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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 22, 2012 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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struggling back home he says don't bash china. >> get out. get out. get out. leave everyone behind you. >> reporter: stan grant, cnn, beijing. >> just ahead, our michael holmes is going to talk to gordon chang, chos a columnist for and author of the book "the coming collapse of china." speaking of michael holmes, newsroom international with him starts right now. i am michael holmes, and i am filling in for susan malveaux for newsroom international. we are taking you around the world in 60 minutes. they are locked in a dead even race just 15 days before the presidential election. tonight president obama and mitt romney square off in their third and final debate, if you didn't know already. the tie breaks and the split decision on the previous two debates have raised the stakes for tonight. the focus? foreign policy. you can expect both candidates to also try to shift the
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discussion, of course, to their domestic agenda. here's the format for you. it's a 90-minute debate and can be divided into six segments of 15 minutes each. each segment starting with a question followed by two-minute answers from the candidates and then a bit of a chat and some discussion. this time they're going to be seated with the moderator, unlike last week's town hall and the first debate that was standing behind the podiums. libya, iran, china, just some of the issues that will come up tonight, no doubt. we're going to break down those issues and what's at stake. here's white house correspondent diana keiller, and foreign affairs correspondent ellise lavin. let's start with you, briana. we can expect mitt romney to raise, you know, more questions about the terrorist attack in b benghazi tonight. president obama to portrait mitt romney as unprepared to be a world leader on an international stage. what more do we know about the
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debate strategy? >> yeah, that's exactly what we're expecting, michael. during the last debate in new york last week that was really a missed opportunity of governor romney's. he sort of fumbled when it came to the libya issue, and president obama has a lot of foreign policy experience, foreign policy successes. i mean, you can't argue with four years of hands-on experience, something that governor romney doesn't have, but the president is vulnerable when it comes to libya. so these are the issues, obviously, that we're looking for tonight. we're expecting -- and this is what romney sources are telling our dana bash. we're expecting that he is going to be trying to portrait a calmer demeanor. obviously, appearing presidential. that he is expected to hit president obama, of course, on libya and also that he is going to be trying to turn it to the economy, as you mentioned. that's more his wheelhouse, and so we're expecting him to try to shift conversation back to that. now, president obama for what he will be aiming to do, he will be
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trying to poin out romney's foreign blunders. remember when he managed to miff the british off. things like this might be coming up, and also hitting romney on his lack of specifics, and then, finally, it's really this issue of is romney presidential in a way that he could lead the u.s. on the world stage? we've seen an ad and a memo out today from the obama campaign trying to paint him as belacose, as not ready, and we expect president obama is going to be doing that tonight here in florida. >> one of the other big issues likely to come up tonight is iran. over the weekend i see your "times" article saying the u.s. and tehran had agreed to one-on-one talks about iran's nuclear program after the election. u.s. will deny that. a lot of people might say what's wrong -- regardless, can the president make the case that his strategy on iran is working or does this give mitt romney an opening? >> you know, the answer may be yes to both of those. obviously president obama would make his case that these are the
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toughest sanctions ever, and that they have been working. you just look at iran's economy. you look at the value of iran's currency, which has plummeted, and he can say the sanctions are working, but, obviously, governor romney can say they're not really shifting iran to changing its behavior. even if everyone expects that ultimately iran moves towards talks, he can say that there's really no evidence showing that they are changing their behavior at this point, so they can sort of both make a point, and it may also be sort of the style in which they do it that we'll be watching. >> yeah. yeah. briana, thank you so much. you know, there's a new poll out today that shows how concerned voters are about iran in two key swing states. 72% of voters in florida said they were very interested in hearing the candidates' views on iran moving towards perhaps nuclear weapons. in ohio it was 61%. the study sponsored by harvard university center for science and international affairs. let's get back to libya now,
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which is another big issue the candidates will be talking about tonight. the romney campaign wants to keep hammering what it is calling the administration's security failures surrounding that deadly attack on the consulate in benghazi. democrats accuse romney of playing politics. how will this play out tonight? ellise lavine joining us from the state department. always good to talk about what did the president know, when did he know it, and the aftermath of the attack, and the security threat before the attack. does that threaten to overshadow perhaps a more important issue? >> well, michael, i think all this back and forth about specifically about what the administration kind of went out on sunday talk shows and was telling the american people very narrowly focused mitt romney on this last debate kind of does a disservice and glosses over the larger issues about the breakdown in intelligence, how did the u.s. intelligence community misread the threat, this growing islamist threat in
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benghazi, and perhaps they were planning some kind of attack, and also why wasn't the security enough that the u.s. consulate? if there were growing threats in the intelligence community was warning about this, why didn't the white house and state department answer some of these requests for more security, so i think by focussing very narrowly on this one point, it glosses over these larger issues that are very important to making sure that this never happens again. >> yeah. i'm curious about that too. you know, in the wake of it too, you had the positive, i suppose, if there is one that was the great support from ordinary libyans who were coming out against that too. you know, i want to ask you about your sitdown with secretary of state hillary clinton. it was about a week ago to talk about this. tell us what she said. >> i asked secretary clinton because remember, michael, the state department never jumped on this bandwagon of spontaneous protest or any kind of mob mentality tying it to some of these protests throughout the arab world, and i asked
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secretary clinton whether the u.s. kind of the administration rushed to judgment by giving this assessment or whether they got bad intelligence from the intelligence community. let's take a listen to what she said. >> i think it is absolutely fair to say that everyone had the same intelligence. everyone who spoke -- >> bad intelligence? >> well, everyone who spoke tried to give the information that they had. as time has gone on the information has changed. we have gotten more detail. what i want to avoid is some kind of political gotcha or blame game going on because that does a disservice to the thousands and thousands of americans not only in the state department and usaid, but the military who serve around the world. >> and so, michael, i mean, clearly the way the administration handled this in the days after the attack is up for some kind of criticism, but to secretary clinton's larger
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point, the real goal here to be an investigation that finds conclusio conclusions. >> how likely is that to get to secretary clinton or to someone in the white house? >> the state democratic, lower levels for additional security that were denied. but to the larger issue, if there is intelligence from the intelligence community that says, hey, extremism is growing many some areas, there's a lot of chatter in the intelligence community, you know, the state department puts out travel warnings about any various places.
