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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 20, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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you see this burning building. you run to see if you can help? well, this guy actually runs into the building to save two men who were trapped inside. surveillance video from a nearby funeral home caught the whole thing. the families of the guys rescued, they are grateful. but this guy is pretty modest. >> we are very grateful for what he did to risk his own life and just to save our family. >> no, i'm no hero. just a guy that can help. >> just a guy who wants to help. cnn continues right now with randi kaye. hello, randi. >> hello, suzanne. i'm randi kaye. it's 10:00 on the west coast and 1:00 on the east coast. an outed sheriff resigns from romney's campaign after jose says that sheriff babeu threatened to deport him.
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he now acknowledges that he is gay but denies the other allegations. we'll talk to the reporter for the "phoenix new times" to talk about this story. iranian officials over nuclear program, iran's foreign minister is now saying he expects relations with europe to improve one day after iran cut crude exports to the uk and france because of sanctions. the iaea wants to clear the military program. back in november, the u.n. watch dog program carried out weapons-related research. iran needs to dis-prove the allegation. a washington skier is describing her terror. she knew two of the three skiers killed yesterday. on the "today" show she described what it was like to see an avalanche coming towards
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her. >> there wasn't much sound and it literally is just trying to figure out within seconds what is happening and how you're going to deal with it. there's not a lot of happen. it happens really, really fast. >> a backpack outfitted with an air bag saved her life. and now to the republican presidential race and big gains by rick santorum. over the weekend, santorum said he is still being underestimated because no one is taking him seriously. think again. check out this new gallup national tracking poll. he has an 8-point lead over romney. that's a 180-degree turn from what it was a week ago. it's new news for santorum with the primaries coming up next week and super tuesday a week after that. >> michigan and arizona are the next two contests in the republican race. michigan is looking like it's going to be a pretty close race even though romney won the race
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by a healthy race. joe johns is in cincinnati for us right now. mitt romney is scheduled to be there in 30 minutes or so. how it romney dealing with this tough showing by santorum in the polls? >>. >> quite frankly, randi, i have to tell you, it looks like business as usual for mitt romney. this, in fact, is a small business event. the candidate is expected to appear, with, among others, senator rob portman, the senator from ohio who has been managed and once the republicans figure out who their nominee is going to be. not a lot of drama here on the campaign trail. however, i can tell you probably the most dramatic action we're seeing is in the ad wars, the romney campaign spending just an extra ordinary amount, $2 million over the next week. that is obviously in
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anticipation of super tuesday. and then in the state of michigan where they all vote on the 28th of february. we are talking about something like $870,000 there. clearly it's putting on the heat because in a state where he ought to win, he grew up there as well and his father was governor of the state. so business as usual, randi. >> what about ohio? we know it's one of the super tuesday states. is romney going to concentrate more on the northern races in general and see the south to gingrich and santorum? >> you know, i think you have to say that a lot of people are going to think that mitt romney faces a lot of the south carolina primary where he ran into a very difficult time up against newt gingrich in that state. so some people suggest that he'll have a bit of problem there. also, rick santorum, too, not
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clear that he's going to do a whole lot better, at least not right now. some poll suggests that he's looking pretty good in texas but he's still a northern conservative, which could be an issue and then again that question of whether newt gingrich, because he comes if from the south, because he represented georgia in those areas when he was in congress, and even speaker of the house, questioned whether he will do very well. mitt romney, by the way, spending a ton of money in the southern states. so the ad wars continue. >> joe johns, appreciate that. a rising political star with ambition for congress, after some fiery allegations from a scorned lover, sheriff paul babeu's future is now in limbo. cnn's exclusive interview with his ex, who says that the sheriff threatened him with
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deportation. a story of happily ever after. who can forget elizabeth smart who was abducted at the age of 14 in 2002 from her home in salt lake city. her abductor sexually abused her during the nine months that she was held captive. fast forward to 2012. she has been going to school, working as a network correspondent and got engaged and surprised everyone by getting married over the weekend at this church in hawaii. for being a survivor with amazing grace, elizabeth smart, you are today's rock star. today my journey continues across the golden state,
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we're hearing today about pal babeu who is famous for his hard stance on illegal immigration. he was a rising political star who happens to be running for congress. that took an ironic twist this weekend with babeu coming out and stepping down as the state co-chair more mitt romney's campaign. this began to unravel after accusations about his immigrant ex-boyfriend surfaced in the new york times. he claims babeu asked him to keep a secret and babeu refused to deport him back to mexico. let's now get face time with miguel marquez and monica alonso
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who broke the story. miguel, you just spoke with jose. what did he say? >> reporter: well, as you laid out there, it's a complicated story as well. at the gist of it, it sounds like a guy who fell in love with sheriff babeu and realized that the sheriff wasn't in love with him, caught him cheating several times and was upset by that. the relationship went bad. the breakup went worse. lawyers were involved, there was a cease and desist order and jose and the sheriff's lawyer at one point indicated that he was here on expired student visa, at least to jose's lawyer said
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that. he was concerned for his family and then finding out that he was gay, concerned for his business. there was a lot of question marks in his life and because the sheriff's position jose became fearful that he would pay a price. randi? >> did he show you the documentation when he found out that he was here illegally? >> he -- interestingly enough, he did not have his passport on him. it's highly unlikely he would be talking to us if he wasn't here illegal. he may be legal now but big question is whether he was legal all the way along. he said he first came here in 2003, 2004. so he met the sheriff in 2006. they date i had for a while and then didn't and then for three years in total. the other thing is, the sheriff never asked this guy who had a
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relationship what his status was and whether he was here illegally or not. >> we have a clip here with jose. let's play that. >> he just what i think he just want to do and give me so i don't say anything. >> miguel, how did the two of them meet? >> they met in 2006 on a website, a dating website called it's interesting because the first picture according to jose is that the picture of arizona sheriff with senator john mccain and i asked jose, did you even know john mccain? he said, no, i didn't even know who he was. >> miguel, thank you for your reporting on that. let me turn now to monica. you broke this story for the phoenix new times. jose contacted you initially.
