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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 6, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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want, will cain, i liked it. it was optimistic, it was hopeful. it was about a vision of america. wouldn't it be nice if that tone would bleed into the political process? >> by both parties. >> of course. that is a bipartisan comment, i think. >> let me know when you wake up. all right. that's it for "starting point." i'll see everybody back here tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. kyra phillips has c inn newsroo right now. >> soledad o'brien for president. that's what i say. >> i accept. >> she is stumping for everything positive. soledad, thanks. we start with breaking news this morning out of syria. the u.s. is closing its embassy there, and actually pulling out all remaining staff. jill dougherty joining us from the state department with the latest. jill, we are just finding out about this. can you tell us what's behind the decision? what do you know? >> well, in a way it's a dramatic story, because cnn is told that the staff, and there are 17 of them, two got out by air.
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before this. but actually, the decision by secretary clinton was to allow them to shutter the embassy and the rest of the staff got out we're told in a convoy over land to jordan. now, the reason the u.s. is doing this, they say, is that the government has refused -- the syrian government has refused to address its security concerns. and what were they? well, the embassy in damascus is located right off on a very busy street. and the u.s. says there was concern after some car bombs last month that perhaps there could be -- the embassy could be a target of al qaeda. that bombing, by the way, was linked to al qaeda. so they decided to do this. but obviously there was a lot of concern about whether they could get out. so that staff includes as i said the remaining staff, 17 people, plus the ambassador are now out. kyra? >> and sort of a bit of a coins
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d dense here? this is right after syria and russia blocked the resolution calling for president assad to be removed from office. >> that is true. however, the timing is true, but you would have to say that they have been bringing this issue up. we've been reporting on it and hearing about it at the state department for quite a while. they wanted the syrians to block off that street, put up some type of barriers and make it for secure. and they say the syrian government refused. so they decided to pull out. kyra, it also does not mean that they are breaking diplomatic relations. that continues. but physically, the embassy will be closed. no more staff. the polish government now will be the protecting power, as it's called, for the united states. >> we'll follow the story as it continues to develop, jill. thanks so much. the other big story this morning, mitt romney ran the table in vegas leaving town with 50% of the vote. the same as the other three
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candidates combined, by the way. so with this huge win in nevada, his republican challengers facing odds that seem to grow longer by the way. cnn political editor paul steinhauser live in washington. paul, looking ahead, how important is this with regard to romney's momentum? >> it gives him a lot of big momentum now. he is the first republican presidential candidate to win two in a row. last it said in florida, and now around 50% of the vote in nevada which is pretty sizeable. and they just finished counting the votes, by the way. the nevada gop put out the final tally about six or seven hours ago. listen, though, one bit of trouble, though, for mitt romney. his big theme as he has been running for president is that president barack obama is not doing a good job creating jobs. but we've seen the unemployment level starting to edge down and counsel down. and we saw the report coming out on friday. it was no surprise on friday night at his victory celebration in nevada that romney didn't talk about the other candidates. he was talking solely about
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president barack obama and the unemployment rate. take a listen to what he said. >> not so fast, mr. president. this is the 36th straight month with unemployment above the red line your own administration drew. and if you take into account all the people who are struggling for work or have just stopped looking, the real unemployment rate is over 15%. >> i think you're going to hear a lot more of that from romney, and you'll hear him talk about president obama all the time. and you won't hear him talk about gingrich, paul, or santorum. all four candidates are in minnesota and colorado. why? take a look at this map. tomorrow, it's primary and caucus day again. we have caucuses in minnesota and colorado. and minnesota, you have 37 delegates up for grabs. 33 in colorado. both are proportional. and you have a primary in missouri. it's nonbinding, though. no delegates at stake. for santorum, kyra, he is hoping for a big night especially in missouri where gingrich is not
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on the ballot. he didn't get on in time. so santorum is hoping to do well in all three states and get some energy. paul as well hoping to pick up some delegates. kyra? >> paul, thanks so much. now over to the white house. brianna keeler is at her post there. amid all the politics, also this new poll that's creating a lot of buzz. >> reporter: a lot of buzz and i would say a lot of smiles here in the white house, kyra. a big sign that an uptick in the economic indicators lately is spelling positives for president obama. in this most recent "washington post" abc news poll, when you match him up with mitt romney, who is obviously sort of shoring up all of his delegates on the campaign trail for republicans and certainly who the obama campaign thinks that they are going to be up against in november, a lead that the president has, 52% to 43% among americans polled. and when you look at independent -- or pardon me. when you look at registered voters, it's a little slimmer lead.
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51% to 45%. but this is really the best that the president has done in recent months. and especially very recently. he's a couple of other things to point out too, kyra. independent voters, he's doing much better with them than he was. he's neck and neck when you look at mitt romney. and this was not the case in january. he was about 12 points behind mitt romney in the same poll. this was a poll we should point out that was conducted between wednesday and saturday. and you'll recall that better than expected unemployment number came out on friday. so you can see a bump in there. but some of this poll was done before, some of it was done after. and we should say as well that his lead over newt gingrich, kyra, even more than his lead over mitt romney in this poll. >> well, not only is the poll getting a lot of buzz, so is this interview that president obama did with matt lauer. >> reporter: that's right. and he talked about all kinds of stuff, kyra. he made his case for a second term. he said a lot of progress has been made. but it's not done yet. and he said that he deserves a second term.
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also, he talked about iran, specifically the desire to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon. he was not surprisingly reiterating the line that all options are on the table, but he spoke specifically about what israel might do to stop iran if perhaps israel would take military action, and here's what he said. >> i don't think that israel has made a decision on what they need to do. i think they, like us, believe that iran has to stand down on its nuclear weapons program. and we have mobilized the international community in a way that is unprecedented. and they are feeling the pinch. they are feeling the pressure. but they have not taken the step that they need to, diplomatically, which is to say we will pursue peaceful nuclear weapon -- nuclear power. we will not pursue a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: he reiterated that he wants a diplomatic solution, but still saying all options are on the table.
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in just about 10 minutes, we'll take a closer look at one contest that many people say is a waste of time and money. now, cnn tomorrow, live coverage of state primaries and caucuses beginning at 6:00 eastern with a special edition of "the situation room" with wolf blitzer, followed by cnn's complete live coverage of the results at 7:00 eastern with wolf and the entire gang. well, in indy, a thriller of a final play. the patriots 'tom brady throwing a hail mary pass into the end zone. you'll see it here in just a second. and watch what happens. >> to the end zone. hernandez is there. >> no. yes, that's right. the ball is knocked down, and the new york giants are super bowl champs. cnn's mark mckay was there for the game. pretty exciting super bowl, compared to others, mark. >> reporter: kyra, we had a long game, an exciting game, and that's all we showed because the
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patriots fans don't want to see that again, do they? what an incredible ending. you're right, kyra. fantastic super bowl xlvi. the question before the season, elite or not elite? that was the question when it came to new york giants quarterback eli manning. he was actually asked that by a reporter before the season began. his positive answer stirring a debate across the league. well, there is no debate now. his seventh fourth quarter comeback engineered in the biggest game of the year. giants are the super bowl champions. he has two super bowl titles, two super bowl mvps. here is eli on his night. >> this isn't about, you know, one person. this is about a whole team coming together, getting this win. so i'm just proud of our guys. proud of the team, the way we fought all year. never got discouraged. kept our faith, kept our confidence, and fought to the very end. >> it wasn't about what he said. it was about what we did, and that's why we can sit here and have that true gratifying feeling because we earned everything we got. nobody gave us anything.
