns. >> what is the strategy now as you move forward? focussing on president obama or rick santorum who seems to be the guy with the momentum at this moment? >> well, i continue to believe that the right place to focus is on president obama. of course, people are going to ask us about the differences on our positions on issues and backgrounds and so forth, but
9:01 am
really, we talk about what the american people want to hear is how we are going to be different than president obama when it comes to getting the economy going. >> what is the strategy now as you head to new hampshire where you are polling significantly lower than mitt romney's polling? >> well, we are in second place, and that is a good place to start. so i think that we are going to have some momentum, and we are going to continue to do what we are doing. it's a live free or die state. they are freedom oriented, so that message will spread there and i'm confident we will do quite well. >> the campaign in new hampshire follows a photo finish in the iowa caucuses. mitt romney beat rick santorum by just eight votes. each had a little more than 30,000 votes. ron paul finished third and santorum was revved up by the second-place showing. >> by standing up and not compromising, by standing up and being bold and leading, leading
9:02 am
with that burden and responsibility you have be first, you have taken the first step of taking back this country. -- captions by vitac -- > michele bachmann ended he rrun fop run for trun for annount announannan last hour. sr sp she sashe says s figfight against president oba agendagenda, bup agenda,a candidap candidate for th>> voicvoice, anr voicevoe voicvoice, anr voicev o stand aside. i believe that if we
9:03 am
going to repeal obama care and turn the country around and take back the country, we must do united. >> so, this hour, we are pushing forward focusing on what is next for the republican candidates that are still in the hunt for the white house. their first two primaries are in new hampshire and south carolina, and we will have live coverage from both states. dan lothian is in new hampshire and david mattingly in south carolina, and we will check in with both of those in a moment. and later on the show, you remember christine o'donnell who is a former tea party candidate, and we want to get that take on 12:35 when we will talk to ben stein who will tell us why he predicts that newt gingrich will be the next president of the united states. and then at 12:05, mitt romney is scheduled to speak at an event in manchester, new hampshire. we want to bring that live. we want to zero in on the next battleground state, which is new hampshire holding the nation's primary on january 10th, next tuesday, which brings in dan lothian in manchester. dan, they wasted no time. they got on the planes and went over to new hampshire and really quick. who are you following? >> that is right, because, you know, this is the big fight h e here, and the person who has the
9:04 am
big advantage here is mitt romney, and why? because he has a lot of resources, and he has the money and the organization. the other candidates realize that they have some making up to do, and jon huntsman late last week made an appeal via facebook to his supporters trying to raise $100,000 on monday when he said he would match whatever money came in. last night one of the top aides telling me so far they had pulled in more than $60,000. and then senator rick santorum after the strong showing in iowa sent an e-mail to his supporters saying that he had an urgent need for their support, calling on the supporters to donate $35, $50, $75 to his campaign. they will need that in order to continue to build the ground operation here. and also, the important thing is to hit the airwaves with ads in order to compete with mitt romney, suzanne. >> dan, i just talked to professor andy smith of new hampshire, and he said that they
9:05 am
are not really going to miss rick perry all that much. he said he does not have a lot of support there, and he is skipping off to south carolina. who is really popping there? who has that great ground game and what are new hampshire folks saying? >> well, you know, i think that, again, the ground game here, i think belongs to mitt romney for a couple of reasons. first of all, he ran here in 2008. so, he is a professional campaigner here, and people know who he is. they know him as well, because he is the former governor of neighboring state massachusetts. he also has a second home here, so he has spent a lot of time in the state. he has a very robust ground operation. but nonetheless, you know, you cannot discount momentum, and rick santorum comes to this state with a great deal of momentum. his supporters are energized, and they believe that he can make up some of the ground, and that he can get additional support both financial and also
9:06 am
volunteers, because of what he has been able to do in iowa. as for the people of new hampshire, we have been pointing out how they are independent thinkers, and they don't necessarily embrace what others have voted on, specifically in iowa. so, you know, anything can really happen. that is one thing that we have so far concluded from the republican race is that anything can happen when someone is up, it does not necessarily mean they will win. one political observer pointing out that it is dangerous the reach any conclusions before all of the votes are cast. >> anything can happen. thank you, dan. we want to look further down the campaign trail, and after the new hampshire primary next tuesday, the campaign is heading south to the south carolina primary, 21st of january, and david mattingly joins us with an update from akin, south carolina. the primary is so much on the candidate's minds and so much so
