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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 6, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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crashed into two other cars before coming to astop. police caught three suspects, a fourth still on the run. one person went to the hospital with minor injuries. in central michigan, police say corn stalks kept a car from crushing a 7-year-old boy ejected in a rollover crash. four kids and two adults were in the car. boy was the only one slightly injured. police say the driver was going too fast when he lost control. "cnn newsroom" continues right now with randi kaye. hi there, suzanne. that was an incredible story. hello, everyone. it's 1:00. we've got a busy hour ahead for you. let's get straight to the news. if you can't find a political event in new hampshire today, you're just not trying. rick santorum is about to appear at his second town hall of of the day four days before the nation's first presidential primary. we'll listen in when the former pennsylvania senator and come-from-behind sensation in the iowa caucuses comes to the mike. newt gingrich and jon huntsman boosted by major endorsements.
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new hampshire union leader came out for gingrich, now "the boston globe" has backed huntsman, not the former massachusetts governor, mitt romney. >> we received the endorsement of about half the papers in the state. we just got the endorsement of the "boston globe." we're moving forward. i feel very good about where we sit in new hampshire because i know this state loves an underdog. >> romney with a commanding lead in new hampshire polling. he's spending as much time as possible down south in south carolina. that state votes on the 21st. check out this poll, brand-new showing romney's hard work is paying off. he's now running well ahead of santorum, gingrich and ron paul who are all bunched up there in mid-field. romney will be back in new hampshire in time for dinner. in the face of republican outrage, president obama is standing by and with his consumer financial protection bureau and the man that he has chosen to lead it. mr. obama visited the bureau personally just two days after his recess appointment of former ohio attorney general richard cordray. cordray's senate confirmation
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was stalled over gop complaints about the bureau itself. the president also took note of today's better than expected jobs report. the government says in december the economy scored a net gain of 200,000 positions. that makes six consecutive months of six-figure growth. the jobless rate dropped .1 point to 8.5% the lowest in almost three years. for the year we made up 1.6 million of the jobs that went away in the great recession. we still have a long way to go. the fbi is changing the definition of rape. attorney general eric holder announcing the term "rape" will also include sexual acts on men. this after persistent calls from victims to broaden the definition. the new definition of rape will help the fbi keep a more accurate count of those cases that are reported. the air force academy is charging three cadets with sexual assault. all the incidents took place at the academy near colorado springs but are unrelated and happened over a 15-month period. this news comes on the heels of a defense didn't report which
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said attacks increase by nearly 60% at military academies during the 2010-2011 academic year. a deadly day in syria. at least 26 people were killed and dozens were wounded after a suicide bomber blew himself up in damascus. the blast in a densely populated traffic stop killed mostly civilians and some law enforcement. a free syrian army official says the government is orchestrating these attacks to prove islamic extremists are a threat and may take over if the regime is toppled. but are other countries buying that story? take a listen. >> the regime clearly has lost legitimacy. assad is butchering his own people, there is no doubt about that. he should heed the call of the international community to stand aside and allow syria to transition to a more open democratic form of society. >> what if he doesn't? >> at least 24 people have been reported killed today in violence outside the syrian capital. the u.s. navy lends a
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helping hand to iran. this video just in to cnn shows an iranian ship that was reportedly hijacked two months ago. sailors from the "uss kidd responded to calls for help in the iranian sea. they captured 15 suspected pirates, mostly somalis, and rescued the 13-member iranian crew. the iranian crew has since been sent on their way. before leaving the iranian captain reportedly thanked the u.s. navy for all its help. joran van der sloot's lawyer says his client needs more time to decide on what he can plead to. the 2010 killing of a peruvian woman and asked for a postponement in his trial. van der sloot initially told the magistrate he wanted to give a sincere confession but did not agree on all the charges against him. the court is expected to resume on wednesday. dutch man was considered the prime suspect, you may recall, in the natalee holloway disappearance in aruba but he was never charged in that case. take a look at this. video just in to cnn of a semi-truck sinking. you see it there. a witness says the driver of the
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target truck appeared to lose control of his rig before driving into the icy creek. this is all happened in monticello, minnesota. state patrol spokesman says the driver managed to escape the cab. he has since been released from the hospital. dramatic pictures there. rick santorum not off to a very good start in new hampshire. why the leading conservative alternative to mitt romney goot got booed offstage. plus you look at the comments that he's made and his position on some of the issues next. but first, we want to give major props to a crew of portland firefighters. when they arrived at the scene of this accident they quickly realized a pedestrian was pinned under that car knowing that he had little time to save the victims's live. they lifted that 3,200 pound car off that trapped man. another firefighter happened to be driving by the scene, pulled
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aspercreme breaks the grip, with maximum-strength medicine and no embarrassing odor. break the grip of pain with aspercreme. we want to take you live to dublin, new hampshire. there's rick santorum, he just took the mike there. he's holding a town hall. let's listen in for just a moment. >> -- because we are getting away from the foundational principles that made america the greatest country in the history of the world. and that's what this election is about. this election is about whether we are going to stay with the
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principles that transformed mankind from the standpoint of the quality of life of men and women in this world, or we are going to go a different direction. i would argue a direction from wence we initially rebelled, a top-down, government-run -- in the case of 1776, run by a king, who lorded over us how to run things, as opposed to what our founders believed in which is a country that believed in you, in free people, being able to build a civil society and -- from the bottom up. one family, one community, one church group, one local government, one state, all the way up, to build a great and powerful country. believing in free people, free markets an free enterprise.
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that's the difference, i believe, that we are going to a have a discussion about in this election. it comes down to a variety of issues. people always ask me, what's your position as to all these issues. what i always try to start out, instead of going through all the issues, i want you to understand how you look at all of the issues. i look at all of the issues that we're deal with, whether it is everything from health care to education, to agriculture policy which is how can we build the best possible scenario for people to have the opportunity to build something from the bottom up, believing in free people, free markets and free enterprise. >> you've been listening there to republican presidential candidate rick santorum speaking there in new hampshire. we'll continue to listen to what he has to say and may bring you some more of that during the program. presidential candidates rarely come as far as fast as rick santorum did at just the right moment in iowa.
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when they do, they get some well deserved attention. unfortunately, sometimes for them they get some well deserved attention. santorum is a two-term pennsylvania senator who was turned out of office in 2006 and since then reportedly has done very well as a consultant, board member and media commentator. platformwise he is rigidly opposed to abortion rights and apparent lip contraception in general. that's not just talk. he and his wife have seven children. he's anti-same-sex marriage, anti-big government, but at least as a senator he was very much pro earmark. those are projects inserted by lawmakers into spending bills more or less as favors to constituents or backers. now just yesterday santorum's views on marriage led to a testy exchange with a college student in new hampshire. >> so anyone can marry anybody else. okay? so anybody can marry anybody else. anybody can marry several people. well wait a minute. whoa, whoa. stop. no. we're not going to do this.