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did he say why he was reaching out now? >> well, he did. he was being threatened and intimidated by the sheriff and felt that there should be some accountability on the part of the sheriff for what jose alleges that he has done. >> babeu is the sheriff of pinal county. let me show where you that is, in arizona. it's a conservative area but he came out this weekend, held a press conference. listen to a little bit about what he said. >> i'm here to say that all of the allegations are absolutely completely false. except for the issues that refer to me being gay. because that's the truth. i am gay. >> monica, what do you think are the potential implications here as we take a look at the map
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where his county is located? and as i mentioned, it's a very conservative area. >> well, it's hard to tell. the district is very conservative. it's going to be up to voters about these accusations that have been leveled against him and then also the issue of the photographs that he sent -- some of them were sexually explicit and i think that speaks to the poor judgment on the part of the high profile politician and especially somebody that has congressional aspirations. >> we reached out to babeu's attorney and i want to share his statement that he shared with us at cnn. he said the deportation claim is a complete lie. jose is here as legally as any of us and that's always been our understanding. we have never questioned it. what do you say to that
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attorney's response. >> well, according to some of the documentation that jose provided to us when he initially contacted us, he provided us a letter that his attorney sent to him to babeu's camp in which he says -- and i could just read it right out of here. she says, your claim that jose does not have legal status in this country simply not true. however, if your client wishes to make these accusations, my client will prevail against these claims. so here's a letter that he wrote to paul's attorney and you have to ask yourself, why would this be brought up in this letter unless it was, at some point, part of the conversation that they were having? >> monica alonso, thank you for that reporting. thank you very much. >> still to come, the sheer brutality is unfolding and dramatic new video shows that firsthand. up next, cnn's reporter on the ground tells us about the opposition's newest and unconventional weapon.
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the shelling and bloodshed has been relentless.
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this pounded the opposition into submission. this video shows the level of brutality. security forces beat a protester. without weapons, rebels call it a revolution but america's top general says wait. >> there's indications that al qaeda is involved and that they are interested in supporting the opposition. there's a number of players all of whom are trying to reinforce their particular side of this issue and until we're a lot clearer who they are and what they are and i think it would be premature about arming them. >> without guns, prayer becomes an opposition. 23 civilians were killed on sunday alone. ivan watson is here to tell us why the opposition remains firm. it followed a muslim prayer
10:20 am
session. and there's no syrian government presence in this town and it's never far away. get far away from here. >> the syrian army? >> will you feet if the army comes? >> yes, because we have for ten months but now and knife against the artillery. listen to the fear in this man's voice. the video purports to show a
10:21 am
building and car on fire. the shelling of homs, the man who shot this video today is heard saying, may god help us. we are being killed and burned. back here in the u.s., when you think of kansas, you might envision vast farmland, rolling prairie hills. the quintessential rolling heartland and you are right. but it's quickly changing into something new. up next, the town's rapid transformation and the people behind it. [ male announcer ] we know you don't wait until the end of the quarter to think about your money... ♪ that right now, you want to know where you are,
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this president's day we begin answering the question, what makes you american? for the past month or so we posed the question to our one million ireporters. they shared their stories with us and now we share them with you. we begin with western kansas where the town ulysses is bustling again and mexican and
10:25 am
central american immigrants roll in. ted rowlands explains. >> the mexican bakery in ulysses kansas is opened 365 days a year. they say all of their customer cans are hispanic. a group that is exploding here. >> it seems like every year it's more and more and more. >> reporter: husband sofina came to kansas as a my grant worker from mexico. he married irene, a u.s. citizen and they've raised three children in ulysses. >> a lot of traffic and noise. >> reporter: it's a small town of 6,000 people on the kansas plains. migrant workers started arriving to work during harvest season. today, the jobs are in oil and natural gas and managing cattle
10:26 am
but now the face of ulysses is changing. school administrators say in the last 15 years the population of hispanics in the district has soared from about 20% to nearly 60. >> it doesn't matter where that comes from. they are all our children and i think that the whole community embraces that idea, that they come through our doors. they are our kids. and inside a little kid just needs to learn. >> the changing demographic has forced them to add bilingual classic assistance but has helped keep the town student population up which means more funding. a state where small communities are slowly dying, ulysses is embracing the new arrivals. >> we pay taxes, everything by homes, vehicles, groceries, it helps the economy. >> it's just not a big deal. their neighbors are good people.
10:27 am
>> reporter: at daylight, just off main street, we hear the same thing. >> everybody just gets along with everybody. we're a small town. that's what is great about a small town. and they have very few complaints about their neighbors. >> i wish they would come in here illegally, you know, to help pay taxes. >> a lot of the children come into the school and they don't speak english at home. >> reporter: city officials estimate 10 to 15% of the town's hispanics are illegal and if they stay out of trouble nobody is going to bother them. the way they see it, let the federal government figure out who is legal and who is not. >> that is their responsibility because they set the rules. so i never ask that question nor do i care. >> reporter: what people do care about is their city and ulysses
10:28 am
is attracting people who in part they feel welcome. ted rowlands, cnn, ulysses, kansas. >> across the country, the his panic population is increasing. the biggest jump was in the mexican community that jumped 54%. go to rick santorum is now on a roll. he's topping national polls and making lots of folks angry with quite colorful comments. is it all part of a calculated strategy? fair game is next. but, first, which was the first state to allow online voting in a presidential primary? tweet the answer
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before the break i asked you which was the first state to allow online voting in a presidential primary. the answer is arizona. they allowed online voting in the 2000 democratic primary. washington state did the same thing one week later. and the winner is, nobody. nobody got it right so far. so we'll keep an eye on it. you can still play along later in the day. all right. we want to take you live to pictures happening in cincinnati. we're getting ready to hear from mitt romney. he's expected to speak in two weeks or so. he's talking jobs and the economy. and this is the part of the show
10:33 am
let's listen to what rick santorum was saying, about all things, prenatal testing. >> yes, prenatal testing, does in fact result more often than not in this country in abortion. that is a fact. and let me start with you, ed. what's behind these kinds of statements? >> well, and their data tells them that they are conservative to follow these types of issues and the candidates are going to put out these issues.
