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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 5, 2012 10:00am-11:59am PDT

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responsibility. what's your policy? texas congressman ron paul noticeably absent from the republican national convention last week, but his appearance last night on jay leno caused a little bit of a stir. >> what did you think of romney's speech? >> well, it was nice. he said a lot of nice things and it was not anything that i would say except a few that, you know, it was, it was very pleasant and all, but it wouldn't have been the speech that i would have given. i would have talked more about maybe foreign policy and some other things. >> yeah, there was no mention of -- of -- >> -- captions by vitac -- it looks like rain moved the
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party indoors and that is what the democrats are doing here in charlotte, north carolina. i'm suzanne malveaux live from the site of the democratic national convention, and one of the big items tod is the change of venue for president obama's speech. the details are in, and we will get to that in a moment. ahead the big is speaker tonight, and we are talking about former president bill clinton. what is he expected to say, and is the obama team worried? we will take a look at that, and i will look at the big speech from last night as well. first lady michelle obama getting the democrats fired up making the case for people to elect her husband to another four-year term. she ths that the issues facing the country are personal and she was personal in the speech last nig night, and michelle obama talked about how the president's decisions are focused on values and the family. take a listen. >> thank you.
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oh, my goodness. thank you so much. [ crowd chanting four more years ] >> with your help. with your help. let me start, because i want to start by thanking elaine. elaine, thank you. i want to bring in the white house correspondent, brianna keilar and i must say that when you and i listened to the speech last night it is not something i that we had not heard before, but it did seem like she was very calm. she was very personalable, and very passionate about what she was saying. >> sure. it is nothing that we say, oh, that is new. we know the president's personal story and he came from the humble beginnings, but maybe a reminder to some of the voters that they are trying to hang on to that he did come from the humble beginnings. compared to ann romney's speech that i will tell you that michelle obama did not listen to. >> she didn't? >> i am told she did not watch
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the speech i'm told by a sourcek but certainly the campaign is aware of what she said, but the contrast was not as overtly politic political. you heard ann romney talking about the reference of they didn't build that line, and you heard her talking about there needing to be time for a grown-up to be in the white house. and michelle obama was very careful and she did not get political overtly, but it was there. she was talk about the humble beginnings and you saw her brother and the president's half sister on earlier in the night, and she talked about thel struggles of president obama and the struggles financially, and hey, he knows what this is about and mitt romney didn't. that is what she was trying to push through. >> and why was she not more ove overt, and do you think that the campaign felt like there was a different set of rules for michelle obama than ann romney and she could not deliver the
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red meat that we have seen from the other side? >> i don't think so. i think they thought that this was a better way to go. that this is a way that they felt that people responded to better. i think that if you talked to a lot of the democratic analysts they thought that actually maybe some of the political barbs from ann romney, they weren't really sure if that is the right way for her go, and in this case, because michelle obama is so popular, and because there is sort of the somewhat little apolitical nature of the spouse, right, they felt it was more effective and people like her. try not to give her too hard of an edge in this. >> i know they are all watching and maybe holding their breath a little bit over bill clinton and what he will say tonight. i had a chance to talk to mack mclarty, the former chief of staff for bill clinton and they are close and lad a chance to talk to the president yesterday and he has a hint of what is in the speech tonight. listen to what he told me
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earlier. >> i think that president clinton will clearly focus his speech on the economy. and he will compare and contrast in my judgment pretty sharply the differences of the republican party, the republican candidate, and president obama and the policies that basically are very similar to the clinton policies and provide a good measure of prosperity in the two terms. he might mention that once or twice. >> he might. >> once or twice or three or four times, right. >> he might just mention that. how worried are they in terms of the vetting process? is somebody physically going over there to look at this, because bill clinton does not go by anybody's talking points. >> and i don't know the answer to that personally, but i have read that the sort of themes of the speech, the campaign is very aware of but the specifics have not been vetted. that is something that i'm trying to confirm and is very interesting, but i think that the problems that bill clinton has run into in getting off
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message with president obama have largely been off of the cuff remarks in interviews that we have seen where he talked about mitt romney's sterling business career. if you talk to the campaign, they would say he is a good messenger for him, because the arguments of the republicans saying are you better off now th you were four years ago, because many people say, no, or i am certainly not where i want to be and the point of having bill clinton is to say, yes, but were you better off 12 years ago or 14 years ago when there was a democrat in the white house and things were going along a lot better, and he is the one who going to say, i know what it takes to build a good economy and i did it, and president obama is on the right track and mitt romney is not. that is why they think that he is a good messenger. >> the big picture of the long view. >> yes. >> and thank you, brianna. good to see you as always. >> the convention speakers have been talking about the jobs created under president obama's watch. so we will take a look at the numbers and quick fact-check from our own tom foreman.
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>> reporter: for weeks all over the country the democrats have been making one cornerstone claim about the economy and they repeated it over and over again here that the president has created more than 4 million jobs. listen. >> and today, our economy has gone from losing 800,000 jobs a month to adding 4.5 million private sector jobs in the last 29 months. >> who added 4. 5 million private sector jobs in the last 2 1/2 years. >> we have seen 4.5 million new job jobs. >> reporter: on the face of it, that is correct. 4.5 million jobs have been create ed d in the private sect but here is the problem. the jobs created, but being ignored is the jobs lost. when you look at it that way, he is still 500 million in the hole. he has not been able to offs
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the jobs and if you look at the government numbers it is worse. and unemployment is worse than election day and worse than on inauguration date, and the only silver lining is not as bad as the peak. another claim is the quality of these jobs. listen to what the first lady said about that. >> that's how he brought our economy from the brink of collapse to creating jobs again. jobs that you can raise a family on. good jobs right here in the united states of america. >> the problem with saying that these are good jobs is the facts don't seem to support it. some of of the jobs were temporary and paid for by the stimulus or perhaps census work or that sort of thing. so they did not last. and some of the jobs are not worth the jobs that we lost. a variety of studies say we lost more middle to upper income jobs an gained more lower level jobs. the simple truth is that the numbers may be technically correct in some of the claims, but when you look at all of the details, there is an awful lot
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more that needs to be seen. this is tom foreman, charlotte. the b.t. founder bob johnson was not a fn of president obama four years ago, so what has actually changed? we will talk to him live in a moment. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank.
