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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 29, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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their efforts. i'm very, very proud to have that role, that ad hoc role for them. i'm very proud of my union. >> it has been a great pleasure. thank you very much indeed. that's all for us tonight.
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coverage of tuesday's florida republican primary. our special live coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern. coming up in less than a half an
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hour, tonight a challenge to tell the truth. you won't want to miss it. in other news tonight a massive pilep kills ten people. drivers were blinded by smoke from a brush fire in the predawn darkness on sunday. some stopped when they drove into the smoke. in an instant cars and trucks started smashing into each other. it happened near ganzville. steven said he got a second chance. >> no later than five seconds later we heard a crash from the back. and i guarantee you in no less than three seconds after we heard that the driver was under the semi truck. >> wow. >> that experience alone just really blew me and my friends' mind because we were talking to this guy and he is under a semi
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truck. after we sat there and we were going crazy, no later than ten seconds later we get hit by a car going at least 80 miles per hour on the interstate. it knocks us into the semi truck. >> the florida highway patrol had just opened i-75 when the collisions started. in oakland, california, city hall is trashed and hundreds under arrest after an occupy protest boiled over.
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police fired tear gas and smoke grenades into the rowdy crowd. they claim protesters hit them with bottles, rocks. occupiers tried unsuccessfully to take over a convention center. some of them trashed city hall, burning a flag, busting windows and spray painting walls. according to police they arrested as many as 400 demonstrators. in the nation's capitol police threw down an ultimatum, leave or you'll end up in hand cuffs. police put up a notice telling occupiers they can't camp out there anymore. >> i'm more than happy to go to jail as many times as they would like to take me to jail. everybody else here is in the same boat. >> starting around noon on monday officers may begin making arrests. we are keeping a close eye on
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the situation. four police officers in east haven connecticut arrested and charged with beating and arresting latinos in their community. a catholic priest is getting credit for bringing the problem out in public. cnn's national correspondent introduces us to father james manship. >> reporter: serving parishoners he takes from his office to the streets. >> it required a response. >> reporter: so respond he did. long before four east haven, connecticut police officers were indicted for targeting and arresting latinos, father manship picked up a camera to document alleged abuse in his own backyard.
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a store security camera was rolling in this latino conveneiance store when police saw police order that old decorative license plates be taken off the wall. >> i began to videotape what was going on and i was arrested. >> reporter: the camera kept rolling on police. >> i'm taking a video. what's going on here? >> reporter: the store's camera showed father manship being arrested and charged with disturbing the peace. the fbi used the video to help establish what the justice department called discriminatory policing of latinos. east haven's mayor who has been criticized for insensitive comments about the latino community says he stands behind the police department.
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the parishoners say they are blessed to have him speaking out. if it weren't for him, she says, we wouldn't know what toot do. he is the best. >> it is not for a few bad apples. this was a serious decultural issue within the police department. >> reporter: among latinos, fear of police remains rampant. >> because you are latino. >> my hope is that one day we'll have a police department in east haven that we can be proud of. >> reporter: the police who owns an engineering degree finds himself trying to put a stop to alleged racial profiling. only two days before florida's primary, one candidate is surging. who is he and what is he doing right? plus, what is making this girl twitch? there are about a dozen others
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he dacwill be giving away wpassafree copies of the alcoholism & addiction cure. to get yours, go to mitt romney is gaining back his breathing room in the latest numbers out of florida. the poll shows romney with a 15
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point lead over gingrich. two other polls released both show romney with an 11 point lead. gingrich doesn't seem to be taking it well. today he was basically calling romney a liar to any talk show that would listen. >> i was amazed. i'm standing next to a guy who is the most blatantsly dishonest answers i can remember in any presidential race in my lifetime. he would say thing after thing that wasn't true. i don't know how you debate a person with civility if they are prepared to say things that are plain false. >> i was talking earlier about the romney versus gingrich battle with a contributor to and senior writer at espn. i asked them what romney has been doing right lately. >> i had a huge complaint about mitt romney was that i couldn't believe he was man enough to
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stand up to newt gingrich. this week he has been man enough to stand up to newt gingrich. he has confronted him and taken him on and i think that has taken gingrich back. now mitt has rolled up his sleeves and gotten tough. >> i want to play something romney said about gingrich on the campaign trail today. >> if we fail somewhere, if we fail in a debate or fail to get the support of the people it is time to look in the mirror. my view is the reason newt gingrich has been having a hard time in florida is because people in florida have listened to said mitt romney is the guy we are going to support. >> are we watching newt gingrich implode? >> you got a couple of things going on. first is the political answer is mitt romney has outspent newt gingrich in florida. mitt romney whooped newt
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gingrich in the last two debates in florida. there are things going on politicly. there are surrogates winning the battles. this is following the pattern of the relationships. the longer you are exposed to newt gingrich, the less you like him. >> wow. i can't even believe you went there. >> and a conservative. he is not the only one because you heard what bob dole had to say. there are people up in the republican party saying the same thing or expressing the same sentiment that will just expressed there. >> absolutely. it is hilarious to see newt calling mitt romney a liar when he goes off on john king basically based on a lie. he knew full well that he did not offer abc those extra witnesses that he talks about and had to admit to his lie.
