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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 13, 2012 11:00am-1:30pm PDT

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endeavour is getting special treatment. it's crawling through the streets 2 miles an hour, very slow, snail's pace. a journey that is taking two days, spanning two days over 12 miles. casey is there along with the crowds. i think i saw, yeah, there you are. you're just at the nose of that shuttle. so they've had to trim some of the trees as they have gone along. is that what they had to do with this one here? it looks like it's only inches away from contact. >> yeah, they haven't decided, fredricka, what they're going to do with this tree yet. they have trimmed some branches from other trees along the route, but as you can see how close that wing is to that tree over there, they're trying to figure out right now how they are going to get by it. all along, engineers have been most concerned about this stretch of the route from los angeles international airport to the california science center. now, what we can show you is, okay, we have the wing that's really close to that tree. if we look over on the other side of the street, you can now
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see the platform starting to move. but you can see it's almost out of room on the other side of the street. so it's a very, very delicate maneuver. this platform that it's on, each of the wheels can move individually. it can go side to side and backwards and forwards so they're trying to reposition it right now to get around that tree and try to save it. we have asked a couple of the workers here who are managing this whole process whether they're going to cut the tree down or not. they say they don't know. they have tried throughout the process to save as many trees as possible. 400 have been cut down along the route. they'll be replaced 2 for 1, but some of the residents of the communities have been upset because they don't want to lose any trees. we're still watching the process and we're going to see whether it gets by the tree. you can watch as the shuttle is now pointing toward the crowd, almost. you know, these local residents who had gathered here to watch this. they're getting to see a remarkable engineering feat along with a little bit of
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history, fredricka. >> casey, i know there are experts on the ground there, but it really does see at least from this vantage point, i'm 3,000 miles away, but it seems like there's an awful lot of room to the right for those wheels to kind of shimmy over and perhaps spare that tree as you just mentioned. those wheels can kind of turn in any direction, but it looks like a couple feet away from the curb on the right side. >> well, it was a couple -- it is a couple feet away from the curb now, but when it first arrived at this location, it was right up against the curb. there was no more room. within inches of the curb. so they had to back it um, reposition it, and turn it around. and i'm not sure the camera gives you the full picture, but you can see that it's now moving back in the other direction. maybe a little closer to the curb. it looks like -- i'm no engineer, but it looks like they're going to have to go left and right, left and right to get it past this barrier. >> wow, it's fascinating and you
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can see an awful lot of people have turned out to witness whatever does happen. they got a chance to see this "endeavo "endeavour" shuttle like never before. >> are we clear? we got one of the organizers of the whole process who told me they are going to make it and they are going to save the tree. anybody who is worried about the tree, rest easy. >> i was one of those worried about the tree so i'm glad to hear that. thanks so much. appreciate it, keep us posted. >> it's less than five miles away now from its final destination. we're going to keep an eye on the shuttle throughouthe coming hours. you can, too. the box right down there on the screen, right there, will follow the shuttle's movement throughout l.a. stay with cnn all day. we're the source, as the shuttle moves to the california science museum. and also live streaming on >> all right, later on this hour, we're going to talk to a man who has flown four shuttle missions to get his impressions
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on what is going on in l.a. right now. he's been on that "endeavour" and we want to find out from him whether he thinks the u.s. abandoned the shuttle program a little too soon. let's talk presidential politics now. election day just 24 days away. and mitt romney is campaigning hard today in one of the biggest battleground states, ohio. he's speaking at a rally this hour in sportsmouth, and later on today, he attends a rally in the town of lebanon. romney spent time this morning preparing for his next debate with president obama. that showdown is tuesday night in hempstead, new york. >> president obama, meantime, is under particular pressure to put on a strong performance after getting critical reviews in the first debate. last week. just a few minutes ago, he left joint base andrews for williamsburg, virginia, where he'll be preparing. he'll be there until tuesday. the town hall debate will be
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hosted by our own candy crowley in new york. a rock legend is about to hit the campaign trail. ♪ >> bruce springsteen will campaign for president barack obama next week in ohio. he'll team up with another high-profile supporter, former president bill clinton. ohio is a critical battleground state and the race between obama and mitt romney is now neck and neck in that battleground state. meanwhile, there has been a troubling incident at president obama's campaign office in denver, colorado. police say a shot was fired at the office yesterday, shattering a window. people were inside the building at the time. luckily, no one was hurt. police say they don't have a suspect yet, but they are investigating a possible suspicious car at the scene. cnn's shannon travis joining me now with the latest on that investigation. what are authorities willing to
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say right now? >> well, actually, fred, they're not willing to go further than what you just said. we called around to the campaigns themselves. they're referring us to police, and police are only pretty much divulging those details you mentioned. a single shot was fired. this window was shattered at this obama campaign office there in denver, and that there is a possible vehicle of interest, and not necessarily a suspect. so we'll continue obviously to dig for some more details, but right now, that's all we have coming in. unclear if that's all the police have or if that's all they're willing to divulge right now, fred. >> meantime, let's shift gears. big night tuesday night for the men who would be president in their second showdown. >> second showdown. >> that's right. we understand both are hunkering down this weekend in various ways, preparing. the president heading to williamsburg,verge verge. what more do we know about how these two are preparing for tuesday's debate? >> we expect for them to both
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have those same kinds of intense debate camps, right? you just mentioned a moment ago, president obama is going to williamsburg, virginia. battleground state, to prepare today. we don't expect to see much from him. mitt romney, he's holding two events. he held one, he's holding another one actually this hour. in ohio. and we expect for him to around that, to prepare as well. from what we have been hearing from both sides, fred, i mean, both of these candidates know they have an objective. romney has to keep the momentum going. he was roundly praised as having won the last debate. he has to keep that going and continue to hit hard at the president. the president on the other hand, has to step up. himself, he's admitted he didn't do quite as well as he hoped. both of them have a lot of goals going into this. the one thing that is different with this town hall style format, other than our amazing candy crowley hosting it, it offers a lot more chances and opportunities for them to trip up because you're in front of a live audience, right, in front
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of people. you remember in 1992, george h.w. bush looking at his watch. and in 2000, gore perceived as invading bush's space. so it's a different intimate setting. you have people here who are asking questions, that you have to respond to directly. it's a bigger challenge for both of these guys. but of course, they're preparing to step up to the challenge, fred. >> okay, they have to. the pressure is on both of them, right? >> that's right. >> shannon travis, thanks so much. appreciate that. >> the presidential contenders will be squaring off for a second time tuesday night. our special live coverage begins at 7:00 eastern time, and our debate will be moderated by our own candy crowley. more arrests in pakistan. the latest on the investigation into the shooting of a teen activist. and the candidate's speech is in pieces all over the district. the writer's desktop and the coordinator's phone are working on a joke with local color. the secure cloud just received a revised intro from the strategist's tablet. and while i make my way into the venue,
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it's the end of an era in space travel. the shuttle "endeavour" has traveled more than 120 million miles through space and now it's making its final journey. a 12-mile trek through los angeles with less than five miles to go to its final destination. joining me now, leroy chow, a former nasa astronaut and has flown four missions and also flew aboard the shuttle "endeavour" back in 1996. good to see you. >> nice to be with you. >> what's it like to see this shuttle meander its way very slowly and cautiously through the streets of los angeles to this museum site? >> well, it's bitter sweet. you know, this is the last shuttle that is being delivered to a museum. you know, to me, i'm personally saddened to see the shuttle program having come to an end, but also nice to see that these
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shuttles will be displayed proudly and that the public will have the opportunity to come and see them. >> and wow, look at all the people who have turned out, we're looking at live pictures now while it tries to make it way through the inglewood neighborhood on crenshaw drive. and you know, it came very close to that tree, but anyway, people are kind of watching in awe of this incredible spaceship make its way. what does that say to you about the fascination people continue to have about the space flight? >> well, i think people continue to be interested and fascinated by space flight. the's a lot of interesting things and wonderful things going on. human space flight, i think people identify with astronauts being onboard somewhere. it's like any other kind of exploration. you get great data, great photos from the automated probes, but it takes having a person there that really kind of brings it home to the public. that's why i'm not surprised to see a lot of people out to watch the spaceshuttle as it makes its
