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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 3, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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into the river. finally, in memphis, students are gathering slightly worn shoes for people in haiti who are still recoveringing from a devastating earthquake two years ago. cnn "newsroom" continues with ashleigh banfield. it's 1:00 and we have quite an hour ahead. it's been a long time since the jobs report was characterized as amazing and fantastic. that's the number that was released by the labor department. employers added 243,000 positions last month and that's a whole lot more than anyone expected. and the jobless rate fell for the fifth month in a row.
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wall street is celebrating. ali velshi will join me in a few minutes. president obama is speaking at a fire engine in virginia and is calling for a payroll tax cut due to expire at the end of this month. he also wants to boost federal grants to local governments to hire veterans at first responders. >> over the past three years, my administration's made it possible to keep responders on the job and now communities that make a prir tea to recruit veterans will be among the first in line when it comes to getting help from the federal government. >> the jobless rate for recent
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vets stands much higher at 11%. four of the three gop presidential hopefuls are making last pitches in in nevada. mitt romney holds a commanding lead. newt gingrich and ron paul are stomping away and rick santorum is holding the nonbinding primary on tuesday. forget about what you heard about the susan b. komen cutting support of the planned parenthood foundation. that was yesterday's news. planned parenthood is being investigated by congress over the abortion services that make up the small proportion of its overall health care mission. and we are getting live pictures in from cairo. the protesters are very angry over this week's deadly soccer
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riot where they clashed with ministry police on wednesday. 79 people died and more than 1400 people were injured. in the meantime, another story there, two american tourists kidnapped in egypt's peninsula luckily are free this afternoon. israel has some very sharp words for iran. the defense ministry saying time is running out for iran to stop its nuclear program and u.s. officials are kind of worried that an attack by iran on israel could cause a broader conflict in that region. leon panetta has expressed its concern on israel's recent warnings. the tension went up in the aftermath of a nuclear watchdog agency reported in november that iran was likely developing nuclear weapons. if you're in colorado, wow, i'm sorry. you have quite a blizzard there. as much as two inches of snow
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every hour is expected in this storm and the winds, somewhere around 40 miles an hour. blowing snow making travel on the roads a real mess. 600 flights canceled from denver international airport. but the good news is, the national weather service says things are expected to get better by tomorrow. surprise, hiring ramped up in january. unemployment down. what does it all mean? ali velshi is breaking down the numbers coming up next. first, show, she fell and broke her leg and then lost consciousness. this little doggie, a schnauzer not only woke her up by licking her face, he brought her a telephone so she could call 911. not enough?
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years. and that also means ali velshi gets on the site to talk to me. i don't get it. all i hear is doom and gloom and then there is this. >> there has been a disconnect for consumers feeling more energized about the economy than the numbers would indicate. whether it's jobs or things like industrial production, all of it is looking much better than some people would have you think. just look at what has happened under this presidency. first of all, this is what we added in january. 243,000 jobs. i don't want to say forget the unemployment rate -- forget it. let's talk about how many jobs have been lost since president obama took office. 4.6 million jobs. 3.5 million jobs are now back. if we gain 130,000 jobs a month from now to election day, which
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is substantially under his presidency has been gained. that's the good news for the democrats. here's the bad news. 16.3 million people are still unemployed. >> you can't say it's a badge of honor i had unemployment office here because it was nasty. >> sure. it's hard to spin this positively but for republicans it's going to be tough to turn this around because they base many of their campaign notions on the fact that this administration is horrible at job creation. the fact is, it hasn't been. now, in fairness, i've never been one of these guys who identify jobs lost under a president with that president because there's a effect. >> you're really smart at this and i'm not. so when i hear these numbers i often think, what's that going to mean for the retail outlets? who is going to spend money who
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ultimately would end up -- >> there are two problems. these jobs are across the board. of the 243,000 jobs created, most were in the private sector. there are the right types of jobs across cross the board. people have lost money. people are not going to feel fully prosperous. >> i keep hearing experts like you and others saying, it doesn't matter what unemployment rate is, it doesn't matter until we can get the housing market turned around and stimulate it in some way -- >> yeah. we wasted many months in 2011 with this discussion about the national debt being the most important thing. it's actually -- you're right. jobs and housing are more important to getting us back on track than the other issues. look, interest rates are basically giving away loans. you can't get them necessarily but interest rates are as low as they have ever been. double-edged sword. >> i probably shouldn't tell the national audience this but i was telling you during the break, what is going on?
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i couldn't qualify for a re-fi because the appraisal came in low. he inspect d my appraisal and now my loan to value is shot. >> and there are a few comparisons because in a hot market you had comps. now the one person makes that move, they want to get out of their house, it brings the comps down and you can't get an appraisal. you would go back to the appraisal and say, we really need it to come in at "x," can you do that? >> you really shopped for appraisals. >> yes. and there's a system to eliminate fraud in the housing industry which led to the house crash but it makes it tough. >> you know, you should have a business show. >> i'm going to try. this weekend saturday at 1:00 p.m. sunday at 3:00. >> shameless, ali velshi. >> okay. a veteran that was denied
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benefits. explaining her story after the break. you always have homework, okay? i don't have homework today. it's what's right here is what is most important to me. it's beautiful. ♪ ♪
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she is a highly decorated 12-year army vet and she is suing over spousal benefits. she married someone named maggie cooper harris. you might notice, they are both women and in 2008 they got married in california when gay marriage was legal there. there are two federal laws, however, that define marriage as not between same sex people tracy has multiple sclerosis that the service service-related
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but yet she struggles for benefits. chris's son is also joining us. thank you both for agreeing to this do interview. i'm really, really interested in how this lawsuit is going to go forward. as i understand it, this is a constitutional issue and i'm actually going to start with you, christine, because your lawsuit, as i read the complaint, is going after the united states, eric holder, attorney general, and also the secretary of the veterans administration. i did not think that eric holder could be sued. i assume he's got immunity and that secretary has immunity as well. why do you think you can prevail here? >> because they are enforcing unconstitutional laws. and so as government officials enforcing unconstitutional laws, we are allowed to sue them to try to get a declaration that
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they south to enforce those laws. >> maybe you could run down for me, tracey, what exactly it is that you're being denied and what it is you are looking for in this sentence. >> sure, ashleigh, we are trying to obtain the same exact benefits that other spouses of disabled veterans are receiving. these benefits including burial benefits and survivor benefits for the widows or widow we are or spouse. they also include and grieve con selling and it's going to affect my wife, something that i want to take care of in preparing for the worst. those are things that we're talking about as far as benefits. >> so should you have to prepare
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for the reality end of life. your wife gets nothing? >> that is correct. >> and she can't be buried alongside of you in an official cemetery? >> that is correct. according to title 38, they consider spouses for federal purposes of the person of the opposite sex. so even though i am a veteran, i served for 12 years and i was honorably discharged and am receiving disability benefits from the veterans administration, they consider me a single spouse. so if something should happen to me, my wife will not be taken care of as a spouse of a similarly situated spouse of a veteran who has died.
