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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 11, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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i think if one person is going to get irritated by the way you spend, squlould. >> i think you should sit down once a month. >> how about money date and start on valentine's day this year. >> take the $109 for the dozen roses and maybe sit down and invest it. but we're nerds. >> there are good books on this topic. >> there are. we're going to tell you in a minute what's your best advice for getting out of debt? we may air it on the show next year. if we do, ali vel sli will personally send you a t-shirt. >> and not one that i've worn. >> or he'll send you a copy of the book. facebook us or tweet us. back now to "cnn saturday morning" for the greatest headlines. have a great weekend. -- captions by vitac --
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and it is february 11th. good morning, everyone. this is "cnn saturday morning." i'm ted rowlands. it's 10:00 a.m. here in atlanta and 5:00 p.m. in syria. amateur video from inside over there shows the damage caused by the ongoing explosions and attacks in that country. a child's pink doll appears to be lying in the rubble. hear from an activist from inside the country who says the people there just want a moment to save their children. plus, the cia's website hacked. a group called anonymous has taken credit for the cyber attack, and they say they're not done targeting government websites. you're looking at a live picture from cpac. it's the conservative political
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action conference meeting in washington. it's the third and final day of the convention which brings together the nation's leading conservative activists. here's a look at today's highlights. at 4:15 the conference will release the much anticipated results of the much anticipated presidential straw poll. right after the straw poll results, sarah palin takes the stage to deliver the convention's keynote address. three of the four gop candidates addressed the conference yesterday, furnishing their credentials and attacking president obama. our director is covering kre pack for us this morning. lots to talk about. let's start with today's convenients. what's the real significance of the straw poll? >> well, you know, ted, if rick santorum, who has come on with three major wins last week in missouri and in colorado and minnesota, if he were to win the
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straw poll tonight that would be seen as a huge boon to his campaign. in fact, in the last three days rick santorum, where a lot of people didn't think he had a shot after the nomination is now seen as an alternative to mitt romney. he has raised $3 million his campaign manager says in the last 72 dollars and they keep on clicking away. if mitt romney would win it that would help assuage some fears that, in fact, some are not em bracing his candidacy. those are the two people we're looking at ahead for this straw poll. >> sfrp, no official endorsement. can we expect her to back a candidate? and what could that do in terms of helping or hurting one of these candidates? >> well, i don't expect her to come out and officially endorse anyone. however, in the past few weeks she's been very complimentary of newt gingrich. she was so before the south carolina and florida pry mairs. she's also said some very nice
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words about rick santorum. not so much about mitt romney. however, when she comes here at 4:30 and deliver a speech, i can tell you this place will be electrifie electrified. it will be like when rush limbaugh came here a couple years ago and came into this group and delivered what we would best describe as a red meat speech and got these people on their feet. that's what we expect from sarah palin today. >> let's listen to a little bit of what they said starting with rick santorum sparring with mitt romney. take a listen. >> who has supported, in fact, the stepchild of obama care. the person in massachusetts who billed the largest government-run health care system in the united states. someone who would simply give that issue away in the fall. >> let me tell you. any politician that tries to convince you that they hated washington so much that they just couldn't leave, well, that's the same poll tish yaen
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who will try to sell you a bridge to nowhere. >> i don't care what kind of deal he tries to cut, this is a man who's deeply committed, if he win's the election, he will wage war on the catholic church the day after the election. we shouldn't trust him. we should know who he is and the country should know who he is. >> which candidate sparked the most buzz in the speeches there? >> probably in a negative light mitt romney's speech generate add lot of buzz because it was directed strictly at conservatives. the idea was to calm any fears of his candidacy. he's used a word, though, that's caught a lot of people off guard. as describing himself as governor of massachusetts, he said he was severely conservative. some are puzzled why he decided to use that word. rick santorum was probably the winner. he knows how to speak to the folks who come to groups --
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organizations such as cpac. he's been in the conservative move mlkt for many, many years. he probably generated most positive buzz. and newt gingrich, what's interesting about his speech is he didn't attack any rivals. instead he focused all his fire on president obama. as we saw during those speeches, expect to hear in the next couple of days, rick santorum going after mitt romney for health care, continuing do so. mitt romney going after newt gingrich and rick santorum for being washington insiders. quite frankly, ted, we don't know what newt gingrich is going do because he's very unpredictable. >> indeed he is. all right. thank you, mark preston. we'll find out the results of the straw poll later today. former governor rick scott is one of the cpac headliners. he joins us live in about 15 minutes as well to review his speech. >> voter are gathering. ron paul is due in lewises ton at this hour.