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and nobody thought we could do this except for us. >> reporter: here we go again. the new york giants leaving a super bowl city, returning home. all of metropolitan new york celebrating. this one, kyra, they can celebrate even further on tuesday. the famous ticker tape parade through the streets of manhattan. the giants super bowl champions for the second time in four years. >> all right. mark mckay, thanks so much. well, super bowl ads are as much a part of the event as the game, as you well know. coming up this hour, we're actually going to go inside one of the research labs where scientists show us how and why ads move our emotions. ♪ and she's marking 60 years as the queen of england. the celebrations in her honor, next. also ahead, a critical hearing for the capittain of th
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cops in washington state say that josh powell, the lone suspect in the 2009 disappearance of his wife, intentionally blew up his home. he killed himself and his two young sons. before the fire, he had sent an email to his family and friends
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and his attorney saying, quote, i'm sorry. goodbye. in california, lawyers for the animal rights group peta and sea world face off in court. peta claims five killer whales are being held in slavery or involuntary servitude. sea world calls the lawsuit a publicity stunt. and police in riot gear used smoke bombs to break up a disorderly crowd at the university of massachusetts amhurst campus. hundreds of people stormed a plaza after the giants beat the patriots in the super bowl. more than a dozen students were arrested and could face suspension. three more states holding votes tomorrow. and the state getting the most attention has no delegates at stake. a lot of taxpayers in missouri say it's a meaningless primary. a waste of time. and about $7 million of their tax money.
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cnn contributor dale lash, a tea party activist not only from missouri, but she is covering the politics there for us. so there was even legislation to cancel the primary. let's explain the debate going on here. >> reporter: kyra, this is a weird situation because missouri is that odd state having a nonbinding primary. and a lot of people say it doesn't mean anything. and of course we have the caucus coming up in march, which does award 52 delegates. but what happened is this. back in 2008 when all of these states were scrambling to get ahead of each other, to be first in line coming up for the 2012 primary, the republican party as you know was warning states and saying that they'll be penalized if they go before the start date. missouri wanted to comply, but there was this pesky little 2002 law on the books that said that the primary had to be held in february. so now they are trying to comply with it, but at the same time they want to push everything
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back. so they proposed legislation in 2002 trying to get the primary back in march. jane nixon, our governor now, had vetoed it because he was concerned with some unrelated parts to the legislation. but then he also put it on schedule for the special session that just happened this past fall. oh what ended up happening is republicans bickered amongst themselves, and so now we have a primary and a caucus. and if you think about it, $7 million it's going to cost for this missouri primary when it's just really a glorified public opinion poll. you could commission an opinion poll in missouri for probably a little less than $30,000. but the bright side of this, if there is one, is that whatever happens in the primary may influence how voters act during the caucus. so there's that to look forward to. >> and santorum is saying, hey, missouri is a key state for him. >> reporter: well, and he is doing very, very well here. in fact, i just checked out rick santorum's favorability rating
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in missouri right before we started. he is at 63%. but newt gingrich isn't on the ballot. so that plays in huge part in this. newt gingrich didn't want to spend -- there's a $1,000 filing fee to get in the primary. he didn't want to spend the money to campaign in missouri, because a primary especially if you're watching cash doesn't make sense when it's nonbinding. i'm sure he'll change his strategy coming up to the march caucus, but rick santorum is getting an early start because he is the only presidential candidate to actually come and campaign in missouri. now, with newt gingrich off of the ballot, missouri is an important state for not just rick santorum, but for all the candidates. this is a bellwether state. but with gingrich off the ballot, santorum and romney -- santorum beats romney, he is at 35 to 34 with romney. but you add gingrich into the mix, and gingrich becomes the front-runner in missouri with 30% and rick santorum falls to 28%, and mitt romney is then at 24%. so it changes it a lot. and rick santorum is trying to get ahead and get this momentum because this is one of the only
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states in which rick santorum can really prove himself by going head-to-head with mitt romney. >> dana lohse, good to see you this morning. thanks. >> thank you. straight ahead, queen elizabeth celebrating 60 years as monarch. and london is celebrating. we'll show you how next. and rating the super bowl ads. skiskally. scientifically. a research team tested viewers using something called biometrics. we'll tell you which ads really connected.
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60 years and a 41-gun salute. england is hosting quite a party for queen elizabeth.
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>> fire! fire! fire! fire! >> well, we're not taking all 41. cnn's royal correspondent is following the diamond jubilee and has all the photos for us. max, this is nothing compared to what's going to happen in june, though, right? >> it's all a big buildup, isn't it? but the palace is keen to make everyone aware there isn't just one weekend at the beginning of june. it's a whole year of celebrations. you'll see all sorts of events from now, a kicked off by that 41-gun royal salute just a couple of hours ago here. and also the palace releasing a photograph, actually two or three photographs. but we'll show you one of them, because this is the interesting one. if you look at this new photograph released today, it's going to be associated with all sort of jubilee coverage. but you can see behind elizabeth, the victoria monument, queen victoria monument. you have also got that necklace there, which is exactly the same necklace that queen victoria wore in 1897 when she had her
6:22 am
diamond jubilee photograph taken. these are the only two british monarchs who have served for 60 years. the diamond jubilee. and behind me, kyra, you can see victoria in her monument from a different angle behind me here. but arguably the two most successful monarchs in british history, kyra. and i'm sure you're pleased to note that they are both women. >> always. all right. so where is the queen today? tell us about the celebratory itinerary. >> reporter: well, she's up and about in king's glenn, near her country home. but it's always a bit of a mixed day for her. obviously, she is marking the day she took the throne. but that was also the day her father died. so she is trying to get the tone right. she doesn't always appear in public, but she has done today. and it's interesting, looking at these pictures, kyra. because she always does the same thing. and she has been doing the same thing for 60 years. she has never set a foot wrong.
6:23 am
and she is seen as this constant really in british and commonwealth history. never making a mistake, like other members of her family. so people really look to her thinking, you know, this is some sort of remarkable person that's managed not to put a foot wrong in 60 years. and interesting to note she also said today that she is renewing her dedication to the british people today. so no signs that she's going to retire either. >> max foster, thanks so much. back here in the states, the dow is set to open today at the highest level in nearly four years. allison kosik, welcome back. >> thanks, kyra. glad to be back. and it looks like the market has been doing pretty lesinwell sin have been gone. the nasdaq, look how high it's gone, rising 3% in just one week. last week. the nasdaq at its highest point in more than a decade. and what's fuelling it? well, earnings, economic indicators have been good, especially that january jobs reportment it blew away all
6:24 am
expectations. but there is still that wild card. europe. the greek government is meeting today to discuss budget cuts. and if they don't pass them, kyra, they won't get their next bailout from the e.u., the imf, and the ecb. so what you have is stocks set for a modestly lower open with investors still on edge waiting to see how things shake out from europe. >> and what's this news centering around gm? >> well, you know this. if you want to be successful, you set a goal, right? well, the "wall street journal" says gm's goal is to make d$10 billion a year. that's a huge goal. because you look at where gm was, it was bankrupt less than three years ago. but you know what? gm is really on its way. it's moving forward. it reports earnings next week, and the expectation is it will say that it earned $8 billion in profit for all of 2011. once upon a time, that was almost unthinkable because in 2009, we were talking about billions in bailout money that gm got. it had to make thousands of layoffs.