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>> i notice your complaint here and you're suing under equal protection with alleged infringements but you're regarding the fifth amendment and equal protection -- i always have this constitution on my desk is a 14th amendment issue. i don't know if it was a typo but i assume it's not. why do you think that you can sue under the fifth amendment? >> it applies to the federal government and what it does is that p it imposes the same obligations of equal protection under the laws to the federal government. so it's the same principles of equal protection under the 14th amendment. >> that's interesting. tracy, i want to go back to something i just touched upon because also in the complaint you talk about having to make making end of life plans. how are you doing? how are you feeling and how is
10:19 am
everything for you right now? >> there are good days and bad days. with the good days and bad days, i'm fighting this disease but, you know, i'm also basically fighting for the benefits for my spouse. these are the same benefits, like i said before, that any other spouse of a third connect canned or disabled veteran would receive. we're not asking for anything more. we're just asking for the same benefits. >> i just want to read for our audience -- we reached out to the justice department for some reaction and comments on this and this is the statement that we were given. the department is reviewing the claims provided by miss cooper-harris. the executive branch has determined that section 3 of doma, the marriage act, is unconstitutional as applied to same-sex couples illegally married under state law. christine, does that mean that they are not going to fight for this? does this bode well for you? >> it does bode well for us.
10:20 am
the administration has said that they will not enforce doma but yet they are continuing to enforce it. so we are encouraged that the administration will continue to fight to overturn doma. >> well, to both of you, tracey cooper-harris and christine sun, we will anxiously wait to see what happens to not only your case but other cases challenging doma. thank you to you both. >> thank you. more than 100 dolphins are stranded on cape cod in just one month. we're going to take you live to where the rescue operations are taking place and also tell you if they have been successful till now would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye-care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. [ male announcer ] ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin
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and climbing. it is happening along this stretch of beaches on cape cod and things are backing so bad that rescuers are actually on capitol hill talking to congress about this problem. it's a story that is certainly considering its magnitude. a stranding coordinator with the international fund for animal welfare is dealing with the current rescue operations. he and his crew had to rush out this morning, as we look at these pictures, because they learned that ten more dolphins had been washed ashore. this is something that actually does happen every year. it's just never happened at this rate. and it never happens with this magnitude and they never have to bring out this many rescuers all at one time and it gets even more bizarre because the same species is actually washing up
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on the shore. that's unusual because while every year they have several dolphins that wash up, they are usually from different species. while you have recall of these scientists, they cannot figure out exactly what it is that is causing this many dolphins to do this. when we come back from the break, we'll take you live to the beach where people are trying to rescue dolphins currently and what they know from today's emergency. have 4s of whole grains... mmmm. ...and a touch of sweetness. you'll be delighted to discover how good they taste. get your free sample of quaker oatmeal squares on facebook.
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welcome back. i want to take you live now where brian sharp is standing by. he is a stranding coordinator with the international fund for animal welfare. going into the break, brian, i keyed up what is going on where you are. but i still am very confused as to what you think might be a foot with all of these dolphins, record numbers, in fact, washing up on the shores. >> that's hard to say, ashleigh. we've had four strands so far, one that occurred about 500 feet from us. we're still dealing with the situation that is deeply in this event and it's trying to figure out what is causing these strandings. we've performed necropsies on nine of these animals that have not made it and so now the
10:29 am
investigation begins. >> was there anything that led you to believe that there might be a lead? >> well, we have received reports from other agencies through aerial surveys and it's called a common dolphin in the area and so if we get large groups like that, chances are, you know, we're talking in the hundreds that we will get small groups and that's kind of what we've been seeing during this event. some days have been very large. our largest day we had over 50 animals. 100 days we may only get one animal. but it's been going on now for -- today is the 22nd day. we've been going since january 12. >> it's unbelievable when i look at these numbers. 116 stranded. 82 dead. 30 released. i'm seeing what you're wearing and you're suited up to be in the water. are they beaching themselves or are they swimming in shallow
10:30 am
water and you're just trying to herd them back out to deeper water? what are you all doing? >> well, it's a combination of all of those. we've had animals stranded over 25 to 30 miles of coastline. it ranges from like a harbor behind me where we have muddy surfaces to sandy surfaces. some are stranded in water that is two inches and some are stranded high and dry. some of this occurs during storms when the waves are 12 feet of water and six hours later that animal is high and dry. >> in the past years when the numbers have been so much less jarring, have you had any other indications where animals might give you an indication of what
10:31 am
is different this year? >> no. it's all been the same species. we have had strandings over longer periods of time that have involved -- that involves multiple species. but these -- all 116 have been common dolphins and happened over 22 days. so it's been very high and to put it in perspective, we typically will hit these numbers in about a year. we're hitting those numbers in about three weeks. so it's been incredibly fast. we have a staff of six biologists and a core of 350 employees. we've had some success, too. so while there have been deaths, we have about 66% success rate. so we have over 30 animals that we have been able to release out into the ocean. >> thank goodness to you.
