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tv   Starting Point  CNN  February 23, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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a college lacrosse player has been convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend in a jealous rage. she was beaten so badly that her brain was bruised. the jury, though, didn't think he should get the maximum sentence. we'll talk about how that went yesterday. voters feeling the sting of high gas prices. president obama set to address those rise in gas prices. no surprise he's not going to take the blame. "starting point" begins right now. maggie joining us from i am liking this. the cure, it's going to be a good morning, if we start off with the cure, it is going to be a good day. back with us, again. nice to have you, again. will cain is back. nice to see you, will. let's talk about rick santorum. he was in the front-runner position, although that is kind
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of almost like front-runnerish position. that was the 20th gop debate last night on cnn and really hit from all sides accused of being a big spender and accused of being a washington insider and accused of being a fake at which point he's like, i'm real, i'm real. some of the toughest attacks came from mitt romney. they literally yelled at each other. listen. >> while i was fighting to save the olympics, you were fighting to save the bridge to no where. >> just as torturous as -- >> they were kind of going at it. al stewart national press secretary for the santorum 2012 presidential campaign. nice to have you with us this morning. there were some comments from if you scan the headlines. some people said he did a great job in the debate and others said he was deep in the weeds of the debate. >> he outlined his record and
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also pointed out the fact that despite the distortions from other candidates, he never voted to raise taxes in washington and voted against the wasteful spending in washington and these are important things that rick was able to explain last night in the debate and also taking the lead in washington as the member of the gang to expose taxpayer scandals in washington. he is one of the people who has been referred to as the tea party guide before there even was a tea party. we wouldn't have a tea party if it wasn't for issues like obama care and the bailouts which is something mitt romney supports as well as newt gingrich. he is the true, consistent conservative that was up there on the stage last night. >> mitt romney really trying to attack him on that. at one point they were talking about, for example, title ten and also talked about, he used the words taking one for the team. i will play you some of the chunks from the debate and then i'll have you talk about it on the other side. >> i think i was making it clear
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while i have a personal more objection to it, i made it very clear in subsequent interviews that i don't support that. i've never supported it and on an individual basis, have voted against it. >> it was against the principals i believed in, but when you're part of the team, sometimes you take one for the team. >> let's talk about that comment. took one for the team. thinking that is an unfortunate way to put it, as if washington is all about two team s teams. do you think that was not a great way to portray that? >> in that particular instance he was referring to the no child left behind issue, while he did support it then, he has come to learn that federal government shouldn't have a role in our education. should not be left up to the federal government and in particular the state, as well. he believes education should be left to the local level and he is a strong supporter of that.
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governor romney went to great lengths last night to pick apart rick's record in congress. we would have had the same opportunity to do that with governor romney had he not lost his u.s. senate race back in 1994. what we can look at with governor romney is that he wrote the model for obama care, which is certainly not popular. he supported the wall street bailout and supported cap and trade and these are the cornerstone of the republican party in a conservative movement that they do not support. >> and, of course, your candidate santorum lost his race, as well. i know everybody likes to throw that back and forth, but that's reality of it. >> alice, this is will cain. one of the challenges that santorum had early in this primary season when he was off to the side was beyond the substance. he was having trouble connecting with the voters. he was coming off as unlikable, defensive as he kind of fought for time. are you worried last night he almost slipped back into that attitude?
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he seemed a little defensive last night. >> certainly when you're the frontrunner, you have the big target on your back and you have to defend your record, which he had the opportunity to do last night. several of the points he made last night, while he was in washington, he wasn't of washington. he fought against the wasteful spending. he was a leader in the balanced amendment fight. he was someone who fought against the wasteful spending and he was able to articulate that very well last night. any time you're the front-runner you'll be attacked from all sides and that was the case last night. he was prepared for that and made an articulate argument that he has the views and values that best reflect the conservative party and the conserve positiat people of this country. that's why he's leading nationally and michigan and ohio and certainly closing the gap in arizona and in important states like georgia, which is newt gingrich's own state. the people have taken a look at the record. they're not listening to the
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misrepresentations by the other candidates. they're actually looking at the records of these candidates and they see that rick santorum is consistent on the issues. >> may i stop you there for a second. because i want to go back to something that you said and i really want to counter it with what ron paul said last night when you talk about the true conservati conservative. this is ron paul's take on that. listen. >> it's a team sport. he has to go along to get along and that's the way the team plays. that's the problem with washington and that's what's been going on for so long. >> you know, ashleigh, i wanted to play the one where he talked about, john king asked ron paul, you have a new ad and it says that rick santorum is a fake. do you have that? will you play that for me? >> we have a new television ad that labels him a fake. why? >> because he's a fake. >> i'm real. >> congratulations. no, i find it really fascinating that when people are running for
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office they're really fiscally conservative. when they're in office, they do something different and then when they explain themselves they say, oh, i want to repeal that. >> that seemed to get a lot of traction, certainly with the audience last night. do you think that kind of attack is going to get a lot of attraction outside a bigger audience? >> it certainly isn't working for congressman mr. paul right now. you can throw words like that around on the debate stage and throw misrepresentations of the facts out there. when it comes to consistent conservatives when it comes to fiscal issues there is no one more consistent than rick santorum. he made that case last night. no amount of ads or rhetoric on the debate stage will change history and governor romney can't say that. he can get up there and say he has been fiscally responsible, but when we have issues like romney care that he supported, that he was creator of in massachusetts which was the model for obama care, that's not
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fiscally responsible. the wall street bailout, that's not fiscally responsible. he is saying one thing and his record reflects something different. what rick santorum says today is reflective of what he has done in the past. >> he says i regret having voted for that. i wanted to take one for the team and some of what he says is actually saying, i did it against what i believe because there was sort of another agenda there, that's what he said last night in the debate. >> when he got to washington and saw the waste, fraud and abuse that was going on with members of congress, he has taken on the position and firmly opposed two earmarks and supports the moratorium on earmarks. that is something that he took going to washington and seeing the waste, fraud and abuse that went on. >> he talked about that in the debate last night. he talked about specific earmarks he supported. i will agree to disagree with you on that one this morning. always glad to have you back. thank you for being with us this
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morning, we appreciate it. some other headlines this morning and christine romans has that for us. >> good morning to you, soledad. >> michigan's favorite son candidate mitt romney getting an endorsement from "detroit free press." but the editors also say romney seems to have lost his "collaborative spirit and needs to get it back." gas prices rising 3 cents in just the past 24 hours. good morning, if you're waking up to higher gas prices, again. the national average for a gallon of gas is $3.61 a gallon this morning. gas prices have been rising for the past 16 days. they could go up to $4 or $5 a gallon by summer. that means fill up now. president obama will talk gas prices and energy policy, as well, at the university of miami this afternoon. he is expected to tout steps including oil and gas expansion