10:34 am
i am in texas and i don't know many people that agree with these types of issues but, hey, i haven't seen the polling and clearly rick santorum is putting forward the ones that mitt romney is not comfortable putting forward but it's what is giving santorum a lead in this primary and this is how the landscapes and questions in the military, what's going on here. >> well, rick santorum is really trying to differentiate themselves from newt gingrich and mitt romney on social issues. he wants to consolidate the catholic vote and the evangelical vote in the midwest, particularly in ohio, so he can say that mitt romney has a weakness in the midwest because his campaign needs money and the best way to do that is to show romney's weaknesses. >> let me ask you both about this. this weekend santorum said
10:35 am
something about president obama's theology. he said that he's led by a different theology. listen to this. >> it's about some phony ideal. some phony theology. oh, not a theology based on the bible. a different theology. >> all right. so, ed, i've got to ask about this one, too, because he said he wasn't questioning the president's christianity. so what was he doing? >> that's a good question. i don't know of any other kind of theology that there is. maybe an ick theology. i have no idea. but it's clearly a veiled attempt to call into question the president's christianity. look, if you're going to have a difference of opinion, that's fine, but let's not take it down the road of religion. >> do you want to weigh in on that one? >> absolutely. he is making the environment a social issue. unfortunately, he overtalked and brought him out sympathy because
10:36 am
it came across that he was questioning the president's faith. let gingrich overtalk. don't do that. you're trying a very high-risk strategy and have got to be sharp while doing it. >> let's take a look at the gallup poll in the national race for the nomination. this is really getting interesting. you see it right there. santorum has opened up an eight-point lead. this is the first time that we've seen this big of a lead for santorum. what does it mean, ed, and is it worth noting that this is just among registered republicans? >> well, it tells us that the republican electorate is very conservative and that they like very conservative candidates. rick santorum being the more conservative candidate in the primary. the hurdle that they have is, does a conservative candidate like rick santorum translate well into a general election candidate. i don't think that he does. but he's the most competitive one to win these primaries. it's a very challenging position for the republican party to be in but one that democrats like myself don't mind seeing.
10:37 am
>> so even though he might be overtalking, does this seem to be working for him? >> as of right now, this is about mitt romney. mitt romney has not given the reason to vote for him. romney's going to try to hit santorum and poke holes with the attack ads but it's not going to work like it did on gingrich. it's to show passion or come up with a compelling reason for conservatives to vote for him. >> i want to ask you both about this. you heard it earlier in our show and have seen it all over the news. the arizona pinal county sheriff, paul babeu confirmed that he is gay and had a relationship with somebody who his team, his camp had said was an illegal immigrant, although that person jose says he is not. he has now stepped away from the romney campaign but he is still running for congress in arizona. do you think -- ed, i'll start with you on this one -- that his
10:38 am
sexual orientation is going to be an issue in this case? >> well, did he step down because of a perceived abuse of power through his office or destep down because it was revealed that he is gay? the answer is probably both and it's too bad. i don't know that it will affect his position as sheriff but it will almost certainly affect his position in the criprimary in tucson and that's too bad. >> if it's perceived as an abuse of power, his congressional campaign will be over. i think he stepped away from the romney campaign because with the lds and evangelical religion, same-sex relations are frowned upon. everyone knows that it's a taboo issue. >> that's too bad. >> that is "fair game" today. a quick programming note
10:39 am
today. the arizona republican president to debate 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. if whitney's tragic demise showed us one thing that addiction is deadly and unfortunately it is growing. i'll talk to certified addiction specialist from celebrity rehab. he says there's one solution to the disease. what that is, next.
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whitney houston ds death has brought to life the issue of addiction. all this week cnn is gk to go in depth and focus on this growing problem in america. drug-related deaths have more than doubled sints the early 1980s. today one in four deaths are attributed to alcohol, tobacco can, or drug use. prescription drug abuse remains a problem in the u.s. according to the prevention for disease control, 100 people die every day from drug overdoses. so how do we tackle this growing problem? one solution, treatment. bob is an addiction specialist. bob, nice to see you on the program again. we spoke last week. let's start with the basics here. what are the trigger signs of addiction?
10:43 am
>> well, you have this genetic predisposition. you have a family history of addiction. you have an uncle who is an alcoholic or an auntie taking pills and then a genetic predisposition or childhood trauma. that could be many things. it doesn't have to be overt physical abuse. it could just be neglect or having someone who is picked on in school. you have that set of circumstances and then expose that person to drugs and alcohol and they are right for addiction. >> and there's no real blanket reason for why people become addicted. everybody has a different reason behind their addiction. >> well, what's funny is that, you know, look at me. this is what you think a drug addict looks like. well, what your statistics show is that has changed. the demographic has changed. now it's you, randi. it's everybody. it's soccer moms. it's the president of the united
10:44 am
states. everybody has a predisposition and now this overexposure of prescription drugs is casting a wide net. >> now, i know on your program, celebrity rehab, people acknowledge that they have a problem, that they have some sort of addiction. but what about those who do have an addiction but aren't ready to admit it? how do you work with somebody like that? >> well, i think what's being done with these doctors is they are trying to mitigate the dangerous circumstance of the addict to they are constantly trying to monitor. but here's the thing. hoping that a drug addict takes dru drugs that you have prescribed for them when you take them home from the pharmacy and they can quadruple the dose is what i believe. >> can you really help people recover? i mean, is there such a thing? >> you can get people to start contemplating what's going on in
10:45 am
their lives. and that is, you know, sometimes it's very forceful. sometimes it's just a dialogue and a conversation. that's what i like and i do in my private practice. i go over to people's houses and say, what's going on? everybody is upset with you and saying that you're addicted to drugs and you're acting irresponsible. what is going on? that begins a dialogue that moves them from denial to contemplation to sobriety. >> and what about age? i mean, how young are people starting to become addicts or even just starting to experiment with drugs or alcohol? are we seeing a change in that? >> you're seeing what drug young people experiment with. it's always prescription drugs these days because it's so easily accessible. children can get ahold -- when i say children, i mean 13, 14, 15, 16, can get ahold of vicodin much easier than alcohol or marijuana. this is the gateway drug.
10:46 am
prescription drugs are killing our children. >> and for those families who live with addicts or know addicts, what can we do to help these folks? >> well, get educated, find out things about addiction. one of the things that is frightening to me is the drugs that these children are taking and that the addicts are taking all over the country, they don't have any warn signs. it comes in a paper that is thrown away. it's just a bottle of pills. find out what you're taking and what is in your medicine cabinet and get rid of it if it's dangerous and addictive and one of the things also that i think a lot of people aren't really up on is the doctors don't really have the time to sit down and talk with you like they did traditionally for decades. they talked with you for two minutes. if you have a symptom, they gave you a pill and that pill could be kedly. >> well, i would suggest that everybody tune in to celebrity
10:47 am
rehab. thank you very much, bob forrest, appreciate that. visit bob's website up next, some incredible surveillance video captures a real-life hero in the act. running into a burning home to rescue folks he doesn't even know. but, first, please can we all just take a cue from susan powder and stop the insanity? or rather the linsanity. i mean, we get it by now. jeremy lin is super awesome and his last name is a whole lot of fun, a lot of pun fun. too much pun fun. by now we've heard them all. lin-derella, lin it to win it, lin-describable.