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republicans have tried to portray president obama as bad for business, but b.e.t. founder bob johnson is betting on the president and he is joining us live. bob, four years ago you were big in the hillary clinton camp and you have moved over and explain why. >> well, first of all when the democrats won, president obama won, and awe of the democrats surrounded president obama and said we want to make him the most successful president since bill clinton and he has laid the foundation for that. there is some work to be done, and in moving forward. >> dell tell me about the work. >> well, the key issues that the p public wants to hear and i hope he talks and it on thursday is entitlement reform, and tax reform and a focus onf creating
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the businesses to invest and want to hire people, and innovators to create. and now jobs are not created by government, but government can stimulate the environment for the private sector as it has done for the last three or four years in doing it, and can do it. but it won't come out of washington without entitlement restructure and tax reform. >> and i would say that you in favor of not small businesses, but big businesses and under obama's taxes, you will be pay more and are big businesses, people like you who create jobs better off in four years? >> well, business people are not concerned about paying taxes, but they are earn kare concerne tax rate that is predictable. and this is the tax rate and not yo-yoed up and down and this is
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the dividends and how they are going to be taxed and this is how to invest in new products and services and new employees. in a free market regulated economy, there are taxes and regulation, but what we want more than anything else, suzanne, is certainty. and what the president can talk about is certainty. s simpson bowles laid down a certain level of certainty, because they wanted to lay down a tax reform strategy, and focus on the entitlement reform -- >> u wit wbut it was rejected b president. >> and some members of the republican party and that is what the businesses are concerned, where is the leadership, whether it is governor romney or -- we are not worried about the past because it is done and gone and we are not asking are you better off? because people business don't
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look back, but forward. what is go g ing to happen afte the election and four years after and ten years after and where is the framework the make the united states flow bally competitive and hirable. and we heard the fed chair ben bernanke last week who was hinting strongly that there would be an additional economic stimulus, and is that the way to go? how do you project the certainty so that people like yourselves and others know where to go? >> well, there is plenty of liquidity in the system and money sloshing around and the interest rate is as low as they are going if go, and the companies, and i'm on the board of four or five public companies and the companies say, when do we get the consumer bax in -- consumers back in the stores buying and the housing market coming back. one credit for the president is the automobile industry, and when i got into the automobile industry in 2007 and 2008 and i was selling chrysler and gm cars and we were making close to $300 to $400 billion and today, we
10:16 am
are 1.2 billion in revenue and this is a example of leadership intish i.v. he needs to focus on things that this is what i am going to do. to me, if he wanted a slam dunk opportunity to win re-election, pivot toward the simpson/bowles tax reform and entitlement reform and restraining the growth of the debt. without that, the business community is going to sit back on the sidelines and take jobs overseas and they will reduce the employment, and become more productive and in the end we won't move that 8.3 down. >> bobby, you have a lot of good ideas. is the administration listening to you? >> well, i have talked to him on one or two occasions, and not as close as a person or two whispering in the ears, but i am out talking on television saying this, and i have been to the fund-raisers to support him. i hope he is. i plan to keep saying what i have been saying. >> all right. bob johnson, thank you. >> as always, joe biden is getting ready for his big night
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and we will look at what it is going to take to give a killer speech. there are a lot of warning lights
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>> when it comes to getting the middle-class back to work, mitt
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romney says no. when it comes to respecting women's rights, mitt romney says no. when it comes to letting people love who they love and marry who they want to marry, mitt romney says no. when it comes to expanding access to good health care, mitt romney says -- >> mitt romney says no. >> actually -- [ laughter ] >> hjulian castro got a lot of laughs an applause in front of a friendly crowd here in charlotte, and he is the mayor of san antonio, texas, and the youngest mayor of a large city, and his message is that mitt romney is out of touch politically and divisive and simply does not get it. you never know what is going to happen when joe biden speaks and now all eyes are on the vice president who speaks at the dnc tomorrow night. in 2008, he did a great job the fire up the crowd and getting
10:21 am
across the message of change to everybody. take a listen. >> if american people are ready. i am ready. barack is ready. this is his time. this is our time. this is america's time. >> so what does he need to do to make sure he does not make any gaffes? well, let's find out. >> reporter: in a forum that is all about talking the talk, the biggest challenge facing joe biden may just be keeping quiet. >> unchain wall street. they are going to put y'all back in chains. she is easily qualified to be vice president of america, and quite frankly, a better pick than me. >> that was not the first time when biden made repeated gaffes. >> the goal of the vice presidential speech is the same as the vice presidential candidate and the first goal is to do no harm.
10:22 am
even in the democratic circles, joe biden is seen as a one-man gaffe machine. so his first job is to get into and out of the convention without any major verbal stumbles. >> reporter: but the six-time senator can also be an effective weapon for the party, when he trains his sights on the opposition and fires. >> they call their plan new. they call it bold. and they call it gutsy. but the neighborhood that i come from, there is nothing gutsy about giving another millionaire a tax break. >> reporter: figuring out when to put up or shut up is never easy to do. geraldine ferraro had to remind people of her ticket, but still of her history-making moment. >> the promise of the country is that the rules are fair. >> reporter: gore also took the vision group and led a macarena dance to shake off the wooden personality. >> millions of people are losing
10:23 am
faith in the very idea of democracy, but you cannot kill hope that easily. not in america. not here. >> and for biden the best advice may be just to stick with what is in the ript. >> we know that the vice president is prone to gaffes, but the conventions are very scripted, and so there will be fewer opportunities for those types of errors and i think that if he sticks to the script and comes across as competent and supportive of the president and their achievements over the past few years, i think that he will be fine. >> reporter: or since it is biden, fine enough. >> every presidential election has come down to one fundamental look as it relates to the candidates. who has the most character? who has the character to -- the character of their convictions and who has the vision? folk, it will not surprise you, on that score, i don't even think it is close.
10:24 am
>> we will have more live coverage of the vice president's speech here on cn live tomorrow night. some big names lined up to speak at the democratic convention tonight. headliner is former president bill clinton who will nominate bill clinton for the second term and explain the genius that has made him campaigner in chief. and also, the darling massachusetts democrat elizabeth warren. and then tomorrow, joe biden and president obama will formally accept the party's nomination. and whonce known as the president's body man. we will talk to reggie love about his former boss. don't forget, you can ta can wa on your computer while you are at work. just go to so your body can stay in motion.