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this is not participatory. i'm going to ask the question. if people want to respond, i'll be happy to call on them. i'm just positing some things you need to think about. so if everybody -- everybody has a right to be happy so if you're not happy unless you're married to five other people, is that okay? >> but if rick santorum is an unknown quantity to most of america, he's not to tom fitzgerald. tom is the national politics writer for the philadelphia enquirer and he joins me now from, where else? new hampshire. tom, nice to have you on the program. i guess as we dig a little bit deeper into rick santorum, what would you say? has santorum surged because voters don't really know him or because they're beginning to? >> i think he surged because they don't know him so much, or more accurately, in iowa, he flew beneath the radar. he had a committed group of supporters. he built it slowly and the others didn't attack him because they didn't take him as a serious threat. he was sort of way down in the
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polls and they focused their fire on other bigger juicier targets like newt gingrich. >> what can you tell us -- continue. >> i was just going to ask you about, he left catholic ongress. what can you tell us about how he supported himself then? because he wasn't exactly rich when he entered politics. >> no, he wasn't. he was decidedly middle class. he had an of-counsel position in a washington law firm. he didn't register as a lobbyist but he used his influence, kind of like gingrich did only on a lesser scale. he was a commentator for fox news. he went on the lecture circuit to warn people about the dangers of radical islam in sort of apocalyptic terms. he was one of those that was
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very early in talking about iran as a major threat. so he's sort of worked the conservative circuits and he had a fox contract until he began running for president. >> talking about some of the comments he's made that stirred up a little bit of controversy, one that he made apparently having to do with poverty and race. let's listen to that. then i want to ask you about it. >> i don't want to make black people's lives better by giving them somebody else's money. i want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money. >> now, following that he said that he didn't remember saying "black people." he said he certainly didn't intend to. does rick santorum, do you think, have a race problem? >> no. i don't believe he ever -- i don't believe he has. i think he's a very sincere, earnest sort of guy. his point of view -- it is unfortunate. i don't think he should have
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singled out any race. in fact, there are more white people receiving government welfare benefits than plaque people. we all know that. but he was always of the philosophy that welfare should be transformed into -- you know, he worked on that legislation in the '90s that changed federal welfare program to work-for benefits rather than just entitlement. he believes that was to help people, it would give more people dignity by making them work or -- and/or take training. so it is sort of a compassionate conservatism really that george w. bush talked about initially. it wasn't necessarily -- it wasn't necessarily undertaken to save money but to like make better people in his view. >> all right, tom fitzgerald. >> i mean, you could -- >> okay. >> we're out of time. i'm sorry. thank you very much, tom
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fitzgerald. detroit's police department is moving its officers out of the station and on to the streets. his party says it is a move to save money but is this really the best option? we'll ask detroit's chief of police after a quick break.
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in today's "crime and consequence," we're heading to detroit, michigan, where you will no longer just be able to walk in any police station at any time and report a crime face to face with an officer. some stations around the city will essentially close from 4:00 p.m. until:00 a.m. meaning you'll be directed to a phone in the lobby if you do walk from. are you looking at the result of budget cuts but here is the reality. when you look at numbers from the fbi, detroit historically
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has been among the most dangerous cities with one of the highest crime rates in the country. things have gotten better. the overall crime rate has dropped over the years but you could see here, murders are still up. in fact, they're up 13.5% compared to 2010. the man charged with keeping its city safe, the detroit police chief joins us now to talk about the changes and what they all mean. chief, thank you so much for being on the show. you say this pilot program closing offices for 16 hours translates into more officers patrolling the streets. how so? >> we're not closing precincts. that's a misnomer. unfortunately it was misreported here and it was picked up across the country. we will offer a very limited service between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. the rationale behind that is the most value we get as a city is having sworn full duty police officers actively out patrolling the streets of detroit.
10:20 am
we do not get a benefit from the officer sitting behind desks doing administrative tasks when we can leverage those resources much better out in the street protecting our community. >> so when you look at the hours that we are talking, from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m., do you think closing off some access at least for people to reach police officers does that put the public at risk? >> it absolutely does not. it actually makes the public much safer from the standpoint of having officers out patrolling. the police station does not protect individuals. admittedly, it is a safe haven. it will always be open. but the greater value from a police department standpoint and a policing standpoint is a sworn full-duty officer out in the street reacting to crime, preventing crime, locking up bad people. you don't get that with a police officer typing behind a desk. we have provided an alternative for citizens that is much more customer friendly for them and
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that's to be able to telephone the report in to what we are terming a virtual precinct that will be staffed with limited duty officers, so for non-emergency situations we can service the public just as well. but the important thing for our citizens, for our visitors, our residents, is a sworn police officer actively patrolling the streets. >> i want to ask you, a lot of these officers that you are taking away from the desk jobs, some of them quite frankly have probably been pushing paperwork and now you are going to put them on the street. are they prepared for this? i mean is there going to be some training for them? are they ready? >> they're imminently prepared. maybe about six months ago we started a program in detroit called inside out. in another effort to leverage more resources, those same officers are responsible for at least once a week working eight hours in a patrol car. furthermore, they're trained biannually in firearms qualification, use of force, we have street survival officer
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training, so these are fully sworn resources that work in the street. additionally, they work secondary employment uniform details which also keeps their skills sharpened. we understand that the skills of a police officer are perishable skills so we're not putting officers out ill-prepared. but what we're doing is we're leveraging our resources, randi. my department is about 1,200 officers fewer in 2012 than we were in 2005. with that backdrop we still have close to 80,000 part one crimes annually and admittedly, those numbers are going down and again, this year we're trending down about 10% overall. so they're doing a tremendous job. but the reality is with the budget situation that we face, if we do not re-engineer the way we provide service to our community, it's a losing proposition for us if we remain status quo. >> chief, i know you have your
10:23 am
handful and are doing the best you can. thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you, randi. should there be a legal right to bully in school? some state lawmakers in tennessee seem to think so. we'll talk to the experts on this proposed bill next. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain, you and your doctor need to balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen, and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death.
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♪ if you're a mobile type on the go ♪ ♪ i suggest you take a tip from my bro ♪ ♪ and download the app that lets you know ♪ ♪ at free-credit-score-dot-com now let's go. ♪ vo: offer applies with enrollment in™. a fierce battle between christian conservatives and gay rights groups is raging in tennessee. it is over a proposed change to the state's anti-bullying law for students and we think it is undercovered. the main issue is spelled out in the december newsletter of the family action council of tennessee which said, in part, it wants to, quote, make sure it protects the religious liberty and free speech rights of students who want to express their views on homosexuality.
