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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 8, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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today in history -- >> we have 18 individuals who were shot. >> one year ago, congresswoman gabby giffords shot but lives. six others die. her progress, lessons learned and a nation remembers. tick tock. the first presidential primary just two days away. did mitt romney's debate rivals make a dent in his armor? we'll show you just how contentious it got. daring dan. legendary anchorman dan rather is in new hampshire. true to form, he's got some
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choice words for the gop hopefuls. and he's sharing them with me. and who are blah people. >> i don't want to make people's lives better by making them -- by giving them someone else's money. he says he didn't say what you just heard and he's not alone. it really is time for our no talking points segment. that and more right here, right now on cnn. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. the congresswoman who took a bullet to the brain exactly one year ago standing tall and leading her community in our country's sacred pledge. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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>> congresswoman gabrielle giffords still recovering from her severe head trauma took to the stage at a candlelight vigil in tucson. on this day last year, january 8th, 2011, a gunman opened fire in a supermarket parking lot where giffords was meeting constituents. six people died. but giffords survived a point blank shot to the head. thelma gutierrez is standing by live at the vigil in tucson. some inspirational sights compared to the absolute horror of a year ago and to see her and hear her giving the pledge, it really just made your heart swell in a good way. >> absolutely, don. in fact, that is exactly what struck me is that one year ago today she was actually fighting for her life. and then to watch her lead thousands of people in the pledge of allegiance. just a remarkable moment. there was another moment, too, don, that really took my breath away. when all of a sudden, ron barber who works for gabrielle giffords and was also injured in that
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terrible shooting asked the crowd to hold up their glow sticks as they read out the names of each of the six people who died. it was a remarkable sight because you could see thousands of people holding those glow sticks in the air. i looked at the crowd. you could see tears in their faces. people were very emotional. they were choked up at this moment. and then mark kelly, the congresswoman's husband, took to the stage and he reminded the crowd that as they were mourning those who were lost, that they also had to deal with the reality and the pain of moving on. >> those of us who survived were forever changed by that moment. for the past year, we've had new realities to live with. the reality and pain of letting go of the past. the reality of letting go of
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dear friends and family members. there is also the pain of knowing that with adequate mental health intervention and treatment, that we may not be here tonight. >> and he was also saying that it's very hard to believe that it was just a year ago that all their lives changed, that the city's direction changed, and it was all because of this terrible event on january 8th. >> we have breaking news for you. several people have been shot. the shooting occurred at a grocery store. >> we have discovered that we have 18 individuals who were shot. >> january 8th, 2011, a day tucson will never forget. >> the bodies laying on the concrete. >> the screaming, the crying, the bleeding. >> 19 people were shot that day. six of them died. the youngest, 9-year-old christina green was one of many who had gone to the safeway
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store to meet arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. christina was there with her neighbor susie hileman. and then, gunshot. >> christina was shot in the chest. >> i was holding hands with christina. we were just eyeball to eyeball. she was confused and scared. i knew when we were lying on the ground outside of safeway, the light went out of her eyes. >> as many of the victims lay bleeding in pools of blood, two men wrestled the gunman. >> i put my legs on his -- behind his knees and my arm on the back of the small of his back. the other guy was stepping on his neck. >> the gunman is in police custody. >> jared lee loughner, 22 years old. >> the scene was chaotic with sheriff's deputies and civilians trying to triage. >> is anybody injured? did you say gabrielle giffords had been shot? >> gabrielle giffords had been shot in the head.