10:32 am
i'm sending out good wishes to your team and hopefully the numbers can start reversing soon m brian thank you so much. ground zero for the unemployment crisis, how bad is mitt romney holding on to its lead after comments like this one. >> i care about americans and i'm concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net there. >> well, he's already admitted it was a mistake but is there a disconnect? has he reconnected? it's all "fair game" and it's coming up right after this break. they came to see us in florida... make that alabama... make that mississippi. the best part of the gulf is wherever you choose... and now is a great time to discover it. this year millions of people did. we set all kinds of records. next year we're out to do even better. so come on down to louisiana... florida... alabama... mississippi. we can't wait to see you. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home.
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not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪ well, tomorrow's showdown in nevada is fair game. that would mean that maria cardona is joining us from washington and gentry collins is also joining us. he also headed mitt romney's iowa campaign back in 2008.
10:34 am
all right, you two. here we go. christine romans, 1 in 75 properties in nevada is in foreclosure and unemployment in that rate is 12.6%. so how is it that anybody in nevada, conservative or not, can connect with mitt romney when he says something about disclosures to this effect. have a listen. >> let it run its course, put renters in them, let it turn around and come back up. >> ouch. gentry collins, here's what i think. i know republicans and really strong conservatives like the free market economy but i'm not so sure they like it when it applies to their home and they are underwater. how is this going to play in nevada? >> the polling evidence shows that it's playing quite well. look, this president has not been honest with the american
10:35 am
people. he said we can spend our way out of this and it's not worked. just 18% of the american people have an optimistic view about their economic future. this president has failed and american voters have failed about what it's going to take to get the economy back on track. >> i bet you the president after today's job numbers, i know they can be looked at two different ways. let me tell you about this statement, i don't care about the very poor. that's one very small sliver and he's coming out to say, hey, i talk a lot, you're killing me here. i've made a mistake. >> it was a misstatement. i misspoke. i said something that is similar to that but quite acceptable for a long time. you know when you do i don't know how many thousand of
10:36 am
interviews, you may get it wrong. i misspoke. >> what did you say? >> i said that my primary focus is on helping people get in the middle class and grow the middle class. >> man, there is just nothing like old fashion by politicians but maria, i'm going to put you on the hot seat here. you and your democrats are going to seize on it and explode it any way. are you? >> absolutely. it speaks to who mitt romney really is. look, this is not the first time that he has made quote unquote misstatements like this. when something like, i'm not concerned about the very poor rolls so easily off your tongue, just like i like to fire people, just like, i don't care about the 1500 dollar tax cut for middle class families.
10:37 am
>> but you know what, ashleeigh, you are not running for president. you probably could beat mitt romney. he doesn't understand who he needs to be speaking to. he is speaking to the 1%. that's why donald trump endorsed him yesterday. he is not speaking to the middle class families, working class families who are hurting. president obama is and that's why he's going to win this election. >> i don't know why i got into this fair game with you. there was no way that i was going to win. i love a good money story and this is the best. the casino magnet, sheldon, he and his wife spat off two really heavy checks, $10 million apiece to newt gingrich's campaign. newt gingrich did not do so well in florida. he didn't pull the momentum out
10:38 am
of florida that he did in south carolina. are they going to keep supporting him? is he going to be able to get the money he needs for the strategy that he says he's going to actually employ, which is is long haul, lots of delegates in a proportional base? >> well, i frankly don't think that he can. i don't think the february contest lined up well for newt gingrich. unless the super pacs have had extraordinary impact and success over the course of the contests but a super pac cannot replace the functions of a campaign. february looks to be a very tough month for newt gingrich. >> all right. one last question to you, maria, and that is, the mormon factor leading up to new hampshire and iowa. everybody said, boy, that's going to be his achilles heel. that's why it's not going to be excited about this candidate but
10:39 am
in nevada, not so much. it turns out the gop caucus story, 26% or more. it turned out to be a really great thing for him. >> it is. that's one of the things that makes the gop caucusgoers relate to him. i've never been one to think that his religion is going to be a big deal. what is a bigger deal is, look n. florida, yes, he won. when you put 13,000 ads up on the air and compared to what his opponents did, you might have a car against a bunch of lemons. it doesn't mean you're going to win the indy. >> maria, gent industry, boy, that is fair game. >> thanks, ashleigh. just a reminder, the nevada caucus is live here tomorrow at 6:00 eastern. this super bowl will be unlike any other with a super
10:40 am
system. from parking gripes to fast food reviews and restaurants, anything else you need? you're going to get instant feedback for the dos and don'ts around the stadium. it's a look at a high-tech first of its kind after this. and now for all of you football fanatics out there, what was the closest game in super bowl history? tweet the correct answer to cnnashleigh and i will tweet the first person that gets it right.
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10:42 am
i asked what was the closest game in super bowl history? the answer is the new york giants versus buffalo bills. you know what? i said linda ronstant and it is pat benetar. i am such a loser. okay. it was super bowl xxv. no super bowl game has gone into o.t. tim tebow, superstar. the broncos' quarterback will be watching, not playing. last hour on cnn, he taklked about the game, his christian
10:43 am
faith and why he thinks it draws so much attention from the fans and critics. >> i'm not sure. some of the teams that i played for, university of florida, denver broncos, i've had a lot of support and i'm very thankful for that. i'm thankful that i get to live my dream every day which has been a dream of mine to play in the nfl since i was 6 years old. >> we asked for a prediction and surprisingly he did not shy away from giving us an answer and my 4-year-old and 6-year-old boys will be happy because he said tom brady from the patriots will be very hard to beat. pretty much anything there in celebration mode to help them out in the host city, minneapolis has gone high-tech. there is a social media command
10:44 am
center. let me repeat that. there is a social media command center. apparently more than 20 people are monitoring their every online move and trying to assist them with their needs. so how does this command center work and how has it been going? first thing i thought of was it was not helpful. i thought creepy. >> i guess you could look at it that way. i guess what is amazing, this is the first time that it's ever been done. to have a social media central command on and to actually live on site in a 2800 square foot facility, which is notable in itself because that's a premium. we'll get back to the creepy. what is awesome, it works as a mini cnn "newsroom." they have producers on the ground with all of the audio and video feeds. they are grabbing content.