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he looks absolutely ridiculous. >> go ahead, will. >> on this lying thing, he is pointing to this and newt gingrich did it in a debate. there was at least four lies and i'm not going to spend the time rejecting the lies. he did it in the clip you said. i have a candidate lying consistently. he keeps using the word "liar." tell us the lis and tell us how they are false. you can't just call someone a liar and let it stick. you can't just do that over and over. >> another reminder for you. we will have complete coverage of tuesday's florida republican primary beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern. a live shot of miami there. coming up on cnn, canadian jury convicts three members of a family. that report right after the break. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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i want to check your international headlines right now. another violent day across syria is shown in this youtube video. a wounded protester shot by soldiers is dragged away. at least 64 people died in attacks sunday. nearly 100 on saturday.
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cnn cannot confirm those numbers nor the validity of the video. iran state media report nuclear inspectors have arrived for a two day look at the atomic program. they are concerned that iran is secretly building a nuclear weapon. the sanctions are aimed at cutting off funding for iran's nuclear program. another likely hero found in the wreckage of the italian cruise ship. the body identified as that as a bartender. she was found without a life jacket on. survivors had spoken about a bartender who gave her jacket to an elderly man who did survive. 15 people still unaccounted for. the verdict, guilty, for three afghan immigrants charged in so-called honor murders in
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canada. he, his wife and their 21-year-old son were convicted of killing the three daughters and the first wife in a polygamist marriage. paula newton has the details. >> reporter: this jury did not take long with this verdict. decided a little less than 15 hours. they had to look at four counts each of first degree murder. they decided guilty. now those three defendants will spend 25 years in prison without the possibility of parole. it is sending a mother, father and son, the brother of the girls in the car, basically taking that vehicle and ramming the family car into a 17-foot canal. inside three teenage girls. she was the first wife of
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mohammed. the first wife in a polygamist marriage. this family immigrated here from afghanistan. social workers have been to their home. they knew there was conflict in the family. what was really at the crux of this is the jury heard in multiple wire tap conversations was this whole question of honor. this the jury decided was an honor murder. the father made it very clear that these women had to go, that they were just shaming the family far too much and uttered things in the wire taps saying if they came back to life 100 times i would do it again. when you hear this on a wire tap, a man talking about his three teenage daughters, one being just 13 years old, many here tell me you can see a difference with the jury saying they were really emotional. again, these three people spending 25 years in prison
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without possibility of parole. many here in canada asking questions. this is a rare crime. it is not like this happens very often. at the same time people asking how can social service workers and teachers and principals to be more attuned to be sure this doesn't happen again. for many americans the word liar is already sinonms. with politicians. if you are going to call someone that you better be ready to back it up.
