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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 23, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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neighbors even showed up at their court dates to put pressure on the judge not to put them back on the streets. today luana is happy with east lake and so is her neighbor, miss reece. >> they have been very nice. everybody is friendly and outgoing. >> reporter: luana slaughter and freddy reece, they are america. cnn "newsroom" continues with fredricka whitfield. >> hello, suzanne. it's 1:00 on the east coast and 10:00 on the west coast. let's get straight to the news. first, a deadly accident involving two marine helicopters. a marine spokesman says that seven marines were killed when the chopper collided over a remote area over yuma arizona. they were operating out of the marine corps station in yuma. the aircraft involved a super cobra and a huey, both part of the third marine aircraft wing.
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miguel marquez is joining us. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: it sounds like an accident. they were training late at night. it may have been a live fire exercise. it sounds like there was fairly intense training. these are two that provide close air support for marines on the ground. they were training for afghanistan, as you said. and they trained very, very hard at night and it's possible that it was just an accident. the marines are saying that they collided in the air. obviously something went very wrong during that training, whether it was darkness, dust or dirt that blocked their view. it's not very clear yet. but the marines are investigating it. >> and among those items they are looking into it, those are new images that you were showing as we were talking, miguel, that is believed to be that cash site. they are looking into whether there could have been any mechanical problems? >> it's possible.
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look, the one huey helicopter is typically can hold up to ten individuals in it. this one may have been configured to have been more of an attack helicopter. five people were probably in that helicopter. the marines have just released that six of the marines that were killed were from pendleton and one from yuma. the two squads that were here from were pendleton and they were just training here. yeah, it's possible that it was something to do with the inner-workings of these helicopters. they are incredibly complex machines. the huey may have been overloaded, perhaps. it could have been a gust of wind. it could have been anything. that's something that they are all looking into it. >> miguel marquez, thank you for joining us from yuma, afghanistan. angry protests of the
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burning of the koran by u.s. troops continues for the third straight day. president obama has apologized to afghan president karzai calling it an inadvertent error. afghan officials are urging people to stop demonstrations. two american troops were killed today by a person wearing an afghan army uniform. it's not clear if it was a revenge attack. at least seven afghans have been killed since the protests erupted on tuesday. >> government forces in syria continue. this is the 20th consecutive day in a city that has seen as the target of heavy bombardment. disdents say that more than 50
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people have been killed. it's calling it a gross human rights violations, crimes against humanity. britain and france are demanding that the government stop attacking homs to allow three wounded journalists to receive medical attention who were injured in the attack that killed marie colvin and remi ochlik. across the u.s., it's big time sticker shock. gas prices are soaring and right now the national average for a gallon is $3.61, according to aaa. but the price can jump in a blink of an eye, which seemed to be the case here. the start of an abc report, the price at an l.a. station was $499. you can see it there. she tosses her tape forward and it's about two minutes long and when they come back to her, the price had already gone up 10 cents to $5.09. so in some areas, prices are already much higher than the
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national average. hawaii leads the way with prices topping an average $4.24. analysts say the spike could be due to increasing tensions over iran's nuclear program and rising oil prices. okay. you can bet that the high gas prices are on president obama's mind. next hour, the president will talk about ways to expand oil and gas production. that's happening at the university of miami. a live picture right now from the place in which he'll speak. a senior administration official says president obama clearly understands the impact that high gas prices have on middle class families taking an apparent swipe at the president's republican rivals for the white house. the official said mr. obama isn't interested in engaging in false debates and phony promises. and sparks flew in the latest debate among the republican presidential candidates. they squared off in a cnn-sponsored event last night and the favorite target was rick
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santorum and here is he knocking heads with mitt romney. >> while i was fighting to save the olympics, you were fighting to save the bridge to nowhere. >> you're entitled to your opinions and i'm entitled to -- >> i've heard that before. >> you're misrepresenting the facts. you don't know what you're talking about. >> yes, you balanced the budget for four years. you have a constitutional requirement to balance the budget for four years. don't go around bragging about something you have to do. michael dukakis balanced the budget for ten years. does that make him qualified to be president of the united states? i don't think so. >> all right. if you enjoyed these debates, you're sort of out of luck. the next one probably won't happen until next fall. women's reproduction rights are constantly up for debate but now one lawmaker is turning the tables on them.
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>> today we are under the same pressure and invasion of privacy that women have faced for years. >> an anti have a sect me act and yasmine is joining us next to explain why. first, i want you to take a look at a mom who is giving a new meaning sandra coast joined the u.s. army. nothing unusual about that except she is 51 years old. she had served in the navy for 11 years but left to raise her son so what sparked this interest this time? her son joined the marines so coast enlisted in the army. she's a real stand out. she not only finished basic training but also had one of the highest physical fitness scores in the company. sergeant coast, you are clearly one strong mama and today's rock star. looking good! you lost some weight.
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at meineke i have options... like oil changes starting at $19.95. my money. my choice. my meineke. all right. so you know the fuss about mandatory insurance coverage but reproductive rights are debated all the time in state houses all over the country. well, just last week lawmakers in virginia and oklahoma past so-called personhood bills saying life begins at conception and embryos have rights, too. a review found 36 states passed 135 laws pertaining to reproduction, most clamping down
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on production. a bill in the works in georgia would limit abortion to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy down from the current 26 and that's provoked a countermeasure that's getting a whole lot of attention. state representative yasmi yasmine neil has proposed except for the life of the would-be father is at stake. the bill states, and i quote, it's patently unfair that men have the rewards of unwanted fatherhood by presuming that their judgment over such matters is more valid than the judgment of the general assembly. and substitute the will of the government over the will of adult men. representative neal is joining me right now in the newsroom. all right. good to see you. so are you serious about this bill or are you out to make a statement?