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here. but under pressure from environmentalists he did not approve the keystone pipeline plan which would have given the u.s. cheaper access to canada's oil, although it wouldn't affect gas prices for several more years. minding your business this morning, u.s. markets poised for a higher open and strong economic data out of europe pushing u.s. stock futures higher and stock futures up about 20 points right now. u.s. and north korean officials meeting today for the first time since kim jong-il. u.s. envoy in beijing to find out whether north korea is ready to shut down its nuclear program. before his death, former leader king jong-il discussed ending that program in exchange for food assistance from united states. some severe weather to tell you about. check this out, winds so strong that kids at a bus stop couldn't stand up in colorado. 88-mile-per-hour wind gusts in boulder and also tipping trucks,
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toppling trees. heavy rains also triggering mudslides in the west. one home hanging on the edge of a river in washington state. look at that, 24 hours of heavy rain and so far no reports of anyone hurt. scary moments for fliers. a united flight arriving from chicago sliding off the runway and skidding to a stop at greater rochester international airport in new york. this happened around midnight and it was reportedly snowing at the time. the airport says all 45 passengers were brought into the terminal and no one was hurt. but certainly some scary moments. routine flight and then you're skidding. >> every time i hear those stories, it scares me a little bit. christine, thank you for the update. >> you're welcome. 20 days of nonstop shelling in syria. a day after two western journalists were killed in homes. suggesting that syria is
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deliberately targeting those journalists and other journalists, as well, many of whom were injured. the government is denying responsibility for the death. the u.s. military is now considering a worse-case scenario, if, in fact, assad's regime falls and serious chemical weapons are left unguarded, what will happen. barbara starr is at the pentagon. we set it up with two things we need to talk about. intracepted communications that make it seem as if western journalists are being targeted in that shelling in syria certainly after the death of the two western journalists and then also the chemical weapons supply, what is going to happen to them? will you start with me? >> reports about all this and a lot of concern of what has happened and is the syrian regime actually specifically targeting journalists? by all accounts, they knew where that media center was in homes to some extent and did they go after it, in particular? very disturbing, very
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concerning. a lot of news organizations considering what they can reasonably do now to continue to tell the story and communicate what is going on in syria. you still see, of course, these citizen journalists inside the country getting their information out via social media. getting it out any way that they can, soledad. >> let's talk about the chemical weapon supplies. what is the concern there? what is the planning on that? >> right. the pentagon, you know, hopes that it is very much in lock step with the white house. everyone looking for a diplomatic solution to get assad out of power and end all of this violence. but it could get a lot worse. syria has one of the world's largest chemical weapons programs and multiple sites across the country. the pentagon has done some preliminary planning and come up with a scenario that nobody wants to see happen. it could take tens of thousands of u.s. troops, boots on the ground to guard syria's chemical
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weapons site. if the regime falls and sites are left unguarded, there are al qaeda opportunity in the country and potential for hezbollah moving in and trying to get his hands on some of that material. all nightmare scenarios. very concerning. look, the pentagon always talks about how it needs thousands of troops for almost anything it wants to do. nobody is, everyone is hoping this doesn't happen. but it is a nightmare scenario out there that they certainly are considering. they may have to plan for. soledad. >> thanks very much, barbara, appreciate that update. still ahead on "starting point" the college lacrosse player that is convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend. some people say the jury let him off easy. we'll talk about that. a weight loss drug that was rejected two years ago now has been approved by a federal panel. the first prescription drug to treat obesity in 13 years. is it safe? lawmaker is attacking a
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welcome back, everybody. the jury is recommending 26 years for former university of virginia lacrosse player. george huguely was convicted of second degree murder. yeardley love died in may of 2010. huguely was found not gauilty o the most serious charge. he showed no emotion and kept his head down when the sentence was announced, as well. good morning, thanks for talking with us. i appreciate it. it took them just about nine hours to come to a conclusion and really seemed to hinge on, was this planned, was this
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premeditated or was this something that was kind of an act of passion? were you surprised by this verdict? >> i wasn't terribly surprised. i didn't think the jurors would find him guilty and to find george huguely guilty of first degree murder, he intended to kill yeardley love when he kicked down that door in may of 2010. they did not decide that happened but they did find malice and malice is a component of second degree murder. i must say this was a disappointment to huguely's attorneys and his family. they were hoping the jury would convict of manslaughter, which carries a much lesser penalty. >> the prosecutor, i was surprised to see, became very emotional in this trial. i haven't covered a ton of trials, but i certainly haven't seen someone near tears as a prosecutor. what do you think the implications of that could be? >> you know, that was very interesting, i must say i haven't seen that either.
4:20 am
the way this courtroom is set up, the prosecutor's back is to us as he's giving his closing argument. when he started crying, we weren't really sure we could hear it. everyone was kind of like, was he crying? i believe dave chapman cried at the beginning and at the end. that is unusual and that has to have an effect on a jury. >> what was huguely's response not just when the verdict came down, but later when it came to the sentencing phase. i know people said he didn't show a lot of emotion. what was it like in the courtroom? >> no. you know, it was very tense and everyone was straining to hear. the acoustics are not terribly great in this building. he did not show a lot of emotion. he came in during the entire sentencing phase. he came in with his head down and he did cry a little bit during his own defense attorney's closing argument. at the end of i saw him wiping some tears but for the most part head down and that's pretty much as he took the verdict, as well. really no emotion. >> yeardley's mother and sister testified in the sentencing
4:21 am
phase and just heartbreaking and to some degree you can't have paid any attention to this case and not think always about, wow, just college kids. i mean, just a tremendous tragedy for this girl's family. >> yeah, you know, it's a tremendous tragedy for both families. one has lost a daughter and one has lost a son. you had to be a rock not to be moved when you heard yeardley love's mother and sister testifying. the loss of yeardley and the impact that had on their lives. christmas now is just awful. it's just awful. you have good days and you have bad days and then some of yeardley's friends will come over and i expect to see yeardley with them and they're not year. lexie, her sister, said she would give anything to see her sister's face one more time. the most moving passage when sharon love said, she worries because every day she's afraid she's losing little pieces of yeardley as time moves on. she forgets things and how disturbing that is for her.
4:22 am
>> that's such a sad thing. michael christian, thank you. still ahead, latinos are the fastest growing voting bloc in the united states. will latinos be picking the next u.s. president. state lawmaker is attacking the girl scouts and radical organization and an arm of planned parenthood and our get real right after this short break. stay with us.
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you know, you can't get too much common. that is a handsome man. >> it's the music. the content. >> the content, blah, blah, blah. i have sat with him on a plane and he is a handsome man. stop, will cain. our focus is, i can see you rolling your eyes. our focus is this republican indiana state representative. his name is bob morris. yes, bob, we are talking to you this morning. in a letter he wrote to his fellow representatives, the girl scouts are radicalized organization that promote abortion and homosexuality. today he's standing by those comments. the girl scout are encouraged to look up to role models and to the role models on the list only three have a background. he said that after doing his research, a small amount of web research, as he likes to say, he realized quickly that girl scouts has become a tactical arm
4:27 am
of planned parenthood. the upshot, he is refusing to sign the resolution that honors the girl scouts on their 100th anniversary. he says his daughters who are girl scouts are going to quit the girl scouts and join the american heritage group and the girl scouts of northern indiana michigan says they have no relationship with planned parenthood. then there was the indiana house speaker, brian bosma, also republican, starting to distance himself he ordered like hundreds of cases of girl scout cookies and eating them all day and handing them out to the journalists who were visiting. he was here to do the people's work. when it came time for the house to adjourn all the female lawmaker who was a girl scout stand up and it was virtually every lawmaker. the letter to his fellow representatives is worth, it worth reading and googling and grabbing.