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are we covered in these places? i mean, clearly secretary clinton isn't getting every memo from every security officer, and -- but i think that what mitt romney is going to talk about tonight is a larger issue about how president obama and the administration kind of missed the signals of the growing extremism in the region and didn't make sure that the consulate was adequately protected. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. don't forget, our coverage from the third and final debate in boca raton, florida, begins tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. seven hours from now. well, while the debate tonight focuses on foreign policy, most voters wonder how it impacts the economy, their lives. we're going to get analysis from former michigan governor jennifer granholm. also, congressman jason chafit coming up. china gets blame for a lot of american's woes. we'll look at the economic balance of power and how it
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zimplt welcome back. 15 days and counting, as we've been saying. the presidential election coming up. the campaign is in overdrive, but all the focus tonight will be right boca raton, florida. that's where it's all going to happen. president obama, mitt romney will take the stage there one last time to debate. the coverage, of course, right here on cnn. at 7:00 eastern the debate supposedly focuses on foreign policy. really they're going to get some domestic stuff in there, aren't they? jennifer granholm is a democratic political analyst and host of the war room on current tv. good to see you, jennifer. you are going to want to turn it into a policy die bait. >> any time you hear the question about china, that's an economic foreign policy question, and you will see it brought back to the united states, and, michael, i think it's going to be very interesting to see how both of them pivot because both of them
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will want to go back to the economy for their own reasons. the president is going to want to say -- i predict you will hear him say -- 5.2 million jobs created over the past 31 months. that the unemployment rate is the lowest that it's been since he has taken office. five-year high in consumer confidence. five-year high in housing starts. four-year low in foreclosures. you're going to hear five-year high in stock market. if he doesn't say that, then he has missed an opportunity. i bet you he will, and then he has to pivot forward as well and to lay out the specifics of his five-point economic plan. i'm sure mitt romney has strategy to do the same thing. >> he also has to talk foreign policy, but i'm wondering whether you think women's issues because mitt romney was credit sized for his talking points on women's issues in the last debate. do you think that will get back into the discussion? >> it will be hard to wedge in a question on contraception when you are talking about benghazi, but who knows?
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there may be an issue related to getting out, for example, of afghanistan and women's rights in afghanistan. that could be a pivot. i think the other opportunity, michael, is if they get a question on the defense department cuts. they will not want to talk about women's rights, but the economy, and that will be an opportunity for them. >> it's going to be the master of the segue, i think, tonight. speaking of china economic policy, contraception. what do you think the biggest thing is that the president has to do tonight to, you know, win the debate. yes, foreign policy has never won an american vote, i should think. there are broader domestic issues in play, but it might be more about how things are said. it will look like who is going to rush to judgment or too bombastic, and that might be how romney is portrayed, and the president would like to remind people about how he came
9:16 am
barrelling out of the gun on libya. the president is calm, steady leader, and he is somebody who can portrait that this is a complex world. the decisions that have to be made are nuanced decisions, and you cannot have a cowboy-like foreign policy which will offend the alliances that the president has put together. you cannot undo the good work the president ahas done to build those alliances that will ultimately bring peace to the middle east. >> because why -- while, you know, domestic audiences might not see value in foreign policy because it doesn't necessarily impact their life. my primary role is over at cnn international, and the people that we're broadcasting to over there outside the u.s., they care very much what comes out of this. >> sure, they do. i'm sure that this will be played and replayed across the globe as well. i think that the president having raised the standing of the united states, the esteem of the united states globally is an
9:17 am
important part, but for the domestic audience tonight, it will be a question of who projects global leadership. now, you remember that the president has been coached in this debate by john kerry who has extremely long series of international experiences, and he will, i'm certain the president will come in armed and confident, steady, and sure. the question is how mitt romney is able to counter act that. without looking like he is jumping the gun on everything, without looking like he wants to take the united states to war at the drop of a hat. >> yeah. exactly. really fascinating to talk to you, former michigan governor jennifer granholm there. appreciate your time. >> thanks so much. you bet. >> just so you know, coming up later in the hour, we're going to hear from a surrogate of the mitt romney campaign. republican congressman jason chafitz will be talking to us about tonight's debate. don't forget, come on, you know, already, you can watch it here 7:00 eastern live. if the last debate is any
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indication, we're going to be hearing a lot about china tonight. so many of our goods come from china. it dwarfs the amount we export back. we're going to look at how the candidates propose to fix the trade imbalance and about all that debt as well. ♪
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one topic that is sure to get plenty of attention in tonight's foreign policy debate, it is china. it is the u.s.'s second biggest trading partner after europe, but each size has accused the other of not playing fair. the president and mitt romney went toe to toe over china in the last debate. let's listen. >> china has been a currency
9:22 am
manipulator for years and years and years, and the president has a regular opportunity to label them as a currency manipulator, but refuses to do so. on day one i will label china a currency manipulator. >> the currency has actually gone up 11% since i have been president because we have pushed them hard, and we put unprecedented trade pressure on china. that's why exports had significantly increased under my presidency. >> joining us now to talk more about u.s. policy on china, the impact on the presidential election is gordon xhank, a columnist for and author of the book called "the coming collapse of china." scary title. he is in new york. i want to start, if i can, with what the republicans are trying to make their main point of attack right now, and that is this whole currency manipulation issue. should the u.s. be more aggressive about trying to get china labelled as a manipulator. >> well, it should because u.s.