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final journey to the museum there, and boy, it's nice to watch, but it's pretty bittersweet. >> so you have been on this space shuttle in 1996. you have been on four others. i wonder, how does it compare? are all of the shuttles essentially the same once you're onboard, or does the "endeavour" have its own personality given its history that you'll remember? >> oh, each shuttle kind of has its own personality. they're functionally fairly similar, but you know, each shuttle kind of has its own personality, and "endeavour" was the newest one, so when i flew on it in 1996 t was still pretty much in its early days. i did my first space walk out of endeavour. i was the lead space walker on that mission and it was the first chance i had to put a suit on, have tools and constructions techniques to build the international space station. >> what was that like? what's your fondest memory of that in. >> fantastic. getting up into space, that was a fulfillment of a childhood
11:14 am
dream and getting a chance to go out and do space walks was even another level. >> we're watching at that file tape right now. keep going, that's you out there. >> oh, yeah. the view is just unbelievable. it's even better than looking through a window. it's not too much different like being in the air, but you take the time to get out and enjoy it. >> extraordinary. fond memories. we appreciate you sharing with us. i know this is bittersweet because it really does kind of represent, i guess, the future of space flight and your greatest worries about that? >> well, you know, the space shuttle, unfortunately, in my opinion, it was retired early. it had a lot of life left in them, and unfortunately, we no longer have the ability, the united states, to launch our own astronauts into space. we're continuing to operate the space station. we're flying our astronauts with the russians like i flew with
11:15 am
them in 2004, 2005, and we're working on an earth exploration program, and we're seeing exciting things happening on the commercial side with one of the commercial companies flying the first operational cargo mission to the space station. >> leroy, thanks so much for reflecting with us. and helping us to appreciate the "endeavour" in a whole different way. thanks so much. good to see you. >> thank you, good to be with you. all right, checking some international stories at this hour. the joint u.n. arab league envoy is meeting turkey's foreign minister today. they're discussing how to deal with the rising tensions between syria and turkey. they're now diverting their civilian planes around syrian air space. an audio message believed to be from al qaeda's top leader praises the deadly attacks in libya. the message is posted on several islamist websites but cnn cannot confirm the authenticity of the
11:16 am
audio. and at least two refugees from cuba drowned after their raft capsized near cancun, mexico. 11 others are missing. nine men and one woman survived and are now in custody. officials say the yucatan peninsula has become popular for human smugglers because it's not heavily patrolled. on to pakistan now, authorities are doing everything to find those involved in the shooting of a teen activist. a young girl is now fighting for her life in a hospital. shot by the taliban for wanting to go to school. we have the latest on the investigation. >> pakistani authorities say they have made another set of arrests in connection with a shooting of 14-year-old malala. a police chief in a district one hour south of where she was shot saying three people are in custody. he's calling them suspects, but it's not clear how they were linked to this incident. in the meantime, malala still in critical condition in a leading
11:17 am
military hospital. doctors say they're still monitoring the swelling in her brain. the good news, they say, is her vitals, her pulse, her blood pressure, remain stable. in the meantime, the top military spokesperson telling cnn in graphic detail where exactly malala was shot. >> she was hit on the left side behind the forehead. >> so she got hit directly in the head? >> yes, she got hit in the head, and then it traveled through here, through the neck, and went behind the shoulder and rested just next to the back bone. >> was this a point-blank shot? >> it was a point-blank shot. >> are you surprised that she's even alive today? >> yes, everyone is surprised that she's alive today. >> so was it a small-caliber gun? >> yeah, i think it was nine millimeter, probably. >> have you ever seen someone get shot in the head with a nine millimeter and survive? >> such cases are very rare. you get a hit directly in the
11:18 am
head and survive. >> incrible. are you shocked she's alive today? >> yeah, i was surprised, too. >> doctors continue to say the coming days are going to be crucial in malala's recovery. in the meantime, the outpouring of support continues. more prayer vigils, more rallies scheduled on sunday in pakistan. the biggest one in karachi where tens of thousands of people are expected to turn out. and a woman who says she may have received a tainted shot is suing over the meningitis outbreak even though she's not sure she had the illness. also new numbers from the cdc on the meningitis case right after this. mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer.
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all right, just in to cnn, new numbers from the centers for disease control. the death toll now stands at 15 in the fungal meningitis case, that's one additional death now. and that is -- that's since friday's death toll. the cdc announces there are 198 cases of the noncontagious illness in 13 states. meanwhile, a minnesota woman has filed what appears to be the first lawsuit in the outbreak.
11:22 am
she claims she suffered bodily harm and emotional distress after being injected with a contaminated steroid. some 14,000 people have gotten those injections. the drug facility at the center of the fungal meningitis outbreak was implicated in another death eight years ago. that case also had to do with contaminated medication. and it's raising questions about whether the current outbreak could have been prevenlted. here is cnn's brian todd. >> cnn has learned the fatalities linked to the current meningitis outbreak are not the first deaths caused by the new england compounding center. ten years ago, a man from upstate new york got an injection of a steroid according to documents from a lawsuit filed by his family, documents cnn has obtained. the complaint said it drug was made by necc. the suit seeking $2.5 million from the company, says the drug
11:23 am
he received was contaminated, that he got bacterial meningitis from it and that he died from that. koch passed away in february of 2004. the suit was later settled out of court. because of confidentiality agreements, we don't know if they admitted wrong doing. >> it raises issues with their quality systems. >> steven isn expert on compounding drugs and the manufacture of them at the university of maryland school of pharmacy. she says compounding pharmacies are traditionally supposed to work with doctors to make specific drugs for individual patients, but some compounding facilities like necc crossed over. >> you could obviously see when they're doing tens of thousands of units, they have crossed over from an individual prescription, an individual pharmacist and patient, to manufacturing, where they're distributing that widely to all of these different states. >> at that point, he said those facilities are supposed to be regulated by the fda. but necc never got federal
11:24 am
approval to manufacture those drugs. that provoked some important questions. after william koch's death, couldn't regulators have stepped in, investigated necc and shut it down, add least temporarily? if they had done that, could the deaths in the current meningitis outbreak, including at least one here in maryland have been prevented? the fda doesn't have jurisdiction over compounding pharmacies until there's a problem. fda officials say they have been fighting to change that. an official wi the health department of massachusetts where necc is based tells us after complaints about injections received on the same day koch got his shot, they did a joint investigation of necc. it's not clear if those agencies were made aware of koch's specific case. they didn't shut down the company. but the official says after an investigation of more than three years, they gave necc a list of several things it needed to fix. put the company on probation for a year, but suspended that probation, he says, because the
11:25 am
company did fix the problems. in his view, it never should have gotten that far. >> i feel that they should have stuck to their original business of compounding, and they should not have crossed the line. >> we couldn't get an necc representative to comment on that. asked about the koch case, the company declined comment. brian todd, cnn, washington. and new york mayor michael bloomberg's upcoming ban on large sugary drinks may be in for a super sized legal battle. soft drink makers and a restaurant group are suing to stop the ban from taking effect in march. they cite a technicality saying only the city council has the power to impose such a ban. they also argue that the law infringes on personal freedom and unfairly targets certain businesses. >> and a medical student becomes a patient after she is diagnosed with cancer. and now she's using that experience to save the lives of
11:26 am
her patients. dr. sanjay gupta has today's human factor. >> great. >> i think i always wanted to be a doctor. my dad was a physician. so i would always see him go into work. i was 6 or 7. he was always helping people. so that was my inspiration. >> just three months into her studies, the doctor said her life changed dramatically. suddenly, something she was learning about seemed to really apply to her. >> i had a tumor here in the middle of my chest. >> the diagnosis, rhodgkins lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system. >> i then became a patient. it will be 15 years next month. and your world just stops. and as a young person who is getting to live my dream of being a doctor, that was very tough. >> she knew her prognosis was good, and she was prepared for
11:27 am
chemotherapy and radiation, also the inevitable hair loss. with the help of her family and friends and fellow students as well as her faith, she fought that cancer and was able to stay in medical school. she came to houston as a fellow. she join the faculty where she began treating patients at the local county hospital. it provides oncology care to the underserved and indigant. patients who came to see reiber are not only seeing a doctor but a survivor. >> it's better than the first time i was here. >> and with spirit, right? >> right. >> and i'm fine. >> she not only runs a survivorship program. last year, she became the director of this cancer program. >> what have you been able to do? >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. for a los angeles driver who thinks they have seen everytng, well, then there's
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this. the space shuttle "endeavour" slowly navigating tight streets on the way to its permanent home at the california science center. [ giggling ]
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all right, this is a an item we continue to watch. the national weather service has issued a tornado watch, meaning the conditions are in place for a tornado all the way up to 10:00 p.m. eastern time, 9:00 central time for northwest texas and central oklahoma which includes oklahoma city, very populated area. tornadoes, hail up to 2 inches in diameter, all of that are possibilities, and thunderstorms and wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour and possibly dangerous lightning also in those areas. again, norwest texas and central oklahoma. tornado watch in effect. we have conditions that are good for the potential for tornadic activity and all that comes with it. we'll keep you posted. on to colorado now.
