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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 30, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> i just sa you perform and all i could think was, how does she do that in those stillettos? >> well, i've been doing it a long time in high heels, since, i don't know, 13. ♪ >> what's the best part about being tori a mrks oramos? >> the great thing is being able to be in my late 40s now, and i do feel it now. >> you're looking great. >> you're very kind, but i see it and i feel it. when you're 48, you're thinking, i'm a classic car now. it's okay that my leather is kind of torn and there is a bash on my left bumper and, you know, the front is sagging. that's fine. i'm a classic car, and i
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don't -- i can't keep up with the new 2012 whatever they are -- >> model. >> -- model. [ applause ] >> and then right at the end of the interview, the crew started breaking down the equipment, but not fully. the camera was still rolling and tori amos gave me advice. and you know what, this is a piece of advice that could apply to any of us. take a listen. >> as you get older -- >> i'm listening very intently. >> -- don't you capitulate into that thinking. just step into your grace. you know, the youngsters don't have what you bring which is an
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awareness, a knowledge. please, hold that head up high and just know you can't be 27 and be a great queen. >> advice from tori amos, ladies and gentlemen! i'm not exactly 27, i'm a little older than that, but step into your grief? who says that. tori amos does. as always, we'll put the tor tori amos music up. the brooke blog is top of the hour. now this. here we go, our two live from beautiful tampa, florida. the skyline over my shoulder. i'm brooke baldwin. day before the big republican primary here in florida. couple stories we're watching. first, newt gingrich says he is in it for the long haul. also the senate today taking up insider trading and occupy
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protesters scanned their ground. time to play reporter roulette. we want to go to joe johns who is not too far from me in tampa covering the newt gingrich campaign. as i understand, you just caught up with the candidate and one of his major supporters. what did they say? >> well, interesting, i just talked to him a little while ago, newt gingrich, and i got to tell you, brooke, the big question for the former speaker of the house is, what are you going to do once you get out of florida? there's been a lot of talk here on this day about how he didn't seem to have an answer as all the attacks of the romney campaign came from just a variety of sources, from television ads, from sort of a lackluster appearance in the debate, from a newspaper ad, from surrogates of mitt romney just showing up at media events. so when i spoke to newt gingrich a little while ago in tampa, i asked him, what do you do going forward? let's listen.
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if you didn't have an answer when the romney campaign sort of did the full court press, the carpet bombing. what's your answer going to be when you move from flor sflida? >> we're going to tell the truth much more explicitly and much more aggressively. flatly, the leading left wing billionaire in the world said to the europeans, look, romney and obama are the same people. >> the oth >> reporter: another big issue is that of surrogate. the romney campaign has so many different individuals who can go around and talk about their candidate, and newt gingrich not so much. herman cain, you remember him from not too long ago, he has now endorsed newt gingrich, and he says he is going to go out and make the case for newt gingrich when newt gingrich isn't there. so looking down the road, they hope it's going to be a little
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bit different. we'll see, brooke. >> yeah, by the looks of these last couple of polls with mitt romney in the lead by double digits. we'll have to see how, if at all, newt gingrich changes his message and his narrative moving forward. joe johns, i appreciate it, with me in tampa, florida. next on reporter roulette i want to take you to washington where we have senior correspondent dana bash standing by on capitol hill. the senate is considering this bill where it would make it illegal for staff to make insider trades. this is something we talk about on the show, but i think a lot of americans are actually sitting there thinking, hello, how is this not illegal already? >> exactly. and you talk to some members of congress, they will tell you they believe it actually is technically illegal already, but the problem is there is a perception that members of congress are exempt from this insider trading law. what this effectively is is trying to make sure members of congress who get information that is not available to the
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public because they're in hearings, because they get briefings and that they don't take that information and personally buy and sell stock for profit for themselves. i talked to someone who was involved in writing this legislation who said the issue really is that the fcc can really only prosecute people who have a duty to report or have a duty to not use this insider trading information, and it's not entirely clear in the law that members of congress have that duty. so this legislation will just make it abundantly clear, again, just to make it clear to the american people that congress isn't held to a different standard than anybody else. >> and this is something that we heard from president obama. he made this point as well during the state of the union, did he not? >> he did. he said, send this to me and i will sign it tomorrow. look, this is kind of a gimme when you talk about what congress can and can't do in an election year. in fact, scott brown, he is a republican senator from massachusetts, is in a tight reelection campaign to keep his seat. he actually mentioned this
