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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 22, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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the best chance of beating barack obama? who is one the president should be fearing? >> i don't think the president should fear any of them because if he fears any of them, it will show. i think the president will keep going and keep coming up with good ideas for the country and dare the republicans not to agree with you. that makes us winners. >> governor, thank you very much for coming in. pleasure to meet you. >> thank you. stepping down. gabby giffords survived a near fatal gunshot wound. >> i will step down this week. >> her best friend joins us live. >> on camera too. >> sat ending. the legend that was joe paterno
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is history. dead from cancer. we look back on the career of joe pa. anchorman, veteran news mandan rather talks politics and the media. >> the part of dance of democracy american style. >> she never at a loss for words. sex surrogate, a 67-year-old grandmother said she is paid to have sex with men as therapy. >> you are getting paid for sex? >> but i'm not getting paid for sex. that is a piece of it. >> her story inspiring a controversial movie. that and more right here, right now on cnn. >> i'm don lemon and you are in the cnn newsroom. the severe weather taking aim at the u.s. and the worst of it might come in the overnight hours. jackie is our meteorologist.
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who is at risk. >> parts of arkansas right now and the last three hours we had four reports of tornados. we have one confirmed on the ground around dewitt arkansas. in arkansas county. storm spotters confirmed that this is a large violent tornado causing damage. a dangerous situation is unfolding. we have this line that is surrounding i-40 corridor between little rock and memphis, tennessee. these storms have been moving rapidly between 60 and 70 miles per hour. you can't outrun these things and can't see them. it's night time. when the sirens go off, you need to take them seriously at this hour. we will show you the watches in effect. the tornado watch means conditions are favorable to occur. this watch is called a pds watch or particularly dangerous
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situation. that is evolving at this hour. the reports of damage in arkansas on the north side of town. several homes have been damaged along with trees down and reports of fires that have been burning in eastern arkansas. power lines have been coming down with this situation as well. on the northern tier here, this is the latest watch that has been issued for western kentucky and southwestern indiana and southern illinois and the boot hill of missouri. there possible tornados and could be embedded within this line, but damaging winds will be a greater dinner. the last area is the tail end. down towards shreveport, a watch may be needed as we head through the overnight hours. this is an ongoing situation and a dangerous situation. we expect this line of storms to continue through the overnight hours as they progress off to the east. >> the question on a lot of people's mind, what about tomorrow's commute tonight. >> concerned about travelers for a number of reasons.
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if we look at the big map, the severe weather will be diminish and we will have showers and thundershowers across parts of the southeast. if you are a traveler even if it's not rainy, the clouds will be low and that will make it difficult. the north eastern corridor, you will wake up to freezing rain. light freezing rain and light freezing drizzle across the area for tonight. advisories are in effect, but as we head through by mid-morning, temperatures are going to warm up enough that it will no longer be a concern. out west a mess of a weekend with winds and still more than 100,000 people without power in washington state. heavy snow is now making its way towards the sierras. two feet of snow is possible in the highest elevations by this time tomorrow. getting slammed in so many areas. tomorrow will be tough for travelers. >> for the weather situation needs updating, she will be back. moving on to pennsylvania
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and the latest shock to hit the campus of penn state university. joe paterno whose career came to an end in scandal lost his battle to cancer. it sparked sadness with alumni and students. >> in the shadow of joe paterno's statue, students saying their alma mater mourning the loss of a coach that meant so much to penn state and to them. 61 years of coaching, he won fans far and wide, young and old. >> joe was penn state. he made penn state. it's really just a very sad thing. >> in the end the winningest coach in college football lost his life to lung cancer. he was 85. he died as he lived, his family said in a statement. he fought hard until the end.