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>> i couldn't see an exit wound. i didn't know if there was one. all i saw was the entry wound. that's where i was applying the pressure. >> reporter: in the end it was hernandez, the paramedics and the trauma team who saved gabrielle giffords' life. >> overall, this is about as good as it's going to get. when you get shot in the head and a bullet goes through your brain, the chances of you living is very small, and the chances of you waking up and actually following commands. >> reporter: january 8th, 2011, will be remembered as a catastrophic day, one where a year later a community has pulled together to honor the victims and survivors of the deadliest rampage in the city's history. >> thelma, back to tonight's vigil. there were a number of significant events. >> there really were. and one of the events that really stood out to me, don, was this very poignant moment where there were 19 candles on stage,
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and all the relatives of those people lined up waiting to go up to the stage and to light those candles. one by one, don, each of the relatives came up and they lit the candles. each candle representing one of the six people who were killed that terrible day. and then 13 people lighting candles to represent each of the 13 people who were injured in that terrible shooting. >> thelma guttierez in tucson, arizona. appreciate your reporting tonight. now this. after all the debates, all
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the rallies and all the stops in small town diners, mitt romney looks like the man to beat in tuesday's new hampshire primary. let's go to manchester where cnn political director mr. mark preston is standing by along with cnn's political correspondent jim acosta. guys, good to see you again. saw you a couple minutes ago. jim, i'm going to start with you. you've been on the road today tracking the romney campaign. tell us what's going on with a little more than one day left to go. >> that's right, don. as you know, we've been talking about this. it's going to take a tim tebow-style comeback for one of these other contenders to beat mitt romney in new hampshire. they are seizing on some comments he made earlier today in rochester, new hampshire, when romney was talking about how he understands the struggles in today's economy. he made some pretty interesting comments and his opponents are seizing on them. let's listen to what he had to say. >> i know what it's like to worry whether you're going to get fired. there were a couple of times i wondered whether i was going to get a pink slip.
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and i care very deeply about the american people. and it frightens me to see a president who has made so many mistakes when people are hurting so badly. >> it's worth noting that mitt romney, he is the son of george romney who was a presidential candidate, governor of michigan, the president of american motor cars. he led, i think, by most accounts a fairly privileged life. we asked the romney campaign what did romney mean when he said that? i talked to a spokeswoman, i got an e-mail from a spokeswoman who said when he got out of college, there were moments in that early part of his career when his employment was not a sure thing. mitt romney is obviously a target out here on the campaign trail. and at an event earlier this evening, an exiter, there were some protesters at an event that he was at with chris christie, one of his top surrogates and there were protesters yelling mitt kills jobs, mitt kills jobs. basically talking about mitt romney's days as the heads of
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bain capital, a venture capital firm that, at times, did downsize some companies and then those same protesters tried to go after chris christie and said christie kills jobs. they were changing christie kills jobs and that's when the new jersey governor went after those protesters. here's what he had to say. >> americans are right to be angry and disappointed in a government that in washington, d.c. is doing nothing but posturing and bickering and solving nothing. for the people who wind up needing -- needing to get this done. >> christie kills jobs! >> really? you know, some may go down tonight, but it's not going to be jobs, sweetheart. >> so there was chris christie with a very chris christie-style moment.
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and, you know, just to tie this all together, don, there's a common thread in all of this. and that is, as i said earlier, mitt romney's time at bain capital. part of the reason why you heard mitt romney talking about those times in his life he was worried about his paycheck. the reason you heard those hecklers is because of this issue of mitt romney's time at bain capital. i have to tell you, don, the newt gingrich forces are going after romney on this issue big time. there's a pro-gingrich super pac called winning our computer -- winning our future that's coming out with a 30-minute documentary that highlights some of the job losses that occurred when romney was in charge of bain capital. >> it's going to get very interesting. i mean, what did he say there? mark, did you hear it, sweetheart? that's not going to go after with a lot of folks. comments like that aren't going to help. still he is in good position, romney is. >> you know, mitt romney will
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win on tuesday night. it's a foregone conclusion. he has the money and the ground game. he's been working this ever since he lost the presidential nomination in 2008. the big question is, how will he use his victory here now in new hampshire and propel ahead to south carolina. when he gets down there, can he win south carolina, a state that's considered to be difficult for him because he's mormon. evangelical voters seem to have a grip on the state. but the polling shows he can do well down there. specifically what i'll be looking at on tuesday night, what you will, what jim will is who comes in second place, who comes in third place? will rick santorum be able to continue his rise up and show that he is the conservative alternative? will newt gingrich try to grab the mantel back and what happens to ron paul? we don't talk a whole lot about ron paul but he always has a steady show of support. he did come in third in iowa. good chance he could come in second, don, tuesday night in new hampshire. >> you guys have it all covered. we'll have it all covered here on cnn. thank you very much, jim and mark.