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because he's a co-sponsor of the legislation and the senate, to the president during the state of the union. actually, after it. listen to what happened. >> i'm going to tell him to get it done. >> you hear scott brown saying to the president, i want you to get harry reid, the senate democratic leader, to get this on the floor soon, and the president saying, i'm going to get it done. that is absolute gold for someone like scott brown because he is running against a consumer advocate that's pretty well know known, elizabeth warren. they want their first legislation out of the gate, democrats and republicans, to show they get it. they're going to try to explain or prove that they are going to, again, be held to a different standard or the same standard that most people are. >> well, the president says we'll get it done. i just remember them doing their
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homework the last time and they couldn't get enough co-sponsors, so perhaps that will change. thank you so much. >> you think it will. reporter roulette, some tense moments between occupy protesters and washington, d.c. police. next on reporter roulette, we have brian todd in washington. brian, do me a favor. set the scene, tell me what's happening right now. >> well, brooke, it has been one of the most active days here. check out this statue here. this is james mcpherson, a civil war hero. they pulled a large tarp over his statue. you can see his head poking out. they've done a lot of dancing and chanting here. the police have not moved in yet, but they said they will do that if they don't get compliance with an ordinance that they're trying to enforce, and that is an ordinance against
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camping out here. the national park service has been under pressure from the d.c. government and from some members of congress to start enforcing that ordinance, and what they want to do, as we walk over here, we'll show you some of the tents. they want to get people to remove bedding, some personal items, anything indicating they're going to be staying all night. police have said they have had compliance in this. they haven't had to move in and take down tents or anything like that, they haven't had to make any mass arrests yet, but they are threatening to target some people if they keep those items here and do not comply with it. so we're waiting to see if that happens. again, there have been some minor confrontations with police, basically protesters just kind of yelling at them and the police not doing anything yet. but come nightfall if people come back here and try to sleep here, brooke, you might see some trouble and you might see some arrests. >> brian, what about this video? it surfaced on youtube about this occupy protester being
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hazed. what do you know about that? >> that happened on sunday night. one of the protesters went around taking down letters that the park service had posted. when he did that, the park service police moved in. he said he had done nothing wrong but there was a confrontation and they put taser on him. we hear he's in custody, we don't know if he's charged with anything yet, but he is in custody. that boiled into today when people contacted the police. >> just a couple blocks from the white house. brian, thank you. that's your reporter roulette here on this monday. coming up next, tragedy on the highway. we are now learning what caused a series of deadly crashes, and i'll be speaking live with one survivor who says it felt like the world was ending. look at this. also this. >> my body is sore.
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sometimes it feels like needles and i'm twitching so much. >> nobody can figure out why a dozen teenagers all from the same school suddenly began twitching. dr. drew skroinz me live with new developments in this medical mystery and new fallout today in the racial profile case in connecticut involving several police officers. stay right there. live show, tampa, florida. so what do you think? basic.
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and now you're about to see it, rapid fire. beginning with this canadian family here convicted of murdering four family members to uphold the family honor plans to appeal. a judge sentenced them to a life in prison, chance for parole after 20 years. in 2009 he killed his daughters for being too westernized and his first wife. a draft resolution calling for assad to leave a midst the crackdown on protesters there. youtube video shows the bombardment of a neighborhood in homes today. we have to point out cnn cannot
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affirmatively point out video in the shot, but there has been a crackdown there since march. a senior u.s. official tells cnn that jessica buchanan, who was held by somali kidnappers for three months, is now on a commercial flight all the way back home to the u.s. from italy. another u.s. hostage was rescued last week by special forces. the police chief in new haven, connecticut is retiring. federal authorities arrested four officers under chief gallow for unrest on the latino community. but he made a comment about this situation. >> what are you doing for the latino community today? >> i might have tacos when i go home. i'm not quite sure yet.
