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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 26, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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be open to that. >> ron paul, best of luck. you have a lot of energy and drive. we will get more reaction on twitter and facebook to this interview than any interview i have done with any other candidate. that is a given. >> wonderful. thank you very much. -- captions by vitac -- afghan protesters up the ante. is this the afghanistan war and what does it mean for u.s. relations? what would you do? a man is carjacked while pumping gas. he is ignored as he crawls past witnesses. he is a world war ii vet. you have to see it to believe it. >> i open the door and proceed to get in.
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all i knew i was on the ground. million dollar baby. this man was once homeless, now he's on the brink of becoming a million dollar champ. meet the man and hear his amazing story live. that and more right here right now on cnn. good evening. i'm don lemon. until just a few minutes ago we had only heard of him as one of two u.s. service men killed in afghanistan. now it is all too real as we learn his name and see his face. he is luteenant colonel john loften, a 44-year-old officer from kentucky. he died along with another officer. he is like you and me, has a family, a mother, who is mourning tonight. we'll hear from the mother in this broadcast. he died because of this protest raging in afghanistan over the
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improper disposal of the burning of the quran at apnato base. the unrest took his life and that of his colleague is far from over. this is the province today, a demonstration that turned violent. the mob attacked u.s. the longer this goes on the longer our men and women in uniform are at risk. for more on this we are joined by paula who spent more than 15 years in the military working. much of the past year in afghanist afghanistan. thank you for joining us. this is our entire situation. it has put a bulls eye on the backs of all of our men and women in uniform in afghanistan. >> i think that's taking it a little bit too far. there isn't a bull's eye on the
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back of everyone there. i think a lot of this dialogue is over looking the strong relationships that many units have with the partner afghan units and the ministries where this happened. some of these soldiers have great report and respect. you can't say there is a target on everyone's back. >> if there is indiscriminate firing and killing i think that anyone of our men and women in uniform could end up the way that colonel loft s ended up. i don't think it is far reaching to say that. >> it is important to take prudent steps to prevent. i think that is why general allen has wisely pulled all of our troops out of the ministries. i think that they are taking an evaluation period to see how things pan out. but they intend to put those forces back in there because it is vital to have the lines of
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communication with the key ministries. i think our troops believe that. this is a war. they are at risk traveling from one base to another. they fully recognize that. more prudent measures are in place now. >> i want you to stand by because some of comparing this incident to the prison in iraq where the mistreatment of prisoners enraged. later we will ask whether the comparison is fair. i told yowl at the top of this newscast that we are going to hear from that colonel's mother. here she is tonight in her own words about her son. >> his birthday was last wednesday. called me so i could wish him a happy birthday because it was hard for me to reach him. we had about a 45 minute conversation, very good, very upbeat. he was very much committed to what he was doing in afghanistan. he felt that the way to help the people there was to become their friend and trusted them.
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he was a very, very good father. he did puppet shows for them. very close to his children. the best way to sum it up is he lived more in 44 years than most of us will live in 80. he lived life to the fullest. >> the mother of john loft s who lost his life. new information about the gop presidential candidates. we are hearing that rick santorum will get secret service protection and newt gingrich has almost asked for it. mitt romney already has it. our political team working on this story and we will have more in about ten minutes right here on cnn. when this is happening in syria it is hard to imagine anyone doing anything but hiding in their homes. syrians went to polls today to vote on a referendum to change
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the constitution. 55 people were killed today across the country. the national red cross trying to work out a cease fire to get humanitarian aid into homes. the consensus is that the vote that people risked their lives and some lost their lives for probably won't change the balance of power in syria. and the police motorcade right there is former south african president nelson mandella being escorted home from the hospital. he was there for a short stay for a stomach ailment. mandella was last seen in public in 2010. he spent some time in the hospital last year for an acute respiratory infection. the catholic church sex abuse scandal just got a lot worse for the catholic church. something uncovered could be proof that a major cleric knew
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about dozens of priests suspected of preying on young boys and ordered the evidence destroyed. all of this has been kept secret for 18 years. a newly discovered memo stamped confidential is stunning. it suggests philadelphia's roman catholic cardinal wanted to destroy evidence of 35 priests sexualy abusing children. on the memo is a note. i shredded four copies of these lists from the secret archives. this action was taken on the basis of a directive i received from cardinal at the directives meeting of 3-15-94. >> if this claim is true it is shocking sdieindictment. >> court documents show one of
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the files was secretly kept in a safe put there by a bishop who was supposed to shred the papers. cardinal died last month. >> for the first time the hierarchy of the roman catholic church is possibly being implicated in this child abuse scandal in a very, very definitive way. >> the explosive files are part of a defense motion in the trial of william flynn believed to be the first high ranking catholic priest charged with knowing about alleged child abuse. based on the memo his lawyer wants the charges dropped claiming it proves he told his superiors about the sex abuse but they did nothing about it. >> offense attorneys are saying we want the whole story told to the jury so they can see the context in which he did what he did because it might suggest that he, in fact, was an
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innocent dupe of the cardinal. >> court documents state the chief council for the philadelphia archdiocese found the file in 2006. neither prosecutors, defense attorneys nor the archdiocese will comment on the case because of apcourt imposed gag order. jury selection is now underway. >> thank you very much. coming up next we head to michigan, the place for tuesday's gop primary. mitt romney's made it safe so why is he having such a hard time pulling into the lead? live report from detroit next. why is this 86-year-old man crawling? wait until you hear what happened to him and who he is, straight ahead. hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices?
