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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 14, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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a stolen painting by paul cezanne was recovered thanks to the work of serbian police. "boy in a red waist coat" was taken four years ago in one of the largest art heists. four men have been arrested in connection with this. the cezanne painting is worth more than $h100 million. thanks for starting your morning with us, much more ahead on cnn saturday morning. from cnn center, this is cnn saturday morning. allegations of a shocking scandal send u.s. secret service agents home from colombia, we'll bring you details. also, remember these images from tuscaloosa last year? meterologists are bracing for another tornado outbreak as devastating as this one. likely just hours from now.
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we'll talk with a storm chaser on his way to tornado alley. and our weekend in focus today, madam constituent. throughout the morning, we take a look at what women want this november, and what the candidates must do to win their votes. later this hour, we're getting physical with a professional trainer live on set. we'll talk fitness, nutrition, and i may show him a move or two. it is saturday april 14th, good morning i'm randi kaye. a problem with president obama's secret service detail is overshadowing his trip to colombia. a dozen agents were sent home and replaced by a different set of agents. the problem stems from at least one agent's involvement with prostitutes while in cartagena. here what is the agency is saying to cnn. there have been allegations of
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misconduct made against secret service personnel in cartagena, colombia prior to the president's trip. they are being relieved of their assignments, and being replaced by other secret service personnel. the agency says the president's security was never compromised. we got a quick reminder how important security is for a trip like this. there were four explosions in colombia yesterday, two in cartagena, where the president is and two u.s. embassy in bogata. i talked to ronald kessler, he broke the story, he says it started with one agent who refused to pay a local prostitute. i asked him if all 12 of the agents were involved. >> my understanding is all 12 to one degree or another, whether actually doing it or covering it up, and they are all going to be investigated by the office of professional responsibility. >> just to be clear, so listing
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prostitution in colombia is not illegal, correct? >> right, as long as it's in certain designated areas. but of course, it's totally inappropriate for secret service agents to go to prostitutes, especially on a foreign trip, when they are protecting the president. and exacts possible black mail. one of these prostitutes knowing there is an agent is with the secret service, could blackmail him, many of them are married, could blackmail them by insisting that let's say a terrorist be allowed in a secure area. which could result in assassinations, so it's shocking. >> we'll go live to colombia for more on this next hour. people living in the plains are on alert for likely tornado outbreak today.
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yesterday there was a tornado in norman, oklahoma. high winds in yuba city, california caused damage at a car dealership. alexandria steele has the outlook. >> a lot of these could happen after dark, that is always difficult. very serious, strong and long tracked tornadoes. here is the scenario, here is where we're watching the rain, thunderstorms as well. we have a tornado watch, no tornado warnings yet. but oklahoma city, st. louis, i-44 corridor, kind of under the gun with the heaviest rain. if you're heading out there this morning. here is what the tornado watch is, that is ready until 9:00 central time this morning. and mostly including tulsa, ponca city, oklahoma, southeastern extreme kansas, that what is we have so far. but what we will see take shape today is this. this is the threat, and this is the quadrant of concern. oklahoma city, wichita, kansas
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city, all ingredients coming together for quite a tornado outbreak. and again, especially after 5:00, 6:00 tonight. so warm, moist air coming up from the gulf, upper level cold pocket, also this extreme jet stream kind of running in the warm, moist air. watches what happens from saturday into sunday, the threat moves north, believe it or not. here is the biggest threat today, the quad rant of concern. the cities today. a lot of this happening after dark tonight. kind of have a plan ready, a bike helmet or flash light, food. just to be poise and ready. des moines, wichita, kc, oklahoma city, abilene. tomorrow, green bay, wisconsin all the way south to houston, texas. five million people impacted today and tomorrow. this is 1000 mile radius. what we will see, severe weather threat, beautiful, randi in the northeast, southeast, very stormy, snow in the mountains west.
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it does look beautiful except in the midwest. where there is tornadoes heading. thank you very much. there is a salmonella outbreak we want to tell you about. cdc says 116 people in 20 states and the nation's capital have gotten sick. a frozen raw yellow fin tuna product could be the source. it may be used in sushi and similar dishes. mitt romney's advisors say this moment marks the start of his general election campaign. romney addressed the nra convention in st. louis yesterday. he said president obama's attack on economic freedom is the reason the recovery has been slow. >> we need a president who will enforce current laws not create new ones that only serve to burden lawful gun owners. president obama has not. i will. we need a president who will stand up for the rights of hunters and sportsman and those who want to protect their homes and families. president obama has not. i will. and if we are going to safeguard
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our second amendment it's time to elect a president who will defend the rights president obama ignores or minimizes and i will protect the second amendment rights of the american people. rick santorum also addressed the convention, he suspended his campaign earlier this week. he said he would stump for conservative candidates but stopped short of endorsing mitt romney. putting ann romney front and center on the campaign stage. they are hoping the candidate's wife can erase the big lead president obama has with female voters. we'll talk about the strategy after the braeak. this is cnn saturday morning, where news doesn't take the week off.