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now to the big stories in the week ahead. from the white house to switzerland our correspondents tell you what you need to know. we begin with the president's plans for the week. >> reporter: after a week of selling his state of the union priorities on the road, president obama will take his message online. on monday he'll answer questions on google plus, a live multi person video chat room. he'll host the president of the republic of georgia on that same day. president obama is not expected to travel this week. >> reporter: from the world economic forum in switzerland, back on wall street all eyes are on the january jobs report. it is our first look at jobs in 2012. also coming up this week the latest consumer confidence reading out on wednesday. we'll get earnings from amazon, ups and aol.
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we'll track it for you all week. >> reporter: show biz tonight has major star power this week. i go one-on-one with taylor armstrong. she is telling all about her alleged abuse nightmare. plus hollywood's most charming guy, neil patrick harris on life as a new dad. and tomorrow morning's weather. how is that going to effect your drive to work. cnn weather center with the travel forecast. >> wind has been the big weather story from santa anas in southern california to wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour across the great lakes. that is going to be the story once again as you head out the door tomorrow. the northeast you're probably wondering is this rain and snow going to linger for the morning commute? for the most part the answer is no. the winds coming behind it will continue to be an issue for all
10:29 pm
of the big cities across the northeast. the big picture that we look at for tomorrow is much quieter across about the southern 2/3 of the lower 48. the northern tier will remain open. some rain and snow across the pacific northwest. everybody else is looking sunny and warm. temperatures way above average. you probably don't need a coat. kansas city 64 degrees and 40s across parts of the north. let's hit it. the top five worst travel city said for your commute tomorrow morning. city number five we say new york city. it doesn't take much of a wind to cause delays especially at la guardia. we are expecting minor delays. city number four, seattle mostly for drivers. looking for rain and some low clouds and if you are trying to head out to the mountains you'll see some of that snow.
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miami, city number three, very blustery there. sunny and 77. the wind is really going to knock your socks off not to mention if you think you are going to try to get in the water the threat of rip currents is going to be really high. city number two, detroit, michigan, rain, snow and low clouds will hold you up at the airports and cause problems on the interstates. city number one, boston, massachusetts. this is primarily going to be at the airport because the winds will be very strong. we are talking about wind gusts around 30 miles per hour. if you are driving around be aware of that threat. >> enough to scare a lot of people, as well. thank you very much. time now for no ta"no talki points." perhaps the best place to sort it all out is by getting them into the same room on the same stage.
10:31 pm
i have an idea, a debate, where they can hash it out and explain themselves. one candidate in particular refuses to own up to the attacks he has been leveling against his strongest competitor about his finances. >> this is a nonsense question. how about if the four of us will talk about issues that relate to governing america. >> you made an issue of this this week when you said he lives in a world of bank accounts. >> wouldn't it be nice if people didn't make accusations somewhere else that they weren't willing to defend here. >> wolf blitzer gets an award for an excellent followup and mitt romney makes an excellent point. if you are going to accuse people of making negative claims about them then you have to be ready to back it up.
10:32 pm
>> i'm standing next to a guy who is the most blatantly dishonest answers i can remember in any presidential race. >> he came into the debate prepared to say things that are false. >> you cannot debate somebody who is dishonest. >> what kind of man would distort and deceive to win an election? this man would. >> he is basically calling mitt romney a liar. cnn conservative commentator, will cain. >> he keeps using the word, liar but he is not telling us the liars. tell us the lies and how they are false. it shouldn't just stick. >> the reason mr. gingrich is up on those debate stages is to answer questions and not to do this, deflect and push supporters to his website. >> i'm not going to spend the evening trying to chase governor
10:33 pm
romney's misinformation. i will have a new site by tomorrow. he said four things that are false. i don't want to waste the time on him. >> not that we are taking any sides but the truth is that sometimes when you repeat something over and over and over again people start to believe it. perception is reality. but it is not always the truth. perception is reality but it is not always the truth. however, it can become a catchy refrain. you want an example? >>. ♪ >> it may be cute and catchy but it is not the truth. newt is not taking over these streets. in all seriousness it is great that newt gingrich wants to focus on the issues. if he doesn't back up his claims it is just name calling and that is tonight's "no talking
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progress. police do not believe the killings were random. new developments in the case of a missing girl in maine. police say test results show that blood found in the home of ayla reynolds does belong to the girl. police say there is no evidence the girl was abducted and have cast doubt on stories told. it has been eight months since a monster tornado slammed joplin missouri. a hospital was heavily damaged and sunday demolition crews began tearing it down. a cross was taken to the hospital site about two miles away. demolition crews used a wrecking ball to tear down the hospital. now some highlights. tonight's 18th annual screen actor guild award "the help".