9:23 am
law requires the treasury to designate a country -- a currency manipulator if it meets two requirements, and it's an open and shut case that china meets those requirements. now, currency manipulation is by far not the most important thing to talk about. if we don't follow our own law, we're sending a signal, and that's going to make beijing even more intransigent. currency manipulation is about the whole range of economic issues we have with beijing. >> now, you know, if they -- okay, say they get labelled a currency manipulator under the rules, what changes, though? >> well, very little changes in a sense, because all that requires is the treasury to open up formal discussions with the chinese about their currency. now, we have been talking to the chinese for more than a half decade about the -- but we should certainly continue those discussions because although the -- it's deappreciated against the dollar over the last four years, it may be more undervalued today than when
9:24 am
president obama took office. >> let's talk about the relationship -- some would say a sim beon theic relationship with china. the chinese, are they crucial to the u.s. being able to finance the deficit? you can argue in a way that the u.s. is more important to the chinese because they need our massive demand p for what it is they produce. >> i mean, 190.5%. you know, china was running massive deficits with the rest of the world in order to run a surplus with us, and that means that we have very much the leverage in this relationship. you know, we can buy our shoes from elsewhere, but china really can't find a market to replace the american one. >> well, then how much of a big stick is the debt? >> well, you know, our problem is not that there are too few people willing to lend us money. the problem is that there are too many. if china went away as a creditor, it really wouldn't
9:25 am
affect the united states. our interest rates are at historic lows. mean, so, you know, china is not that important a factor for us at this point. >> i want to squeeze one more in. is the challenge with china not so much economic at the moment, but in the geopolitical sense its support for nations like iran, syria, north korea. >> yeah. no, absolutely. you know, iran, of course, is a problem, but iran is really dangerous because it has beijing's backing. you know, the chinese have been flying nuclear weapons technology to the iranians. they've been giving them diplomatic support at the u.n. security council, and, of course, china supports the iranian economy in so many different ways. we need to have a conversation with beijing about iran because iran by itself is not the threat that it looks like to be today. >> yeah. fascinating. gordon chang, columnist at and author as well. interesting stuff. we'll have you back, i'm sure. thanks a lot. >> thank you. all right. when the candidates take the
9:26 am
stage tonight, the kremlin will be paying some attention to the debate as well. we're going to have a live report from moscow. ♪... ♪... choose the perfect hotel
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for a body in motion. the terrorist attack in libya, iran's nuclear program, china, all of these things we've been talking about are going to be major issues when president obama and mitt romney meet in that final debate tonight, but what about u.s. relations with russia? they've been a bit frosty lately, haven't they? how is the presidential race here playing out there? phil black has the reaction from russia following a tough year between washington and moscow. >> russia became an election issue when president barack obama was overheard saying this to its outgoing president. >> it's my last election. after my election i have major -- >> that flexibility triggered this from his opponent. >> this is to russia. this is without question our
9:30 am
number one geopolitical foe. >> a view that didn't go over well in russia. >> i think that, yes, mr. romney may -- >> alexi chairs the russian parliament international affairs committee. the senior member of the governing united russia party. he is well connected with the kremlin. >> mr. romney is not someone who strikes me as a person of the 21st century in foreign policy. >> reporter: he believes romney is wrong in saying obama is soft on russia because this has been a very difficult, sometimes confrontational year for the two countries. it started last december. russians took to the streets after disputed parliamentary elections. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton also criticized the vote, and vladimir putin, then russian prime minister, accused her of encouraging the protests. >> mr. putin interpreted certain remarks made by secretary of state clinton as something which shows that the americans are
9:31 am
incleaned to change in russia too. >> reporter: syria has proved the most emotional issue. u.s. officials have said russia has blood on its hands for vetoing tough resolutions in the u.n. security council and for selling weapons to the syrian regime. russia doesn't trust america's intentions. >> we hear that the united states after human rights, democracy, freedom, and so on, and then we see that in the majority of cases it has to do with geopolitical interests. >> reporter: in september the kremlin ordered the closure of the u.s. agency for international development after 20 years work and billions of dollars on health, democracy, and human rights programs. moscow said the agency was trying to interfere in domestic politics, and only a few weeks later russia declared it won't renew an agreement with the united states, which has helped secure and destroy thousands of cold war era nuclear weapons in former soviet company countries. all of this comes after the
9:32 am
obama administration's much hyped policy of pushing the reset button with russia. so despite a major effort by barack obama to improve relations with russia, there is very little trust or friendship. in moscow the fear is things could get even worse if mitt romney wins and lives up to the language he has been using during the campaign. >> we'll be talking about a new cold war if romney is serious about what he is saying. >> reporter: but there are also people who believe barack obama should have been much tougher with russia. commentator, constantine van eggert is one of them, but he admits very new russians agree with him. >> in this particular time of the so-called reset, he was perceived as someone who is negotiating with russia from the position of weakness, and that meant that russian decisionmakers and putin himself thought they could push the button further. >> reporter: there is a list of sensitive issues the next u.s. president will have to address with russia. his challenge will be preventing
9:33 am
an already frosty relationship turning very cold. >> phil black joins me now from moscow. good to see you. phil, not very cheery stuff in that piece of yours. one of the things that came up, of course, was the issue that -- about russia and the crisis in syria. how is that playing out in russia as this presidential debate comes up in just a matter of a few hours? >> well, russia's opposition to all attempts at putting pressure on the syrian regime is well known, well stated. they've vetoed a number of u.n. security council resolutions that would pressure the syrian regime with sanctions, arms embargoes. mitt romney, his policy is to go even further than that. he has talked about arming some of the syrian rebels with big weapons that could shoot down jets and helicopters. russia is opposed to that even more strongly. the view here in moscow is very much one where they feel strong opposition to what the united
9:34 am
states is trying to do. already the difference is very sharp, but the fear is if mitt romney wins, the differences -- the aggression on that particular point could become even stronger. >> it's been such a frosty year. we just marked, of course, the 50th anniversary of the cuban missile crisis, the nuclear standoff between the u.s. and the soviet union as it was then. you know, how serious are the concerns about this frosty relationship where you are? >> no one is predicting a crisis as intense as the cuban missile crisis was. certainly not imminently. there is a fear here. the belief here is that at the moment in presidents putin and obama there are two leaders who despite their countries sharply conflicting assessments and interests are committed to at least trying to work together, to smooth over some of those differences and work constructively where possible, particularly where their interests do coincide. the fear here, though, is that if president obama is replaced
9:35 am
by president romney, who is more prepared to confront less willing to listen, then that relationship will degrade sharply. it will affect interests in areas where these two countries at the moment believe very strongly they should be working together, like trying to avoid deadlock in the security council, like reigning in iran's nuclear ambitions, and russia is playing a big part in helping the u.s. plan its pull-out of afghanistan as well. all of that, it is feared, would suffer very quickly, michael. >> important relationship too. okay. good to see you, phil. appreciate that. phil black there in moscow. now, earlier in the program we heard what democrats want to get across in the debate tonight. up mechanics we'll get the republican side with a congressman. when back pain slows you down,
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as we've been telling you, just hours away now from the
9:39 am
final presidential debate. less than six and a half hours. you can see there president obama reviewing some notes while former massachusetts governor mitt romney took a break to hit the beach on sunday. utah republican congressman jason chaffitz is already in place at lynn university in boca raton, florida. good to see you, congressman. thanks for being with us. foreign policy may not be what mitt romney may want to talk about tonight. i want you to listen to what one journalist is saying about your man's predicament and get your reaction. >> mitt romney every second you're talking about foreign policy is wasted, which might mean that romney tries to break out of that and tries to bring home some of the foreign policy issues to domestic economic issues. >> is that a bit harsh, or is that what mitt romney needs to do? get on to the topic of the economy and not deal too much
9:40 am
with the intricacies of syria? >> to do so you have to show confidence as it relates to world affairs. i also think that the united states is ready for a change. it knows it's off track. it wants to make that change. to the extent that mitt romney can project himself as the next commander in chief, as the president of the united states, then i think the people are willing to make that choice. certainly, there's a direct tie between our economic strength, our military strength, and our position in the world. >> obviously, the voters are the ones here in the united states that m is trying to appeal to. are you concerned about his reputation overseas? it wasn't a particularly successful overseas trip he did when he seemed to offend londoners over the olympics and moscow is worried about a romney presidency.