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>> it's a little bit of both, actually. our bodies were treated like shells, that it didn't matter. so at the same time i felt that the male counterparts needed to know what we felt or how we -- what we go through and that's the experience thaw wanted to bring to this argument? >> yes. yes. that's exactly what it was this is a serious topic of serious debate and the feeling is that this bill feels like a poor attempt at humor. >> well, why is it funny or
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humorous when we propose something in reference to a man but it's really serious when it's a woman. >> so at issue is telling women what to do. >> correct. >> or legislating the reproductive rights of men. >> right. >> so what is the compromise, what is the message. >> well, especially in georgia, when it comes to individual rights such as being able to produce or lack there of, that's not a position that the majority house member needs to decide upon. that's a personal decision for a family, for a husband or wife or significant other. that's not our place to decide. >> getting lost in this argument is the issue of whether
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abortions can take place s. that happening? >> yes. right now the current law is 26 weeks and there's a lot of reasons for that. on top of the fact that it gives women time to make an educated time and gives the doctors an opportunity to do an ex more tore research. so with that, it hasn't been explained well as to why we are taking six additional weeks. it makes us question, are we really just trying to solve a problem or is it -- >> right now it's 26 weeks is the current law. right now the proposed week would be 20 weeks. >> right. but where is it in terms of votes? when will these proposals actually be acted on? >> well, that's the question. right now it's still in committee. we're still having a hearing on it. i'm not sure when the actual vote will come up. >> is there a countermeasure. >> i'm not sure. we just dropped it. it's not even moving through the
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committee process. i'm not going to pull it. we're going to see how far it goes. >> representative yasmin neal, thank you so much. >> thank you. all right. jeremy lin, are you a big nba fan? >> yes. >> his rocket to fan keeps picking up. including our next guest, comedian, char get cho. her thoughts on this linsanity. and we'll talk about the news of the day. you will not want to miss this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the 2012 m-class
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all right. you can't turn on the radio or the television these days without hearing something about jeremy lin. >> this is linsanity. >> espn became part of the story over the weekend when a headline writer was fired for using the phrase chink in the armor. >> it's amazing. >> he's unstoppable. he is the next good for tune. >> he is sweet, not sour. >> he turned kobe into kobe beef. >> all right. all joking aside, jeremy lin is a unique position as an
10:19 am
asian-american basketball player. his rise has unleashed a wave of stereotypes of asians that is pretty hard to ignore. all of the attention has people reassessing what we think and know about the asian community, what and how to digest the phenomenon. margaret cho knows a thing or two about the linsanity. she's written about it. she has a few things on her mind. good morning. >> good morning. we'll all got to brace ourselves for the puns. it's like a flood of puns. >> and what does that feel like? do you embrace that? is there a delicate balance? >> i don't mind it. for me, my name is always sort of linspired. like the cho must go on and. >> sometimes they are
10:20 am
complementary. but what about when it's not? >> i think for asian americans the deal with the racism against us has to do a lot more with invisibility and not being talked about and being ignored, not only as part of this american population but as, you know, sort of like considered to wear our foreignness on our face. so people very rarely consider us actually americans. that's why it's so exciting. >> you said -- you wrote that this is meaningful beyond words. tell me what that means and lifting that veil of the sense of invisibility, that you feel asian-americans have experienced. do you include it? >> it's so moving. it's so moving to see somebody who plays with such grace and talent and with visibility that is so undeniable. as asian americans we don't have
10:21 am
these icons to look to you know, there are definitely asian icons in sports. here is somebody who is as humble as can he and he plays amazing. >> you talked about that his will-inspired, every athlete has that special ingredient where really 50% of their ability is will. that will power. he's exhibiting that. >> yes. and you see real parl legals in his rise of achievement and even success and achievement and accessibility. and then you broke through a male -- white male dominated industry. >> yeah. >> you made a statement there
10:22 am
and and i both were made out to be exceptional because we weren't expected to be. the surprise factor is the best part. the fact that we can do what we do and we're totally not like anybody else -- >> he was overlooked or benched or not really valued many times over before suddenly, boom, something happened here with the knicks. >> which is this assumption that we have about race and how race informs ability and that challenges are assumption. he's not just an asian icon, he's an icon for everyone that feels they are underestimated. >> you really are one who is versatile in so many different ways. you've been a giant advocate about some of the things and your involvement and at the time
10:23 am
it was about the same-sex marriage and now we're at another juncture where not only is that ban on same-sex marriage in california now being ruled unconstitutional, but new jersey is on the press miss of same-sex marriage but the governor, despite what the general assembly said, the governor says he wants it to go to the people. so what are your views on the many twists and turns over the last year? >> i think it's just a shame, we needy kwaul rights. it's all we're asking for. that is not a huge thing. it's not anything but equality. so i'm very frustrated by the slowness of the process. >> do you feel that one step forward becomes another step back? >> well, i don't understand why people's prejudice has taken
10:24 am
over the idea that we should have equal rights. that's just a simple, simple concept. i don't understand why it's happening. >> are you still having fun? >> yes. it's very exciting. i love it. >> what is next? >> we're waiting for kim kardashian. >> what is it about the factor? >> you know, they are kind of exciting, too, because, again, it's sort of intense like new minority. it's kind of an unseen -- these family members totally like different and different in their celebrity and their different ideas of celebrities. so in a way they are sort of inspired by the linsanity. >> okay. margaret cho, great to see you. thank you so much. gay right advocates are not
10:25 am
just fighting for the right to marry but other rights as well. one same sex couple who is finally married and feeling hopeful for their future thanks to adoption. that's next in "i am america." ♪ tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty ♪ ♪ tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty ♪ [ mom ] hi, there. why do we always have to take your mom's car? [ male announcer ] the security of a tiguan, one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. ♪ tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty ♪ sure. what flavor? mm, one of each. lemon burst, hm, cherry orchard, blackberry harvest... my daughter's grabbing some yoplait. pina colada, orange creme. i can't imagine where she is... strawberry cheesecake. [ grocery store pa ] clean up in aisle eight. found her!
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to remind you that you're someone very special. ♪ werther's original caramels. so what is as the heart of being american? we asked our one million ireporters how we're evolving cultural and economically and socially. many of you shared your story with us and now we're sharing it with you. today a story from the eagle rock neighborhood of los angeles. two women together for 25 years knew they wanted children but they weren't sure if that would ever happen. thelma gutierrez has their story. >> what are you going to do? anything special? >> meet vangie and marita.