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p.m. in the west, and 10:00 p.m. in the east. and joining us now is reggie love who is the president's personal body guard, and you are from charlotte, aren't you? >> yes, i went to elementary and middle and high school here. >> and duke? >> yes, and duke. if you told me that there would be a democratic national c convention in charlotte, north carolina, i would have said no way, but who says hope and change does not happen. progress in motion. you are 30 and in business school and things are moving well for you. and tell us how we heard michelle obama the first lady saying that her husband has not changed and the president h cy not changed him at all, and you know him well. well has he changed or describe this guy as someone you intimately know? >> well, michelle was spot-on. the priorities and the things
10:29 am
that are ultimately core to the president have not changed in the last three-and-a-half years. more if anything, the responsibilities and the pressures have become a little bit heavier, and his sense, and his sense of urgency to make sure that the core values are seen throughout the rest of the country, has definitely increased over the last three years as we all know it has been a tough couple of months, but growth has been happening and we have seen new jobs create and new economic growth, so he has not changed at all. but he is definitely working to make things better for everyone. >> and when you talk, what do you talk about? >> mostly sports. and in the summertime, we talk about the clsic sports. and then we also talk about some of the things that you see, you know, when you are traveling out
10:30 am
in the country, and you run into families and kids who you have been able to affect, and i know that when he passed the health care legislation, there were a lot of moments out there where you'd run into families who basically flt like they would not be devastated because of a pre-existing condition that the family members had. those kinds of things are always moving and it is grounding for him and grounding for the staff and good to know that, you nkno, regardless of the back and forth in d.c. at time, you are out there making a difference. >> last night michelle talked out being the mom in chief, and talked about it four years ago that it was the most important thing for her to have an environment to have the two daughters protected. how has the president, and how has he evolved as a father.
10:31 am
what is he like? >> i think that he's been and a very difficult thing to do. it is being president is a lot easier than it was in the campaign. as you remember in 2007 and 2008, he traveled five, six, seven days a week, and so, over the last 3 1/2 years, he has been able to, like she mentioned spend some time with them, and have dinner almost every night of the week. i think that you guys remember that he has been able to coach sasha's basketball games and sort of, you know, i think obviously being a parent is -- i i'm not a parent, so i'm not an expert, but obvious ly the best thing about my parents were that they were around and having someone even though he is the president of the united states to be around for those moments is an amazing thing to do. >> is he more protective of the daught daughters now that they are approaching the teen years. >> with that picture they look
10:32 am
so grown. i am taken aback how fast they are growing. but of course, you are protective of beautiful young lay dislike that. if i had daughters, i would be the same way. >> do you keep in touch, text or e-mail? >> we, i still have my place in d.c. and we have a pickup game every now and then and i think of him as a mentor, a friend and like a big brother, and there are not many decisions that i make that i don't try to give him a head's up on and i'm grateful to have the insight fu advice on. >> you have direct dial to the president. thank you. >> thank you, suzanne. >> you might know him from the role from the wire, but wendel pierce is turning on the star power here at the dnc.
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you might recognize him as the roles on hb o's "the wire" and he has also been in the movies "waiting to exhale" and many others of course. wendelle pierce is with us this week and talking about the political festivities and you are very much involved here and activist and you are into politics because you were active in the campaign four years ago, and what brings you back now? >> well, for me, president barack obama. people a generation ago would have said that robert kennedy is the person who inspired them and got them involved in politics, and for me, is president barack obama, because i saw him putting in policy the things i needed to see in the community. >> like what? >> call to service. young people getting involved
10:37 am
and making sure we have things to support the middle-class, because the idea of people thwarting opportunity, and only my kids go to school and certain people get access to jobs or education, and he has expanded that and that is more to what america is to me, and more opportunity and more education and more innovation and more ideas and growth. so that's what inspired me. >> i saw you on the convention floor last night and you and a number of actors an musician activists, and and several others are involved and bringing his message to young people. four years ago there was a different vibe and people were excited and passionate. when you travel around and go across the country, do you see the same enthusiasm and what do you need to get people out there to vote? because that is the main concern of the campaign. >> well, it is very important, and what you have to realize is that the last campaign was so aspirational and inspiring that it is easy to get caught up in
10:38 am
that and the emotion of the campaign and then roll up the sleeves and get into the conference room and open up the white board and get to work. the nuts and bolts of getting the policy done. people turn off to that and they don't realize that you have to dig down deep and focus on that and we have the el arize that is what the president has been doing over the past 3 1/2 years and reminding people that the work he has been doing has an impact on their life and explaining that and making sure that the message gets out. that is the thing that affects the community, and the thing that inspired me as a small business owner to start a new grocery chain sterling farms and going into the underprivileged and underserved people to bring food came from the white house literally. the president and mrs. obama asked the american enterprise to get off of the sidelines and join the fight, and that is what i am doing as a small business owner, too. >> talk about the community of new orleans, because i have a lot of relative theres, and they
10:39 am
watch your shows, but clearly hurricane isaac brought new challenges outside of the levee walls and we saw mitt romney and the president making appearances there, and how is that handled? are you thinking that the community is being taken care of in an appropriate way or that it was politicized? >> well, people need to b te tan care of. some people lost their homes and some people lost their lives. we as americans no matter the political persuasion should be concerned about that. the importance of new orleans and the whole southeastern louisiana region has been proven time and time again with the port and how much we give to the country, so there's value in making sure that we are protected. if people see the politics that come down, i hope that is not, you know, a part of the agenda, but if it is, that is on them. the most important priority is to make sure that the people are