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time now to check stories making news at street level. in westfield, new jersey. whitney houston fans are lining up at the cemetary where whitney was laid to rest. so far 1500 people have visited her grave today. police officers are patrolling the area. houston was laid to rest during a private service on sunday. she was buried next to her father. it came a day after a star-studded memorial service in newark. a man makes a daring rescue in walsam, massachusetts. a man is seen rushing to a burning home. a man owns a convenience store across the street.
10:52 am
thanks to singh, the two men made it out alive. rhode island is pausing to remember one of the deadliest nightclub fires in recent shift. 100 people were killed and 200 injured after a pyrotechnichs fire went off in 2009. according to affiliate bay news 9, hanna kelly was shot in the head last weekend. a church member, who was a local police officer, was showing his gun to kelly's boyfriend when the gun went off. the sheriff's office is still investigating the shooting. no charges have been filed. doctors and donors pulled off the world's largest organ transplant chain that
10:53 am
criss-crossed across the states. these two are just two of the lucky recipients. we're talking 60 patients and 40 kidneys. for the recipients, it's made all the difference in the world. >> i've got so much more energy, i can do all those things that i quit doing because i didn't have the energy, and it's all because of people coming forward and giving their kidneys. >> doctors say it wasn't just thi surge their surgical skills that made this possible, but donations and computer matching and shipment as well. a waterfall appears to turn into flowing lav a. as you can see, the waterfall looks orange and red, but it isn't a cascade of fire, and no, it isn't lava, it is the sun's reflection. how beautiful is that? the park says this miraculous site takes place once a year, usually mid-february if winter conditions cooperate.
10:54 am
a brand new washington poll out just minutes ago. is santorum maintaining his lead? we'll show you the brand new numbers. it's all coming up next. but first, some trivia for all you political junkies watching today. who won the very first michigan republican presidential primary? tweet the answer to @ran to @randikayecnn. i'll give you a shout-out for the first right answer. we're at work providing power to almost a quarter of our homes and businesses... ... and giving us cleaner rides to work and school... and tomorrow, we could do even more. cleaner, domestic, abundant and creating jobs now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power, today. learn more at
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before the break, i asked you who won the very first michigan republican presidential primary. the answer shenry fois henry fo. that first one was held in 1916. howard hughes ended up with the nomination. thanks to a.j. for tweeting me the right answer first. the latest nationwide poll shows rick santorum leads him. we have some new numbers just released moments ago by gallup. let's get some strict numbers from paul steinhauser. tell us, really, how dangerous this is for mitt romney. >> the surge for santorum no doubt continues, randi. check out these numbers brand new from gallup. republicans, you can see a 10-point advantage for santorum over romney, gingrich and ron
10:58 am
paul down there. this surge, at least in the national numbers, randi, has continued. some say, has santorum plateaued? has he topped out? we're going to see it first in the state polls in michigan or arizona. some of those states are voting on super tuesday. but yeah, this is traumatic for mitt romney, of course it is. but you know what matters the most? the primaries on super tuesday. if romney wins in michigan and, a lot of people will calm down. >> romney has to win in michigan, doesn't he? >> well, it was his home state. romney won michigan four years ago over john mccain. how about another state that a candidate has to win? newt gingrich. he was a front runner at one time. he's really dropped in the
10:59 am
polls. he needs to win georgia on super tuesday, and here's what he said about it. >> it's very important for us to do well in georgia and we're going to go all out to make sure we carry the state. i think as governor romney is discovering in michigan, you cannot take your home state for granted. all of a sudden things can go really sour. i think santorum really has to try to carry pennsylvania, romney has to try to carry michigan, i have to try to carry georgia. i think psychologically, it's really important. >> all of the candidates, all four of them, guess what, will be in arizona on wednesday. this is the first debate in almost a month since ours in jacksonville, florida and so much has changed. there is a lot on the line when these candidates team up on wednesday night. >> who is going to come out ahead? it's all interesting and getting more interesting. paul steinhauser, thank you very much. appreciate that. thank you, everybody, for watching today. as always, i'd love to hear what you think of the show. you can continue the conversation with me on line.
11:00 am
you can find me on facebook and twitter and the randikayecnn. cnn continues with brooke baldwin. hi, brooke. >> hi, randi, thank you very much. let's get you caught up with everything making news today. rapid fire, let's go. i want to begin with this, a prominent arizona sheriff resigns from his role in the romney campaign after being outed and accused of threatening his ex-boyfriend with deportations. these pictures show paul with his ex-boyfriend. he's only being identified as jose. he received threats from babou's lawyer, a charge that babou denies. they try for a syria cease fire just to get help there.
11:01 am
they said it would be premature to help them unify positions. the syrians are desperate for outside intervention. >> he calls syria's 11-month-old uprising the orphan revolution. because unlike the revolts in egypt, libya, tanisha and yemen, the syrian rebels haven't received any foreign support. >> a monitoring group reports that at least 18 people have been killed today, 9,000 since last march. oil prices are up $105 a barrel today. they are cutting exports to both britain and france. now analysts are worried that gas prices may go up as well. they think the price of unleaded may head $4.25 by summertime.