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keeping the safety of republican presidential hopefuls in mind. as we count down the hours until polls open for the arizona and michigan primaries on tuesday, polls are showing a virtual toss up between mitt romney and rick santorum. my voice is changing as we speak. we are learning new details about secret service protection. what are we learning? >> reporter: rick santorum, the national front runner according to most polls requested secret service. it's supposed to start this week, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. we have learned that newt gingrich put in the paperwork last week for secret service. he has not officially been granted it yet. mitt romney has had it for about a month now.
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we could have as many as three of the four republican candidates, ron paul would be the exception having secret service soon. mitt romney and rick santorum looking like they will have secret service protection. >> is this going to change their voter access to the candidates at all once they get secret service protection? is it a little more limited? >> you're absolutely right. it changes the dynamic of the campaign. mitt romney's campaign sort of has this air of top flight organization bah they are surrounded by security at all times. rick santorum is going to have all kinds of security around him. you have to show up several hours in advance to campaign events whether you are a reporter or voter. there is a layer between the candidate and people once you get secret service. that is a far cry from the rick santorum of iowa flying coach
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with the guy to new hampshire and now soon to be surrounded by secret service agents. >> they have the security sweep and everyone has to be in and out. it does provide an extra layer and time. i have to ask you this. you are in michigan, a state that many thought would be a slam dunk for romney. i'm wondering and it is tight now. i'm wondering if it is premature. he hasn't lived there for a long. most young people don't know him. is it premature for people to think it is a slam dunk? >> i think it is. santorum took the lead a few weeks ago. it is tightened, as you said. romney has been talking about his michigan roots for a long time. santorum, this is a more conservative state than people think. there are a lot of evangelicals. listening to what rick santorum said today hammering that romney
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is not conservative. >> he said he would protect a woman's right to choose when he ran fraoffice in 2002 for governor. he said he had a conversion and provided public financing for an abortion clinic in massachusetts. for him to go out and say i am somehow the liberal in this race is a joke. >> reporter: candidates are really trying to outdual each other. it is starting to get under rick santorum's skin. >> let me ask you this. one would think, when you hear about jan brewer who is very conservative. you know how she feels about immigration. one would think she would endorse rick santorum. no. now romney. she has endorsed romney. does that make a huge difference for him? does that help him in the polls
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possibly? >> reporter: i think this helps mitt romney in arizona. there are a lot skeptical of mitt romney. in a state like arizona where immigration is such a hot button issue right behind the economy and jobs this lends an air of conservatism. jan brewer wouldn't be doing this if she didn't think mitt romney had a chance of winning her state. i think this is an indicator that arizona is heading in that direction. >> we appreciate your analysis. it is nice and toasty in the studio. our coverage of the arizona and michigan primary begins tuesday 6 eastern with john king, usa. suzanne is talking to folks about some of the issues, one of them the sky rocketing cost of fuel.
