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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 20, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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and while the two candidates practice for the face-off, their surrogates are busy campaigning in several critical battleground states. that is vice president biden and romney, they're both in florida. paul ryan is focusing on ohio and pennsylvania. and joe biden is in minnesota. the candidates have just 17 days to make their case to the undecided. and as election day draws closer to rhetoric on the stump is heating up. here is jim acosta. >> reporter: martin, even though it's early, we're starting to hear the makings of closing arguments from the candidates and the president who says romney has no core and romney who says the president has no plan. while mitt romney is preparing for his final debate with president obama in florida, he and his running mate paul ryan are testing out the campaign's message for the next battle to come. for swing state voters. >> they have no agenda for the future. no agenda for america. no agenda for a second term. it's guy thing. they won't have a second term.
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they have -- they've been reduced to petty attacks and silly word games. just watch it. the obama campaign has become the incredible shrinking campaign. >> reporter: he saz the gop nominee is a bipartisan problem solv solver. >> we need to have leadership for people that can get the job done and not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. >> reporter: it's a change in tone for a candidate who once called himself a severely conservative governor during the primaries. prompting the president to accuse romney of etch and sketching his past. >> we have to name this condition he's going through. i think -- i think it's called romnesia. >> reporter: the president is getting a boost from new state
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unemployment numbers showing that jobless rates dropping in florida, ohio, nevada, colorado, and wisconsin. romney had a joke for the improving economy at a benefit dinner in new york where he and the president exchanged punch lines. >> you're better off now than you were four weeks ago. >> reporter: friday's map reads like a calendar, the four candidates and surrogates flooding into battle grounds the closer the election. >> the american people are so much better, so much stronger, take so much more responsibility than either congressman ryan or governor romney give them credit for. >> reporter: newspaper endorsements are also starting to come in after picking president obama four years ago, the "orlando sentinel" chose romney saying we have little confidence that obama will be more successful managing the economy and the budget in the next four years. but the "denver post" stayed with the president saying the economy has made demonstratable and hardly remarkable progress. in daytona beach where biker convention is in town for the weekend, florida voters are
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getting revved up. >> leaning towards romney though. >> why is that? >> well, because i'm not crazy about what obama has done in a nutshell. >> i really don't like romney that much. i would have voted for him if he actually had respect for women. >> reporter: and after their final debate, the candidates will be where else but in swing states? the president will stay here in florida and romney and ryan head off to colorado. marty? >> thank you very much. that last debate between mitt romney and president obama happens monday night. you can watch the showdown live right here on cnn. that will be 7:00 p.m. eastern time. a sheriff in the suburbs of detroit doesn't know what to make of 15 shootings in two days. but it's got him talking about the d.c. area sniper from ten years ago. targets by people or cars. thankfully, no injuries so far. the spree took place between 7:00 p.m. tuesday and 6:45 p.m. on thursday. the sheriff of oakland county said, "anything is possible in terms of what could develop.
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we don't want anything to develop that certainly developed in the washington area and paralyzed that area for a long time." not to mention killed a significant number of people. the israeli navy stopped a ship that was trying to break a blockade at the gaza strip. it was carrying 30 pro palestinian activists, also onboard were medical supplies and humanitarian items. no injuries are reported. israel imposed the med tear andian sea blockade after hamas took over the gaza strip in 2007. israel says they want to stop arms traffic. opponents called the blockade a punishment of the zone's $1.6 million residents. in london, thousands turned out to protest austerity measures. they say the government spending cuts have led to higher unemployment and squeezed the middle class. they want public investments in inf infrastructure and job training. they say it was necessary to reduce the deficit. demonstrations were also held today in north ireland. lance armstrong, he was
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defiant last night as he took center stage at his cancer charity's 15th anniversary gala. it was the first time that the seven time dur at the frantour r has taken the stand. we were there. >> reporter: he's been accused, disgraced, and humiliated. but in his hometown of austin and within the cancer community in particular, lance armstrong is still very much loved. >> i've been better. but i've also been worse. thank you so much for your support. it means the world to me. >> reporter: speaking publicly for the first time since he was engulfed by a doping scandal, armstrong admitted it was a difficult two weeks. 14 days in which he's been branded as a cheat and a liar. dropped by almost all of his sponsors and forced to resign as chairman of his own charity, livestrong. >> you've been a proud supporter of this organization for many years.