10:45 am
they are not only running the official super bowl twitter account but the facebook account all on site. they have an expectation to get 5,000 facebook and twitter followers, they have exceeded that. that's a question every two minutes. >> recognition or something when they say -- where can i get chicken wings? is it just the followers? >> they let me know last night at midnight for the first time ever they've provided this technology monitoring a 50-mile radius right around the stadium. so they can actually tag anything happening on the internet. >> everything's coming in. >> everything's coming in. >> so they have to hear you and me talking about our friday night together? >> they are now. >> this is nothing to talk about. but it is an odd thing and i'm
10:46 am
wondering if there's added value other than indianapolis being a lovely place, advertising, terror threats, what else? >> i think the super bowl alone in terms of social media, advertisers, listen, 111 million people are expected to watch the super bowl. 35 million will post their favorite ad to facebook. an average facebook user has 135 friends. the estimated value added for 3.5 and this will be the last time that you hear me say $3.5 million, that is a steal. >> here's the other thing, though. is anybody going to take this and say, you're getting in my grill. you're in my face. this is my privacy. it's sort of privacy, it sort of isn't? >> i think it's a come part mentalized when you talk about
10:47 am
privacy on facebook and twitter. because whatever you put out online is public any way. unless you're protecting your tweets, it's a whole other conversation. i think it's incredible that you can set up a 16-person staff and tap into this data. >> is 16 enough? >> and they have drawn on university journalists and that staff is about 40 or 50. >> is it enough, though? is that enough? are you going to be able to catch it all? >> i think the president will find out. >> i think you should join them. >> i would love to join them. >> thank you for bringing this to us. the super bowl is bigger than big. americans are going to eat more than one billion chicken wings. they are all about sunday. tickets are selling in the $4,000 range. 111 million viewers expected to
10:48 am
tune in and consumers will spend $11 billion on super bowl-related purchases. not all of those items are the real deal, though. these jerseys may look authentic but they are fake. part of the nationwide tweet that targeted stores and flea market vendors as well. the facebook stock has not hit the market yet but police say that did not stop a woman from trying to cash in and scam facebook fans on thousands of dollars. you will see her picture and hear her story. that is next. from ferrari to develop its suspension system? or what if we told you that ferrari borrowed technology from cadillac to develop its suspension system? magnetic ride control -- pioneered by cadillac, perfected in the 556-horsepower cts-v. we don't just make luxury cars. we make cadillacs.
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time to check top stories making news at street level. the keystone pipeline project back as a topic of debate on capitol hill. house democrats making hair case trying to back up president's decision to reject tracking that project. they lined up a whole bunch of witnesses who refuting claims by republicans that the keystone pipeline would actually create a major economic boom. now let's take you to the u.s./mexico border. immigration authorities busting a human smuggling ring with a twist. take a look at this picture. lord, it is a person in an engine block. immigration agents are estimating about 1,000 people were smuggled across the border just like this and just since 2010. five residents from los angeles
10:52 am
have been indicted. customs agents say the rick leaders specifically recruited black drivers who did not speak spanish to minimize their chances being flagged and getting caught. a second teacher is being removed from a los angeles elementary school just days after another school was charged with molesting 23 children. officials will only say the second teacher is under investigation after somebody made allegations. they are giving nothing else. no other details. that teacher has yet to be arrested or charged in this story. rhode island's capital city, providence. lovely place, but it is facing bankruptcy. according to wpri, providence will run out of money by june before the city's mayor warned that province faces a $22.5 million budget deficit and the mayor says major cuts will be necessary from retirees in the city's large tax exempt
10:53 am
institutions like hospitals and brown university. let's head west to san francisco where a federal court is refusing to release video of a landmark trial. it centers around proposition 8, california's ban on same-sex marriage. according to the "san francisco chronicle," the appeals court ruled to keep the tapes sealed since the trial judge promised prop 8 defenders the recordings would be used only in court. the media and gay rights groups were pushing for the tapes to be made public. this all comes as the ninth circuit weighs whether prop 8 is actually constitutional at all. and a woman in winnebago county, wisconsin, she was arrested for trying to cash in on facebook's highly anticipated plans to go public. wluk is reporting that maryann ollison sold fake facebook stock certificates for over four
10:54 am
months. she told people that she received a million dollars in stock as an being a quinn tans of facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. she faces three dozen charges if bill thinki bilking investors o $10 million. mitt romney is it the front-runner, but mute beginnne putting up a real feel. live report coming up. at liberty mutual, we know how much you count on your car,
10:55 am
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10:56 am
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10:57 am
23450u9 newt gingrich is speaking in las vegas, one of only two events today. he is still trailing mitt romney by a bucket load. jim acosta is live trailing the candidate, hanging on every word. and i keep wondering what those amazing jobs numbers, it's hard to spin them, is the candidate going to be trying to spin them
10:58 am
or do you have an idea of how his stump might change? >> reporter: you know, that's a very good question because all of these republican candidates will be faced with that question today. the economy appears to be moving in the right direction p the unemployment rate is dropping aboso the republicans will have to come up with a different kind of answer as opposed to everything that president obama is not working right now. we heard mitt romney put out a statement earlier this morning. he made comments out on the campaign trail earlier this morning where he said that if the president's policies were not in effect, the economy would be doing better. the recovery would be moving along in a better fashion. and right now newt beginning fwrich is on stage behind me, he's talking about how the country needs more than just a personality in the white house. how the fundamental change is needed in washington and he's presenting himself as this outsider who will shake up the establishment. saying just a few moments ago that the establishment will fight him tooth and nail if he gets into the white house. so the script will change somewhat today and we'll be watch ping for that today.