6:25 am
but now as you can see, gm is making some big lofty goals for itself. we'll see if it can do it. kyra? >> thanks. and president obama says he deserves a second term. coming up, we'll ask will cain and roland martin if they agree.
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lead paint poisoning affects one million children today. if you're pregnant or have young children
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and your home was built before 1978, you could be at risk. learn how to protect your family. to find your home's danger zones, the health effects, or just to find help, log on to checking top stories, the u.s. has closed its embassy in syria and pulled out the last of its staff today. washington has syria has not adequately addressed security concerns. and the death toll is rising in pakistan. at least six people confirmed dead. possibly dozens of others trapped in this collapsed factory. a boiler explosion is being blamed. in italy, the captain of the costa concordia wants off house arrest. and this morning, he made that plea to a panel of judges. a move that is sure to outrage the families of those who were killed.
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well, we know that president obama wants another four years in office. but does he deserve to be re-elected? he thinks so. >> i deserve a second term but we're not done. we created 3.7 million jobs over the last 23 months. we created the most jobs since 2005. the most manufacturing -- >> but it's not done? >> the most manufacturing jobs since 1990. but we're not finished. >> i know will cain and roland martin aren't finished on this topic. will, you first. does obama deserve another four years? >> no surprise, i don't think so. but it's not so much to do with the current economic indicators. first of all, strategically, i think it's dangerous to put too much importance on this one-month job numbers. but my reasoning for thinking that obama doesn't deserve a second chance are due to the long-term changes in our economy and society, like the health care bill like attempts to
6:30 am
create a cap and trade bill that i think are distractions from cures to the economy. that's what i'm holding against president obama. >> roland? >> kyra, first of all, barack obama got 69 million votes in 2008. senator mccain got 59 million. so i doubt very seriously his re-election efforts will hinge on what will has to say or what i have to say. the reality is, the question is going to come down to, that is how do those voters out there feel as relates to do they feel as if the economy is getting better. when you look at the polling data, has numbers have gone up in terms of people who believe that the economy is indeed turning around. i agree with will that it makes no sense whatsoever when we get so excited when a new unemployment number comes out, when it goes up or down, or when the stock market all of a sudden reaches a four-year high, and people go, all of a sudden, that could be very well it. that's not the case. it boils down to how do i feel? >> right. >> do i feel as if -- am i spending more money, are the people around me? that's really going to determine what happens. >> and a lot of things
6:31 am
influence. the inflation. housing market. even foreign policy like iran and china affects the economy. we'll see how voters feel in november. >> let's talk about the gop candidate. let's listen to what tea party leader dick armey said about newt gingrich, guys. >> i don't think it's helpful even to newt. i feel bad for him. i think he has digressed into a state of taking a second rate campaign and turning it into a first-rate vendetta. and i think he has put himself out of the game because he can't get over his obsession about his own hurt feelings over the campaign in iowa. >> first-rate vendetta. roland? >> well, understand, former congressman dick armey served with newt gingrich when he was speaker of the house. you also had, you know, you also had other members of congress, tom cobourne and others, who are not happy with newt gingrich's tenure there. i think a lot of that plays into it. but here's the deal.
6:32 am
part of the difficulty for gingrich will be how do you bring those factions together. in nevada, romney got the majority of tea party support. so it goes far beyond, you know, just how does he feel -- when gingrich was speaker of the house. you see i believe tea party folks saying, you know what, yeah, we like you, newt. we may not really be in love with mitt. but he is going to be the guy. >> will, newt says he's in it until the convention in tampa. how long do you think he'll last? >> until the money runs out. i agree with dick armey 100%. this is looking not like even the second rate campaign anymore. it does look like a vendetta. when he took the stage saturday night in nevada that, looked like a big one-hour let me tell you how bad mitt romney session. that's not a campaign. what's he going to do to try to make it to the convention? your guess is as good as mine. what i think is sooner or later his donors or donor will say, you know, newt, this doesn't sound very good and it's not good for anybody. i'm going to turn off that financial spigot.
6:33 am
>> keep in mind, he ran -- he stayed in the race when he was broke. so this is a guy who even if he doesn't have those super pac ads may still say i'm not going away because he is that angry at mitt romney because of what took place in iowa. >> guys, thanks. will, did you know how roland was really mellow today? he had too many pops at the super bowl party. >> i did notice. >> we are having a cordial conversation. and plus, he was such a curmudgeon on "starting point" with soledad, so, you know, he brought me down. >> there we go. ok. we got fired up a little bit there. thank you, gentlemen. cnn tomorrow, live coverage of the state primaries and caucus beginning at 6:00 eastern, followed by cnn complete live coverage at 7:00 eastern with the whole entire gang. you've heard that sex sells. so does nostalgia. how ads scored with super bowl viewers, next. also, a woman's faith is put to the test. i'll tell you how a bible helped save her life. great tasting tap water can come from any faucet anywhere.
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well, let's face it. many of you don't even watch the super bowl for football. you watch for this. >> who has the doritos? who has the doritos? you want one? sorry. [ laughter ] too bad. you're down there and i'm up here. mmm, smells so good. >> oh, i want to keep watching that commercial. yes, those commercials. highly studied commercials, i must add. carried out by research teams using biometrics. dr. carl marcy is the head of research that took place in our time warner media lab. you were there for the testing. tell us how it works. >> sure. as you know, there were really two games last night. one that involved touchdowns and footballs. the other involved advertising
6:38 am
agencies and their advertisers. and we're really helping advertisers win that second competition for the hearts and minds of their audiences. we used this biometric belt, which measures four channels of medical grade information. medical grade heart rate, micro fluctuations in skin sweat, respiration emotion. and, kyra, we combine those four channels to a measure of emotional engagement so we can really pinpoint moments of emotional engagement during the advertising in the super bowl. >> ok. one thing that you found that works really well in these ads, nostalgia. for example, this chrysler ad. let's take a look. >> the locker room discussing what they can do to win this game in the second half. it's halftime in america too. people are out of work, and they're hurting. they're all wondering what they're going to do to make a comeback. and we're all scared. >> what did the heart rates tell you? >> right. so, you know, it's really
6:39 am
interesting. in 2009, we also studied the super bowl. and what we found then was that economic themes were really resonating. so career and cash for gold really reflecting the recent crash in 2008. this year, it was actually different. there was more emotional resonance with nostalgic things. clint eastwood. also, prohibition featured by budweiser. and throwbacks to simpler times, and maybe more pleasant times, with references to ferris bueller's day off with matthew broderick. and also we saw a really nice example with jerry seinfeld, who really reminded us of what a great show that was. >> ok. sex appeal ads. not just for men anymore. let's take a look at this h&m ad. ♪ baby, do you understand me now ♪ ♪ sometimes i seem a little mad ♪
6:40 am
>> what did you learn from this, besides that david beckham is very nicely in shape, but everybody already knows that. >> you know, he is a really fit guy. but i think it's really important to point out that, you know, this is one of the first or likely the first overt male sexual objects in a super bowl ad. and we saw some resonance with that, particularly among the female audiences. interestingly, there were some other examples. for example, john stamos gets a head butt, this attractive young woman clearly choosing yogurt over john stamos is an interesting play. and then toyota camry, which shows scantily clad women obviously appealing to men, immediately following that shows scantily cladded men obviously appealing to women. so we saw some real balance there for a change. >> finally, let's take a look at this volkswagen ad to see what you learned about what you call a second payoff.