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the end came 2 1/2 months after he was fired as head coach in the wake of the sex abuse scandal. sparking outrage on campus. paterno was not criminally charged in the child rape case involving his former assistant coach jerry sandusky, but acknowledged he could have done more to bring the allegations to light in 2002. in what turned out to be his final interview published by "the washington post" over a week ago, he tried to explain his thinking. >> i had never had to deal with something like that. and i didn't feel adequate. i had a wonderful experience here at penn state. i don't want to walk away from this thing. >> a question whether joe paterno and the university tried to cover up the allegations. fans stand by him. >> we are still going to love him no matter what anybody said. it wasn't joe's fault. we will love joe forever and
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ever, period. >> for some, his loss could be more painful because of questions that may taint his legacy. susan candiotti, cnn university park, pennsylvania. >> jerry san dusky is also reacting to new of joe paterno's death. his assistant and arrest led to paterno's do you feel as head coach. this is a sad day. our family dotty and i would like to convey or deepest sympathy. nobody did more for the academic program of penn state. he maintained a high standard and he preached toughness and clean competition. he had h courage to practice what he preached. nobody will take away the memories of a great man, his family and all the wonderful people who were part of his life. another major story. for the past year we watched
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gabrielle give ors made astounding steps towards a victory. giffords is now resigning from beginning to focus on getting better. >> i will step down this week. >> in a video announcing her decision to resign from congress, arizona representative gabby giffords had a simple message for her supporters. >> thank you for your prayers. and for giving me time to recover. >> giffords said she has more work to do on the recovery a year after being shot in the head on a rampage that left six people dead. >> i don't remember much. >> she was hosting a meet and greet outside a tucson super market when jared lee loughner opened fire. they believe he targeted the congresswoman. after undergoing months of
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rehab, she was greeted by a standing ovation from the debt ceiling vote, but whether she would come back full time remained uncertain. earlier this month as tucson marked the anniversary, they described her thinking on the matter. >> for her it's a personal decision on whether she can do the job up to the standards she holds. >> giffords plans to finish the event the gunman interrupted, holding a private gathering with the people who were there. she will attend the president's state of the union address in a statement president obama said gaby and her husband mark taught us the true meaning of hope and determination in the face of incredible odds and now even after she has come so far she told us what it means to be selfless. >> i'm getting better. every day my spirit is high. i will return and we will work
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together for arizona and this great country. >> athena jones, cnn, washington. >> next here, gabby giffords's best friend joins me to share her thoughts and talk florida politics the next big battle ground in the republican race. also ahead, my conversation with ethyl kennedy, the widow of robert kennedy and her daughter, rory. her new documentary appearing at the sundance film festival.
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>> gabrielle giffords announcing she is resigning a little more than a year after she survived a
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point blank gunshot to the head. she said she needs time to focus on her recovery. debbie wassermann shuttle is one of her best friends. gabby giffords told you about this decision before she made the announcement. you can tell us about the conversation? >> sure. i actually talked to mark. i went to visit gabby at the end of december and the end of november as well. i had a couple of fconversation with gabby. when i left the last time i went to visit her, i came home and told my husband that i wouldn't be surprised if she decided that she wasn't going to run for reelection. this decision is quint essential gabby giffords. most people's perception of politicians is it's all about them. gabby knew once she had decided
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that she wasn't going to run for reelection and needed to focus on her recovery, she needed to step aside for herself so that her constituents can get full time representing a. she cares so much. >> it's not just about her, but the people's business needs to be taken care of as well. >> that's what it's all about for her. she loves tucson and loves southern arizona and loves public service. i know she is coming back and wants to come back to public service, but she doesn't do anything halfway. she gives everything 150%. she wanted to come back in 2012, but if she had done that, she would have been dividing her time between focusing on her recovery and doing her job and had to do both things halfway. she realized her recovery is more likely for years rather than months and better to focus
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on coming 100% back and return to public service later on. >> thank you so much for talking about her and again as we said, she is not being selfish. she needs to focus on the recovery and she wants to get on with the people's business. i have to ask you though about politics. you know that you are the head of the dnc and i would be remiss not to ask about the republican primary in your state of florida in nine days. you were at gingrich headquar r headquarters and saw the passion of the voters for him. have democrats been preparing to take on the wrong republican? >> mitt romney earned the scrutiny that he has gotten and i will tell you i have been through a number of presidential elections and on my watch we are not going to take them as characterizations and distortions and lies that mitt romney told about president obama's incredible record in
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getting this economy turned around lying down. not on my watch. it's important that people understand the contrast between the direction that mitt romney would take the country back to the failed policies of the past and the economic mess in the first place. >> you are so focused and just being on the ground, newt gingrich inspires a lot of passion from conservatives and more passion than mitt romney inspires and people said he inspires so much passion on the right as barack obama does on the left. is he a formidable opponent for barack obama come november? >> newt gingrich spent really this whole entire primary making extremely divicive statements and really embracing the tea party and embracing extremism. he certainly knows better than a choice than mitt romney would be, but mitt romney is coming into my home state of florida, but being his race to lose.