11:02 am
> george huguely is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend in 2010. prosecutors say he beat her in a drunken rage. the defense says he hurt her but never intended to kill her. deliberations start wednesday. if you are in virginia, you may want to stay off the roads. see these pictures? state police have responded to nearly a thousand car crashes in just the last 24 hours. snow left commuters facing slick and very icy roads this morning. and the surgeon who helped get adele's voice back says he's hoping the singer's ordeal, her story, helps others as well. >> the surgery went beautifully. i think she demonstrated that pretty well. but it was a very special moment. the grammy foundation invited my wife and i to attend. it's been an incredibly influential case to raise awareness throughout the world about laryngology and its
11:03 am
importance. >> he mentioned the grammys. adele won six grammys and she gave her doctor a shoutout. elizabeth smart, you know her story. she was 14 when she was abducted from her bedroom. this past weekend she tied the knot in a private ceremony in hawaii. congratulations to her. space geek award. today is the anniversary of the first u.s. orbit. john glen made the historic journey all around the planet and he recalls the moment just like it was yesterday. >> i guess i've recalled it quite often over the past 50 twreerz a years and that's kept it fresh, but it was such an important thing at the time, and it's in my memory and it served me very well. >> that paved wait for the moon
11:04 am
landing seven years later. we have a lot coming up for you in the next two hours, including this. the debate over arming the opposition in syria. what will the country's neighbors and world powers decide? i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >> we've just been swamped, bombarded from these people's private stories here. >> cnn's arwa damon safely out of syria way story from underground bunkers. that deadly avalanche had one survivor saved by an airbag device. hear from a pro snowboarder who was rescued all thanks to one of these devices. >> it inflates a big balloon and it keeps you above the snow. >> this man says he used to date a controversial sheriff in arizona, a sheriff who just stepped down from a role with mitt romney's campaign. >> this is a moment of truth for me, and i want to set the record straight. >> you'll hear why this man says
11:05 am
he felt threatened. and today's music monday artist went from librarian to one of the hottest electronic acts in the world. the news starts now. ...and a touch of sweetness. you'll be delighted to discover how good they taste. get your free sample of quaker oatmeal squares on facebook. everything. r free sample of quaker oatmeal squares but why energy? we've got over 100 years worth. is it safe to get it? but what, so we should go broke with imports? look, i'm just saying. well, energy creates jobs. [announcer:] at conocophillips, we're helping power america's economy with cleaner, affordable natural gas. more jobs, less emissions. a good answer for everyone. we gotta be careful. it's cleaner. it's affordable. look, if it's safe, i'm there. [announcer:] conocophillips.
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11:08 am
sheriff's department, and they even went so far to tell him they will deport him. that is a claim he staunchly denies. you spoke with babou and jose. what did he say? >> it's an extraordinary story that you have in 34-year-old mexican national who is here in the middle of presidential politics in a year that couldn't be more bruising politically. >> these allegations that were in one of these newspapers are absolutely, completely false. >> reporter: it's a grand canyon sized political shocker. >> of all the illegals in america, more than half come through arizona. >> reporter: the tough on illegal immigration arizona sheriff outed by his migrant ex-boyfriend. >> this is my personal and private life, but now it's not so private any longer. and it's an awful position for me to be in.
11:09 am
>> reporter: he's in that position because of this man, jose, a 34-year-old mexican national afraid to be identified but speaking out because he says he was threatened by his powerful ex-lover. >> reporter: and then at some point you felt -- >> used. >> reporter: -- used and then threatened? >> yes. >> reporter: why threatened? >> i got a text from him, directly, on my phone. saying that i will never have business, that my family will be contacted. >> reporter: the alleged threat to have jose deported if he went public with the affair. >> at no time did i or anyone who represents me ever threaten deportati deportation. ever. >> reporter: babou stepped down
11:10 am
as co-chair of mitt romney's campaign in arizona, but the toughest nail, the sheriff says, he's not ending his run for congress. jose says he's here legally and wants to get on with his life. but with the story playing a role in presidential politics, that won't be happening any time soon. >> sor >> so, miguel, a couple questions. did he say why he's coming forward right now? is there anything specifically he wants? >> he's trying to stave off what he feels is a threat. he feels it's the only way he can do it. both sides have now lawyered up. it's like a bad relationship and the breakup is even worse. it's kind of a he said-he said situation out here, but he feels if he didn't go public, the threats would continue. >> you see the pictures of sheriff babou over the weekend, and he's obviously flanked by supporters behind him, we heard the mayor speaking highly of
11:11 am
him. how is this playing out in arizona? >> it's hard to say. i think everybody is kind of taking a deep breath and seeing where this goes from here. this is a shocking allegation. a lot of people would say, we knew that he was gay. it really isn't a big deal. th this is a conservative district, but arizona tends to be a little libertarian on these issues. it may not matter in the end very much, but the fact is he was in a relationship with this guy, he was on gay dating sites as well, so there may be things that come out. that may be the hardest for him in the days to come. >> he's stepping out as co-chair of the romney campaign there in arizona. has the romney camp itself made any comments? any reaction here? >> it sounds like they've been very gracious. the sheriff called them to step down on his own volition. the romney campaign actually told him, according to the sheriff, that he didn't have to step down. it was fine for him to stay on,
11:12 am
they liked him, they trusted him, they would weather through this. but he felt like it was in his best interest and romney's best interest and not involve them anymore. clearly it has involved them just because he did step down. but the romney camp has been nothing but supportive. >> miguel, thank you very much. welcome to cnn, by the way. moving along here. children, families, hiding in makeshift bunkers. they're hiding from a rainfall of rockets in syria. we take you inside these bunkers to see how these people are surviving. and two pills.listing. after a morning of walk-ups, it's back to more pain, back to more pills. the evening showings bring more pain and more pills. sealing the deal... when, hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. it can relieve pain all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lois... who chose two aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. [ female announcer ] and try aleve for relief from tough headaches.
