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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 8, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> that might be the best answer i ever had to that question. you can't beat the whole of humanity. thank you for your time. >> translator: god bless you. >> translator: god bless you. wish you success. >> thank you, sir. tonight on cnn, still casting their votes. venezuelans, flooding to the polls and the strongest challenge to president hugo chavez. a frightening and sad scene from syria. a young boy, trying to get away from a sniper. he doesn't make it. the president's bad debate night. his defenders doing what he didn't do on the debate stage. but are they making him look worse? it's our talking points segment
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tonight. and liftoff of the space rocket. >> going up. the first commercial space rocket heads to the international space station. and coming down, a daredevil about to freefall from space. and off to war. i'm don lemon. thanks for joining us. goating you up to speed. president barack obama on the west coast tonight, attend og new events in los angeles. one of those was a private event. no news cameras allowed. another is an a-list concert with stevie wonder, katy perry, and bill clinton. details from los angeles. four, three, two, one. and liftoff. liftoff of the space x falcon 9 rocket. >> marking a new era in space flight.
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the first commercial flight launched from cape canaveral, florida, bound for the international space station. nasa has stepped aside, to ship cargo to the international space station. live report from florida. a meningitis outbreak in the u.s. has grown one-third in just 24 hours. the cdc is confirming 91 cases in 9 states, including 7 deaths. 27 cases since yesterday. nearly half of the new cases in michigan. meningitis has been linked to contaminated steroid injections used to ease back and neck pain. the company that issued the injections have issued a recall for all its products. it's after 9:00 at night in venezuela, where most of the polls are open. polls are open as long as people are waiting in line to vote. hugo chavez is trying to win
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another term as venezuela's president. and now, to come very disturbing video from the syrian war. some viewers, particularly children, may want to look away. here it is. we're told you see this person running is a syrian boy. and he was hit by sniper fire in aleppo. cnn cannot confirm the video's authenticity. this video shows an air force going down in a suburb. a report says at least 100 people were killed today. and the south alabama university, following the shooting of this student. a campus police officer shot and killed him after he says the freshman showed up at the campus police station naked and acting erratically. local deputies has stepped in to
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help with is investigation. honda is recalling crvs because the power switch could start a fire. we're talking about model years 2002-2006. the switch can catch fire if the car is off. four fires have been reported. honda dealers will repair or replace the switch for you. president barack obama surrounded by rockers and singers and a-list hollywood types right now. he's in california, hoping to leave there in a couple of days with a few million more in his campaign fund. let's get to dan lothian. campaign sources say they hope to drum up $10 million over the next two days. what is the strategy? is he arming up to get working in the battleground states here? >> the strategy really is all about the battleground states,
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don. look at where the president s been traveling over the next several months. he's made many trips to colorado. to florida, where he'll be he headed later in the week. he spent a lot of time in virginia. and we can't forget about ohio. the president was just there on friday. and returns there after leaving the west coast. that's the strategy. a lot of money, a lot of time being spent in the key battleground states. if you watch television in those states, every few minutes, you'll see one of the campaign ads from the president or from mitt romney. they believe in you can hang on or win the key battleground states, that's the road to victory in the upcoming election, don. >> and the president got some laughs, dan, speaking to a friendly crowd. what did he say about the debate? >> first of all, the president started off by ticking off what he said were his accomplishments. talking about foreign policy and winding down -- ending the war in iraq, winding down the war in afghanistan. talking about health care reform
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and the auto bailout. and he turned his focus to mitt romney. and one thing coming up on the trail since the debate, big bird. >> when he was asked what he would do to cut spending, he said he'd go after public television. so, for all you moms and kids down there, don't worry. somebody's finally cracking down on big bird. cracking down on him. elmo's made a run for the border. governor romney plans to let wall street run wild again. but he's bringing the hammer down on "sesame street." >> reporter: now, the president also poked fun -- the president also poked fun at his own lackluster debate performance. he was talking about the performers that you listed at
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the top of the show. how they performed flawlessly night after night. >> big bird, the center of attention. big bird's all over the place. the president has more events planned in california. but all of these are fund-raisers, right? >> reporter: yeah. the majority. he does have one unveiling of a national monument here in northern california. actually, he'll do that tomorrow. but the bulk, the most important focus of this trip is all about fund-raising. as you pointed out, almost $10 million. $9.5 million, in fact. this is money, again, this campaign believes they need to be competitive in the key battleground states. >> dan lothian, thank you very much. the president's challenger was hard at work, too. supporters turning out in port st. lucie for mitt romney. it's up and down a swing state. he pointed to one of the key
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differences between his and president obama's plan. >> if he is elected, he will install obama care. and your premiums will go up above what they are on your current plan. that's according to the general budget office. i will control the costs in health care by repealing and replacing obama care with real reforms. let's get to another presidential election. this one in south america. and election day is today. venezuela, where that man you're about to see, president hugo chavez has been in power for 13 years now. that's chavez voting today, trying for another term. there is no limit to the number of terms a president can serve there. chavez himself made that rule. but analysts say if anyone can unseat this president, it's the man facing him today. a 40-year-old governor. let's get to caracas right now.