10:26 am
the tennessee equality project has denounced the move saying it gives students a license to bully, that allows them to hide their irrational biases behind an extreme religious belief. david fowler is the president of the family action council of tennessee, michelle bliss is a board member of the tennessee equality project. thank you both for coming on the program. david, i'd like to start with you. your response to the tennessee equality project and other gay rights groups who say that this would give students a license to bully. >> well, first, let me make it clear that, that's just not true. bullying is wrong, period. any student and all students deserve to be protected from bullying. this bill actually puts into the statute the parameters of the first amendment rights that students have according to our courts, from the supreme court's case in tinker all the way down to the 7th circuit case from last march, the zelnick case
10:27 am
from the 7th circuit. so i don't know why there's such a controversy that putting what the courts have said is permitted and what's not permitted into a statute in tennessee would be considered a license to bully because that's not what this bill does when you read it objectively consistent with what the courts have said. >> michelle, what do you say? >> well, actually, i'm really happy to hear david fowler say that no child deserves to be bullied. i think that's fabulous. unfortunately, this bill provides a giant loophole in our already existing bullying laws. that loophole is that it protects anything a child says to another child that is based in some sort of religious philosophical or political believe system. it is extremely broad. it provides a giant loophole for a child to say anything to another child. we're not talking about civil
10:28 am
discourse. we're talking about nasty, ugly language that apparently you can preface by saying my politics or my philosophy or my religion says this. therefore, i can say this to you. >> i know, david, that the concern is that of course your group doesn't want to give -- doesn't want to create special classes of people or give special consideration to people when it comes to bullying. but these students, these gay students, have been targeted. i myself have done a number of stories on this. there's no question that they are a target. so is this really about special consideration or is this about saving lives? >> well, it's about making the law of tennessee clear as to what the constitution permits and with all due respect, i agree -- disagree strongly, vehemently, that this bill would allow anything to be said as long as it's couched in religious or political jargon. that's just not true. and if it needs to be clarified to make it so, then that's fine.
10:29 am
but the law in fact -- i think what gets forgotten in this bill -- is that it mirrors the exactly the three things that the courts have said constitute bullying, one of which is creating a hostile educational environment. and that's been completely forgotten. so therefore, words even cloaked in political or religious terminology certainly can constitute bullying and can create a hostile educational environment and the schools should step in this that case to say, no. this is about political discourse, civil, normal, political discourse that the courts have said even students have a right to engage in and in fact in an educational environment should be encouraged to engage in, that they aren't in an intellectual bubble. and also, you know, all of that depend, too, upon the age range we are talking about, things
10:30 am
that might be permitted in high school clearly would not be permitted in earlier grades. >> michelle, what kind of risk do you think this poses? does it increase the risk to these students? >> well, i think it does increase the risk to these students especially as this is drafted. because it is not at all clear that what mr. fowler is saying is the limits of this bill. the way this bill is drafted, it allows for basically any statement that doesn't assert an attempt to commit physical harm or harm to property, would be covered as long as it is couched in religious, philosophical or political beliefs. the way this bill is written is extremely broad and it provides basically an excuse for any type of bullying behavior. well, i'm saying that because that's what my philosophy is. it's not written to protect our students. it's written to provide a loophole. >> david, i'll give you the final word here. >> well, i think what got overlooked in the two instances
10:31 am
she mentioned that described bullying, completely omitted from that was section a3 of the bill that talks about the hostile educational environment. the fact of the matter is the language of this bill mirrors what the courts have said and if there is a problem with the bill, then they have a problem with our courts and the first amendment, not with me. >> david fowler, michelle bliss, thank you both. you might say jon huntsman barely has a political pulse but he's picking up some important endorsements. one of them a big newspaper in massachusetts where mitt romney was governor. but will this make a difference in romney's rise in new hampshire? that's next in "fair game." so, this is delicious
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welcome back. time for us to check both sides of the aisle where all topics are "fair game." mitt romney clearly ahead of the pack according to the latest suffolk/university 7 news poll from new hampshire. he has 40% of gop voters and all eyes will be on him in the debates this weekend. let's bring in roland martin and ford o'connell. ford, let me start with you here. mitt romney's well ahead in the latest poll there. what are the big issues you think he's going to be hammered on this weekend and how does he respond to it, ford? >> i think that the field is going to try to paint him as obama light. they'll say you are a candidate who will say and do anything to win the nomination. you're not something who conservatives can back and it's
10:35 am
quite clear through romney care in massachusetts. >> roland, i'd like your take on "the boston globe" snubbing romney, endorsing jon huntsman. are you surprised? is this a big deal? >> no. no, i'm not surprised. first, obviously the romney camp, i saw a senior advisor with soledad o'brien this morning on cnn saying that, well, this is a liberal newspaper. keep in mind, the "wall street journal" never described as a liberal editorial page, very conservative, they said that jon huntsman had the better economic plan. and what is very interesting is he has been unable to take that type of endorsement and translate into success when it comes to on the stump, when it comes to various debates. and so, frankly, jon huntsman simply is not the guy who is just catching on with republicans for whatever reason, and so foreget his economic plan, clearly republicans are saying we don't want you, jon.
10:36 am
sorry. >> well, roland, to your point, i key here is not who's receiving "the boston globe" endorsement, whether jon huntsman or the union leader with newt gingrich. what the newspaper endorsements are saying mitt romney is not their candidate because they aren't sure which romney they're going to get. they don't know whether he is a true conservative or who he is. all they are saying is they are unsure because they think he's someone just bent on winning the nomination and not helping the republican party. >> does that endorsement give huntsman any traction? >> jon huntsman hopefully prays that it does but i'm not sure that it really is. jon huntsman's had a hard time connecting with republican voters in general. yes, he may have the best economic plan out there but he's still not connecting with the grassroots and with establishment republicans. >> roland, listen to this. we've been talking a little bit about rick santorum and some of the comments that he's made throughout the program. santorum was booed yesterday at a convention of college republicans during this discussion about same-sex marriage. >> if your point is, people should be allowed to do whatever
10:37 am
makes them happy -- right? is that what you don't said. >> as long as they don't harm other people. >> so if they're not harming other people, who determines whether they're harming people or not? >> anybody can understand -- >> well, so everybody can understand it. oh. everybody can -- so we're not going to have courts -- there is some objective standard? >> it is all right for two men to have the same rights as a man and woman. >> well what about three men? >> roland, what do you make of that exchange? not even so much the topic as the tone. >> well, look. frankly the issue with me isn't even the tone. the most important thing to me is the topic. if you're rick santorum, that is not an issue that is going to dominate in new hampshire. that plays well in iowa. it plays well in south carolina. look, when you are in that moment and realize i can't convince this person, guess what?
10:38 am
you get in, you get out. you move on. you don't sit here and engage in a back-and-forth. because it ends up being this kind of question in this kind of segment. and so rick santorum has to understand, economics is going to drive the discussion in new hampshire, not gay marriage. >> ford, you have ten second. >> i completely agree with roland that you've got to move on but the youth vote in the primary is going to go for ron paul. let's be honest, the president's position on gay marriage is undefined and it is "still evolving." i'm not sure this is going to hurt rick son toantorusantorum. the lesson here is -- don't do college events. randi? >> go, houston texans, beat the bengals tomorrow. >> oh, you bet, baby. >> i'll be there. >> have a good weekend. keep it right here next tuesday as new hampshire voters head to the polls. join wolf blitzer, anderson cooper, erin burnett and john king for live coverage of the new hampshire primary, tuesday night, 7:00 eastern right here on cnn.