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>> since saying that, the mayor has apologized. the chief of police officially leaves february 3rd. interstate 75 in central florida is back open after smoke smokey conditions made it near impossible to see, and ten crash people were killed as a result of crashes. steven is on the phone with me. i first want to ask how are you physically? i understand you had some stitches, scratched up a bit? >> caller: yeah. right now physically i'm just a little sore and i've got some stitches in my leg. other than that, i'm doing pretty good. >> steven, as we look at the aftermath of this wreckage here. set the scene for me. i understand you were on your way back to gainesville, you're
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in the passenger seat of a car, traffic is at a total standstill. how bad was the smoke at the time? >> oh, the smoke was very thick. you couldn't see anything. i think i heard it best when i heard if you put your hand in front of you, you wouldn't be able to see it. you were completely blinded out there. you couldn't see a thing. >> wow, you couldn't see your hand in front of you let alone drif. you end up talking to a driver nearby and then, wham. >> my friend james, he was the driver. he was talking to them and i tried to get involved in conversation. once he leaned over, we all went into the back of the semi truck. >> right in front of your very eyes. what happened to your car, what
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happened to you? were you able to help at all or did you feel entirely helpless. . we were, you know, kind of jolted out of the way a little bit to one outside and we were able to get back into the car & just like -- not really sit back but try to keep ourselves in shape. >> just looking at these pieces of mangled metal. i can't imagine having sat there and witnessed these crashes having right in front of your eyes. we wish you the best and haeal quickly. it is a state that could go either way in november, a state that could decide an election. right here, we're in florida. it is coming down to the wire. voters will decide which republican is best suited to take on president obama come
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november. join me next, the man who knows these voters very well. bill mccullough tells me why he supports newt gingrich, next. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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i spoke last hour with a woman by the name of andrea sol. she's a press secretary for the romney campaign, and now i want to bring in from orlando former congressman and state attorney general bill mccullum. he is touring the primary here in florida. thanks for coming o. >> glad to be with you. >> we had heard newt gingrich is
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saying things against him. let's hear romney talk about newt gingrich. >> in 1994, he came in and after four years, he had to resign in disgrace. and he did not serve our party -- by the way, at the time he had left the speakership, his approval rating was 18%. it did not work out so well. >> question to you, bill mccullum. you were there when newt gingrich served as speaker. what did mitt romney just say that was false? >> well, he said that the speaker resigned in disgrace, and he said things that just weren't true when i was there. the problem is romney wants to deflect from the real issues of the campaign, his own record in michigan and so on. i believe he's not as conservative as newt on some issues, so he's attacking him on a personal basis. i served with newt gingrich. i was there in leadership with him in the 1980s. i was there for his election in
12:23 pm
1994 and was in his district as much as he was campaigning. i tell you we would not have won in 1994 without him and his vision, we would not have won welfare reform and the balanced budget without newt gingrich, he was the force, and when he won, he was attacked by his opponent in 1994 with 84 ethics charges which all were found to not be true. newt gingrich took a reprimand to get rid of it after three years because it wasn't ethically balanced, equal number of republicans to democrats, and it was beginning to fester, so he said, i'll take a reprimand for a very minor count. that's one that said my counsel didn't record things when he was supposed to -- >> let me interrupt.
12:24 pm
you said he didn't resign in disgrace. how would characterize his departure. >> after all the ethics were off the table and it was resolved, he concluded that it wasn't fair for him to continue after we didn't succeed as we should have in the 1994 election. he would have won again, i'm confident. the majority would have liked him to stay. someone like bob dole whom i respect a lot. bob is this steady as you go guy, and he doesn't like the shake it up method of gingrich, which is what we need right now. we need a bold plan for reducing the taxes and getting the economy going again. that shake-up that newt has is what we need. >> i know the gingrich folks are complaining about romney's truthfulness, but a partial observer might say the gingrich campaign left south carolina with a huge jolt of momentum, that was a huge, huge win for
12:25 pm
them, but now it's flat out getting hustled and outplayed here in florida. what do you say to that? >> first of all, we were 4-1 to a bunch of attack ads, several more that aren't true, but we're doing rather well right now. romney was up 25 points a couple weeks ago, then gingrich was up, then romney went up 8 or 10 points, maybe 10. the poll that i saw last night said that romney was only up 5 points and that we're gaining momentum after cain endorsed. so with perry and cain and michael reagan going around the state today with newt, because newt is the reining republican legacy in this race. i think we have a good chance of winning tomorrow, i think it will be a very close race, we may very well prevail because people are beginning to take notice to the fact that it is newt gingrich who is stronger on
12:26 pm
these issues who could better beat obama. mitt romney's romneycare is very similar to obamacare, and i don't know how he takes on the president like we can do. >> you looked at the last couple polls, mitt romney subpoena by double digits but it's 14, 15%, one out of four voters undecided. ron paul is running last, and we know he's certainly tending to family issues. and rick santorum is taking care of his little daughter bella. do you think rick santorum will drop out? >> i think newt gingrich will go on to become the winning party whether he wins in tampa or not. we'll wait and see on that score, but regardless, after
12:27 pm
tomorrow, logicthere will still- >> but what about rick santorum? that was the question. >> rick santorum is a factor in this race. if he weren't in it, we would clearly be beating romney right now. i don't believe rick is a player for the long haul at all. i don't know how long he stays in it. he's a friend, i know him well. but i think a vote for rick is one that's wasted at this point. when we get that clear choice, and we're beginning to get a race between two people, and thaib what the voters of florida are looking for tomorrow, we'll certainly get it the next couple of elections. then we may have super tuesday with a very high percentage of delegates being chosen that day, and george is one of them with 50 delegates. there are a number of other favorable states to the gingrich campaign coming up after florida. >> senator mccollum, i appreciate it, live in orlando. that's where the gingrich
12:28 pm
headquarters will be tomorrow night and where you are hoping to have a victory party. coming up next, is mitt romney reaching deep into his playbook way before he plans to just to beat the guy we were just talking about, to beat newt gingrich? and is gingrich actually making romney more electable to conservatives? we answer that question when we come back live from florida.