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has anything changed for you in the last days? >> in the last days? no. i think it's an organization that's developed by somebody who's been an enormous inspiration to so many and to myself and has done an incredible amount of good. i expect it will continue. >> reporter: does he remain an inspiration? >> of course he remains an inspiration. you know, i think anybody who's looking with a very clear eye at this would find themselves very hypocritical to think otherwise. >> reporter: sean penn is one of several hollywood a listers supporting livestrong, a foundation that raised half a billion dollars and helped 2.5 million people worldwide since 1997. but some of armstrong's donors have told cnn they now want their money back. and the foundation might find that armstrong's continued involvement does more harm than good. >> the interesting thing, if you interview 1800 people tonight, 1800 will tell you to use the
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phrase that first it's not about the bike. it's not about lance. it's about for all of us, the foundation and the cancer support program. >> reporter: armstrong had an opportunity tonight to address the allegations against him. among friends, there was a chance of a mere continued denial. he remains tight lipped. the next word is to come from the international cycling union on monday. they have the power to complete his fall from grace and strip him from his seven tour de france titles. done riddel, cnn, austin. the man who killed teenager trayvon martin gets a win in court. we'll have details and what it means for the case straight ahead. and then the race. it's neck and neck in the battleground state of ohio. we'll tell what you the obama and romney teams are doing to win the vote.
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. in the controversial florida death case of trayvon martin, the shooter has want latest round as to whether they can bring the school records and social media activity into evidence. david mattingly reports. >> reporter: for the first time in three months we were able to see george zimmerman entering a courtroom. this time he appeared to be much heavier than we had seen him in the past. but he sat quietly during a proceedings and was also his first time in front of this new judge, judge debra nelson. it was a good day for the defense team. the judge ruling that attorneys for george zimmerman are allowed to subpoena the school records of trayvon martin as well as
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whatever posts he may have put on facebook and any sort of comments he may have made on twitter. this is important going forward as the defense may argue that it was trayvon martin who was the aggressor that night in the fight that ended when george zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin. >> i'm not going to sit back and say anything about trayvon martin. i know very little about him. but i think my client has the right for me to find out more about him to make that decision. and that's the only point we're at right now with discovery. we have the right to get the information. then conclusions can be made, most probably by the judge in the self-defense immunity hearing. if that's not successful by a jury which is where this is supposed to be. >> reporter: trayvon martin's parents are announcing they are beginning a new push that might change stand your ground laws all across the country. they're sow is soliciting money help them. they say it's their goal to change stand your groupd laws
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here in florida and elsewhere so that someone who starts a fight would not be eligible for the immunity that this kind of law might provide. in the meantime, george zimmerman's attorneys say that they might be requesting their stand your ground hearing for george zimmerman in the spring. if they are successful, george zimmerman will go free. he will not go to trial. david mattingly, cnn, seminole county, florida. david, thank you very much. we'll talk more about this case with our legal guys right after the break. plus, should guns be allowed in church? there is a georgia organization that says yep. we'll talk about that case as well. our legal guys will also weigh in on this one.
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before the break, we were talking about the ruling that trayvon martin's records can be handed over to the lawyers defending george zimmerman. let's bring in the legal guys, avery freeman who joins us from washington and then richard herman, a new york criminal defense attorney and law expert who joins us from las vegas.