4:28 am
>> the gold standard against girl scout cookies. >> girls trying to do something for the last 100 years. i knew there was something behind those thin mints getting delivered. you know, this is what gives, honestly, this is what gives lawmakers a bad name. the fact that this becomes something that becomes something. >> an issue of importance. >> insanity. >> little bit of web research. >> there's this thing called google that i discovered last night. yes, bob, all about you this morning. moving ahead on "starting point "this morning. a high-value gitmo detainee struck a plea deal and he is going to talk. update you on what's happening there. president obama taking a beating at last night's cnn debate. he wasn't there to defend himself but his deputy campaign manager will join us to give their side. an incredible videotape. trying to dodge an avalanche.
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this is real life. you're watching "starting point." we're back in just a moment. when you have diabetes...
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i was getting ready to make fun of will. dixie chicks, you're going too far, man. >> i love this. this is great. this is very '80s. what does that mean? that's okay for me. >> this fits your personality. >> oh, oh, oh. >> it's okay for soledad, but not for me. >> there you go. i think you'd agree. >> in my dress in my room spinning around. >> exactly. >> that is going to take a long time to get out of my head, will cain. let's get to our headlines, first. christine romans has that. >> two days of mourning for the victims of that deadly train crash yesterday in buenas aires.
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overshot platform after platform and slam under to a metal barrier at the end of the line. they're investigating possible problems with the train's brakes. a high-value detainee at guantanamo bay. a man of pakistan descent struck a deal for a lighter sentence. khalid shaikh mohammed to detonate bombs at u.s. gas stations. a new weight loss drug getting the green light from a panel of fda advisors. the obesy drug is called qnexa, it received overwhelming approval. qnexa the first prescription weight loss drug in 13 years and only the second one on the market. it was rejected in 2010 because
4:34 am
of the risk of heart problems and birth defects. we'll ask dr. sanjay gupta about how safe this drug is coming up in ten minutes. amazing video for you of a snowmobiler dodging an avalanche. he was drying over a weak layer of snow when it triggered an avalanche. all caught on a helmet camera by his friend. you can see the slab of snow carrying the snowmobile down the mountain and a seven-foot drop. that's when he bails and grabs the nearest tree and holds on for dear life. and he held on for five minutes and said the tree saved his life. the snowmobile was found crushed, crushed against some trees. one of the many reasons, soledad, i will not do back country snowmobiling. >> or snowmobiling at all. that sounds like not for you. all right, christine, thank you. a pivotal debate in arizona last night. five days ahead of the elections
4:35 am
there and michigan, as well. rick santorum really trying to earn the top spot. been the front-runner but mitt romney also kind of sort of the front-runner lost a little ground. all that conversation meant the two of them were going at it and at each other last night but president obama did not go untouched in the debate. listen. >> we need a new president. we're going to have a cataclysmic situation with a power that is the most proliffic proliferator of terror in the world. >> if we're going to have a debate on who the extremist is on these issues a state senator voted to protect doctors who killed babies who survived the abortion. it is not the republicans. >> i don't think we've seen in the history of this country the kind of attack on religious conscious and religious freedom and tolerance that we've seen in barack obama. >> brings us right to, i envision that you all as you sit
4:36 am
there and watch the debate sit there and take notes and you're like weakness on the gop on this, is that true? is that how it works? >> if we sit around and take notes. >> you take notes and you str stratoff of what are the highlights and low points of the debate. is that how it works? >> we do watch the debates. >> then i'm right. i think i just got that right. >> and, you know, we look at what the candidates are saying and whatever highlights there are any low lights and any points worth taking from these debates and, you know, i think like most viewers last night, we didn't see much. >> i was going to ask you, if you sit around, what do you think? did you see last night as vulnerabilities in the gop that you were sitting around taking notes on, as i predicted you to have? >> i think a couple of things. one, there is no front-runner in the republican race. i think that's pretty clear. pretty clear on that stage last
4:37 am
night. there was a contest to see who could move further to the right on issues like immigration, tax or earmarks and they went at each other on a number of things. for instance, on earmarks. every one of them have taken an earmark. mitt romney has taken earmarks and rick santorum has taken earmarks but attacking mitt romney for the same thing. a lot of people are scratching their heads and wondering why aren't we talking about the issues that really concern us. like jobs in the economy. mitt romney only talked about his tax plan once and that was defending himself against rick santorum because rick santorum was talking about the 1%. >> what do you think about immigration? you point that out as a potential weakness. let me play a chunk of what mitt romney said last night and then we'll talk on the other side. >> the right course for america is to drop these lawsuits against arizona. i'll also complete the fence and make sure we have enough border patrol agents to secure the fence and make sure we have an
4:38 am
everify system and require employers to check the documents of workers. >> when you hurt mitt romney laying out his policy and plan if he were president, where do you see opportunity in that? >> well, i see opportunity in that mitt romney has the most extreme position on immigration of anybody running for president. any nominee running for president in years. he is supporting the arizona plan, which even other border states don't support because it's the extreme. there's a reason why even the catholic bishops are against the arizona plan. a lawsuit there for a reason. so, you know, i think mitt romney's support of that. it should be talked about if he's the nominee in the general election and alienating a lot of the voters by doing that. the truth is, the border has been secured under this president. he has been fighting for comprehensive immigration reform. he's done what he can through administrative action that we're
4:39 am
deporting criminals, that we're using our resources wisely and the border is protected. mitt romney is going so far to the right on immigration, that it will be worth talking about in the general election. >> hey, stephanie, will cain. you used an interesting phrase a moment ago. it is a contest to see who can run the furtherest to the right. i find that curious. are earmarks a left/right issue? is president obama's position opposite of that. earmarks are no big deal then. i don't understand what is the left/right issue? >> i think it's an issue of government accountability. and the president actually put a halt to earmarks, but he's honest about it. there should be transparency that we shouldn't be using taxpayer dollars for projects back home. the interesting thing i thought last night is they were attacking each other. >> if president obama has the same position, it's not really them running to the right on
4:40 am
earmarks. >> well, except that the tea party has a strong position against earmarks and a strong position against any government spending and a strong position of being of washington in washington. and mitt romney's attacking rick santorum for being part of that. where mitt romney has taken advantage of washington himself. i think that plays to their tea party base. the votes that they're fighting for right now in arizona, michigan and else where. that's the point that i was making. >> stephanie cutter obama deputy campaign manager joining us this morning. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> i have to say, soledad, it's just odd to me. is the democratic position not opposed to earmarks and not opposed to deficit spending and running up big budgets? if that is a hard right position, what does that mean the left's position is? >> i thought what she was saying move to the right, i hate to speak for stephanie, certainly, but wasn't she saying you're trying to get points with the tea party. >> a far right commitment -- >> there are all issues that we can agree on. if you want to say they ran to
4:41 am
the right you need to be careful and choosey about her words. >> she was trying to appeal to the tea party base to eliminating earmarks. >> and as they said in the debate, people who asked for earmarks saying, no, i don't support earmarks. >> that's possible. >> the democratic party concerned about those issues. >> always discuss it. we have to take a break. ahead on "starting point" talk about immigration and latinos. an estimated 12 million latinos will vote in the fall and also "time's" cover story. will latinos pick the next president? cold turkey in a pill. you can shut off addiction? dr. sanjay gupta will join us next. jason mraz.