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back here live from tampa, florida. why are we in florida? no, it's not just because of this beautiful backdrop, it's because florida's republican primary is tomorrow. i want to show you yet another poll here. this one shows mitt romney with a double digit lead over newt gingrich. take a look at the numbers. romney 43%, gingrich 29. ron paul, rick santorum sharing 11%. i want to bring in gloria borger, our chief political analyst. we talk about south carolina, blew the doors off there, comes
12:32 pm
into florida, loses somewhat. >> mitt romney sort of came out the other end like superman. he's gone on the attack and we really haven't seen that before. he spent four times as much money in the state as newt gingrich. so i think what the romney campaign has been trying to do, and they've done very effectively, is when you talk about the campaign, they said newt gingrich has a long buy biograp biography. people don't know about it because it happened in the '90s. what they've been trying to do is fill in the blanks about newt gingrich as speaker, newt gingrich when he left the speakership, and they think they're having a great deal of success in telling people, you know what, the word they're using is erratic, that he's unreliable, not dependable, and that's not what a lot of republicans want to hear.
12:33 pm
so their message is clearly getting through. >> so far it seems, just looking at some of the numbers from the absentee ballots and public opinion polls, romney is ahead. even though it's looking good for romney here in florida, there are still some national polls that show romney would have some work to do in the general election. >> if you look at romney with unfavorable ratings with independent voters since the start of these primaries, that number has decreased by 20 points. because, of course, in a republican primary, you kind of run to your right. independent voters are looking at it, they looked at the debates, and they didn't like what they saw. so what you're going to have to see from mitt romney if he is the nominee heading into a general election, he's going to have to do some bobbing and
12:34 pm
weaving there to kind of get back in the middle. as you know, newt gingrich said he's going to be there for the long haul, so don't expect this to be over soon. i think he really is going to continue. >> i was just talking to bill mccall. he's the chair of newt gingrich's campaign down here. he was basically saying, i don't know how long rick santorum will be in the race? he's taking away votes for my campaign. >> that's not necessarily true. they don't all go to voters. some of that would be something that gingrich's campaign doesn't want to believe, that tsantorum would have a natural home in newt gingrich. santorum voters may decide, we really like santorum, we like
12:35 pm
his values, but in the end, they want to go with somebody who has some -- he does much better against senator obama than newt gingrich. so they might go for mitt romney. how come i'm in miami and you're in florida. >> talk to you tomorrow. meantime, you're about to meet a guy who touches a voice. here's cnn's netflix. >> what you see is not going to taste like that. it's going to taste like that in the beginning, but while you're eating it, it's just going to change flavors. what's going on over there at first glance seems kind of playful and fun. but there is a whole new world of astronomy that we're opening
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ayla reynolds is just 20 months old. her family has been sick over the past month because her
12:40 pm
family just don't know where she is. there has been a breakthrough, however. police say they found ayla's blood in the home that she disappeared from. ayla's grandfather blames ayla's father for the night she went missing. >> every day is hard. every day is hard not knowing where she is. i want somebody in that family to have the guts to come up and tell the state police who has her or where she is so we can bring her home. >> cnn legal analyst sunny hostin is on the case. sunny, i mentioned, blood was found, but it's important to point out police say the blood is much more than what would be produced from a small cut. how bad does this make her father look? >> certainly it doesn't make him look good. the bottom line is this is
12:41 pm