10:39 am
find chocolate chip pancakes and omelets at this new hampshire restaurant. why politicians are not on the menu at this new hampshire diner. hundreds of kids at one school caught cheating. >> we believe that about 200 students engaged in cheating on the final example for the english board test. >> how something like this could happen and what the school is doing about it -- next. arts wi. and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties have sixty calories or less per serving and are now weight watchers-endorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables with sauce.
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you know how this works. we give the candidates seven seconds and whoever can mention ronald reagan's name the most wins the round! go. time's up. and the winner of the reagan speed round is -- jon huntsman. >> thank you. >> that is our own larry king hosting a mock debate for "funny or die," the video debuted this morning on the internet and already it is going viral. now for a look at stories making news at street level, what you see here is no ordinary restaurant. with the new hampshire primary just four days away, it's banned all politicians with no exceptions. the owner of colby's breakfast and lunch says he made the move because he wanted nothing to do with the political circus. he says his customers want to have a quite meal and not be bothered by republican
10:43 am
presidential candidates trying to get their vote. the owner jeremy colby says politicses have been coming and going since the summertime and eatery was just too small to accommodate them. a manhunt is under way for a serial killer in california. three homeless men were stabbed to death in a span of ten days last month in orange county. police say each victim was stabbed multiple times. investigators believe it was the same attacker in each case. officials are urging the homeless to stay in groups and avoid sleeping in dark and secluded areas. a major cheating scandal out of houston, texas. according to affiliate kprc, about 200 seniors at a southeast houston high school got caught cheating on their final english example. turns out one-third of the seniors had the same answers on the test which raised a red flag. school district has given all seniors two options -- take the test again or accept their grade as is without the final example. now to tucson, arizona. sunday marks the one-year anniversary of a shooting of congresswoman gabrielle
10:44 am
giffords. it happened outside a supermarket in tucson when a gunman opened fire killing six people and wounding giffords and 12 others. jared loughner is accused of carrying out the massacre. he's been diagnosed with mental illness. giffords was shot in the head and suffered serious brain damage. she has yet to announce whether she will seek re-election. she plans to attend a vigil in tucson this sunday with her husband, mark kelly. the u.s. coast guard is on a historic mission to get through to gnome, alaska. gnome is iced in. storms kept fuel shipments from reaching the city in the fall. now the coast guard is using its only operating arctic ice breaker to plow a 300-mile pass so a russian tanker can deliver emergency fuel to gnome. this would be the first time fuel has been delivered by ice-covered waters to a community in western alaska. but officials say the strip exposes how limited the nation's ice breaking capabilities have become. in enrico, virginia, thieves
10:45 am
pull off a heist a jewelry store owner says came right out of a movie. thieves got away with millions of dollars in jewelry at the beverly hills jewelry store in virginia. the owner says he is shocked at what he calls an "oceans eleven" type heist because the thieve had to make their way through an elaborate security system that includes several steel doors, trip chains, nail boards and aalarm system. the jewelry store owner says he will more than likely have to close his store for good. same-sex marriage is a hot button political issue in one sta state. >> i believe in equality and respect of all citizens. i can't sit here any longer and say it's okay to discriminate. >> is washington state having a change of heart? we'll talk with governor christy gregoire about her controversial push to legalize gay marriage next. you do not want to miss this interview.
10:46 am
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10:48 am
washington state is getting ready to take the next step toward allowing same-sex marriage. governor chris gregoire announced plans to the historic legislation earlier this week. >> i believe in equality and respect of all citizens and i can't sit here any longer and say it is okay to discriminate and i tell you what i really can't believe, is we try and tell the children, the children of loving couples, that somehow
10:49 am
their kids are different, that their relationship, their love is somehow different than the love of a heterosexual couple? i don't believe that. >> by getting the bill passed, it may not be a walk in the park, though the state house and senate are controlled by democrats, there are some conservative democrats who side with republicans who oppose the bill. governor gregoire joins us now. governor, you said yourself that you struggled with the issue of same-sex marriage for several years being a practicing catholic. before deciding to go ahead and introduce this legislation. what made you change your mind? >> you know, i really had to sort out my faith and my responsibility as both a three-term attorney general and now as governor. and i came to the understanding that i could honor and respect the freedom of religion of all faiths in washington to decide who they want to marry but i could not allow the state to discriminate when they issue a license for someone to get
10:50 am
married. so my seven-year journey has been one that has been hard for me. my state's been on a journey. in 2009 our voters stepped up and passed domestic partnerships. but that alone doesn't make people equal, so it is time for equality in marriage in washington state. >> your push on this has really lit up the really lit up the internet. what has been the reaction, as far as you can tell? >>. >> you know, the e-mails that i have received, the telephone calls at the front desk have not just been from my own state but around the country and around the world. and what i hear is equality is absolutely necessary. finally someone is recognizing how important it is separate but equal that it doesn't work in the '60s and racial discrimination. it's been a showing of what has been to me very surprising but wonderful support and
10:51 am
particularly by loving children that we be recognized as any other couple or family. >> there are some conservative democrats that don't support same-sex marriage. do you think that you have the support that you need? >> well, i'm pretty assured that we do have enough votes in our house of representatives. it's going to be a struggle in my senate, to be honest with you. but i will tell you, i think the voters of the state of washington and there's polling that says that the voters are there. so it's time for my legislatures to catch up with my voters but i also think it's time for all of my generation to listen to our children to listen to grandchildren who will tell you what is it that you get about inequality that makes it right when it comes to gay couples but somehow you've got up and understood it and fought for it when it came to racial discrimination in the '60s and as i hear their voices, they are
10:52 am
absolutely right. we have to have equality for these children in my home state. it's right. it the right time. i hope my legislature will get it done. >> why did you wait until your last year in office to make this move? >> you know, we have been through a journey. in 2006, for the first time, we were able under me to get a bill that said no more discrimination and housing and employment and in the next year we took the step to domestic partnership and expanded it in the year after. and then in 2009 the voters oppressed it. it's our moms, our dads, it's our children, it's our aunts, our uncles, our friends, our neighbors. and so we say they are fighting for the same things we are. they are fighting for democracy in our military. their families are fighting for their children. they are looking for a good job and how to make ends meet. why do we not recognize the
10:53 am
quality of their loving relationship like we do any other couple in our state. so i knew the issue was going to be confronting me this legislative session. i've had to come to grips with it. it has been a seven-year personal battle for me and i will tell you i feel so much better today than i have over the last seven years because i'm fighting for the right thing, which is equality in my home state. that's the right thing for the people of my state. i frankly think it's the right thing for america. >> governor, thank you so much. we'll continue to watch your fight there in your state. senator john mccain giving a little love to president obama. >> i am confident with the leadership and the backing of the american people, president obama will turn this country around. >> is he serious or did he have a rick perry oops moment perhaps? the answer straight after the break. plus, the latest on the race
10:54 am
for new hampshire. but, first, smokers you better get used to seeing this because employers are making no smoking a requirement. no smoking at work or at any time. hospitals and other companies won't hire applicants whose workers test positive for nick teen. not to mention the dozens of smoking bans across the country. did we mention that indiana is pushing for a statewide smoking ban and california is allowing landlords to smoke in apartments. we know you have rights but it looks like more people are trying to snuff out your smoking habit. i hope you have an ashtray because, smokers, your 15 minutes may be up. welcome to idaho, where they grow america's favorite potatoes. everyone knows idaho potatoes taste great. but did you know they're good for you too? they're high in vitamins and potassium. and idaho potatoes are now certified to carry the heart checkmark from the american heart association for foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol.