9:41 am
do you think that matters? >> i think that the idea that russia is worried about a romney presidency probably plays well here in the united states. the idea of leading from behind is not something that i think resonates with the american people. we've had literally tens and hundreds of thousands of people recently serving overseas. they want a commander in chief who is in command of the issue employs will take charge, who will actually lead out, and i think -- i think also a romney presidency will be good for the world because i think it will be crystal clear where governor romney stands. there won't be this ambiguity that is oftentimes plaguing the obama administration. >> when it comes to libya and, of course, benghazi is obviously going to come up in the debate, do you think it's a stretch to say, as some have, that president obama's foreign policy is unravrling across libya when, you know, the vast majority of the country appears to embrace the u.s. as it rallies in support of the united states in
9:42 am
benghazi, and i spent time with the rebels during the revolution last year, and they were very fond of the u.s. >> what doesn't make sense to a lot of americans is the idea that the president has been touting that terrorism, the terrorists, al qaeda, and off shoots of that are on their heels, they're on the run when they're able to execute an attack like what happened in benghazi just doesn't make sense. terrorism is out there. it's very real. you can't just take a victory lap and say we killed osama bin laden. therefore, terrorists are on the run everywhere. that idea of this victory lap that the president took does not resonate, and certainly we enjoy support from many libyans. you may even be most libyans, but we have to understand that our compound in benghazi was attacked twice. we had two bombings prior. what i have a problem with is the president didn't solve that. we didn't add more resores there. we didn't fortify the physical facilities there. that's what people don't
9:43 am
understand. they ask -- the people on the ground ask for more resores. not only were those denied, they were reduced, and that came after the june 6th bombing of our facility there. that doesn't make sense. >> yeah. congressman, thanks so much. from boca raton. >> thank you. >> we'll talk again, i'm sure. let's get a quick update on the markets. it was down last time i looked. let's see where it is now. still down. 35 points or so on the day. one-quarter of 1%. investigators still a little on edge after the dow dropped more than 200 points on friday. the big thing to look out for is some important earnings reports coming out. we'll be hearing from apple, facebook, amazon. all of those before the week is out. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 when i'm trading, i'm so into it, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 hours can go by before i realize
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zeerjts the third and final presidential debate has ads that highlight -- iran front and center. have a look at that billboard there. and tv ads shot in israel with israeli jews praising president obama. you know, is this any different than what we've seen in past u.s. presidential elections in terms of the importance and focus on israel, or is it much of the same? >> fine you talk to people in the grocery store, you ask them about the u.s. presidential election.
9:48 am
everyone has something to say. everyone has a favorited. inevitably the word that keeps coming up in these conversations is iran. a lot of people here concerned about what's going to happen in iran. benjamin netanyahu has brought it up, and he has made sure the united states is clear on its pox when it comes to iran and make sure the world knows that israel is not happy with what has happened so far with the dealings with iran and thinks there is much more to do. the other thing that comes up and that is a concern for israelis is the relationship that appears to be unstead dwri between mr. netanyahu and mr. obama. the parliament aryans put that on the agenda, something to talk about. as you will know, certainly this issue of whether or not the
9:49 am
president and prime minister get along will be brought up by mitt romney during these debates and, of course, you will also hear mr. obama likely talking about his record, his policy on helping to protect israel if it's anything like what they've been saying during the campaign trail. >> our commitment to israel security must not waiver and neither must our pursuit of peace. the iranian government must face a world that stays united against its nuclear ambitions. >> and then, of course, romney had a comeback for that. we've heard this several times. here's what he has had to say on the campaign trail. >> the president explicitly stated that his goal top ofs put daylight between the united states and israel, and he succeeded. this is a dangerous situation that has set back the hope of peace in the middle east.
9:50 am
>> there you have it, and the debate has been happening. the last one in the united states between these two men who want to -- one wants to stay in the presidency, and the other wants to take over and be in the white house as the leader of the united states. >> you will not see people staying up until 4:00 in the morning to watch that, but you will definitely hear a lot about it the day after. people are watching the u.s. presidential debates here. they are concerned about who will be in the white house. in general when you get to the nettie gritty of it all, when you ask people about the u.s.-israel relationship, they say no matter who is in that position, no matter who becomes the president, the relationship will still be strong. >> very quickly, the polls on israeli-americans who will be voting. what's it saying? >> when israelis are asked about who they think would better protect israel and has better policies for uz rail, 2-1 they
9:51 am
say romney. this country very heavily in fare of the republican candidate at this point. meeblg. >> good to see you. sarah there in jerusalem in the evening. well, cycling star falls from grace. boy, did he? the international cycling union stripz lance armstrong of his tour de france title, but that may only be the beginning of his problems. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm going b-i-g. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice. go national. go like a pro. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice.
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lance armstrong no longer a tour de france winner. the president of the international cycling union says armstrong "has no place in cycling." he was today stripped of his seven tour victories and banned from the sport. this, of course, many the wake of a u.s. anti-doping agency report accusing armstrong of leading a sophisticated doping program over many years. our alex thomas is in london. it may seem shocking to some, but not really unexpected, was
9:55 am
it? >> no. not unexpected to those that have always doubted professional road race cycling. certainly that was the findings of that united states anti-doping agency verdict some months ago now. sfwlooits how lance armstrong has doped and how he bullied others into, it and it shocked many around the world, and finally now, world cycling's governing body and their president pat mcquaid who many said was toothless many the face of this cheating has come out and agreed to the insider reports and have confirmed that lance armstrong is banned for life and all his seven record tour de france titles have been stripped from him. he went as far as saying there's no place for armstrong in cycling, and he was sorry his predecessors have failed to get to the drug cheats in cycle be. it's not the end of the story for armstrong, though. we're getting reports that an
9:56 am
american insurance company might take legal action within days over having to cover one of his multi-million dollar bonus payments of those tour de france wins. another sponsor oakly has joined nike in others in dropping armstrong as well. really the cyclist's reputation is in tatters. >> an inglorious end. alex thomas there in london. zimpl well, the foreign policy debate is a hot topic if you are checking out twitter, and one tweet caught our attention in particular. we'll continue. h py. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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the presidential debate tonight a hot topic on twitter. a group called top conservatives on twitter caught our attention. mark davis, a conservative radio host from texas tweeting this. bin laden dead, gm alive. okay. but our ambassador is dead and al qaeda is alive. we can play this game all day. bring the debate. millions of tweets have been posted during the presidential debates. that's it for newsroom international. i'm michael hoelz. thanks for being with us, and i'm going to hand it over to ashleigh banfield in new york for another hour of news. over to you. i'm ashleigh banfield sitting in for suzanne malveaux in the second hour. let's get to it.