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the best political team on television. stay with us for complete coverage of the new hampshire primary tuesday night, 7:00 eastern, right here on cnn. coming up in this broadcast, veteran news anchor dan rather in new hampshire with some personal thoughts on the gop political race. and the u.s. military base on lockdown for nearly a week because someone has stolen valuable equipment used in battle. everybody wants more financial control,
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wow. ( bike bell) unbelievable. man on tv: ...rbis and 36 homers. swings at the first pitch and fouls it deep back into the stands. [ding] [fans whirring] announcer: chill raw and prepared foods promptly. one in 6 americans will get sick from food poisoning this year. check your steps at will be giving away passafree copies of the alcoholism & addiction cure. to get yours, go to headlines right now. a prominent political adviser and a d.c. pundit has died after a battle with stomach cancer. the 62-year-old blankley was a staff member for former house speaker newt gingrich from 1990 to 1997. he later served as a political commentator for cnn, and npr and
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editor for the "washington times." he also was a speechwriter in the reagan administration. it's night number six for nearly 100 soldiers on base and on lockdown in washington state. military police are investigating a recent theft and no one can leave until they're done. officials say no weapons were stolen. hundreds of pieces of equipment were taken, like rifle scopes and night vision goggles. a flyer on base is offering a $10,000 reward for tips that lead to an arrest. tonight, park rangers in kansas and washington state are lighting candles to honor a ranger who was shot to death on new year's day. margaret anderson was killed while on duty in mt. rainier national park. she's a graduate of ft. hayes state university in kansas. authorities believe anderson was killed by former soldier benjamin barnes. his body was found face down in a creek not far from where he allegedly shot anderson. gas prices in the united states jumped about 12 cents a gallon over the past three weeks. it's the first price hike since just before halloween.
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lundberg survey puts the average price at $3.36. the spike is being blamed on higher crude oil prices. iowa republicans have spoken. now it's new hampshire's turn. we'll preview the first in the nation presidential primary straight ahead. plus -- we're not going to pretend the republican party has a huge african-american base. but just in the past week, black voters have brand new reasons to turn away from the gop. my no talking points coming up. . and i'm gonna need to see a receipt for that watch you're wearing. you know, you really should provide us with a checklist of documents we're gonna need up front. who do you think i am? quicken loans? at quicken loans, we provide a checklist of the mortgage documents you'll need up front. it helps keep you in the know every step of the way. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. so, you're looking for helpknow every step of the way. with your mortgage, worried about foreclosure.
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want to talk some strategy now. the new hampshire primary is a little more than a day away and the impact of this small state could have a lasting effect on this field of republican
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hopefuls. michael dennehy is in manchester for us tonight. he's a new hampshire-based republican strategist and democratic strategist robert zimmerman joins us from new york. robert, i'm going to start with you. is romney the guy democrats want to face in 2012? >> it's not about wanting to face him. the reality is we're going to be facing him in all expectation. except for that concept jim acosta brought up about a tim tebow-comeback which i don't want to hear about after hour new york giants beat the atlanta falcons today. i'm not looking for any tim tebow comeback to take place here. >> do you think you may be jumping ahead. newt gingrich was up and there have been so many republican hopefuls who were up at one point and now all of a sudden it's mitt romney. mitt romney has been steady. tough to get above 25%. we've been hearing that. do you think he may be pushing forward just a little bit too soon here? >> i think the reality of the situation is, just on the basis of organization alone, he's well
10:21 pm
positioned to be able to go the distance or run the calendar. versus the others. the challenge for mitt romney is not just to win but to make sure he doesn't have rick santorum finishing in second or perhaps newt gingrich. individuals who might have traction in the southern states. that's going to be his biggest concern to make sure he can secure his position as a front-runner to go into south carolina and then into florida. but clearly you can't discount the organization. obviously, he's polling the best of all of them against barack obama. his downfall though is these debates have become infomercials for anger management therapy. he's had to move so far to the extreme right. hard to position back to mainstream voters. >> in all fairness, we're not giving michael dennehy short shrift. we're having communication difficulties. i'll continue to talk with you. >> i'll brag about mike. he's a great guy. >> here's a -- rick santorum won in iowa, and was really the cinderella story there. the person that everyone thought didn't really stand a chance. came in second.