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i am confident that president obama will turn this country around. excuse me. president romney. president romney. president romney. president romney will turn this around. is that a great moment or what? john mccain fumbling during his endorsement speech to mitt romney. paul steinhauser is in manchester, new hampshire. paul, that was such a moment, wasn't it? >> mccain, romney, obama? >> exactly.
10:58 am
>> reporter: yeah. >> listen, rick santorum is also there in new hampshire stumping a bit at this town hall in dublin. he seems to be raking in the dough these days. just how much money has his campaign raised since that iowa caucus? >> yeah, i guess you could say he's really that strong second place finish, almost the first place finish in caucus paying dividends. i confirmed this morning, over $2 million now since that late tuesday night strong second place finish. that's what santorum has raised. that's a lot of money. a lot more than the former senator of pennsylvania raised going back to the beginning of his campaign last spring. randy, why does that money matter? because you can use it to buy time for tv ads. money does come in handy. it's not the end all but for someone like santorum, modest fundraising, this is a huge, huge boost. what sometimes helps is endorsements. randi, herman cain, remember him, the businessman who dropped
10:59 am
his bid for the white house not that long ago? >> how could we forget? >> cain said in a tv interview earlier today that he will endorse on the 19th of january. that's two days before the south carolina primary. you want to hear more about that? herman cain will be a guest with wolf blitzer on "the situation room" a little later. >> and getting back to the iowa vote count, getting back to the io iowa caucus, what do you know about that? >> here's the deal. i apologize to people in my county if i somebody who took part in the precinct said romney got 20 extra votes that he should have and that would take away romney's victory. if true, the republican party is being looking back to it in iowa. randi, back to you. >> paul steinhauser, thank you very much. and be sure to keep it right here next tuesday as new hampshire voters head to the
11:00 am
polls. join wolf blitzer, anderson cooper, erin burnett for the live primary tuesday night right here on cnn. thanks for watching today. as always, i'd love to hear what you think. continue the conversation with me online. cnn "newsroom" continues with don lemon. happy friday to you. >> happy friday to you, too, randi. i'm don lemon. brooke is off. the nation's unemployment rate dropped to 8.5 from 8.7%. >> altogether, more private sector jobs were created in 2011 than any year since 2005 and a lot of people are still -- there
11:01 am
are a lot of people still hurting out there. >> military prosecutors are charging three air force academy cadets with sexual assault. the cases are not connected. they come on the heels of a report finding a sharp increase in such attacks at the military academies. court documents say two of the cadets took advantage of victims who were intoxicated. at least two of the victims were fellow cadets. the justice department has redefined rape. the old definition was established in 1927 and was extremely narrow. man against woman. here it is the. the karn nal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will. the new definition includes victims of each sex and will you a loi the fbi to account for the number of rape victims. the man who disjoran van der
11:02 am
sloot is charged with the death of stephany flores in her hotel room. watch what happened this morning. >> i want my right to plead a sincere confession but not agree with all of the charges that the prosecutor is charging me with. >> van der sloot wants more time to reflect on his plea. he has until wednesday, by the way. penn state has a new head coach. bill o'brien has accepted the position. he's currently with the patriots and will stay with the patriots until the nfl playoffs. this will show thaw identity theft is everyone's problem.
11:03 am
a senior white house agent is a victim. this is an i.d. thief named jamestownsend, 17 years old. they say townsend used the official's social security number to get a credit card. >> at this point in time we want to say he's not a terrorist but he was a child surfing the internet and got this. a lot bigger and my fear is if that number is out there, who else's number is on the internet that anybody can get to? >> a credit agency alerted the authorities that there was a problem. 60 people can i killed, 26 of them in a suicide car bombing in the capital of damascus. protesters trying to remove syria's leader. this video that you're looking at, it's from youtube. various accounts say more than 5,000 people have died as the government cracks down on civil unrest there. a new twist to tell you about in the story of the young oklahoma widow who took matters into her own hands when a man broke into her home. >> i've got two guns in my hand. is it okay to shoot him if he comes in this door?
11:04 am
>> well, you have to do whatever you can do to protect yourself. i can't tell you that you can do that but you do whatever you have to do to protect your baby. >> sarah mckinly killed the intruder with a 12-gauge shotgun. she won't face any charges but the accomplice has been charged with first-degree murder. bond is set at $50,000. he's under house arrest, monitored, and has to stay away from mckinly. american teenager, who was deported to colombia, is on her way back to the united states. 15-year-old jakaidrien turner was deported after giving officials a fake name. >> now to a case of a highway driving jinx.
11:05 am
a skeleton was placed in a the passenger seat wearing a hood and pulled over for aggressive driving and here's what the officer said. >> are you kidding me? and i said, yes, officer, you. no, officer, i'm not kidding you. the officer pretty much gave me a warning. >> he got a $400 ticket. he says he'll keep the skeleton at home in the future. a lot more to cover in the next two hours. watch. they love him, they love him not. one month time "time" magazine asked why won't republicans flock to mitt romney? four weeks later, has romney done enough to convince voters still on the fence? we're going to find out right now. it's not a recount but there seems to be confusion over the real winner in iowa. >> game on.
11:06 am
>> it sure is nice to have a win. >> uh-oh. >> a young man calls 911 as an intruder is about to come into her home. now a new twist. someone's facing charges but it's not the person who pulled the trigger. plus, bloody clothes. surveillance video, a confession. >> did you kill stephany tatiana? >> joran van der sloot appearing in court not in a natalee holloway case but in another case. it's got a lot of you talking. tiger woods' ex-wife tearing down a $12 million mansion to build another one? yeah. i don't want healthy skin for a day.