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hello, gentlemen. >> hi, marty. how are you? >> very good, thanks. all right. let's talk about this. interesting stuff coming out of the zimmerman case. first and foremost, let me ask you this, richard. the attorneys that were representing george zimmerman want these records, social media and school records. why do they want it? sounds like a fishing expedition. >> oh, marty, it's not a fishing expediti expedition. they want to show that trayvon mart heroin a propensity for violence. they want to show that and then try to argue to a jury that obviously martin with his propensity for violence was the aggressor. however, just -- before everybody goes crazy here, it's just for discovery purposes at this time. it does not mean this material will be admissible at the time of the trial. so that's for starters. and the judge will have to make that decision during the trial. or just before it. but in any event, it may not come in at all or it may come in with a sort of limiting instruction to the jury by the
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judge and how they should receive it. >> all right. >> avery, let me bring new real quick. when an attorney asks for records like these, do they already know what's in the records? >> sure they do, marty. what they're doing is they want documents from the school. they want what's out there in the blogosphere. of course they do. but i'm in agreement. it's going to be very difficult to get that kind of evidence into trial because how are they going to introduce it? it is mere discovery. it only ceases to try to bolster a defense. by the way, i never saw this case as a stand your ground case at all. this is a conventional self-defense. and marco mara who is leading this defense team is saying, look, we need it. it's relevant. whether or not it gets in i think is very dubious that it will. but that's where they're going with this. >> all right. let me ask you this. it may not get into a court of law. it will get seen by the public. the discovery is released. in other words, it's going to go into the court of public
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opinion, right? >> that's exactly right. you know, we heard that the familiar sli out tryifamily is o raise money to get rid of stand your ground laws in states. i understand that argument. it's going to have no effect either on that campaign or certainly no effect on the defense in this trial. none whatsoever. >> richard, let me ask you quickly. there was also the prosecution. they said turn about is fair play. they want the medical records of george zimmerman. the defense said, no, that's too personal. but they eventually won. what are they looking for there? >> for what purpose would they want those, marty? to show that zimmerman is a mental case? i don't know. the judge is going to take those, look at them in chambers and make a zedetermination on h own whether he thinks those are relevant. but the judge has already admonished and instructed the defense attorneys when they get this material, this discovery, not it turn it over to the public. keep it amongst themselves. so when they get a school record, they cannot turn this over to the public.
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that's the ruling of the judge. >> avery, the prosecution is asking for a gag order. why now? ien into case has been out for so long. all of a sudden they want people to stop talking? >> unfortunately you have this thing called the first amendment. there is so much information disseminated. there is so much out there. it's already prejudicial. >> all right. let me move on. >> i'm sorry. one last thing. what's very telling here, marty, is that the prosecution is taking their sweet time and turning over discovery. and the defense is randiting an raving that they're not releasing material, that they have an obligation to release. >> there is a hearing coming up on that, too. >> yeah, there is. let's move on to guns and god. this has to do with a georgia pro gun advocacy group that is
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saying it should be okay, it should be legal for you to carry a gun into church. and there have been several rulings. some supported that. some have gone against that. now they're asking the supreme court to take up the case. is this -- let me ask you, richard, a violation of the first amendment or second amendment? >> they're saying it's not a second amendment case, are marty. they're saying it's a case of the government intruding on someone's right to worship the way they want to. and by not being able to bring their guns into church, that hampers the way they worship. i mean this couldn't be any better for bill mahr, i have to tell you. so eventually, i don't know, it may end up at the supreme court. >> packing heat in the pew, what do you think of that? >> it's not going to happen. i mean, this is the most constitutionally unhinged argument of the year so far. the argument is that somehow under the freedom of religion
9:22 am
provision of the first amendment, you've got a right to carry a gun? oh, my goodness. you have two supreme court decisions, marty. one heller, one mcdonald written by scalia saying government does have the right to say you can't bring guns into churches or airports. makes all the sense in the world. will is no chance -- no chance the supreme court will ever, ever take this case. >> richard, is that true? certainly you can't take a gun into an airport. we understand the security concerns. but church? i mean is there really a security concern there? >> there's been shootings in churches we've seen. we've covered cases. >> that's right. sure. >> but no -- everywhere. right. so whether or not this case is something strong enough where the supreme court says there's a split in the circuits and we need to make a ruling on it, i think it's ridiculous. but, look, i don't know. time will tell. avery, don't be so certain. >> i'm certain of it, pal. certain of it. not going. >> nice to hear such confidence.