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he has something like a 22-point lead in the last polling that was done before south carolina. unfortunately for him there is ten days between now and the primary and the more people see mitt romney the less they like him. with two debates in between now and january 31st, it will be interesting whether he comes clean and does he release years of tax returns and right now he will release 2010 and the estimate, that is unacceptable. if he is hanging for his campaign and his presidency on his economic record in the business sector, he oh,s this to the american people to show and show his background financially and be transparent. >> that will have to be the last word. we have a lot of other news to get on to. thank you for talking politics and thank you for talking about your friend. >> thanks for giving me the opportunity. >> our best to gabby.
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dan rather covered presidential elections for more than four decades and now the primary for hd net as host of dan rather reports. i spoke to him about newt gingrich's fiery week and his convincing south carolina win. >> newt gingrich has the momentum. there is an old song, hearts can inspire other hearts with their
7:21 pm
fire. gingrich has the fire as we mentioned on your program earlier. those who don't like him and the democrats who say will inspire. he caught fire and if he can get that going in florida, we will have a real race for the republican nomination if they go deep into the spring and possibly to the republican convention with someone such as jeb bush. florida is not south carolina as we know. it's a bigger and more diverse state. mid-romney has the advantage for one thing. don't forget a fairly high percentage of the votes in the florida primary have been cast absentee before the race. in florida, he would be favored in florida, but not nearly as favored had he won south care lane. i do think it's still mitt
7:22 pm
romney's nomination to lose for the b gop, but could lose it because newt who can be ownerry when he chooses to do so. >> mr. rather, i want to play some of that. i'm glad you talked about that. he had a strong week leading into south carolina. a defining moment and john king asked him to respond to the interview, his ex-wife gave to abc. >> she said you asked her to enter into an open marriage. would you like to take time to respond to that. >> no, but i will. >> he said i can't believe you would do that and the media needs to stop doing that and the reaction to his response from john king, rick santorum told a crowd not to fall for his rivals's tactics.
7:23 pm
>> i would say take a step back and get past the one-liners and the beating up of the media that is always popular. get past the inevitability that the person with the most money wins. he didn't win iowa. >> he was taking a shot at newt gingrich, but is this significant? a candidate finally admitting to blaming the media which is so easy to do. >> particularly in republican primaries, it's red meat. let's be clear. this election is not about the nomination process nor the general election. it's not about the press in whatever everybody thinks about the press. it's about the economy and jobs. it's about how our women, particularly independent and swing vote women want to go to the general election. we can keep our election on what
7:24 pm
the election is about. >> that was dan rather and we talk a bit more, it was the most explosive start yet to a republican presidential debate. >> public office and i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate with a topic like that. >> newt gingrich exploding as cnn's john king over his ex-wife. many think it won him the primary, but it doesn't mean he gets to claim the moral high ground here. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story
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>> per blaming the media, not the first time we tackled media bashing. here's where it starts this time. a debate, a moderator and former speaker of the house and this lightning rofd a question. >> she said you asked her to enter into an open marriage. would you like to take time to respond to that. >> no, but i will. i think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country and attract decent people to run for public office and i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that. >> while electric his answer really wasn't surprising. he has done it many times before even in other debates on fox news, msnbc and other networks.