10:38 pm
the award for top cast of motion picture went to "the help," as well. betty white. outstanding tv cast went to "boardwalk empire" for the second year running. i asked george clooney why i didn't get to attend the sag awards. >> i kind of recognize this guy and young lady. i think it is george clooney. hello. >> i haven't stopped laughing. george is such a comedian. george clooney and his beautiful date. we are so thrilled to have you here with us. talking about the big night ahead. how thrilled are you? >> fabulously thrilled i am. i am a little disappointed that don couldn't make the show.
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>> reporter: what do you have to say about that? >> i'm very disappointed. i didn't get the invitation. >> it's in the mail. >> still never got it. moving on. hugh hefner says the lindsay lohan edition of playboy magazine could be the biggest selling issue ever. lohan was reportedly paid close to a million dollars to pose for playboy. it was the longest grand slam tennis final in history. it ended in the early hours of monday. after almost six hours world number one djokovic defeated spain's raphael nadal in five
10:40 pm
sets. up next a mystery illness in upstate new york causing students to have violent outbursts and uncontrollable twitches. nchl the drastic drop of home prices, christine romans reports on the crisis in the sunshine state site of tuesday's gop primary. >> reporter: home prices down $80,000 from the peak. orlando is a little worst. miami a little worse. imagine the value of your home cut in half limits your options. >> which is why when we heard the debate in jacksonville on thursday night those social issues didn't come into play that much. if you can get past newt gingrich and mitt romney sniping at each other it was all economic issues, even rick
10:41 pm
santorum wasn't doing that in florida. >> reporter: anybody who is going to cast a ballot on tuesday or general election will have housing baggage and jobs baggage. i talked to a real estate professor who said you not going to fix the housing crisis until you fix the jobs crisis. he said when he runs studies going back as long as we have data about housing, five years from now his best assumption is that home prices will be higher because the ingredients are there, record low mortgage rates, home prices that are so low. he said you have to clean out which is kind of a brutal term but clean out these foreclosures, people who have been blown out and start fresh. right now you have to delay in the cleanout because there is still the inventory of homes. >> you get the foreclosures. that's exactly right.
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now to a developing story. a mystery illness is plaguing the small community of luroy. at least 15 teenagers are displaying odd symptoms. doctors have diagnosed it as possibly conversion disorder. new developments may have revealed there is more to the story. earlier i spoke with doctor drew pensky. erin brockovich has gotten
10:45 pm
vauvled. what did she have to say to you? >> she has come up on information that is really stunning. i like that we are looking under every stone to try to see if we can understand what happened. even if there is not a direct relationship with what we uncover with erin brockovich, the fact is what we have uncovered i can only describe has an environmental disaster. she found out in the early 70s there was a train derailment where thousands of gallons of trichloroethylene was spilled into the ground right there just a few miles from that school. she discovered that there were actual bed rock samples showing a plume of this potentially carcinogen compound heading towards the high school. we have sent a team up there.
10:46 pm
what you are going to see on monday night is just astonishing. they went to the site of the train derailment and found the site where they were supposed to manage all of these toxic chemicals has itself become almost a toxic spill of its own. it is as though the remediation site is a toxic site. we are on this and trying to understand where and what these girls might have been exposed to and what this community might be facing. >> i want you to talk about this conversion disorder, it's still a huge problem when you look at the chemicals that were spilled here. let's talk about conversion disorder, dr.drew. it could be conversion disorder but we don't know until the testing is done.