9:07 am
that rick perry is skipping new hampshire altogether, and headed to where you are. >> yes, that is right. rick perry is back in. he will be back here in south carolina after canceling some events today. that means he is going to be looking at the con ser servativ voters in this key southern primary, as his second chance to re-establish the candidacy for the long run. he is going to be looking at the social conservatives here. he is also going to be watching what mitt romney is able to do, because i spoke to the chairman of the republican party here in south carolina, and he tells me that the voters here are energized, and they are eager to see president obama defeated in november, and mitt romney trying to position himself here as the candidate with the best chance to do that. so, it is going to be very interesting to see how things sort out in the weeks to come as we go through new hampshire, but right now, the chairman tells me that the onslaught has begun
9:08 am
here in south carolina. they were concerned in the weeks coming up to this, because they have not seen the candidates or their ads or them making appearances here like they did four years ago, but he believes that is about to change, and they are about to be front and center which is where they want it to be right now in the presidential race. >> and david, looking at the different pictures of the different candidates and still a crowded field there. do we expect that there will be some folks who will emerge and rise to the top here, and it is going to be close like we saw in iowa? >> well, south carolina has always touted itself as the king maker, and they have history to back them up here. ever since this primary began in the '80s, every single candidate who has won here in south carolina has gone on to win the party's nomination. they are not shy about reminding everyone about this. they even moved the primary up ahead of florida just so they could remain the first voice in the south with this southern primary. they did that at an expense, they lost half of the delegates,
9:09 am
so that the fight is not so much for the remaining delegates in south carolina as it is for the label and the image that comes with it. >> all right. david, thank you very much. of course, all of the eyes will be on new hampshire this coming tuesday as the new political year is heating up. make the best choice for american politics, cnn 2012. join anderson cooper, and candy crowley, and erin burnett, and that is tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. all right. now it is your chance to talk back. iowa caucuses is not something that most people get terribly excited about. a lot of the times the political process can be long, and tedious and downright boring, right? last night, totally different story, and who is ahead and who is trying to come from behind and who is going to win and tabulating the votes throughout the night, and it was like a sporting event triple overtime. triple overtime. the suspense lasted late into
9:10 am
the evening and into this morning. political die-hards like me just could not tune away. 2:00 in the morning, gop officials in iowa were awake talking to cnn and they were even waiting for the results. >> just to be precise, we didn't wake you up. the state chairs in des moines called you and they woke you up. is that right? >> no. i woke her up. this is caroline. >> caroline woke her up to get the numbers. >> and i have been waiting for the results. >> all right. >> when i was told by the party. so i came to wake up edith who didn't answer her phone. >> you ladies don't have any fresh coffee brewed, do you? >> no, but i think i'm ready for it. [ laughter ] >> there were a lot of folks drinking coffee early in the morning, and it was not until 2:30 in the morning eastern time when the final tally was announced and mitt romney holds off rick santorum for the win,
9:11 am
but it was not the super bowl to end the season, but this was just the first game in the playoffs and ended up to be a pretty unpredictable night with a crazy and close outcome. we want to know what you think. did the fact that there was no clear winner change the game? post your responses to my facebook pag page @facebooksuzannemalveaux. cnn. and tea party activist chris teep o'donnechristeen o'donnell will join us to talk about her support for mitt romney. and then we will look at how the tea party supporters arrived in iowa. we will have interesting exit poll results. and the appeal of rick santorum and how he merged. and commentator ben stein will be here live with his take on the caucus and the republican party and how they can take back the white house. finally, the bottom of the hour, to man chest,hchestemanchester,
9:12 am
where mitt romney is expected to pick up a key endorsement, and that endorsement from senator john mccain. can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties have sixty calories or less per serving and are now weight watchers-endorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables with sauce. thrilled. wait. we can have shakes? and boston cream pie. did you say pie? pie. she said pie. pie. [ male announcer ] get back on track with low prices on everything you need. backed by our ad match guarantee.