7:28 pm
>> i wish you would put aside the gotcha questions. they will repudiate every effort of the news media to protect barack obama. >> woo we can debate whether it should have been the first question. conventional wisdom is it swung in newt gingrich's favor. i digress. the classic move to blame the media. what is surprising though is that for the first time and just this week someone in the gop, a presidential candidate acknowledges that the gop had a media-blaming addiction. >> i would say to the people of south carolina, take a step back and get past the one-liners and the peting up of the media that is popular with opponents. >> admitting it is the first step. what is disingenuous than his
7:29 pm
holier than thou response, it ignores his history and platform of running on family values. after all he is the man who has repeatedly said this. >> i do believe marriage is between a man and a woman. >> a question that could reveal hypocrisy is fair game and should not be answered by media bashing unless he wants to change to marriage is between a man and a woman and a woman. that's tonight's no talking points. . >> i want to turn to international stories making headlines. search teams found another body on the partly sunken chooseship. it's a woman wearing a life jacket. 19 are still missing. searchests are continuing, but attention will turn to removing the fuel from the ship, a serious environmental risk.
7:30 pm
yemen's embattled president returns and his approved the request to visit. he was wounded in the june bomb attack on the presidential palace and came a day after it gave the president immunity from prosecution and saying he agreed to give up power after ruling yemen for more than 33 years. the arab league is demanding that syria's president step aside and should talk with the opposition in the next two weeks. the national unity government can be formed within two months. he would then delegate powers to the vice president and no sign the regime will accept a deal. we begin with the president's plans for the we think. >> this week president obama delivers his much anticipated
7:31 pm
state of the union address. the prime time address will be partly a dew point for the middle class with specifics on job creation. on wednesday the president hits the road on a five-state tour making stops in cedar rapids, denver, detroit and las vegas. >> i'm barbara star at the pentagon. expect to see the signs of the defense spending budget coming out of the pentagon. we will begin to see so in military spending cuts over the next years. the biggest defense contractors will be watching very carefully to see what money they will get for what programs they have and how many jobs may have to be cut. >> i'm poppy harlow in new york. a slew of corporate earnings reports this week. ben bernanke will speak following the two-day meeting on
7:32 pm
wednesday and get the first reading of fourth quarter gdp and the latest new home sales data will come out as well as earnings from mcdonald's, apple, starbucks and a host of corporations and of course raul street will be all ears for the president's state of the union address. we will track it all on cnn money. >> here is what "showbiz tonight" is looking at. the oscars are out on tuesday. we will have reports from hollywood. "showbiz tonight" at sundance. we will talk about all the big stars and catch "showbiz tonight" exclusively at 11:00 eastern and pacific. >> up next, my conversation with ethyl and rory kennedy about a documentary on the life of robert kennedy's widow. totally . finds top performing stocks -- in three clicks. quickly scans the market for new trading ideas. it can even match options strategies to your goals and lets you see the potential risk and reward.
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robert f. kennedy's widow was in the fire storms of the 20th century and no shrinking violet. ethyl was made by her daughter, rory. i spoke with them about this look at living history. >> i found myself wanting to tell my mother's story about the she shared with daddy and the life she shared with us, her children. a personal story, but because
7:36 pm
her life was intertwined with history, more than that. there was just one problem. >> why should i have to answer all these questions? >> we are making a documentary about you. >> that's aed about idea. >> why did you think it was a bad idea, mrs. kennedy. >> roary is so much fun and so stimulating and so accomplish and so great. it should really be about her. >> did you have to watch your mouth or tongue or what you said? it's not like you are talking to me, a journalist and you are very outspoken and we love you for it, but did you have to watch your tongue? >> yes, i was extremely restrained. >> that was you being
7:37 pm
restrained? >> that was sarcasm. were you being sarcastic there? >> no. i tell the truth. >> rory, your story and your manager's family's story is taught in school as history. most people think they know everything that happened, but are there surprises in the documentary that people will find out when they watch? >> there were certainly surprises i found out that i didn't know about my mother. i didn't know she used to bet on horses in college every day, for example. >> we were standing in front of a roaring fireplace in the living room. >> what are did you think when you saw him? >> wow! pretty great. >> really? it wasn't love at first sight? >> it was. it was. we made a bet right away about who could get down the mountain faster. >> who won?