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paula, it's after 9:00 p.m. polls were scheduled to close hours ago. but they're still open. what's going on? >> reporter: a few are still open. if you were in any polling station, you know the lineups were huge. the turnout could be approaching 80%. the electoral commission stayed true to word and allowed the polls to stay open. we're getting word that perhaps they reached critical mass. that means 80% to 90% of the votes have been counted. we expect results in the next hour or so, don. >> what has energized voters so much to stay at polling places and wait in really long lines? >> reporter: traditionally, venezuela does have high turnout. but beyond that, this has been one of the closest and most contested elections in venezuelan history. and he has always compared this
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to the david and goliath thing. and then, you have hugo chavez. he's thrown everything at this campaign. even the kitchen sink. giving up homes, refrigerators and microwaves. doing what he can. saying i've brought people out of poverty. a lot of people are energized at the polls. it didn't matter what side they were voting for. they were happy to be there, even if they had to wait four, five hours. >> and the results, we don't know until overnight or even longer. >> reporter: that's right. this is going on right now. we are awaiting a new announcement from the electoral commission. but most people say it will be a close election. so, we'll just have to wait to see how close it really is. and if they can get us results sooner or if it will be a long night. >> it will be interesting to see who wins. it will be interesting to see if hugo chavez doesn't. right here in the u.s., in four days, the first vice presidential candidate debate.
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well, it has been four days since the first presidential debate. four days of analysis, analysts breaking it down, practically word-for-word. and after all that talk, the consensus remains that it is a
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night that president obama probably wishes he could have back. many democrats felt mr. romney bent the truth in the debate but was never called out. and i asked if he thought the moderator had bungled the responsibility. >> i think the moderators job is to make sure that the things that have been said on the stage is congruent to the things said in the past. not to call them a liar. >> if he has facts about what someone said. but it is up to the president to defend himself. >> absolutely. absolutely. i'm not trying to say the president should not take responsibility for his awful performance. he should have. but some criticism to the moderator is also justified. >> don, what the liberals is doing is postdebate spinning. it's whining. there's no whining in politics.
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there's one person who should have challenged what mitt romney was saying. his name is president barack obama. and he didn't do it. everyone else doing it afterwards doesn't carry the same punch. and i agree with l.z. it ways bit of both. it was a lot of both. president obama was way off. and mitt romney was very much on his game. i don't remember where debate where's it's hard to think of a memorable gaffe or a memorable knockout blow. and yet, there was a very visible mark of -- you know, undebatable victor of this debate, which was mitt romney. he did it just because for 90 sustained minutes, it was like he was debating a limp piece of spaghetti. >> it was like the chair from clint eastwood. i want to go a little longer with this segment. i want to talk with more of these guys. this is some honest talk. let's talk about job numbers. it could have come from the president. how big of a help to him is this
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below 8% jobless rate, do you think? i'm going to start with anna to see what the republicans think about that. how big of a help? mitt romney can no longer go, well, the unemployment rate is above 8%. >> absolutely, it was a help. and it was a salvo for president obama on friday, the day just after this disastrous debate. and let me tell you, don. i am a republican. but when it comes to unemployment numbers, i'm an american first. i root for the home team. i'm not on the red team or the blue team. i want our economy to strengthen. i want us to recover as a country. and i think the smartest thing any political person can do, any pundit can do, is celebrate america doing better. >> i think you're absolutely right. why are many republicans saying, these numbers are cooked, when it shows no interaction between the white house and the office that decides the numbers. >> because we're 30 days -- we're 30 days from an election. and everything is political. what they eat is political.