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9:14 am
the race for the republican nomination now moves to the next battleground, new hampshire. but dramatic photo finish in iowa and what does it all mean? r mitt romney beating rick santorum by eight votes, and then followed by ron paul, and newt gingrich. and romney takes shots at president obama. >> if we want to get jobs again in this country, it is helpful to have a person who has had a job in the private sector to create jobs in the private sector. you know, he said three years ago that after being inaugurated he was on the "today" show, and he said if i cannot get the economy looking around in three years, i will be looking at a one-term proposition, and we are
9:15 am
here to collect, let me tell you. and i will do the work of finally getting ourselves to cut our federal spending, and capping how much we spend and balancing our budget. i think that it is immoral for us to continue to spend our kids' future year after year, and trillions of dollars and patched on to the next generation knowing that we cannot possibly pay it back. it is wrong and under my administration, it will end. [ applause ] and you have heard me say this before, but i have been asked, how are you going the cut programs, and i am going to look at all of the programs that we have in the federal government, and ask with regards to each one of them, is that program so critical that it is worth borrowing money from china to pay for it? and on that basis we will have a lot of programs to get rid of, and number one on the list is obama care. that is going to be gone. but this election is bigger than jobs and a strong economy, it is
9:16 am
bigger than a budget that is balanced and deficits and debt that begins to be reduced. it is really an election about the soul of america. >> game-on! >> the people have asked me, well, why do you think that you can win? because we have been told by so many people that there is another candidate in this race who is running a rather close race with me tonight [ laughter ] that is a bet ter person to choose because he can win. let me tell you -- >> romney care. >> -- what wins -- what did you say? >> romney care. >> romney care. okay. i didn't hear you. what wins, what wins in america are bold ideas, sharp contrasts and a plan that includes everyone. a plan that includes people from
9:17 am
all across the economic spectrum, and plan that says we will work together to get america to work. tea party advocate christine o'donnell has made it clear who she supports, mitt romney, but what is not clear is if her endorsement will translate to tea party votes for him. christine o'donnell is author of "troublemaker" and she is joining us from philadelphia. christine, good to see you first off all, and what did you make of the last-minute drama and the fact that mitt romney came so close with santorum, almost to losing, eight votes. >> right. well, i will tell you for political junkies like me, last night was very exciting. i think that every voter should feel very empowered, because it really drives home the point that every vote counts, and you should not sit this one out whether it is in the primary or the general election. you know, a handful of votes determined the winner, and i
9:18 am
think that, you know, the salient thing for republican primary voters to take home with them as we go forward is that the biggest threat facing america right now is economic collapse, and while santorum is a strong candidate, it took a pro-life democrat to tap into his base and unseat him in 2006, governor romney has the executive experience and proven track record to get our country out of the danger zone that obama has put us in. i think that -- >> well, christine, let me ask you about that, because, i am wondering if that trumps what a lot of people are asking about the debate within your own party for conservativism, because you are praised michele bachmann and rick santorum and they are strong tea party allies and then you went for the pragmatic choice of romney here, but he has started to court the tea party supporters and why would you urge them to go with romney?
9:19 am
>> well, because i think that a lot of people's dislike for romney is based on misinfor mashgs a misinformation, and some of the feedback since my endorsement has been exactly what we thought would happen. he has balanced the budget in massachusetts without raising taxes and he tackled the deficit by hacking spending, and these are the gutsy, you know, principled economic moves that are not republican or democratic principles, but they are american economic principles that we need to get back to in order to get the country back on track. and when they take a second look at governor romney, they realize that, you know, he is not this castle republican. he is not a rhino, but he is actually a reagan republican who i believe has the strength and executive experience and the class and character to get our country back on track. i'm thrilled that people are taking a second look at him
9:20 am
based on my endorsement. >> and obviously, they are taking a good look at him. every candidate has regrets, and we saw it this go around with brap freezes with rick perry and herman cain and you admitted previously if you had to do it all over again you would not have put out the ad saying you are not a witch. >> definitely not have. >> and what kind of pitfalls does romney need to avoid? >> the temptation to perhaps rea react to all of the hostile they is pointed at him as he is certainly the king of the hill, and many people will try to take him down, but again, i think that we have seen a lot of class and character, and how he has responded to whether it is, you know, newt gingrich calling him a liar, or even just the misinformation circulating about him on the internet about his record. he has just risen above it. he's chosen not to respond in a negative way, and he is just instead gone forward on the
9:21 am
truth. i think that the sooner we can unite around a front-runner, the sooner we can get to the business of exposing the fact that debbie wassermann schultz is out putting out misinformation and and the economy is god and the economy is working. so we need to coalesce around a front-runner here. >> and it was earlier that michele bachmann dropped out getting 5% of the vote in the iowa caucuses,nd you had tried for a senate run in delaware and what does this say about the state of the republican women trying to get ahead in the party? >> well, it is hard and not just for republican women, but women in politics in general. there is certainly a double standard as to what they will be scrutinized for, and how they will be attacked. and for michele bachmann to back out now it took a lot of courage. and her speech was very moving
9:22 am
and touching and reminded me and hopefully everybody of what the real battle is. we are fighting against barack obama's very, you know, strong attempt to redefine what it means to be an american. and another thing that we have to keep in mind is that there's a game-changer this time around. you know, the states when you win a primary, it is not always winner takes all, because the delegates will be split up, and we don't know how that is going to impact the final outcome and we don't know if it is going to delay the process, and that concerns me. >> all right. christine o'donnell, thank you for your time, and good to see you. the iowa caucuses are shedding new light on what some voters think about the republican presidential field, and we will look at how the tea party supporters voted up next. people with a machine.