10:40 am
taken care of. and new orleans fared well this time, and all of the money and the energy that are going into rebuilding the levees worked. >> yeah, that is the good news. the families are all right. wendel pierce, thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> thank you. he says that we may be better off than we were four years ago and campaign adviser robert gibbs will tell us why. . little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away
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democratic nominee for president, and now he hopes to recapture the excitement that the campaign generated the first go around. >> to chairman dean and my great friend dick durbin and to all of my fellow citizens of this great nation with profound gratitude and great humility, i accept your nomination for presidency of the united states. joining us now is robert gibbs, former press secretary and one of the campaign advisers, and good to see you, robert. nice to be here. >> i cannot say i am missing those days of the briefings and back and forth all of the time. and the headliner today, we will see president bill clinton and are you vetting him and what is the situation there? >> well, we have been working with former president clinton
10:44 am
since we asked him to do this speech. you know, a bunch of people who used to work for clinton in the clinton white house are in our white house and again, they are working on the speech. the one thing that is fair as we all know that bill clinton is going to be marking up that speech probably about ten minutes before he goes out. so everybody knows that. and we are certainly comfortable with that. he spoke at this conntion in 2008, and he did a lot of important things for us in that speech. i think that he will do a lot of important things tonight, because he is going to tell the story of what is it like to be in a presidency that inherits an economy that has been neglected and needs to be rebuilt. that is the story of him coming in 1992 and 1993 and the store riff barack obama coming into the white house of 2009. >> and robert, how do you explain to people who feel like there is a statute of limitations that at a certain point, you can't go back to blame the last president and you can't blame bush for all of the
10:45 am
things that you cannot accomplish this goal but w tried hard. is there a point where the president says, absolutely, 100% this is my economy and this is my policy and i'm the leader and i will get you out of this? >> well, nobody is in doubt who the president is, but suzanne. >> or whose fault it is. >> well, look, i wish it didn't exist either and i wish we didn't have to blame george bush for millions and millions of jobs that got loss and bad budgetary decisions and wars that weren't paid for and wall street writing its own rules and i wish it didn't happen either, but the american people unts that that's what that eight years represented. and, look, we are trying to dig out of that hole. there is a lot of discussion, are we better off? yeah, we are. do we still have a long ways to go before we are back to where we were before all of those bad economic decisions resulted in
10:46 am
this calamity? yeah, we are, and that is what we are working on and the president's responsible for doing. >> and one of the things that struck me during the campaign and this is actually really close to when he was, when he was accepting the nomination and felt like this energy that it was going to happen and he would win, he used to say things, and you are very familiar with this that he would disappoint people, and he made these promises, and he had a to-do list, but also a vision of this guy, and wa what he could do the turn the country around and some people are saying they are disappointed, so what does he do or say to that? >> well, i think that, and you will hear him talk about this thursday, and obviously, the knowledge of what we have been through, and the calamity that we have had to come through and the progress that we have to make, and you know, i don't know that people listened when he said that as well as you did, suzanne, when he said, look, this is going to take longer than a few months or even a few years, and again, we lost 8 million jobs and it is going to take more than a certain number
10:47 am
of years to get it back. the important thing is are we making progress along that path. are we moving the country forward and giving the middle class families the security they deserve, and we are making progress on that path, and after thursday, people will know again for sure exactly the president's plan to do that, and how does he govern differently, if he gets a second term, and if he changes things, because you are not looking at a detente between the two sides. it is contentious? washington, and he did not bring about a change of bipartisan and how does he accomplish what he wants to, because so far we have seen the presidential privilege, and is that how he governs? >> well, it is a big choice election and each side has put a hefty number of chips on the table of here's what we believe and here's what we believe, and somebody is going to win that bet, and somebody is not. does that mean that everything that the winner wants is going to be done? absolutely not. but we will have a period after
10:48 am
this election where we understand not unlike bill clinton did in 1997, that, okay, we have had the big argument and the big debate and had the election, and now we have to come together to get things done. not everybody is going to get everything they want, but what we need the republicans to do is to come at least a little off of them saying no on everything. if they will not say no on everything, we can by definition make progress. >> all right. i want to make it there, and robert gibbs, thank you as always. >> appreciate it. >> health care is one of the top issues in the election and elizabeth warren is going to be with us to break down obama care and romney care. [ male announcer ] its lightweight construction makes it nimble... ♪ its road gripping performance makes it a cadillac. introducing the all-new cadillac xts. available with advanced haldex all-wheel drive. [ engine revving ] it's bringing the future
10:49 am
10:50 am
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10:51 am
zyrtec®. love the air. one of the most powerful and emotional speeches was delivered last light by stacy lynn. she came to tell how the health care law dramatically affected her family by lifting lifetime insurance caps on her daughter's coverage. >> knowing we had that below us to catch us ife fall, obama care provides my family security
10:52 am
and relief. we're also scared. governor romney repealing health care reform is something we worry about literally every single day. >> elizabeth cohen is joining us to talk about this. tell what you say the president's health care reform law, how does it impact somebody like lynn's family? >> reporter: in september 2010 what the affordable care act did is made it illegal for insurance companies to have these lifetime limits. before obama care insurance companies would say we're only going to spend $1 million over your lifetime. most people don't need that much coverage, but for some people like zoe lynn they did need it. >> and, so, when romney talking about repealing affordable held care act what does it mean?