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>> reporter: when gas prices go up it doesn't just hurt commuters. i'm high above phoenix, arizona with kevin flangon to talk about how his small business is trying to stay afloat in these tough economic times. >> make sure you join her 11:00 a.m. eastern next week right here on cnn. republican candidates have hammered president obama over his handling of the quran burning incident in afghanistan and some have compared the controversy over that of abughraib. is this comparison accurate? is it flawed? is it fair? >> i don't think it is quite accurate to say that they are the same. as we have noticed there haven't been the same wide scaled protests that we have seen. there have been protests and a lot of afghans standing up.
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there is the threat of more violence but it is not the same. it wasn't sanctioned additionally. in abughraib we saw the act. in afghanistan it was a mistake. there was miscommunication with an afghan interpreter. u.s. troops disposed of the quran. those qurans should have been dealt with in some way but definitely not burning. i don't think that you can compare the two. >> i think in iraq there was concern about how to win over hearts and minds after seeing these pictures. with the burning of qurans that is what many are concerned about in afghanistan. how do you win over hearts and minds when you burn the holy book which is forbidden? >> you're right, absolutely.
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it was an egregious act. you have to look at more broadly what is going on. there are a number of strong relationships between afghans and americans. i think that most afghan leaders understand that this wasn't intentional. one thing we have learned is that we don't have a handle on our strategic communications. they could have come out with stronger statements showing it was a mistake to probably preempt some of the large scale demonstrations going on. i think karzai could have made stronger statements against the protesters and spoke out earlier. it is an egregious act but it was a mistake. >> now we have this. it is going to be interesting to watch the timeline, whether or not the president's timeline of pulling out of iraq will remain as is. we appreciate you joining us here on cnn. the president apologizing for this situation, the burning of qurans in afghanistan.
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should he have? it is our no talking points discussion. and video you have to see. an 86-year-old man caught on camera crawling for his life at a gas station. why. in this week's mastering your mun a, alley looks at improving the job market with a creative idea that focuses on tweaking the skills of minimum wage workers. >> the u.s. lost jobs as a result of the recession. we need more jobs. a professor at the school of management, a senior editor at that atlantic. you say the solution is to turn low waged jobs into higher waged jobs which sounds like a great solution. how do you do such a thing? >> if you look at what makes a good job in america, my research team at the university of toronto and me, we dug into the numbers. we looked at what are the basic skills that a worker needs to do to get the wages up.
10:21 pm
for the knowledge jobs, those professional jobs and technical jobs that pay 70 grand or more a year, we know if you add more knowledge skill, wages go up. if you add more what we call social intelligence skill, team building, leadership, the ability to work well with others to develop others, wages go up. when we look at the data, those same two skills, you add more analytical skill and more social intelligence skill, the wages in that job go up steeper and faster than they do for a knowledge job. >> don't we have to control how much the wages go up otherwise we end up paying too much for things we assume we pay less for? >> i think this is a false dilemma in american life. in the 1920s when my dad worked in a factory he had a terrible job and made low wages. it took nine people, my grandmother and grandfather and seven siblings.
10:22 pm
we made manufacturing jobs in this country. how did we do it? we allowed people to form unions. we allowed productivity but we paid more for our cars. henry ford we have to enable the people who make the cars to buy the cars. >> richard, thank you. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles, like in a special ops mission? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than neutralizing enemies in their sleep, you'd be targeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering, web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. to our relationships in the african-american community.
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an 86-year-old world war ii veteran knocked down and carjacked at a detroit gas
10:25 pm
station. aaron brantly was on his way home from church when he stopped for gas. as cheryl choeden tells us he was mugged in broad day light and left on his hands and knees. >> reporter: it was a violent carjacking right at the gas pump that left 86-year-old brantly on the ground. >> i opened the door and proceeded to get in. all i knew i was on the ground. >> reporter: aaron says he had just come from church. his bible was on the front seat when the carjacker drove away. >> he hit me with something. grabbed my hand and took the keys. i was getting ready to get in the car. i had the door open. and all of a sudden somebody came up behind me. i didn't see him. >> reporter: aaron says he literally crawled to the front door of the gas station, some people ignoring him because he
10:26 pm
could not move his leg, the leg broke when he was thrown down. this former soldier and auto worker, dad of eight says a broken leg he can deal with. >> i can be dead really because that is what they do to you now. they don't care anything about your life. could have shot me. i didn't have a chance to try to defend myself or anything because it happened so quickly. >> reporter: when aaron made it inside the station he offered money to a man to take him home. the man picked him up and took him home but would not take money. aaron says he can't believe this has happened. his car was found hours after it was taken. the tires and radio were gone but the bible was still on the front seat. >> he pushed my grandfather out of the way for a set of fires and a radio. seriously? to me that is a definition of a true coward. >> they don't care about you or
10:27 pm
anything. it's a shame that things are like they are now. >> thanks to cheryl choeden from our affiliate wxyz in detroit. think about the last time you said i'm sorry. is it ever appropriate coming out of the commander and chief's mouth? no talking points is next. p bigs on track, at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting, initiate, bill, and track work in real time. you can't live under a dome in minnesota, that's why there's guys like me. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪ helping you do what you do... even better. fore! no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. not anymore.