6:41 am
>> the dog is funnier than the vader kid. >> all right. what is it about the second payoff that gets people excited? and explain that strategy. >> so this is really interesting. because typically, what we see, advertisers want to take audiences on an emotional journey, and at the height of that emotional journey, the so-called payoff moment, they want to bring their brand, service, or product and really associate it with that. what we saw last night was examples of advertising after the ad was finished. so some of the examples we just saw probably one of the ones that was part of a very successful ad. bud light featured we go, a rescue dog that can go and fetch budweiser beers, bud light beers, for his master's friends at a party. after the ad is over, he is
6:42 am
relaxing in a pool. and that generates empathy in the audience, because we can all relate to relaxing in a pool after a hard day's work. >> oh, yes we can. carl marcy, thank you for insight. pretty interesting, the biometrics. we'll talk next year for sure. >> look forward to it. >> likewise. madonna may have been the headliner for the super bowl halftime show, but it was guest singer m.i.a. who stole the show. always drama when it comes to the halftime entertainment, right? >> reporter: exactly, kyra. my gosh. good morning to you. you know madonna has to be a little ticked off at m.i.a. this morning because she, meaning ma don aput on a fantastic show last night but all anyone wants to talk about is how m.i.a. decided to use her middle fing tore communicate with the fans. she was also caught on mike swearing, about you that wasn't too clear. the middle finger moment was so quick, you probably missed it just like the nbc censors did.
6:43 am
they were a split second too late to block the image. the nfl certainly was not happy. they issued a statement saying, quote, there was a failure in nbc's delay system. the obscene gesture in the performance was completely inappropriate. very disappointing. and we apologize to our fans. and nbc for their part, well, they apologized as well. we have reached out to madonna and m.i.a. for comment, but neither one of them have responded to us. >> well, i'll tell you somebody who always remains unscathed, and all we do is laugh, is betty white. she sure didn't disappoint. >> i know. does she ever disappoint? >> never. >> i mean, come on, really. exactly. you know, in the spot for the voice that she had on the super bowl last night, you hear her singing in a hotel room somewhere as the judges from the show fort mortal combat style to get to her. and here's what happened when they finally break in. let's take a look.
6:44 am
>> you know, betty has a talent for those super bowl ads. and i kind of think that this one last night topped that snickers commercial from a couple of super bowls ago that made everyone fall in love with her all over again. i loved when they broke in, and she finally said, i'm so glad someone finally wants me for my voice and not my body. i fell out laughing. >> thanks so much. she'll be back next hour with more showbiz headlines. coming up, from prayers to a potty mouth. i guess everything is about the super bowl, right? even after last night, tom brady's supermodel wife reportedly cuss out a fan. we'll have the scoop, word by word. and coming up, he puts a knife to her throat. she puts a bible in her face. we'll tell you what happened, next.
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6:46 am
6:47 am
well, we're keeping an eye on egypt this hour, and so is the state department. 19 americans could face criminal trial in cairo. they are in the country working for pro democracy groups, but the military controlled government is cracking down on nongovernment organizations. ben is there in cairo for us. tell us about the charges. >> reporter: well, the charges are about funding or rather bringing money illegally into the country. but we've been speaking with some of the lawyers involved in
6:48 am
defending these american groups, and also members of the groups itself. one of those members actually described the charges in words i can't actually reproduce on air. now, one of the complaints the lawyers are telling us they have is that they have not received any official notification of the charges. not one single document has been given by the egyptian justice ministry to the lawyers. all they have received is this, which is a handwritten list of the people. egyptians, americans, and other nationalities, who have been charged as part of these criminal charges against them. and the worry is that this is part of a broader campaign by the egyptian government, not only against foreign funded democracy groups, but egyptian human rights organizations as well. one member of one of those organizations telling me that they're worried that this is just a thin edge of the wedge that they are going to be going
6:49 am
after egyptian human rights organizations once they have done with the americans. of course, the u.s. officials are saying this may endanger the 1.55 billion dollars the u.s. gives to egypt every year in foreign aid. kyra? >> ben, when is the trial going to start? >> reporter: we don't know. nobody knows. and certainly the lawyers don't know either. it's such a murky process. th they are really stumbling around in the dark. in fact, one of the lawyers told me this is not a case for lawyers. what they need is diplomats, because all the legal procedures are completely chaotic. kyra? >> ben, thanks. checking stories across the country now, in california a new twist in the case of an iraq war vet who prosecutors say brutally killed four homeless men. today, he'll be charged with fatally stabbing the mother and brother of his old friend. and nearly 500 passengers
6:50 am
and crew members got sick from a norovirus infection aboard the ruby princess and crown princess cruise ships. both of those ships are based out of ft. lauderdale. a spokesperson says that disinfecting the ships while the cdc investigators search for the cause of the outbreak. in north carolina, police are looking for man that slashe the woman's neck. she had just gotten home from bible study. she didn't panic. she began reading scriptures to the man for about an hour. he apologized and left. she's in stable condition with 25 staples to her neck. long hours, low pay. employees work for a company that makes apple products say they eat and sleep in the same complexes where they work. more on that story next hour. atg fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can come from any faucet anywhere. the brita bottle with the filter inside.
6:51 am
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take a look at stories happening later. 11:00 eastern, eric cantor hosts young guns job summit in washington. that's a group of young republicans on the hill. at 3:00, kwame kilpatrick has a pretrial hearing. and at 3:30, bernie sanders opposes postal service changes. they want to cut jobs and end next day delivery to be solvent. u.s. embassy shutters its doors, removes all remaining staff from the country amid security concerns. more on that at the top of the hour. i am paul steinhauser at the political desk. president barack obama says he
6:54 am
deserves a second term. what do americans think? and nevada, so saturday. get ready for minnesota, colorado, missouri. details at the top of the hour. i am maximum foster in london. a 41 gun royal salute marred a year of celebrations as the queen marks 60 years on the throne. details in the next hour. also, you know him from the daily show. you'll adore him in this movie. what's this hard could have investigator senior muslim correspondent making a chick flick? he will explain himself next hour. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
6:55 am
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this super bowl definitely lived up to the hype. >> so good. giants and patriots, maybe have them play every year. four years ago, fantastic. last night was great again. a rematch of a classic. tom brady leading the patriots against eli manning and the patriots. came down to the last minutes of the game. he feels pressure, gets rid of it, throws it deep, no one there. ruled intentional grounding, so 2-0 giants. darren rovell says 16,000 bucks betting a safety. the touchdown to hernandez.