information that the investigators already knew. this isn't necessarily new information for the investigators. it is new information for all of us. and clearly they are now releasing some of that information because they need the public's help, because quite frankly, the story that he has given to the investigators just doesn't make sense. i will tell you, brooke, statistically it doesn't make sense because small children, child abductions from the home, stranger abductions, very, very rare. very, very rare. the fact that the story is coming from the father and his family is that there were three adults, two children, including baby ayla, in the home that night and nobody heard anything, and while they were home this child was taken and abducted from the home and just vanished into thin air really just doesn't make sense. >> so you point out the reason we're learning about the blood now, police knew about it. they're releasing it to us so
12:42 pm
hopefully someone can call in and help, provide information. do you know as far as how much blood or where the blood was found specifically? >> we're not being told where the blood has been found. there are reports the blood was found in the basement. we know that baby ayla's father lived in the basement and slept in the basement with his girlfriend and his girlfriend's son, but we haven't confirmed that. and we don't know exactly how much blood other than what's been reported, which is more than a cut. which, of course, doesn't look good. i want to remind our viewers also that when little baby ayla was in her father's care, she wore a soft cast on her arm. many people were saying she was with her mother for 18 months, the mother went to rehab and the little girl went to her father. there was no case of child abuse with her mother, but now the baby did get hurt on the father's watch. so we're wondering if this was a case of child abuse or
12:43 pm
abduction, we're just not sure. but some of the information from the investigation is now being released to the public because they need the public's help. >> they do. hopefully someone can call in and help. certainly that family wants their little girl back. sunny hostin on the case. thank you. sg >> thanks, brooke. not to alarm you but somebody needs to contact somebody because you're the fourth girl of the week to come in with us. >> this is a medical mystery. it is absolutely baffling doctors. more than a dozen teenagers at the same high schools are twitchinguncontrollabluncontrol. since no one seems to have the answers, erin brockovich is stepping in and tying it to the '70s, and perhaps the two have something to do with each other. dr. drew is going to join me next. one of the best things about state farm is our accessibility.
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heated elements in this medical mystery. this is out of a town called leroy. it's in new york, and at least 15 students are suffering from a strange illness that causes them to have uncontrollable twitching and outbursts. doctors are convinced they're suffering from something called a conversion order. it's basically a condition where people suffer blindness, paralysis, other nervous system symptoms usually brought about by stress, but the families involved here are questioning that diagnosis. ask now, famed environmental
12:47 pm
activist erin brockovich is getting involved, and she says a 1970 train derailment caused a dangerous chemical spill. she is conducting her very own investigation. brockovich and her team are trying to figure out if contamination from that spill could possibly be to blame for the girls' strange behavior. i wanted to bring in hln's drew penski. i know your team is in leroy. my first question, though, is in regard to these teenage girls, when did these symptoms first begin manifesting themselves, and what has your team found? >> what my team has found is kind of an elaborate story, and i want to remind people we'll be walking through it with erin at 9:00 because we're learning new information hour by hour. this started back in the summer, so one of the things we're looking for is one locality or one exposure these girls may
12:48 pm
have had, say, back in august. it's very complicated. let me just say the latest story is it's looking like these girls may be just the tip of the iceberg, that erin brockovich is getting hundreds and hundreds of testimonials in that vicinity with similar syndromes and outbreaks of cancer. so there is great concern about these trichloroethylene outbreaout dleaks that were brought about by that spill. >> what did they find? >> they found that rather than remediation, whoever tried to clean up this toxic spill -- and there's pictures alongside me right now -- with those drums you're seeing in the background, there is actually continuous exposure to toxic chemicals.