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the search is on for the killer of a 10-year-old girl. police say they have found the body of jessica ridgeway. she was reported missing a week ago. she was last seen leaving for school. >> a great deal of sorrow in my heart. i regret to inform you that the body that was found has been positively identified as yes caw ridgeway, the missing girl from westminster. the family has been notified. we can't begin to comprehend the grief they're goingthrough. >> it's hard to imagine why someone would want to do this to such a nice little girl. >> this there is someone who knows where he's at, but we need to find him. >> the fbi is vowing not to rest until jessica' killer is caught. the community will come together for a balloon release later in the afternoon to celebrate
11:33 am
jessica's life. on to texas, a judge has sentenced a young mother to 99 years in prison for first degree injury to a child. the woman glued her 2-year-old daughter's hands to the wall. then kicked and beat her because she was not potty trained. the prosecutor calls the woman pure evil. she will serve 30 years before she comes up for parole. and this is a first, even for the folks out in los angeles who maybe for this moment, thought they had seen it all. the space shuttle "endeavour" on a slow, two-day trek through cramped city streets. the final destination, the california science center where it will be on permanent display. it has traveled 123 million miles in space. 25 spate flights, l.a.'s mayor calls it a once in a lifetime event. the race for the white house now is heating up with election
11:34 am
day just 24 days away. mitt romney is campaigning hard today. there he is in the battleground state of ohio. he's speaking at a rally this hour in portsmouth. later on today, he attends a rally in lebanon. he spent time this morning preparing for his next debate with president obama. that showdown is tuesday night in hempstead, new york. meantime, president obama is preparing himself for the debate. and he is in williamsburg, virginia. he's under particular pressure to do well after getting harsh reviews in the first faceoff last week. the town hall style debate will be hosted by our own candy crowley. the race is extremely close right now. the new cnn poll of polls shows romney with a two-point lead nationally over president barack obama, and here's the latest polling out of ohio. it shows president obama with a three-point lead. as president barack obama has visited ohio more than 20 times and most of those stops
11:35 am
have been this year, mitt romney and paul ryan are there again this weekend as john shows us it is the battleground of the battleground states. and ohio's working moms could be the key to victory. >> the lights still on past midnight. another 20-hour day for jessica. >> i'm a single mom of a 5-year-old little girl who is fantastic. i work full time. and go to school full time. so my day usually starts around 4:45 in the morning, and ends close to 1:00 a.m. you do what you have to do in this economy. >> her vote, she said, is for jillian's future. she was leaning mitt romney until his own words pushed her back to undecided. >> about the 47%, and i can't worry about them. how can you put your faith and trust in a candidate that doesn't care about everybody? >> to win ohio and other key battlegrounds, romney must overcome the doubts of working moms like jessica.
11:36 am
new cnn polling shows a post-debate romney bounce but still a narrow obama lead. white women are the battle within the battleground. 52% support the president now. that's up from the 47% he received here in 2008. >> they're all worried about putting food on the table, raising kids who are happy and healthy, who are going to have a good future, graduate into an economy where they can find a job. >> democratic pollster margie has been studying so-called walmart moms for several years. >> we have seen them be swing voters over the years. twoup2008, they voted for obam. in 2010, they were more divided. by november 2010, they were decidedly republican. >> i was wondering if mitt romney and paul ryan and josh rendell can count on your vote in this election? >> like sarah, a 2008 obama voter who is now an ohio romney volunteer. >> he let me down. i was hopeful he was going to be
11:37 am
the guy to turn everything around in america and make everything better. and his words were empty. >> romney might have only himself to blame if middle class moms side with oobama in this cycle. sheryl wiseman is a conservative christian. a 2008 john mccain voter who recently went from undecided to lean obama, offended, she says, by romney's 47% remark. >> i think i heard it on an obama ad and then i googled it. he's out of touch with everything everyone is going through. ohio was one of the hardest places hit. >> it hit home because the wiseman family got help when their husband was out of work for a bit. >> my reaction to what he said is that's me. you're talking about me. >> three teenagers and a husband who just found work two hours away shape sharon's politics. while she promises to listen, the hour is getting late. romney is running out of time to prove he understands her struggles. john king, cnn, reynoldsburg,
11:38 am
ohio. >> this tuesday, the second presidential debate. this one, rather, is a town hall debate. and it's in new york, and moderated by our own candy crowley. beginning tuesday night, 7:00 eastern. you don't want to miss it. small town, big scandal. asume bah instructor is charged with running a prostitution ring out of her workout studio and the client list is said to include local vips. ally bank. why they're always there to talk. i love you, james. don't you love me? i'm a robot. i know. i know you're a robot! but there's more in you than just circuits and wires! uhhh.
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town in maine, police say some pretty outrageous stuff was going on in a local dance studio. investigators are expected to release an alleged prostitution
11:42 am
ring client risk reported to include prominent local figures. 29-year-old alexis wright used her zumba studio as a brothel, even videotaping the sex sessions. she pled not guilty to 106 prostitution related charged. susan candiotti joins us with more on this. when is this list expected to be released? >> i don't know, fred. we'll have to see, but this is a huge thing up there. especially it's a scandal that has the folks in maine waiting for the big reveal. a lot of people want to know who is on the list of alleged johns. customers of a woman running zumba classes. as a reprieve now for the alleged johns, a lawyer for two of them known as john doe one and john doe two is appealing to maine supreme court to put a cubosh on releasing the names of about 150 people. the fitness instructor has pleaded not guilty, so has her
11:43 am
business partner, mark stron. he's charged with acting as her pimp. wright is accused of having sex with customers right there in the exercise studio and rolling videotape on former liaisons. there's been a lot of hoopla over outing her clients. they include a lawyer, an accountant, a local tv personality according to her alleged pimp's lawyer. in court documents obtained by wgme, one man describes himself as disabled and a family man. and another as a dad and a businessman. both say their reputations may be ruined if their names get out. a local judge has ruled too bad. clearing the way to reveal the names, but the ken abunk police chief is keeping the names secret a bit longer until the main supreme court has a chance to rule. >> susan, what are the people thinking about all of this? >> you know, it depends on who you talk with. some people say these names should be kept under wraps and some say, hey, we want to know
11:44 am
who it is. we also talked to a radio talk show host who tells us his listeners are split. a local newspaper editor said she's ready to publish the names of the accused johns. in her view, it's only fair. after all, they too are accused of a crime. >> all right, thanks so much, susan candiotti for that update. >> lance armstrong denies the doping allegations that cost him his tour de france titles, that could potentially cost him the titles, that is. but yet another teammate said he saw armstrong doping. we'll tell you after the break. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
11:45 am
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to a currency market for everyone. the potential of fxcm unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. the potential of yelp unlocked.
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nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. one of lance armstrong's former teammates says he knows the superstar cyclist was doping. the scandal has cost him the seven tour de france titled he won. tyler hamilton rode with him in four of the races as part of the u.s. postal service team. he's one of ten former teammates who have accused armstrong of
11:48 am
doping, part of what the anti-doping agency called overwhelming evidence. >> the first time i ever blood doped was with lance. it was for lance, basically. it was -- i had blood doped myself, you know, it was done by the team, but it was done for the tour de france so i could be a good teammate for lance armstrong. i mean, a lot of it, you know, he wanted you to be riding at your best in the biggest races. and lance, it was all about winning the tour de france. >> armstrong denies he ever doped, still unclear what will happen to his seven titles and his olympic medals. >> the fbi is looking for a lot of benjamins, and the thieves that stole it from the federal reserve. they say a large amount of newly designed 100 dollar bills were bound for a fed facility in new jersey. the money was being transported thursday from dallas with a stopover in philadelphia.
11:49 am
after the cargo reached new jersey, the courier noticed some of it was missing. the fbi won't say how much was taken, only that it was substantial. and rocker eric clapton made gold and platinum records, but yesterday, a painting from his private collection broke a sales record. the abstract work by german painter sold for more than $34 million at sotheby's in london. the auction house says it's the highest price ever for a work by a living artist. the old record was $28.6 million. >> where can you find superheroes, zombies, and movie stars all in one creepy kind of place? there it is right there. comic-con in flonew york. that's gray drake, always getting into character for a good segment. she'll be joining us right after this, and friends, too.