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mitt romney is expected shortly at the portland caucuses. he'll sneak with the voters, try to sway them undoubtedly. they're the only two candidates campaigning in maine. be sure to tune in to cnn later this evening for all of the results. cnn's coverage begins tonight at 6:00 eastern time. citing what it says are serious moral concerns, the u.s. conference of catholic bishops is taking aim at president obama's contraception plan despite recent changes turned new rules. the employers with religious affiliates will not be required to offer contraceptive coverage to workers. instead it will be provided by the insurance at no cost but the bishops says the proposal could violate some people to violate their religious beliefs. turning now to syria where the violence is escalating as
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government there continues its bloody crackdown on disi dents, u.n. officials announce many have died. we have reports from anti-government activists that well over a hundred people have been killed in just the last 24 hours. one of those opposition activists is in the besieged city of homs. he's telling cnn that some victims of the attacks are the nation's youngest and most innocent. >> translator: he's been injured. there is a few women, lost their babies. we just want from assad to give us permission to move the injured babies. they're just babies. >> cnn's ivan watson is monitoring developments from istanbul, turkey. ivan, what is the latest on the
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developing situation in syria? >> reporter: well, when you hear that desperate call coming from a resident there to help get some kind of a humanitarian corridor to help evacuate some people, this is the third largest city in syria, a population of more than a million people, and it's besieged by the country's own military, which has been raining shells, heavy artillery, indiscriminately into residential-packed neighborhoods. it's kind of hard to wrap your head around what's going on in that city, ted, if you try to take a step become and understand it. now, let's take look at a live feed that activists have put up via bam boozer and satellite communications that show a bit of the skyline there as nightfall approaches. the residents there tell us that morning began with artillery slamming into the city. once again, that is a deadly routine they have endured day after day for the better part of
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a week now with hundreds dead and untold number wounded. doctors have told us they don't have antibiotics to treat those with all kinds of wounds from shrapnel wounds to roofs collapsing on top of them. there's a siege-like situation because the military is not allowing medicine or food in. there may be a push now from outside to try to ameliorate that situation. turkey, which is a neighbor of syria, has just issued an announcement that it's going to request via the u nations to set up some kind of system to transfer humanitarian aid to syria, but that raises a lot of questions. a lot of obstacles to try to get aid into that country to people who are currently being attacked by the syrian security services. you would probably need permission from the government of syrian president bashir al assad himself to try to allow
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some military aid convoys in. this is just as the preliminary discussion stage right now. ted. >> clearly from those images that we're seeing coming out of syria, it is aid that is desperately need. hopefully it will get there, eventually sooner than later. ivan watson from istanbul, turkey. mahmoud ahmadinejad is saying stay tuned at a rally. he said a few hours ago. he said major achievements in the nuclear field would be unveiled in the next few days. much of europe has been in the grips of one of the hardest winters in years. the bitter cold is even icing over the beautiful italian city of venice. look at this. venice's famous canals are actually frozen over. boats are just sitting there stuck in the ice. let's bring in reynolds wolf. reynolds, we're getting a little cold here. a lot of people are waking up to
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it. boy, nothing like what europe has had to endure. >> indeed. it's been an amazing winter for them, very harsh. at this point parts of the northern plains and upper midwest, we have windchills of 20 below. here in atlanta, not quite so bad, however, we've had reports of snow flurries in the area snow flurries also in parts of new york. we're going to talk about that coming up in just a few moments, plus your travel weather. you're watching "cnn saturday morning." ♪ ♪ can you feel it out there? ♪ ♪ you gotta lift yourself up ♪ ♪ that's right [ male announcer ] join the masters of style... even trimming, a close shave, and accurate edging... with the new gillette fusion proglide styler. ♪ yeah [ male announcer ] new fusion proglide styler from gillette.