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that's finger eleven paralyzer. sanjay, you and i need to get together later and swap music. >> i like bands with a story behind them. >> i like that about you. let's talk about addiction this morning. you say you can possibly break an addiction cold turkey using a pill and that there are medications that short circuit addiction. are they truly effective? are they used all the time? sanjay has a look at that for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, a big cultural shift and this idea that we've been talking about, soledad, if you think of addiction as a brain disease, it changes the way that you might approach it and medications, pills, could be on the table as an option. we've been investigating this for some time and there is one particular situation, someone
4:46 am
who is an alcoholic for a long time. nothing else has worked when they enter into a trial where they try these pills. listen to how a particular patient put it to me. this is the last place you'd expect to find a recovering alcoholic. >> one of my favorite watering holes. >> this is where walter hangs out, a bar call goobers. he couldn't find the strength to put down that bottle. >> other than that, there was never a problem. >> he tried rehab and aa and nothing worked. >> i couldn't get rid of the craving. >> but then in 2000, he tried, again. an experimental program at brown university. this time he got counseling once a week and a daily pill, a medicine called naltrexone and this time it worked. >> when you can lose a total urge, a total craving for
4:47 am
alcohol, you can beat it. there's no doubt in my mind because i'm living proof. >> 12 years now he's been sober, soledad. 16 weeks is how long he took that medication and, so, it's pretty remarkable. the way it works. it taps down the yourphoria you get from drinking. it's not for everybody and the trials that walter was just referencing only about a third of patients actually made it all the way through the trial because the medication can cause side effects and make you nauseated and reduce your feelings of pleasure from other things, as well. these patients nothing else worked. it was a last option and it gave more relief than anything else that was out there for these patients. so, it's an option, soledad. >> can i ask you about this weight loss drug. the first time in 13 years that there has been a prescription weight loss drug.
4:48 am
does it work? is it safe? >> you and i talked about my feelings on weight loss overall. the way that this works is basically a combination of fe fentermine which is a stimulation. this is a combination pill. about two years ago, a year and a half ago, they put it before the fda and at that point it was rejected. there is not enough safety testing and could it cause birth defects and the advisory panel has been approved. but a lot of caveats with this pill. the diet pills are on a market for a while and the side effects get more amplified and then they get taken off the market and also they say it's for obese people. people with a body mass index
4:49 am
over 30%. doctors and professionals are starting to stick to that. the fda doesn't approve that but they usually take the recommendation to the advisory panel. >> it always worries me when dr. gupta says, who knows. still ahead this morning on "starting point." latinos, could they be casting the vote for the 2012 election? wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! it's got 10 speeds, my friend. ♪ is it fast?
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4:53 am
latinos will vote. is this the group that will pick the next president? it's a question that's been posed on the cover of this week's "time magazine." the article is written by our next guest, michael scherr. thanks for talking with us. 26% increase they're expecting from 2008 in the 2012 election. so is this enough, you think, to actually sway an election? >> like with everything with presidential election, you don't look just at the national numbers, you look at the state-by-state numbers. a number of states where the latinos are the biggest voters are swing states, colorado, nevada, arizona where the obama campaign is making a big push. florida. if the obama campaign is able to perform very well within that group talking in the neighborhood of the numbers they got last time in 2008, bill clinton got in the mid '90s, 68, 70%, they can pick up an extra
4:54 am
two or three points in these states. if the states are close, which they're expected to be, at least nevada, colorado, new mexico, that could be decisive. it provides a path for the obama campaign to win even if they lose states in the industrial midwest that have been traditionally seen as the deciding states. >> it's a new map? >> yes. every cycle from here going forward the power of this voting block is going to continue to grow. we're looking at gradual transformation of how presidents get elected. >> you said if the candidates can perform well, and that really is about the message. when i talked to someone like iliana, she'll say you always want to talk about immigration. latinos care about the economy. she has a point there. >> she's absolutely right. latinos do always say jobs, the econo economy, those are the most important issues. the trick is that even though those are the issues they want to be talking about, the immigration issue can move their vote. it's not as much the immigration
4:55 am
policy issue, it's whether they feel like the parties are talking to them or pushing them away. what we've seen over the last several years is the rhetoric within the republican party has pushed latinos away. there's a poll in january by univision that said 72% of latinos in america either thought the republican party didn't care about their vote or was hostile to them. that overrides the issues they want to be voting on, which are issues like jobs, the economy. latinos have been hit much harder than other ethnic groups in this country when it comes to the recession and jobs, so they want to be dealing with those issues. if they see grainy plaque and white campaign ads. >> it's the tone. it's a tone thing. if the tone seems hostile. >> they get turned off. >> let me play a little chunk from the debate last night from i think we have three of the candidates in this little clip. listen. >> we reward illegal immigration. they get benefits. texas, hospitals. schools are going bankrupt. >> the further we have gone with the fence, the fewer the people
4:56 am
have broken into california. >> just as arizona is finding out, you can stop illegal immigration, it's time we finally did it. >> so senator marco rubio has really been counseling his fellow republicans on the tone thing. what has he been saying? i know you've been talking to him. >> he's been saying that that kind of rhetoric, the law and order, we just have to crack down on these law break injuries is the exact wrong approach. the problem party has to be a pro-legal immigration party. carl rove, jeb bush, ed gillespie, there's a whole bunch of party elders who have been saying the candidates are going into states like arizona where the republican base is clearly to the right of the country on this and want to hear what we heard last night. it was interesting last night, you came out of florida in which romney and gingrich had all moderated their tone on immigration. they were making blatant appeals to latinos. arizona, there's no latino vote
4:57 am
in the republican party and republican primary and the candidates are saying what arizona is doing is exactly the right thing. >> is the theory like, listen, you have to moderate your voice, win the nomination and then when you go into the general you say, listen, this is what i really think now and everybody -- do you pay the price later or not a among latinos is my question? >> i think the signs point to right now they are going to pay a price. we don't know how big a price it's going to be. we don't know what's going to happen over the next six months. when i was in arizona i spoke with republicans who had worked with -- for george w. bush's re-election in 2004, evangelicals who could not vote democrat because they're pro-life and their values won't let them. i can't vote for mitt romney, he's against my people. it's gotten to the point where it's that bad. they're not able to get voters that should be theirs by all rights. >> it's going to be so interesting to crunch these numbers i think certainly in this election and as these elections go forward. michael scherr, appreciate it. still ahead on "starting point" this morning, the numbers
4:58 am
on the gas station sign becoming a trend. it's a trend that's going upward. inching above $4 in some cases, $6 a gallon in some places. today president obama will talk about it. is there a plan to bring prices down? then remembering war reporter marie colvin. some new details on how she was killed in syria. her mother will join us. t reall. not nearly as complicated as shipping it though. i mean shipping is a hassle. not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits it ships, anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that is easy. best news i've heard all day! i'm soooo amped! i mean not amped. excited. well, sort of amped. really kind of in between. have you ever thought about decaf? do you think that would help? yeah. priority mail flat rate shipping starts at just $5.15, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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evevenent,t, w wheherere n mamattttreresssseses n nowot jujustst $ $59599.9. anand d sasaveve a an n asag 5050% % onon t thehe f fininalat ofof o ourur i innnnovovatae lilimimiteted d ededititio. yoyou u cacan n adadjujustst i r yoyou u wawantnt s so o yoyoue toto w wororryry a aboboutg ththe e wrwronong g mamat. ononlyly t thrhrououghgh s. ononlyly a at t onone e ofo0 slsleeeep p nunumbmberer s. . good morning, evg. our "starting point" this morning is mrm and his ability or lack of ability to connect. did he do it in last night's debate? did he do it last night? we'll talk about that. he did bring some heat. listen. >> if you have not supported him, if we had said no to arlen specter we would not have obama care. don't look at me. take a lick in the mirror. >> read well with the audience. all right. that's interesting there. did romney succeed in turning things around? we're going to talk about that this morning. plus she says she wants to speak up for women on capitol hill. we'll talk to a woman who was not invited to last week's
5:02 am
conversation about religious liberty and also contraception. she'll be here talking about on the hill today though. we'll chat with her about what she's planning to say. gas prices going up, up, up again. the president is set to talk about it but no surprise, not going to be taking the blame on that one. will we pay more? i'm going to go with probably yes. "starting point" begins right "starting point" begins right now. -- captions by vitac -- divo. is this the only song that the congressman listens to? when we were at cpac with him, i think secretly he listens to this song every morning. let me re-introduce you to our panel. we've got mark lamont hill is a professor at columbia university. maggie hab berman is a senior writer. will cain is a cnn contributor all on our panel. our "starting point" is this debate last night. it was kind of contentious at times but very key.