10:29 am
>> this is a photo of us in our very early stages of love. >> this is gabriel's adoption date and it was a really happy day. >> and this is the first mother's day with us. >> they showed me snapshots of their life together as a couple, a relationship that has lasted a quarter of a century. >> from the first day he loved his brother so much. >> reporter: for many years they knew they wanted children but as a lesbian couple they had doubts about whether it would happen. >> i remember vividly vangie, when i was her friend, we had a friendship and she came out to me and she cried and one of the things she said was, i'll probably never have children. and that was heartbreaking. >> it was agonizing for us because we thought we could -- you know, are we hurting a child by bringing them into this life? they are going to have int racial parents and lesbian
10:30 am
parents. >> reporter: they adopted their first child. >> we were just really happy. >> reporter: six months later -- >> that was crazy, just like it would be for anyone to receive a call, your child's baby brother wa. do you want him? and within hours you have two babies. >> reporter: and for a short 4 1/2 month long window when it was legal for gays and list bee generals to marry in california, vangie and marita tied the night. >> it was more about saying i did than i do. >> reporter: other lesbian couples are coming out as families. same-sex couples make up every 1 in 100 households. and like this family, one in five in the state are raising children. >> i just sat down and cried. i thought, wow. look at us. we're here on the front page. it was three lesbians and a little daughter. i thought, wow, we're finally here and they don't have to be afraid that their house is going
10:31 am
to get firebombed or that their daughter is going to get attacked in any way. i mean -- and then i thought, what courage. >> reporter: a family, they say, that generations past were not allowed to have but one that future generations will no longer be denied. thelma gutierrez, cnn, eagle rock, california. >> all right. for more of what it means to be an american, go to gas prices are on the rise. plus, the economy is still a mess. so do any of the gop candidates have the answers to our nation's financial problems? that's "fair game," next. chchasase e scscenene,e, x cocomimingng s soooonn exextrtra a bubutttter titickcketets,s, s swon pepengnguiuin n jojouruy jujuninioror m minints momoviviefefononee evevilil p pririncncee bobollllywywoooodd 3-3-dd shsharark k atattatack nened d ththe e hehead 5%5% c casashbhbacackk ririghght t nonow,w, g getet 5 k onon m movovieies.s. itit p payays s toto d di. but proven technologies allow natural gas producers
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all right. on a day that a lot of cities are experiencing a spike in gas prices, president barack obama is now landing in miami where that's going to be a point of his discussion. he's going to talk about ways to expand oil and gas products. he is arriving there at the university. actually, he's arriving in miami. he's on his way as he gets into the limo. he's going to head to the coral gables area. he's just actually had some personal time with the number of people that you see right there on the tarmac when he arrived. the lucky ones who got a chance to shake the hands with the
10:35 am
president and have a few words with him, too. and we'll watch his limo pull off as it makes its way about ten minutes or so. it may be faster because of the presidential motorcade. so the gop presidential hopefuls and their plans for the country were under way at cnn. it was a pretty tough battle and some say mitt romney came outshining while rick santorum missed his big chance. among the hot topics, budget and the economy. so who has the key to lift the economy? that question is fair game today. democratic strategist robber zimmerman joining us from new york and republican strategist anna ana navarro. is there alleviating of the gas prices for miami? >> reporter: i don't know, fredricka. i can tell you that i put $83 in
10:36 am
gas of my four-door sedan and i'm ready to sleek shriek. i plan to show the president my receipt. we need some relief here. >> at last night's debate, this is what newt gingrich had to say about the economy and gas prices, et cetera. >> it's an enormous flow which would drive down prices to $250 a gallon and we create millions of jobs. >> so robert, does that seem probable? or as the former speaker, just playing to the crowds there? >> i don't think it would shock anybody to see the speaker play to the crowds. he issued a bumper sticker release. we know what his strategy is and we've been living it for decades. yet even if we opened up every possibilities, the chief economist for the mccain campaign and former head of the
10:37 am
budget office, that's not going to lower the price of gasoline because of the geopolitical impact. we've got to be independent of oil if we're going to be able to, in fact, be an independent country free of the dependency in the middle east. are gas prices related, everyone agrees that iran is dangerous and must not get a hot weapon. santorum went so far as to say that obama is afraid to stand up to iran. so what do you think about those foreign policy views that we heard last night, ana? >> i thought that was probably the best segment of the debate. it's actually where we saw some contrast and differences between the current administration and when republicans weren't fighting amongst themselves about minute unusual sha, i thought it was a good segment and i think rick santorum is
10:38 am
right. for people that should be our allies and doing anything wants that to me, somebody that hails from latin america is very worry some. >> there should be partisan rhetoric and talking points. you can't intellectually with any integrity say that ahmadinejad is focusing on it, even former ambassador nick burns has given the obama administration credit for sanctions. let's understand, listening to rick santorum and his colleagues lecture us about iran and the dangers it represents, they were the advocates of the bush administration policies that destabilized the middle east that in fact empowered iran and who is iran's biggest ally, it's the new iraqi government that the bush administration put in power.
10:39 am
>> robert, i hate to tell you this but the only arguing that i've seen and the only reaction that i've seen from the u.s. government on ahmadinejad's ties in latin america is from the foreign administration. >> that's because you're -- >> and believe me, in latin america, when the u.s. speaks, it matters. the u.s. has not spoken on this and, in my view, he should. >> okay. last comment on that? last response on that, robert? >> ana, i think realistically, you've got to read more than republican talking points to understand that this administration has shown in addressing the iran crisis. we all know it's a difficult situation but we know that it's going to pursue every possible avenue and to bring support for israel and stability for our allies. >> give me some cable for the state department and white house, i'll be glad to read it as well. >> sounds like we're going to
10:40 am
have a, to be continued. thank you ana and robert zimmerman, good to see both of you. all right. danny bonaduce, remember yesterday he was with us and talked candidly about addiction. he says he has been sober for 13 months because of this -- >> it's called antabuse. it's a pill. it turns alcohol into poison. so can a pill be a help to addiction? dr. sanjay gupta will be live to explain. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i deserve this. [ male announcer ] you do, business pro. you do. go national. go like a pro.
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get your free sample of quaker oatmeal squares like splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweeteners. this bowl of strawberries is loaded with vitamin c. and now, b vitamins to boot. coffee doesn't have fiber. unless you want it to. splenda® essentials™ are the first and only line of sweeteners with a small boost of fiber, or antioxidants, or b vitamins in every packet. mmm. same great taste with an added "way to go, me" feeling. splenda® essentials™. get more out of what you put in. all right. the medical community says addiction is a brain disease,
10:44 am
not to short sir cut addiction. and why cold turkey in a pill. >> this is the last place you'd expect to find a recovering alcoholic. >> one of my old favorite watering holes. >> but this is where he hangs out. a bar. he's a giant of a man but for most of his life he couldn't find the strength to put down that bottle. >> i was the type of guy that the only time i draining was when i was alone or with somebody. other than that t. was never a problem. >> he tried rehab and aa. nothing worked. >> nothing seemed to get rid of that urge. but then in 2000, he tried again, an experimental program at brown university. he got daily counseling and a pill and this time it worked. >> when you can lose the total
10:45 am
urge, total craving for alcohol, there's no doubt in my mind because i'm proof. >> it obviously worked for walter kent. it's not for everybody. it's for people who for nothing else worked. they improved their chances by 17%. to basically tamp down the euphoria that somebody feels from alcohol, they don't crave it as much but the concern is does it tamp down natural pleasure that you get through other things as well. it's difficult to get through the whole treatment. he went to the bar, a place where he could not go before essentially 12 years sober. >> there are options from a lot of people with addictions. for example, just yesterday i spoke with danny bonaduce. he said, you know, what i tried a lot of things over a 20-year
10:46 am
period and the only thing that works for me and the reason he's been sober for 13 months is because he takes a pill. this was that moment yesterday. >> would you like to know how i got 13 months not drinking? >> yes. >> it's called antabuse. it's a pill. it turns alcohol into poison. >> and so is it as simple as that, it reduces his craving because it's no longer enjoyable to reach for -- >> well, it makes you sick. if you're on antabuse which is a daily pill and you drink alcohol, you feel really ill. but essentially the poison that danny is talking about is one of the chemicals that alcohol is converted into and you feel awful. you have a headache, nauseated, throwing up. you don't want to drink. but the disadvantage is if you don't take the pill, then you don't have those types of feelings. so it requires the will power --
10:47 am
>> a lot of people may not want to take a pill to feel terrible. >> if they don't drink alcohol, they will feel fine. so that works very different, for example, than what happened with walter kent which was tamping down the euphoria that you against from the sense of drinking alcohol. they take away the anxiety and withdrawal that people get when they stop drinking. so it's different avenues. but we think about treating addiction to substances with another substance at all and that's a culture shift. not everyone buys into it. it's controversial when we're in the world of addiction but it's happening. >> lots of options. all right. dr. sanjay gupta, good to see you. thank you so much. well, at it again, he's had a run-in with the oscar police. who knew it was the oscar police. cohen has dressed up, as many as his controversial characters for the award show but the academy is not laughing over the lastest character. why he may be banned altogether,
10:48 am
next. apparently, they are back together in a way, chris brown and rihanna. rihanna and brown are putting it out there in the twitter verse, tweeting away about their two new remixes. this is following a 2009 assault that left rihanna's face bruised and cut. you remember that, right? brown was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats against rihanna. you'll remember this photograph obtained by tmz of rihanna. all forgiven? what is this all about? love? money? what's at stake? their careers? mixed messages to abusers and assault victims? so we're just going to put it out there. a confusing mess. rihanna, chris brown, your 15 minutes are up. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on top of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse.