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and much of the nation is waking up to a wintry chill, especially in the midwest. reynolds, we've been looking at this weather all morning long.
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put the air flight off the runway. the good news, nobody was hurt. the horrible news, people were headed to florida and now they're stuck for a few more hours in winter. >> thank goodness no one was hurt. five crew members on board the plaerngs just trying to get to the sunshine state, trying to get to a place where there's not snow. michigan is one of the most beautiful places in the world but they want to see the sun. they're stuck there for a little while longer. in boston, the rain, the snow may keep you delayed for just under an hour, might have a backup in new york. same situation in cleveland, chicago, miami. gets a little bit different. mainly a wind event. no snow expected today, but a lot of it wind might keep you grounded. in miami, you might have showers. you might hear a peel of thunder into the afternoon. wouldn't be surprised if that happens. we're talking about new york here. if you want to see a neat shot
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of new york, this check this out. this calm in the circle. you see in the background, central park and a little bit of snow here. this is a cool place in new york. for cnn. if you're ever nearby, come on by and visit. say hi. we'd love to have you. as this sags its way to the south, there's more snowfall along here. boston, you've hat snow by the frog pond this morning. more expected on and off through the afternoon. maybe a little bit of a break as you get beat to the albuquerqueshires. light accumulation on the turnpike. we're not done yet. it's not going to be a heavy snow maker but it's still something you have to deal with. even into wilmington, you're going to see snow. in the appalachians, by the time it's all said and done, you may see up to a foot of snow. >> thanks, reynolds. straight ahead, florida governor
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cool! jamie will ring you up. show brad the way. who's brad? oh, here we go again. discounts that everyone can use. now, that's progressive. call or click today. have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. as we've been talking about all morning, there's a major gathering of conservatives in wachlt it's called cpac. three of the four republican presidential candidates addressed the group yesterday. today one of the headliners is florida governor rick scott. he joins me now from washington. governor scott, appreciate you joining us this morning. this is your first time, your
7:19 am
first crack at it at the washington cpac conference. give us a little bit of a preview of the message that you want to convey this morning. >> well, what i'm going to talk about is what i ran on. i ran on getting our state back to where it worked. run a state like you run your business. keep your costs low and in our case keep your taxes as low as possible. keep regulation. treat your people like you want them in our state. gosh, it works. the unemployment dropped 2.1%, we generate 141,500 private sector jobs. so what i'm going to talk about is if we want our federal economy to get going, we've got to reduce taxes, reduce regulation, reduce litigation and say we want american companies to be more successful than companies anywhere in the world. >> you're a rising star in the republican party. how important is this opportunity for you to address the folks at cpac? >> oh, well, you know, this is
7:20 am
great opportunity. it's the conservative bedrock of the country. it's individuals that are, you know, going to help elect the next president. you can hear behind me they're applauding. they're very active. they're activists. they care about our country, they care about the constitution, they care about limiting government, lower taxes, less regulation. this is great opportunity for me. i'm really honored to be here. >> we've heard from a lot of people. just tell us what's the overall message you hear coming out of the conference this year? >> i think message is, one thing that's great about our country right now is people are active. we're having a healthy debate in the country. do we want larger government or smaller government? do we want more government regulation or less government regulations? higher taxes or lower taxes? more litigation or less litigation? it's a clear choice this year and think what everyone is talking about is the fact that if we want jobs, which is the biggest issue we have in our country, we've got to change the
7:21 am
direction of our country and say how can we make american businesses more successful so they can hire more american workers. >> you did not endorse before the florida primary. instead you let the voters choose. they picked romney. do you agree with their choice? >> well, look. i think that across the country, voters ought to be looking at all these candidates. they ought to look at them based on are they going to help turn our economy around? it's the biggest issue we have. it's jobs, jobs, jobs. i think the debates were healthy. i think having all the -- you know, having the candidates come to your state and campaign is really healthy. i know they're going do that across the country. >> who of the candidates do you support? are you going to stand behind one? you eastward heard them talk. you've met them all. who do you like? >> well, i think all of them are great candidates. i think they all can win this election. i think if the election is going to be about jobs, unfortunately the president has not been able
7:22 am
to turn the economy around. it's going to be about the economy, so any one of our candidates can win the election. >> no endorsements from you yet, governor. maybe we'll hear from you during the speech. maybe we'll be able to see which way you're leaning after the speech. we really appreciate your joining us and enjoy yourself over the weekend at the conference. >> thanks for the opportunity to be here. >> you bet. well, they call themselves anonymous, but they're anything but annonymous about who they ae targeting. now it is the cia and other government websites. details coming up next.