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and no embarrassing odor. break the grip of pain with aspercreme. all right. welcome back, everyone. you know about the new hampshire primary. it's coming up tuesday and we're watching it very closely of course. politics is our business. there's a major story developing out of south carolina concerning the race for president and our wolf blitzer going to join us right now from washington and tell us about that. wolf, i hear you got a new poll. >> we got a brand-new poll. an orc poll for south carolina done since the iowa caucuses. let me show our viewers what is going on. in south carolina, mitt romney, 37%. santorum, 19%. gingrich, 18%. 12% for ron paul. rick perry, not so good. 5%. jon huntsman, 1%.
11:10 am
take a look at how the numbers have changed since december. we'll put them up back to back. in december romney was at 20% in south carolina and that's a dramatic and nearly doubling of this performance in south carolina. santorum, look how amazing he's done, 4% to 19%. look at this collapse for newt gingrich. 43% to only 18%. that's a dramatic collapse you can see mitt romney, newt gingrich the loser. having said all that, it's still two weeks to go from tomorrow so there's still time. >> and south carolina to have more conservative voters and mitt romney hasn't won over the conservative -- the bulk of conservatives in this party. the question is, what's behind mitt romney's surge in south
11:11 am
carolina? >> well, one thing he does have is the tea party conservative. nikki haley endorsed mitt romney. the unlikely gop primary voters support romney, tea party, only 36%. 41% of born-again christians. 40% independents. not bad for mitt romney. and remember south carolina is a key, key state. let's go further and look at how things potentially could change. 49% of likely republican primary voters say they might still change their mind between now and january 21st two weeks from tomorrow. then we'll move on to south carolina. i will say this. if mitt romney, he won barely but he did win in iowa if he
11:12 am
wins in new hampshire, as he most certainly will, given the polls there and he's a resident of new hampshire, and then he goes on to win south carolina, he's going to be in excellent, excellent shape going into florida on january 31st. >> it's going to be a one, two, three sweep and pretty much the odds makers would say it's his if he does it. >> if he can do that, if he can win desize civil in new hampshire and then south carolina, i don't know who's going to drop out, who's not going to drop out. he'll be in very good shape. he's got a lot of organization. lots of money. he's playing it smart. we'll see how he does. >> i was talking to someone who works on your show in the gym, chris sanchez -- >> somebody who works on my show? >> yeah. i did a blitzer this morning. i ran five miles. >> wow. >> we said we're going to start calling it the blitzer. >> i ran 5 miles this morning, too. >> the blitzer. run five miles in the morning. >> by the way, get ready, guess who is going to be in "the
11:13 am
situation room" in our 5:00 p.m. eastern hour? herman cain. >> all right. >> remember what he called me at that debate that i moderated? >> blitz? >> blitz. yeah. >> maybe we should call it a blitz. i did a blitz this morning. >> the blitz. >> he's keeping the 9-9-9 thing going. >> not yet. he's going to be on the show today. >> all right. thank you, sir. we'll see you soon. 200,000, that's the net number of jobs added in december. this is the fifth month in a row that we've added jobs in this country. up next, what this means for the economy and for the political landscape as well. don't go anywhere. it's not the bayer aspirin you know. it's different. first, it's been re-engineered with micro-particles. second, it enters the bloodstream fast, and rushes relief to the site of your tough pain. the best part? it's proven to relieve pain twice as fast as before.
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11:16 am
big economic news, big political news. the rate of unemployment dropped to 8.5% with today's release of the december jobs report. i want you to take a look at this graphic right now. that is december there on the right. economy added some 200,000 new jobs. the total for the new year of about two million jobs in the private sector. president obama seized the opportunity to taught the welcome news as he toured the protection bureau with its newly appointed director, richard cordray. it's kind of an in your face move. i've appointed this guy on my hone and jobs are improving. jessica yellin, all kinds of things coming from the president today. >> improving, that's the key
11:17 am
phrase. the president had to do a balancing act. that's right. without suggesting that the economy is in good shape. so his phrase is, we're headed in the right direction. here's the president. >> obviously we have a lot more work to do but it's important for the american people to recognize that we've now added 3.2 million new private sector jobs over the last two months. nearly two million new jobs last year alone. so after shedding jobs for more than a decade, our manufacturing sector is two years in a row now. so we're making progress. >> so the unemployment number heads in the other direction. gas and food prices are about to rise, the effect of europe remain a fear. of course that's a problem for
11:18 am
the nation but politically it's a problem for the president because they set an expectation for voters that we're going to see an improvement in the numbers throughout the year and if that doesn't come true, come election time voters are likely to take out their anger on the president. don? >> so is it work pointing out that the president's appointment of cordray was a kind of in your face move to congress? why did he go to this so-called recess appointment? >> why did he go there? and he didn't just recess appoint. he did it in a way that would get the most notice and enrage the republicans the most by doing it while the republicans were in session. while they were in a pro forma session. it sent a number of political messages to the republicans the intended message seemed to be he's not going to take their flack. to middle class voters that he's trying to woo in the campaign,
11:19 am
the intended message is that he's fighting for them. and to the democratic base, remember when he said theafs caving to to republicans so much? that's so six months ago. now he's showing his base. he has a spine and he's calling their bluff, don. >> i like the way you say that, so six months ago. >> six months ago. >> jessica yellin, thank you very much. >> thanks. the man suspected in the disappearance of natalee holloway, joran van der sloot in court today. he's considering giving a "sincere confession" in the peru murder but wants more time to reflect. up next, we're going to break it down for you. ne more by blocking some of the fat you eat. let's fight fat with alli. ♪ nyquil (stuffy): just reading whatyour wait! you relieve nasal congestion? tylenol: sure. don't you? tylenol (another bottle):
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11:22 am
well, this case certainly has a lot of twists and turns. a man who has been the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway goes to court. today marks the beginning of the trial of joran van der sloot for a young woman in peru. for a while it seemed like it was going to be a short trial but now that doesn't appear to be the case. rafael romo is joining us. his lawyer said that he planned to plead guilty to the strangling and killing of stephany flores in the hotel room in peru. what happened in court today? >> this is very strange. i spoke with his attorney on the way to court. he told me, we're ready to plead guilty. but once in court, once joran van der sloot started hearing all of the charges and how detailed the evidence was, he said -- he started saying, i am ready to plead guilty but i don't necessarily agree with everything that the prosecution
11:23 am
says and there's some moment there that he says -- let's take a listen. >> i want to use my right to plead a sincere confession but do not agree with all of the factors that the prosecutor is charging me with. >> now, he's talking about the term sincere confession. that's a legal term in peru which means that judges have the leeway to be more lenient if a person confesses. >> he's negotiating the terms of his confession. >> exactly. >> exactly. the evidence there is very strong. there's evidence of stephany flores and him at the casino. it's very strong. he knew that it was very likely that he was going to be found guilty if he went to trial. >> so we are watching him in court throughout the morning and he was slouching in his chair, he fidgeted, yawned, there is he yawning, he would stand up, sit
11:24 am
down. we don't see this from a murder defendant in the united states. is it more acceptable? >> it is not more acceptable. in fact, the presiding judge a couple of times asked him directly to please change his behavior and respect a court of law. he was at one point grabbing his jacket. he was asked to put it away. he was scratching his head, he was yawning. at one point he appeared as if he was about to fall asleep. so the judge a couple of times says, you better watch it. you need to behave better. >> odd. so he's been in a prison in peru for quite some time now. what's life like for him? >> well, he's in a prison called castro castro on the outskirts of lima. it's a maximum profile prison. he has his cell all to himself. they usually go from two to
11:25 am
sometimes four inmates in a cell but not in his case. >> i can't believe his behavior. i'm going, what is he doing? he would sit down and talk to the judge and it was really weird. very odd. >> not going to help. >> yeah. >> thank you, rafael. >> sure. appreciate it. >> i want to thank you for the -- want to show you the cover of "time" magazine with the headline "why don't they like me?" and now there is a different headline. so you like me now? up next, we're going to talk with the "time" reporter about the decision. stay with us.