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what they wear is political. what they say is political. but at the end of the day, after november 6th, we're all in this together. >> okay. listen. >> i don't think that's true. >> you don't think it's true. >> can i get one point across? we've had 27, 28-consecutive months of job growth. this is not a one-off. the republicans have not been happy about job growth for two years. what we saw this past week, was a microcosm of the last two years. >> i'm being told, you guys are going to get cutoff because the satellite is going to do down in a minute. can we show the pictures of the debate between bill o'reilly and jon stewart. we watched in the newsroom. we were saying this is great. why aren't the real debates like this? maybe it should be bill o'reilly or jon stewart moderating the debate instead of the people we have chosen. there should be more diversity in people. maybe have there should be
1:18 am
younger people doing it. more diversity. what did you think? this was great. the other debate was boring the other night. ana? >> don, i'm all with you, with everything you just said, except for the part of jon stewart and bill o'reilly being diverse. i'm not sure they fall into the diversity category. >> we did see people of the same color up there, yes. >> they are entertaining because they are entertainers. >> i have to go. but go ahead, l.z. >> a lot of the conversation was honest. that's something that our candidates can't be. >> jon stewart and bill o'reilly, they faced off. podium-to-podium. it was mostly for the entertainment value. they have cable shows to promote. but it wasn't all for laughs. both guys did speak with some substance. and a lot of critics say their
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debate was more watchable than the real thing. >> what do you think is the most fundamental problem with the public political discourse. >> the problem with the discourse deal is capitalism. that's the problem with it. >> what was that? >> the problem with the discourse situation in circumstance is capitalism. listen to me and follow closely. you can make a lot of money by being an assassin. a lot of money. right wing or left wing. you are in and you're a hater, radio, cable, in print, whatever, you get paid. and there's people that do that. and they go in. they don't even believe half the stuff they say. and they just rip it up. and they get paid a lot of money. and that is -- they're phonies. and capitalism drives that. there are people, americans who want to hear hate. >> good debate. and engaging. joe biden versus paul ryan
1:20 am
is next. the first and only vice presidential debate, just four days away. tina jones previews the ryan/biden match-up and looks at moments from previous debates. >> reporter: who could forget that wink? governor sarah palin winken during her debate with joe biden. not just once. but half a dozen times. then, there's senator lloyd benson's dig at dan quayle in 1988. >> i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. >> reporter: memorable moments. but hardly game-changers. while presidential debates can affect the outcome of an election, vice presidential debates, like this week's upcoming match-up between vice president joe biden and his gop challenger, paul ryan, are a different animal. >> you need to see that each candidate has hit the standard
1:21 am
of readiness. that they will be ready to step into the oval office and take the reins of the presidency. beyond that, in terms of the actual debate itself, unless there is a star killing or catching moment, it rarely changes the course of the debate. >> reporter: democratic strategist, donna brazil, says, the first rule here, do no harm. >> try not breaking new ground. this is not an audition of 2016. this is about 2012. >> i don't like a damn thing about him. no. >> reporter: biden, who participated in more than 20 debates and forums in the 2008 campaign, says the contests are never easy. >> what i've been doing mostly is, quite frankly, studying up on congressman ryan's positions on the issues. and governor romney has embraced at least everything i can see. i don't want to say anything in the debate that's not completely accurate. >> reporter: so, what are the
1:22 am
candidates' biggest strengths? analysts say for ryan, it's his ability to speak in detail about policy issues. for biden, his ease in talking about how national policies affect ordinary people. here's congressman ryan's take on biden. >> he's fast on the cuff. he's a witty guy. he knows who he is. and he's been doing this for 40 years. so, you're not going to rattle joe biden. joe is very good on the attack. joe is very good at trying to confuse the issues. >> reporter: when it comes to advice for the candidates. >> try to be comfortable in your skin. be rested. look into the camera. smile from time-to-time. >> reporter: and a little humor always helps. >> can i see my wife. and i think she's thinking, i wish you would go out to the private sector. >> i'm going to try to help you do that. >> good line there. vice president joe biden and paul ryan get their turn to tackle the issues on thursday night. our coverage of the presidential
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debate begins at 7:00 eastern, right here on cnn. commercial space flight is in the big leagues now. the space x rockets blast off into the heavens. what this means to the future of spay flight and nasa.t power ofl is intensified with a serum. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. roc® max for maximum results.