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today we're honoring the first 2012 cnn here. his name is scott skroeb. after beating his addiction with drugs and alcohol he used sports to help fill the void. he's helping hundreds of others to stay sober while experiencing a healthy high. >> i get on my bike and go ride up in the mountains. it really just brings peace. and in my drug and alcohol use, it was the opposite. i got into it pretty young. by the time i was 15, i was using pretty serious drugs. when i got sober, i lost my group of friends because they were still out drinking and using. i got into boxing, triathlon, climbing, and this new group of friends. i had completely redefined myself. so i thought, how can i give this to other people? i'm scott strode and i want to help other people reach sober.
7:25 am
>> welcome to climbing. it's good to see you here. >> we sponsor about 50 events a week. all the events are free for people who have 48 hours of sober. we have this common connection, so it's easy to make new friends. we do bike rides, hiking, triathlon training, strength training. it really is just a new community of folks to hang out with. i'm an example of hitting rock bottom. i had a hair oh win overdose. they had to restart me with the balds. going out biking, boxinging, hitting the bags really fills the void. it's the best group i could imagine. we're having fun and i'm more proud of being sober, so come out and go climbing with us. >> remember, cnn heroes are all
7:26 am
chosen from people you tell us about. to nominate someone who is making a difference in their community, go to your nomination could help them help others. >> mitt romney is trying to get back on the winning track but has rick santorum stolen his thunder? our favorite two political people, lenny mcallister and maria sar dona are strapping up and ready to go. they're going to answer all those questions coming up. stay with us. today my journey continues across the golden state, where everyone has been unbelievably nice. mornin'. i guess i'm helping them save hundreds on car insurance. it probably also doesn't hurt that i'm a world-famous advertising icon. cheers! i mean, who wouldn't want a piece of that? geico. ah...
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and it's almost half past the hour. welcome back. i'm ted rowlands. thanks for starting your day with us on this saturday. first off, violence continues to rage in syria where activists say hundreds of people have died in the past week. one member of the opposition group says the city of homs is now in its seventh day of attacks. >> jerry sandusky may be released from house arrest as early as monday. that's when the judge is expected to rule on whether he can leave to see his grand children. sandusky who has been on house arrest since december is accused of sexually abusing young boys. he says he is innocent.
7:30 am
and the annual influential gathering known as cpac is winding down, but not before a closing speech by vice president presidential nominee sarah palin, and, of course, the key presidential poll, ron paul has won that poll in the last two years by winning against rival mitt romney. the political landscape has seemed to change a bit with this quadriplegic's results from minnesota, colorado, and missouri. rick santorum swept them all. we get results from maine tonight. he's ghoingt to win tonight but we'll find out who does. joining me now maria cardona and lenny mcallister who's in chicago. let's start with this week's results with rick santorum. a lot of momentum, but is this a blip or a c-change for conservative voters. lenny? >> well, he's no longer rick santorum. this is rocky santorum.
