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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 19, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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injuring 58 at the pbatman screening last month. and on friday, all eyes norway where a verdict is expected in the anders breivik murder trial. he's admitted to killing 77, wounding hundreds more when he bombed central oslo and opened fire at a camp for children. and on sunday, the attorney for accused wikileaks whistleblower bradley manning promises a presentation about his client at georgetown university. thanks for starting your morning with us. 've got much more ahead on cnn sunday morning which starts right now. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "shen sunday morning." >> my understanng is that the british would arrest him and extradite him to sweden. >> wikileaks founder julian assange holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london. wait until you hear how he may
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try to escape. we'll have a report from the scene. plus, an exclusive look at romney's economic team. just who are the pele that he expects to help him turn the economy around if he's elected? and later, an unlikely police chief, a swimmer who won't give up, and the woman on the arm of the v.p. hopeful. we'll bring you this week's most intriguing people. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. it is 7:00 on the east coast. 4:00 a.m. on the west. thanks for starting your morning with us. in about 30 minutes we expect to hear from julian assange, wikileaks founder, who sparked international outrage with the release of classified u.s. cables. but who has been out of the spotlight in recent months. you're looking now at the ecuador embassy in london where assange has sought refuge while he fights britain's atmpt to extradite him to sweden for charge of sexual assault. for his part, assange has denied those allegations saying they are in retribution for disclosure of american secrets. and if assange thinks that he will be leaving that ecuadorian
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embassy any time soon, he is in for a tough challenge. between a line of british police outside and few options for esca insi i mig ry long wt. our briatoddas that of the story. >> reporter: julian assange might to find some good books to read, maybe subscribe to a great cable tv package. his chances for using sleight of hand to escape the british police are slim and dwindling. he's reported to be tense and going stir crazy. wikileaks' founder, julian assange, holed up inside the ecuadorian embassy in london. he's been there for about two months. now that ecuador's granted him asylum and britain's refused to honor it, a classic standoff is underway. if assange takes one step outside the embassy -- >> my understanding is that the british would arrest him and extradite him to sweden. >> reporter: that's where assange is wanted for questioning over sexual assault claims. with the fugitive inside in what's at the moment considered ecuadorian territory and with
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british police outside ready to pounce, scenarios are being debated over a possible assange escape. is this an option? getting smuggled out in the trunk of a diplomatic car? a former british diplomat says the car would be considered ecuadorian domain. british police, he says, could stop it but not search it. can't necessarily pull assange out. there's a hitch in the plan -- the hitch, apparently there's no garage available to the embassy. we're told there's only one entrance, right here, and obviously that's not an option. the building is kplaetdly surrounded by -- completely surrounded by police police. they're in the streets, alleys, side streets. if anyone tried to take assange to a waiting car, the police would get him. the police are reported to be monitoring the so-called communal areas of the building, the hallways and elevators, preventing assange from taking an elevator up to the roof where a helicopter could pick him up. police can monitor the hallways and envators because the embassy -- elevators because the embassy is only on the first floor, and
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not only that, here where the window is. assange can barely step into a hallway without risking apprehension. if he did get to a car, there are airports, large and small, in every direction. but experts say once he got to one of those, he could easily be captured. he could actually be smuggled out in a crate or a large bag. if it's labeled a diplomatic parcel, the british police can't open it. but -- >> i think they could delay. they could hold it. i think they could keep it in a -- in a very cold or very hot place or something like that. >> reporter: former british ambassador oliver miles doesn't see that happening. one thing that could happen, assange could take refuge inside the embassy asy had has been, but he could do it endefinitely. it's happened before. in 1956 when the soviet union invaded hungary, the cardinal, a top catholic official there, took refuge inside the american embassy in budapest. he was granted asylum and lived in the american embassy for 15 years. i'd love to see the look on
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assan assange's face when someone tells him he may have to live in the embassy for 15 years. >> no kidding. thank you very much. now to the campaign trail. we have 79 days left until the election and less than two weeks before the republican and democratic national conventions. gop vice presidential candidate paul ryan pumped up a crowd in california yesterday. there he is with his mom, betty, who lives there part time. ryan turned his attention to medicare, fighting democrats' claims that his proposal would have turned medicare into a complete voucher system. listen to what he told fox news about his medicare plan. >> as we got into looking at this issue, talking with democrats, it evolved to be a plan that is now bipartisan. this -- medicare reform plan originated in the clinton bipartisan commission to save medicare. it's a bill with bipartisan support, a proposal with bipartisan support in congress today. by repealing bicyc ining obama
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restore medicare. we're offering a bipartisan solution to make sure it's there for retiree when was they retire. >> nonpartisan fact checker found that claims were mostly false. president obama campaigned in new hampshire yesterday and defended his record. >> since i've been in office, i have strengthened medicare. [ applause ] >> i've made reforms that have extended the life of the program, that have saved millions of seniors with medicare, hundreds of dollars on their prescription drugs. plays -- [ applause ] >> the only changes to your benefits that i've made on medicare is that medicare now covers new preventive services like cancer screenings and wellness visits for free. >> now let's see what's on tap for the week ahead in politics. here's cnn's political editor paul steinhauser. >> reporter: hey, good morning.