6:58 am
brady tried to be the fourth quarterback winning four super bowls. here it is. final minutes. eli manning to mario manningham that needed to get the giants down the field for that game winning score in the final minutes. from there, inside the 10 yard line, bradshaw scores to put up the giants 21-17. he tried to stop at the goal line. patriots wanted him to score to get that ball back for one last chance. final play. a hail mary to the endzone, buying time for receivers to get there. he tries to get the ball, just out of his reach. giants beat the patriots again in the super bowl. eli manning named super bowl mvp. now leads his brother peyton in super bowl titles 2-1. >> this isn't about one person, this is about a whole team coming together, getting this win. just proud of our guys, proud of the team the way we fought all
6:59 am
year. never got discouraged. kept our faith, kept our confidence to the very end. >> i think everybody was just disappointed. you know, this is not, you know, you win as a team, and you lose as a team. certainly it wasn't one play the reason we lost today, so everybody feels like we could have done more. >> now, tom brady one of the grates, but almost inconsolable after the game. even a guy with a long career, several more years ahead. a friend says look, a long career, but in the nfl, everyone's career is short. you don't have that many chances to go to a super bowl. tom brady thought this was a chance to move to the inner circle of all time grateme grea. again they rob him. >> brady's wife making news with her reaction. >> hey, supportive wife. i can't really knock her for that. probably had a few words she
7:00 am
might regret. >> supporting her husband. >> consolation prize for the patriots, they have all been invited to aruba. it won't make them feel better. it was a great game and let down for the patriots. >> thanks, jeff. and it is the top of the hour. thanks for joining us, everyone. the u.s. closes its embassy in syria, reasonable degree of medical certainty all u.s. citizens leave the country immediately. this follows reports that syria's army is firing rockets and mortars into city neighborhoods. we get records that a doctor in a field office at home says at least 30 people have been killed. opposition activists say they blame the u.n. security council for not passing a resolution condemning the regime. elise, have all american diplomats working at the embassy left syria?
7:01 am
>> that's right, there were about 17 diplomats left. a couple left a few days ago. ambassador robert ford and the rest of them just arrived in jordan a little over an hour ago cnn was told. we broke the news. state department moments ago issued a statement saying the recent surge in violence, including bombings in damascus december 23 and january 6 raised serious concerns that our embassy is not sufficiently protected from armed attack. we, along with several other diplomatic missions conveyed security concerns to the syrian government, but the regime failed to respond adequately. investigators tell me ambassador ford was able to get around, but given the recent bombings, they believe they bear the hall marks of al qaeda and the embassy could be a possible attack. they were worried about attack on the embassy. >> we are watching this, you're bringing us the information.
7:02 am
please keep us updated through the hour. back here at home, mitt romney ran the table in vegas leaving town with 50% of the vote, the same as the other three candidates combined. republicans look ahead to tomorrow and three more contests in the nation's midsection. as candidates hit the ground, the president took to the air. last night in interview before the super bowl, he made his case for re-election. >> i deserve a second term, but we're not done. created 3.7 million jobs in the last 23 months. the most since 2005. most manufacturing jobs since 1990, but we're not finished. the key now is to make sure we don't start turning in a new direction that could throw that progress off. >> are voters ready to buy that argument? paul steinhauser, live in washington. what do you see in the new poll? >> americans are divided on that. the president said he deserved a second term, look at the numbers
7:03 am
out. americans are split on that, 49% say he deserves a second term, 49% say he doesn't. go to the next screen as well. interesting in a hypothetical matchup. president obama versus mitt romney, say as republican nominee, who would have the upper hand. now from the new poll, the president with a 6 point advantage, it was dead even in january. since then, of course, you had new unemployment report that came out friday. this poll was conducted half before and after that. and also, i think you're seeing some turned off by bitterness and negativity on the republican side. among independents, the president making up ground on mitt romney. >> the candidates are looking forward to minnesota and colorado today? >> you got it. that's where all four republican hopefuls. why? tomorrow another round of caucuses and primaries. minnesota, 37 delegates at state tomorrow in that caucus. colorado, 33 delegates up for grabs. both states proportional,
7:04 am
missouri holding a nonbinding primary, but guess what, newt gingrich is not on the ballot in missouri. rick santorum hoping for a good night in missouri and even minnesota. >> paul, thanks. cnn tomorrow, live coverage of the state primaries beginning at 6 eastern, followed by complete coverage of the results, 7 eastern here on cnn. police in washington state say a fire and explosion that killed josh powell and his two boys was intentional. the tragic end to a puzzling case that began when powell's wife susan disappeared two years ago. thelma gutierrez has more from washington. it is sad, a bizarre turn of events. what can you tell us about the investigation now? >> reporter: i can tell you, kira, that investigators on the case since susan powell went missing have traveled to washington. they will be talking with detectives to see if they can go over details, they'll come and
7:05 am
visit the scene to again try to determine what, in fact, happened to susan powell. they say that case is very much active. >> he sent an e-mail just before the explosion, right? >> reporter: he did, and that's something they're looking very closely at. they're saying here, investigators are saying this was premeditated. he knew exactly what he was going to do, and they point to that e-mail. we talked to the sheriff's spokesman a short time ago, kira, he told us shortly before this explosion went off in this neighborhood that the attorney received an e-mail and it just simply said i'm sorry, good-bye. also that a cousin of his in texas received the same e-mail, and they're saying there was absolutely no indication that he would have done something like this according to the attorney, but he did know he was very, very upset after losing custody
7:06 am
of his children. >> and thelma, why, he had lost custody of his boys. why? >> reporter: well, kira, this is what's most disturbing in all this. we were talking to the sheriff's spokesperson. he told us josh powell's father steven, with whom he lived here in this neighborhood for a short time, he had actually been arrested back in september of 2011 for possession of child pornography. 14 counts, also for voyeuristic acts. and the judge looked at that, said it wasn't a safe place for the children to be. that's why he lost custody. that's why the children went to go live with susan powell's parents here in washington. he tried to get custody back last week. went to a hearing. the judge denied his request. so he was very despondent from what authorities are telling us. >> thelma, finally you had a
7:07 am
chance to talk to the neighbors. did they know the family, did they see this coming? any insight? >> reporter: you know, the most interesting thing, kira, neighbors out here didn't know that josh powell even lived in this neighborhood. it's a really quiet place. you can see his home right behind us, it is at the end of a cul-de-sac between the two pine trees. people say they just didn't know that any of this was going on. they are devastated to find out exactly what happened. they say the first thing they knew yesterday shortly after noon, they hear this terrible explosion. you can see what's left of josh powell's home. it is completely devastated. it is completely in ashes, and they say they ran out. they heard a series of explosions following, and saw this tall wall of flames and then inside, the most disturbing, were the bodies of the two children and also of an
7:08 am
adult male. authorities say they have no reason to believe that they are anyone else but josh powell and his two sons, the seven-year-old and the five-year-old, who were in one room in the middle of the room together when they died. >> thelma gutierrez, thanks. president obama thinks he deserves a second term. do you? and london celebrating queen elizabeth's 60 years as monarch, we'll show you how. stay with us.