10:01 am
president obama and mitt romney locked in a dead even race with just 15 days to go before the presidential election, and just hours from now they're going to face off in their third and final debate. the race is tight and the decision was somewhat split on the previous two debates, so that seems to have raised the stakes even higher for tonight. the focus will be foreign policy. you can expect to hear questions about the iran nuclear threat, fall-out from the deadly attack in lib yashgs and more tough talk on china and the u.s. economy. we saw mitt romney get a big boost after his strong performance in the first debate and president obama seemed to regain his footing after debate number two, and tonight's match-up could be a decisive moment in this race. cnn's political editor paul
10:02 am
steinhauser tells us what to expect in style and substance. >> when we have four americans killed there, when apparently we didn't know what happened, that the president the day after that happened flies to las vegas for political fundraiser. >> g, you're the last person that's going to get tough on china. >> reporter: the clashes at the second presidential debate may have been just the appetizer. the candidates are likely to spar over many of the world's hot spots, including iran, israel, middle east peace, the war in afghanistan, pakistan, and terrorism. the format is different, with six 15-minute segments. >> it's divided into two-minute response from each candidate, and then about an eight and a half minute discussion. >> after standing at the first two debates, this time around president obama and mr. romney will be seated at the same table, along with moderator bob schieffer of cbs news. >> i think the combination of having the candidates seated at a table very close together and
10:03 am
the extended discussion phase will really enable an opportunity for the candidates to have a deep discussion about these six topics and we think there will be a great opportunity for exchange between the candidates. >> at a charity dinner the other night, both candidates joked about the debate. >> monday's debate is different because the topic is foreign policy. spoiler alert. we got bin laden. >> let me tell you what i do. first, refrain from alcohol for 65 years before the debate. >> except for a short break, romney took on sunday to watch a beach football game between his campaign staff and some in the media, both he and the president have been behind closed doors preparing for the debate. and it's no wonder. a new nbc news-wall street journal national poll indicates it's dead even between the two candidates among likely voters. and romney appears to be catching up with the president when it comes to which man would be a better commander in chief. >> paul stainhauser joins us
10:04 am
live now from boca raton, florida. the race is in a dead heat, and the election is just 15 days away. how much of a pivot do we think in one direction or the other could tonight be? given the fact that there is a lot of competing television out there tonight for voters to choose from. lots of sports, and then, of course, this third and final debate. >> there is, but i got to say, ashleigh, before this cycle has started, i would say maybe not that important, but we saw the debates were -- let's be honest, the first general debate a couple of weeks ago really shifted polls to a degree, so i think this debate could be that important. it could have an affect on the public opinion polls both nationally and more importantly in the states, and here's another reason why there's so much at stake at this tee bait tonight. this is the last chance for mitt romney and for president obama to reach a television audience which could be well over 60 million viewers. that's a big deal, ashleigh. >> well, if they get those 60 million viewers. i guess my question will be if
10:05 am
those don't get those kinds of numbers that debate one and two got, which is 60 million to 70 million, do they have any other opportunities to make a lasting impression in the next 15 days? >> on this national scale? no. remember, the race for the white house is won in the states, and especially in the battleground states. that's where you are going to see both mitt romney, president obama, their running mates and their campaigns over the next two weeks with visits and with campaign ads and get out the vote efforts. that's where this race will be won or lost many those battleground states, ashleigh. >> that is exactly where i wanted to go next with you, and that is the get out and vote effort. the ground game as so many people say it. it's one thing for you and me to show everybody these numbers and polls because we call them and it's ease where i to answer your phone and give an answer as to who you would vote for. it is another entire thing on a rainy cold day where the lines are long to go down and actually cast your vote, so to that extent it's a big difference between likely voters, registered voters, and then those voters that you really do have to pull kicking and screaming, it seems into those
10:06 am
polling stations. >> yeah, exactly. you know, the obama campaign has had four years now to get ready for this, and they feel very confident in their ground game. the romney campaign, they think they're far, far ahead of what john mccain had when it came to get out the vote efforts four years ago. we'll find out on november 6 who is right, ashleigh. >> paul steinhauser, good to see you. you have a long night ahead of you, so see you tomorrow. >> we got a sneak peek at what we can preponderance tonight when the focus turns to foreign policy, and joining us now to talk more about that, democratic strategist donna brazil and republican strategist anna navarro. we pretty much expect that mitt romney could have the opportunity to hammer away again on the attacks on the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya. on cnn "safety union" former house speaker newt gingrich said this is indicative of the president's looks foreign policy. lisp to how he put it. >> if we can't figure out what went on in a relatively open city in a country we have helped liberate, why do we think we know what's going on with the
10:07 am
iranian nuclear program? i think you can go country by country and see sort of the fraying at the edges of the obama policy. >> so, donna, the president is somewhat vulnerable on this, and especially given the way things almost devolved, it seems, in the last debate. what does he have to do to reign this back in tonight? >> well, first of all, just tell the truth, because from the moment the president got news of what was happening in libya, he moved heaven and earth to get assets there to insure that we could provide the safety and security. unfortunately, it was not time enough for the attack that occurred. meanwhile, mitt romney was at the microphone politicizing the death of four brave americans before he got the facts. this past weekend chairman darrell isiff put out information perhaps, sensitive information, that could put some of the libyans who have helped us in danger. i think we need to get beyond the politics and let the committees work out what the
10:08 am
facts e so that this won't happen again, but when it comes to foreign policy, i think this president has been truly a marshall leader. he has pursued our enemies no matter where they live. he has weakened al qaeda, although we have not destroyed them completely, but this is a president who has been decisive and he has strong on the international scene. >> anna navarro, and even john stewart rolled out and said the way the libya information was handled was not optimal. with that, does mitt romney have an opportunity to smell blood and go after it and perhaps correct where he sort of screwed up and that is not going after the initial question that the person from long island asked, which was why was the security denied for that mission? that never got answered. >> absolutely. i think that question needs to be answered, and i think he can follow-up on some of the things that the president said last week, and follow-up by asking, well, mr. president, if you went to the rose garden the day
10:09 am
afterwards and called it an act of terror, why is it that for 12 days after that your administration continued calling it everything but. your vice president has said joe biden has said that you didn't know they wanted more security. well, should you have known? if we're talking about a consulate in benghazi, a country of that level of violence and danger, should it have been to the level where the president should know? so i think there was a lot of good questions to ask when it comes to foreign policy. questions regarding the relationship with israel. questions regarding what we're going to do in syria. questions regarding latin america. a region that sadly, gets neglected time and time again in every campaign and every different administration. i think there's a lot of questions, a lot of answers to be given tonight. >> i want to ask the both of you -- i want to pivot a wee bit, because i talked paul steinhauser about this before you. tonight it's foreign policy, and
10:10 am
that ranks very low when we poll people tooz what they think is most important going into this election. in fact, our last poll in september had people at 4% interest when it comes to foreign policy. you got that going in, and then on top of that, ladies, we have two huge sporting events that the president and the governor are going to be competing against. donna, let me start with you. how important is it to try to make a lasting impression, and will they reach enough people? do they have to work optics or message or how do they compete with these problems they have with just the rest of the americans and how interested they might be? >> well, there's still a number of very, very small minuscule number of people who will probably tune in, probably maybe the first half hour to see if they hear something different. we know these debates have enabled mitt romney to have a small bounce, and president obama has come back and we're probably at a tie. i just think it's important to understand that national
10:11 am
security is important only because it impacts our bottom line. we have completed our mission in iraq, aurlt we still keep a strong eye on that part of the world, but the president has very clear that it's time for us to -- i think the american people are going to try to listen for that. honestly, there's something about latin america. you know, mitt romney gave the so-called foreign policy speech a couple of weeks ago. he devoted about two sentences to latin america. meanwhile, this president has signed trade agreements in panama, columbia. it is a vibrant region. it's a region we pus focus on even in our own hemisphere. >> you know what -- >> it's critical, but lisp, only so people are interested. sometimes it's like broccoli to people. houp of an impression do they to make right off the top?