10:59 am
>> so the economy in that state is in the toilet. no other way to say it nicely. it is a disaster. and with mitt romney saying comments like let the foreclosures fail, i don't care about the poor, i think he was taken out of context, but a lot of people say he stepped in it and he steps in it a lot, why isn't newt gingrich able to capitalize on this? he's like 20 points behind in that state. >> reporter: yeah, he is capitalizing on it, trying to. i don't know if it will be enough to make it up the ground that he needs to make up here in nevada. but in just the last couple of days, newt beginnigin gingrich santor santorum zeroed in on these comments and last night mitt romney said he misspoke, that he would like to have those comments back. but that won't do it because earlier this morning, rick santorum was saying this is not just a gaffe, will is an trail of republican values. they would like to see all of
11:00 am
the very pure to oor to be lift. gingrich made comments similar to that yesterday. so this is very much part of the santorum and gingrich playbook no matter what happens here in in nevada. >> well, you've got your work cut out for you because it's getting a little excited behind you, so i'll let you tap back in it into what newt gingrich is saying. we'll continue to watch it. thanks so much. i have had just a riot filling in for randi kaye today. really appreciate the opportunity. i'm ashleigh banfield. and do you know who i love? don wllemon. >> have a great weekend. thank you so much. brooke is off today. let's catch you up on everything making news this hour. rapid fire. let's go. this is where we start. one of the country's most successful charities bows to the backlash. susan g company men fchlt ko cm
11:01 am
planned participan planned parenthood back on the list. they wanted to dump them because they were contesting whether they used tax dollars for abortions. details to come. folks across the central u.s. bracing for a rough weekend. the region is getting pounded by a major storm. colorado getting the worst of if it, 40-mile-per-hour winds. and more than a foot of snow expected by tomorrow. we warned you. parts of the state, under blizzard and avalanche warnings. schools are closed and hundreds of flights are canceled. if you haven't heard it by now, let's me give you the first to give you some good news finally. the january jobs report is out and the unemployment rate has fallen to 8.3%. 243,000 jobs were added in january. hiring sun, firing is down. the improvement surprised the
11:02 am
experts who had expected a slight uptick in the unemployment rate. of course president obama chimed in on the jobs numbers during a stop at a fire station in arlington, virginia. here he is. >> these numbers will go up and down in the coming months. and they're still far too many americans who need a job or need a job that pays better than the one they have now. but the economy is growing stronger. the recovery is speeding up. and we've got to do everything in our power to keep it going. >> we take you overseas where there is drama in egypt. we're getting word that two american tourists kid of napped in the sinai peninsula are now free. and we're told the kidnappers in exchange for the release of the americans demanded that some detainees be freed by the egyptian government. not clear whether that deal happened. we'll check on it. the family of a girl orphaned sunday speaks to cnn. she lost her mother, her father,
11:03 am
her sister, an aufnkle after sme from a brush fire triggered the krarn crashes. acce seven others killed. her aunt recalls the 15-year-old girl's reaction while in the hospital. >> on monday when she's awake, she asked where's mom, where am i. where's daddy. what are we doing here. where is the others. and the only one in this hospital, the other ones in the other hospital, where is everybody. >> it is still not clear if florida will pay for her medical bills. the people says the governor made that promise to them, but his office has not confirmed that to cnn. people have been indicted in california in an alleged human smuggling operation. federal agents estimate 1,000 people were brought across the border from mexico just in the
11:04 am
past two years. agents say they paid $2,000 to $4,000 each and were locked in trunks or hidden compartments under the hood of cars driven across the border. amazing pictures there. a michigan teenager has decided to leave his high school after it suspended him for not cutting his hair. his name is j.t. gas continues. leukemia survivor was growing it for charity 37 the school said his hair didn't meet policy standards. he was going to donate his hair to locks of love which gives hair to cancer survivors. we have a lot more to cover in the next two hours. so watch. muslims are furious over a video in new york. the bham administration warns israel could attack iran in the coming months.
11:05 am
>> think of it as a triangle of rising rhetoric. >> now iran delivers a stern warning to the u.s. p. a sudden about face from america's biggest breast cancer charity. >> we will never bow to political pressure. >> so in the uproar over planned parenthood, what changed their minds? >> plus politicians getting inside information to help their bank accounts. it's something that would land you behind bars. i'll speak with convicted lobbyist jack abramoff about this secret world. and he's the guy that has everyone talking. >> try to get better every single day and just maximize my god givental help and try to be the best quarterback i can be. >> just 48 hours before super bowl sunday, tim tebow talks with cnn.
11:06 am
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11:08 am
aspercreme breaks the grip, with maximum-strength medicine and no embarrassing odor. break the grip of pain with aspercreme. the people in pink say they're sorry. susan g. compakomen for the cur reversed itself. here's part of the statement from the board. it says we will continue to fund existing grants including those of planneded parenthood and preserve their eligibility to apply for future grants while maintaining the ability of our affiliates to make funding decisions that meet the needs of their communities. it is a big turn around from just yesterday where brinker vowed to stand firm.
11:09 am
>> we will stand pirm in our goal to end breast cancer forever. we will never turn our backs on the women who need us the most. >> this was the issue. komen was dumping planned parenthood because congress is investigating whether the group used tax dollars for abortions. but the backlash grew over these past three days. yesterday 25 democrats and one i said in the senate sent a letter urge youing the komen foundation to reverse itself. among them, robert menendez. thank you for joining us this afternoon. are you satisfied. >> absolutely. the komen foundation has done great work on breast cancer and treatment as well as in prevention. and planned parenthood has been a deliverer of many of those service to many of those women across the country. they've done over 700,000 breast exams, a lot of referrals.