11:50 am
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11:52 am
all right, comic-con is where comic book fans from all over gather to celebrate their favorite superheroes. new york's comic-con weekend is
11:53 am
huge already. this weekend, our grae drake is at comic-con in new york to give us an update. she's a teen zombie. she's going at the zombie school girl. you do that oh, so well. and you are in lots of great company there because you found other zombie brethren. >> i am among my friends. they have made me their queen. >> that is scary. it looks very authentic. >> this is the thing about zombies, they keep getting all up in your business. let me take care of this. >> they're saying go see "argo" this weekend. >> certified fresh on the tomato meter. >> be careful, these guys are kind of creepy. "argo" is going to be a big one. if anyone is not too distracted by what's happening in the streets of new york, maybe they'll check out a movie. what other company are you finding out there besides the
11:54 am
creepy, scary zombies? >> this is comic-con, fredricka, as you know. there's not a moment of personal space in this place. for movie freaks like me, today is a huge day because i just got to talk to the cast of "conjuring." take it easy, buddy. and everybody is a star at comic-c comic-con, i guess. i got to talk to the cast of the "conjuring" which is a movie coming out in july, and there's also a movie called "beautiful creatures" which i think is going to be the next "twilight" and i would be remiss that i didn't mention the "walking dead" is premiering tomorrow night. easy on the hair, sparkles. >> tomorrow night, we're going to be treated to all this action, which is why i'm dressed like a zombie school girl. >> okay, so this lasts for how long? this started thursday, did i get
11:55 am
it right? you have to fight off the fans there. >> comic-con, i know, right. i can't go anywhere without this paparazzi following me. comic-con lasts friday, saturday, and sunday in new york. it keeps getting bigger and bigger. somewhere in the neighborhood of 60,000 last year. as one small zombie on the floor, it seems like it's getting close to being as big as san diego comic-con, which is hundreds of thousands of people, and they all want to eat your brains. >> oh, gosh, so they're not all scary. i'm looking at some of the video shot earlier. some of the superhero kind of characters, the save the world and all that good stuff. you have ghost busters and all that. and wonderwoman. >> yep. absolutely. you know, being in new york, the best part about being at a new york comic-con is ghostbusters are wandering around in their home city, and generally their protonpacks are playing a theme
11:56 am
song so you have something to dance to. got a little something. i just love these events so much because everybody here gets to nerd out, and we're all family. come on, zombies. we are family. >> you've really gotten into it. oh, my goodness. we don't want to interrupt the fun. you all are tearing up new york city like no one else can. so continue to have a good time as a teenage zombie there. and straighten out your friends there. they're a little too touchy-feely. all right, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> what can i say? >> it's tight in new york. what can you say. later. >> remember, grae drake, she's at comic-con and she's our weekly movie guru as well. you can get her interviews at >> picture this, you're walking along the beach and you find not
11:57 am
a sand dollar, not a message in a bottle, but this. a giant eyeball. we'll explain where it might have come from. [ man ] in hong kong, on my way to the board meeting... anne's tablet called my phone. anne's tablet was chatting with a tablet in sydney... a desktop in zurich... and a telepresence room in brazil. the secure cloud helped us get some numbers from my assistant's pc in new york. and before i reaed the top, the board meeting became a congrats we sold the company party. wait til my wife's phone hears about this.
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12:00 pm
quote. vick had been banned from owning a dog until his probation ended in may. a florida man gets quite a shock when he finds a giant eyeball on the beach. you can see it right there. he turned over the eye, roughly the size of a softball. he turned it over to police who sent it to a lab. the florida official wildlife commission is working to figure out what kind of an animal that big old eyeball may have come from. a spokeswoman said it probably is from a large fish. but she thinks more like a squid. the findi ings should come to t surface next week. all right, you're in the "cnn newsroom." i'm fredricka whitfield. let's get you up to speed. space shuttle "endeavour"
12:01 pm
lumbering through the streets of los angeles at 2 miles an hour. its permanent display at the science center of california. thousands of californians are turning out to see this slow massive tour. >> there are just four weekends left before election day. and mitt romney and paul ryan are spending this one campaigning in the key state of ohio. ryan is making three stops there today. romney is holding two rallies. this morning in columbus, he put in a little time pressing for the next big debate for president obama. that showdown is scheduled for tuesday night in hempstead, new york. >> president obama is preparing for the debate for the next three days in williamsburg, virginia. he's under particular pressure to do well after getting critical reviews in the first faceoff last week. the town hall style debate will be hosted by our own candy crowley. and police are investigating a troubling incident at president obama's campaign office in denver. officials say a shot was fired at the office yesterday,
12:02 pm
shattering the window. people were inside the building at the time. luckily, no one was hurt. police say they don't have a suspect yet, but they're investigating a possible suspicious car at the scene. the cdc is out with new numbers on the spread of that deadly meningitis disease. within the last hour, the cdc says 15 people have died. 198 people may have been contaminated because of the contaminants in the steroids used, making them exposed to fungal meningitis. >> now to the space shuttle "endeavour" which is the largest vehicle to ever roll through the streets of los angeles. an amazing site. john zarrella is there watching it all, there with thousands if not millions of other people who have lined the streets to see it up close and personal. >> yeah, fredricka, certainly thousands here. this is the second viewing
12:03 pm
location that had been set up along the route today. you can see behind me here, the sea of people who have come here for the festivities that are going to take place here. look over here, american flags, people holding american flags here. it's like a terrific -- having fun? you ready for it? a couple more hours. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm sorry. i'm not supposed to be a kill joy, but you know, they have run into a little bit of -- well, they ran into a few difficulties up on crenshaw in that direction where they have had to really slow down. they were literally within inches of the trees and at one point, they had to lay some sand down to build up a curb because it actually kind of jumped the curb with the tow vehicle to get up to it. stephanie is with me. she is with nasa and prepared all of the vehicles for their journeys. and you knee that it was going to be difficult. >> absolutely. they have been planning this for
12:04 pm
18 months, going through the route, making sure they could get through. we knew there would be some snags along the way. you have a convoy with them that can handle anything they're doing. going down, making sure we're doing the right thing, making sure we don't damage anything along the way, especially the vehicle. >> that's especially important to you. you work to make these things fly, and here you are, and you have to catch yourself, right, because they don't fly anymore. they're artifacts. >> absolutely. i was talking to a lady, and she said i was so close, i could almost touch it. i said, i'm glad you didn't. please don't. i'm in the mom mode, don't touch the vehicle. when we get it there safely, that's what we're here to do. >> thanks so much. always great to have stephanie with us. and look here, kids. are you excited to be here? >> yeah. >> yeah. you're excited? >> very excited. >> everybody has their cameras. look, they're all ready to go and they're waiting on it. up on the stage there, debbie allen, the famous choreographer and dancer, they're doing to be doing a production here as well. this is going to be one terrific
12:05 pm
stop, but a couple more hours they're going to have to wait out here. fortunately, a little warm, but this is a pleasant, lovely los angeles day. fredricka. >> we're very familiar with the debbie allen dance academy that was helping to put on the performance there. and hey, john, the weather is beautiful so who cares about waiting another two hours before they get to see a piece of history roll by? all right. john zarrella, thanks so much there in los angeles. and we're going to keep an eye on the shuttle throughout the coming hours. the box on the screen as you'll see momentarily, will show that shuttle's movement through los angeles and stay with cnn all day. we're your source as the shuttle moves to the california science museum and live streaming on what's next for the future of space exploration? our guest coming up says it could be brighter than a supernova.
12:06 pm
and now, just 24 days until election day, and it looks like the race is getting even tighter. in one particularly red state, president obama is gaining momentum. shannon travis joining us live from washington. tell us about the new poll out in arizona. >> yeah, surprise, surprise, fred. who would have thought that arizona, the race would be tightening for the presidential candidate in arizona? our cnn electoral map shows that state as leaning romney, but take a look at the new poll from the rocky mountain, at the rocky mountain poll. president obama, 42%. mitt romney, 40%, among all voters. that's an amazing turn around from just a few weeks ago in this same poll that was showing romney ahead, again, arizona has only voted for one democrat in the past 60 years, senator mccain obviously won his home state in 2008. so this is a bit surprising. not only is it surprising to
12:07 pm
arizona, fred, but besides what we have seen in other polls and states, host the first presidential debate. let's take a look at a few other numbers from a recent survey from the american research group. for florida, among likely voters, romney, 49%. obama, 46%. same group, arg, in new hampshire, romney, 50%. obama, 46%. again, among likely voters. both of those polls obviously well within the sampling error. a statistical dead heat, but both of the polls showing romney having momentum in the states after the first debate. we have seen that across a few polls, so the arizona poll, interesting and definitely defies the trend we have seen in other polls in other states. >> florida, remarkable numbers there. arizona, what about the rest of the country? >> the rest of the country, i mean, again, we have seen some tightening, some movement towards romney. you know, this poll position can be a little trucky. some polls show wider margins,
12:08 pm
different spreads than others, but we have definitely seen overall, predominantly, a momentum toward mitt romney after the first debate performance which underscores president obama going into the second debate, he has to do a lot better. he admitted he didn't do as well as he hoped to do. >> we'll see what happens on tuesday. the pressure is on. shannon travis, appreciate that. lots of interesting things going on surrounding this race to the white house, including this. the romney campaign now denouncing a racially charged t-shirt someone wore to a romney/ryan rally. he was photographed wearing a shirt saying put the white back in the white house. as you see right there. a campaign spokesman told cnn the shirt is reprehensible and has no place in the election. no one from the romney team saw the shirt at that event. >> meantime, more doping
12:09 pm
accusations against lance armstrong, a former teammate and cycling team in the suit speaking out. >> and hitchhiking goes digital. new apps that let you get a ride with your smartphone. and later, an update on tim mcgraw's efforts to help wounded veterans get home. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's largest 4g network. now covering 3000 more 4g cities and towns than verizon. at&t. rethink possible. the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther.