10:53 am
>> reporter: insurance companies would be able to go back to imposing these lifetime limits. again, it was very, very common to have these lifetime limits written into policies before obamacare. we asked the romney campaign are you going to do anything after you repeal it? are you going to do anything to help people like the lynn family? here is the response. she said the last thing our health care system needs are more expansive and expensive federal mandates that drive up health care costs and make it harder for patients to find the care they need. that is why governor romney has put forward reforms that focus on greater patient choice and control, lower costs and better access for every american. that was an answer to our question what governor romney would do for people facing these lifetime limits in their insurance policies. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. for more about how the health care affects you you can head
10:54 am
over to if you can't be at the dnc we're going to take you on the floor for a look at colorful delegates, up next. the us bank wealth management advisor can help you. every step of the way. from big steps, to little steps. since 1863 we've helped guide our clients, so they can take the steps to help grow, preserve, and pass along their wealth. so their footsteps can help the next generation find their own path. all of us serving you. us bank
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10:56 am
millions of folks watched michelle obama's speech on television including the first family. this is the view from the white house. you can see the president with
10:57 am
his daughters watching their mom. the administration released this photo of the three of them curled on on the couch. here at the dnc in charlotte, north carolina energy inside the conventional hal lots of it. take a look. >> i brought home three berets. put my inauguration earrings on and i'm set. >> i wore this in 2008, and i said we did great. i'm wearing it again in 2012. >> i love the flag because i think the republicans think it's theirs so i wear it. >> from head to toe i notice. >> head to toe and even my socks. look at my shoes. >> oh, my goodness. >> we are going to have a big gap, a big gender gap and we're
10:58 am
going to bring republican women over to the democratic side. >> are you confident with that? >> i feel very good about it. >> on television it looks really big but when you get down on the floor it's really crowded. we're broadcasting our own cameras of wolf blitzer getting ready. right next to them you have fox news. >> america is a very diverse country with people from all over the world. that's what we like to show in our democrat parties. that's what our party is like and that's what america is like. >> the message is very simple. middle class incomes are declining. it's harder for middle income people to make due. which party cares about the middle class. which party is going to make sure the middle income start
10:59 am
improving? we are. >> back then it was a changing of guard and now it's guarding the change. he was the change i wanted. i'd like to say mr. romney, i'm more excited about supporting president obama today than i was the day i voted for him. >> do you have an obama poster on your wall that's fading? >> it's not fading. it's nice and bright and we're all looking forward to reelecting him. [ cheers and applause ] >> "cnn newsroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin. thank you so much. hello. just a couple of hours from right now former president bill clinton is set to take the stage and tell americans why the current president deserves a second term. sources close to clinton says he will show his speech to the campaign before hand and the
11:00 am
obama camp insists it's not worried about what he's going to say tonight. we'll take you live to charlotte here. first we begin with syria. all week i've been asking you to bear witness with me some of the most painful reporting to surface out of the fighting there and right now i'm asking you again. please stop whatever you're doing for this moment. listen, watch this piece from nick walsh. it's tough stuff. if you have kids in the room i'll giveou a moment to walk them away. nick pulls no punches in showing us what's happening in aleppo. his camera is there. it's up close when children's bodies are being pulled from the rubble. i wouldn't ask you to watch this if i didn't think it was so important for all of us to see. here is nick walsh reporting from aleppo, syria.
11:01 am
>> reporter: dawn in aleppo brings the clatter of gunfire. people hunted by the regime's helicopter gun ships and as dusk nears it's to the roar of jets. it's that sound that terrifies ordinary residents of aleppo daily. jets coming in low overhead and never knowing until you hear the blast exactly what their target is. there seems to be no pattern to the attacks unless they're designed to so fear among the civilians. the helicopter we heard earlier may have fired the rockets that hit this house. it's fathers and neighbors frantically coordinating the rescue. hands and shovels inside a building that could still collapse onto them.
11:02 am
the air strike came in four hours ago. they are racing to pull nine people still stuck under that rubble include a father and child. the fear the helicopter could strike again. they find the first body. the little girl is lifeless. the blanket providing little dignity. near her, moments later they find her father's body. i wear to god we've been destroyed this woman screams. i swear to god bashar assad is killing us. at the hospital where more bodies from the rubble are broughthe toll of the missile
11:03 am
becomes clear. five, later nine children aged from 4 to 11 from the same extended family. in all, 11 people died. then a brief respite from the carnage. one lone survivor. god is great. bashar is a dog. god willing he'll witness bashar's death. he is saying he survived because when the rocket hit he was feeding from the breast of his mother. she was crushed under the rubble and killed but her body protected him. a year old, he was born into syria's bloody revolution and may yet survive it still. >> nick walsh joins me live from turkey. this makes me angry. i'm angry seeing these images of
11:04 am
these children covered in blankets. you're there. you see the blood of children being spilled. how deep is the hatred? how deep must it be here? is the word compromise a word that anyone comprehends in syria right now? >> reporter: no. there's no compromises in aleppo at all. people obviously the inckaca incandescent rage. they want to see bashar assad dead. one of the hospitals we were at has the skeleton hanging from a hook which they have already put bashar's face on it. deep hatred compoundsed every day by this violence. also i think extensive stalemates because the shelling continues and the front lines fluctuate. >> we know this has been going on for 18 months and counting.
11:05 am
it's the deadliest of this entire 18-month slaughter. obviously, fear on the ground but is there any sense of urgency here? >> reporter: obviously there's a daily sense of panic, hysteria and terror at these explosions reigni inin ining raining from . they don't see how this will change in the immediate future. the rebels are fully equipped. they are trying to get better but they are poorly managed. the cell phone system is often out making it hard for basic information to travel around. they are facing a heavily equipped well dug in military that are being continuely supplied. a massive challenge ahead for the rebel groups inside that city meaning this carnage every day is set to continue in the weeks ahead. these numbers having dramatically increased since the recent application of jets in the skies above some of the
11:06 am
cities. >> a 4-year-old added to the numbers here in terms of carnage. you brought this story just yesterday. this 4-year-old girl was shot by a sniper in her face while playing in her home. your crew helped this family get this little girl to one hospital. several hospitals later we learned she died. have you at all been in touch with her family? how are they doing? >> reporter: we haven't been able to reach them. to be honest when we returned to try to find out how she was they were very closed off. i understand the male members weren't happy that the women had been talking to the media. that's a more culture issue in some ways but fears of reprisals from the regime. we try to respect them as much as possible. we don't know how they are doing. they have buried rina and there's many other children for them to look after. i'm sure that's their priority. >> one final question. why are people willing to talk
11:07 am
to you, period? >> reporter: why are they? >> yes. why are they? aren't they fearful? >> reporter: it's the sense there's very little information coming out of syria that can be independently verified. they want to explain what's happened to them. they want the opportunity for their voice to be heard. there's a great deal of suspicion. people aren't always happy about what's being said about the rebels. at the end of the day there's a feeling amongst the people that want the experience they're going through to be heard and they want the outside world to help. >> thank you for telling their stories. thank you. more news unfolding. take a look. a former president speaks about the current one but will bill clinton stay on message.
11:08 am
i'm brooke baldwin, the news is now. booted from first class. parents say an airline kept them from flying because their son has down syndrome. the airline sees it differently. the 16 that is anything but sweet. what america's new debt marker means for you and me. zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds. an up close look at the new electric super car.