7:09 am
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checking stories across the country. a twist in the case of an iraq war vet who prosecutors say brutally killed four homeless men. he will be charged with stabbing the mother and brother of an old friend. and 500 passengers and crew members got sick from a norovirus infection aboard ruby princess and crown princess ships. both of those boats out of fort lauderdale. cruise are disinfecting the ships while cdc investigators search for the cause of that outbreak. in north carolina, police looking for a man that slashed a woman's neck. she just had gotten home from bible study. what did she do? she didn't panic. she began to read scriptures to the man about an hour. he apologized and then left. she's in stable condition with 25 staples to her neck. 60 years and 41 gun salute. quite a party for queen
7:12 am
elizabeth. our royal correspondent max foster is live in london following the diamond jubilee. i think we had a mic problem. this is nothing compared to what's happening in june, right? >> reporter: the big weekend is june. the palace points out it is a year of celebrations, why today is so important. she's sending out all her children and grandchildren out around the world in her name to visit the countries where she is queen as well, because she is queen in not just the u.k. but 15 other countries, canada and australia, for example. a series of celebrations coming up. today, the palace released a few photos, new official portraits of the queen, one showed prince
7:13 am
phillip. this is interesting. you see her in a fairly standard pose, but actually standing in front of the queen victoria memorial, wearing the same necklace queen victoria wore in 1897 for her diamond jubilee picture. the point she's making, only two monarchs have been on the throne this long, victoria and elizabeth. she's part of a unique club, this is a big event. she has no plans to retire either. she's renewing her commitment to the people today. she's going to go on and on and she has been out and about as well. busy day for her. >> and i understand it will be quite a guest list at one of the major get togethers, is that right? >> reporter: over the years, going to be all sorts of get togethers, big lunch involving all of the european monarchs around the world later on in the year, and also i know that
7:14 am
president obama has been speaking about the queen recently in very fond terms. she has met every u.s. president, bar one. president obama said it was his favorite state visit when he came last year. there's a big american contingent coming to the celebrations, particularly after last year, you remember the royal wedding. they expect even more people for the jubilee celebrations beginning of june we believe. we'll see, kyra. >> i am sure you'll be at all the celebrations. we'll check in with you, max. more presidential contests tomorrow. if rick santorum doesn't come out on top, will it be the end of his campaign? we ask our political buzz panel next. ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band.
7:15 am
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7:17 am
in europe, the death toll is rise frg the most vicious cold snap in decades. more than 200 have died in eastern europe, more than half in the ukraine. matthew, any relief in sight? give us details of what people are doing. >> reporter: it is very cold indeed, kyra, as you mentioned. so many people lost their lives. temperatures reaching degrees that are far lower than is normal in what is ordinarily a cold country this time of year. the health ministry in ukraine has revised the number of people that have been killed as a result of the weather, upwards to 135 over the course of the past nine days. so it really is a deadly deep freeze the country finds itself in, and not just ukraine, this is a weather front that's
7:18 am
expanded across areas of europe, particularly eastern europe, well over 300 people now confirmed dead in various countries in this continent here. >> you covered this region, matthew, for some time. have you ever seen or experienced this. >> reporter: about six years ago, when i was based in moscow, it was probably even colder than this, but it is not just the temperatures that are important, it is the way the local authorities respond. if the response isn't adequate, people, homeless people generally tend to die, that's what we have been seeing. i am spanning here in the ukranian capital, near one of the few tents set up by local authorities with fires inside, stove heaters, offering tea and basic food like porridge and bread.
7:19 am
across the country and region, there are so many homeless people because of the economic conditions. couple that with low temperatures, and it is leading to this very high death toll here. >> matthew chance, please keep us posted. thank you. they earn less than a dollar an hour. they sleep where they work, and they make the apple products you use every day. we're talking about employees at the fox conn factory. stan grant investigates the technology giant and spoke with one employee that says one workers are treated like animals. >> reporter: believe it or not, this woman has never seen an ipad before, even though she toys more than 60 hours a week making it. >> i like it. >> you like it? >> yeah. >> reporter: she's like many migrant workers from china spending endless hours putting on screens, never glimpsing the finished product. here is another first. this is her only meal in a restaurant since she started at fox conn, a company that
7:20 am
produces electronics for the world's leading brands. >> very interesting. >> reporter: sure is a change from the factory where she works, sleeps, and eats. she doesn't want to be identified, we'll call her miss chen. if she's caught speaking to us, she says she will lose her job. >>translator: when we were being trained for work, they told us if we accept interviews, we will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. it's really a big deal. >> reporter: miss chen one of more than a million workers at fox conn. she works at this factory installing ipad screens. they make the ipads, ipods, iphones that made apple a commercial and cultural icon. but there are no i workers here, only we workers. miss chen says we work whenever foxconn says so. >>translator: they use women as men and use men as machines. there's another way of saying
7:21 am
it. they use women as men and use men as animals. >> reporter: this is the front gate, as far as we're able to go. every day, literally tens of thousands of workers go through these gates. according to the worker we spoke to, people don't tend to stay long here. if they have any complaints, the attitude of management is if you don't like it, you can leave. only weeks ago, workers threatened mass suicide at a factory manufacturing microsoft products. microsoft said they investigated and found the matter related to staffing assignments and transfer policies, not working conditions. the company noted it works to ensure employees are treated fairly. foxconn says it resolved the dispute. in 2010, the company made unwanted headlines when more than a dozen workers killed themselves, forcing foxconn to improve factories. the company tells cnn they
7:22 am
boosted pay and provided counseling. they boosted on site healthcare and working conditions they claim are among the best in china. apple is criticized for links to overseas factories. it maintains it would not work with companies that didn't respect their employees. in a recent e-mail, apple addressed critics. it says we care about every worker in our worldwide chain. miss chen, though, sees it differently. >>translator: do they care about us? i don't know. at least i am not getting any of that care. >> reporter: foxconn insists workers are treated fairly and workers are protected. worker say they only care about a privileged few. it is run with a military culture. unpredictable hours at the whim of management, and workers not able to speak on the factory floor.
7:23 am
as we found, they're not too keen to speak outside either. we had to meet miss chen at this restaurant. it is a rare outing for her. foxconn takes up every waking moment. >>translator: it is so boring. i can't bear it any more. every day, i get up from work and go to bed. i get up in the morning and i go to work. it became my daily routine, and i almost felt like i was some kind of animal. >> reporter: hers just one tale, but an experience repeated elsewhere by other disgruntled employees. she says she will leave soon to go back to college. she has no desire to return here. >>translator: i don't want to work in foxconn. >> you don't? >> i don't. >> reporter: but there's the lure of the ipad. >> you like it? >> i want to have one.
7:24 am
would i have enough money? right now, she earns less than a dollar an hour. stan grant, cnn. >> and a spokesperson of apple's headquarters sent this statement this morning. quote, we care about every worker in our worldwide supply chain. we insist that our suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes wherever apple products are made. our suppliers must live up to these requirements if they want to keep doing business with apple. president obama thinks he deserves a second term. do you? that's the topic in our political buzz segment and it is next. i am loving this greek yogurt.