9:23 am
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9:25 am
we are watching all of the candidates today, and newt gingrich in concord, new hampshire, at an event just spoke and leashed out the criticism on mitt romney. let's listen. >> i find it amazing that the news media says that he is the most electable republican when he can't break out in his own party, and i don't believe -- well sh well, he will do fairly well here, because this is one of the three best states, but the fact is that governor romney in the end has a very limited appeal in a con ser servative party. and by the way, you look at the dollars spent by romney and dollars spent by santorum, you would praise santorum, too. >> just last hour michele bachmann suspended her presidential campaign after finishing sixth in the iowa caucuses. christine romans is combing through all of the information and the entrance and the exit polls, and you are an iowan
9:26 am
native, yourself? >> yes, that is right. these are entrance polls of what the iowans were thinking off going in, and we asked them some 20 questions and if i flip this off, you can see who wins the categories and you look here, you don't see michele bachmann's picture anywhere and rick perry's neither. you don't see newt gingrich's picture either interestingly enough. so it is mostly romney, santorum, and ron paul here. i want to look specifically to the opinion of the tea party movement, and what people coming into the iowa republicans were saying about the tea party, and you can see here that for those of the people who are opposing the tea party or neutral to the tea party, romney is the guy. flip ig it over to another page, i want to show you how it broke down. even in the tea party, michele bachmann could not get out of single digits, but rick perry did with 11% of the vote, but this was a santorum story here and ron paul at 19%, and romney also coming in at 19%, but the tea party supporters mostly put
9:27 am
their weight behind santorum or he got the biggest chunk of that pie. >> and what about the born again evangelicals? how did they vote? >> well, that is a good question, because this could have been a good place for michele bachmann to break out and even on the speech she was talking about god's plan and speaking in evangelical terms and a perp wh person who is usek about god, and she came in 6% of the vote, and even on that front perry did better than she did, but it was santorum who as the people who identified themselves as born again or evangelical christians, the santorum surge was helped by this demographic, and much in 2008, you saw it was mike huckaby who had that. and it is going to be interesting to see how this translates into the next leg where mike huckabee did not have a big footprint. >> christine, as someone from
9:28 am
iowa, were you surprised by the nail-biter of the race? >> i was surprised by the nail-biter race, but when you look at at the polls, you see the electability issue of mitt romney, and the number of people who are just sort of waiting to the very end to decide what to do. and it shows you how iowans were really searching for their gop candidate until the very end, and they were still searching for the candidate. >> you must have been on the phone with your relatives? >> absolutely. >> and -- >> i will say except for ron paul, because they have had their yard signs up long before anybody else, and many of those entrance polls show it, too, because many people long before december had been decided on ron paul. >> christine, good to see you. >> sure. rick santorum clearly connected in iowa, but his surge has a closer look at the controversial statements he has made about african-americans on welfare and locking up doctors who perform abortions. [ panting ] ha ha ha!