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. day two for the democrats and we may not wait until this evening to move things forward because the democratic national committee has made some news today. no out dooree are moving but th breaking down that whole set up. you'll also notice, can't see the sky but it's kind of gray in charlotte as the forecast is calling for inclimate weather tomorrow evening. the president's speech will move
11:12 am
indoors tomorrow. not too far from that spot is my friend john berman from the cnn grill. john, this is funny because the republican chairman is saying weather, psha. they couldn't fill a 64,000 seat venue and that's the reason they are moving to this smaller location. set me straight. what's the forecast for thursday? >> there's a 30 to 40% chance of severe weather. the thunderstorms have come every day right at the time the convention are being held. they are really bad. just torrential downpours. it would be really difficult to have those people stitting out n the stadium. there's no dome. there are the conspiracy theorists that said they moved it indoors because they couldn't
11:13 am
fill the stadium or too many republican mischiefs had gotten tickets. they said there were 19,000 people on the waiting list. it was meant to be an important part of voter out reach. every human being that walks in there get their cell phone, e-mail, ways to contact them later onto help with the turn out effort. robert gibbs, senior advisor said one of the most effective moments of that entire campaign wasn't president obama's speech out doors in denver, pst when the campaign manager in denver talked to the audience and told them how to become activists and stay active and help with turn out for the november election. i think the democrats are sad that it won't be out doors. i'm happy it will be dry. >> no umbrellas for thursday. breaking news, we all know bill
11:14 am
clinton is speaking tonight. if i may play the role of grinch here. i want to take this back to the democratic convention in 1988. promising young governor from arkansas, dotting the i on the 35-minute nominating speech. >> in closing,. [ applause ] . >> in closing he says. bill clinton was so long winded that night that his own crowd booed him as we hear some cheers but when he finally signalled he was wrapping up. tonight they're expecting this grand slam from billd a remr th considered skillful can deliver a dud every now and then and boy was that a dud. 35 minutes. they are expecting big things from bill clinton. he talks to exactly the kind of
11:15 am
voter that the obama campaign needs to reach. that can be young, white, undecided, working class, people that clinton's sort of had that magic touch with. they are expecting some big things from him. that primetime speech tonight right here on c nrnn. >> you're a big giants fan. just kidding. >> oh, no. i'll let you finish. >> bill clinton is up against some football. this is the kickoff to the season this year. you have super bowl champs, the giants are up against the red state team. are democrats concerned that the nation might be distracted a little bit? >> i think the answer is whether they are concerned or not the nation will be distracted. these football games draw 27 million viewers which is more generally speaking than the conventions do especially on a wednesday night. there will be a lot of eyeballs on that game.
11:16 am
nbc will not be broadcasting the convention speech. they are doing two hours tomorrow night. there are plenty of places to watch the convention tonight. i guess if there's one silver lining for the obama campaign it's the cowboys versus the giants. it's a red-red that's never going to vote for obama against a blue-blue state that will vote for obama. they are not losing any swing voters. if you're interested in the campaign you'll be watching cnn. >> we hope so. just a quick note, you can watch john, go patriots he says. you can watch john early morning 5:00 a.m. on "early start." as john mentioned 10:00 tonight former president bill clinton, the big speech addressing the delegates inside the arena and
11:17 am
piers morgan at midnight wrapping up night number two of the 2012 democratic convention tonight. now to this. this first class ticket was supposed to get him home. instead a california teen gets labeled a flight risk. he has down syndrome and his mother is claiming discrimination. they're whole gr. and yummy good. real fruit pieces. 12 grams of whole grains and a creamy yogurt flavored coating. quaker yogurt granola bars. treat yourself good. throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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11:20 am
a teenage boy with down syndrome was told he can't board an american airlines flight because he is a quote, unquote flight risk. his parents are furious. they plan to sue. the airline says they couldn't calm the boy down but cell phone video tells another story. >> reporter: this video shows him at a journey concert. the 16-year-old boy called up on stage and given a guitar by the band. his parents say he's outgoing, fun loving and charming but they say he was singled out and discriminated against because he has down syndrome. >> we were not allowed on the plane because this man saw my son and made a decision.
11:21 am
>> reporter: they spoke with us through skype tell us as they waited to board a flight with their son they were told they weren't allowed on. >> my question is why are you singling me out and saying -- why aren't you telling them and all these people that have children that they have to -- >> you're in a security controlled area, you can thot be recording this. >> reporter: she began to video tape documenting a violation of her son's civil rights and the americans with disabilities act. her son labeled a flight risk can be seen sitting at the gate playing with his hat. in the video you can hear john sobbing and her husband expressing disbelief. >> it's amazing. he's not a problem. >> i kept saying is this only because he has down syndrome. >> reporter: be family has flown together dozens of times. the only thing they had upgraded to first class. >> this little boy had a seat in
11:22 am
first class area and for some reason they didn't want that, that wasn't acceptable. >> reporter: american airlines released a statement that reads the young man was excitable, running around and not acclimated to the environment. the pilot attempted to calm him down. his efforts were not successful. for the safety of the young man and the safety of others american airlines offered to book another flight for the family. the family says that statement is untrue. they say they will sue american airlines and hope their experience will teach the company and people in general a valuable lesson. >> to respect each person's dignity. every one of us should be treated with equal dignity. >> cnn reached out to american airlines as well. i want to read you this statement. quote, the young man was agitated and running around the gate area prior to boarding the flight on sunday evening. our pilot noticed and asked a customer service manager to talk to the family to see if we could get help calming him down, get
11:23 am
better acclimated to the situation. that effort was unsuccessful and we made the decision to have the family rebooked on a different flight out of concern for the young man's safety and the safety of others. american airlines says it has refunded the upgrade fee to first class. the family tells our affiliate they have not seen it yet. we reached out to the family. i would love to have this mother on the show. they have not returned our phone call yet. we're taking you back to charlotte, north carolina, the democratic national convention and our favorite political couple talking to us about the hits and misss and we'll look ahead to fients.
11:24 am
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11:26 am
grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank. . it started mild but really started to get going. this is how one hotel owner describes a strong earthquake off of costa rica. you can see the effects. this is the capitol of san jose. the quake was centered 87 miles west of san jose. the red cross tells reuters that two people died. one from heart attack.