7:25 am
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delicious gourmet gravy. and she agrees. with fancy feast gravy lovers, your cat can enjoy the delicious, satisfying taste of gourmet gravy every day. fancy feast. the best ingredient is love. checking top stories. the u.s. closed its embassy in
7:28 am
syria, pulled out the last of its staff. washington says syria refused to address security concerns. and the death toll rising in pakistan. six confirmed dead, dozens of others trapped in a collapsed factory. a boiler explosion is blamed. in italy, the captain of the costa concordia wants off house arrest. this morning, he made that plea to a panel of judges, a move sure to outrage the families of those killed. all right. political buzz. rapid fire. look at the best political topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. playing today, serious xm talk show toast, pete dominic, and cnn contributor. if mitt romney wins both colorado and minnesota. >> rick santorum is still in the
7:29 am
presidential race? i didn't realize that. listen, rick santorum is hanging in there because there's a sliver of supporters that agree with his anti-marriage equality, anti-choice, and anti-science poins of view. he should have been disqualified after the last cnn debate when he ended with global warming is a host. something his catholic pope disagrees with, pope benedict saying this kind of change is happening and we should worry about it. i don't know why he is still there, he is done in short. >> will? >> you know, i don't know. it is not if, it is when, kyra. i don't know if it is tomorrow or next week, but looks like rick santorum's campaign will come to an end. we had this debate, i had it with conservatives about there's still 50% of conservative electorate that doesn't like mitt romney. maybe, just maybe iowa had it right. maybe the alternative shouldn't have been newt gingrich, should have been rick santorum. we will never know. he has grown as a candidate, and
7:30 am
might have been able to be the mitt romney answer, but he is not. >> and the gop is better at counting cards than votes. took forever to see there's no chance for somebody like santorum to be successful. this race is now mitt romney's. no one else will challenge, catch up. he pulled off florida and nevada, he is going to win all of the primary states on tuesday probably. it is time for other candidates to roll up their sleeves, say we have to work to beat barack obama because they're not going to beat mitt romney. >> president obama tells matt lauer he deserves a second term. take a listen. >> i deserve a second term, but we're not done. >> created 3.7 million jobs in the last 23 months, the moets since 2005, most manufacturing since 1990, but we're not finished. >> pete, does he deserve a second term? >> kyra, that's definitely up to the voters. we think about how incumbents get reelected and look at the
7:31 am
situation, how bad the economy was, worst situation since the depression, how it has grown, listen, if we keep adding jobs, most don't look at it the way we do, day to day, deep in depth. they say what's the unemployment rate. is gadhafi dead? is bin laden dead? do i have a job? how is my house doing. that's about it, how am i doing. if people think things are better and it looks that way, he will probably win again. >> will? >> i don't think he deserves a second chance, but that's because of long term issues, kyra, like the way he is building it for the long term, the healthcare bill, trying to force a cap and trade bill. these are reasons i disagree with president obama. if he puts focus on the short term, on the economy and unemployment rate, he will have to live and die by the sword. if the economy is not better in six months, he set himself up for tough questions. it is more than a number on the wall, more than the unemployment number, how do voters feel, how is inflation, housing,
7:32 am
unemployment. all of those add up to a feeling voters have. we will see if they feel better in november. >> of course he deserves re-election. he doesn't have any real competition. if you look what he is up against, mitt romney, a guy that made his career off firing people and laying people off in order to make more money. so barack obama may have not done a great job, may have failed to do all sorts of promises, may have battened down on promises he said he would initiate in 2008, but he deserves to be reelected because the republicans are weak and aren't going to be able to get done. he wins by default. >> flip flopping on snl. >> it is a surprise to see you here, mitt. as i recall, you found the idea of a moon colony silly in 2012. >> newt, you were wrong. ever since you left earth, it has been a nightmare. let me work in your add moon
7:33 am
stration. >> i am supposed to believe you just changed your position? >> wouldn't be the first time. >> still the gop frontrunner. could public opinion flip flop on flip flopping when he is up against obama? >> i hope public opinion flips on the phrase of flip flopping. it is a horrible phrase. i don't know what to replace it with, but it means you change your mind because of political expediency, which mitt romney has never been a nominee in a general election, only changed from liberal to conservative. that same criticism may not come. say change in the mind and not use flip flopping. i don't think it will matter. >> will? >> i disagree with you, pete. flip flopping doesn't mean changing your mind because of political expediency, it means changing your mind. voters don't go so far to say why did he change his mind. sometimes not so cynical. not speaking mitt romney, i don't know why he changed his mind on so many issues. we ought to think beyond that. maybe you had a legitimate
7:34 am
reason to change your mind. a big political issue in november? no. >> voters care about vision and the future. think about a week ago, barack obama is singing let's stay together and mitt romney is butchering america the beautiful. that's what will hurt him this fall. america doesn't want a manager, they want an inspirer, that will hurt, not flip flop him. >> thanks, appreciate it. cnn tomorrow, live coverage of primaries and caucuses at 6:00 p.m. from prayers to a potty mouth, after last night's loss, tom brady's supermodel wife reportedly cusses out a fan. we have the scoop, word by word. and we will talk with senior muslim correspondent for the daily show. he is making chick flicks now. we're putting him on the spot. >> the good he grew up with. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms,
7:35 am
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7:37 am
momornrninin'.'. i i guguesess s i'i'm m hehelp huhundndreredsds o on n cacar r. itit p prorobabablbly y alalsot ththatat i i'm'm a a w woros adadvevertrtisisining g ici. chcheeeersrs!! i i memeanan, , whwho o wt wawantnt a a p pieiecece o? gegeicico.o. ahah...... fififtfteeeen n miminunutetes se yoyou u fififtfteeeen n pt ohoh d deaear.r..... oror m morore e onon c carar i . super bowl lived up to the hype. a thriller of a final play in indianapolis last night. the patriots, tom brady, throwing a hail mary pass right into the endzone. you'll see here once it comes off the right hand, the ball actually knocked down, there it is, and the new york giants are super bowl champs. eli manning wins the mvp. there's another part of the
7:38 am
super bowl may have stolen the show. everyone talking about singer mia's performance at the half time performance. any shell turner live in l.a., what is it about the half time performances. there always has to be some type of drama. >> reporter: you think people would learn, right? but obviously not. i would put a bet on this morning that madonna is a little ticked off at mia. she put on a fantastic show. now all everyone is talking about, mia used a middle finger to communicate with fans. she was caught on mic swearing, but it wasn't clear. middle finger incident was so quick, you probably missed it like the sensors. they were too late to block it the nfl not happy. they said there was a failure in nbc's delay system. the obscene gesture in the
7:39 am
performance was completely inappropriate, very disappointing, and we apologize to fans and nbc for their part, they apologized as well. kyra, we reached out to madonna and mia for comment, neither responded yet. >> meanwhile, tom brady's wife didn't have a problem responding to some fans about last night's loss? >> reporter: yeah. you know, this is kind of disappointing because what actually happened, the situation was gisele just watched her husband lose the super bowl. apparently she was being heck he willed by giants fans as she went to the elevator. she must have not known there was a camera rolling and that this could get out. i want to show you what happened. take a look at this. >> he didn't even catch the ball like he was supposed to. >> she was venting about some of tom brady's receivers on the team. i don't know if there were any
7:40 am
receivers' wives nearby to hear that, i can't imagine she knew there was a camera rolling and thought this would get out. i can get her losing her cool. tough game, already taking some heat pregame for the e-mail she sent out asking for friends and family to pray for brady. that was supposed to be private as well. in this case, she probably should have waited to get her anger out while still in the suite or waited until she was in the car with tom. we reached out to one of gisele's representatives and were told simply "no comment." >> got you. thank you so much. if you want information on everything breaking in the entertainment world, we have it every night on showbiz tonight, 11:30 eastern. daily show muslim correspondent, a leading man in his own chick flick. where's the satire? assif mandvi in the hot seat next. ok! who gets occasional constipation,
7:41 am
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♪ [ male announcer ] get a retirement plan that works at e-trade. you aren't just handed the title senior muslim correspondent on "daily show," you earn it, you pay your dues, have hands-on experience, and you have to be openly muslim, too. when you got all that, you break stories. i believe assif mandvi won an edwin r muslim award. >> any hardware store carries
7:44 am
fertilizer and lumber. >> but it is the deals they offer, believe me. we are building a lot fewer victory mosques if we can't get lumber at a dollar a foot. check this out. leisure time monkey bars for 120 bucks? at that price, i am training the whole neighborhood! i mean, come on! >> i get it. i get it. >> two for one deals. 100 pound propane cylinders. come on, you can't afford not to blow something up. >> it is an honor to have this award winning "daily show" correspondent with us. awesome. how did you get the scoop aisle five was the terror aisle? >> how did i get the scoop of what? >> that the terror aisle, it was aisle five. >> oh, yeah, aisle five. we all know this. it is common knowledge.