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right now, the first commercial flight is headed to the international space station. the spacex rocket blasted off just a few hours ago. >> three, two, one. and liftoff. liftoff. >> mission control called it a picture-perfect launch. john zarrella has reaction to the liftoff. john? >> reporter: they are ecstatic. and they should be. it's in orbit and in a
1:27 am
rendezvous with the international space station. the dragon, along with the falcon 9 rocket lifted off from cape canaveral air force station, without a hitch. >> and liftoff of the space x falcon 9 rocket. >> reporter: a lot of people will say what's the big deal? the spacex rocket rendezvoused with the international space station and returned to earth. this was the first of the real deal missions. that was a demonstration mission. this one is carrying 1,000 pounds of cargo to the international space station. the first of 12 flights contracted with nasa at a cost of $1.6 billion. we're going to have to wait for that rendezvous to take place. the dragon spacecraft will rendezvous with the international space station. and shortly thereafter, it will
1:28 am
be to the station. right now, everything going perfectly. and the dragon capsule, on its way, on this historic mission to the international space station. don? >> thank you, john. the president's bad debate night. his defenders, doing what he didn't do on the debate stage. are they making it look worse for him with their excuses? it's tonight's no talking points.
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order now and get this document shredder, a $29 value free. [♪...] call or go online now. [♪...] it's time, now, for "no talking point." tonight, the president and the debate. you knew "snl" would eat it up. >> excuse me, governor. mr. president? >> yeah. >> mr. president, governor romney has just said that he killed osama bin laden. would you care to respond? >> no.
1:32 am
you two go ahead. >> it almost left msnbs's left-leaning host, chris matthews, to have a left-leaning meltdown. >> what was obama doing tonight? he was disarmed. an hour and a half, i can get through this thing. >> at least matthews was honest. he didn't immediately fall back on the excuses which have now become talking points for liberals. >> i think he was dishonest. absolutely. >> it was a masterful, theatrical performance. it was fundamentally dishonest for the american people. >> he has sate things not only that wasn't untrue. but what his complain said wasn't true. >> they're saying you lied. remember how those words went over when a republican said it? just saying. and the not feeling well talking point. al gore blamed altitude. when you go to 5,000 feet and only have a few hours to adjust,
1:33 am
i don't know, maybe. and the bigger things on his mind defense/talking point. >> the president was flat. i don't know what else was on his mind. could have been his anniversary. could have been what's going on in syria and turkey because he is busy running a country while running for re-election. >> it looked like he didn't want to be there. his mind wasn't on it. he didn't want to engage. >> everything you heard there is a talking point, with maybe the exceptions of chris matthews and james carville. everyone has an off night. and the president had one on wednesday. i say maybe because all along, the criticism from the right has been that candidate obama and president obama is out of his league. not a real president. knave said that. john sununu. >> what people saw was a president that revealed his incompetence. how lazy and detached he is.
1:34 am
and how he has no idea how serious the economic problems of the country are. and how he has failed to even begin to address them. >> okay. it's obvious that he is a real president. he's been on the job, now, for almost four years. i don't think anyone who keeps a schedule the president does is lazy. detached, i'm not so sure about that. but that's the way he came off to most people watching, including his most ardent supporters. if i may, mr. president, some advice. and i'd say the same thing to mr. romney had he performed poorly during the debate. with all due respect. if you want to show the right, left and between, that you're not, quote, out of your league, stop looking at your notes. stop writing while someone else is talking. do what my mom and i'm sure what many moms across the tell tell their children, what they teach us, look people, no matter who they are, dead in the eye, even when you're tired, down or even
1:35 am
intimidated, and stand up for myse yourself because no one else will. that's my advice. jon stewart, using an obama support ad, was much harsher. >> i'm tempted to leave you with the wise words of a noted actor, whose campaign viral video has been forwarded to my inbox 1,900 times by some of our passionate followers. i believe it goes something like this. >> wake the [ bleep ] up. >> that's tonight's "no talking points." matt's brakes didn't sound right... i brought my car to mike at meineke...