5:03 am
probably the last debate before the next primary. mitt romney, rick santorum dominated the debate. it was interesting to see john king have to invite at times ron paul, invite newt gingrich in to have a comment. both, of course, battling for front-runner status. they went toe to toe on spending records, conservative records, presidential credentials is the word i'm trying to say. republican congressman jason jacobs is a romney supporter. is divo the only song you listen to seriously? >> 24/7. see this. >> i knew it. i was saying that earlier. i knew that to be true. it's noise to have you. you know what i thought was interesting, last night at the end of the dye bait john king turned to each of the candidates and he said, tell me what is the biggest misconception about you. ron paul says, listen, there's a misconception that i can't win. newt gingrich says, listen, there's a misconception that there's a lot of work to be done here and i'm a person who's done the work over many years. rick santorum said there's a mess conception that i'm not
5:04 am
electable. here is what your candidate, mitt romney said in answer to the question. listen. >> we've got to restore america's promise in this country where people know that with hard work and education that they're going to be secure and prosperous and that their kids will have a brighter future than they've had. for that to happen we have to have dramatic fundamental change in washington, d.c. we have to create more jobs, have less debt, and shrink the size of government. >> is there a misconception? the question is a misconception? >> you get to ask the questions you want. i get to give the answers i want. >> fair enough. >> i have so been there. you ask the questions and people just give the answers they want. truly in all seriousness, congressman, i thought it was a missed opportunity to say, you know, the misconception about me is that i don't connect. i really thought he was going to do that. when he went into this script it was like, what's he doing? did you feel the same way when you saw that? >> well, i felt like he was trying to say we have all these massive things before us and the misconception is that you can't
5:05 am
lead to actually achieve and accomplish and overcome those challenges. so i think he was trying to make that point but this whole issue of can he connect or can he not, i would argue, he's connected better than anybody else in the race. if you take all the votes for gingrich, all the votes for santorum, combine them, you still don't even come close to mitt romney. so i would argue that he is connecting and that the more he talks about jobs, the economy, how he differentiates himself on his background, i think you see people time and time again going mitt romney's way. >> i'm not going to agree with you on that. i think there have been plenty of people who are con ser va i was it, republicans who would say connection is the big problem. in fact, he got this endorsement. do we have a shot of this endorsement? throw that up on the screen. and from the detroit free press. they're essentially endorsing mitt romney, but it's the most qualified endorsement. it's this, for the past 12 months romney's been refashioning himself as something other than what his record suggests. it goes on and on and says, this
5:06 am
is a mistake he needs to correct. we're going to give him our endorsement, but here's what he needs to fix because we need to feel it from him is sort of how this endorsement reads. >> well, i look at it and i see him as the most qualified person to be the president of the united states. he's got the right background. i think he's -- you know, he gets a criticism sometimes unfairly. he's almost too perfect. he's got this wonderful, beautiful wife. this great family. this great business record. he's been highly successful in business. he's been very blessed in his life. people are trying to look for this fallacy that they can find. he's pretty darn good. so i think he tries to fight and overcome that, but he's just by far in my mind the best person to lead this nation. >> mark? >> congressman, part of the appeal early on was that he was the most electable, he was the most moderate. as the primary season has gone on he's had to take more and more extreme stances, particularly on things like immigration. how's that going to help him if
5:07 am
he makes it out of primary season and into the primary election? how will he appeal to the voters he may be alienating now? >> i don't think he's alienating people. i'm the second most conservative person in the house of representatives according to some of the analysis by heritage action and others. i've always viewed mitt romney as a very conservative person. certainly if you're getting elected as the governor of massachusetts, you have an appeal to independents that i think as republicans going into the general election is something that we're looking for. who can attract independents, that middle 10% that often sways an election? i think that's why the white house is so afraid of mitt romney and why i'm so excited about mitt romney, because i think he brings conservative credentials but he also has that ability to attract the independents that are needed in november. >> maggie? >> congressman, there's been a lot of complaints from people like john mccain about the tone that's taken place in the primary over the last several weeks. last night was not an exception. are you concerned about what you're hearing from all sides, including mitt romney, in terms of the tenor of discussion?
5:08 am
there were a lot of shots thrown last night. >> there were a lot of shots. the debate number 20? i think mitt romney is spot on when he said, look, this sparring that we have in the party prepares us for going into november. if you think the shots are tough now from a republican colleague or some pundant out there, just wait until you're going up against obama and the white house and the d, ccc, all of these massive things that will come upon this candidate. i think the process helps kind of shake out the nuts, if you will, from the tree, but it also prepares the candidate for the rigors that will come this fall. >> speaking of nuts, congressman, this is will cain. who are the nuts? >> they've been shaken out. they've kind of gone to the side here. >> that was a good answer. >> there you go. i want to ask you a quick final question. michigan is looking very, very tight in the polling between santorum and mitt romney. we've talked in the past about what happens if, in fact, mitt romney loses what's considered to be his home state. tell me why, and don't give me
5:09 am
spin, i want to really understand what's the difference in arizona where in arizona mitt romney's holding a sizeable lead. why? what's working there that's not working in the state of michigan? >> i think in michigan it's a little bit different because rick santorum has been big pro-labor. his votes in support -- against right to work play a bit differly in michigan than they do in arizona. i think it's kind of one of the interesting things, right? mitt romney, is he conservative enough? then he takes a very conservative viewpoint in opposing the auto bailout, he's getting a little hit on that there in michigan. so i think that's one of the differences. michigan's a little bit different because, remember, i think it's 13 congressional districts and you compete for your delegates by congressional districts. so it's going to be fascinating to see how that plays out. but i think if you're worried about jobs and the economy, you want somebody from the outside to come beat barack obama, i think that's mitt romney. i don't think that's just spin, that's what i really do believe. >> and i believe you believe
5:10 am
that. congressman jason chafetz, nice to see you. republican from the state of utah and divo lover with us this morning. appreciate it. christine romans has other headlines. good morning. >> good morning, soledad. breaking news for you this hour. president obama now apologizing for the mistaken burning of the muslim holy book at the main nato airbase in afghanistan. president obama sent a ler to afghan president hamid karzai and pledged a full investigation. the koran burning led to furious protests around afghanistan. also nato says two troops were killed by someone wearing an afghan national army uniform. this happened after the taliban called on afghans to kill foreign troops in the country as revenge. syria's government is expressing condolences to the families of two wernl journalists. syria denies reports it was responsible for the attack that killed them. a report in a british newspaper says intercepted military communications indicate these journalists were, quote,
5:11 am
deliberately targeted by syrian troops. meantime, opposition protesters in homs honored the american marie colvin and remi with a make shift memorial. coming up at the bottom of the hour, soledad will talk to marie colvin's mother, rose itmary colvin. >> arrest of a death of a 9-year-old girl. savannah hardin's stepmother and grandmother are accused of forcing her to run for three hours until she collapsed and had a seizure. prosecutors say the, quote, all day marathon was this little girl's punishment for taking a candy bar. an autopsy found the girl died of extreme dehydration. both women are now charged with murder. gas prices rising for the past 16 days. up 3 cents in just the past 24 hours. good morning. your gas prices just rose. the national average for a gallon of gas is now $3.61 a gallon. look at it this way. if you drive an economy size car with a 12 gallon tank, it costs
5:12 am
you about $43 to fill up one tank of gas. if you have an suv, i'm terribly sorry. president obama will talk gas prices and policy at the university of miami. he's expected to taut his program. the president has delved into u.s. oil reserves to help ease gas prices. he did that last year. it's a rare move. under pressure from environmentalists he did not approve the keystone pipeline plan which would have eventually given the u.s. cheaper access to canada's oil. analysts say it would not affect gas prices for several years. home prices falling to their lowest point in more than 10 years in january. this is according to a new report from the national association of realtors. this report says the average price for a home fell to $154,700 last month. that's down 2% from december. it is the lowest price for a house since november of 2001. think of that, ten years of bubble gone in that market.