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three railway employees were killed today when a passenger train derailed near toronto, canada. three victims were employed by via rail canada and were riding in the cab of the locomotive. the train was in route from niagara falls. mexican gun men commandeered a bus carrying passengers from an american cruise ship. hooded bandits took over the bus as the 22 passengers from the carnival splendor were returning thursday mpt none of the guests were hurt and all made it back safely to the cruise liner operating out of long beach, california. the high profile legal battle centered around the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico has been delayed. it has been postponed a week while settlement talks continue.
10:31 pm
the trial will determine civil liability for the disaster. among the defendants are bp, rig owner trans ocean and construction contractor halliburton. gulf coast residents are seeking compensation. paying at the pump has grown more painful as gas prices climb for the 19th day in a row. national average is up to $3.69 a gallon according to aaa. that is a 30 cents increase from a month ago. the average price is now more than $4 a gallon in california, hawaii and alaska. this lucky united states marine has won $2.8 million on a slot machine in vegas. alexander was killing time at the casino while attending a week long military training session in nevada. he says he'll help his mother and pregnant sister pay some
10:32 pm
bills and replace his car which has 250,000 miles on it. good for you. time now for no talking points. so tonight we're talking on a touchy subject, the burning of the muslim holy book, the quran. u.s. military say it was an accident but president obama apologized for the mistake. was it right for him to do it? not for me to say but i'm not running for president. >> i don't think the president should apologize for something that was clearly inadvertent. >> apologizes to the afghan government. >> for us to be apologizing at a time like this is difficult for the american people to counter. >> mitt romney even named his book no apology. one would think that mr. obama is the first president to ever
10:33 pm
apologize on behalf of america for an international blunder. truth is he is not. george w. bush apologized to arachy prime minister for a u.s. soldier mishandling the quran, using it for target practice. he also apologized in 20 # 04. >> i told him i was sorry for the humiliation suffered by the iraqi prisoners and the humiliation suffered by their families. >> that was just part of mr. bush's mia copa to the king of jordan for the treatment of the prisoners. and then president bill clinton in 1998. >> european americans receive the fruits of the slave trade. and we were wrong in that, as well. >> there was some argument about whether it was an outright apology for slavery but it sure sounded like one.
10:34 pm
let's go back further to a 1991 letter written and signed by president bush 41 apologizing to japanese americans mistreated during world war ii. that letter was accompanied by $20,000 reparation checks totaling $1.6 billion. ronald reagan was responsible for those reparation checks. that is him signing the authorization in 1988. what is the no talking points point not up to me to decide whether he should apologize. he is not the first and won't be the last. if one of the gop hopefuls ends up in the oval office more likely than not he, too, will most likely have to say sorry. as rick santorum said at the debate, take one for the team. coming up on cnn, cliff
10:35 pm
notes for your week ahead including interesting timing on the president's parts. and a man who was once homeless becomes a big time boxer with a shot at winning millions. you'll meet him. to keep big winter jobs on track, at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting, initiate, bill, and track work in real time. you can't live under a dome in minnesota, that's why there's guys like me. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪
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these are cliff notes. it's time to check in on the stories on the week ahead. our correspondents tell us what you need to know. we begin with the president's plans for the week.