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bottom of the hour. we're going to look at your headlines right now. the president hits san francisco tomorrow. that scary meningitis outbreak continues to grow. seven people have now died. the cdc confirms 91 cases of fungal meningitis in 9 states. 27 new cases just since yesterday. nearly half of them in michigan. the fungal meningitis is linked to contaminated steroid injections often used to ease back and neck pain. the company that descripted the tainted steroid issued a voluntary recall for all its
1:39 am
products. late night in venezuela, where most of the country's voting places are still open, hours beyond the scheduled closing time. people are still lined up waiting to vote. president hugo chavez is trying to win another term. he's been in office for 13 years. polling places in venezuela will stay open until the last person wants to vote votes. stewart into the middle of the pack and over. >> did you see that? 25 cars in a huge crash on the final lap of talledega speedway. all of the drivers walked away without injuries. tony stewart is taking the blame for tonight's massive crash. and matt kenseth won tonight's race under caution, after most of the contenders were eliminated in that crash. a historic night in football to tell you about. yay brees.
1:40 am
drew brees topped johnny unite tass' touchdown streak. utnitas held the record for 52 years. go, brees. now, to the big stories in the week ahead from the white house to wall street. our correspondents will tell you everything you need to know, starting with the president's plans for the week. >> i'm dan lothian. president obama trying to bounce back from his debate performance, hits the campaign trail. making stops in california and ohio. he is expected to visit other swing states later in the week. and continue preparing for his next presidential debate. i'm paul steinhauser at the political desk. policy will be front and center as mitt romney gives a speech at the military institute. but the highlight of the week will be the vice presidential debate. joe biden and paul ryan face off thursday in their only showdown
1:41 am
in danville, kentucky. i'm poppy harlow in new york. lots of companies reporting, including alcoa, jpmorgan chase and wells fargo. will we see declines in the third quarter. some think that weakness in europe will finally take a toll here in the u.s. also ahead, the latest inflation data and consumer sentiment. we'll track all of that on monday. i'm "showbiz tonight's" a.j. hammer. we're speaking with sophie tweed simmons. and a few big stars stopping by to talk hot topics with me on "showbiz tonight." this is just in. we told you about hugo chavez in
1:42 am
a tight race with henrique capriles. here's what cnn is learning, that hugo chavez is projected the winner again. hugo chavez with 57% to capriles' 45%. so, he has been -- he's ruled there -- i should say been president for 13 years. he will go on to be president again. hugo chavez declared, projected the winner in venezuela. we'll continue to update you. you probably saw the video this past week. the anchor who dressed down a viewer who e-mailed her about her weight. well, she says he bullied her. but was it actually the opposite?no is intensified with a serum. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. roc® max for maximum results.
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a tv anchor went off, after she got an e-mail from a guy telling her to lose weight. jennifer livingston set off quite a controversy. >> i am a grown woman. and luckily for me, i have a thick skin, literally, as that e moil pointed out, and otherwise. that man's words mean nothing to me. >> livingston said she was bullied. i asked if public figures have a responsibility to look a person way. first, from wendy. >> i think you have a responsibility to be moral, to be ethical and to be honest.
1:46 am
i think as far as your appearance is concerned, i take exception with the viewer who called this a choice for obesity. no one chooses to be overweight. no one chooses to be obese. this is a complicated cocktail of biology, and environment and psychology. >> no one chooses to be overnight. >> absolutely. or anorexic. >> many people will say, yes, you do. it's the lifestyle choices that you make. and the food choices that you make. emme, you're much in the public spotlight. what's your thoughts on this? >> i think that -- i agree with you. you cannot choose to be obese. you don't choose to be anorexic. it just seems to be that, yes, people would think. you probably sit at home and you eat tons of food. or you sit at home and don't eat anything at all. that's a choice. it's beyond that. >> not just in the news media, emme. let's take chris christie as an example of a figure who has been
1:47 am
very publicly criticized, frankly, about his figure, his weight. >> yes. >> the governor is very overweight. he knows it. he admits it. he's addressed this issue time and again. even discussing it with cnn's piers morgan. >> the thing i'm -- my weight. i know it would be better for my kids if i got it more under control. and so, i do feel a sense of guilt, at times, about that. >> okay. isn't he saying the same thing that this guy is saying? she's not a role model for young girls? >> different. >> he's saying, i'm not a role model for my kids. >> it's not about role model. it's about getting to be a parent and stay around for a long time. it's about health. something i want to say, don, is i don't think there's a population more discriminated against than people who are overweight. and kudos to this anchor's news director and general manager for
1:48 am
keeping her on the air because you know they could have come up with another reason to let her go. >> and they do, though. >> and there's plenty of people -- they do. and there's plenty of people who have the same psychological issues, who may be home, don, and you don't see them. addicted to internet porn, shooting up heroin, addicted to gambling, doing all things to massage anxiety of their depression. but they don't have to walk it every, single day, on television or the workplace. >> i'm going to ask this question tonight. who's the real bully here? krause for writing the e-mail, livingston for her response? or neither of them? >> i don't think neither. i think one end, mr. krause is voicing his opinion. he might have too much time on his hands. and he might have issues of his own. >> i think calling it bullying is insane. we loosely use this term now.