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i guess you could say they're getting the band back together. you know, mitt romney and paul ryan have been caaigning separately since last weekend. but tomorrow in new hampshire they will reunite for the first time in a week at a town hall that the campaign says will be mitt romney's 100th since he started running for the white house a year ago. later in the week, both did a lot of fund-raising in that important week leading up to the republican national convention in tampa, florida. also this week, president obama back on the campaign trail until two very important states -- ohio and then nevada. and vice president biden also campaigning, as well, in minnesota and in michigan. a busy campaign week. the last week before the two political conventions. >> paul steinhauser, thank you. now to the world of late night tv but no punchlines this morning. a source tells cnn that nbc has purnl e purged its payroll by laying off 20 to 25 employees of the "tonight show." the comedian is also said to be taking a major pay cut to keep more workers from losing their
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jobs. apparently the network is trying to reduce production costs. off the coast of cuba this morning, american diana nyad is trying to swim her way to key west, florida, and right to the recordbacks. to do so -- record books. to do so, she will have to make the 103-mile journey without a protective shark cage. earlier she spoke about getting in the water one more time after failing the last three times. >> on the one hand, i'm feeling some pressure. as you mentioned, it's not the first time. we can dig way back to 1978 when i was very young, in my 20s, coming up to the last couple of years and a number of failures at this. i'm feeling tremendous inner pressure that this has got to be it. this has got to be the last time. on the other hand, i have to tell you, i am sky high skpieted. my adrenaline is just pumping out of my skin. i'll ready for this. >> nyad started the swim last
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night. so far, so good. her team is posting her progress and said she's doing really well except for a few jellyfish stings. people in michigan may get another chance to see a fascinating yet frightening force of nature. take a look at a water spout. nine formed on the lake yesterday. conditions could trigger more today. the weather service says boaters should be on alert. winds around water spouts can reach up to 60 miles per hour. it is likely the deciding issue of the november election. the economy. mitt romney is calling in a team of all stars to help him devise a plan to get things, he says, back on track. at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane.
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welcome back. 12 minutes past the hour. glad you're with us. the date, july 6. the place, boston. the occasion, a meeting so top secret none of the participant will even confirm it took place. 19 poem with one single mission. -- 19 people with one single mission -- to help mitt romney if she should be elected president get the country going again. the steering group is the focus of the latest "fortune" magazine. and editor at large david whitford joins us from watertown, massachusetts, this morning. david, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so you found that romney's economic team includes some pretty heavy hitters from business and academia, including ivy league professors, hedge fund managers. there's a former president of
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the world bank and former merrill lynch ceo. tell us more about how they made it into romney's economic inner circle. >> one of the big questions that we've all had about romney's campaign almost from the beginning is what specifically are his plans to fix the economy. he's been accused by his critics of being big on grand gestures and short on details. and so what weather we found out about this economic policy steering group, we felt that it might give us some clues into what his -- what his policies actually will be. this is a -- if you look at the group as a whole, there's 19 members, five former chairs of the presidential council of economic advisers. as you mentioned, a former president of the world bank. a couple hedge fund managers, a lot of professors. i mean, all in all, i think the way -- think about the group as a whole is that this is a -- a group of establishment
4:15 am
republican establishment figures. and my sense was that if -- if these are the people who are advising romney, then maybe what we can look forward to in a potential romney administration is something that is more mainstream than paul ryan might suggest. paul ryan, of course, being his vice presidential nominee. >> let's talk about romney. he's outlined this five-point plan on the economy in this interview. here are some of the points that he makes. he says he wants to aggressively promote domestic energy development. he is also looking abroad to expand the market for u.s. goods. back at home, romney is working on improving work force skills in two areas. on the issue of the deficit, romney wants to focus on budget cuts, not tax increases. and finally, he want to help small business by revamping regulations. now let's look at paul ryan. he's known as the ideas guy certainly. and the leader of the
4:16 am
republicans when it comes to fiscal and budgetary matters. what would you say -- what does his selection say about romney's ideas on the economy? >> well, i think that -- paul ryan's presence on the ticket maybe suggests that we're going to get away a little bit from simple -- simply criticism of president obama and more toward, you know, ryan's -- i think it's fair to call it draconian plan to balance the budget. i think that it sharpens the question -- the terms of the question that voters will be facing in the fall. we're looking at i think a clear choice between a republican administration, potential republican administration that would push us toward a smaller role for government and drastic cu in well-established government programs in an attempt to balance the budget. doesn't seem to be a tax increase. doesn't seem to be any part of -- of romney's plan.