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♪ and good morning, washington, glad you're with us, watching cnn saturday morning this morning. hope this is a great start to
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your day. this morning, we're taking a closer look at the 2012 election and battle for the women's vote. the latest poll shows president obama with a sizeable lead over mitt romney but romney's hoping to close that gap with the help of his wife, ann. i talked with our political editor paul steinhouser about this. >> romney campaign, randi, has been using ann romney to a degree to help when it comes to female voters. we saw her take a bigger role in her husband's campaign in the primaries in february and march. you will see more of her now moving in the general election especially when it comes to reaching female voters. part of the romney campaign's argument the obama administration is not helping women when it comes to the economy and when it comes to jobs, they are using ann romney as the conduit. >> as far as choice as president, obama is doing well, 57% compared to 44% with men,
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romney the flip, 52% with men and only 38% with women. will the female vote, do you think, this time around be enough to carry obama back to the white house? >> i think that is one of the things the obama reelection campaign is hoping for. we've seen this gender gap to 1980. the strategy for the president and reelection team is make sure that they do really well with women to make up for their deficit among men and vice versa for mitt romney. what if anything can romney do, though, to change womens minds? >> they are hoping as we get away from the primaries, social issues that have been maybe damaging to him when it comes to female voters will fall away. he will concentrate on the economy. he will say what president barack obama has done the last couple years has not helped women at all. that a lot of women have lost jobs in the obama economy, and again, you will continue to see ann romney front and center reaching out to he female voters
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to carry that message. we will see if they are successful. >> how much do you think romney will be looking to the vice presidential candidate to help him in the category. should he be looking for? >> this is fascinating. this is what we will be talking about non-stop between now and august when you would assume he will announce the running mate. if he has a problem with women voters, according to the polls, does that mean he needs to pick a female running mate? maybe. he has a deficit among latino voters. does he need to pick a latino or hispanic running mate? what about social conservative voters. we saw in the primaries he had a problem with them. they were flocking to rick santorum and other candidates, does he need a strong social conservative running mate? tea party supporters, another place he had a problem in the primaries, does he need somebody a fiscal conservative hawk, someone popular with tea party voters. all these areas, what about the battle ground states, somebody from florida, ohio, or one of the other important battle
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ground states, all these are considerations as mitt romney looks toward his running mate the biggest decision he makes as the nominee on the republican side. >> can certainly make or break the candidacy we have seen it before. paul steinhouser thank you very much. later we'll tackle the buying power of women and how they keep the economy going no matter if they are working woman or stay-at-home mom, what do they want from the next president? i'll talk with a working mother and economist later on cnn saturday morning. more gas in your tank and more money in your wallet, yes, it can happen, why some people are saying gas prices may have peaked, next. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities.