9:29 am
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9:31 am
lots more political coverage on the rundown this hour. next, rick santorum and the controversial words and we will look back at some of the past remarks, and then conservative commentator ben stein will have words of his own about the republican presidential field. at 12:45 eastern another big endorsement for mitt romney, and we will be with back in new hampshire with a presidential backer, john mccain. iowa voters have spoken and they left michele bachmann sinking, and rick santorum soaring, and less than an hour ago bachmann dropped out of the race due to the disappointing sixth place finish in the iowa caucuses. and santorum meanwhile building momentum from the virtual
9:32 am
first-place tie. amy holmes is joining us from's newsroom in new york. amy, good to see you. and we saw michele bachmann just in the last hour with 5% vote that she got in iowa dropping out of the race. sarah palin, and she had flirted with the presidential run, but she didn't step in this time. and who do we suppose is potentially the next female american star? >> well, nikki haley of course is a very big rising star, and particularly with the tea party voters. she is the governor of south carolina and endorsed mitt romney and mitt romney was very happy to get that and tout that nationwide. i would keep my eye on her, but suzanne, the democrats are successful for labeling themselves as the party of women, a nd tnd that has to do theed a voe casey of social welfare programs and pro-choice, and however, the gop has had a number of female republicans who have made huge headlines including jan brewer the
9:33 am
governor of arizona who has been front and senor in the border disputes. >> and rick santorum is the one to watch, and he is getting the second-look, if you will, and criticism about some of the statements he has made in the past including statements that he made about blacks to mostly white audiences and as well as the stand on abortion. i want you to listen to some of the things that santorum has said. >> the bottom line is that i don't want to make people's lives better by giving them somebody else's money. i want to give them opportunity to go out to earn the money and provide for themselves and their families. >> i advocate that any doctor who performs an abortion should be criminalized. i don't support abortions or people who pup foerform them. >> so it is not a moderate stance for people who are
9:34 am
running for general election. but is he one of the candidates who could beat president obama with those kinds of views? >> well, both of the stams tof statements were not as artfully expressed as people liked, but ideas of self-reliance and up by the bootstraps that you hear from the left when it comes to the minority community and as far as the position on abortion, america is center right, and they don't want to repeal roe v. wade and they want the law to be left alone, but they are not as far to the left as many of the pro-advocates would have you believe. i believe that rick santorum would turn it around saying that president obama has proved to be too extreme for the american voters and we saw that when the republicans made a huge sweeping historic comeback in the house. >> just to be clear, i have a sense of the republican party
9:35 am
clearly divided over who is a true conservative and who is electable and who can beat the president. is rick santorum electable and do you believe that a majority of the republicans could get behind him? >> well, it is yet to be seen as you go forward in the primary process, and mitt romney is ahead, so, yes you have a divided field in the republican party, but once they rally behind one person, there is going to be a lot of energy behind that person. >> and amy holmp, and we will be watching every step of the way. a lot of primaries and caucuses to go. thank you, amy. he has worked from hollywood to the white house, and now ben stein has a prediction of who will be the next president of the united states, and we will ask him who it is going to be. p [ male announcer ] the more you lose, the more you lose,
9:36 am
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9:38 am
okay. you might know them as the incredibly boring economics teacher from the movie "ferris bueler's day off." >> in 1930, the republican controlled house of representatives in an effort to alleviate the effect of the -- anyone? anyone? great depression pass ed the -- anyone? anyone? -- a tariff bill, and the holly smoot -- >> pretty funny.
9:39 am
and ben stein is also a lawyer and he wrote speeches for richard nixon and gerald ford and his republican commentary has been featured from the new york times to the washington journal and he is a 2350ers sfi supporter of israel, and he believes that newt gingrich will be the next president of the united states. ben stein joins us now. okay. good to see you, ben. let's talk about it, two weeks ago in the "american spectator" you predicted that newt gingrich would win it all in november. and last night was a tough showing in iowa and came in fourth, and how does he dust himself off and get the mojo back? >> well, i don't think he can. we can simply say i was wrong about that. >> really? >> yes, it is yet another case where i was wrong. i think that he would be a great president, and i think that he would be a great kacandidate, a i think that he has a lot of gravitas, and intelligent and experienced, but i'm very disappointed in the show iing.