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have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. let's check international headlines this hour. in pakistan, police have made more arrests in the attack on the 14-year-old girl. officials say malala remains in critical condition, but her vital signs are stable. she was shot in the head by taliban fighters because she publicly defends girls' rights to an education. in syria, rebel fighters are
12:12 pm
celebrating. they claim they shot down a government jet over aleppo province. human rights activists say a number of rebel fighters were wounded in a government air strike while trying to storm a military camp close to the turkest border. and now to the doping scandal involving lance armstrong and yet another reason his fans may doubt his claims of innocence on doping allegations. his former teammate, australian pro cyclist matt white has admitted to doping when he was a member of armstrong's u.s. postal team. his statement comes days after the u.s. anti-doping agency released thousands of pages of evidence against armstrong. joining me now, jonathan mann. i'm so disappointed to hear all of this. i know a lot of people are, because, you know, you want to give someone the benefit of the doubt, and he, lance armstrong has come out so strong, reminding people that i never tested positive. now there's new evidence that makes it a little difficult for
12:13 pm
him to fight. >> it isn't just a little bit of evidence. a 1,000-page report, the teammates who rode with him, who knew him best, his best friend on the team he served on are coming forward saying not only did he take the drugs, something he vehemently denies, but they were forced to take it as well. he kind of pressured them, if you want to be part of the team, if you want to help us win, you have to take them as well. it wasn't just that he himself was breaking the rules. he was encouraging the other people who wanted to ride with him to break the rules too. >> that's explaining why some of them are breaking their silence now. they have felt conflicted for so long and now they're feeling like, wait a minute, you forced me to do this and now i have to lay it out all? >> essentially. what has happened is there have been a succession of riders who were caught. while they were identified as cheats, armstrong could say, they're already cheats, don't paint me with their brush. now people are coming forward who had not been caught and who
12:14 pm
willingly acknowledged for the first time using these drugs. but what's remarkable is not just that other people are blaming lance armstrong and saying i feel terrible, i wanted to come forward. people are coming forward who didn't take drugs and saying, what about us? and i'm thinking very particularly about one rider. he's not a household name around the world, but he rode against armstrong. he wasn't his teammate, he wasn't a friend. he was a competitor. what he said to say is riders are again paying the price for what went wrong six or seven years ago. that's not fair. here's the part that gets me. lance has insured that the early years of my career were wasted years. i hope that this time is finally behind us. so here's a guy who rode against lance armstrong when lance armstrong was cheating, it seems. he denies it. >> he said he was clean. >> he was clean, and he couldn't win. >> he can't compete. >> now he's claiming he's still riding and the sport is still soiled by the stain of the armstrong years. this is a guy who loses out
12:15 pm
twice just trying to get out there and ride a bicycle and win races. i'm a supporter of lance armstrong, i think you have been too. an extraordinary man. >> you want to believe he's exceptional. he's the one, the stand-out, the anomaly athlete who has done so much, defied the odds. >> it's easy to think of this as a victimless crime creating by a great hero, but there were victims, the honest athletes competing against him. it changes the story. >> still not proven. we're talking about the release of more evidence, and among those bits of evidence or, you know, this pile of evidence, talking about the saline solution he and other members of the u.s. postal team injected before submitted to tests, and that's why their blood seemed clean on these tests, et cetera. that's among the things, and his masseuse is also among those who are speaking out, who for a very
12:16 pm
long time honored that close relationship between masseuse and athlete, would never spill the beans and is so now. >> she was like a drug mule. she was his masseuse. they're assigned to teams. these guys' legs need to get worked on. but she acknowledged they had her not administering the drugs, she said she wasn't comfortable with that, but they would give them to her to dispose of. they couldn't get the drugs. they sent her across the borders to go drive the drugs back. she was like the mule. and so she knew it was going on. i think she was very clear that she never saw lance inject himself and he denies it once again, but it was clear she was asked to handle packages and dispose of packages that nobody on the team wanted to be publicly identified with. >> something about guilt that may have provoked some of these stories or has allowed some of this material or testimony to be admitted as evidence.
12:17 pm
>> everybody says they knew it was wrong at the time. everybody has come forward and said, i knew it was wrong. i felt pressured into it. it was lance armstrong, but no one feels good about it. many in fact say they have doubts. >> still unclear what will happen to his seven tour de france titles. he still has the titles, but big question mark. >> we're waiting to hear. >> thanks so much. a father who lost his daughter to a drunk driver decides to protect other children in his community from the same fate. you'll hear from him straight ahead. how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ ...reach one customer at a time? whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it.
12:18 pm
12:19 pm
12:20 pm
five years ago this month, a montana father lost his daughter to a drunk driver. now he has set out on a mission to protect all of the children of his community from the same fate. meet cnn hero leo mccarthy. >> october 27th, 2007, was a beautiful autumn day. mariah, she was with her two friends. i didn't know the last time i kissed her would be my last time. later that night, they were walking down this path when an
12:21 pm
und underaged drunk driver swerved off the road and hit them. mariah landed here. she died that night. they were only a block away from my house. mariah was only 14, and i'm thinking, how did this happen? it is so preventable. my name is leo mccarthy. i give kids tools to stay away from drinking. our state has been notoriously tough on drinking and driving fatalities in the country. the drinking is a cyclical disease we allow to continue. mariah's challenge is to be the first generation of these kids to not drink. >> in the eulogy, i said if you stick with me for four years, don't use alcohol, don't use illicit drugs, people will give you money to go to a post-secondary school. >> i promise not to drink until i'm 21. >> i promise not to get in a car with someone who has been
12:22 pm
drinking. >> i promise to give back to my community. >> i think mariah's challenge is something that makes people think a little bit more. they say, we could be better. mariah's forever. i can't get her back, but i can help other parents keep their kids safe. if we save one child, we save a generation. >> and i had a chance to talk to leo mccarthy about what it means to be a cnn hero and how mariah's challenge has helped young people achieve their dreams. >> i do see my daughter in her friends, and you always wonder how she would be or how she would grow up. and there's also that feeling. there's also a deep grace with that, knowing that youth that are coming up have an opportunity to talk about what's going on out there in their streets and their hallways of
12:23 pm
school. it's part of your life. you atone for it and you acknowledge it, and you always try to bring good out of bad all the time. >> and how do you look forward? what kind of future do you see in mariah's challenge? >> i hope it picks up quite a bit. i hope in 10 to 15 years, we don't need a mariah's challenge, that it's a tool that every youth and every parent and every loved one uses at the dinner table to talk about what's going on so the lines of communication during the teenager years are opening wide and accepting on both ends so we never have to have a mariah's challenge. that the cyclical teenage rite of passage of everyone thinking they have to drink is not there anymore because it's not a rite of passage. it doesn't have to be. the only way we can do that is
12:24 pm
giving tools to parents and schools and our teenagers, saying you're sacred. you're greater than the situation always. and there's always someone there you can call when it's not a good place to be at. and if you follow a life of simple self-respect, incorporate your family, your community, you can grow old, and that's what the tools are, helping you grow old. >> and leo mccarty is one of our top ten honorees eligible to become the cnn hero of the year. the winner will receive $250,000. all right, the massive space shuttle "endeavour" is inching through the streets of los angeles. straight ahead, the tight squeeze and the crowds turning out to see the shuttle's last trip. amazing. i'm watching natalie's ballet recital and i'm pulling photos right from the video. great idea, we can pick one and frame it! here, watch this. she nails almost every move.
12:25 pm
our old camera could never do this. she's so good at ballet. i think she's the best in the class. where is she by the way? in time out. oh. and that one! [ male announcer ] take a photo straight from video and never miss a moment. the htc one x from at&t now $99.99. at&t. rethink possible.
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12:27 pm
now to the space shutm "endeavour" which the the largest vehicle to ever roll through the streets of los angeles. it's an amazing site and casey wian is there watching it all first hand. casey, the shuttle is navigating pretty tight spots. what is it, less than five miles away new from its destination? >> it's getting pretty darn close. somewhere in the neighborhood of four to five miles left in this journey. and we got through or we showed you earlier than real narrow stretch that the shuttle had to n
12:28 pm
navigate, and we have now been through that. we're now through a much wider spot. but even so, as you can see over here, they're actually having to trim some trees, cutting them down to make room for "endeavour." so far, though, everything has gone smoothly. they have not had to cut down any trees. they have not had to take out any additional power lines. so we're anticipating that the shuttle is going to arrive as scheduled some time this evening at the california science center. fredricka. >> so casey, i know folks have their cameras out there, but you know, is there any hooping and hollers, too? how excited are people that they get to see this? >> i think a lot of people are initially in awe when they see the shuttle go by. in some areas, it's just silence and just sort of staring at it in awe and taking pictures. other areas, people area little more organized and hoot and holler. we have heard people chanting "usa, usa."