10:12 am
>> this is a much harder might for donna than it is for me because she's the sports fan between the two of us. you couldn't pay me to watch a baseball game or football game. i will be completed concentrated on the debate tonight. i think people are going to be watching. you know, it's not only just because it's about foreign policy. it's because it is 90 minutes fairly unscripted for these two guys who are in a dead heat, and we have seen that these debates have made a difference in this campaign this year. employing back to latin america, unfortunately, though, yes, he signed the three fwreemts that had been started during the bush administration, but unfortunately, president obama has said things like he doesn't consider hugo chavez a national security threat. i live in miami. i do. >> all right, ladies. i have to go. if i had more time, this is what i would ask you. between the bears and lions and cardinals and giants, i would want to know where you fall, but it's going to have to be for another day, and obviously it will all be decided by then. >> whatever donna says, i'm with her on this.
10:13 am
i don't know. >> trust me. >> anybody from louisiana. i back anybody from new orleans. >> thanks, donna. thanks, anna. see you again. sfwlimplgts by the way, big reminder for tonight's debate. you can watch it in its entirety. the final presidential debate right here on cnn. our live coverage from boca raton, florida, at 7:00 p.m. eastern time, and here is what we've got coming up for you at this hour. working hard on a couple of stories. number one, could the tea party end up blowing the republicans' chances of winning the senate? that would be easterny. we'll take a look at what the election could mean for the balance of party and where the tea party falls within that. then, also, when the candidates square off in florida tonight, latino voters in particular will be watching. we're going to show you just how important their ballots could be in the fight for the white house, and let's just say this. it's all about the math. citi pe and decided to be...not boring.
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this question actually comes from a brain trust, my friends at global telecom supply, and it's -- this is really a pretty
10:17 am
good question. libya. >> and that was the question. libya. it was tom hanks, actually, doing a spoof on a question from kerry ladka. that was "saturday night live" this weekend. very funny. i spoke with the real kerry ladka last hour, and i asked what he is hoping to hear tonight. >> just before we get to tonight's event, you mentioned that you may not have the answer from president obama or from governor mitt romney during that sparring session. >> correct. >> but the president did come up to you afterwards and he talked to you. did he give you any answers or explain anything to your liking? >> he basically explained to me, ashleigh, that the reason he was deliberating was because he wanted to make absolutely sure that he had the correct information before he took any action. he said he wanted to act on not misinformation and that the
10:18 am
intelligence he had was correct. i basically understood that, but you are correct. >> why did he go out with this other story then if they were being guarded until they had the full story, why go out with this other story that it was the protests on the film? >> i think the governor -- governor romney will have some fodder for the tonight's debate, as a matter of fact, because the question in my mind has sfil never been answered. auto so you are fascinated by this clearly, but it seems to only rank at about 4% of those who are asked. >> strange. >> seem to think that foreign policy is important. do you expect to get more answers tonight? do you think that it will change you from an uncommitted to undecided voter. >> i hope so. i think not only libya is important, but i think we have a syrian situation that's extremely important. i think we have an aunian situation that's extremely important. we are still fighting terrorists in jihad it'ses all over the
10:19 am
world. i don't understand why the american public -- 4% of the american public feels that foreign policy is not -- is an important issue, and 96% don't. >> you do live just a couple of miles away from ground zero. that may be -- >> well, i worked in the world trade center too during the first attack, actually. >> so we will see if carrie has his mind changed. he said he will watch. find out what he thinks. >> it's not just about winning the white house this election. this election is also going to decide who controls the senate. i'm going to talk to a washington post columnist who says the tea party could end up actually blowing the republicans' chances of a takeover.
10:20 am
10:21 am
10:22 am
watching live as the president's plane,ary force one lands in west palm beach, florida. he has arrived for the debate tonight. he has spent the weekend at camp david in maryland. three days of debate camp, you
10:23 am
might say. he has been holed up with his top advisors, including a national security advisor, tom domnalon. as the plane comes to a screeching halt with his team on board, the governor, mitt romney, was prepping in florida. governor rom my is already there. michelle obama will arrive in about an hour and a half and will be speaking at supporters in broward college. the campaign continues even though neither of these campaigns has anything on the schedule today. tb a campaign stop or interview other than debate, debate, debate. need i remind you, there are 29 electoral votes on the ground where that plane is now turning and taxiing. 29. it voted democrat. we all remember what happened in 2000. florida, florida, florida had many of us stuck on that election for many months. there you go.