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which to me is the best recommendation. good morning, welcome back. getting a check of the top stories. si syrians are under siege after the start of a cease fire. government troops opened fire where 20 people have been injured. homs was hit again by another round of shelling from forces loyal to the syrian president. it all comes as the un security council is expected to vote soon on a draft resolution which demands access to syria for outside observers and calls on both sides to end the violence. an oklahoma man accused of shooting five people in a deadly rampage a week ago says he does not hate african americans. in a jailhouse interview, jake england says he grew up with friends of all races and always
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got along with everybody. on friday, prosecutors filed murder and hate crime charge also. all victims were black. three victims died, two others were wounded. for everyone frustrated by the amount of money it cost to fill up your gas tank these days, here is good news. gas prices have been falling, that is right, i said falling, for the past seven days. triple a says the decline has shaved nearly four cents off the price of gas, bringing the national average to just above 3.90 a gallon. slight drop in crude prices plus iran's decision to negotiate over the nuclear program pushed prices low are, leading analysts to say gas prices may have peaked for the year. all right, so my whole team is really, really pumped up, i should say about our next guest. okay, maybe a little scared, too, because he's huge! oh, my. we are talking easy exercises,
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♪ ♪ let's get physical, i want to get physical, let's get into physical ♪ we're getting physical this morning all right. we know summer is coming quick and we want to have our best beach bodies, so we asked personal trainer darrell stafford to get us in shape. he will show us exercises to shed a few extra pounds and stay in shape. before we get to exercises and your great tips, i have statistics to look at. obesity is a huge problem in
4:21 am
america, 78 million people affecting one third of u.s. adults, 17% of children, ages 2-19. darrell, what is the most important thing do you think people need to know in order to begin to shed weight and get in a healthier lifestyle? >> first of all people need to know they need to get their bodies moving. >> get off the couch. >> get off the couch. you need to be active, whether inside or outside. inside, doing weights or exercises we'll talk about later today. or outside, being involved with sports, running, jumping, it's never ending as far as things to do outside. >> you started somewhere, you didn't start out looking like this. so how does the average person get started? >> the average person should look in maybe joining a gym,
4:22 am
look into maybe buying something for in-home, there is videos out there, there is a lot of information. >> when you try to lose weight or get in shape, people say should i exercise or worry about my diet? is one more important than the other? >> you're 80% of what you achieve through what you eat. but i would say doing both would be the ultimate way to go about getting the results that you want. so both. >> so quick healthy eating tips. say for example what should folks waking up right now, what should they have for a good healthy breakfast? >> oatmeal meal, with protein. preferably eggs, for the most part, complex carbohydrates, will give you energy to keep you going. >> not white bread, whole wheat. >> nothing processed. whole wheat is fine, because it breaks down much slower.
4:23 am
>> then you have a snack and lunch, sweet potato and brown rice is that okay with the carbs? >> that is fine for lunch time. i cut the complex carbohydrates back after 4:00. for dinner lean protein and veggies. >> green vegetable-type fibrous carbohydrates. >> we have a couple weight, you'll show me a quick exercise and we'll show folks more exercises when we come back. what do i do? >> turn the dumbbells this way. >> the hammer. >> exactly. >> i'll stand up. would be easier. >> arms completely down. full extension all the way. >> all the way down there. >> yes, ma'am. >> you will curl all the way up to shoulder level. >> i've been doing them wrong. >> bring it up there and stop. all the way down. >> do use it two-count slower
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the better? three-count. i'm working up a sweat here. >> you're doing great. >> i didn't know i would be working out. >> not a problem you have great arms. >> thank you very much. so do you. >> thank you. >> i'm going to keep doing this, i'll keep working out and if you stick around, darry will be back and we'll show you great moves you can do at home, maybe this morning after that healthy breakfast. stick around. thanks for babysitting the kids, brittany. so how much do we owe you? that'll be $973.42. ya know, your rates and fees aren't exactly competitive. who do you think i am, quicken loans? [ spokesman ] when you refinance your mortgage with quicken loans, you'll find that our rates and fees are extremely competitive. because the last thing you want is to spend too much on your mortgage. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. ♪ in that time there've been some good days.
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welcome back, everyone. we're back with daryl stafford whiepi whipping up in shape. i invited our producer try to bentley to join us. we're having tips people can do at their desk. take troy, give them something to do. >> don't hurt me, daryl. >> i want new front of the
4:28 am
bench, do bench dips. >> i can do this at work? >> you sure can. we'll have the dumb bell here and i want you sitting. one hand here, one hand here. slide your hips an inch away from the bench. lower yourself down, shoulders don't go lower than the elbows, come back there. >> working triceps. >> can i do this from my chair at work? >> most definitely. >> or my desk. >> i'll let you borrow my desk. >> what about for the legs, that works triceps, anything quick for legs? >> have a seat, we'll do dumb bell squats. one dumb bell here, one there, okay, keep your back straight, shoulders back, press through your heels as you stand, straight up. down. >> see, troy, you can do that. >> that's it. perfect. >> okay. >> that's great. >> there we go.
4:29 am
>> for shoulders, i like shoulders. >> have a seat back on the bench. >> do shoulders together, i'll grab weights, too. randi, do a side lateral for me, arm at a time. alternate. >> there we go. >> for me troy, straight up overhead, military class, here, hold it. >> troy, how do you think the rest of the team will look at us when we come back to work tomorrow and do these at our desk? >> don't mess with us. >> should you change -- this is good. >> change and amount national. >> should you change up the body parts every week or workout? >> here is the thing. >> you have to let muscles rest. >> muscles have to recuperate. full body workouts three times a week are great. as you progress, you can break the parts down each day. >> do you feel like you started here something, troy? >> you will be sore to mor