5:13 am
all the way back to 2001. >> i'm stig thinking about that story about that little girl. >> i could hardly read it. >> that's so awful. dehydration. >> come on. >> all right. christine, thank you for the update. still ahead this morning on "starting point", she's being remembered for her bravery and compassion. marie colvin, new details on how she was killed in syria and her mother's going to join us a little bit later this hour to talk about her daughter. also, where are the women? well, they're right here. dems schedule their own contraception hearing on the hill in response to the panel. the first panel was all male. second panel had a couple women thrown in there. we'll talk to a woman who is going to speak later today. we'll get a preview of what she'll be telling them at that hearing. another song, congressman jason chaffetz. >> he's gone but his music is not. >> his music plays on. here's "jesse's girl." ring springfield
5:14 am
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♪ this is where the cowboy rides
5:17 am
away ♪ we need to find out who this was. cowboy. >> hey, you know? i like it. kind of slows things down a little in the morning. >> conservative. cowboy rides away. >> stereo typically texan. >> i am what i am. >> i'm going to disagree with you on that. >> i'm kidding. let's talk about -- here's something that people don't argue over. the administration's controversial birth control policy. that's sarcasm. a hearing organized by house democrats will happen today. there's one woman who will set to testify. this is the woman who was denied a spot on a panel last week where they complained there were no women on the very first panel that ran that day. let's listen. >> what i want to know is where are the women? when i look at this panel, i don't see one single woman.
5:18 am
>> that was caroline maloney she was mad saying that in the panels, the first panel had all men, five men. the second panel added two women to it. there were some women in the second panel. some democrats walked out of that hearing. republicans say the hearing was about religious rights, not health care and the democrats' witness list wasn't submitted on time. joining us this morning to discuss this further is congressman cummings. the woman who is set to testify today, sandra fluke. she's a georgetown university public interest law student who will be testifying. she is the one who was kept from testifying. nice to have you both with us. congressman, let me begin with you. the congressman, darryl issa who was running this, he said the reason ms. fluke was not allowed to testify was that she was not, quote, appropriate or qualified because the hearing was limited to questions of religious freedom. is that accurate? >> that was absolutely
5:19 am
ridiculous. this was a hearing that was all about women's access to contraceptives. it was also about, of course, religious freedom but, again, i don't see how you could talk about religious freedom with regard to women's contraceptives without bringing in women. and, yes, there were two panels, by the way, but all of the ten witnesses that were presented all favored mr. issa's opinion. that simply wasn't fair. we simply wanted ms. fluke to have an opportunity to talk about what the effects of policies that pushed back on women being able to have access to contraceptives, we wanted her to have an opportunity to talk about that. >> we'll have an opportunity -- >> how can you talk about it unless you have women. >> you'll have an opportunity to talk in that hearing today. the actual panel was called lines crossed. separation of church and state or has the obama administration trampled on freedom of religion and free come of conscience.
5:20 am
you have said, ms. fluke, that this is not an either/or. you can be pro-catholic and also pro-women's health. how do you mean? explain that. >> absolutely. many of the women whose stories i hope to share with the committee today are catholic women. and i spoke on a panel last night, along with representatives of catholics for choice. there are many catholic organizations who have come out in support of this contraception policy. the catholic health association. the association of jesuit and catholic universities and colleges are just a few of them. i think many catholics don't see any contradiction, including the 98% of catholic women who use contraception during their lives. >> tell me about some of the stories you'll be highlighting. some are very sad stories. >> yes. frankly, i think they're all sad stories. i'm going to be talking about one woman who i talked with recently who needs contraception to prevent seizures, grand mall seizures from happening several
5:21 am
teams a month. another woman, a close friend of mine, who has polycystic ovarian syndrome. she lost an ovary because of lack of access to contraception. another woman who recently gave birth and her obstetrician recommends that she have contraception so that she doesn't become pregnant with her husband again too soon because that would be detrimental to her health and dangerous to the life of any potential child she might carry. so women need contraception access and affordable access for many reasons, including preventing pregnancy, and for reasons of consequences for their health. that's why this regulation is so vitally important to women. >> congressman cummings, all those women need contraception, they should go buy it. an institution shouldn't necessarily have to foot the bill for it when they have some kind of moral or religious exception to it. >> i think the president took that into account when he came back a week or so ago and said that women would be able to deal directly with their insurer and they would still get those
5:22 am
contraceptives for free. and that the -- that way the religious organization is not endorsing it nor paying for the contraceptions. you have a he got to understand what's happening here. would he have' got a situation where there are numerous bills in the congress that are pushing back on women being able to have access to contraceptives. one of the interesting things, they're all experienced by men. there's something absolutely wrong with that picture. there's a balance here. i think the president struck a good balance. as a matter of fact, ms. fluke, you can see, she's a well-qualified witness, but at our hearing today something that has never happened with regard to the congress, the republicans are saying we are not going to allow our recording studio to record it because they don't want to hear her testimony. so once again they're shutting out a woman's opportunity to speak about the effect of policies on them. and i think that's absolutely ridiculous and very insensitive. >> congressman cummings is a
5:23 am
democrat from maryland and sandra fluke is a georgetown university public interest law student joining us this morning. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. still ahead this morning on "starting point," remembering marie colvin. a reporter who covered war with incredible courage. her mom is going to join us to talk about her daughter this morning. then remember solyndra, the solar panel company that got half a billion in taxpayer cash? guess what, some of those employees are getting bonuses. here's a song we leave you with from maggie's play list. i love the black eyed peas. "i got a feeling." ♪ i got a feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good night ♪
5:24 am
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♪ stuck on you ♪ stuck like glue, you and me baby, we're stuck like glue ♪ >> no, it's not. >> i like sugarland. i'm confessing. >> we like it, too. >> i lost all my street credit. >> like that. >> just like that. >> we'll have to put something else in. >> something easy just to fix it. some g zee. >> let's get to gas prices that are skyrocketing. new national average for a gallon of gas is $3.61. that's up three cents from yesterday. christine romans is following the story for us. how worried should we be? i'm going to guess your answer will be very. about these prices going very high. >> i think they're going to keep going up. if you're filling up a half a tank today, try to fill up a whole tank. if it goes up three cents, soledad, it will keep moving higher.