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10:52 am
red carpet to be used as a promotional stunt. there was buzz he was going to appear as general aladdin. he appears in hugo, one of this year's best picture nominees. in southwest arizona, searching for clues to the deadly collision between two marine helicopters. a marine spokesman says seven marines were killed while on a training mission along the california/arizona border last night an investigation is under way to determine the cause. the marines who died were draining tore deployment to afghanistan. six were from camp pendleton in california and one from yuma, arizona. the aircraft involved were a super cobra and huey, both part of the 3rd marine aircraft wing. from orlando, a new perspective on a historic tragedy. more than 26 years after space shuttle "challenger" blew up just after takeoff, a rare home
10:53 am
video has surfaced on the website new shot from the orlando airport some 50 miles from kennedy space from by the father of a woman who, would at new scientist. his name is bob carman. he'll join he live tomorrow. just take a look at the images and listen. >> should be watched. as chilly as the pictures is the complete lack of shock from the onlookers at the time. clearly no one realized what was happening. this is only the second am surely video of the disaster to go public since 1986. to pampa now where two cars crash on live television, but the reporter in front of the crash doesn't flinch. wfla's adrian petrson was talking about rising gas prices when it happened. and then this. >> costs go up too so it could be fewer people driving.
10:54 am
>> right behind you, did you see that, adrian? >> i didn't, but now i did. >> because she was looking ahead as opposed to behind. as if that wasn't enough, the question was asked by and chore which furthers i guess a confused reporter. >> probably shocked by the gas prices. all right, adrian, looks like everybody's okay there, getting out of the car. >> okay, one driver reportedly went to the hospital with minor injuries. thankfully, it wasn't more severe. next up, we go to davis, california, west of sacramento. that's where 19 uc davis students and alumni are suing police and school officials over this, november's pepper spray incident during an occupy rally. they're seeking financial damages, and policy changes when it comes to dealing with protests. we expect the university of california task force to issue its report on the incident next month. mitt romney is fighting to
10:55 am
stay at the front of the pack. he seemed to shine at last night's debate. so will that translate into the votes? and how are the other candidates faring? a live report on the gop race next. and had your shoes shined. well, i made you a reservation at the sushi place around the corner. well, in that case, i better get back to these invoices... which i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes. you know what? i'm going to tidy up your side of the office. i can't hear you because i'm also making you a smoothie. [ male announcer ] marriott hotels & resorts knows it's better for xerox to automate their global invoice process so they can focus on serving their customers. with xerox, you're ready for real business. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories.
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10:58 am
the gop candidates are looking ahead to a big round of primaries next week followed by super tuesday. so how is mitt romney preparing for it? senior congressional correspondent dana bash joins us now from washington. dana, tell us what romney's campaign is doing today. >> he's trying to continue on some of the points that he thought he made, big points at least he thought he made in cnn's debates last night, specifically hitting rick santorum on the issue of the votes that he made where i am here in the senate when he was serving here. for about a decade or so. listen to what he said about the kind of defense that santorum had about some of his votes on spending. >> what happened was we saw in this case senator santorum explain most of the night why he did or voted for things he disagreed with. and he talked about this as being taking one for the team. i wonder which team he was taking it for. all right? my team is the american people. not the insiders in washington.
10:59 am
and i'll fight for the people of america, not special interests. >> reporter: and fredricka, santorum is hitting mitt romney in the airwaves in the very important state of michigan where rick santorum is, according to most polls, he has a slight edge over mitt romney which would be a huge huge upset because it is romney's sort of adopted home state. and in the ad, rick santorum tries to hit romney on some of the social issues that really would be offensive to michigan conservatives like on gun control. he said i don't wind up with the nra. on abortion, i preserve a woman's right to choose. rick santorum was somebody who did not have a lot of money. he has been raising money big-time and now spending it on ads like this. >> thanks so much. thanks so much for watching. you can continue the conversation with me on twitter @ f whitfield. much more straight ahead with
11:00 am
brooke baldwin. >> hello. i'm brooke baldwin. let's get you caught up on everything making news. we begin rapid fire. let's go. first up here, a tough tough day for marines. seven marines are dead after their helicopters collided in the air over the desert in arizona. the military says all of this happened during routine training operations near the marine corps air station in yuma. investigators obviously now just trying to look into how this could have happened. no names will be released until their families are notified. we'll get you a live report coming up. also this. in syria, activists say today's fighting has claimed at least another 72 lives. a united nations commission condemned the violence today, accusing syria of crimes against humanity. reportedly there are talks going on behind the scenes for a temporary cease fire to allow
11:01 am
all those who are wounded to get medical help. coming up in just a couple of minutes, i'll speak live with a doctor who escaped syria a mere weeks ago after working to save lives on the ground. another day of rage in afghanistan. now two american troops have died in a shooting on a base possibly leaked linked to koran burning by nate toe troops. president obama has sent an apol. >> i to hamid karzai and says the burning was a mistake. the nypd accused of spying on muslim college students. schools like yale say police went too far in the surveillance of the groups. michael bloomberg says the police work was justified. >> it's very cute to go and to blame everybody and say we should stay away from anything that smacks of intelligence gathering. the job of our law enforcement is to make sure that they
11:02 am
prevent things. >> on the flipside here, new jersey governor chris christi says the surveillance is "disturbing, an and newark, new jersey, mayor cory booker has called for an all-out investigation." >> gas prices jumping more than three cents since you went to bed last night. according to aaa, the average gallon will cost you $3.61. live this hour, president obama, he's in florida. he's expected to talk gas prices and what he's doing to try and keep them from going even higher. we'll take the president live as soon as we see him again this hour. also, a third gang member has been taken into custody in the beating of a 20-year-old gay man in atlanta. fbi says 17-year-old dareal williams is now in custody in erie, pennsylvania. two other teens were already in custody in the beating which attracted nationwide attention after being posted online. and some quick thinking and a jolt of adrenaline helped this michigan teenager lift a car. pull that will car up off his
11:03 am
grandfather. austin smith and his grand dad were trying to repair the brakes when the car suddenly fell, trapping his grandfather beneath. smith still doesn't note how he was able to lift this on his own. just a quick caution though. you are about to see the extent of the injuries to the grandfather's face. >> i have no clue. probably out of adrenaline. i couldn't do it right now. >> thank god he was here because if it just been me and his grandmother, it would have been over. he also suffered fractured ribs but is expected to be okay. and. florida, one tampa reporter will not let anything apparently interrupt her coverage of the rising gas prices sorry. watch what happens right over her left shoulder. >> of flight costs go up, too. so could seep fewer people driving. >> right behind you, did you see that, adrian? >> i didn't but now i did. >> she didn't but heard it. car crash right there on live
11:04 am
tv. whoo. got a lot more to cover four the next two hours, including this. seven marines are killed after two helicopters collide over the desert and cnn is there on the ground trying to find out what happened in those final moments. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. as gas prices soar, president obama's feeling the heat. so live during this hour, he's going to talk about what he will try to do to fix the problem. >> a 9-year-old child is actually run to death. a little girl dies after police say her grandmother and stepmother told her to run and don't stop. all to teach her a lesson. google knows almost everything about you. >> plus, prosecute web searches to e-mails, google is under fire for its new privacy policy. a policy that impacts everyone. r
11:05 am
11:06 am
11:07 am
the marines. this happened far from the battlefield. seven marines are dead after their helicopters collided in the air in southern arizona. these are the two types of choppers involved. now, the military says they could lieded during routine training operations at the marine corps air station yuma. the seven were part of the 3rd marine aircraft wing. in fact, this is video. this is file video of the same unit conducting live fire exercises at camp pendleton back in august. i want to bring in miguel marquez who is on the ground in yuma on the phone with me.