10:22 pm
basically it was a tie so they say it was a win there. who poses a bigger threat to the democrats? mitt romney or is it someone like a rick santorum as you said who will get traction in the southern states? >> well, rick santorum poses a threat to mitt romney. for democrats, any republican who can reach independent voters provides a serious threat. the reality, though is that we've seen so many -- all of them move so far to the right wing. in terms of their rhetoric. in terms of their positions that it's almost -- it's virtually impossible for them to come back and reach the mainstream voter. look today, ron paul challenging the 1964 civil rights act. newt gingrich's comments about the african-american community and food stamps. it shows a tremendous insensitivity and a stunning ignorance of history to hear, for example, rick perry for that matter talk about the idea that he's going to turn congress into a part-time legislative body which he has no authority to do. or for that matter, mitt romney advocating deportation,
10:23 pm
advocating bringing our troops into iraq which he said previously. it just shows that in order to appeal to their base, which has become extreme right wing, they are losing the main stream. my party went through this in the 70s. their party is facing it now. >> this has been the robert zimmerman democrat segment. now we have michael. are you there? finally. >> i yield to michael. >> michael, can you hear me? >> i can hear you. >> oh, great. thank you. this is becoming the democrat segment here. we're glad to have you. listen. you are there -- >> fantastic. >> you there are now. but i have to say robert had some really good things to say about you. any surprises here, or do you feel -- we keep saying it's going to be mitt romney. i hate to forecast here. do you think it's mitt romney's to lose? no surprises here, right? >> just until the conservatives can coalesce around a candidate, which is not happening. there are several candidates in this race, and mitt romney is a front-runner. he's got all the money and the
10:24 pm
financial resources. he's polling between 30% and 40%. there will be no surprises until there are fewer candidates in this race and the conservatives can coalesce around someone. >> all right. short and sweet. we got you in. thank you. sorry about that. we had a communication problem. thank you, robert and michael. have a great evening. coming up on cnn -- we'll run down the big stories you'll be hearing about in the week ahead from the beltway to wall street to hollywood. think of it as your weekly news primer. and jacqui jeras in the cnn severe weather center will tell you what to expect for your monday morning commute. that's straight ahead. at regions, our associates
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we begin with the secretary of state hillary clinton's plans for the week. >> i'm jill dougherty. iraq and afghanistan are at the top of the list for secretary of state hillary clinton this week. she'll be talking to state department staff in both countries. wednesday, she meets with the foreign minister of qatar. the possible location for the taliban to set up an office for peace talks with the u.s. also on the agenda, the man with the reset button swearing in the new ambassador to russia. >> i'm chris lawrence in washington. coming up this week, the pentagon is still dealing with the aftermath of president obama's visit to the pentagon in which military leaders laid out a new strategy that involves a lot of cost cutting measures. now comes the hard part. military leaders start to talk to members of congress and start to hammer out some of the details of those cuts. defense secretary leon panetta says everything is on the table. i'm poppy harlow.
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coming up on wall street, earnings season kick offs with numbers from jpmorgan chase and alcoa. we'll get the latest retail sales. we'll get a look at consumer sentiment. and the federal reserve releases its latest outlook on economic conditions across the country. investors, of course, will be looking very closely at that for any signs of improvement. we'll track it all week on cnn money. i'm a.j. hammer. here's what we're watching this week. i'm going one on one with camille grammer. her life after kelsey. also awards mania. the season is on and the country's top critics reveal their favorite movies of 2011. be sure to catch "showbiz tonight" life isly weeknights at 8:00 p.m. on hln. what will the weather bring as you head into work. should you be carrying an ice scraper or shovel, umbrella? jacqui jeras with your monday morning commute. >> go with the umbrella. and that's really going to be the rule for a lot of people
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across parts of the south tomorrow. let the fog horns blow, too, because there's going to be a lot of low cloud cover and a lot of fog, especially along the gulf coast. and even fog advisories in effect tonight and tomorrow morning. already in places like birmingham and into atlanta. there you can see the light rain kind of soggy across the southeast. this is a really slow moving system. and this is going to make its way to the mid-atlantic and up the east coast eventually. all you travellers in the week ahead, keep this storm in mind. by your tuesday, we'll be looking for heavy showers and thundershowers to move across the lower mississippi river valley and then into the southeast. as we head into wednesday, watch that move into the mid-atlantic states. and by thursday morning, new york city on up towards boston getting some of that heavy rain. yes, this is mostly a rain event. there is some cold air on the back side. chicago could get a couple of inches of snow on thursday. and we'll be watching that into cleveland as you head into your friday. so tomorrow's commute tonight. where are the worst five cities across the country for your travel? make sure you get up a little early if you live in one of
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these cities. portland, oregon. looking for some rain. on and off throughout most of the day for your monday. charlotte, looking for rain and fog will likely be an issue, too. as we take a look at city number three, atlanta, georgia. we'll have fog in the morning. rain on and off throughout the day. you can expect a mess at hartsfield jackson international airport. delays will be expected there. city number two, dallas, texas. we could even see some rumbles of thunder mixed in with those showers. and breezy conditions, too. gusts up to 20 miles per hour. and the number one city where we expect to have a slow commute for you tomorrow morning, houston, texas. expecting fog, heavy rain and some thunderstorms. we could see one to three inches of rain in houston. we'll get some of that ponding on the roadways where you head into the intersection and drive through those puddles so watch out for that and go real slow. >> you're right about the umbrella and the rain boots as well. thank you, jacqui. we appreciate it. we want to check your headlines.