7:38 pm
>> i'm not going to tell you. >> rory, 95 minutes into the documentary, can you describe your mom -- i don't know if you can do it in a word or a sentence, your mom and the experience making this documentary with her. >> well, it's an experience i will say honestly it was challenging and hard, for the reasons i outlined, but it's really an experience that i will treasure for the rest of my life and feel like i gained so much in making this film. i had a huge appreciation of my mother going into it and deeper one coming out of it. i'm so grateful to my mother for giving me the gift of this experience and i'm really excited for it to -- it's at sundance now, but to come out in the world it will be on hbo this summer and i'm looking ford shareing it with a larger audience as well.
7:39 pm
>> how great jack was. if rory wanted to be president, she could. >> thank you. >> why do you say that? >> well, just because she's so great and qualified like several of her sisters. they will love to hear that. >> i'm not running for president. >> worry the utmost respect, mrs. kennedy, with this film, you said you had no agenda, but people like me and your daughter and many of us look to you for guidance. if you had words of wisdom for us and the world as you city and as a woman who has been having a huge in history, what do you say to us? >> i think it would be be kind to others and do whatever you can for our country. >> good advice, thank you, rory
7:40 pm
and mrs. kennedy. the documentary will ob hbo this summer. ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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will be giving away passafree copies of the alcoholism & addiction cure. to get yours, go to a new sfim raising eyebrows. if features of a woman who gets paid to have sex and she is not considered a prostitute. the story of cheryl cohen green,
7:43 pm
a sex server. >> many people told me i have never been with anybody who talks so hopely about sexuality. >> the 67-year-old grandmother of two engages in sex for money. nearly 40 years ago she became a sex surrogate and today she one of about 50 registered in the u.s. >> you are getting paid for sex. >> that are is a piece of it, but more we are doing communication and touching skills. it's a whole body. >> over the years, green said she has seen 950 clients. inside her berkeley home going from impotence and other disfunks to those coping with severe disabilities. >> in this 1996 documentary the late author and poet mark
7:44 pm
o'brien who suffered from childhood polio was desperate at age 36 to lose his virginity. >> she kissed me on the chest after intercourse and i felt my chest was very unattractive. >> this is where he talks with clients. she talks about their bodies and instructs them on how to conquer hang ups. the therapy sessions can include fondling to actual intercourse and range from to 2e7b segs and sometimes more. the american psychological association hasn't taken a position on the use of surrogates like this, but some experts think the practice is outrageous. >> you have a person holding themselves out to be an expert or authority figure engaging in an act that puts another person in a position of tremendous vulnerability. >> it goes both ways. >> this is a vulnerable session
7:45 pm
we shared. i had a mastectomy and reconstruction and had to introduce that to clients. >> her husband bob supports it. >> it doesn't bother me because i know what she is doing. >> he was a client in 1917 struggling from performance anxiety. >> for me it was life-changing. she provided a safe and secure environment where i calmed myself and my mind. >> the more comfortable people are with their sexuality, there is less fighting and they are happier people. >> she wants to feel as comfortable talking about sex as she does. cnn, berkeley, california. >> sex surrogates, cheryl cohen green will be a guest tuesday afternoon in the 2:00 hour. you won't want to miss it. next one of the wealthiest men you may never have heard of is supporting newt gingrich with millions of his own money.
7:46 pm
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all this week, cnn goes indepth on money and politics. one of the unregulated groups that are allowed to help candidates and are not affiliated with the campaign. a super pac picked up $5 million
7:49 pm
from one man. who is he and why is he backing newt gingrich? we are asking why for them to handout. >> this may be the wealthiest man you never heard of. he likes it that day. >> if you change the status quo, success will follow you like your shadow. >> he is the son of a boston cab whoa has risen to number 8 on the forbes 400. >> bigger is better. >> he founded and sold the trade show into a number of casino real estate deals and has an estimated net worth of $21.5 billion. why is he giving 5 mill billion of that to newt gingrich's presidential bid? >> we met in the mid 90s in a hall way and they since bonded. >> first bonded over israel where they pored tens of
7:50 pm
millions into charity. gingrich said this on jewish television last month. >> we're hospital invested palestinian people. >> politics are very public. >> for those of you who know me, you know that my political leanings are far to the right. at least on a scale of to ten, at least a six. until it was too liberal for me. >> here publishes hads own newspaper which backs conservative prime minister benjamin netanyahu and has become israel's most widely read paper. >> while perceived has inspired in backing him in a sense that they backed obama against mccain, that too is no secret.