10:24 am
the president landing many west palm beach. heading over to get ready for tonight's debate. should i remind you, our coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern. it's very important because we're just 15 days away from election day, and just hours away from the debate tonight in boca rat own. you see the final preparations going on inside the debate hall. more is at stake than just who wins the white house. if you think that it's all about this debate, guess again. control of the senate haenkz in the balance too. democrats hold 51 seats. republicans have 47 seats, and there are two independents. you can see them yellow right there in the middle. in his column to the washington post, dana millbanks says the tea party is having the opposite affect as its plan. instead, helping the democrats. quoting the switch in fortunes can be attributed to many causes. a slate of lackluster republican candidates, high among them, but one thing is beyond serious dispute. if not for a series of tea party upsets in the republican
10:25 am
primarieses, the republicans will be taking over senate majority in january, and dana millbank is here with us now live. what happened? the tea party was the darling of the republican base, and, actually, led to huge victories and a change in philosophy. where are we now? >> well, that's true. i think the energy brought in by the tea party is why they have control of the house now, and that's not really being challenged at all right now. everybody agrees that the house will remain republican, but if you look at what's going to happen in the senate, nobody knows for sure, but most people say we have 51 seats for the democrats, 52, 53, somewhere. they'll probably lose a seat or two, but it will be very close the cycles of 2010 and 2012, there have been a total of five seats that would have been safely republican, but three seats were lost to the democrats in 2010, and now you have two other cases, missouri and
10:26 am
indiana. seats that very much should have belonged to the republicans this cycle. there in doubt, missouri in particular and its possible the republicans can lose in indiana, and in both cases this is very likely because the establishment republican candidates were dethroned by tea party insurgents in the primaries, and so they wound up with much weaker candidates. >> i just want to remind people -- you and i live, eat, and breathe this all the time, but for those that are thinking 2010, that was so two years ago. >> yeah. >> sharon engle in -- christine o'donnell in delaware, and then ken buck in colorado. >> right, colorado, right. >> as you refer to the additional two candidates who are now on the ballot, it's richard merdock who defeated senator louinger in the primaries. held 38 -- is my math off? >> yes, it was 36. 38, something like that. there was no question, but that he was going to have that seat as long as he wanted to have it. >> then todd akin, who is almost
10:27 am
become a national punch line but for the fact when the deadline passed for him to drop out, he became a punch line no longer for republicans who realized if we're stuck with him, we have to work with him. why is it, though, that these two have stood out in particular richard murdock and todd akin but for the headlines of todd akin so much for you that they are sure to lose? >> well, it's not that they're sure to lose. i mean, akin looks more likely to lose than murdock, but they're both in jeopardy. my point is that if you take away these two and you take away the three seats that republicans very easily could have had, that's over -- that's five seats that should have been in the republican hands, and by any stretch, that number of seats, no matter what happens, would have given republicans the snalt majority. if romney wins the presidency, it would have given them unchallenged control of the government, and that would be something truly extraordinary. it's had this ironic affect of
10:28 am
purifying the party in these primaries, but this is also made it possible and indeed almost a very highly likely that the democrats retain control of the senate. >> it's also made for a very busy news cycle, i might add. >> yes. >> and a lot of sound bytes. it's good to see you. thank you. >> thanks very much. one topic that is without question going to be on tonight's debate menu, iran, and that man. both candidates are talking about staying tough on iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad, but what will they say and how will they say it? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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10:32 am
agreed for the first time to hold that kind of talk. the back and forth decides one thing is very clear. iran and its nuclear ambitions will be a hot topic at tonight's presidential debate. let me bring in our foreign affairs reporter ellise lavitte. the way i see this, and correct me if i'm wrong, it seems these two candidates differ when it comes to mahmoud ahmadinejad and his ambitions with just one word, and that is capabilities. president obama says that we need to deny iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and mitt romney says we need to deny them the capability of developing a nuclear weapon, which is far more in line with israel. is that off base, and is that what they're iffing to push the american people to understand their positions tonight? >> well, certainly that's one of the things, ashleigh, and governor romney's position on this capability is much closer to israel's so-called red line. beening minimum netanyahu, the prime minister, has said he doesn't want iran to have the kind of ingredients, all the goods that they could then go to make a nuclear bomb, whereas,
10:33 am
president obama said he would -- his red line is if iran actually makes the decision and moves to build it. i think that one -- that's certainly one of the things that these two men will be discussing tonight, and also, whether what they would do in terms of if israel were to attack iran. would the u.s. get involved, and how would this go? >> to that end where do americans typically stand when it comes to how close to alie with israel? i know there's polling out there, and i know it is popular for some people to back israel, but to back israel how far and to what extent if it means a detriment to the united states. >> it's unclear. i mean, certainly this protection of israel and israel's interests is of importance to some voters in the jewish community and also in the christian right, but when when it comes to how that would affect u.s. national security interests and the u.s. has always said, yes, israel's interest is one of the things to take into consideration, but a nuclear armed iran, which could
10:34 am
then be much more powerful in the middle east and perhaps have more influence and use its proxies to attack u.s. interests. i mean, that's, i think, where americans really draw the line in terms of whether this would affect the united states. >> all right. our foreign affairs reporter live for us toted. thank you. we'll be watching tonight. latino voters, we have told you time and time again how important they will be in this election, and we're going to check on just exactly what it is they're waiting to hear tonight and how important that will be in just a moment. this is actually starting to feel real now. [ ross ] this is the perfect place to test the ats's advanced aerodynamics. [ derek ] we've got crosswinds, tailwinds, headwinds. aerodynamics is all about keeping the car planted on the road. you are going to get hit by stuff, so don't freak out. [ screaming with excitement ] and move out now. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cadillac ats. ♪
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some pigments of the president stepping off air force one just moments ago. his plane landed in west palm beach, florida. we brought that moment to you live. he has been holed up all weekend in camp david doing debate camp, we like to say, but debate prep. no official events on the calendar today other than the big one, the debate tonight. there he heads off in the
10:38 am
presidential limousine. presumably for the debate or a stop in between for additional prep or rest. lord knows these candidates work hard and immediate it. mitt romney no events on the calendar, other than the debate prep, and he has been in florida all weekend, and here is another live event that we're watching for you as well. he is at an event. it's interesting. it's called the victory rally, which is fascinating because we don't have a victory yet. maybe he knows something we don't know. it's without question a swing state in this race. let's listen into what he has to say. >> we have to stop spending money we don't have. we have to cut spending and balance the budget. we've got to get this debt under control so our children do not inherit our bills. we got to make sure that the small businesses, the men and women who work for these small businesses, the men and women who start these small
10:39 am
businesses, we need to make it as easy as possible for them to take risks, to work hard and to succeed. we do this. we put these pro-growth solutions in place, we create jobs. we get the economy growing, and we can create jobs. you see, it is not enough for us to sit and just criticize. we're offering you specific ideas and solutions about how to get people back to work, how to make sure that we revive the american idea, and that's really what it's all about. the american idea. now, when we think of this country, we think of it like this. it doesn't matter who you are. doesn't matter where you come from. how you were born. in this country you come here, you can get ahead. in this country you work hard, you play by the rules, you can get ahead. in this country if you take a risk, if you take -- if you work, you can fulfill your destiny. the only thing that limits people in this nation is our god-given talent and our own
10:40 am
effort. that's the american dream. that creates prosperity and opportunity and upward mobility. that's what we have to reignite. we're more than just a country. i see a veteran right there. a navy man right there. i'm sure he is a stone as throw from colorado springs. we have army, navy, air force, marines. coast guard not exactly right here. this country was founded on an idea and that idea was preserved we each and every one of our veterans in every generation, and we are thankful for them for that. we keep america prosperous and safe because we have a strong military. that is one huge difference between president obama and the next president of the united states, mitt romney. we are going to keep a strong
10:41 am
military we are about to honor that idea. the nature is not from god, not from government. that's the american idea. that's where our founder is created. that's what makes us so unique and special. that's who we are. >> why colorado is unique and special is because it's got nine electoral votes, and it voted democrat in 2008, but it's voted republican since -- between 1996 and 2004, so no wonder he is spending some time in that state. not only that at 4:45 today is he going to take that victory rally to durango as well and speak at that organization at the fort lewis college. something else that's critical? florida. that's also a toss-up state in this presidential election, and the polls are showing a very tight race there, except among latino voters where president
10:42 am
obama has a wide lead. cmn contributor and syndicated columnist ruben says that mitt romney is making gains in florida, and rightry so, he joins me now from san diego, and really let me start by just reading a little bit from a piece you wrote for it was on the website today. you say that mitt romney's critique of president obama's immigration policy is right on. this is why. the only thing worse than a broken promise are broken families and obama has divided hundreds of thousands of families by deporting one or both parents. let me take you to task a wee bit on that. yes, it is true he has record numbers of deport'ses over the last four years of his presidency. however, i don't think it's a secret that most people -- among them, without question, latinos, were thrilled with his recent executive order that stopped the deportation of kids who were brought up here who came here at a young age, so you failed to sort of mention that in the same
10:43 am
line. >> right. ashleigh, thanks for having me on. great to be back with you. in terms of the program you mentioned, deferred action for childhood arrivals, this has a small footprint. something like 4 had the 4 million students are eligible to app apply. only 4,000 have actually been granted. what amounts to a two-year trer reprieve. in order to do it, students have to walk into the office, declare themselves deportable, be fingerprinted and open a file on them. it's all a risky process, you see, but the main point here is that this is not a permanent fix. it's not an executive order from the president. it's not an act of congress. i give the president very little credit, many of the, for what he has done. it's too little too late and hasn't had an impact. >> some would say it's certainly a start, and not only that, that mitt romney has been quite vocal about self-deport's, making conditions for illegal immigrants so unbearable they'll just leave. >> right. >> and i cannot imagine.