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british police now know the identity of the young woman found dead on one of queen elizabeth's royal estates. dna tests helped to identify the 17-year-old latvian student missing since august. no cause of death yet but it's being investigated as a murder. north korea's new leader kim jong-un is expected to have had a birthday this week. the state-run newspaper did not announce the occasion as they are still observing a period of mourning after the death of his father kim jong-il. the state tv aired new footage of the leader on a horse and tank and with military officials. he's believed to be 28 or 29 years old. an australian tour cyst -- tourist is recovering from a new year's eve bungee jump that went wrong on the zimbabwe border. >> oh! >> erin longworth fell 365 feet into the zambizi river after her cord snapped. the plunge left her with bruises all over her body and a broken collarbone.
10:32 pm
she was treated at a clinic before being evacuated to south africa. tens of thousands of people in south africa marked the 100th anniversary of the african national congress this weekend. past and present officials attended. 93-year-old nelson mandela could not because of failing healthy. the anc played a critical part in ending apartheid. did you ever think you'd reach the day when ziggy stardust reached retirement age? ♪ well it is true. david bowie, one of the most influential rock stars on this or any other planet is now 65 years old. here are some other numbers for you. 43. that's how many years have passed since bowie released his breakthrough album space odyssey in 1969. 140 million. that's how many albums he's sold over his four-decade career.
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2003 is the last time he released an album of original songs. happy birthday, david bowie. and how about a comeback tour? that sure would be nice. up next -- must see television. my no talking points segment. tonight's subject, the gop candidate and black people. çtool
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10:35 pm
it is time now for no talking points.
10:36 pm
>> tonight's segment is about that very uncomfortable subject for many. especially the gop presidential candidates. black people. first the question for you. what exactly is a blah person? don't think about it too much. let's hear rick santorum use it in a sentence. >> i don't want to make blah people's lives better by giving them somebody else's money. i want to give them the opportunity to go out and turn -- and earn their money. >> well, to just about everybody it sounds like he said black people, but he walked it back in a cnn interview. >> i looked at the video and i don't -- in fact, i'm pretty confident i didn't say black. what i think i started to say a word and sort of mumbled it and changed my thought. >> play it again, rob. >> i don't want to make blah people's lives better by giving them somebody else's money. i want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn
10:37 pm
their money. >> so you be the judge. but rick santorum is not the only presidential hopeful who's had some explaining to do this week over remarks about blah people. newt gingrich. >> i am prepared, if the naacp invites me, i'll go their convention and talk about why the african-american community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps. >> well, to be fair, the former speaker says his comments were taken out of context and context is very important. here's political analyst goldie taylor. >> if you put this in the context of newt gingrich's entire political career, he's been saying this for 30 years. he has been saying that african-americans, by and large, are a welfare dependent population. >> and then there's ron paul who usually steers clear of talking points by answering questions directly, except in this fox news sunday interview about his comments on the civil rights act
10:38 pm
of 1964 undermining the principles of liberty. >> are you saying that the owner of a restaurant, a private restaurant, should be able to decide whether or not to serve black people? >> what i'm saying is, i'm challenging individuals to say what is private property. the whole thing is that's ancient history. that's been settled a long time ago and nobody is going to go back to it. it would be the most devastating and stupid. they would lose their business. >> would it be wrong? >> it would be wrong. it would be morally wrong but i'm not going to throw out because i have such regard for property rights. you have to change people's hearts and minded. but you have to understand property. >> so the answer to that question really be a two-minute diatribe about property? yes, context is everything. for all the candidates in every situation, but some answers especially to questions over race and discrimination should be emphatic. the question from fox news interviewer chris wallace was,
10:39 pm
do you think the owner of a restaurant should be able to decide whether or not to serve black people? a direct answer to that question, regardless of political party, would be a simple yes or no. and that's tonight's no talking points. up next, the legendary dan rather joins me from new hampshire and has a lot to say about politics and republicans. . at legalzoom we'll help you incorporate your business, file a patent, make a will and more. you can complete our online questions in minutes. then we'll prepare your legal documents and deliver them directly to you. so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side.