10:47 pm
i have people writing to me saying i don't think it is conversion disorder. i think it is chemicals. what do you make from talking to the girls? >> i spent decades working in a psychiatric hospital. and my job was to make sure there wasn't a medical condition. you would be stunned how often i found medical conditions underlying the syndrome. in this particular situation it just felt like there was something organic going on. there are psychiatric symptoms. it is a way of the body expressing psychiatric or psychology symptoms through blindness, numbness, twitching. it is a physical manifestation unconscious of an emotional event. it does happen. it is called a mass his teria. there may be a component of this
10:48 pm
in leroy. you don't want to say everyone has that until you have categorically ruled out. erin brockovich stepped up and we have uncovered things that are astonishing even if it is not directly related to what these girls have. >> new details about the findings in the town of leroy. every night 9:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. meet dr. james scott. he sees a racial divide in america. it is part of what matters in america tonight.
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10:51 pm
often you can't see what really matters in life. take the case of dr. james scott in atlanta. from outside appearances he looks like any other white doctor. he is not white. he talks about it with assistant professor of africana stories.
10:52 pm
>> i have been in situations where people perceived me perhaps as white. i never passed. i never denied who i was but i didn't always go around advertising. i was myself. >> how do you identify? >> i'm an appalachian african american. >> so your father is african american. your mother is european american. >> my father who was a graduate of howard university, an army man, was very powerful force in my life. my dad pretty much subscribed to the thought of the one drop rule. we were raised african american and proud of it. growing up people may not have initially realized i was african american. one time i was with my cousins and my cousins came in a variety of skin tones from brown to
10:53 pm
black. we were playing maybe touch football. there were these two white men standing and looking at us. one says come over here, fellow. i want to meet you. i said hello. he goes let me hold your hand. he grabbed my hand and goes what are you doing playing with those -- a white boy like you shouldn't be playing with those. why don't you come on? and i looked at him. he was a big guy. and i kicked him in his knee. i kicked him in his knee and said don't you call my cousins that. i was brought up to be proud to be black and that racism existed. but it's not an excuse for weakness or cowering. it's something that makes you stronger. when i was admitted into my program, my specialty, i can
10:54 pm
remember there were a couple of times it was quite painful. i had a few professors use the n word. >> in class? >> in the operating room. i also was around african americans who made horrible racist remarks about whites. and this racism on both sides of the spectrum. it is so much more important to have a sense of self worth and identity of who you are inside and not be classified by the way that others look at you. >> having to write for the one job project has inspired me to search my own family history. you can read my latest posting on america. it is on's home page right now. let me know what you think. one week away from the super bowl and the question is being
10:55 pm
asked, is football too dangerous a support. doctor sanjay gupta and former player join me to talk about the dangers of concussions. ... scientists, technicians, engineers, machinists... ... adding nearly 400 billion dollars to our economy... we're at work providing power to almost a quarter of our homes and businesses... ... and giving us cleaner rides to work and school... and tomorrow, we could do even more. cleaner, domestic, abundant and creating jobs now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power, today. learn more at on my journey across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico.
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10:58 pm
one survivor called it horrendous. a highway patrol had just reopened the interstate. in canada an afghan family, he, his wife and 21-year-old son have been convicted of murdering these three women. investigators say the three conducted so-called honor murders to punish the victims for being rebellious and westernized. cnn has spent more than a year investigating the dangers of concussions in sports. coming up at the top of the hour we will bring you big hits, broken dreams. earlier i spoke with doctor gupta and former nfl player campbell about the dangers of playing football. >> let's talk about the dangers. is it more dangerous than people think? after all, it's sports. it's football. you're hitting. >> it's a violent sport. it is always going to be that
10:59 pm
way, i think. there are two things. two things i'll share with you quickly. if you have a concussion and you get a second concussion while the first one is healing you turn a bad situation into potentially a catastrophic situation. if you had a bruise and then you hit it in the same spot it hurts more. think of your brain the same way. inflame skpd swollen. it will heal. if it gets a second hit it is a bad situation. those 650 hits a season when we dissected a season of a high school football team we found the vast majority of those occur in practice. no question these players have to learn skills and some does involve hitting. so much can be dialled back as they are starting to do in states like north carolina. >> if you had a teenage son would you let him play high school football? >> no. i'm very conscious about how i feel today. if he did deci