11:10 am
in my home state of new jersey, planned parenthood referred those people. so this is a critical decision for women in could you be and i'm thrilled they listened and changed the course. >> i wouldn't play comments from this morning. this is it a republican congresswoman, kathy mcmorris rogers. take a listen. >> it's up to komen to decide how best to use their funding. they raise a lot of money to help women especially as it results to cancer and breast cancer. they have a lot of success stories. it's unfortunate that there's been such a backlash. >> she has the sentiment of a lot of people. doesn't the komen foundation have a right to use its money however it wants, should it have been pressured politically by you and others? >> i think actually they were affected by the investigation of
11:11 am
one republican congressman in thes house of representatives. and that certainly is not responsible. i think the komen foundation listened to not just the 25 members of the senate that said they should reconsider their decision. they listened to thousands of voices across the country, many who have been supportive of the pound days as i have. and said planned parenthood is the portal by which so many women get their health care in this country, particularly some of the women most affected in the con test of breast cancer challenges. >> i think you said there was one complaint from the republican side, but mcrogers -- mcmore ris rogers denied there was republican pressure on komen to drop planned parenthood. you're not buying that? >> i'm not. i know that congressman cliff sterns of florida who is the subcommittee chair has been pushing this issue hard and it
11:12 am
is on planned parent hood just really a shame. and the bottom line is i think that that created pressure and at thend of the day, if you listen to komen's reports, they said what a great service you're providing in conjunction with us and all of a sudden planned parenthood wasn't worthy of receiving anymore of hose monies? so it's a good day that they turned their decision around, listened to thousands of voices across the country who said we believe in the komen foundation but we also believe in planned part hood. particularly for underserved community, for african-american and latino women, this is a good day. >> do you think that the komen foundation -- obviously they didn't think that they would have the backlash that they did or they would not have made this particular move. >> well, i don't know that they didn't perceive that there would be obviously some significant
11:13 am
response. when literally millions of women across the country get their health care through planned parenthood when they did three quarters of a million breast examines last year alone, those numbers are pretty telling. so you have a universe that obviously sees their health care delivery coming new planned participants hood. th parenthood. i'm thrilled that they will get on with their mission. planned parenthood does about 70% of its money goes to treating the questions of sexually transmitted diseases. so it's about deliver arriy of women's health care. >> people on the other side would disagree and they would also say this is not about breast exam, it's more about
11:14 am
abortion and the komen foundation being able to do what they want with their money. today's statement says it will allow planned parenthood to apply for grants in the future. do you think they're leaving the door open to slash funding down the road? >> i think planned parenthood has delivered appropriate referrals and treatment. all of planned parenthood's efforts in this regard have been lauded by the komen foundation. why would you cut any money to that now or in the future? >> i thank you for spending time with us on friday. have a great weekend. >> ahead here, defense secretary leon pa met take says he's concerned israel could attack iran this spring and now there's fighting words back from iran.
11:15 am
plus the midwest braceses for a huge snowstorm that could affect your travel. we'll show you what states are getting hit the hardest.
11:16 am
11:17 am
there's reaction today to leon panetta's statement that he thinks iz really might attack iran's nuclear program maybe as soon as this spring. this morning iran's supreme leader said any attack would be detrimental to america. and i want you to on listen to this from israel's defense minister. >>be far more complex and far
11:18 am
more expensive in blood and money than so thtopping it toda. those who say later may find later is too late. >> want to bring in our pentagon correspondent chris lawrence. the question is, is there really concern that israel will attack iran soon or is there some postures going on here? >> there's two schools of thinking. one says panetta was warning off israel, trying to get them to back down from some of the rhetoric. the other school of thought says there's some psychological warfare going on, that from the side that says the military threat to iran has to be more credible, that sanction won't be enough to sort of bend iran to the idea of coming back to the table and negotiating over their nuclear program.
11:19 am
>> so then from the pentagon, do they believe that israel really can destroy iran's nuclear program? >> i was talking to a couple sources last night about that. they say israel most definitely could inflict very, very serious damage on iran's program and on iran itself. but they also said when you look at being able to destroy nuclear program, the countries in which that tackic has worked are countries in which they're very centralized. you take out one or two facilities and you've done the job. it's not the case with iran. there are likely secret sites that neither the u.s. nor israel know about. and perhaps most importantly, iran would still possess the knowledge. they would still have the know how. >> so then iran's warning to the u.s., how is that being received
11:20 am
at the pentagon? >> it's taken very seriously. the director of national intelligence sounded the alarm saying it suggests that iran is much more likely to sponsor an attack right here in the united states and he says iran's willingness to do so depends entirely on how threatened iran feels by the united lawrence, a your reporting. a fierce winter storm is socking the midwest. denver is feeling the brunt of it as blizzard conditions have shut down 70 miles of interstate. nearly 600 flights have been canceled at denver international airport. many businesses and schools shut down right now. and parts of the region could be digging out from as much as two feet of snow by tomorrow. chad myers joining us how.
11:21 am
how much snow are they expecting? you said two feet. >> i've been been tweeting out some places will get 40 inches. no question. no question. evergreen, as you get up in to the slightly higher elevations they call the front range, denver at between 6 and 10 inches right on the ground. still snowing in many spots. let's me show you the ireport that we got from evergreen overnight and this morning. look at the video. you think that's only about ten inches until they pan off of the railing. and they show you the car down at the bottom of the deck. and you can hardly -- the snow is almost up to the middle of the doors. so know still coming down. that will take amounts shoveling. the good news is that it is so very light, people ask me all the time, if they get an inch of rain, how much snow would that be. if you use the normal progression, you think about seven inches of snow to one inch of water. but this snow has been 11 inches
11:22 am
of snow to one inch of melted water. it's been light and fluffy. but jamestown, california, you were the winner at 31, but pinecliffe has taken over, 34.5 on the ground already. the storm will get into the midwest. this is all part of cold air that came down and this winter is not over. punxsutawney phil will attest to that. but the issue has been that it's so very cold in at lal cass that air has been bottled up out there. that's why we've been so mild will this winter. that bottling will eventually go away, that cold air will get here. it will just be a very late arriving winter. >> you said 30 some inches of snow. depends on your difference
11:23 am
nation of winning. >> it's the leader board. there are still planes flying in and out of denver. 70 outbound, 50 inbound. that's just about half the number of what there probably should be. so people aren't stopped, but planes are really being canceled tod today. >> thank you, sir. republican lawmakers are saying heads should rom over a bungling gun sting. and eric holder is getting down right defensive. >> i'm the attorney general of the united states. >> did anything, that's the question, did anything get done at the sixth hearing on the fast and furious operation? that's next. plus news just in involving a reported hacking involving the fbi. stay there. , there's a prize, a. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol.