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well, dan rather has covered the biggest news stories of our time for more than four decades. today he is on the job in new hampshire covering the republican presidential primary for hd net. i asked him for his impressions about the gop race just two days before the first republican primary. >> in terms of the substance of the race, we really haven't had much genuine substance discussed, although we've had debate after debate. such subjects as really what to do about our shaky and volatile economy, what to do about the war in afghanistan. what to do about the problems of race in the country. those kinds of really fundamental questions have yet to be addressed as the campaign deepens and lengthens out, we can hope that they will be. >> you seem to think that the american people aren't quite being served by them. by what the candidates are saying in these debates.
10:43 pm
>> the direct answer to that, don, is no. that not only in the debates but in the early stages of the campaigning for the gop nomination, basically when you boil it down, the candidates have been talking to -- trying to get through to the fringes of their party. the fringes of their own party, never mind the main stream of the american public. in the debates for that matter and most of their campaign appearances at small gathering and so forth, they really aren't talking to the mass of americans. they aren't talking about the lives. most americans live them. so far the campaign is primarily the candidates taking shots at one another. and as i say, appealing to what they see as the extremes or very important parts of the more hard right part of the party. >> i guess the question is, having done this and having moderated debates, what would you do differently?
10:44 pm
how would you get them on track with the topics you think are important? >> well, the questions have to be direct and tough. i want to make clear here that i know most of the people have been conducting these debates and almost without exception, they are good journalists, some of them great journalists, but everybody is a little bit afraid to ask, you know, direct questions. for example, one direct question is, tell me, mr. candidate, who gives how much money to your campaign, and what do you think they expect to get for it should you get elected? that's a very important question in that money is almost overwhelming american politics. we're talking about a $3 billion presidential campaign. so that's one line of questioning. another line of questioning might very well be, listen, every one of you up there in that debate platform, you supported president george w. bush.
10:45 pm
tell us where you think that administration went wrong. you are quick to tell us how the obama administration went wrong and certainly they've made some mistakes, but you all supported president george w. bush so tell us where you think that administration went wrong in, among other things, leading us into this economic recession if not depression. a third area is we all know how important race relations are in can -- our country. it's unchanging. it's one of the biggest subjects in the country. and so a direct question to each candidate, if elected president, what would you do to improve race relations to the country? those are the kind of questions that unfortunately don't get asked. it's my hope as the campaign goes along, they will be. >> let's stick to this. we had a discussion about race, about some of the comments the candidates have made and many of them have said they were taken out of context. and even this morning when ron paul was asked on fox news sunday about the civil rights act of 1964, there was not really a direct answer there.
10:46 pm
why do you think that and do you think that whoever is asking the questions should be more pointed and not fear being labeled as ideological or biased and just ask the direct question, especially when it comes to rick? >> i think that's part of it. don, those of us who are in journalism, those of us in it for a while, we have to acknowledge, and i do not except myself in this criticism, there's a certain amount of fear. there's a fear that if you raise the race question in any way in a public forum like the debates, that somehow you the questioner will be accused of doing something wrong. i'd like for all of us, including myself, to get over that, but this is part of the reality. you know, journalists are human. they have their concerns. they have their fears. and so often when it comes to any discussion of race, almost everyone is afraid to touch it for fear they'll be somehow misunderstood or used some way against them. >> i want to ask you about president obama, mr. rather.
10:47 pm
history would say he has an uphill fight in november given the state of the economy. how do you assess his chances in all of this? >> i think at this moment, it's still early in the race. i'd like to remind everybody about how early it is. i think he's the underdog. not the underdog by much. my personal opinion, which is frequently wrong, is if the election were held today, depending on who the public has nominated, of course, i think he might very well lose in a close election. however, again, my opinion, i think the -- these debates and the republican race for the nomination up until now have revived president obama's chances somewhat. also his chances have been buoyed just in the last couple of days. the unemployment figures are still terrible, but at least they are headed down. i expected november, number one, a close race. i think it will be decided by
10:48 pm
independent voters and swing voters in the middle. >> dan rather, thank you, sir. hd net, dan rather reports. he's the host. make sure you tune in. appreciate it, sir. >> thank you, don. up next here on cnn -- hln's jane velez-mitchell joins me to talk about joran van der sloot yawning instead of confessing to murder. man: my eltrill s king ban this team of guinea pigs to ty bo so to save some y, d inea pig: row...row. they genatectry, wch le me rf t.