11:27 am
items were falling off shelves, the ground was rolling. one man is dead after what appears to be an assassination attempt. the premier of quebec had just one her seat last night. she was at the podium giving her speech when this happened. take a look. pulling her off. police say it's not clear if she was the target but police said a man in his 40s was killed and another person was hurt. officers arrested the suspected shooter, a 62-year-old man on site. our affiliate cbc says he shouted the english are waking up. >> i heard a big bang. i saw the secret service and the agents run and whisk her away and she kept her cool. what's amazing about all this is she came back almost immediately
11:28 am
after and took care of the room before she took care of herself. she said to everyone, please get out calmly. she was very like a mother towards all the crowd. >> the party is pushing for the french speaking province to succeed from canada with its english speaking majority. look at these. this is 12 miles of louisiana coast closed to fishing and other activities after these tar balls appeared. it's too soon to say whether the tar and oil is linked to that 2010 deep water spill. it's probably the only repair job where your tools could just up and float away. two astronauts worked outside the international space station for more than six hours to install a spare power unit. this was the team's second
11:29 am
attempt at this. last week's damaged bolt thread got in the way and part of today's job required fixing that problem. back to charlotte here in a moment. we're talking more about michelle obama's speech from last night. we're not just talking about her dress. a quick check on the new york stock exchange. dow right above that 13,000 mark. [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special. dad, we want pizza. you guys said tacos. [ female announcer ] it doesn't always work out that way. you know what? we're spending too much money on eating out anyway. honey, come look at this. [ female announcer ] my money map from wells fargo is a free online tool that helps you track your spending. so instead of having to deal with a tight budget, you could have a tighter family. ♪ wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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11:32 am
back to charlotte we go. day two of the democratic national convention. with us now margaret hoover and john ablon. also a cnn contributor. welcome back. let's begin with this because we know that the democrats took some shots last night at mitt romney and then they turned to
11:33 am
the woman of the hour, the first lady. said some warm and fuzzy musings. let's listen to this. we're going to begin with the hardball stuff first. >> if mitt was santa claus he would fire the reindeer and out source the elves. he's a fine fellow and a great salesman but as governor he was a lot more interested in having the job than doing the job. >> a few months ago he visited a university in ohio and gave students there a little entrepreneurial advice, start a business he said. but how? borrow money if you have to from your parents he told them. gee, why didn't i think of that?
11:34 am
>> when barack was a senator and presidential candidate to me, he was still the guy who picked me up for our dates in car that was so rusted out, i could see the pavement going by in a hole in the passenger side door. he believes that when you work hard and done well and walk through that doorway of opportunity you do not slam it shut behind you. you reach back and you give other folks the same chances that help you succeed. >> margaret hoover, republican strategist to you first. i'm going to give you a free shot here. would you like to take on the first lady? >> reporter: of course i don't want to take on the first lady. she's fabulous first lady. i disagree with her politics as most republicans do. what i would say is she didn't mention once in her entire speech that 23 million americans are unemployed. she didn't mention 8.4%
11:35 am
unemployment. nobody mentioned that the debt clock ticked to 16 trillion in u.s. debt not once even though they talked a lot about investing in americans which we all believe in investing but when the government invests that means the government is spending and continues to take in debt to pay for government programs. something will have to be done and the democrats didn't take on any of those hard issues in any of those speeches. >> let me follow up with that then because we played this whole mash up. you heard the governor of massachusetts saying that romney was a lot more interested in having the job of governor than doing the job. i'm just wondering what do republicans consider to be romney's number one accompli accomplishment of governor of massachusetts. just give me one. >> reporter: closing a budget
11:36 am
gab th gap that he inherited and he did it without raising taxes. my husband laughed. here is his rebuttal. >> reporter: look, the reason that patrick line did lay a blow because it had the added advantage of being true. he treated the governorship as a way station for running for president. his accomplishment of governor was healthcare reform, the individual mandate which is politically incorrect to speak about. that objectively is what he would have been remembered for as governor if he never decided to run for president. i think the criticism of mitt romney were the most effective last night. every one they throw the red meat. where you really lay a glove is when you actually speak the truth. the refraining of the american dream from a democratic perspective that was very effective. that line from michelle obama you played where she talked about the rusted out car.
11:37 am
this was effective because it was real and relatable. >> john, what is your take so far on the convention? >> reporter: there's a lot of optimism. that was a home run first night. julian castro had a great keynote. low expectations. unknown. he stepped up and hit the ball hard. michelle obama a brilliantly written speech. i think it was a very strong first night. margaret's right to say they ignored thing like the debt clock getting 16 trillion. they may be in denial about the big money they will be facing. the polls are tight but this was a strong optimistic first night. >> reporter: i think it's fair to comment on the content of the speech. she was introducing the president of the united states of america. he's been our president for four
11:38 am
years. we know a lot about him. >> was she really saying hang on, this guy that you've known for the last four years here are eight reasons why you need to keep him in this job? >> reporter: she's trying to remind them about the hope and change they may are afraid may be lacking this time around because everything shows there's a 22% enthusiasm drop and gap between '08 and '12 and the democrats and the republicans. >> reporter: the last night speech did a lot to help close the gap. >> we're doing all this polling and since the end of last week's republican convention, mitt romney is up 7 points among likely voters who make more than $50,000 a year. if you see this the numbers have totally switched. it's now 52 to 45. i've got one more graphic. you can look at this and among voters making under 50 grand a year president obama has widened
11:39 am
his lead to 15 points . that's since the republican convention. what do you make of those numbers? >> reporter: the numbers are significant because the immediamedian income is $50,000. one of real challenges of the obama campaign and this convention is going to start closing those gaps. this can't be a middle class versus rich election. we know those fault lines exist. they got to reach out. that's why there was such an emphasis on reframing the american dream along democratic lin lines. it's split. >> reporter: what this tells us is sort of what we already know. this election is going to be about jobs. it's going to be about the economy and pocketbook issues. it's going to be who will be the person able to turn around the economy. i think it shows this bump, this middle class and the economy and when it shows this bump is how is this going to affect the person who wants to know how the
11:40 am
next four years are going to be different than the previous four. the romney campaign got a lot of traction in that and what's what i think you see in that poll. >> you know who will be talking about the middle class, bill clinton tonight. we'll look for that in the 10:00 hour. thanks. see you tomorrow from charlotte. just a reminder, primetime coverage of the democratic national convention kicks off tonight 7:00 with wolf blitzer, anderson and the rest of cnn's political team. that 10:00 hour all eyes on the screen here for bill clinton addressing the delegates there inside that arena. piers morgan stayed up late. he's wrapping up the second night of the 2012 dnc. do not miss it tonight on cnn. it could be the autumn of tablet wars. the new kindle is out tomorrow and there's rumors of a new ipad and iphone. our tech guru takes on apple and amazon, next.