7:51 pm
>> they shared distaste for the political power of labor unions. they poured money into the ads attacking pro union candidates and fought to keep his las vegas resorts nonunion. they are accompanied by armed guards even in a lawsuit with this employee. >> his health and politics makes security concerns understandable. during his union battles, someone vandalized his home writing dead jews in so many and during the construction of this casino, the worker's union apologized for a reading that saids should sheldon's wailing wall. he declined to speak and given more than $10 million to various national political campaigns mostly to republicans like gingrich, gush and sharon angle and donated to john kerry and harry reid. as for the donation to
7:52 pm
gingrich's pack, they said addleson hopes it will help his friend do well in the primary. las vegas, nevada. >> thank you. are you a baseball fan? can you put together a group of friends with a billion dollars? billion with a b. if so, you can join the frenzy to buy the los angeles dodgers. some of the big names already bidding.
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
one of baseball's most strd franchises is up for sale pitching to become the new owners. . >> the dodgers are crowded and los angeles is buzzing. >> it's impossible to explain. it's a valued franchise. it and the yankees are the two most famous in sport in america. >> the former cnn host said he's a player in the big group that includings dennis gilbert. there is a powerful magic johnson-led team and steve garvey leads another club and joe torre and rick caruso who masterminded the popular grove shopping center. former and much loved owner peter o mally is back in the skmunt then from billionaire
7:56 pm
boy's clubs and mark cuban and the hedge fund manager. the media bitters include time-warner cable, fox, and the disney family. nondisclosure vows have clouded a murky process. initial bids for frank mccourt and will be narrowed on monday. >> i think the dodgers will be really happy and in terms of fans, it will be a quick fix. it will look so good by comparison. >> hollywood seems to love bad news about mccourt. he lost $130 million to ex-wife jamie in a divorce trial and only after did he agree to sell the dodgers. in the end, mccourt's adversary bud selig will have final ark approval of the deal. >> there is a quality of people that is very, very good.
7:57 pm
>> excellent. how about the size of the funds. >> they better be rich. they could sell for up to $1.6 billion, shattering the record amount of almost $850 million paid for the cubs in 2009. they are bidding on fame and glory. the dodgers have not been to the world series since 1988 and the near deadly beating last year at giants stadium. >> we're want to make it cost-effective and bring it back to and make sure the culture from within the stadium is there. you cheer for your team and you accept the others. >> major league baseball said the eventual winner of the doernlg de dodger derby should emerge by the 30th. we want to check the weather. the severe weather system racing
7:58 pm
across the southeast. we have the details. >> we have a new tornado warning to tell you about right away. downtown memphis and indication of a tornado of west memphis. this is moving very, very quickly to the north and east and you need to take cover. you can see a live picture from wmctv. we have been seeing a lot of lightning. you have 10 minutes to get to the shelters. stories on going. >> hollywood executives are kicking hemz after several passed on the movie red tails. it's a hollywood rarity, an epic with black stars and no major white characters. it exceeded expectations, taking in more than $19 million. they told us how the air men won world war ii. they talked about the appeal to
7:59 pm
all audiences. >> this is really a fun classic popcorn movie for everyone. it's a family film. i think we are at a time in our lives where we really want more stories with inspiration, messages that will give them hope. we have been saturated with the films. no the to take away from them. we do enjoy them. everything is with vampires and killing and villains. i think we as humans really want to root for good guys and rule the world. >> that movie took in more than $19 million this weekend. that was anthony hemingway talking about his movie red tails. by the way you can see more of this interview on our blog. go to it's now official. it will be the new york giants against the new england patriots two week