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10:50 pm
joran van der sloot says he needs more time to consider how he wants to plead to murder. the prime suspect in the 2005
10:51 pm
disappearance of natalee holloway in aruba is now in peru charged with murdering a woman in 2010. i talked with jane velez-mitchell about his antics in a peruvian court. jane, what character this joran van der sloot is. he says he needs more time to figure out how he's going to plead to this murder. what's he trying to accomplish here? >> well, i think he's sort of got a reality check in court today. i think, don, he thought he was going to sort of breeze into court and do this simple confession. oh, yeah, i killed her, but i didn't mean it. it was no big deal and then he gets hit with the statement of the prosecutor who outlines a vicious, brutal murder that involves pummeling and strangulation and blood. and all of a sudden, he's like, oops, maybe if i confess they'll dovetail my confession with what the prosecutor says happened and put me away for a long time. i'm going to backtrack and re-evaluate this. >> it's so weird. it's like, wait.
10:52 pm
i'm going to plead to murder, but i need to negotiate it first. it's just very odd. and what's up with the shenanigans in court. he's sitting down. he's standing up. he's yawning. he's dozing off. is he putting on a show or just this weird? >> i don't think he can help being the arrogant person that he is. he wreaks of narcissism, of arrogance, of contempt and this is the story of his life. so he goes into court even though being contrite would certainly be a check off in his favor. and he acts so arrogant he has to be reprimanded by the court. so that's very self-destructive behavior. but criminals are often supremely subjective. >> if you thought your freedom was on the line for years and years, you might be on your best behavior. in this case, everybody is watching this case. but they watch the casey anthony case as well.
10:53 pm
so this latest video, what is up with this video where you see her. it looks like a confessional or something where she's staring into a camera. how did this get -- where did this come from? >> we don't know. now her attorney insists she did not release it and it was obtained illegally. a lot of people are suspicious about that. they don't buy it. she's a pathological liar. we all know that. maybe she lied to her attorney and said i didn't release it and did release it. the fact is that there are a lot of claims now, people coming forward saying i found it on a for pay site and decided to release it and put it on youtube to prevent her from making money on it. nobody can find the for pay site. who knows what's really happening. it's gone viral on the internet. and now still photos of her showing up in various hairdos and various colors are also showing up. and some people are releasing very risque, even a topless shot of an unidentified woman and claiming it's casey. so the whole thing has become an online circus. >> we don't even know why she
10:54 pm
would do this because sometimes in order to, i guess, maybe get better you have to -- if you have issues, a therapist will tell you do a confessional or start a video sort of diary. but no one really knows why she's doing this. >> i don't buy that. i've done years of therapy and i was never asked to speak into a camera. and anyway, what she says is nonsensical. she goes, oh, this is so good because now i have somebody to talk to. she's not talking to anybody. she's delivering a monologue. i think she needs to do script doctor. there appears to be other people in the room. we are hearing reports she has a boyfriend. she's obviously been in contact with her attorney because he's released a statement. she's staying at somebody's house. there's a cast of characters behind this and who knows the real story. i think at the end of the day, casey anthony is always out for herself and probably out to make a buck in some way, shape or form. if not this video, some other way. >> jane, what's coming up on your show. what are you going to be covering next week? >> i'm sure more of casey anthony and joran van der sloot.
10:55 pm
he's back in court on wednesday. we'll have to see if he ultimately does confess or perhaps goes to trial or both. then casey anthony. we know she's planning on doing more or having more of these videotape confessions. maybe we'll see another one next week. >> oh, boy. jane, thank you. jane velez-mitchell. "issues with jane velez-mitchell" every night on hln at 7:00. thanks again, jane. want to get back to our top story. one year after an assassin's bullet nearly ended her life at close range, gabrielle giffords stood up and led her community in the pledge of allegiance at an event marking the one-year anniversary. we want to leave you with images from the vigil to the victims of the tucson massacre. ♪
10:56 pm
>> for the past year, we've had new realities to live with. the reality and pain of the past, the reality of letting go of dear friends and family members. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation,
10:57 pm
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