4:17 am
we're not talking with romney, you know, in terms of balancing tax increases with budget cuts. and i think that ryan's selection sharpens the debate. >> what are you hearing from his advisers, romney's advisers, if anything about ryan? what do they think of the pick? >> well, i was able to speak to one member of the economic policy steering group. and my question for him was -- doesn't paul ryan -- paul ryan's selection push things a little bit more to the right. and i mean, if you look at the composition of this group, the economic policy steering group, i don't see any obvious hard-corral lice of the tea party in that -- hard-co hard-core allies of the tea party in that. he cautioned against connecting the advisers and paul ryan. he said, look, we're all for
4:18 am
smaller government, for lower taxes. but again, i -- i would take issue with that. i think what this group tells us, it group of economic advisers, is that there may be a willingness as i think we would expect if -- this ability to deal with budget and fiscal issues in the way they have to be dealt with in washington. that involves a compromise and go-slow approach rather than an overnight change. >> david whitford, editor at large of "fortune" magazine. thank you. >> thank you. we hear so much about the devastating effect the drought is having on farmers. wineries are one exception. we'll tell you why grape growers prefer dry weather for the wines that they'll produce. [ music playing, children laughing ]
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22 minutes past the hour on this sunday morning. if any of are you drinking a cup of joe to wake up this morning, guess what -- you're in luck, according to new evidence. coffee is, well, good for you. it may prevent type two diabetes and parkinson's. plus, it might have anti-cancer and anti-depressive effects. the drought is having a devastating effect on crops across america.
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with one possible exception -- grapes. the dry weather could be a boon for wine producers. here's cnn's athena jones. >> reporter: months with little or no rain, and july the hottest month on record, means struggling corn and soy crops across much of the united states. one sector that could benefit from the dry weather -- the wine industry. while california still grows most u.s. wine, there are vineyards in all 50 states, according to trade group wine america. >> particularly in the midwest, the hardest hit areas in terms of the drought, this are folks that are thinking that the grapes are going to be a better quality this year because the berries are smaller, and the sugar is more concentrated. >> reporter: the folks at grove vineyards in virginia are optimistic it the wine these 105 acres will produce. >> it's been dry for the most part, haven't had the typical long periods of rain that we would expect to see here and there. july was very dry.
4:24 am
overall, the grapes are really happy. we're looking forward to what will hopefully be a really good harvest this year. >> reporter: blue crosser shows what will happen as -- blosser shows what will happen as the sugar content rises. >> they'll blow up like a balloon. but we don't want it to blow up too much because of rain. we want a nice balance with the fruit and juice, the skins on the juice inside that grape. >> reporter: too much rain can dilute the flavor and lead to problems with mildew and disease. you said some can get to be the size of a newborn baby? >> yeah. small newborn baby. but -- a baby nonetheless. >> reporter: there is a down side, however, to hot, dry conditions. like potential long-term damage to young vines and smaller harvest. >> we continue with this dry weather, you're going to end up with less water inside that berry. so, you know, in terms of the wine output, you're going to have, you know, less quantity. higher quality.
4:25 am
>> reporter: so while farmers brace for more bad news, vintners like this are hoping to reap mostly benefit from this dryer than normal growing season. cnn, virginia. a scary moment for 173 passengers and crew aboard this united airlines flight. i'll tell you why they saw fireballs and spewing flames coming from a wing in the middle of their flight.
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. the west nile virus has claimed another victim. william mueller, the longest serving village president in lombard, illinois. she was already weakened by blood cancer. texas, the hardest hit state, reports 17 killed by west nile. dallas county, the epicenter of the outbreak, aerial spraying is still halted because of some bad weather. a scary moment for 173 passengers and crew aboard this united airlines flight. it was heading from newark to germany when a tire blew on takeoff and debris flew right into an engine causing what eyewitnesses describe as fireballs and spewing flames near the left wing. the pilot was able to return safely,