12:29 pm
we heard music playing. it's a festive atmosphere. tens of thousands of peoe if not more have lined the streets of los angeles over the last few days to witness what is really a once in a lifetime or a once in forever event. >> that is incredible. casey wian, thanks so much. throughout afternoon, we have a box on the screen where you can continue to watch the movement and also go to to see it live stream there. casey wian, thanks so much. appreciate that. >> perhaps you need a ride, not by way of shuttle but maybe the more trudingsal route. there's an app for that, too. we check out mobile hitchhiking. designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
12:30 pm
to support cell health. of course, some stories are bigger than others. a story.
12:31 pm
okay guys, here we go. everybody say, 'cheeeeeeeee-eeeeee'. got it.
12:32 pm
12:33 pm
hitchhiking is going mobile. smartphone car service apps are popping up in many cities around the country now, and these apps allow people to get a ride with a click of a button or a tap of a screen. our money tech reporter puts these services to the test. >> need a ride? well, a lot of companies are popping up that allow you to get a ride using your smartphone, so we decided to put it to the test. so, the first one we're going to try is called uber. you can see it's locating me. uber uses gps to locate passengers who request pickup and choose between a taxi, town car, or suv in the area. >> there we go. we have a driver who is going to arrive in five minutes. how are you? uber? >> yes. >> awesome. >> at the end of the day, again, it's all about the commute. >> it's really nice to have a personal driver an app away. but here is the catch. during times where it's tough to find a cab or the weekends, uber
12:34 pm
often ups the price, so you might end up paying more than expected. when you initially sign up, you enter your credit card information into the app. it shows how much i paid. i paid $25. not exactly cheap. what a cheaper approach? one san francisco based start-up is giving us another alternative. their cars are marked by a pink mustache. log in, open the app, and request a pickup. >> my pink mustache car has arrived. okay. >> you have cabs driving around in san francisco or manhattan, looxing for people with their hand in the air. with technology, you can get a lot more information into this to make it way more efficient. >> on average, lift's founders say rides cost 20% less than taxis. but how safe is it to jump in a car with a stranger? >> we check for a background check, dmv check, we interview all of them.
12:35 pm
>> lift, like similar apps, brands itself as a car sharing service and has to navigate regulations. >> we have a great team of lawyers who have looked at this before we did anything, made sure what we were doing was 100% legal. >> it's an ongoing battle they they will have to fight as they try to stay on the road. >> wow, that's pretty inventive. laurie is now joining us from new york. these services are shaking up the transportation industry. it always comes with something, you're going to pay more or maybe your ride isn't going to be as comfortable. but in the end, you think it's a courageous, you know, move and a great option for a traveler, commuters? >> i mean, look, i will say when i first heard of this, i was like, who on earth is going to use their phone to order a cab? i mean, a car marked by a pink mustache, i was like, you're either completely crazy or you might be on to something. i will say, even on my way here,
12:36 pm
i couldn't get a cab for the life of me, and i looked at my phone and was cles to ordering an uber, or in some cases when lift comes to new york, it's cheaper than some of the traditional apps. as you see more of them and hot has happened is we're seeing so many of the apps. as you see more, the price might be cheaper. i used uber and paid a little too much, i won't lie, but i think they could be on to something. >> what about the regulations? what was the answer to that? >> there are complicated regulations when it comes to this kind of thing. we want to do the car service, we can't do that without doing a lot of hoempwork. you need permits, licenses, the way lift is going around this and skifted the issue is they're making themselves out to be a ride-sharing organization. i looked at their terms of agreement this morning, and let me read it to you. they say it offers information and a method to connect drivers and riders with each other but
12:37 pm
does not and does not intend to provide transportation services or act in any manner as a transportation car they're making it out it's just a person and you want a ride. when i took the lyft ride, i donated to him as opposed to paid to him. there's all these little ways they're going around this. >> a little technicality meaning they're not ing to get out of the car and help you with the bags if you're trying to get to laguardia. >> they're pulling out all of the props. you do a fist pump when you get in. you can play your ipod. i mean, listen, they really want this to work. they have really got some technology, and you have the attention of the traditional taxi services, and when they're looking at you, you know you're on to something. >> wow, very inventive. very cool. i'm sure things will take off. laurie siegel, thanks so much. for more high-tech ideas and reviews, go to and look for the gaming and gadgets
12:38 pm
tab as well. >> as the "endeavour" make its way to its final home, what's next for the future of space exploration. one scientist said it's not over. we'll find out what could be ahead. [ woman ] it's 32 minutes to go time, and the candidate's speech is in pieces all over the district.
12:39 pm
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12:41 pm
now that the shuttle program has ended, what is next for the future of space exploration. my next guest says the end of this era could bethe beginning of something big. lawrence krauss is a physicist and professor at arizona state university where he studies space and astronomy. you're joining us from london today. okay, you weren't a big fan of the space shuttle program in the first place. you actually wrote an op-ed in the guardian where you say, quote, if we are going to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on human space travel, we need to have a rational plan that can excite the imagination of the next generation of would-be scientists and explorers. the space shuttle did not provide such a plan. you were a blatant and blunt to
12:42 pm
say that the shuttle program has been costly, but it's been boring. so what do you want to see in the next phase of space exploration, or do you see a next phase? >> well, it's a really good question. right now, with the current economic climate, to really do serious human space exploration is incredibly expensive. i don't know whether any party has the gumption. they like to talk the talk, but walking the walk is a little different. it's incredibly expensive, and clearly going around 200 miles above the earth isn't that exciting. you want to go to the moon or mars and do it for -- by the way, you want to do it for adventure. the science, the really important science that nasa does doesn't involve humans. it's the adventure. people want to see people boldly go where no one has gone before, basical basically. >> do you think it's better now that there's like the commercial incentive to keep it going? that it will make a difference? >> i think it's moving in the
12:43 pm
right direction. i think what the current administration is doing is right. nasa has shown how to get into near-earth orbit, and now we have seen that commercial enterprises can get not just cargo but maybe eventually astronauts up to that big tin can in the sky called the space station. near earth's orbit is really for commercial enterprise, except for communication satellites or defense purposes, but you need the government to go beyond there. i don't think private enterprise, people talk about going to mars on private space ships, but it costs so mu money. to go to mars would cost several hundred billion dollarsuric i don't see a business plan tham ma that makes it worthwhile. i suspect it's the government and i suspect may happen will be what happened in the 1960s. what will drive it will not be science, not cold war, but prestige. if china sends astronauts to the moon, i'm certain we'll quickly make sure we have astronauts there as well.
12:44 pm
>> you do see there have been good things that come from space exploration as we know it? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. i think the really good things have come from unmanned space exploration. you look great sitting in an anchor's desk, but you're not really meant for space. you're a 100-pound bag of water and it's much better to send a robot. i'm so excited when i see the curiosity rover on mars. i look for the photographs, and frankly, i'm more excited by that than if a human was there because if a human was there, they would be taking the pictures. rover, curiosity is literally sending me the pictures like they had an iphone and they're a tourist and they're there for ten years. i find it very romantic to think of them alone there, they don't need food, music, companionship, moving along the surface, and so nasa has done incredible science with the hubble space telescope, without humans. there's no doubt we have to be honest that when we send humans
12:45 pm
into space, 99% of the cost is to get them back alive. so there's very little money left for science. i think we do it for adventure. when i was a kid, i stayed home and watched the apollo moon landing. it excited me, it made me want to be a scientist. so human space exploration does inspire people, and perhaps that's the reason we should do it. but we shouldn't pretend we're doing it for science. >> i spoke earlier with leroy chao, and he said today was kind of bittersweet as he watched "endeavour" inching through los angeles, making its way to the final destination of the museum. bittersweet because the space program has been inspirational. he loved being an astronaut, but at the same time, he says the u.s. being able to fly some of its own astronauts with the russians is a beautiful, new frontier. you know, we're also seeing others who have taken a commercial or exploratory route on their own. we have been following the dare
12:46 pm
devil felix baumgartner as he's planning to leap from the edge of space, from a big helium kind of balloon with this freefall of 128,000 feet. i mean, do you see any real parallels here? is that the kind of direction that people should be excited about, that people will take their own personal risks and do things like this? >> well, i think for just beginning to get into space, virgin airlines is talking about tourism, people can go up for a few seconds and vomit up there in space and come back down. and this dare devil may do -- may do some interesting science if the parachute doesn't open, we'll see how big the crater is. i think we're seeing other people like my phrefriend elon who is taking stuff to the space station. that's a new direction. and that's very important. it gives the u.s. government, i think, time to look and see where can government do things that private industry can't. i think the grand missions are
12:47 pm
the kind of thing that only a government can do, and maybe as you pointed out, maybe international collaborations, if that could ever happen. the kind of money that -- the kind of money it would take to send humans to mars, several hundred billion dollars are the kind of things we would want to share. whereas, by the way, we could send a rover to mars for a little over what it takes to make a movie about sending bruce willis to mars. >> thank you, lawrence. we apprec aiate that. joining us from london today. all right, appreciate it. thanks so much. all right, you may not kn know -- wait a minute, let's try that one more time. so you may not get what you ask for when you search for a political candidate online. the romney campaign's google surprise.