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all right. both of you are going to be back in 20 minutes. a zumba fitness instructor accused of running a prostitution ring out of her studio in a small town in maine. some of the names on the client list are revealed. moving on, each week we're shining a spotlight on the top ten cnn heroes of 2012 as you vote for the one who inspires you the most. this week's honoree is a single mother from haiti who became a target of sexual violence but turned her personal trauma into a fight for justice. today she gives support and a voice to the thousands of rape survivors in her homeland. >> two years after the earthquake, the situation is still the same. the people are still under the tents. they don't have electricity. there is no security where they sleep. they are getting raped.
9:24 am
in haiti, things are very difficult. before the earthquake, there were rapes happening. now, i can say it is total disorder. >> they raped me. >> i was raped several times. >> after january, this little child has been raped when she was 6 years old. >> mothers are not spared, even babies are not spared. my name is maliya. i'm a victim of sexual violence. i am on a mission to irrad indicate this issue so that other haitian women do not fall victim. we do awareness in the camps. we are working in 22 camps after the earthquake.
9:25 am
now we are trying to work in others. we tell people to come out of silence. do not be afraid to say that you have been victimized. we offer psychological and legal support. we have a call center. we accompany the victim to the hospital. and we have a safe house for them. for me, the first thing is justice that i want. i was a victim and i did not find justice. but i know i will get it for other women that are victims. we have to fight so we can save what was saved in the past, belaughed haiti. this is a great nation. there will be a change. >> the latest just one of our top ten honorees, one of whom will become cnn hero of the year and receive $250,000. who will it be? well, you get to decide. go to online and
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on your mobile device to vote up to 10 times a day, every day for those inspirational heroes. getting out the vote weeks before the election. both campaigns are doing it. find out why early voting could have a dramatic impact in the battleground of ohio.
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there could boost turnout and have impact in battleground states. particularly one key county in ohio. john king has that. >> we need your support. >> reporter: for the obama campaign, priority one is reaching less reliable voters like college students and african-americans. >> i'm calling because it's time for early voting. >> reporter: requests for early or absentee ballots are running well ahead of the 2008 pace as
9:30 am
both campaigns push to maximize turnout. >> we're calling to see if you will be voting for mitt romney and paul ryan. wonderful. wonderful. are you voting early or going to polls? >> reporter: more than half of the ballots requested today are by voters not registered with either party. of the rest, republican requests are ahead of democrats. >> reporter: you don't get a sense who have is winning early voting? >> i don't. you have to find out. let's wait until election night, 7:31 p.m. and find out the first results that come in. >> reporter: the early ballot count is the clue that what republicans need to win here and offset the edge in cleveland and columbus. when did you know four years ago? >> we knew right away. it was -- we knew right when the absentee numbers came in four years ago. so it was not going to be good for us. >> 2008 was the first time since 1964 hamilton county went blue for president. hamilton county gop's maggie wellner says it's very different this year. >> absentee is great.
9:31 am
it's better than four years ago. i've just seen the energy. we've had volunteers come in from 15 different states to work the grounds here and we didn't have that four years ago. >> reporter: back then, cincinnati's african-american communities bust with the chance to make history. >> it is harder this time? >> i think it is. >> harder anyway says state representative alicia reeds. then this. a blunt message or warning suddenly appeared on 30 billboards in and around cincinnati. paid for by a private family foundation. voter fraud is against the law. what is wrong with that? >> well, what's wrong with it is, one, it's strategically placed to target a certain segment of people. two, there's been voter confusion in ohio. when they're going to be able to vote, who gets to vote. >> reporter: initially furious, reese now sees a silver lining. >> voter intimidation turned into motivation and people now see it not just about just the president, they see it now as an attack on them.