9:40 am
if he does not do well in new hampshire, he is history, and i think that romney gets the nomination sewed up before the first robin's appear in washington, d.c. >> so you are changing the prediction here, and you think it is mitt romney instead of newt? >> i thought that newt and huntsman would be a dream ticket. i saw them on a debate, and i thought they were unbelievably good. i think they are both geniuses and i love them both, but romney is the vote getter and he organizes the campaigns best, and he is the nominee at this point. although, you can see how valueless my predictions are, but we know that romney has a lot of money and organizational skills, and he gets enough votes to do the job, but will he get enough votes the beat obama is extremely questionable. >> and where do you think that newt went wrong? >> i don't think that newt projects as much warmth to the ordinary citizen as he does to me. i have known him for a long time and i know him to be a warm, friendly, nice, humorous, and alert intelligent and i would
9:41 am
say intellectual guy. he is the first intellectual that we have had running for president since richard nixon, and he's -- but i don't think that he connects well the ordinary citizen and it is a shame, because he would be a great president. >> do you think that he didn't make the right decision when he had the onslaught of negative ads going against him and he said i will run this positive campaign and maybe he should have turned negative and hit back a little? >> i think that romney just had so much money to dump on poor mr. gingrich and mr. gingrich never knew what hit him. i don't see that gingrich is able to raise the kind of money that is necessary to build a big campaign like this. romney is. i mean, money is the mother's milk of politics. romney knows how to get it, how to spend it, and obviously, mr. gingrich duds nooes not, and th
9:42 am
who really knows how to raise money is barack obama. he is incredible, and unbelievable killer money raiser, and he is going to be fantastic, but the problem is that romney cannot win without the support of the devout christian fundamentalist evangelicals and he cannot get that support. he didn't get much last night, and rick santorum has it, and will the ticket be santorum on the bottom, and romney on the top? i don't know, but somehow romney has to mobilize the evangelicals, and he has not done it yet. >> who would make an ideal ticket if it is mitt romney's ticket? >> well, i think that now it is going to have to be santorum unless something surprising happens. if santorum can mobilize the christian anti-abortion conservatives, and the social conservatives and there they have a chance. if you mobilize a lot of the people, it makes up for a lot of the obama's foot soldiers. >> what i'm hearing if i am hearing you correctly is that president obama has a lot more
9:43 am
money than mitt romney, and mitt romney knows how the raise money, and do you predict it is really going to be an obama win here? >> oh, i think that it is at this point if i knew where to wager, i would wager on obama. i mean, he's a phenomenal campaigner and incredibly good speaker, and incredibly good organization and one of the most formidable campaigners in the country. it is very, very hard to beat him. >> all right. we heard it from you here first, ben stein making the first predictions. >> and it is probably wrong, too. >> we will see what happens, ben. thank you very much. >> thank you, thank you. mitt romney about to pick up an important endorsement from the gop's one-time standard bearer, and that is right, john mccain. we are watching live pictures there, and mccain is set to signal that the republicans should start falling in line behind mitt romney.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
fresh from winning the closest vote in iowa caucus history, mitt romney is about to pick up an endorsement from one of the biggest names in the gop. you are looking at live pictures of romney's town hall event out of manchester, new hampshire. arizona senator john mccain is set to throw his support behind the man he beat out for the 2008 republican nomination and it is expected to happen any minute now, and obviously we will go to
9:47 am
it live as soon as it starts. but in the meantime, i want to bring in my friend and colleague wolf blitzer and that was an extraordinary evening to watch you guys at 2:30 in the morning, and cnn late night. >> yes, cnn late night. >> that was pretty extraordinary. >> yes. >> tell me about the bad blood between mccain and romney and what is the significance of this endorsement? >> they were both united states senators and santorum was in the senate for a long time, and he and john mccain don't like each other, and that is obvious. four years ago when mccain was seeking the republican nomination, south carolina was really, really important. and one of the main challengers was obviously mitt romney, and so santorum literally with days to go went down and endorsed mitt romney. not because he liked mitt romney so much, he didn't, but because he didn't like john mccain, and he has made it abundantly clear
9:48 am
over the past few days and when i had a chance to speak with sep or the santorum, and is this payback and stuff like that, and is this mccain's payback? >> right, right. >> because you don't get along and he didn't want to get into that, but the mccain decision to endorse mitt romney in part is because mccain has no great love for santorum who all of the sudden has emerged as the majorer or one of the major challengers to mitt romney. >> is this a pragmatic move on the part of republicans to let's all get behind and this is guy we believe will beat obama? >> i think it will help mitt romney, because especially in south carolina, he already has nikki haley the governor of south carolina who is a tea party favorite, and very popular down there, and haley, and nikki haley is supporting mitt romney now, and john mccain more of the establishment republican, and he was the republican presidential nominee, and so mitt romney is trying to coalesce that.