11:24 am
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11:27 am
you you know theonymous rel conference call it says it intercepted between the fbi and scotland yard. on the call officials can be heard discussing an investigation into hackings. the agencies confirm the authenticity of the recording and say they're trying to find out who is responsible. fbi says none of its computer systems was hacked. we'll continue to follow that. the federal operation was called fast and furious. yesterday's congressional hearing on it, that tempt perfected and some could everyone say belittling. here's one exchange between eric holder and a congressman of idaho. >> mr. attorney general, i believe the american people deserve better. i believe that the american people deserve to have an attorney general that they can trust and for that reason, i have asked for your resignation and i believe that because you have been grossly incompetent in
11:28 am
the way that you have prepared before coming to congress, i think should you resign. >> that was among the worst things i think i've ever seen in congress. you took a whole series of statements out of context with no context. >> with all due respect, the worst thing i've ever seen -- >> the gentleman's time has expired. >> there is a whole punch binge of things that couldi could sayt what you just did. >> this was supposed to track the flow of guns from the u.s. to mexican drug cartels. but weapons were lost and two ended up at a site where a borden patrol agent was shot to dhet back in 2010. some members of the government reform committee say holder has failed to provide them the information they repeatedly requested. >> it's 13 months after the
11:29 am
fact. at what point are you going to take action? >> as soon as we're in a position to make arrests and put them in a court of law and try them with maximum charges. >> is that likely this year? >> i think that's likely this year. p. >> is it likely in the next six months? >> yes,ic it's likely in the next six months. >> could you see that happening this quarter? >> when does this quarter end? >> march 31st. >> possible. >> 13 months later, we have possibility of somebody actually being punished for an agent being killed. this is absolutely absurd. >> no, it's not absurd. it takes time to build a case. >> with me now, bob cusack. clearly, bob, the attorney general is over -- you see him sitting there and then he's like, when is it, when is that
11:30 am
up, when is this fiscal year up wherever you're from. he's over it. >> it's very contentious. you have contempt of congress charges looming against eric holder over 90 republicans in congress calling for him to resign. it's an election year. this is a serious issue because it obviously involved the death of a border patrol agent, but eric holder was giving it right back saying we've gone over this and i've answered a lot of questions. it will take time as far as arrests. but this is and ongoing story. >> the main headline, it was very contentious and very interesting to watch. but the headline is that firings and charges are possible as a result of the operation. besides that, though, did we learn anything new in this sixth hearing? >> no. republicans say this they want to learn more of who knew what went and they feel that top officials at the justice department were aware of this and they're not getting the documents on it.
11:31 am
democrats say it's a witch hunt, we've gone over this so many times. but that's the rub of republicans wanting more information and administration saying we will give you more information, but don't be you been realistic with your time demands. >> several house members for hold every to resign. is that going to happen? >> no, it's not. eric holder will be the attorney general at least for this year. we'll see what happens in the election. >> has holder done anything wrong that merits the grilling that he got yesterday and that he's been getting throughout these hearings? there was some talk of a contempt citation. >> that's definitely an option and that's what the majority party in the house will use as a weapon on get the answers that they want. that has happened in the past. as far as eric holder, he has made some misstechs heps here.
11:32 am
he has changed his story. they say there's more here, there's and ongoing investigation. so they'll keep pushing holder and this will certainly be the last hearing on this issue. >> we have to remember a border agent's life lost in this. this story will continue. we appreciate you joining us. >> thanks. >> job numbers up, unemployment down. sounds like good new, right? we'll talk about the new job numbers with one of the president's economic advisers. plus tim tebow won't be play management super bowl. but the denver broken companies quarterback is in indianapolis and he did tell us who he thinks will win. our interview with him just ahead. the delicious, satisfying taste of gourmet gravy every day. fancy feast. the best ingredient is love. but proven technologies allow natural gas producers
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11:35 am
let's get back to the jobs report. take a look at the january numbers. the unemployment rate has fallen
11:36 am
to 8.3%, down from 8.5% back in december. 243,000 jobs added in january. president obama seemed cautiously pleased with the numbers when he spoke about them earlier today. let's bring in alan krueger. first off, thanks for joining us. looks like a nice sun any day there in washington. even the president says that the jobless numbers will go up and down over the next few months. so what's your take on today's report? >> well, the nature of economics statistics is that they do bounce around. and i think whenever new information comes out is kind of take a step back and say how does it fit in with other information that we have. what's the direction of the economy. the economy was in free paul when president obama took office. we were losing 800,000 jobs a month just before he was sworn in. now we've had job growth for 23 months in a row. private sector has added 3.7
11:37 am
million jobs over that time period. i think that's an indication that the efforts that were taken to break the back of the recession so sustain the recovery are having an effect and most importantly, i think this is a sign that we should at that time steps necessary to keep the momentum going and the president has called on congress to continue the payroll tax cut. >> we heard the president talk about that this morning. i know that you're taking a victory lap right now. but let's pot do the talking points. i also want to hear from the other side right now. here's john boehner talking today. >> there's certainly positive news here. but the point we're making is that we could do a lot better. if the president worked with us on the bills that have passed the house, awaiting action in the senate, the american economy could do better. >> so what is your reaction to
11:38 am
that? >> i think the comments i made before, the president called in the state of the union address for the congress to extended the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits without delay. i think there are clear signs that those policies have helped to support the economy and the world economy remains fragile. we're not insulateded from what might happen outside of the u.s. so i think it would be important to continue the policies that have helped to support this recovery. >> and i'm glad you're talking about that because there are some alarming numbers from the congressional bunch budget office and donald trump mentioned them. that's if congress does nothing. so what's the plan to deal with that? >> there are two tracks here.