11:26 am
11:27 am
11:28 am
hitting news stands, "time" magazine with the cover "so you like me now?" . one month ago the cover said, "why don't they like me?" michael is joining us romney won
11:29 am
iowa but santorum, why isn't he on the cover? >> it's not clear that rick santorum has very much he can do with his win. he's struggling right now in new hampshire. we just saw the poll that wolf was talking about a few minutes ago in which mitt romney in south carolina pulled out of last time around and now has as much support as newt gingrich and mitt romney combined. it's mitt romney who has the organization and endorsements. at this point in 2008, you also had an evangelical candidate with more organization, a better populous appeal. he was more well-known and he still lost to john mccain and it's not as if this race is over for mid-romney but it's hard to see past his competitors. >> and you guys didn't know about our poll until today? >> we knew the new hampshire
11:30 am
poll. >> i was going to say, you mention that because i think i want to get the quote here, he's a front-runner express, full tank of gas, tank full of money and club card packed with very important friends. i'm glad you brought up that poll because "time" calls south carolina a conservative firewall. does it surprise you to see romney leading the pack? >> it's a conservative firewall but tends to vote for the establishment candidate and that's a place that romney has staked out here. george w. bush won it in 2000. his father did well there before. this is a state that it more predictable, even though it's more nastier on the ground than iowa is. >> it was very interesting what you wrote today specifically. you have an article that is specific to you in the new issue and it's called how obama saved
11:31 am
romney. how so? i think you met with the whole change thing, right. >> if you remember, barack obama came in in 2008 with a very simple race. the central issue unimpeachable with the war in iraq and mitt romney coming into the race about the sitting president, barack obama, and this time it's the issue about the economy. just as barack obama was able to qualify himself on that point, mitt romney is saying i'm the one person that can turn this around here. also in the rhetoric, you hear a lot of talk about optimism, hope, believe in america, change you can believe in and it's the clear focus. >> that's what i thought was interesting because you said, if you ask romney, obviously, a
11:32 am
conservative, if you ask him about guns, about anything, he's going to steer the conversation back to attacking obama. so i wonder if that's going to work for him in the economy as well. >> well, if the economy -- a lot of this is out of the hands. if the economy is continuing to improve, mitt romney is in trouble. there's nothing he can do about it. he's counting on what most people are projecting which is that no one is going to be happy with the economy, a recession and muddling along. that line points to what mitt romney got wrong in 2008. when he was campaigning in 2008, he was targeting evangelical voters. saying, i am the guy for you but he didn't have a record to back that up. a lot of people looked at mitt romney and said, who is this guy really? that's not mitt romney's sales
11:33 am
pitch. he's going there saying, i'm the guy who can beat barack obama, with the business background i can turn this around. it's not only consistent but fits better with his own biography. >> he said he's more focused now. that romney is also a thing of the past. in 2012 the candidate has unmistake blee improved. >> that's right. >> i want to go on and talk about one of your colleagues, david argues says that the end result of tea parties, twitter, and trillion-dollar deficits may be the ho-hum to reenactment of the gop's tried-and-true tradition of nominating the next guy. >> well, the reverse way of looking at it is to this day there has not been much of a
11:34 am
negative ad ran against mitt romney. they nominate the guy who lost the last time. fury has been central to romney's campaign. when we look back at the history books of this, we'll be focusing lesson what makes the primary difference, which is what the focus has been, and looking more at what make it is similar. even though in the moment it doesn't look like that, it could be very sus senseful and exciting. john mccain got the nomination in 2008 after losing narrowly in south carolina. it happened to ronald beg began, bob dole. this is how the party tends to work. an air force cadet is charged in connection with the rape of a fellow cadet. another is charged with trying to rape a fellow cadet and a third is charged with a rape of
11:35 am
a noncadet. three separate incidents which come on the heels of a report showing sexual assault in the military's academy up 60%. we go live to colorado for the latest on this. stay with us. getting under my denture. super poligrip free -- it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. super poligrip free made the kiwi an enjoyable experience. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. made the kiwi an enjoyable experience. [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] you won't find the toughness of a ram 1500 combined with the legendary power of a hemi v8 in any other truck. it's a beautiful thing.
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three cadets from the air force academy have now been charged with sexual assault. these allegations coming at a time when the department of defense is acknowledging sexual attacks are getting worse at all of the military academies. cnn's jim spellman is live for us.
11:40 am
one of the cadets abused his power. >> that's right. his name is robert evanson. it's disturbing to read the details. he's charged specifically, multiple accounts, forcibly holding another cadet down while raping her. very serious, also having an ongoing relationship as he sits on this honor board and they used to deal with that position of power to convince another student to have sex with him. so really disturbing series of charges against robert evenson. >> it looks like they took advantage of women under the influence. >> a cadet named kyle cressy is accused of trying to rape a woman that was intoxicated.
11:41 am
also, a third, steven claxton charged with other things just shy of rape. i've been able to visit the academy down there. it's not like a college campus. they have their honor code on big steel letters why the cadets live. it's really having a big impact on the academy, don. >> absolutely. as i mentioned, jim, this is happening as the military released a report about more accounts of sexual assault and all of the military academies. >> that's right. this report says last year 65 assaults were reported. no real explanation for why this is going on here at the air force academy they suggest that, look, they put in a lot of new systems to better handle these cases and now victims feel more comfortable coming forward. unclear really if that is the case or not. to address this, the pentagon
11:42 am
has enacted two new things. one, holding on to reporting longer to track it and, second, an ability for victims to transfer very quickly if they've been involved in a sexual assault. that's not clear if it will have much impact because there's no place like the air force academy to transfer to. so it's unclear whether those measures will do much. >> jim spellman, thank you very much. the iowa caucus meant big buckses for rick santorum. erased a crazy amount of money since tuesday. coming up, we'll show you how much. plus, how independent voters are key in the race to the white house. don't go anywhere. estion. nyquil (stuffy): overachiever. anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't. this was the gulf's best tourism season in years. all because so many people wanted to visit us... in louisiana. they came to see us in florida...