7:31 am
he is the underdog that keeps fighting against all odds. i keep saying this. he needs to run down the streets of philadelphia in a sweater vest and sweat pants with his arms up in the air and run up to the rocky statue. he keeps coming from behind to show that a underdog can make it in america. if he takes a part from the playbook and say, listen,ky be the inspirational figure to win back the white house, he can take this momentum and move forward. we've seen his fund-raising numbers come up over the past week. i think he can continue to do well in the debates and the momentum moving into super tuesday, rocky santorum do a number in march. >> but can rocky santorum go all the way to the white house, maria? i would think he would be the candidate that the administration would love to go up against. >> there's no question about that, ted. that's certainly true. the surge is for real. i think that mitt romney and
7:32 am
newt gingrich need to take him seriously and clearly they are because we're seeing that mitt romney is focusing all of his fire on rick santorum, which means they are taking him seriously. what we've learned from this political season is that conventional wisdom has completely gone out the window and who know's what's going to happen. i believe the smart money is going to be on mitt romney. we saw it with hi own speech at cpac. he still has a tremendous way to go to convince conservatives that he can carry their mantle. he talked about being severely conservative when he was governor of massachusetts. what does that even mean, that's such an awkward phrase to use. you can see people awkwardly applaud. they didn't understand what thatment and they didn't like it very much. he still has a problem connecting with conservatives. if he is elected nominee, more importantly than that, he has a
7:33 am
huge problem connecting with everyday americans struggling in this economy. if he does become the nominee, he's going to be the weak nominee. that's why the republicans are so desperate to find the anybody but romney candidate and right now that's rick santorum. >> give us a sense of how important the cpac is. it sounds like if you want it, you have to meet with donald trump but then you have to whoo them at cpac. how important was it for candidates? >> it was very important. if you look at how the candidates ended up going into cpac with their speeches, rick santorum appealed to the heretofore the conservatives. newt gingrich appealed to the brand of the strivgs and mitt romney appealed to the pocket of the strivgs. we have the structure, the length of time and money to beat president obama. unfortunately cpac is for inspiring services, getting a base behind you, gaining some supporters, finding volunteers and putting an effort together
7:34 am
that's going to keep your momentum going. santorum probably did a good job of that. newt gingrich probably sew lied feed himself as the author therrien in the room. did he get them up over the weekend? probably not. as lop as he has that gap in enthusiasm, he's going to be a republican that may have enough resources to win but not enough oomph to win and we may be looking at a two-term president obama much to my and other republicans' chagrins. >> oh, my. you're throwing in the towel. >> not yet. we need to get that inspiration up, ted. we have to get the inspiration and oomph up first. the white house expanded their plan for new contraceptive health care requirements. this week, a lot of pressure there, and a lot of people were very concerned by the way this was handled marimaria, was this sign of weakness the way it was handled? >> no, not at all.
7:35 am
it was absolutely the right policy to put forward, ted. maybe what they should have done was have a conversation with catholic leaders and make them understand this is not what the government was trying to do, trample on their religious freedoms. we saw with the compromise and accommodation what they're trying to do is keep the insurance companies and keep insurance plans from discriminating against women who want to have access and need to have access to preventive and life-saving health services and contraceptive medicines which mainly # 9% of american women at one point have taken contraceptives in their lives. this is something that not only the majority of americans believe it's the right thing do, the majority of women think it's the right thing to do and the ma skrort of catholics think it's the right thing to do. i think what it shows is this
7:36 am
president puts policy before politics and putting the welfare of women before politics. >> but it did cause a lot of -- >> all right, lenny. quickly. let her have it. what's your take on this. >> no way. bottom line the president absolutely puts policy above politic. he tried to bully the carolina coastline church and realized, you know what, the catholic church fights amongest themselves but they do not want the government telling them what to be. even the twice a year catholics at easter and christmas do not want the president tellinging them what to do. why didn't he do this first? why did he have to backtrack and then compromise? this is why republicans, although we're fighting amongst ourselves, still have a lot of hope going forward if we get our acts together. >> there was no backtracking. >> quickly. both of you? >> there wasn't backtracking, maria? >> no, it was not backtracking.