7:45 am
>> it is. >> very well known. >> this is something you knew, you didn't break the story, no inside scoop? nobody tipped you off? >> i broke it for nonmuslims. as a muslim, we all know where the lumber is. >> from satire to sappy, it is for a shameless plug. your check arrived, i cashed it, the flowers arrived, they're beautiful. here you go. i am telling the viewers now, you can't miss your new old movie, today's special. >> i like how you put it, new old movie. yes. it is out on dvd, you can rent it where they are rentable or buy it. it is called "today's special." it is a heartwarming romantic comedy with muslim characters. there you go. >> let's take a look. >> don't you want to measure that? >> man who measure life never know his own measure. >> you read that on a fortune cookie? >> actually, yes.
7:46 am
>> hire a dirty taxicab driver to drive you 40 miles. >> you never use a recipe? >> everything i use is here and here. >> it is your own mr. miati, like the karate kid in the kitchen. >> that's what it is, exactly. has a little karate kid, eat, drink, man, woman, all of that stuff. it is a foodie comedy. >> and tell me why this movie? of course we laugh, we have fun with you, we enjoy you on every level with regard to comedy, but you've got a message in this movie. >> yeah. i mean, this is -- i wrote a play years ago, supina's restaurant, one man show we did off broadway in new york. this is sort of inspired by that. sort of taken from semi autobiographical place of my own family, set in the world of an
7:47 am
indian restaurant, a muslim american family owns an indian restaurant, and so there was an element of truth for it, about it, for me. and you know, so i wanted to tell the story about a real american family that happens to be indian, happens to be muslim, and you know, it is sort of heart warming and fun and funny. >> yes, you are a funny guy. beneath that humor, okay, going to get a little serious a moment, the council on american islamic relations recognized you for courageous work in exposing anti-muslim bigotry on national tv. >> they did. >> tell me why that's important to you. as a muslim comedian, i am guessing this changed quite a bit since '95 when were you air arab cabbie in die hard with a vengeance. >> they gave me this award which on some level was for my brilliant and stupid faces made
7:48 am
on the "daily show." it was also an honor to be honored by my own community in a way, to let me know they were watching, and that the stuff we do on "daily show" actually does remember in some way the voice of the moderate muslim, at least my character as i play. there isn't a lot of voice out there for that. so i was honored for the award, even though the clip they showed at the awards before i received my award was of me doing plat falls. >> we love you on the daily show. the movie so sweet. most popular chick flick out in the country now. >> hey! >> any dirt on stewart you can give us? he is always taking us to task. you got anything for me? >> on what? >> on your boss, jon stewart.
7:49 am
>> my boss, he is a terrific guy, you know. what can i say about jon. >> you write his stuff, don't you? >> i do, i write all his stuff. the man smells like paprika. he is terrific. >> he loves curry and we love you. assif, thank you. >> you bet. coming up, the nevada gop takes heat for releasing caucus results a day late. we talk about that in the political ticker. stay with us. [dogs barking & grunting] [dog shaking water] [dog growls] [dogs bark] 8% every 10 years.age 40, we can start losing muscle -- wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health.
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7:51 am
tracing descendants of american slaves. athena jones goes in depth on what's called the first of its kind in an online database. >> african slaves first arrived in virginia in 1619.
7:52 am
now in fading ink and yellow paper, more stories are being told. >> this is just the beginning. >> a new online database allows users to track down information about their ancestors in the state, slaves, slave owners. >> you can see the enslaved people that were listed in this broadside. >> more than 80 came to the virginia historical society first workshop to learn to navigate their site, including a history teacher that flew in from indiana. >> i think it is innately human to want to know our origin. >> researching black folk is difficult. so any time you can find a new resour resource, it is good to investigate. >> the project made possible with $25,000 in grants from energy company dominion is aimed at helping people fill in the gaps in their own history and in the process, the nation. >> not only looking at african-american history, we are looking at american history from
7:53 am
a virginia perspective. >> they amassed more than 8 million documents, donated by well to do virginia families. more slaves lived in virginia than any other state. and this city, richmond, was at the heart of the u.s. slave trade. many black men, women and children were brought here to be sold to other states. some 3200 names of slaves and free blacks and slave holders were entered into the database, and it is updated weekly. >> for so long, people did not know who their ancestors were, did not know where to go to look for it, and it is important for people to know who they are because having that sense of identity enables people to have a sense of dignity, a sense of knowing who they are within this american landscape. >> the documents, deeds and wills, granting slaves freedom, and passes that allowed them to go from one plantation to visit
7:54 am
another are accessible. we were walked through a search of a slave inventory list. >> you have the names, the ages, their occupation, values. >> the virginia historical society is helping fill in details of america's slave history. uncovering pieces of the past, name by name. athena jones, cnn, richmond, virginia. let's look at some stories we are working on. 11:00 eastern, eric cantor having a young republicans job summit. at 3:00, kwame kilpatrick has a pretrial hearing, accused of defrauding the state of michigan and private donors using public money for private expenses. at 3:30, bernie sanders has a news conference, opposes deep cuts and changes to the u.s. postal service. and in the daily dose, new government study says many kids are still exposed to secondhand
7:55 am
smoke. now they want more states to ban secondhand smoke in cars. they surveyed about 20,000 students. close to one-third say they have driven in a car with someone smoking in the past week. drivers may not realize it even when the window is down, it can create toxic levels of circulating smoke. former presidential mistress talks about steamy details in a new memoir. a woman who says she was a teenage mistress of john f. kennedy. she lays out how the affair began when she was a white house intern. suzanne malveaux will have details in the next hour. i'm always looking out for small ways to be more healthy. like splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweeteners. this bowl of strawberries is loaded with vitamin c. and now, b vitamins to boot. coffee doesn't have fiber. unless you want it to. splenda® essentials™ are the first and only line of sweeteners with a small boost
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of fiber, or antioxidants, or b vitamins in every packet. mmm. same great taste with an added "way to go, me" feeling. splenda® essentials™. get more out of what you put in.
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7:58 am
flashbacks, paul steinhauser
7:59 am
of some counting issues, calculating issues. now it struck nevada. >> what is it with caucuses? remember what happened with iowa, first romney won, then santorum won two weeks later. not as bad in nevada, but some are criticizing the final vote from the gop didn't come out until this morning. it is two days later. why did it take so long. there's some criticism on that. a lot had to do with clark county, the las vegas area, henderson. their vote totals didn't come in until yesterday. that's why the nevada gop didn't get all of the numbers out until early this morning. the other thing, kyra, some are criticizing they showed up too late, weren't allowed to go to caucus because they were too late. some questioned the rules. there's a lot of harping in nevada. officials say we will get it better four years from now. the other thing is the turnout. 11,000 less people took part this year in caucuses than four years ago. that could be troubling for nevada. this is aa