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11:45 am
well, one of the questions pouring out of new hampshire and you've heard us ask it before, whether the latest challenger against president obama, mitt romney, is the real deal. and now, mark preston, following santorum today -- miss you man. haven't seen you in a long time. you look good. you're in manchester right now. >> we'll get together. >> i'll be on the road with you guys in a bit here. listen, i've got to tell you, yesterday i can't remember if i was sitting here in a commercial break or in a meeting and i said, what would happen -- it
11:46 am
was so close -- if santorum turned out to be the winner. what's this we're hearing about the caucus votes in iowa? >> well, so what we've heard in the last 24 hours is that there's a discrepancy about who actually won one of the counties in iowa. and there's discrepancy about who actually won the county. mitt romney was certified as the winner of the county. however, some people are saying that he might have gotten more votes than he actually deserved. but i really need to break this down into simple terms. the iowa party doesn't think that even if the votes rn counted incorrectly that mitt romney would have lost the iowa caucuses to rick santorum but it really doesn't matter because mitt romney only won by eight votes and many people think that rick santorum, by and large, won the iowa caucuses.
11:47 am
so it won't matter necessarily. it's an interesting story line right now, don. and it really just shows you how crazy things get when we get to the heat of the campaign season. >> you're right. and rick santorum is a cinderella story. what are your eyes and gut telling you in response to rick santorum? >> it's been great. rick santorum, you wouldn't necessarily think would play well in new hampshire. there is a lot of libertarian philosophy. we've seen his poll numbers in the last week or so, he was talking about an nick message. we all fully expect that mitt romney is going to win on tuesday night. what are we looking for?
11:48 am
to see who comes in second and third. rick santorum is not going to be in new hampshire. he's going to be campaigning in south carolina and he'll go down there for the day and it's a smart tactical day they are toggling between states, don. >> thank you, mark preston. a state known for its independence, dan lothian is in man chas sister. >> reporter: new hampshire is the second stump on the way to the white house. unlike the first stop in iowa, independent voters who make up
11:49 am
about 30% of the electorate are in the driver's seat and most come with strong part son views. >> most of them are really republicans. >> but elizabeth from new hampshire's institute of politics says, don't call them renegades. >> i wouldn't call them renegades as much as i would call them fiercely independent in the sense that they are going to make up their own minds. >> reporter: voters here relish the town hall meetings and it's an appetizer to the real meal on main street. but a new hampshire radio host, paul, says some of his listeners feel like some of the contenders have tuned them out. >> the candidates, they came. some of them have spent a lot of time here. >> like jon huntsman, mitt romney, and early on, rick
11:50 am
santorum. >> but -- >> it just didn't happen as much and they stayed away. >> reporter: visits to iowa and national media interviews some independent voters here are still scratching their heads. >> the republican field, i'm not too impressed. >> smith says it's not a warm embrace. >> romney, we may not like you too much but you're probably the guy with the best chance. that's the kind of dynamic going on as well. former senator rick santorum is getting a look. and newt gingrich is attacking the front-runner who cost him his fortunes in iowa. >> i think it's dangerous i really do and you have to wait
11:51 am
until the last possible minute. >> reporter: dan lothian in manchester, new hampshire. >> don't forget, the new hampshire primary begins on tuesday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. tiger woods' ex-wife is bull dozing her house. up next, we'll show you why. plus, you have to see this video. it's crazy. a target tractor-trailer in an ice pond coming up, after a quick break, i want to tell you about this. 2012 just getting started a couple days into it a list of items that will cost you more money this year. first up, airfare. american express predicting the price for an economy seat will raise about 5% in 2012 and food prices going up, gassing up your
11:52 am
car won't be cheaper this year. expect the prices to go back up to $4 a gallon. and then shipping, u.s. postal service will raise rates more than 4% this year and fedex and ups expected to do the same. finally, municipal fees, that's what you pay for your doing registrations and local police, probably writing more tickets. there's good news in this. prices are going to go down. stick around. tired, overworked eyes. and comforts them for up to ten hours. visine® tired eye relief. try now and save $3.
11:53 am
because for every two pounds you lose through diet and exercise, alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat. let's fight fat with alli. ♪
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11:55 am
i'll give you the bad items before going to break but here's good news now. prices will be falling on some items. first up, wine. retailers are slashing prices on bottles over 30 bucks. next, car rentals, look for deep discounts this year. next, the ipad 2. ipad 3 is rumored to hit store shelves this year. so watch out for discounts on the ipad 2, especially refurbished models. and 3-d tvs, the prices will lum
11:56 am
met. and finally the really big ticket items. with home prices falling 3% last year, don't expect that to change in 2012. expect prices to stay low this new year. so now you know. let's talk about what's trending right now. do you think you could be happy living in a $12 million mansion? tiger woods' ex-wife, elin nordegren certainly wasn't. this big hole that you're about to see in the ground is where her enormous 9,000 square foot mansion used to stand in north palm beach, florida. she bought it in march right after a $100 million divorce settlement with woods. tmz is reporting that nordegren demolished it to build her dream house. every worker had to sign a confidentiality agreement. joined now by entertainment report lisa france. >> thank you, don lemon.
11:57 am
so i'm wondering, after the whole divorce came out and she had this image where people felt sorry for her, i'm wondering if this is going to change the way people look at her is she deserving of having so much money and she appears to be wasting it? >> i don't think she cares. plus, prices are going down. it was an old house. it was built in the 1930s. that thing had to come down. it had to. >> really? 9 million. my gosh. >> a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. and she's the baby mama. she has two kids. she's never going to want for anything. >> property there is not cheap. it's beautiful. >> it's gorgeous. >> is she saying to tiger, in your face, she took the $12 mill kwlen million and then set it on fire? >> but you don't dollars. >> i might burn one and keep 11.
11:58 am
why not? it's a different world when you're a celebrity. it's not life. >> why is everybody, including construction workers, everybody at the house, they have to sign confidentiality agreements. >> it's not just confidentiality about what you see but what you hear. say she goes on a tangent with one of her girlfriends about one of tiger's affairs, i'm not alleging, she doesn't want them to run off and sell her story. it's a smart move. >> of course you're not judging, lisa. >> i never judge, don lemon. >> this led to an interesting discussion among our group today and we have kobe bryant and she's getting hafr and she got $100 million. >> yes. >> do you -- i don't know. i guess these rich wives deserve to get so much of their rich husband -- these wives who were not necessarily rich when they started with these guys --
11:59 am
>> have you seen these women? they are very transactional relationships. if you're a -- >> what do you mean transactional? >> you marry a gorgeous woman and they get to, i guess, enjoy the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. >> so you marry a george ngage man. >> i did. >> would you pay $100 million for him? >> i'm not a celebrity. that's one. but if he gave me a stable lifestyle behind the scenes, if i had 500 million, i may give him 5 hundred million. why is that wrong, don lemon? >> that's awesome. happy new year. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. you're not going to believe this