11:08 am
i know this is so fresh into this investigation. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we have a bit more information. we just talked to the base commander here at the air station. he says that this happened around 10:30 eastern time, 7:30 pacific. the crash happened in the chocolate mountains. if you look at pictures of that crash, the only thing that tells you that this was a helicopter crash is you can see that rotor. it was a mid-air collision according to the marines. it will appears that there must have been an explosion. the colonel we just talked to says that there was live ordinates on those helicopters so it is quite possible they were in the midst of a live training exercise. he wasn't sure if they were firing last night or not. this is wasn't a large operation that they were involved in. there were many, many aircraft involved. all of the aircraft, the two squad dronz of aircraft, the
11:09 am
huey and cobra that are here are, both from pendleton in california but they were training here on this range which is a perfect match for both afghanistan and iraq, but these guys were training up as they always do to go to afghanistan these days because marines only go to afghanistan these days. >> are the marines giving you any indication, any eta when they'll know a cause be it a technical issue, perhaps pilot airer? >> yeah, he said they have everybody out there investigating. photographers, their explosive ordinates people so they can get rid of any unexploded out there. all of the individuals that were killed have been taken out of that was site. their families are being notified right now. and i think as we move ahead, it will take days if not weeks for them to determine what exactly happened. but he said there were no weather problems. it was night. they do train hard. there were other aircraft in the air. and when you look at those
11:10 am
pictures, it is very clear that there was a collision. what caused it, pilot error, a malfunction in one of the guidance systems, it is not clear. a brownout if they get too close to the ground and the dust flies up and at night you have a complete brownout where the pilot can't see anything, very, very dangerous situations. >> you mentioned that they're notifying families. that's the precise reason why we don't know their names yet. you mentioned afghanistan. do we know if all seven of those marines were readying to deploy? >> the marines have said that these particular marines, these squadrons were preparing to going to afghanistan. but it's not very clear because as marines will say, they're always preparing to deploy and marines are only going to afghanistan these days. so it's not clear how soon these particular pilots or others would be going. it's not clear how much training these particular pilots had. it really isn't clear.
11:11 am
this was a large exercise. it was clearly these pilots were trained up to a high degree. it's not clear how high. but they were in a very intense exercise mode last night. >> what a tough day, miguel marquez, thank you so much for the information you could provide. we'll check in with you next hour there in yuma, arizona. 9,000 people reportedly killed since the latest uprising began in syria. coming up next, we'll speak with a doctor who was able to escape weeks ago. stay with me. to think about you. ♪ ...that right now, you want to know where you are, and where you'd like to be. we know you'd like to see the same information your advisor does so you can get a deeper understanding of what's going on with your portfolio. we know all this because we asked you, and what we heard helped us create pnc wealth insight, a smarter way to work with your pnc advisor, so you can make better decisions and live achievement.
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11:14 am
happening there today. activists say another 72 people have been killed. 72. and that is just today. a united nations panel is now accusing syria of crimes against humanity, and you've seen the pictures. you hear the screams. the fighting continues. but reportedly, there are talks going on behind the scenes for a temporary cease fire to let people who are wounded get treatment. we are also learning about two injured western journalists. they have taken their pleas for help to youtube. this french reporter says she needs urgent medical attention, is asking to be evacuated and quickly. activists have posted footage of a british praefr. >> i was wounded in a rocket attack yesterday. three large wounds to my leg. my colleague maria colvin was also killed in the same attack. i'm currently being looked at by the medical staffer treating me with the best medical treatment available and it's important to
11:15 am
note i'm a guest and not captured. >> i want to bring someone all too familiar with treating the injured in syria, dr. amir sayed who about a month ago was working in syria. i want to welcome you and point out you are now in chicago. syria is your home. was it a tough decision for you to leave? why did you do it, sir? >> i couldn't stay there anymore. it was too far dangerous. i was, i went out on a lot of peaceful demonstrations and i helped a lot and a lot of local medical centers. and like a lot of people told me, my name is in the security forces. as you know, like being a medical field and the injured demonstrators it's a crime in
11:16 am
syria. assad regime will not let me continue what i'm doing. so i decided just to leave. >> wait, you're saying you're saying being in the medical field in syria is a crime according to the assad regime, yes? >> if i'm helping the injured demonstrator, yeah, yes. >> let me ask you about this ten because as we were just reporting, we're hearing there are these talks behind the scenes, you know, that perhaps they're going to allow those who are wounded get treatment. do you buy that? do you believe that's true? >> can you repeat the question about that? >> we're hearing there are reports there are talks behind the scenes that perhaps the assad regime will allow those who are wounded receive treatments, perhaps get help outside of where they are. >> no, absolutely. >> you don't, given the brutality of this regime. >> absolutely not. absolutely not. all the doctors i know, they are working in the medical field and
11:17 am
trying to help the people under the fire, under the tank fire, the heavy weapon fire. they are all in danger. they can't move from town to town. their name's like they are treating them like criminals. they don't want the injured people -- and i was in government hospital and anybody injured in the demonstrations, the assad army and assad forces come and take them to unknown destination. and i witnessed that. >> i want to play something just for viewers, doctor. just stand by for me. one of our colleagues arwa damon just returned from reporting in syria and filed a report on this makeshift medical facility. i want viewers to see what doctors are fighting against there. just a warning, this is graphic. >> baba amr is a neighborhood that has endured constant
11:18 am
shelling where civilians are killed and wounded every day. a man lies on the brink of death after shrapnel hit him in the head. he had brain matter that actually came out of the wound last night. i couldn't really do anything for him dr. muhammad says. i just stitched him up to keep the brain matter in and inserted a tube. it's actually a nasal tube to suction the blood. >> a nasal tube for this man's head. arwa also tells us that man we saw there did later die. she spoking to another doctor who through tears basically told her without this help, people will continue to die. is that corroborate with what you experienced? what did you see? >> it's typical for what i have seen. all the instruments, all the medical equipment that we have is develop simple. we can do nothing about the injured people and we can't take them, as i said to the
11:19 am
government hospitals. and all what we can do is just whoever is bleeding we just press on it and wait. we don't have blood. we don't have normal saline. we don't have any equipment. and especially in other cities like hamas baba amr, they don't have any of these essential medical aids. >> do you -- >> i truly believe that. >> do you -- and i understand you told one of our producers that you were fired at by members of the assad security forces. that's what you're saying. i know you had to leave because of the violence. do you though sitting there in chicago, sir, do you feel helpless? is there anything you can do? is there anything we can do? >> actually, i was in big peaceful demonstration.