9:32 am
>> less worried that turnout will be low to carry hamilton county again. >> it will be blue. >> are you sure about that? >> it will be blue. >> and if it's blue? >> we win ohio. we win the presidency. >> if so, reese says this anonymous worng may prove to be an anonymous gift. >> voters will get to see the candidates face-to-face on stage one last time. president obama and mitt romney's third and last debate happens monday night in florida. you can watch that showdown live on cnn at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. >> it's wedding bells for one celebrity couple. justin timberlake and jessica biel tie the knot. find out where it happened. if you have to go out today, and i sure hope you don't, but if you do, just reminder, you can continue watching me and cnn from your mobile phone. you can also watch cnn live from your laptop. [ female announcer ] born from the naturally sweet monk fruit,
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it's a done deal, justin timberlake and jessica biel are
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married. they tied the knot in italy. it's been a long time coming. they dated for five years. "people" magazine says they'll have wedding details and the pictures spread in next week's issue which will be out. if can you wait. after making history, the first openly guy boxer orlando cruz retained his featherweight title. friday night cruz won in a match at the kissimee civic secenter. this is cruz's first victory since coming out earlier this month. and a daredevil feat with a political twist. two skydivers wearing masks of mitt romney and president obama leaped out of the plane. there they go. holding hands. they staged a mock debate as they plummeted. the jump is organized to promote an upcoming parachute competition in arizona. a new orleans saints fan is suing the nfl because, get this,
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he says season ticket holders aren't getting what they paid for since the bounty suspensions. our legal guys will let us know if this case is a touchdown or a major fumble. [ woman ] it's 32 minutes to go time, and the candidate's speech is in pieces all over the district. the writer's desktop and the coordinator's phone are working on a joke with local color. the secure cloud just received a revised intro from the strategist's tablet. and while i make my way into the venue, the candidate will be rehearsing off of his phone. [ candidate ] and thanks to every young face i see out there. [ woman ] his phone is one of his biggest supporters. [ female announcer ] with cisco at the center... working together has never worked so well. [ female announcer ] with cisco at the center... energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy development comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources
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at meineke i have options... like oil changes starting at $19.95. my money. my choice. my meineke. a sex scandal rocks a small town in maine, a zumba fitness instructor and her partner are charged with running a prostitution business out of her studio. apparently a lot more than dancing is going on. some of the names from alexis wright's client list are now public. let's bring back the legal guys, avery freeman in washington and richard herman in las vegas.
9:40 am
can you tell i've been chomping at the bit on this one. what i find interesting in this case is names. okay, she kept apparently meticulous records, about 150 names on this client list. so a small town. and it's maine, for goodness sakes. and the names are coming out. they're coming out slowly. first and foremost, your thoughts on just naming the clients here. they're accused, they're not convicted. >> that's exactly right. that's the delicate balance we have in a frae society. the freedom of the press, even the government says we respe respectfully request you don't dole out the people's homes and knock on their doors. the fact is, though, that's the balance. and judge tom warren, the judge presiding over this, has to make the balance. a hockey coach resigned, a former mayor's name son the list. believe it or not, marty, a television personality is on that list, too. >> yes. >> so it's the balance. it's the balance of a free society, freedom of the press and personal privacy.
9:41 am
these individuals have tempted to get protective relief from the judge who will up to this point has denied it. i think it all goes public. >> richard, i was curious about the way they're releasing it. in other words, all 150 did in the come out at once. it's being done in sort of waves. and i'm wondering, does that make it worse? >> i think it might, marty. it's torturous, actually. right? i think you do know if you're on that list. >> if you're on that list, you know it. >> sure, you do. >> right. you know you're on the list. listen, they're going full steam ahead. they're dumping a ton of money into this prosecution because this is like the big thing. forget about drugs and murders, homicides, this is the big thing up in kennebunkport, maine. go after this woman and her fitness studio. and go after everybody. so that's what they're doing. the names are coming out. they're innocent until proven guilty. solicitation of a prostitute is a crime.
9:42 am
i don't know if they'll be afforded protection for that and everything. >> wait a minute. wasn't this -- >> it's a crime. it's allowed to be reported. whether or not you're guilty is another story. but it's all coming out. and it's a scandal. >> wait a minute. avery, before you jump in. wait a minute. i want to point out that also she apparently videotaped a lot of these twists. >> right. >> i'm wondering, does that make it an issue where the johns could somehow be -- or say hey, i was victimized here. i was videotaped? >> yeah, they're going to bring a right of privacy case, marty. that's not going to happen. criminal activity. that's not a defense to it. wasn't zumba what was done or -- no, that was bunga-bunga. that is entirely different. >> right. >> nice of you to point that out, avery. thank you very much for bringing that up. >> that's why i'm here. >> all right. let's move on to the other issue we want to talk about here.