9:49 am
he has problems though, because he got 25% of the vote in iowa, but that means that 75%, you know, either voted for somebody else or didn't vote for him. so, he is going to have the work. and now, if governor perry of texas is not out of the race, that will presumably help romney a little bit in south carolina, because it will divide up the anti-romney vote, and maybe giving him a chance. you remember in south carolina four years ago, huckabee was poised to win, and he didn't, because mitt romney won, you know, one, because fred thompson divided up all of the conservative evangelical votes, and that gave mccain the opening to go to be get the republican presidential nomination. >> we will be watching closely to see the endorsement, and how the impact it has and clearly the races up ahead. thanks, wolf. good to see you. the iowa causes ended with mitt romney winning by eight,
9:50 am
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9:52 am
iowa caucuses ended with mitt romney winning by just eight votes. today's "talkback" question is did the fact that there is no clear winner change the game? ryan says seeing a race this close in iowa means that the
9:53 am
nation and the state are paying attention to the candidates. they are paying attention because barack obama has failed them as a leader, and they are looking for his replacement. don says that the votes for those dropping out of the race will be going somewhere and it could be enough to see the leader change again. joe says, santorum came close to romney, because he basically lived in iowa for a month knocking down doors. he doesn't have the sustainability to run this campaign to the finish line. bill says that after all you have seen from the gop, did you re really expect anything clear from any of these people? keep the conversation going at cnn stays with an important story, and until every t is crossed and every i is counted. these two women helped to solve the mystery of the missing votes after dark, out of bed and on the phone. bp has set aside 20 billion dollars to fund economic and environmental recovery.
9:54 am
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following awe of the candidates and waiting for mitt romney who is having a town hall out of manchester, new hampshire, and as soon as that happens we will bring it to you live. there is a live picture and a group is assembling and waiting for him to go ahead to talk about his win. the race between the top two, mitt romney and rick santorum went down to the wire. i am telling you they were deadlocked right after midnight more than five hours after the meetings began in iowa. the final tally came in from clinton county in the eastern part of the state. our wolf blitzer talked to the chairwoman edith pheifer and the woman who woke her up to get the
9:57 am
votes carolyn tallet. >> we have two women calling in and we have called them from clinton county, from the republican party in clinton county. edith, can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> and now carolyn is with you now? >> yes, i received a call at about 12:20 from the state central committee asking if i knew how to get a hold of someone from 22. and that time, they gave me a name and i tried calling, because it was late here, they were in bed and the chair was also in bed. so i wanted to rely the information, so i came to edith's home and pounded on the door and got her up. >> and who won? >> mitt romney won with 51 votes. t ri then rick santorum and ron paul tied with 33 each.
9:58 am
>> if this is the missing precinct, wolf, mitt romney wins by 20-something votes. >> what is the total for clinton ko county, and romney, santorum and paul. >> oh. are they correct? >> i haven't -- well, god, i oohooh -- i added them up a couple of times, and oh, man, i show romney coming up with a total of 437 votes from clinton county, and santorum had 354. perry had 73. ch paul had 292. huntsman, 12. and gingrich, 151. [ coughing ] michele bachmann 62, and five votes for herman cain. >> the numbers that we received from the county chairwoman right here in clinton county.
9:59 am
>> what do you mean that the numbers don't match? >> to be precise, we didn't wake you up, but the state chairs in des moines called you and they woke you up, is that right? >> no. i woke her up. this is carolyn. >> carolyn woke her up to get the numbers, because the state was waiting. >> they were waiting for the results when i was told by the par the ti, so i ca party, and so i went to wake up edith to get the results. >> you lady don't have any coffee made, do you? >> well, i am ready for some. >> and joining us on the phone is edith and carolyn. and edith on behalf of the american people, we want to thank you for clearing up this mystery, and tell us how you feel right now, edith? >> i am overwhelmed with all of this. >> you are trending worldwide on


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