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11:15 am
well, a group of 15 extremely good skiers got caught by an avalanche sunday. this was washington state, the cascade mountains. they had departed the designated ski slopes. now, we have the video and you can't tell a lot from this video, but this wall of snow came just hurttlei ihurtling do mountain and sent all three skiers down mountain. three of the skiers survived. one of the survivors, a woman, was actually on the "today" show this morning. >> one of the skiers triggered the avalanche. the skiers that were below that were caught in the avalanche, we were considered to be in a safe zone, and we didn't really anticipate it, but when we saw it happening, we knew exactly what was happening, and it's
11:16 am
amazing how quickly an avalanche happens and it progresses very rapidly into something really major. and i -- when i was caught in it, i immediately pulled my airbag. >> she talks about how she immediately pulled this airbag, and these airbags are designed for precisely this purpose, and they actually seem to work. so let me take you back to an incident. this is last month, a ski slope in colorado, and she's teeny tiny on the slope there. this is snowboarder misch hitler. you start to see the snow pour down on her, but she, too, had one of these avalanche devices, pulls the rip cord, inflates one of these airbags of the she d. t she dusted herself off and walked away. misch is on the phone with me from colorado. misch, i can't believe you walked away, but i sort of get how this works. can you walk me through this and
11:17 am
tell me how it sort of saved your life? >> like she said, avalanches happen very fast and they progress very quickly. they see were people who knew what they were doing, they were in a safe zone. i think this season is really redesigning the word faith. >> going from there and speaking about these avalanches that are happening, is it seconds that you have to yank this rip cord? >> yeah. i mean -- i can only speak for myself, but once i felt the snow take out my legs, i knew i was in an avalanche, obviously, and i had to pull it. >> so what did it feel like? what does that sensation feel like once you pull the cord? >> you know, it really was quite gentle. i know that sounds odd, but it just -- it felt like it was keeping my head above the snow just by providing, like, a huge cushion, basically, for me to lie back on. it's really just an amazing piece of technology. >> so with folks like you, the
11:18 am
group we just mentioned in washington state, if you are skiing out of bounds and you mentioned the season seems to be increasingly unsafe, obviously, it's smart to have one of these devices, but is it mandatory? >> you know what, i would say the smartest thing to do this year would be to not go at all. as you can see, it doesn't matter how educated you are, avalanches don't care. but yeah, i would say it couldn't hurt to have one. i think they're wonderful. >> do most people you're out snowboarding with or people out skiing in these kinds of conditions, is it just the thing to do, or are you the anomaly? >> you know, i feel like the anomaly sometimes. this is a device that's not yet commonplace. i could definitely see it being a commonplace object in the next couple years because it just works. it just works. >> gosh, looking at some of these pictures, i mean, i'm lucky if i can go down a black
11:19 am
diamond without wiping out myself. i mean, you know, a lot of people, right, they ski out of bounds. why do it? why risk it? >> better turns, less people, and you hope that you're going to be safe. you know, there is a lot of reasons to go out of bounds, but i don't think there are any good reasons to do it this year. i don't want anything else to happen to anybody. it's just been so sad. >> it's just that bad. mich, i really appreciate you coming on and talk to go me about it. thank you. as we mentioned a moment ago, cnn's arwa damon is safely out of syria. she's going to take us underground with these people protecting themselves from the government forces. this is the only way cnn could tell this story. next. [ male announcer ] the network.
11:20 am
a living, breathing intelligence that is helping business rethink how to do business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn. ♪ in here, machines have a voice... ♪ [ male announcer ] in here, medical history follows you... even when you're away from home. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities, creating and integrating solutions, helping business, and the rethink possible.
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♪ ♪ wow... ♪ [ female announcer ] sometimes, all you need is the smooth, creamy taste of werther's original caramel to remind you that you're someone very special. ♪ werther's original caramels.
11:22 am
a comparison now in arab revolution was just about three
11:23 am
weeks since they fought for mubarak's exit to libya. it's been three months since the president in syria became in charge, and their government trying to kill them. these images are from youtube. they show civilians carrying children from a burning home hit by government bombs, and cnn cannot confirm the authenticity of this video, but one of the questions, why has the syrian uprising been so stubborn? many in the uprising believe it's because there's been no help from the outside, and the united states is not going to arm the activists any time soon. this is all according to the president's top military adviser. >> i think it's premature to take a decision to arm the opposition movement in syria because i would challenge anyone
11:24 am
to clearly identify for me the opposition movement in syria at this point. >> joining me now is arwa damon in beirut, and arwa, incredible reporting from syria. you spoke to a lot of people during your time there. how do they see the united states right now in terms of not yet intervening? >> reporter: well, there's a lot of disappointment, naturally, brooke. many of the opposition members believe that the u.s. being the superpower that it is, should it really choose to do so could in fact force his hand, could bring in food and other humanitarian supplies. there is a growing belief that america does not actually intend on helping the opposition in any way, shape or form bring down the assad government and that they do, in fact, secretly support the assad government itself. so there's been a growing
11:25 am
negative sentiment when it comes to how people are feeling about the united states. a lot of frustration and anger, because the longer this drags on, they know the longer it is they'll have to continue to suffer. >> speaking of suffering, the piece that really stuck with me is when you were standing by the bedside of a man who was trying to draw for you -- he had a head injury and couldn't speak -- drawing for you how he was injured on a piece of paper, and that's just one story you told. describe the degree of suffering you saw firsthand. >> it's so widespread, brooke, and it's so incredibly hard to put into words exactly what it is that this population is going through. the shelling in the part of babamad is so intense that it has driven some families underground for shelter, but we have to warn our viewers that the stories they're about to see does contain some graphic images. this small hall was once filled with laughter and celebrations of marriages. now it echoes with tragedy.
11:26 am
these are some of the families of babamad who have no where else to go. finding relative safety in this makeshift bunker, but little comfort. we're not sleeping at night, we're not sleeping during the day. the children are always crying. the bombs are coming down like this. they huddle in near darkness. some cover their faces, afraid they'll lose more than they already have. >> they've been detained since the end of august. another woman's son has been detained for a month and a half. we just walked in and we've just been swamped, bombarded by these people's stories here. they survive on basic staples of rice and lentils taken from a government warehouse in the
11:27 am
neighborhood. but supplies are running low. a at a woodcutting factory turned bunker nearby, a woman cradles her newborn baby in her arms. the world of innocence she was born into is anything but. there are no painkillers. i couldn't sleep all night, she tells us, still in excruciating pain. she says, her husband left a month ago to get supplies and hasn't been able to get back. he doesn't know he's a father. baby fatima has two great uncles she will never meet, both detained and returned as mutilated corpses. it was a sight you don't want to see. fatima's grandmother's voice trembles as she describes how one of her brother's neck was broken, his skin peeled off.