9:43 am
that has to do with the saints. that's right. football. okay. i got so caught up in zumba. >> easy, marty. >> here you have a season ticket holder of the new orleans saints. he's claiming because of the punishment that is needed as a result of the bounty schedule, that his team is no longer going to be any good. and that violates his ticket. this was somehow a break -- a breech of a contract. he is suing, i think, for $5 million in damages. it's a class action suit. richard, does he have a point? >> he has a point, marty. whether or not it's a valid point is another issue here. you know, there is good restaurants. he may spend his time over there may be better spent. look, this team used to be called the anin'ts, not the saints. they've had a horrible winning percentage over the year. however, they fill that stadium every year. i think his argument is this. listen, if you were going to go to a broadway show and they were saying these are the stars that
9:44 am
are going to be performing and you go that night and the stars are taken off the stage, you would want your money back. and what he is saying the nfl knew about their investigation. they knew they were going to come down and suspend players. but they waited until after the season ticket holders purchased all their tickets and then unleashed their reign of terror on the saints, suspending vilma, getting rid of the coach, doing all that. so he's saying basically they were defrauded or a breach of contract by the nfl upon the season ticket holders. >> that sounds like a really good argument to make, avery. what do you think of it? >> i think it's a terrible argument. the basis for jurisdiction is that there is diversity. i think it's awful. i don't think the case -- i mean jurisdiction has been asserted. one of the arguments is the due process rights of players, not us, the due process rights of players and managers have been violated. in other words, 85,000 fans are
9:45 am
asserting the rights of third persons. there is no way this case may be able to go forward. it may be sanctionable. i understand the frustration new orleans fans -- they're o1-4. it is not the basis of a federal case. i don't think it prevails. >> is a ticket a contract of sorts? >> it is. >> in other words, the nfl violated this contract. >> marty, it could be a contract where you're purchasing a ticket and expectation of seeing an event and an event that has been publicized and basically lured you into purchasing because you want to see these particular participants and now you can't. what they're saying is the nfl intentionally -- intentionally did it. that may be the hard thing to prove. >> i agree. i agree. >> we agree. we both agree. >> i like. that all right. well, we covered quite a bit there. we've gone from zumba to italy and now this case. we did put in a request to the nfl for their side on all of
9:46 am
this. and we did not get a response back. >> nobody ever calls you back. i don't know why that is. they should be calling you back. >> they should. see you both later. thanks very much. >> take care, marty. >> as you know, the legal guys are here every saturday at noon and 4:00 eastern to give us their take on the most intriguing legal cases of the day. and we certainly did that. a big victory for a texas high school cheerleading squad. case closed for now because a judge has temporarily ruled they can continue to carry banners that display christian bible verses at football games. there will be a trial date that is set nor next june. the local district banned the banners after someone complained. the cheerleaders sued claiming their free speech rights were violated. wineries, they're not the typical get away. but for wine enthusiasts, it is a great way to taste different wines and to take in the beautiful landscape. we are guided through the dos and don'ts in this "on the go."
9:47 am
>> with lush vineyards and grapes ripe for the picking, the wine harvest or crush season is in full swing. >> the best time to visit wineries if you want action is to go right in the peak of harvest. that would take place in late summer or early fall. during this time, there are festivals, there are people all around. you'll see wine makers crushing grapes and turning them into wine. >> a winery is not just about the wine but the wine experience. so at your very first stop, make sure you learn how to sample wine properly. >> it's called wine tasting not wine chugging. you want to make sure you sample responsibly. you don't need to drink all the wine offered you to, especially if you don't like it. >> reporter: you also may want to consider getting a designated driver or going on foot. >> you could visit one of the historic downtown areas that have four to five winery own tasting rooms within walking distance. that way can you pop in and out of tasting rooms without having to get in the car. research and don't forget a
9:48 am
souvenir. >> if you happen to be at a winery and fall in love with a wine and want to take it home, check in advance that your state is one of the 39 states that allows you to ship wine back. social media isn't just an extra tool for small business anymore. it is now absolutely critical. what happens if you don't get it?