12:48 pm
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12:50 pm
all right, political topics are huge right now on internet search engines, but it is not often that the search engines themselves become the political story.
12:51 pm
cnn's athena jones shows us what happens when you search for the wrong word on google. >> reporter: google, yahoo! bing, search engines are a part of modern life. the top searches on google for the vice presidential debate were joe biden, malarkey, and who is winning the debate, but search engines can also raise eyebrows, for instance, when i type completely wrong into the google image's search, i get a lot of photos of mitt romney. >> reporter: google says that it was unintentional, they picked up romney's only description of his 47% remarks. we saw a similar situation on bing. >> for a search engine, they really rely on what is around the image to learn what it is about. if you put words, completely wrong, they think i guess it is relevant for completely wrong.
12:52 pm
>> reporter: sometimes it is intentional, these are called google-bombs, in the mid-2,000s, they put president bush at the top of the google page. google later limited the practice. intentional or not, a search brings up "debate fail," but also people like governor romney, and one time presidential hopeful, john kerry. and speaking of kerry, who was accused of flip-flopping on the issues, the conservative bloggers managed to put his search word as "waffle". >> is this something that candidates are powerless to do anything about? >> one thing they need to do is put multiple websites about themselves officially. >> reporter: the good news is, the search words fade over time. athena jones, cnn, washington. and the presidential
12:53 pm
contenders will square off for a second time tuesday night. our special liv coverage begins 7:00 eastern time, the debate will be moderated by our own candy crowley. all right, many war veterans face challenges like readjusting to civilian life. country super star tim mcgraw helped to give homes to veterans in need. i spoke to him about his mission to give them a welcome home. >> reporter: under his century black hat, he is one of country music's biggest stars. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: with more than 40 million albums sold and more than 30 number one singles, a hugely popular leading man on stage, and on the big screen. >> i have seen that look many times. she is about to get her way. >> reporter: and he is half of
12:54 pm
one of country music's most glamorous couples. all that, spanning a 20-year career. yet, when i caught up with tim mcgraw, he said a sense of purpose is just now coming together. >> i feel like i'm just getting started, sort of learning what i'm doing now. >> reporter: and learning more about so many of the concerns of people in his audience, including the veterans. this summer, his good friend, kenny chesney, was unlike any other appearance. in each of the 22 cities they performed, chase bank, along withhree other nonprofit military support organizations gave away bank-owned homes to military families. why is it so important to you to help kick off your tour in 25 cities, 25 cities where mortgage-free homes would go to vets? >> for a soldier to have that, and to come back, being wounded
12:55 pm
and giving them everything they have, for us to get in our car, drive around negotiatigo to our have that sense of freedom for themselves, i can't think of anything better for a wounded vet to have. >> wounded vets like this man. >> it is something i wanted to do my whole life. >> reporter: several years ago, the marine staff sergeant was on personal security patrol in iraq when his humvee hit an explosive device. >> you know, flipped it up in the air. what happened was, the engine block came through the passenger compartment, so it was pinning my leg down so i couldn't get out. >> reporter: the left side of his face had to be re-built with plates. other head injuries surfaced later. now medically retired living off disability, it has been hard for the couple and their four children. >> and you know, we were just really in an unsure phase of our life, trying to figure out what
12:56 pm
our next move would be. >> reporter: christina joined a wounded warrior wives page for support. >> i sent out, to operation home front, they were giving away homes to disabled veterans. >> reporter: and what did you think what you saw that? >> that it was too good to be true. >> reporter: she applied anyway. >> it was literally like a week later, they said you got the home. so -- >> reporter: what was the moment like for the both of you? >> she was in tears. >> reporter: the delucias moved into is their four-bedroom orlando house in mid-june, but not before first getting over the shock of being selected and meeting the star who helped to make this thing happen. >> it is just one of those things, the american dream, and who deserves the american dream more than those guys? i can't imagine anybody that does. and i'm proud to be a part of it. and i hope we can do more of it. >> reporter: and apparently, while it starts off with 25, the goal is maybe a thousand homes will be awarded?
12:57 pm
>> that is the talk i'm hearing. and we're excited about it. and i hope we can continue to work together. >> reporter: do you worry that the need will be much greater than the supply? >> well, look, there is always a greater need you than you can supply, no matter what you do in life. but if you help one person, then you help one person, and the ultimate goal is just to help somebody and try to help as much as you can. >> reporter: a goal that country music's tim mcgraw is making possible, one concert and one home at a time. and since the delucias got that home from tim mcgraw and others, they have another big reason to celebrate. they're expecting their fifth child in april. congratulations to them. and we'll catch you up on the top stories straight ahead. plus introduce you to a presidential candidate that you have likely actually never heard of. some say he could change the outcome of the election in a battleground state.
12:58 pm
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all right it is the top of the hour and you're back in the cnn news room, i'm fredricka whitfield. making their case to the american voters, the presidential candidates have just 24 days to do it. and today, mitt romney zeroed in on one of the biggest battle grounds in this election, ohio, no republican has won the white house without winning ohio. and today, romney told the crowd in the town of portmouth that he is the man to get the economy moving ahead. romney spent the day preparing for the showdown with obama. and preparing to prarks obama is under particular pressure to do well, after getting critical reviews in the first face-off last week. the town hall-style debate will take place in new york, and will be hosted by our own candy crowley. the space shuttle "endeavour" has traveled millions of miles in space, but
1:02 pm
the retired space giant now, lumbered slowly in the streets of los angeles in the remaining four miles of the 12-mile journey through the city. john, it doesn't seem as though the crowds will ever thin out. >> reporter: no, in fact, the crowd is growing here, and with good reason, because endeavour is probably about an hour away from where we are at the local mall here in the los angeles area. and you know, if you take -- you can see here, look at this crowd, everybody is just here, braving this hot weather, they're a little behind schedule with the shuttle. they ran into some issues along the way with some very, very tight clearances. just a couple of inches on either side of the shuttle. and in fact, oh, look here, vanessa, you came down from ames? >> yes, nasa ames research center. >> you have to see the back of
1:03 pm
her shirt. at times, it takes a rocket scientist. and vanessa is a rocket scientist up there. she is one of those working on the future of space and what is coming after the shuttle. and the little guy here, keeping cool with his drink, you like that, huh? >> yeah. >> coming to see the space shuttle? >> yeah. >> it is a big plane. >> right, it is a big plane, and of course i'm joined by stephanie stillson from nasa, who is responsible for getting all of the space shuttles ready for retirement. it has got to see them -- i know you are sad to see them go, but it makes a big difference. >> i did get emotional when we brought the endeavour to the los angeles national airport, it was a bit emotional for me, i got caught up in it. but i'm over it now, happy over making the big move to the california science center.
1:04 pm
>> and they had really tight clearances along the way. in fact, at one point they had to lay down some sand to build up a curb, right? but these were things you knew there could be slowdowns along the way. >> absolutely, this is what they do, they move big things, so they know what they're doing, and along the way had to do a little bit of adjustment, same thing, we had to do some adjustments, but everything is going so well. >> here you are, you take care of the shuttlings when you got them ready to fly, and now you're probably cringing. >> i will be relieved once we get them in the pavilion, fortunately, we have wonderful weather, no chance of rain, thank goodness, that would be a good thing we wouldn't want to have happen. soyes, i'll be happy to get it in the pavillion. >> so fredricka, kids are happy, big crowd, everybody is ready, waiting a little bit longer. you know, they're about an hour behind schedule here. but there is nobody complaining, because this is, as the
1:05 pm
california science center people say this case is a once in a life time experience, this is a once experience, because it will never happen again. >> i know, right, because once you have the sunshine there and have the freezy drinks keeping people cool, seems like everybody is really happy to wait. all right's john zarrella. >> all right, maybe he will share. >> all right, thank you so much john, appreciate that. all right, now to the east coast, in a beautiful town in maine, police say some pretty outrageous stuff was going on at a local dance studio. investigators are expected to release an alleged prostitution ring, including some prominent figures. prosecutors say that alexis wright is accused of the sting. she pled to the charges.