11:28 am
we've just been given a photograph of her second brother who was detained in tand the st that she received his corpse in, and it's absolutely horrific. it is a room filled with death and despair. her brother was killed when they were bombed, but she can hardly pause to grieve. i have to be strong for my children, she says. my husband died on the first day of the bombing. they didn't let me see his body. it was shredded to pieces, she recalls. his blood is still in the streets, and feel his son. he's sick and there is no medicine. he keeps crying, saying, i want daddy, i want daddy. i can't bring his daddy back. what is the world waiting for,
11:29 am
for us to die of hunger and fear? >> arwa damon once again live for us in beirut, lebanon. one of the mothers said the children are always crying, and they seemed so surround you. i have a twitter that says, what is it the people on the streets of syria ask you? >> she ask a series of questions to which there is tragically no response. they want to know how the international community isn't helping them. they want to know how the world can continuously be watching this stuff come out of syria but be unable or unwilling to take some action to bring an end to their suffering. and they also want to know when this is all going to end. it's incredibly difficult to be confronted with all of these questions because there's nothing reassuring that someone can say. there is absolutely nothing we can say to them, that we can do
11:30 am
for them that is going to somehow ease their suffering. >> i imagine you got that question many, many times, arwa damon and crew safe and sound now. i really appreciate you going in country and telling those stories, arwa. thank you so much. in the roller coaster ride that is now the race for the white house, rick santorum has a significant lead in this latest gallup poll. all of this comes after he makes some of his most controversial remarks yet about women. that's next. what's this? [ male announcer ] quaker oatmeal squares have 46 grams of whole grains... mmmm. ...and a touch of sweetness. you'll be delighted to discover how good they taste. get your free sample of quaker oatmeal squares on facebook.
11:31 am
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11:33 am
the way the republican race for president is going, you blink and someone new has now overtaken mitt romney. speaking of, there he is. these are live pictures coming in from cincinnati, ohio, just wrapping up speaking to a crowd there. talking jobs, kmthe economy in ohio. this state is part of super
11:34 am
tuesday in march. this is a new gallup tracking poll showing a burst for rick santorum. rick santorum leading nationwide by 8% points. just last week, there was a lead for mitt romney. looking at the flipping of the numbers, how did that happen? >> well, it's going to be rick santorum, right, brooke? the fact of the matter is rick santorum has come out of nowhere. you know, brooke, it was only a month ago, five or six weeks ago, rick santorum was being told he should leave the race, he had no right to be in the race anymore, that he was polling so low. that was coming from newt gingrich. newt gingrich has literally fallen out of the cliff, so to speak, and rick santorum can arguably be considered the front runner for the republican nomination. really, it comes to a couple things. one, the republican establishment while backing mitt
11:35 am
romney, mitt romney has not been able to get the real conservative base to come behind his candidacy, and that is something we've seen rick santorum do, and he's done that by really throwing out red meat lines, things that really appeal very well to conservatives, specifically social conservatives, brooke. >> now looking at rick santorum's positions, just as we saw with michelle balkmann, and he's already finding himself having to defend one of his statements. here he was after a bill signed by president obama. >> it should require free prenatal testing in every insurance policy in america. why? because it saves money in health care. why? because free prenatal testing
11:36 am
ends up in more abortions, and, therefore, less care that has to be done because we call the ranks of the disabled in our society. >> and that might give pause to some female voters. he has also said he's against contraception, against women taking part in combat. i imagine, mark preston, some of these positions, some of what he's been saying, especially recently, could really hurt him against voting women should he win the nomination. >> but really voting women in the general election, not necessarily the race for the republican presidential nomination. in fact, the susan b. anthony list, which is a conservative women's group, just recently endorsed rick santorum. these are the kind of positions that play very well in a republican primary, and santorum knows which buttons to push. when he was in congress for 12 years as a senator and a couple years as a house senator, he was
11:37 am
very much one of the vocal conservatives. while positions like these could hurt him in the general election, if he walks a very fine line right now, they could help him in the primary. >> i have to ask because it's over your left shoulder, that big sign. there is not only a primary looming in that state but a little something happening wednesday night. >> well, it's cold back in washington, d.c., so why wouldn't we be here in arizona? no, we are here because this is potentially the last time we will see these republican presidential candidates on stage debating. so right now we just saw mitt romney as you showed him in ohio, we saw rick santorum down in georgia this weekend as well as newt gingrich. this debate, while taking place in arizona, and is focused on the arizona primary as well as the michigan primary on the 28th of february, this is very much the super tuesday debate where we're going to have ten states that are going to be voting.
11:38 am
this could potentially be the last time we have all the candidates on stage. i have to tell you what, brooke, we've seen a lot of fireworks in these past debates. this potentially could be the most explosive because this could be a make or break for many of these gentlemen on stage. >> i can't wait, mark preston. thank you so much. appreciate it there in mesa, arizona. how do you go from being a physical therapist to the president of the school? we're going to introduce you to one man who did that and find out why, next.
11:39 am
11:40 am
11:41 am
who are we? it seems like every election year we hear the rhetoric about americans, what politicians think we are. but this week, cnn newsroom is examining what defines us by looking at the individuals who make up our towns, our communities. what do we like? what do we believe in? what unites us? here's george howell, one such american. use the hash tag i am america cnn. >> good morning, how are you, sweetheart? good morning. good morning. how are you? good morning. >> i got a $51 paycheck. >> the school morning starts with a simple gesture from the principal. >> when i shake your hand, squeeze my hand hard and look me in the eyes. that's a big deal. >> reporter: a reminder to these students that ed chang is always
11:42 am
watching. the first person they see each day, he runs this like a business. he even implemented a paycheck system to mirror real life, where students can earn rewards based on their work product and behavior. >> why do you check each class? >> i check each class because it's really important to make sure kids have a good start to the day. usually if a kid starts out in a good place, they finish in a good place. >> reporter: these are some of the lessons chang learned from his previous career as a physical therapist and medical recruiter. as the son of first generation taiwanese immigrants who came to this country for their piece of the american dream, chang's parents wanted him to find a job where he could make a lot of money. and for several years he did, until he realized something that broke from his parents' expectations. >> it really wasn't my personal passion, which led me to do a lot of soul searching, it led me
11:43 am
to think about what i wanted to do it as a career. not the job piece, but a career. through that i realized there was a common thread for me based on how i was brought up, based on my personal values, and it was this idea of service over self. >> reporter: an idea that meant a 60% pay cut from his previous salary to instead care for his community. >> he does a lot of things for us. >> he's always there in supporting us and giving us a lot of hope in each other. >> reporter: and that's the reason chang said he chose education, a career field that he admittedly stumbled into but real ooiizes his work here is important. >> to me, education is the stellar work choice. >> ed chang leaves here every day knowing he is making a difference. >> i'm ed chang, and i am america. go to
11:44 am
you can actually see my own american story. several of us anchor types have shared our i am america videos as well. steven colbert is expected to be back on tv with a new colbert report tonight. there was reportedly an issue with his family. also, we're going to introduce you to this guy who predicted basketball superstar v jeremy lin's rise. who was that? next. your profile said you were milk...? yeah, i am.