12:49 pm
you see how broken down they are. this site is itself a toxic dumping compound. it was supposed to have been a site that was cleaned up. instead it's a toxic dump. >> wow. so based upon, then, when you've heard from team brockovich, what you'll be talking about tonight, where do you fall? do you believe it could be connected to the spill? what do you think of the fact that some say this is a conversion disorder? what is it? >> well, that's the question we're trying to answer, and the girls are under the care of a good team. it's not as though their team is inadequate, they've just decided it's conversion. what happened with me, i spent 20 years working in a psychiatric hospital where one of my primary responsibilities was to evaluate psychiatric patients for any potential underlying medical conditions or medical conditions which could be contributed to or precipitating psychiatric symptoms. and you would be stunned how frequently i found bona fide medical conditions underneath. so that sort of made me wonder about these girls. then number two, i have a couple
12:50 pm
mothers coming to me and saying, you know, as a mom, i just have an instinct there's something more going on here. they're not saying, these doctors don't know what they're talking about, they're not listening to me. they're just moms saying, i have an instinct and i'd like to follow that instinct. i've of doing so, we've at least uncovered something else if not the very cause of what we're looking at here. >> so bizarre. as we were talking in the commercial break, more and more people are coming forward calling you and erin brokovich because of what you've discovered. we'll be watching tonight, you and erin on this bizarre medical mystery. dr. drew 9:00 p.m. eastern time on hln. we appreciate it. we'll be watching. and now this entire election season we have heard from older voters. we've heard from the younger voters, the democrats, the republican, but there's one left out group here. it's the pirates. >> arrrr.
12:51 pm
>> you're going to love this. involving pirates. who'd thunk. we're doing it live from tampa next. ♪ give your customers the added feeling of security a printed statement or receipt provides... ...with mail. it's good for your business. ♪ and even better for your customers. ♪ for safe and secure ways to stay connected, visit
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12:53 pm
live pictures. you're looking at dave and christina. we're working hard to bring you the show live from tampa. now, let's see, flip the camera around. we're talking political pop, pirate sal. we caught the pirate happen in front of the camera in front of me. when we arrived in tampa, i got in saturday night, we ran into these guys and gals, yep, pirates. it's the pirate festival. it's like mardi gras with pirates. full swing. eye patches, beads, cannons.
12:54 pm
we just couldn't resist asking a couple of these swash bucklers their thoughts on tomorrow's primary. >> i don't know, man. they're just not up to par what i expect. you would figure out of the entire u.s. we would have better choices than we have. but not seeing it. >> i hate politics. i really do. just going to tell you what you want to hear. i say we just start all over, get rid of all of them and do it the right way. just like the pirate way. >> i like romney. i like a lot of what he believes in. i think he's more of a moderate in the middle because i'm actually a democrat and i will probably vote democrat, but i've got to hear everything on both sides of the election. >> arrr. >> let's stay focused to the problems, not name-bashing. stop the commercials. >> mitt romney. >> i'm thinking i don't like any of them. i'm going to vote for a pirate.
12:55 pm
>> thank you very much for shooting that and braving the pirate crowds. pirates and politics, we thought we had to do it. now a couple minutes away from wolf blitzer who i'm sure is in atlanta getting ready for the primary coverage tomorrow night. hello, mr. blitzer. how are you? >> thank you very much. a lot coming up on "the situation room." all the florida primary news including my interview with john mccain who is supporting mitt romney, joe johns i should say, joe johns had a little interview with newt gingrich earlier in the day flt we'll play that for our viewers. they'll be anxious to hear what newt gingrich is saying on this day. he seems to be on the ropes here in florida. all that and plus all the news out of pakistan, egypt, big news day. all that. we miss you in atlanta. that's coming up. >> oh, it's nice to be in tampa though. i'm not complaining.
12:56 pm
wolf blitzer, thank you so much. coming up next we'll take you inside what police in oakland call the largest mass arrest in the city's history. [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation, not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪
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12:58 pm
i'll take you to oakland, california, where it appears the "occupy" movement might be gaining steam. confrontationtion between protesters and police turned violent this weekend. how about this number? 400. 400 people were arrested. protesters stormed a ymca and gained access to city hall. we have invited the mayor and members of city council to join us live but they have declined. the mayor told our the affiliate, kgo, there was no excuse for this kind of behavior. >> this time i think -- it's time for the occupy movement to take a stand on whether this behavior, this kind of behavior
12:59 pm
that has nothing to do with the 99% movement should be tolerated. >> forgive me, but the protesters tell a different story. >> it's a shame when all these thugs show up with all these weapons and want to start trouble, you know? the guys with the uniforms and the, you know, the masks and the guns and the poison sprays. i saw a lot of abuse of people and it was really unnecessary and kind of heartbreaking. seeing older ladies, children, it was just -- you know really a sad scene. >> oakland city hall re-opened this morning after employees cleaned up all the damage. the police say this is the largest mass arrest in the city's history. and just about to hand you over to wolf blitzer before i go a quick reminder, we're live in tampa, florida, this is the city that will be hosting the republican nationa