11:20 am
it was like 300,000 people. and i was at the front of that demonstration. and they opened fire, and the guards -- it was very horrific, the live bullets were just coming through us. like for around four to five persons died at that time. and we opened a lot of medical centers with as i said, simple equipment so -- and a lot of injured people. going out from syria, like being inside syria was suicide for me. it's just a matter of time to be a number on the tv. and i couldn't -- i couldn't stay there. and can we do something about that i guess i want everybody to know what's happening in syria. in this world, we can't watch and feel bad for a few minutes.
11:21 am
we are part of the nation. and assad regime can't still kill us just because asking for freedom and justice. this is all what people want. and they are only holding the roses and their kids just to show how peaceful they are and how civilized they are. can we do something about that? sure we can. we can take actions like the army, they want to get rid of this regime, but they can't because they have the airplanes, they have everything. they can't let the soldiers just go out and not shooting the dem mon straighters. >> sure. >> soapy hope the big countries and all the civilian world can help and take action to stop killing syria and deliver
11:22 am
account human humanitarian aid. >> the aid, the help, right, that's precisely what arwa and ivan have said. so many syrians say to them ym aren't people helping. doctor, thank you so much for your firsthand account. thank you so much. now a 9-year-old girl allegedly run to death by her own grandmother and stepmother. police say the little girl was being punished for eating a candy bar. that story after a quick break. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion.
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11:25 am
in alabama, acase there has even the most hardened investigators saying we can do better. a 9-year-old girl is dead all because she accepted a candy bar he wasn't supposed to eat. analyzed about it to her grandmother. the sheriff says third grader sfan nan hard din's punishment killed her. he says she was forced to run
11:26 am
outside this home on friday until she couldn't run anymore. >> a 9-year-old child is actually run to death. in this day and time. >> from what we can tell, the taking of a candy bar turned into an all-day marathon so to speak type physical pt type exercise till the point in time where she just collapsed. >> savannah ran around the house for three hours. she collapsed and that's when her stepmother finally called 911 but savannah couldn't be saved. authorities say she had run the equivalent of a marathon without a single drink of water. she was severely dehydrated and the people supposed to be watching out for her are now charged with murder. >> it's one of the most serious cases we can ever have when we have children. we see too many of those in this
11:27 am
circuit. we've had too many children die because parents and step parents and people responsible for them don't do what they should do. >> meantime, savannah's father, would overseas. you know how many flights he took home to say good-bye to his little girl before taking her off a ventilator on monday. natalie barton is spokeswoman for the etoe wa county sheriff's department. i just have to go back to this. we have a 9-year-old girl who's dead and this seriously is all over a capped candy bar? >> yes, ma'am, it's alleged she was punished for eating a chocolate candy bar that her grandmother said she should knot have eat. >> and so she's told to run. do you know if her grandmother, her stepmother was physically pushing her this entire time 0 run? were they yelling at her? >> right now it is alleged that the grandmother was out in the yard with savannah and she was encouraging her with the words move it, move it, move it.
11:28 am
much like a drill sergeant. >> encouraging. i understand that a neighbor saw her running. do you know, natalie were, others concerned? did others see her? did they say anything? did they call you? >> there are some witnesses in this case who saw savannah outside in the yard running. but in the initial reaction, who thinks that it's punishment when you see a 9-year-old in the front yard running. it was a beautiful day here that day. she was probably just simply outside playing according to them. they didn't start putting two and two together until they saw the medics arrive at the house. >> have you gotten other complaints in the past about this particular family regarding children, or is this a first? >> no, ma'am, this is the first to our knowledge. >> okay. natalie barton for us, etoe wa county in alabama. now the president of the united states speaking at the university of miami. here he is. >> our businesses can waste less energy, and that's one of the fastest easiest ways to reduce
11:29 am
our dependence on oil and save a lot of money in the process and make our economy stronger. so, some cutting edge stuff is being done right here at bu. now, that's what i'm here to talk about today. in the state of the union, i laid out three areas where we need to focus if we want to build an economy that lasts and is good for the next generation. all of you. we need new american manufacturing. we've got to have a new skills and education for america's workers. and we need new sources of american-made energy. now, right now, we are experiencing just another painful reminder of why developing new energy is so critical to our future. just like last year, gas prices are climbing across the country.
11:30 am
this time it's happening even earlier. and when gas prices go up, it hurts everybody. everybody who owns a car, everybody who owns a business, it means you've got to stretch a paycheck even further. it means you've got to find even more room in a budget that was already really tight. and some folks have no choice but to drive a long way to work. and high gas prices are like a tax straight out of your paycheck. i got a letter last night. you know, i get these letters, ten letters every night that i read out of the 40,000 that are sent to me. and at least two of them said, you know, i'm not sure i'm going to be able to keep my job if gas prices keep on going up so high because it's just hard to manage the budget and fill up the tank. a lot of folks are going through tough times as a consequence. now, some politicians, they see this as a political opportunity.