10:38 pm
>> president obama speaks at the united auto workers conference here on tuesday, the same day republican presidential hopefuls face off in a primary in michigan. the president travels to new hampshire on thursday for an economic speech. i'm dana bash in washington where congress will return. the most interesting thing may be what they are not doing in the house, a huge transportation bil bill. differences over issues like oil drilling in alaska. >> coming up this week on wall street investors will consider a host of economic news. we'll get the latest look at home prices across the country
10:39 pm
as well as new consumer confidence numbers. also the second reading on fourth quarter gdp will be released. the initial reading shows the economy grew. also, warren buffet will report earnings. . here is what we are watching this week. i'll have all the epic oscar moments that everyone is talking about and the fashion hits and misses. catch show biz tonight on hln. and for the first time ever the daytona 500 did not run on its scheduled date. the first time ever rained across central florida led nascar to postpone the race which is considered the super bowl of the sport. carl edwards defending sprint cup champion tony stewart and
10:40 pm
danica patrick will try again on monday. but will the weather cooperate is the big question? >> that is a huge deal. so tell us about tomorrow. >> it is not looking great. it almost looks worse than today. we did have some breaks in the rain but it wasn't enough to dry the track out before they could get started. the boundary still there. lots of moisture in place. i'm giving it like a 60 to 70% chance that it is not going to happen at least not on time for tomorrow. the rest of the east coast looking pretty good. a little windy with a relatively dry cold front. this is the big storm across the southwest. tomorrow looking for blustery conditions from california to colorado. that storm is going to be tracking across the country through the middle and latter part of the week. this is what we are looking for as this moves through the rockies and into the plains. this is a big day on tuesday.
10:41 pm
thunderstorms could be severe with large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. on the northern side this could be a huge deal for places like minneapolis and st. paul. the worst of it to the north of there and somebody will get a good foot of snow. winter arriving even though spring technically begins march 1, that's thursday. tomorrow's commute tonight, the top five cities for your worst travel. this is the list you don't want to be on. number five, daytona. we are going to with florida because of the rain and volume issues. are you going to stay for the extra day perhaps? number four, detroit, michigan, looking for wind, a couple of snow showers but the low clouds means hazardous travel. city number three, phoenix, arizona. very blustery. we could have visibility issues with dust. city number two, san francisco, low clouds, showers and windy conditions.
10:42 pm
city number one you have been looking at this city all day. take a look at the tower cam. >> that's l.a. >> it is. there is oscar. you can see sitting up front. we are looking at a storm system. there could be showers after the ceremonies later on for tonight. thunderstorms by the afternoon. really windy and dealing with that at the airport. that's our number one city tonight. >> did you call thursday? >> meter logical spring. when we chemorecords, march, april, may are the three months we consider spring. >> i'll be a year younger. he began life as an abandoned and homeless child on the streets. today he is on the verge of becoming a real life million dollar baby. first in this week's getting down to business some of the richest americans are losing homes to foreclosure and
10:43 pm
basketball phenomenon jeremy n lin's name may be trademarked. wealthy families are losing their homes to foreclosure faster than the rest of the country. more than 36,000 homes valued at a million dollars or more were foreclosed on in 2011. it accounts for a bigger share of activity than in past years. watch for a report on home prices tuesday. more americans plan to save the money they get back from uncle sam. according to a survey. 44% of those expecting a tax refund plan to put some of it in savings. even if you are not a basketball fan you have probably heard of linsanity. now new york knicks player jeremy lin wants to buy into the hype. lin filed an application to trademark the term linsanity.