7:37 am
the policy was the same one. >> he had to come out and apologize. >> no, absolutely not. it was an accommodation -- no. it was an accommodation and the policy is exactly the same one. it does not let insurance companies discriminate. >> it shifts the responsibility. >> absolutely not. >> from the catholic church over to the insurance companies. absolutely a backtracking. >> it was the right thing do. >> both of you guys, appreciate it this morning. as always, a spirited discussion. >> thank you, ted. >> enjoy the rest of the weekend. >> thank you, ted. appreciate it. you too. god bless. well, up in smoke. movie memorabilia from the classic film "gone with the wind" is now gone forever. we'll till you about a devastating fire. and the nba's newest season sags, the knicks' jeremy lin. his remarkable rise to court
7:38 am
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. well, forget tim tebow.
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there's another superstar sports fan we need to start following. here's smokin' joe carter who is here to introduce a guy who came out of nowhere. >> we both said we didn't know who this guy was. jeremy lin plays for the new york knicks and essentially in one week he's gone from the bench to the nba. he's quickly become the sports story. he was. drafted out of college. two nba teams the rockets and the warriors both cut him. the knicks picked him up but he was sent to the d-league but because of injuries, he was called up. this degreed economics major from harvard put up 38 points. outshined kobe briechblt he's become linsanium.
7:42 am
he's got a lot of naples. he's been living with his brother in an apartment in new york city, sleeping on his brother's couch because he didn't have guaranteed contract but was make very little money. on this week, they said we're going to give you a one-year contract. so he's shopping in the big apple. >> will ferrell. this is beautiful. so many people have watched this. >> he's goal. tv gold in so many ways. earlier this week he had the opportunity to introduce the players before the game between the bulls and the hornets game. if you haven't seen the clip, here's a few of the intros. they're great. >> forward, 6'10" from mexico. he doesn't speak a lick of english, but we still love him, gustavo, sps ai o'.
7:43 am
he majored in. >> you can see he did a good job. fans have a facebook page. they want him to do the in trows for the all-star game. the game is lighthearted anyway. he's busy right now but maybe he can do it february 26. >> maybe he can help us and all the fans out. all right, joe, thank you. >> you bet. 21 delegates are at stake today. we'll tell you what mitt romney did today that he neefrs done before. plus, legendary movie memorabilia is destroyed in a fire. we'll tell you what's now gone up in smoke. ents who will question, why does my mouth feel dryer than i remember it to be? there are more people taking more medication, so we see people suffering from dry mouth more so. we may see more cavities, bad breath, oral irritation. a dry mouth sufferer doesn't have to suffer. i would recommend biotene. the enzymes in biotene products help supplement enzymes
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that are naturally in saliva. biotene helps moisten those areas that have become dry. those that are suffering can certainly benefit from biotene.
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well, some of the nation ice most influential conservatives are gathering for the final day of the cpac convention. it's the conservative political action conference. on the agenda today is a widely anticipated presidential extra poll and a closing speech by sarah palin. many republican eyes are on cpac, but a few are up in maine.
7:47 am
at least a couple of the candidates are spending time up there. ron paul and mitt romney are in maine today for the state's caucuses. two other candidates are skipping the state. 21 delegates are at stake. we'll get the result this evening. cnn's shannon travis is live at one of the caucus sights. mitt romney is doing something he's never done before in this election site. >> reporter: that's right, ted. he spoke here a short while ago. mitt romney has not -- this is his first time campaigning in maine this election cycle and this is his first time actually coming to a caucus site on voting day. so these are a few firsts for mitt romney. take a listen to an 11th hour appeal from the former governor of massachusetts himself at the caucus here, ted. >> i have a lot of passion for this country, concern for its resurrection, faith in the american people. i come to you asking for your support today. i want to be your nominee. i want to beat president obama.