11:45 am
you just...look... like granola. granola. yeah, i know. [ sighs ] i get that a lot. [ male announcer ] it's a snack like nothing else. kraft milkbite bars are made with real milk combined with tasty granola.
11:46 am
senators john mccain and lindsay graham, they're in egypt today talking to military leaders about those 19 americans who are being held in the country. these 19 are accused of illegally working for and
11:47 am
operating non-government organizations and they face criminal charges. the offices of groups like the international republican institute and the national democratic institute were raided back in december. the groups say they're in egypt to advocate for democracy. senator mccain is a board chairman of the international republican institute, and one of the americans being held is sam lahood. else the son of u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood and senator mccain met with him and several of the other americans. >> they're in the embassy there, as you know, and they're well taken care of. but there's a certain amount of concern, obviously, and tension because right now they are not allowed to leave the country, and although the conditions that they're in in the embassy are fine, there certainly are reasons for anxiety to get this issue resolved. >> we're not negotiators, but the sense that this shelf life is due to expire on this issue
11:48 am
and we want to start over, i think is well understood, and the sensitivity of the issue on both sides is well understood, so it's my hope sooner rather than later. >> egyptian leaders have blamed the groups for contributing to protests there and said they didn't have proper paperwork. but the groups have denied doing anything wrong. all right, those of you needing your colbert report fix, you are in luck. the show will be airing new episodes starting tonight returning from what was described as, quote, unquote, unforeseen circumstances. unconfirmed reports say colbert took time off to be with his ailing mother. but neither comedy central nor colbert himself are saying much more on that. but we can show you this tweet. this is from friday. steven colbert tweeted, my family and i would like to thank everyone who has offered their thoughts and prayers. we are grateful and touched by your concern. we have all seen the top colbert moments like his top ten rally
11:49 am
to restore sanity event in washington. ♪ there's no one more american than me ♪ >> but despite things like that, steve colbert is a pretty private person, apparently, rarely stepping out of character. even his own mother joked about it on a south carolina tv program back in 2008. >> who is steven colbert? >> i was going to say, i have no idea. he's just a fabulous, wonderful, young son. fi for a while his children weren't allowed to watch his show because he sometimes says things he doesn't mean on it. >> little bit of back story on him. his father and two older brothers were among 72 people killed in a plane crash back in 1974. this is according to our affiliate wbtv. at the time steve colbert was just ten years old. he is expected to address his hiatus when he returns to tv
11:50 am
tonight. also returning today, jeremy lin taking home another win for t the niknicks. we speak to a fedex guy who predicted his popularity. >> out of nowhere, lynn sinsanis taken the country by storm. but one man saw it coming, self-pro claimself h- self-proclaimed stat head ed weiland. he looks for standouts. in 2010, a little known guy at ar vard, jeremy lin, caught his eye. based solely on statistics of his ability to rebound and block, he predicted jeremy lin
11:51 am
to be one of the best players in pro basketball. at the time no one listened and lin wasn't even drafted. but today he's one of the hottest players in the nba, and according to the stat heads, weiland is looking pretty smart. >> do you look for underdogs? >> oh, yeah. when i led the 2010 preview off with jeremy lin, the idea was that i thought this would -- if and when he broke out, you know, that there might be some not noteriety there, but i never expected this. >> but the noteriety has come frr for lin and weiland. he makes his living as a fedex man, far from madison square gardens. he lives in a small apartment. >> for now you both are kind of
11:52 am
the underdogs in your chosen thing? >> will they meet? >> i guess so, if it mifits his and my schedule. that would be fun. >> cnn, bend, oregon. >> snl not at all letting them off so easily. in fact, this past weekend they took on the media's coverage of jeremy lin and asked, are all these pundits unstoppable? >> lin is the next good for tuned. he turned kobe into kobe beef. >> and kobe is like, hey, i ordered fried chicken. >> coming up in our next hour, we're going to explore the controversial headline involving jeremy lin that got that writer from espn fired.
11:53 am
he has apologized, but the conversation still going strong. do we treat asian american stereotypes differently than others in our own culture? that is in the next hour. tweet me about that as well. coming up next, it's monday. that means it's music monday. >> it was the bedroom where i grew up where i was recording much of this material. >> that musical artist uses the words dreamy electronic pop to describe his music. and i think you will be, too. i've been listening kind of nonstop to this guy all month. it is so good. exactly. okay... [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so greek.
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in 2009, he was an unemployed librarian fresh out of school. in 2012, he leads one of the hottest electronic acts in the world. i'm talking about "washed out." i seriously have been listening to him a little too much in the past month. earnest green talks about how he's shot to success on today's music monday. ♪ >> my name is earnest green and i've washed out. i tend to think of it as kind of this dreamy pop music. i was getting a master's degree in environmental information science and graduated and was doing the whole job search thing, and it was -- took a little longer than expected, so
11:57 am
i ended up moving back in with my parents. so it was the bedroom where i grew up where i was recording most of this material and happened to put a handful of them up on the internet and they got passed around really quickly via blogs and a lot of people were excited about it and writing about it. it suddenly was this kind of real thing. i was considered, you know, a band expected to perform and all this, and it had always been this kind of bedroom recording project. it was kind of crazy. it was definitely a struggle, and it took about a year or so to even feel comfortable standing up there in front of people. the crowd has gotten bigger and bigger, and for this tour for the new record, we have like a band with me and it's a much different experience.
11:58 am
they're great musicians and there's much more energy on sta stage. that's my wife, blair. that was taken on july 4, 2009 just kind of right before a lot of the media stuff started to happen. i really trust her taste. if she's into it, i think a wide range of people could be into it. recent she will started playing in the band. she plays keyboards. i'm very thankful for her. i think it shows really great. it's really funny. so many people have discovered "washed out" through hearing the intro. i get an e-mail from fred
11:59 am
armison, and i thought it was like a friend of mine playing a joke or something because i was like, you know, this is the guy from snl, and a lot of people had never heard my music apparently have heard the song and googled who i am. i think that a lot of different people, no matter what your background is or what your normal music taste is, might find something that might find appealing. i definitely feel lucky. thanks a lot, guys. >> ernest greene of "washed out." thank you so much. you can always check out many other music monday interviews. just go to my blog at here we go, top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. a couple stories we're working for you. first, this arizona sheriff is denying claims that he has threatened to deport his ex-boyfriend. also, blizzard warnings in partsf


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