5:28 am
economists are saying 30 cents of the price of gas right now of every gallon of gas is tension with iran. we don't use oil from iran here in the united states. we have a world oil market that we're all a part of. all of this worry about iran is adding to the price of a barrel of crude oil. that adds to gas prices. here's the thing also. we know that hedge funds and commodity pools and investors and speculators have been buying energy contracts. they are looking at the array of things out there that you do when you make an investment decision. they say, hey, this looks like it could be higher down the road. speculation is adding to this overall because demand is down. demand for gas is actually down in this country. prices are up. that's got a lot of people kind of talking a lot, too. if you're filling up your gas tank and you have a 12 gallon tank, it's 43 bucks. it's just going to keep going higher. suv, i'm really sorry. it will cost more than that. this comes at a time politically i think it's interesting, soledad, because the president
5:29 am
has the payroll tax holiday under his belt and the stock market is doing better, jobs market is slowly improving. the thing we feel every week when you fill up your gas tank is going in the wrong direction here. one guy i talked to says $3.75 to $4.25, tom cloesa, an expert. it will be higher on the coasts, hawaii, and stuff like that. in florida high prices in some places. that's where he thinks it's going to top out. >> like 5 or $6 in orlando. >> i know. if you look close to the airport where you have to return the rental car. always higher there. >> we should look into that. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> still ahead on "starting point." lots of jabs. no knockout blows. did mitt romney do enough to try to dominate yesterday? we'll get a look at arizona from a key supporter straight ahead. also, remembering marie colvin. a reporter who covered war with an uncommon courage. her family will join us coming up.
5:30 am
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welcome back, everybody. got some news just in. it's the jobless numbers. let's get right to christine. >> good morning, soledad. the labor department just telling us that 351,000 jobless claims were filed for the first time last week. 351,000. that's unchanged from a revised figure for the week before. pretty good news. any time this number comes in less than 400,000 it shows the labor market is moving in the right direction. u.s. and north korean officials meeting today for the first time since the death of kim jong il. a u.s. envoy is in beijing so find out whether north korea's ready to shut down its nuclear program.
5:34 am
before his death former leader, kim jong il, he discussed ending that program in exchange for food assistance from the united states. in today's meeting the u.s. will also raise the issue of human rights and humanitarian affairs. former university of virginia lacrosse player, george huguely, is now awaiting sentencing for second degree murder in the beating death of his ex-girlfriend, yeardley love. a jury has recommended huguely spend 26 years in prison. a judge will decide in april. u.s. army private bradley manning is expected to show up at a military court this afternoon for an arraignment hearing. manning is accused of handing over classified documents to the wikileaks website. if convicted, manning could face life in prison. a bankruptcy judge approving some $370,000 in bonuses for nearly two dozen employees at solyndra. that's the solar company that got a half billion collar government loan before going
5:35 am
bankrupt. it was a true win fall for several of those employees. just months before they arrived they received pay raises of as much as 70%. you can't stop him, can you only hope to contain him. actor sasha baron cohen's planning one of his guerrilla stunts sunday walking the red carpet dressed as a gadhafiesque dictator. the academy is threatening to ban him from the ceremony if he insists on doing it in character. they say the oscar red carpet is not a proper platform for promotional stunts. we'll have complete oscar coverage tomorrow along with a wrap of the awards this monday. newt gingrich has been throwing some red meat at voters across the south. he made headlines when he said this about hybrid and electric cars. >> the president has said, you know, you ought to buy smaller cars. now let me start with the simple premise that most oklahomans will understand. you cannot put a gun rack in a
5:36 am
volt. okay. so one volt owner decided to take the challenge and prove that you can put a gun rack in the back of a volt. he says he posted the video on youtube to respond to the, quote, cheap shots gingrich made against the volt. minding your business. markets, they like the jobless claims report, soledad. u.s. stock futures ticking up a bit. dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 looking like they'll open slightly higher this morning. markets closed lower yesterday. look, there's a lot of volatility because of instability in europe and concerns about the future of greece. all of that still in play overall. the market's kind of hit a wall. s&p is up 8% so far this year. now everyone is searching for what else is there to drive it up. >> christine, thank you. >> sure. rick santorum viewed by many as the gop front-runner for the first time at last night's debate really was taking heat from all sides. trading most blows with mitt romney. it set the stage for what could be a few weeks of back and forth that could eventually decide the
5:37 am
nomination. randy poul lynn is the former chair of arizona republican party. he's a mitt romney supporter. thanks for being with us. you have predicted that rick santorum might win the physical vote there in the state of arizona but that mitt romney would win because of the voting -- the early voting. i guess what i felt you meant by that was that rick santorum has the momentum. watching the debate last night, do you think that's still true? >> no, i don't. actually, i think i was very encouraged by the governor's performance last night. i think he pretty much has stopped the santorum mow mmentun arizona. i believe that the governor will win on election day here in arizona. >> so you have also said that mitt romney was having a hard time connecting. this is exactly what you said. it comes from the heart, talking about rick santorum. santorum connects with people. unfortunately, my guy, mitt romney, has a hard time doing that. do you think last night there was any indication of connecting
5:38 am
better? >> i thought he connected with the audience. i think -- >> where? in what part? >> i was sitting right in the middle of the audience. i know a lot of people in the audience so it was interesting to hear what they had to say. i think a lot of people came in not having made up their minds what they were going to do, and i know that i heard the senator say last night that it was a mitt romney crowd. i don't think it was. i think it was a crowd that wanted to hear what the candidates had to say and i think they responded very positively to governor romney's answers and they did not respond very well to senator santorum's answers on a lot of the questions that were posed to him. >> there was a decent amount of booing last night for sure. not sort of hostile booing. maybe that's contradictory. it wasn't like south carolina. that was kind of a crazy crowd. but more booing than i had heard in more recent debates. let me ask you another question, then i'll open it up to our panel. mitt romney definitely trying to tackle more social issues.