7:48 am
i believe i can. i believe i'm the one person in this race who actually can beat the president. >> reporter: now, mitt romney coming here to maine, to the caucus site shows you is he worried about ron paul getting a first win? is it a sign he doesn't want to avoid another embarrassing loss as he did on tuesday when he lost three states? >> this was always on the agenda for him to visit maine. in terms of ron paul, he was here earlier as well. he did not address the crowd of caucusgoers. he pretty much greeted them at the doors. his campaign thinks they have a chance of picking up their first campaign -- or first contest win because they're 0 for 8. >> it's nice that you have a muvl accompaniment for your background for your report. paul spent a lot of time there. who has the edge going into
7:49 am
tonight? >> reporter: yeah, it's really hard to tall. ron paul watched -- ron paul was here. he put on his sweater vest and headed north and came up campaigning. i was here with him. but mitt romney is a favorite political son of new england. obviously he was the governor of massachusetts. he spejt a number of years here helping out other republicans. he won here in 2008. so it's kind of hard telling who has the edge. i can tell you this much. i spoke with the romney campaign last night. they said although they expected to do well they will be satisfied with a second or even a third place win, ted. >> all right. shannon, join in here. thanks. busy day ahead for you and for all of us here at cnn. cnn's special coverage of maine's caucuses begins at 6:00 eastern time with a special edition of "the situation room" with wolf blitzer. that's followed by the complete live coverage of the caucus results starting at 7:00.
7:50 am
the cia's website has been hacked. the known -- the group known as anonymous is taking credit or the blame, but who are these guys? we'll find out coming up next. and later, pulling people out of the snow. it takes a special breed. we'll introduce you to that coming up in our 11:00 hour. stay with us. to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today.
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the cia's website is back up and running this morning after hackers took it down. the computer hacking group known as anonymous claimed responsibility. cnn amber lyons spoke to the group. who are these anons as they supposedly call themselves, amber? give us a sense of who they are? >> they really can be anyone. anonymous is more an idea than an actual organization and what unites its members is they want open government, open internet, and they also want to protect human rights. the way they do that -- in the occupy movement you see people hitting the streets. in anonymous it's usually an internet attack. that's where anons all get
7:54 am
together. they flood the cia website, doj website with so much traffic that it causes these websites to crash, ted. >> how many of these sites are we talking about that they've hacked so far? i know they want to do many. who have they done so far besides the cia? >> hundreds of websites and mostly these attacks are against governments, law enforcement agencies, corporations they believe are infringing upon human rights or open government or open internet, ted. >> what's the -- you talk to these folks. what's the ultimate goal here? it doesn't seem clear -- taking down websites is one way to create chaos or give somebody some pain, but what's the ult mats goal? >> i think what's often underreported, ted, there's a certain sector of anonymous
7:55 am
that's calling for a total revolution similar to what we saw in egypt and ta nisha. what's important is the role anonymous played in those revolutions, in not only keeps the internet open when the government tried to close it and keep it open and start a propaganda tool to let people know what's happen. there's a group of anonymous, a more radical side, that's calling for a revolution here in the u.s. and they're ham and d-d os their way to make that happen, according to these anons. >> quickly hourk i do they do this? a lot of these guys aren't hackers. is it just a few doing the heavy lifting? >> there's a certain sector that know how to attack. but the majority of the anons i spoke with don't have those skills, what the majority of them use a program called low orbit software and that allows the average joe who may not know a lot about computers to
7:56 am
essentially from their living room, they could possibly be sigh mumultaneously watching fol and flooding the cia's website with traffic. so this has been essential to really gal van nuys this movement and allow them be successful in so many of the attacks we've seen of late. >> amber lyon with the insight. the headline here, stay tuned for more attacks to come. appreciate it. >> yes. they have a lot planned for 2012 according to some of my sources, especially when it comes to the conventions and elections coming up. >> all right. amber lyon in los angeles coming up. thanks, amber. a couple of hundred,000 of relics from a movie lost in a fiefrmt we'll have details coming up next.
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