1:49 am
these are two human beings communicating with each other. and they had a different method of communications. he would blog and put it on the internet if he wanted. she had her television microphone and camera. these were two adults communicating their opinions. remember what we talked about last week? sometimes when you feel something negative about somebody else, it's something you feel about yourself. i'm wondering what this guy doesn't like about himself as far as a role model is concerned. but this isn't bullying. >> and the guy who wrote the e-mail has since apologized. we have this just in to tell you about hugo chavez has been named the winner in venezuela's election. we'll go live next.
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this just in to cnn. you see hugo chavez voting this morning. that was in caracas. hugo chavez voted as president in 1999, will serve another term in his election day in venezuela. and the news just announced by his country's election council. paula, when and how did the news come down? we just spoke moments ago. and we didn't know. and now, we do. >> we learned about 15 minutes ago, don. on social media, we could see that chavez had won. he had won 54% to 45% on the opposition. that wasn't as close as people
1:53 am
said it might be. even though it made the rounds on social media, we could not report it because of the media restrictions in this country right now. look at it behind me, don. it's like the fourth of july out here. and this started more than a half an hour ago now. and the fireworks are still going. by any measure, this is a crushing defeat for the opposition. as i was telling you earlier, don, they made a house-to-house battle for this vote. and there were many things to complain about. hugo chavez threw everything at plus the kitchen sink at this. he's been on a nationalization campaign. many say they will see more of this and that in the long run, this will end up hurting the venezuelan economy more than it will help it. >> i was going to ask you that. it's interesting because of the media restrictions in that country. and people are watching probably saying, you're broadcasting
1:54 am
here. this show is simultaneous around the world more than 200 countries, including venezuela. so, the rules apply for that. what's interesting here is that an 80% participation rate. that is almost unheard of. >> reporter: we like those kind of numbers. it speaks to the -- i know. it speaks to the legitimacy of the process. the carter center came here. they wouldn't allow them to be observers. this is going to be a free, fair, transparent election. one of the most automated systems in the world. we won't hang about hanging chads, don. none of that here. both the opposition and the government said at the time, they would submit to whatever the results were. that's why you had people with confidence going to the polling stations today, don. you know, we're going to move on to tomorrow morning, don. and now, the focus will hit squarely on hugo chavez's health. he says he is cured of cancer.
1:55 am
i saw him. he does not look well. and there's no way to confirm this at all. but anyone with cancer and the kind of cancer he had, he never disclosed exactly what it was, you have to think, you know, will he get sick again? or has he made this miraculous recovery? that's going to be the next risk here in venezuela because there's no one waiting in the sidelines. that could really destabilize the country because he's not picked a successor. >> we're going to continue to watch this. and celebration going on. you can hear the fireworks. thank you, paula. we'll be right back.
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1:58 am
can you imagine freefalling from space? an austrian man is attempting to break the sound barrier. brian todd is following his story from roswell, new mexico. >> reporter: after five years of planning and a one-day delay for weather, it is finally about to happen. the jump of felix baumgartner. this is mission control behind me. the red bull stratos center here. mike love is going to show you the field where the mission will be launched. a giant balloon, 55 stories high, with a capsule attached is going to take felix baumgartner from the edge of space to this field. it will take them about three hours to get up to the edge of space. at that point, felix baumgartner steps out of that capsule and
1:59 am
attempts to set a new record. one for the longest freefall. he'll open his parachute about 5,000 feet above the earth. he hopes to break a speed record for someone traveling outside of a spacecraft. no one's broken the speed of sound, 690-plus miles per hour, outside of a space vehicle. he's going to be, hopefully, the first person to do that. he's going to be wearing a highressure suit, a helmet and parachute. he's base jumped from the christ the redemer statue in rio. what he planning to do after this? he's going to go back to being a helicopter pilot back in austria. that might be somewhat of a letdown. n?