11:39 am
first is to continue to continue to make the case for continuing the payroll tax cut. if not, taxes will go up on almost all working americans at the end of february. and secondly, the president has said that he can't wait for congress to act when there are opportunities for the administration to do things without action from congress, he will act. and you've seen him do that already. take advantage of the historically low interest rates. >>. >> you're cautiously optimistic, good news but not running around the white house doing a victory lap right now. >> i didn't see any running around the white house. i can tell you that we're focused on continuing this recovery. the american economy went through a very hard time at the end of 2007. there's a very deep hole to
11:40 am
recover from. no one is satisfied yet, although we're pleased with the progress we're making. the president wakes up every day and he looks for ways to strengthen the economy and put more people back to work. >> thank you. glad you came on today. make sure you have a great weekend. congress is one step closer on policing itself on insider trading, but will the stop act really do anything? the man who wrote the book on political corruption, jack and i b abramoff, he'll weigh in. but first, a new year bring as new group of cnn heros and starting next week, we will begin introducing you to the class of 2012. but first, let's take a look back at robin, whose dedication to the safety of women and their babies earned her the nickname mother robin. she was your choice for cnn hero of the year. >> how do you feel? >> full of gratitude.
11:41 am
>> did you think you might have a chance of win something. >> of course not. we've helped so many people since 2005, almost 113,000 people got free medical care and medicine. >> what does that feel like to start with one person and then slowly start to build the organizati organization. >> my sister died, she was pregnant. this was 21 years ago. her maim is christine. i feel like she really helps me. >> you carry her with you still. >> yeah. and i think i carry her baby, too. >> what kind of an impact do you think this will have? >> the clinic we have, that is safe. but the clinic in bali is falling apart. it's too small for our patient care. >> you're hoping to rebuild the clinic. >> we've been saving money for years and we did get a piece of
11:42 am
land right in our village. so we're ready to build and now we have money to begin. >> you have $300,000. >> yes. that go as long way this indonesia. >> what keeps you going? in the dark days when you don't have money and don't have support? >> some days i don't have money, but i always have support. just when you think how are we going to pay the electric bill. just a miracle every day. just like birth. >> i'm so happy for the work you'll do and the lives you'll save. thank you. not financially. so we switched to the bargain detergent but i found myself using three times more than you're supposed to you'll do and the lives you'll l so we're back to tide. they're cuter in clean clothes.
11:43 am
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have 46 grams of whole grains... mmmm. ...and a touch of sweetness. you'll be delighted to discover how good they taste. get your free sample of quaker oatmeal squares on facebook. federal lawmakers one step closer to becoming more like you and me, the every day investor. we cannot legally trade stocks on insider information. but lawmakers and others can if that information comes from their work on capitol hill. interesting. it appears the days of legal insider trading are numbered. stop act 96-3. now it's the house's turn. >> we're here today to call on
11:46 am
our republican majority leadership to bring the stop act to the floor. our colleagues will tell you the support that it has. >> but will the stop act really work. jack and i brabramoff has the experience to talk to us about it. whether the stop act stock act . >> it doesn't into as far as i think it should. what they should do is require members and their staff to put their assets in to trust, you know, a blind trust so that run by some third party that they can't trade at all. unfortunately, too many trade up there and hopefully it will help, but it won't do anything. >> last year, you told cnbc that
11:47 am
you saw about a dozen instances of insider trading on capitol hill. just a dozen. how bad is the problem from what you know about it? >> well, i didn't see the them do the insider trading. they 3r0eb8 dprobably did that by their computer. but people would randomly make remarks that they were trading and doing things. and at that time i didn't really focus on it. maybe i didn't want to focus on it. i think it's up this more than we wanted. i thought it was pretty rich having pelosi so since she's one of the most egregious participants and she's calling for the bill some go? good. let's get it passed. >> she's not here to defend herself, but you did get that one in. so there have been critics who say this act doesn't do enough for people who are not lawmakers, but who sell political in-it he will against. what is that, political intelligence, explain that to us. >> it's people are making a living off of going various
11:48 am
industries who are involved in other things about glp that's job. >> right now it's legal, but it's not clear what happened with the billbill. i know the cradraft that called study. so we'll what happens on the house side. >> so you wrote a book on washington corruption and you were just named a writer for the blog, it's called capital punishment. you were named writer for the blogging bs it's called republican report, which will track monies' influence on the hill. and you have three main acts you say need to happen to end political corruption on political and we'll go n throug them. you say close the revolving door. >> right. the fact that people can cash in on their government service into the influence industry and become multimillionaires.
11:49 am
congressmen and their staff. i believe it's a corrupting part of the process. i remember when i was a lobbyist, i used it to corrupt the process and it has to end. >> the next act you said ban political donations by special interests. >> right. lobbyists and those that they represent, anybody getting something special from the government, when they give a gift or a contribution let's call to a public servant, that is nothing because bribe. >> that won't go over well. . >> i don't think any of this will go over well, but that's not the point. they need to clean it up. >> and this is not going to go over well i would imagine. and finally you say we need to make every law politicians pass apply to them. explain that. >> well, it's rather counter intuitive for most americans and it has a lot to do with what's going on with the stock bill. but they have laws that don't apply to them. it's outrageous that they can run around brightly disobeying things that they pass for everybody else. that has to end as a system on
11:50 am
capitol hill. >> how long were you around washington doing your thing? how many years? >> i came here in 1981 and i've been -- other than when i was in prison, i've been here pretty much straight through. >> so then any chance in heck that any of this is going to go through that under the three things? >> yeah, there's an air in the land. people are outraged. there's
11:51 am
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