1:06 pm
>> reporter: hey, fred, it is a scandal that has the folks in maine waiting for the big reveal. a lot of people want to know who is on the list of alleged "johns." now there is appeal possible, the two, wants maine's top court to stop the release of the names of about 150 people, they argue it would invade their privacy and humiliate their familie well, the fitness teacher, alexis wright, has pled not guilty. wright is accused of having sex with customers there in the studio, and videotaping some of the events. there is a lot of hoopla over the clients, including a lawyer,
1:07 pm
an accountant, even an alleged tv personality. according to her pimp's lawyer. one man describes himself as disabled and a family man. and another as a dad. and a businessman. both say their reputations may be ruined if their names get out. a local judge has ruled well, too bad, clearing the way to reveal those names. but the police chief is keeping those names a secret just a bit longer until maine supreme court has a chance to rule. fred? >> so are residents -- do they have any strong opinions as to whether the names on this list should be revealed? >> well, as you can imagine, some say hey, we should really keep the names under wraps, but others want to know who they are, there is even a radio talk show host who says the opinions are split. but in her view, it is only fair, after all. they also are accused of crimes.
1:08 pm
>> oh, my, all rit, susan candiotti, keeping us posted on that scandal. all right, what could cost mitt romney the state of virginia and the entire election, the third party candidate who may be a spoiler. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
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1:11 pm
. a virginia congressman may turn out to be a spoiler in the presidential election, cnn's lisa sylvester introduces you to the third-party candidate who could have big impact. >> reporter: virgil goude works the crowd here, he has worn many hats. he has been a republican and democrat, and lost his congressional seat in 2008. now, he is running for office again, this time for president. this time under the banner of the constitution party.
1:12 pm
>> we're running a shoestring campaign, we wouldn't have a lot of tv ads or mass mailings, but we will be grass roots campaigning. >> reporter: goude believes in a no-exceptions illegal immigrant stand. he also supports term limits for congress and major federal budget cuts, including cutting defense. he is on the ballot in half of tonighhe states. he is his own campaign manager, fundraiser manager and press secondary. but he could still be a game-changer. >> virgil goode is a wild card in virginia, showing a very tight race, virginia is a tight state for mitt romney, so goode could be a factor, he could be a factor even if he wins only a handful of votes.
1:13 pm
>> reporter: latest polls show a tight race, just his presence alone can upset the best-laid plans by the romney campaign if he siphons off enough votes. goode is asked about it just about everywhere he goes. >> just wondering what your reason for that is. >> reporter: goode gives a patent answer, coming down to convictions. >> i don't think we'll be a spoiler. we're doing the right thing. it will help america if we can get a lot of votes. if we win, it will be a tremendous help. it will shake up washington and then the average citizen would be president instead of somebody that is backed by the super pacs. >> reporter: long shot, long odds, but they don't deter. >> there are other candidates, including green candidate party jill stein.
1:14 pm
they were asked whether the outside candidates, particularly those of goode and johnson, could turn out to be spoilers. he is dismissing them, saying they are non-factors. but 13 electoral votes, that is what is at stake, lisa sylvester, washington. and he is a caped crusader. police say this bad man is a bad guy. our legal experts are on the case.
1:15 pm
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1:17 pm
what he thought was right. what went wrong here? this is not the dark knight, this is the dizzy night, and what defense will he put on? >> and richard -- we've seen this before, haven't we? >> we've seen him before doing the same thing. he needs a padded cell. they need to put them away. he is the psycho knight. have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber.
1:18 pm
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1:19 pm
. a michigan man who patrols the streets in a batman costume, trying to help fight crime finds helps on the wrong side of the law, let's bring in our experts, it is not even halloween yet, and we already have something like this. and richard herman, a new york criminal defense attorney. >> with a straight face, fred, a straight face. >> with a straight face, right, we've seen this gentleman before, haven't we? mark williams, also known as batman, interfering with a police investigation, arrested and obstructing a police investigation. avery, what was he thinking? >> well, you remember, mark wayne williams was convicted last year after they caught him hanging on the side of a building, in a batman outfit. he put on -- you know, he is not "the dark knight," he is like the dizzy knight. and so now he is going to be back in court next week.
1:20 pm
and you know, i really think somebody has to take a look. you know, maybe he ate too many paint chips as a kid, i don't know. but the fact is, he has already been convicted. this man needs some help. and we're going to have to see that the judge understands that there is more than criminal behavior. there is something really wrong here. >> and so richard, while it seems kind of funny, and comical, the investigators say he may have interfered with a cre scene or an investigation. >> it is serious, we're talking batman, we're talking about the yankees, the batmen, oh, no, you mean batman, fred, when you showed that space shuttle, i thought i saw him sitting on top of that space shuttle. is that him? this guy needs a padded cell, that is what he needs, he needs a padded cell. he is gone, his brain his fried. too much drugs or drinking, or
1:21 pm
something went wrong here. >> but he was not alone, though, while he had his cape and believed he was batman, he also had his partner with him, known as petaski bat girl, how come she is not facing charges? >> oh, my goodness, she probably walked away after listening to the police. but he wants help with the investigation? he is nuts, padded room, put him away, bellevue, somewhere, put him away. >> don't put him away, get him some help. >> does he have real defense? he is going to say he thought he was assisting, helping out, doesn't believe he was breaking laws. does he have a legitimate defense in any way, shape or form, avery? >> yeah, insanity. >> no, not really, there really is nothing there. i mean look, this man needs some help. it should have been obvious the first time around, dangling from a building. he was on the scene, he smelled so bad that it confused the k-9 unit. i mean, this man needs some help
1:22 pm
and the system should take care of him. >> all right, well, okay, this is certainly going to go somewhere. >> i see you want to help him, fred, not good. we'll give him your number, fred, you can work with him. well, in the meantime, this puts the pressure on us, because you know every halloween weekend, the three of us have our own tradition with halloween, our costumes, so i don't know what we're going to do. >> wait until you see, don't put that bald head again on, fred. >> all right, thank you so much, avery, richard, and don't forget you can catch the legal guys every saturday at noon eastern, and again, 4:00, eastern time with a bonus case. all right, he is trying to do something no man has ever done before. a skydiver from space, nearly 23 miles up, and plummeting to earth at the speed of sound. next, a look at felix baumgartner's plan to space dive. thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics,
1:23 pm
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1:26 pm
another turn teammate of former tour de france champ lance armstrong has come out and admitted he doped. australian performer matt white says he took the drugs while he was a member of armstrong's u.s. postal team. armstrong has steadilile deniede used any drugs, after they released dozens of pages regarding armstrong. another teammate has spoken out, telling anderson cooper how teammates beat the competitions. >> he said look, i was tested, i passed. you were tested. and i guess a lot of people wondered h you would over and over beat the tests. >> yeah, we had good team doctors. and the team doctors told us what we could take, when we could take it, how long it would stay in our system. so if we followed those simple rules, you know, 99 times out of
1:27 pm
100 we're going to pass. >> various sports federations are reviewi the evidence. and armstrong could be stripped of all of his titles. all right, so we've all heard of people sky diving. you jump out of a plane, enjoy the great sights and safely land after you release your parachute, right? well, one man, felix baumgartner is attempting to change the records like never before. here is max foster. >> reporter: set to do what no man has ever done before, jump from a capsule attached to a giant balloon, from 120,000 feet where the view looks like this. >> i am going to slide the door open. bail out, and then i'm going to be the first human person to free fall, breaking the speed of sound. >> reporter: he makes it sound simple enough. but felix baumgartner's attempt to judge from the edge of space comes after five years of exhaustive testing, developments, and even a legal hitch.
1:28 pm
what is the biggest challenge here? why has no one tried it before? and what is the challenge that you have managed to overcome to make it possible? >> it needs a lot of research. it is not just -- you let yourself off in a pressure capsule and then you are off, you need to find the right people. >> we need to depressurize the cabin to 25,000 feet, so let's have a ride. >> reporter: among those on the red bull stratus team, is the man who holds the record he is attempting to break. the former u.s. test pilot helped to develop the nasa astronaut test pilot. >> beautiful, beautiful. >> reporter: baumgartner is no stranger to death-defying stunts, he has base-jumped from the world's tallest buildings, set a record from the lowest
1:29 pm
such jump off the christ redeemer statue, and from the english channel, with a special wing. but free falling from the edge of space is a whole new ball game. i guess people imagine you diving off a diving board, you have to keep the position, because it could be very easy to spin out of control. >> so for the first 30 seconds you cannot use the air, and that requires a really stable exit. that is the reason why we practice a lot of bungee jumps. just to -- get the right motion into my mind. >> reporter: are you not scared in any way? >> well, i am scared, because you're going up to 120,000 feet, which is a really hostile environment. and no matter how much you have prepared yourself you never know how it turns out until you do it for real. >> wow, that is max foster reporting. and baumgartner is scheduled to attempt his jump tomorrow. we'll bring you live coverage as that happens. that is going to do it for me, i'm fredricka