11:31 am
i know you're shocked by that. last week, the lead story in one newspaper said gasoline prices are on the rise, and republicans are licking their chops. that's a quote. that was the lead. licking their chops. only in politics do people root for bad news. do they greet bad news so enthusiastically. you pay more, they're licking their chops. and you can bet that have since it's an election year, they're already dusting off their three-point plan for $2 gas. and i'll save you the suspense. step one is to drill and step two is to drill. and then step three is to keep drilling. we heard the same line in 2007
11:32 am
when i was running for president. we hear the same thing every year. we've heard the same thing for 30 years. well, the american people aren't stupid. they know that's not a plan. especially since we're already drilling. that's a bumper sticker. it's not a strategy to solve our energy challenge. [ applause ] that's a strategy to get politicians through an election. you know there are no quick fixes to this problem. you know we can't just drill our way to lower gas prices. if we're going to take control of our energy future and can start avoiding these annual gas price spikes that happen every year when the economy starts getting better, world demand starts increasing, turmoil in the middle east or some other parts of the world, if we're
11:33 am
going to avoid being at the mercy of these world events, we've got to have a sustained all of the above strategy that develops every available source of american energy. yes, oil and gas, but also wind and solar and nuclear and biofuels and more. we need to keep developing the technology that allows us to use less oil in our cars and trucks. less energy for our buildings and our plants and our factories. that's the strategy we're pursue. and that's the only real solution to this challenge. now, it starts with the need for safe, responsible oil production here in america. we're not going to transition out of oil anytime soon. that's why under my administration america is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years. that's why we have a record
11:34 am
number of oil rigs operating right now, more working oil and gas rigs than the rest of the world combined. over the last three years, my administration has approved dozens of new pipelines, including from canada. and we've opened millions of acres for oil and gas exploration. all told, we plan to make available more than 75% of our potential offshore oil and gas resources. from alaska to the gulf of mexico. last week, we announced the next steps towards further energy exploration in the arctic. earlier this week, we joined mexico in an agreement that will make more than 1.5 million acres in the gulf available for exploration and production, which contains an estimated 172 million barrels of oil and 304 billion cubic feet of natural gas. so we're focused on production. that's not the issue. and we'll keep on producing more home-grown energy, but here's
11:35 am
the thing. it's not enough. the amount of oil that we drill at home doesn't set the price of gas by itself. the oil market is global. oil is bought and sold in a world market. and just like last year, the single biggest thing that's causing the price of oil to spike right now is instability in the middle east. this time around iran. when uncertainty increases, speculative trading on wall street increases. and that drives prices up even more. so those are the biggest short-term factors at work here. over the long-term, the biggest reason oil prices will probably keep going up is growing demand in countries like china and india and brazil. i want you to all think about this. in five years, the number of cars on the road in china more
11:36 am
than tripled, just in the last five years. nearly 10 million cars were added in china. 2010 alone. 10 million cars in one year in one country. think about how much oil that requires. and as folks in china and india and brazil, they aspire to buy a car just like americans do, those numbers are only going to get bigger. so what does that mean for us? it means that anybody who tells you that we can drill our way out of this problem doesn't know what they're talking about or just isn't telling you the truth. [ applause ] and you know, young people especially understand this because you know, i think it's interesting. when i talk to malia and sasha, you guys are so much more aware than i was of you know can being
11:37 am
our natural resources and thinking about the planet. the united states consumes more than a fifth of the world's oil. more than 20% of the world's oil, just us. we only have 2% of the word's oil reserves. we consume 20, we've got 2. and that means we can't just rely on fossil fuels from the last century. we can't just allow ourselves to be held hostage to the ups and downs of the world oil market. we've got to keep developing new sources of energy. we've got to develop new technology that helps us use less energy and use energy smarter. we've got to rely on american know how and young engineers right here at the u who are focused on energy. that is our future. and that's exactly the path that my administration has been trying to take these past three years. and we're making progress.
11:38 am
that's the good news. in 2010, our dependence on foreign oil was under 50% for the first time in over a decade. we were less reliant on foreign oil than we had been. in 2011, the united states relied less on foreign oil than in any of the last 16 years. that's the good news. and because of the investments we've made, the use of clean renewable energy in this country has nearly doubled. and thousands of american jobs have been created as a consequence. we're taking every possible action to develop safely a near hundred-year supply of natural gas in this country, something that experts believe will support more than 600,000 jobs by the end of the decade. we supported the first new nuclear plant in three decades. our cooperation with the private sector has positioned this country to be the world's leading manufacturer of hi-tech batteries that will power the
11:39 am
next generation of american cars that use less oil. maybe don't use any oil at all. and after three decades of inaction, we put in place the toughest fuel economy standards in history for our cars and pickup trucks. and the first standards ever for heavy duty trucks and because we did this, our cars will average nearly 55 miles per gallon by the middle of the next decade. that's nearly double what they get today. [ applause ] now, i remember what it was like as i an student. you guys probably have one of those old beaters. who knows what kind of mileage you guys get. i can tell you some stories about the cars i had. i bought one for $500. but by the middle of the next decade, you guys are going to be buying some new cars, hopefully
11:40 am
sooner than that. and that means you'll be able to fill up your car every two weeks instead of every week. something that over time will save the typical family more than $8,000 at the pump. and it means this country will reduce our oil consumption by more than 2 million barrels a day. that's not only good for your pocketbook, that's good for the environment. [ applause ] all right. but here's the thing, we've got to do more. we've got to act even faster. we have to keep investing in the development of every available source of american-made energy. and this is a question of where our priorities are. this is a choice that we face. now, first of all, while there are nor silver bullets short-term when it comes to gas prices and anybody who says
11:41 am
otherwise isn't telling the truth, i have directed my administration to look for every single area where we can make an impact and help consumers in the months ahead from permitting to delivery bottlenecks to what's going on in the oil markets. we're going to look at every single aspect of gas prices because we know the burden that it's putting on consumers. and we will keep taking as many steps as we can in the coming weeks. that's short-term, but over the long-term, on all of the above energy strategy requires us having the right priorities. we've got to have a the right incentives in place. i'll give you an example. right now, 4 billion of your tax dollars subsidize the oil industry every year. $4 billion. they don't need a subsidy. they're making near record profits. these are the same oil companies that have been making record profits off the money you spend
11:42 am
at the pump for several years now. how do they deserve another $4 billion from taxpayers in subsidies? it's outrageous. it's inexcusable. [ applause ] and every politician who's been fighting to keep those subsidies in place should explain to the american people why the oil industry needs more of their money, especially at a time like this. i said this at the state of the union. a century of subsidies to the oil companies is long enough. it's time to end taxpayer giveaways to an industry that has never been more profitable, double down on clean energy industries that have never been more promising. that's what we need to do. [ applause ]
11:43 am
this congress needs to renew the clean energy tax credits that will lead to more jobs and less dependence on foreign oil. now, the potential of a sustained all of the above energy strategy is all around us. here in miami, 2008, miami became the first major american city to power its city hall entirely with solar and renewable energy right here in miami. the modernization of your power grid so that it wastes less energy is one of the largest projects of its kind in the country. on a typical day, the wind turbine at the miami-dade museum can meet about 10% of the energy needs in a south florida home and the largest wind producer in the country is over at juno beach right here at this university, your work is helping manufacturers save millions of dollars in energy bills. by making their facilities more energy efficient.