11:41 am
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oh, yes, apple is at it again. the height, the rumors. look closely at this with me. the invite from apple to attend a major event next week for the unveiling of, we all know apple never really tells, never spills its secrets. you see the 12 as in september 12th. look closely at the shadow. it's a five as in perhaps the new iphone 5. we have this invite in your inbox yesterday. do tell. what should we be expecting? >> i always call it like getting the golden ticket. we were all kind of expecting the iphone 5 to be unveiled next week but what does this mean for the consumer. sales are at an all time high for this device. a lot of consumers were holding out. it was a nominal upgrade. this we expect to see a complete redesign.
11:45 am
if you're say ing is it worth te upgrade. i put a little breakdown. let's start with the big redesign. i think we see a taller screen. a bigger four inch screen. thinner, lighter, faster. think we see a new batch of headphon headphones. apple's headphones not the best. there will be a headphone jack at the bottom. retail availability september 21st. also 4g. downloading movies will be faster. if you want to pay with your phone and share context with other iphones will be a tech speck in there. going back to the fact that we are going to see a big redesign here. again, sales expectations through the roof. this is also the time where apple does an ipod refresh. we could see a new ipod touch but a new ipod it. >> just being selfish, thicker glass for those of us that like
11:46 am
to drop our iphones. >> people that shatter their iphone, i've heard that a thousands times, you can expect it to have better glass. >> what about an ipad mini? >> the highly rumors ipad mini. steve jobs said a seven inch tablet wouldn't be of interest. i think we see it come out around october. definitely before holiday. they're moving into this realm because the kindle fire and the competitiveness and the portability of a seven inch mini is becoming desirable. i don't think we see that next week. october. >> the amazon a little later as well. the amazon tablet. >> i say this is an advent calendar for technology opinion amazon has a huge press release tomorrow. they will probably announce a new kindle fire.
11:47 am
also htc has an event. microsoft surface tablet which is expected to be a competitive price is also out in october. stuff to be excited about. >> i love it. i'm looking forward to the next iphone as i'm in need of one. thank you very much. we want to take you to charlotte. take a look. it is air force one just touched down in north carolina. do we see him? not quite yet. president obama is there to accept his party's nomination for president. that happens tomorrow. we are getting some nuggets, if you will, about the president and his spch in terms of his prep. this is according to two senior campaign officials. we'll keep our eyes on this picture. the president has heavily to the writing of his speech for
11:48 am
tomorrow. david axelrod is involved in the writing process for this speech. it is the same process as the president has prepared for other major, major speeches he's given over the last couple of years. he is going over this speech with close aids and he will be tweaking the language today and thursday. you saw the picture of him last night watching his wife, the first lady deliver the big speech. he was sitting in the white house with his two little girls. i promise we're waiting for this because don't you want to see the president here in charlotte. shall we stay with this, guys? okay. we'll come back. we'll see the president arriving in charlotte. let's move onto this. one of mexico's largest drug trafficking organizations could be without a leader. the man known as the fat one in police custody today. and yummy good. real fruit pieces. 12 grams of whole grains
11:49 am
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here we go. i want to take you back. this is momentus get. this is the president getting off of air force one. he accepts the party's nomination to become president or remain as president for the next four years. here are live pictures thanks to our affiliate in charlotte, wcnc. the quick news with regards to
11:52 am
the big night being tomorrow. we now know that the democrats have decided to keep this thing indoors. 30 to 40% chance of rain. they will not be outside at the big bank of america stadium. they will keep it inside what has been dnchq inside the time cable arena. republicans are saying it's not the weather. it's the fact they couldn't fill the stadium. the democrats are saying that' not the case. they had a waiting list and it was the rain. there you have it, the president. let's go to mexico because the war on drugs you could safely say the country's special forces nabbed a huge one. his name is mario in the middle with the bullet proof vest known as el gordo. that means the fat one. he's accused of being one of the top two leaders of mexico's gulf
11:53 am
cartel. i want you to know a little more about el gordo. obviously he's the big cheese, for give me. he's the big deal with the drug trafficking trade. how big of a deal? how huge of this arrest? >> people have seen the vileness across the border. it stems from a fight between the gulf cartel which is associated with this guy captured yesterday. mario is part of a big influential family. his brother is serving a 25-year sentence for surprise, surprise, drug trafficking, money laundering and planning to kill federal agents. >> it runs in the family? >> it runs in the family. his other brother by the name of tony "the storm" was killed in 2010 in a shoot out with federal agents in mexico. it runs in the family.
11:54 am
right now he was the leader of the gulf cartel in north eastern mexico. there's a fight between the leaders of this cartel and also the other cartel which is very ruthless, very violent. that's the reason you see so much violence. >> taking out this one guy, arresting him, how does big of a dent does that make? >> a good idea is to get rid of a drug lord. the problem is there's a power vacuum that gets left and somebody immediately replaces the one who left but then the surrounding drug lords, those second in command, third in command also want a little bit of the piece of pie and this battle ensues. we haven't see what's going to happen in this case but i would bet my bottom dollar like we've
11:55 am
seen in previous cases there's going to be huge violence. >> thank you. we just got some new information from the cdc, centers for disease control on the west nile virus. more of you are coming down with it. what can we do to prevent it? why this jump in numbers? elizabeth cohen will explain that, next. we touched on this a moment ago. look at it ticking away. the country's debt topped 16 trillion. will the u.s. face another financial downgrade. what does this mean for you, for me? that's ahead in our next hour. p. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner.
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just in to cnn, new numbers from the cdc on the west nile virus. the number of deaths now stand at 87. that's up 32% from last week. senior medical correspondent elizabeth komen with me. why the jump? >> as the season continues we'll see more and more of these deaths and cases. it's likely we have peaked. it may not be the same story next week. let's go over the numbers again. you mentioned the numbers of deaths have gone from 66 to 87. that's a 25% increase. this is in the course of one
11:59 am
week from 1,590 dress in long sleeves and pants. between dusk and dawn is when mosquitos be out and also drain standing water like bird fountains and kid pools. >> just things people can do. when we hear this jump, you say this is, the peak is really mid-august. >> they think now is the peak. they think what we're seeing is the peak. we don't know for sure. we won't know until next week but it's likely this is the peak. i'm going add a 50. don't freak out. most of us bit by an


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