5:39 am
i think he has looked at what rick santorum has been able to do successfully and move those numbers in polls and doing the same thing. here's a little chunk of what he said in the debate last night. >> i stood up and said i would extend the site of life when the legislature passed a bill that said life would now be defined not at conception but later. i said, no. when there was an effort to put in place embryo farming and cloning, i vetoed that. when the catholic church was attacked saying we're not going to allow you to continue to place children in homes where there's a preference for a man and a woman being the mom and dad, i worked for the catholic church to put legislation in place to protect their right to exercise their religious conscience. >> so do you think that's a strategy that's going to work for him or could this back fire if he does, in fact, get the nomination in a general election? >> well, it's about our first amendment rights, and that's what this whole discussion has really been about over the last couple of weeks. and i think some of our church leaders in the christian faith,
5:40 am
the catholics, had what we would call a come to jesus moment when they realized the federal government was trying to step into their business and tell them what to do. and it brings back to me as a conservative republican the worlds of ronald regan, famous eleven words, hi, i'm from the government here to help you. and the government starts out helping you but pretty soon they end up telling you what to do. i think our church leaderships are beginning to understand that's exactly what the problem is. >> there are plenty of people who would say it's not necessarily about religious freedom or it's about religious freedom and it's about contraception and if you start debating contraception, something that women have had access to since 1960s, you are doing a slippery slope when it comes to certainly female voters. >> yes, but that's -- that's not what president obama was doing. he was really mandating what the catholic church had to do in their chart yis, catholic health services, catholic health care west. there's all kinds of church
5:41 am
organizations that provide the hell care to their members and they don't have insurance. so really they're self-insured. what do they do? they don't believe in abortions and contraceptives, things like that. how are they going to provide the contraception? >> randy pullen -- >> that becomes the question. >> he's the former chairman of the arizona republican party choing us this morning to talk about mitt romney who he is supporting. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> still ahead this morning on "starting point," remembering war reporter marie colvin. reporting on war's innocent victims up to her final hours. the last story she did with anderson was heart breaking. this morning going to talk to her family, mother and brother and sister will join us live. stay with us. all energy development comes with some risk,
5:42 am
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5:44 am
she called herself the fireman for the world. marie colvin was one of the most fearless foreign correspondents around. she reported from war zones around the world during her 26 year career at the sunday times. she lost her left eye when she
5:45 am
was hit with shap nal. that eye patch is what made her instantly recognizable. yesterday marie and french foreremi ochlik were killed in an attack. it was hours after they were speaking with anderson dooper. >> this is a poor, popular neighborhood, the top floor of the building i am in has been hit. in fact, totally destroyed. there are no military targets here. it's a complete and utter lie that they are only going after terrorists. there are rockets shells, tank shells, and aircraft being fired in parallel line into the city. the syrian army is basically shelling a city of cold, starving civilians. >> a few hours later she would be reported dead. rosemarie colvin and her brother is michael and her sister is cat. they all join us. thank you for talking to us. our condolences. i have to tell you, she was a
5:46 am
true hero to journalists, going into places that many of us were so afraid to even think about going into. i'm curious, you could be in your home and just with your grief and left alone. you've very much stepped out to talk about your daughter and sister. why is that? >> well, i think that it was important to talk about what she did and what her life was like. as a journalist, i really felt that she wouldn't want our talking to be a no comment but to talk about how important her life was. >> she spoke a lot about how important it was for journalists to be in a place where a story was unfolding and in her interview with anderson she used the word murder. she said, listen, anybody who says this is not murder of civilians, they're lying. you were listening to her report with anderson.
5:47 am
what were you thinking when you heard her coverage? were you worried for her? >> yes, i was. but it was really wonderful to hear from her because we hadn't heard. her phone wasn't working over there. she was being blocked. so that interview, it was kind of wonderful to hear her and to see that she was all right. >> i really thought she would get out. i think she's been in so many life-threatening situations and always gets out. maybe not safely, but she makes it out. and it was just so shocked that she didn't this time. >> in 2001 she was in sri lanka and we're showing a picture where she has an eye patch over her left eye and she got shrapnel in her eye and her brain. that's part of the reason that she had to wear that eye patch. did you sit down with her and say, why do you do this? did you ever want to understand what was behind her driving need to go to the heart of the action? >> some people have asked me
5:48 am
that, and truthfully, i would never talk to her like that because i know that, first of all, it would be a total and absolute waste and because, you know, she was always determined and very committed to what she was doing and it just wasn't something that i would try to talk her out of or get involved with. >> she really thought if she could just convey it, the horrors of war more clearly, that somehow people would pay attention and she'd have an impact and find another solution. >> i think she -- i think when you hear that, when we hear that a city's being shelled or bombed, we think of buildings and bridges and things like that, you know, going away or disappearing, but she knew and she wanted to show everybody that it's people, and a lot of them were innocent people. and i think that's what her
5:49 am
passion was that, you know, to personalize it, to make it more of a personal thing. i think that was her point and that's what she died trying to prove to everybody. >> i just heard the replay of her interview with anderson cooper, them murdering people. my daughter was murdered by these people the next day. that's what they've done. >> she spoke once about her job, what she saw as her job, and she said this, covering a war means going to places torn by chaos, destruction, and death and trying to bear witness. it means trying to find the truth in a sand storm of propaganda when armys, tribes, or terrorists clash. yes, it means taking risks, not just for yourself, but often for the people who work closely with you. when you hear what she describes as her own job, does it give you any sol lass that she died doing what she felt was morally and
5:50 am
ethically important and right to do? >> i think that -- i think that she probably felt that this is the way she would have wanted to go, doing what she believed in. but it's not a great comfort for us, i don't think, at least for me. we've still lost her. >> our condolences to you. >> i think there's -- >> go ahead, ms. colvin. i'm sorry. >> no, i think that's true. i think that there was always that danger. we never dwelled on it and always hoped it would end the way it usually did with her, survival and even being injured. now it didn't happen and we're going to miss her terribly. >> i know you will. ms. colvin and cat and michael, thank you for talking with us
5:51 am
this morning. we appreciate your time. we're going to take a short break. we'll be back in a moment. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card.
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this is cnn breaking news. welcome back, everybody. we are getting confirmation that seven marines have been killed when two helicopters crashed. it appears that they clyded in mid air. it happened near the uma, air zoeb in a area. the details are sketchy and the circumstances as well. it is unclear exactly what has happened. this word coming to us from a u.s. marine corps official. we'll continue to update you as the story develops and we get more information. the word we're getting now is that seven marines have been killed when two helicopters collided mid air near uma, arizona. we'll take a short break and "starting point" is back in a moment. [ horn honks ] hey, it's sandra -- from accounting. peter. i can see that you're busy... but you were gonna help us crunch the numbers for accounts receivable today.
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5:58 am
end of the debate, each of the gop candidates was asked to describe himself in one word. such a brilliant idea. really, these guys can talk and talk and talk. here's what they said. >> congressman paul? >> consistent. >> senator santorum? >> courage. >> governor? >> resolute. >> mr. speaker? >> cheerful. >> i like that. that was great. cheerful. not everybody would use that word, but he did. let's do our "end point" before we run out of time. will cain? >> a couple of segments ago we'll let latinos decide the vote in upcoming elections. i'd ask the audience and you guys. who has struck the right tone? who's been able to strike that tone of friendliness, of welcomeness to latinos while also being strong on the border.
5:59 am
show me somebody from either side of the political spectrum. >> that doesn't mean that has anything to do with how latinos will vote. said with love, but that's true. >> i don't understand. >> i don't know that you need to have tone and strength on the border. i think tone is what a lot of people are interpreting. >> you might be asking something of impossible of people who are strong on the border. >> possibly. >> randy pullen, said he thinks mitt romney had to do what he had to do. i ask viewers looking forward do they think that has been the case? has there been sufficient change going forward. >> ask the voters going forward. >> that's right. >> let's do the math looking backwards. mark? >> my last point goes to will's last point. there is a way to do it if that's your thing. newt gingrich did it. george w bush did it. the problem is the longer the debates go is the harder it is to take the reasonable stance. i love to


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