10:44 pm
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i think it is fairly safe to say that most people can't get through life without hitting a few bumps in the road along the way. that would be putting it mildly for lamont peterson. once a homeless child he is now boxing's newest champion and in line for a million dollar pay day. >> and new -- >> i have been working for it for a long time, 18 years now. just all the hard work paying off. it's a great feeling. >> reporter: once down and out and force today fend for himself as a little boy homeless, 28-year-old lamont peterson is now about to make his first million dollar paycheck. >> i just feel blessed, blessed to be living my dream, boxing it
10:48 pm
and being the world champion, fighting on tv has been a dream since i was five years old. >> he is one of 12 siblings. their lives took a turn for the worst when their father was sent to prison for a drug offense. their mother abandoned them. the kids were on their own where they slept on park benches, abandoned cars. >> winter time and walking all night, staying hungry. those were the toughest times. you knew you were going to be walking all night. >> all that changed when ten-year-old lamont and eight-year-old anthony were introduced to larry hunter. the boys were heading down the wrong path. hunter coached them in boxing and coached them in life. >> they're my boys, man. i can't say nothing bad about them. good kids. i can't call them kids anymore. good men, do everything i asked
10:49 pm
them to do. i'm totally proud of them. >> grown men with still a little bit of sibling rivalry. anthony peterson says he'll soon be ready for his moment in the spot light. >> we are 13 months apart. every time he wants something going back to our pee wee days, fighting on tv, everything he does i try to come right back. i try to be as dominant. >> as for lamont he is back in the gym prepping for his first title defense, a rematch from the man he took the title away from. peterson knows his time is now and hasn't forgotten the past and has a message for those who think they are at the end of their rope. keep your head up and keep pushing forward. >> anyone in that situation just because you are dealt a bad hand
10:50 pm
doesn't mean you are going to lose. >> thought you had problems too big to overcome, think again. you are going to meet boxer lamont peterson live right after this break. # yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing, jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ to our relationships in the african-american community. and we're showcasing the work our employees do. like karen. [ karen ] what's so special about our relationship is they're passionate. through southwest airlines, the learning continues outside of the classroom.
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so you know the economy is bad and a lot of people are out of work and have issues. if you think you have it bad and need an uplifting story watch
10:53 pm
this. you heard most of his story moments ago. lamont peterson was homeless as a kid and a man took him in and taught him how to box. fast forward 18 years to this past december. look. his name flashed out before the entire world. look how happy he is. he is a world champion. lamont joins me live now from washington. an incredible story. it is good to see you smiling. first of all, before i ask you how you went from homeless to champ, mark mackay said you were one of 12 siblings. you were all on the street at some point. how is everybody doing? >> everybody is doing really, really well right now. i'm really proud of everyone in my family right now because we all was dealt a really tough hand but we all made it through and doing really well and really
10:54 pm
happy right now. >> look right up at the camera and don't look at yourself in the monitor. i want the viewers to look in your eyes. we heard your story. how do you as you said you were on the street for a couple of months and then you were in homeless shelters for about two years, a couple of years, how do you go from that to becoming a world champion? >> just believing in myself, just knowing what i wanted to do at a young age. so i guess i had no control over that and just have to put it all on god. he had a plan for me and my brother, my whole family, actually. so i just road this plan out and it just led me to this point. >> did you ever have any doubt -- i'm wondering. sometimes when you are in the middle of it it is really tough but then as you look back you may not see it as bad as it was when you were dealing with it. how bad are the memories?
10:55 pm
and do you think about that today and does it drive you? >> it definitely gives me a drive. to be honest, it was actually fun at times. at six to ten years old to be living as a grown man and no rules and no do this, no do that, no go to school or things like that and you are just out on your own, i actually have a lot of good memories. i learned a lot. so i'm really proud of where i come from because i know it taught me a lot. >> and how is your dad? he's out of prison? >> he's been out of prison for a long time now. he is doing really well. everyone in the family is doing well. >> including mom? >> including mom. she's happy. we are all trying to develop that relationship that we didn't have. >> i know you say everybody is doing great now.
10:56 pm
you are very proud of everyone. there is some sibling rivalry because your brother is also a boxer. >> right. >> when you both have to box and you both have to -- is there a little professional jealousy there? probably not considering what you went through, right? >> no. i always depend on him to come right behind me. like he said in the interview, anytime i ever won any tournament, he is right behind me next year. he comes right through. and he wins the same tournament. so i expect him to be a world champion this year or early next year. i know it's going to happen. we never had to fight each other but we spot with each other at practice almost every day. sometimes it gets heated in there because i want the best for him and he wants the best for me and he wants to prepare me the best he can. sometimes we go at it. >> i have a short time left
10:57 pm
here. i want to know is there anything that you can't overcome because i'm sure people think their lives are so bad. what do you say to them? >> you can overcome anything. you just have to know what you want and go for it. don't take no for an answer. there's always a way out. sometimes it's a long road and takes some patience but at the end of the day with the right guidance you can make it. never give up. >> you have a million dollar match coming up. i hope you win it. i hope you hang on to the money and spend it well. do a great job. congratulations. >> thank you. i appreciate it. i really do. i'm don lemon cnn head quarters in atlanta. make sure you have yourself a great week and i'll see you back here next weekend. good night.
10:58 pm
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