10:44 am
i am not latina, but if i were, i would find that hurtful. >> yes, 1.5 million people who were -- you get a knock at the door. ice comes in. guns drawn. they kick down the door. they put mommy and daddy in shackles and take them off brsh they take kids u.s.-born and put them in foster care. hey, juanita, go with the nice lady. the fact that we take people's kids away, this is not a humane ternative to self-deportation. i would challenge anybody who thinks that their outrage over self-deportation to defend what's happening now which is really this war that has been declared on the immigrant community in this country, and nobody is talking about it. >> so what about mitt romney's position on the dream act? is that something that latinas are thrilled about -- latinos are thrilled about? >> rate. no, because mitt romney has said that he opposes the dream act. he is rolling a lot of that back where we're sort of becoming acquainted with the new, kinder and gentler mitt romney. in the new version of mitt
10:45 am
romney, he likes the idea of people who serve in the military being able to get a path to legal citizenship. he hasn't crossed that over to make it about students yet. i don't know if he will ethwe'll or not, but, you're right, in terms of the dream act, you have a president who says that he supports it, but did nothing to pass it, and you have a challenger who says he owes poses it. great choice. >> ruben, when you say the new mitt romney, critics will say that's not the new -- that's a euphemism for the flip-flopping mitt romney. >> right. >> at the same time he hasn't supported the dream act. he said we need a wholesale new immigration policy, but then we don't get the details. it's a little like trust me, and i'll let you know when i'm elected what it's going to look like, and i can't imagine -- they knowing what's important. >> i keep hoping that latinos aren't stupid, but they're supporting barack obama by a 70% margin, 2-1 over romfully, and barack obama has an atrocious record with regard to immigration and immigrants.
10:46 am
i hope they'll wise up as well. i'm not here to defend mitt romney, but it's just not accurate to say that somehow you have sort of a white hat and black hat in this race. a good guy and a bad guy. these two candidates are both, ashleigh, horrible on immigration. they both have been dreadful on immigration. the only thing that changes people's perception is whether you are wearing the blue hat or red hat and what team you're rooting for. in the last segment you had a democrat and republican each, you know, waving their flag, but i'm here to tell you straight, neither one of these candidates have been good on immigration. they've both been horrible. ? i'm glad we had this conversation. i look forward to increased conversations especially after tonight's debate. thanks, ruben. nice to see you. >> thank you, ashleigh. take care. so, listen, this is a spectacular fall from grace. really distressing, i think, to say the least for so many people who believed in this man. better days, happier days, vive la lance. lance armstrong has just lost all of his tour de france titles. that yellow jersey means nothing, and that could be the
10:47 am
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the thst wds from the president of the international cycling union today. former cycling superstar lance has been stripped of his seven tour de france titles. the international cycling union announced along with that decision that the french would have additional decisions to make. they repeated its demand that armstrong return almost $4 million that he won in those tours. earlier this month, the u.s. doping agency said there is overwhelming evidence that armstrong was involved in doping and this strange addition to the story, he gets to keep the yellow jerseys, just not the title to them. this next story is essential
10:51 am
for anyone out there who has a small business. you're a small business owner, your customers don't live around the block anymore. they live around the world. don't need us to tell you that. their language seems to be social media. if you don't understand it, christine romans is here to report you may be out of business. have a listen. >> reporter: there's facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus and instagram. tangled web of social networks leaves small business owners scratching their heads. flora's business manufactures and sells high end wigs. the cost, anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. today, though, she's not giving a customer a makeover, she's getting one, from social media expert gary vannercheck. >> if you're not on facebook and twitter in 2012/13, you're basically not a relevant business in our society. >> reporter: 53% of small businesses use social media, that's up from 44% last year. but vannercheck says few use it
10:52 am
effectively. >> everybody thinks about social media as promotions, as e-mail, talking. twitter more than facebook or anywhere else is about listening. less pushing the pr that you've gotten or you've opened a store and more searching on twitter to jump into the conversations. facebook's different. if you're to jump into somebody's conversation on facebook, they would be upset. facebook is much more private, it is your profile. but you had 102 people like this page. they want to receive information. >> reporter: the goal, to get people online to spread flora's message. but to find those people, she needs to look beyond facebook and twitter. >> if you're lucky enough to be in the women demo, and really try to story tell to women, pinterest is becoming almost a must. and if you're looking for the hipster younger crowd, that's when you get into tumbler. by you taking pictures of instagram and taking those pictures and putting it out, people will see it 15, 20, 30 people a time, not in one lump sum, but share it and that's one platform. i think instagram is a must for you as well. >> reporter: christine romans,
10:53 am
cnn, new york. so the very biggest newspaper in ohio has made its decision and it is getting behind president obama. now, that is a state where every little bit helps. we're going to get more on the latest endorsements after the break. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship. together for your future. ♪
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10:56 am
well, president obama racked up a victory in ohio last week when he got the endorsement of the influential newspaper "the cleveland plain dealer." and now he can add "the los angeles times" to his list. they came out in support of the president over the weekend. he also got "the denver post"
10:57 am
and "salt lake trib" behind him. mitt romney has "the columbus dispatch" and "the pittsburgh tribune." always fun to see the newspaper horse race, isn't it? thanks for watching, everybody. nice to be with you this hour. "cnn newsroom" continues after the break with brooke baldwin. take care. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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