11:44 am
so the a lot of work's already being done right here just in this area. and the role of the federal government isn't to sup plant this work, take over this work, direct this research. it is to support these discoveries. our job is to help outstanding work that's being done in universities and labs and to help businesses get new energy ideas off the ground. because it was public dollars, public research dollars that over the years helped develop the technologies that companies are right now using to extract all this natural gas out of shale rock. the payoff on these public investments, they don't always come right away and some tools don't pan out and some companies will fail. but as long as i'm president, i will not walk away from the promise of clean energy. your future is too important. i will not -- i will not seed --
11:45 am
i will not give up, i will not cede the wind or solar or battery industry to china because some politicians refuse to make the same commitment here in america. with or without this congress, i will continue to do whatever i can to develop every source of american energy so our future isn't controlled by events on the other side of the world. today, we're taking a step that will make it easier for companies to save money by investing in energy solutions that have been proven here at the university of miami. new lighting systems, advanced heating and cooling systems that can lower a company's energy bills and make them more competitive, we're launching a program that will bring together the nation's best scientists and engineers and entrepreneurs to figure out how more cars can be powered by natural gas, a fuel that's cleaner and cheaper and more abundant than oil. we've got more of that. we don't have to import it.
11:46 am
we may be exporting it soon. we're making new investments in the development of gasoline and diesel and jet fuel that's made from a plant-like substance. algae. you got a bunch of algae out here. right? if we can figure out how to make energy out of that, we'll be doing all right. believe it or not, we could replace up to 17% of the oil we import for transportation with this fuel that we can grow right here in the united states. and that means greater energy security, that means lower costs, it means more jobs. it means a stronger economy. now, none of the steps that i've talked about today is going to be a silver bullet. it's not going to bring down gas prices tomorrow. remember, if anybody says they've got a plan for that, what? i'm just saying. [ applause ]
11:47 am
we're not going to overnight solve the problem of world oil markets. there is no silver bullet. there never has been. and part of the problem is is when politicians pretend that there is then we put off making the choices feeded to develop new energy choices and become more efficient. we don't have the luxury of pretending. we've got to look at the facts, look at the science, figure out what we need to do. we may not have a silver bullet but we do have in this country limitless sources of energy, a boundless supply of ingenuity, huge imagination, amazing young people like you, all of which can put -- all of which we can you the to work to develop this new energy source. now, it's the easiest thing in the world to make phony election year promises about gas prices.
11:48 am
what's harder is to make sustained chois to tackle a problem. it won't be involved in one year, in one term. it may not be completely solved in one decade, but that's the kind of commitment we need right now. that's what this moment requires. so i need all of you to keep at it. i need you guys to work hard. i need you guys to dream big. i need those of you who are a lot smarter than me to figure out how we're going to be able to tap into new energy sources. we've got to summon the spirit of optimism and that willingness to tackle tough problems that led previous generations to meet the challenges of their times. to power a nation from coast to coast, to send a man to the moon. to connect an entire world with our own science and our own imagination. that's what america's capable of. that's what this corrupt's about. and that history teaches us that whatever our challenges, all of
11:49 am
them, whatever we face, we always have the power to solve them. this is going to be one of the major challenges for your generation. solving it is going to take time, it's going to take effort. it's going to require our brightest scientists, our most creative companies and it's also going to require all of us as citizens, democrats, republicans, all of us are going to have to do our part. if we do, the solutions win our reach. i know we can do it. we have done it before. and when we do, we will remind the world once again just why it is that the united states of america is the greatest country on earth. thank you, everybody. god bless you. god bless america. >> well, if you own a car, that is certainly conversation that will you know, ppe -- pique you
11:50 am
interest. this is florida, this is an election year. he will be sticking around tonight for fund razing. basically he's talking gas prices, he's talking energy. i don't know if you caught it but he's basically saying if republicans think they have the solution, some sort of silver bullet, he says that doesn't exist. he said the answer is not to drill. that's basically just a buper sticker. ultimately he's saying we have to look from within. gas prices up 3.3 cents just since you went to sleep, part of the reason he mentioned issues in the middle east, iran, fears of a standoff there. the good news that our economy is getting better but the oil traders are saying the demand will go up. essentially the president is saying there is no solution short term. saying we have to invest in america and have to tap every source of energy. he mentioned wind and solar and biofuels. and ultimately and i'mi quoting him i will not walk away from the promise of clean energy right here in the united states hoping that means energy security and also jobs in an economy that certainly needs that. the president in miami.
11:51 am
we're going to take a quick break. "cnn newsroom" will be right back. blp blp i'm a marathon runner, in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... he was just... "get me an aspirin"... yeah... i knew that i was doing the right thing, when i gave him the bayer. i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. so he's a success story... [ laughs ] he's my success story. [ male announcer ] learn how to protect your heart at i am proheart on facebook.
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boxed wine. a couple items the tsa had on display at the nashville international airport to remind travelers what you can't take on board in terms of carry-on luggage here. more than 300 pounds of banned luggage were confiscated in the last month alone at that one airport. and denver, colorado dealing
11:54 am
with hurricane-force winds. so in addition to several airport delays on wednesday, gusts of about 40 miles per hour even knocked out power. winds even knocked over a tractor-trailer on the interstate. and staying in that neck of the woods here, a young snowmobiler narrowly escaped death near logan, utah. he drove his snowmobile over a weak layer of tree. had to bail. grabbed a tree and had to hang on for five minutes. he tells kstu it would have been a 700 foot drop. that the tree saved his life. one of the next stops on the gop presidential race is michigan. is the homegrown republican leading there? we'll talk about that next. ( whirring and crackling sounds ) man: assembly lines that fix themselves.
11:55 am
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mitt romney he is headed home to his native state of michigan tonight. but the news there for him, not exactly outstand package.take a look at the numbers. a new poll has him slightly trailing rick santorum by four points in michigan. we're talking tuesday is the primary day there for both michigan and arizona. that is within the poll sampling error. it would be embarrassing for romney to lose michigan considering he was born and raised there. his father was once governor. i want to go straight joe johns standing by live for me in detroit. joe, so we saw the numbers, polling romney not polling i'm sure at all like he would like to be. are they still exuding confidence? >> you know, honestly, brooke, i
11:58 am
think what you can say is they're confident that they are running strong. like you say, they're within the margin of error. so that's a good thing for somebody who wants to try to win a race at this stage. they're not nearly where they think they ought to be. but the thing they have in the state of michigan is orgization. it's very strong here obviously because this is a guy whose father was the governor of the state. he's got people who remember him from way back. he also grew up in this state. that counts for something. they're hoping at the end of the day that will get them over the finish line. on the other hand, i got to also tell you, they've been sort of downplaying what would happen here in the state of michigan though all of us know how important it is simply because of mitt romney's roots, brooke. >> so last night, i know i watched our debate. so we have the four guys sitting at the table and all eyes on the two in the center being romney and santorum. i just want to play a little something that romney said just
11:59 am
this morning about that. >> i hope you watched the debate last night. it was kind of fun. i enjoyed it. we -- it was kind of an interesting night. i didn't expect what happened. what happened was we saw in this case senator santorum explain most of the night why he did or voted for things he disagreed with. and he talked about this as being taking one for the team. i wonder which team he was taking it for. all right? my team is the american people. not the insiders in washington. and i'll fight for the people of america, not special interests. >> so, i mean, is he essentially saying senator santorum handed me some new material? >> yeah, well, absolutely. what he's talking about there is president george w. bush's no child left behind initiative last night during the debate, santorum essentially said he was a team player on it, didn't really like it very


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