9:49 am
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this next story is essential
9:52 am
for any small business owner. your customers live around the world. their language is social media. and if you don't understand it or, well, let's face it, you could be out of business. christine romans explains in smart is the new rich. >> reporter: there's facebook, twitter, pinterest and insta gram, just to name a few. the tangled web of social networks leaves small business owners scratching their heads. social media is the new word of mouth. this is how people are talking. >> that's what i'm told. i'm embarrassed to say i haven't believed in it. >> reporter: her business manufacturers and sells high end wigs. the cost, anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. every wig comes with her personal touch and privacy. >> it's not an item that you walk by and say i'm going to buy me a wig. >> reporter: so this is a very different kind of customer shop
9:53 am
owner relationship. this is very personal. this is a very personal thing to buy. >> it's a marriage. >> reporter: today she's not giving a customer a makeover, she is getting one from social media expert gary boehnercheck. >> if you're on facebook and twitter in 2012-13, you're not a relevant business in our society. >> reporter: 53% of small businesses use social media, that's up from 44% last year. but he says few use it effectively. >> everybody thinks about social media as promotions, as e-mail, as talking. twitter, more than facebook or anywhere else, is about listening. less pushing the pr that you got in or that you opened a store and more searching on twitter to jump into the conversations. facebook is different. if you were to jump into some of the conversation on facebook, they'd be upset. facebook is much more private. it's your profile. but you had 102 people like this page. they want to receive information. >> reporter: the goal, to get people online to spread her message. but to find the people, she
9:54 am
needs to look beyond facebook and twitter. >> if you're lucky enough to be on the women demo and story tell to women, pinterest is almost a many. if you look at the younger crowd, you get into tumbler. by you taking pictures with instagram and putting the pictures out, people will see it 15, 20, 30 people at a time. not in one lump sum. but they share it. that's one platform. i think instagram is a must for you as well. >> it may take some time to master the social media web. but flora mastered one crucial step, posting here her first instagram picture. christine romans, cnn, new york. and we're working a story out of l.a. we'll bring that to you after the break. could it be the work of a sniper in michigan? officials are on edge there. we'll have details. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future.
9:55 am
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more information is coming out about a shooting that took place in engelwood, california. five people were shot and a fire and a manhunt under way.
9:58 am
art, what do we know? >> reporter: this is a really tragic situation unfolding out here in engelwood, california. around 4:00 this morning l.a. county fire received a call that shots were fired. so they responded. upon their arrival, they found two people shot in the street, one in an alleyway and two others in a house and also a house in the back of the front house is a back house where it's rented out by some tenant there. what they have are a bunch of children, they have three children and two adults all shot. the father, the 30-year-old father died of his injuries at ucla medical center a couple hours ago. and tragically, sadly, a 4-year-old boy who was shot in the head died of his injuries as well. >> i have to interrupt you. i just going to stop you. we're going to run out of time. manhunt under way. still looking for the suspect, right? >> they're looking for the suspect right now. >> we'll continue to stay in touch for updates.
9:59 am
thank you. coming up this afternoon on cnn newsroom, an insider from the world of competitive cycling will have very late oest whan is happening within the lance armstrong camp and what we can expect from the disgraced champion as details from his doping scandal continue to unfold. and we're taking you on the campaign trail as the president and governor romney head into the homestretch and prepare for their very last debate. find out why this time around the entire world will be watching. your money with ali belchi starts right now:you want lower taxes, mitt romney says he'll cut everyone's taxes and he'll lower the deficit. wow! now, that would be having your cake and eating it, too. i'm ali velshi. folks won't tell you the truth about the economy, i will. here's the problem with mitt romney's math. he