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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 23, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> that's it for us this morning. thanks for joining us live here in boca raton. "cnn newsroom" starts now with carol costello. who won, who lost and who twisted the truth? >> this has been probably the biggest whopper that's been told during the course of this campaign. >> our fact checkers are hard at work this morning after. monster investigation. fda looking into whether the energy drink is responsible for the deaths of five people. apple's next big thing could be something small. the computer giant tries to increase its stranglehold on the tablet market. and three hits in one at-bat. hunter pe eer pence and the giae magic. their next trick? make the detroit tigers
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disappear. "newsroom" starts now. good morning to you. thank you so much for joining s us. i'm carol costello. hours after millions of americans watched the final presidential debate, the obama campaign wants to reach millions more. just in to cnn, president obama is rolling out a brand new advertising campaign over the airwaves, internet and in glossy pamphlets. why? cnn chief white house correspondent jessica yellin joins us from the president's first stop today, del ray beach, florida. tell us about this new effort. >> reporter: hi, carol. fresh off the debate, the president is doing a tour of the battleground states. and he's delivering a message that he is fighting for the middle class and that he has a plan for his second term, answering critics who say he's not giving enough specifics. i guess they figured if you write it down, it looks specific. they have a 19-page glossy new
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plan for jobs and middle class security that really details a lot of what we've heard from him before on education, manufacturing, energy, getting the u.s. out of afghanistan over time and tax reform. i've looked through it. the specifics in this really have to do with his past accomplishments on health care, on jobs and the economy. when it comes to plans for the future, they're broader and they're more of what we've heard in the past, 1 million new manufacturing jobs, for example, which he talked about at the democratic convention. the message they're trying to convey is, look, he has a plan. he's willing to commit to it in paper. and so the president has a vision going forward. of course, the theme of the campaign being forward. carol? >> a lot of critics say they weren't clear in what president obama was going to do exactly in a second term, how he was going
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to make things better and i'm guessing that this pamphlet, at least president obama hopes, will help. jessica yellin, thank you so much. let's turn to last night's presidential debate. today marks two weeks till the election. both mitt romney and president obama are hitting the campaign trail with new urgency. romney has been riding a wave after the first debate bichlt all accounts, president obama got the edge in the second debate. last chance for two men to go nose to nose in a race that's now too close to call. dana bash joins us, also from boca raton, florida, the site of last night's face-off. how was this debate different from the previous two? >> reporter: i think it was a flip of what you just described about the first debate. president obama was incredibly aggressive, snarky at times.
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mitt romney almost it looked like he was biting his tongue, trying not to be like that. both men understood it was clear that foreign policy is not high on the minds of voters and really wanted to make it about leadership. mitt romney came trying to show leadership of commander in chief. president obama came to make sure that didn't happen. time and time again, comments dripped with sarcasm. >> the biggest gop political threat facing america you said russia, not al qaeda. you said rusha. 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back. the cold where has been over for 20 years. >> our navy is smaller now than any time since 1917. the navy said they needed 313 ships to carry out their mission. we're now down to 285.
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>> governor romney maybe hasn't spent enough time looking at how our military works. you mentioned the navy and we have fewer ships than we had in 1916. we also have fewer horses and bay e bayonnettes. we have these ship that is go under water, nuclear submarines. >> reporter: before the debate, romney aicampaign said that -- >> attacking me is not an agenda. >> reporter: repeated ly -- failing to act on hot spots. >> is the middle east in tumult? yes. is al qaeda on the run, on its heels? no. are israel and the palestinians closer to reaching a peace agreement? no. >> reporter: for the most part, romney was calm in demeanor and
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remarkably agreeable on policy, from syria to egypt to afghanistan. >> we're going to be finished by 2014. and when i'm president, we'll make sure we bring our troops out by the end of 2014. >> reporter: in fact, the republican who democrats try to paint as a war monger used the opening minutes to position himself as a peace maker. >> i congratulate him on taking out osama bin laden and going after the leadership in al qaeda. but we can't kill our way out of this mess. >> reporter: romney successfully got under the president's skin by repeating this allegation. >> and then the president began what i called an apology tour, of going to various nations in the middle east and criticizing america. i think they looked at that and saw weakness. >> nothing governor romney just said is true. starting with this notion of me apologizing. this has been probably the biggest whopper that's been told during the course of this campaign. >> reporter: one of the most fiery exchanges was not about foreign policy but rather something decidedly american,
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the u.s. auto industry. >> if we had taken your advice, governor romney, about our auto industry, we would be buying cars from china instead of selling cars to china. >> i'm a son of detroit. i was born in detroit. my dad was head of a car company. i like american cars. and i would do nothing to hurt the u.s. auto industry. i said they need -- these companies need to go through a managed bankruptcy. >> that is not what you said. >> you can take a look at the op-ed. >> you did not -- >> you can take a look at the op-ed. >> you did not say you would provide help. >> i am still speaking. i said we would provide guarantees, allow these companies to go through bankruptcy, come out of bankruptcy. >> let's check the record. >> that's the height of silliness. >> we'll parse that out a little later. dana, i wanted to talk about what people are saying online, president obama's snarkiness and romney's sweating. >> it was an agreed upon 65
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degrees, i believe, in the hall. he was actually in the sun. maybe that was part of it. or maybe it was the fact that you could almost see him biting his tongue, trying to remember that his advisers warned him time and time again in debate prep -- and we were told about this beforehand, carol, don't take the bait. you want to look like a commander in chief. steady as she goes. maybe that was part of it. on the flip side it really was remarkable to see the president go from being so reserved in the first debate, because he didn't want to not look like a commander in chief, he wanted to preserve looking presidential to last night where he was just -- he had enough bumper sticker lines to fill an entire box, put on cars all across florida. he was so ready with his snarky one liners. and, you know, that is what fires up the base. we have talked about this before. there are so few undecideds that at this point it is really making sure that the true believers get out there and vote and get other people to go out and vote for him. >> dana bash, reporting live for
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us this morning. we're doing our best to keep both candidates honest. one particularly tense exchange was over the government's bailout of the auto industry. let's put those claims through a cnn fact check. christine romans is here with with a closer look. christine, what's true and what's not? >> you know, you heard that really tense moment where the are president was saying check the op-ed. the president's claim here is that governor mitt romney did not want any government help for the automakers. this, carol, is misleading. mitt romney did not want a bailout of the automakers as they stood. he wanted a managed bankruptcy and government guarantees for the companies after they went through bankruptcy to reorganize without labor contracts and burdensome debt. he said i have never said i wanted to liquidate this industry. romney told the president, quote, take a look at the op-ed. this is what he meant, this
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op-ed "let detroit go bankrupt." in it he writes a managed bankruptcy may be the only path to the fundamental restructuring the industry needs. the federal government should provide guarantees for post bankruptcy financing and assure car buyers that their warranties are not at risk. in a managed bankruptcy the federal government would propel newly competitive automakers rather than seal their fate with a bailout check. he wanted investments in fuel efficiency, keep the best dealers and make the sales force strong so on the other end of reorganization, you would have a viable industry. nowhere there does he endorse liquidating the automobile industry. the white house has said the industries would wo not survive the bankruptcy process without a massive bailout and a managed bankruptcy. another reminder that the first check to detroit came not under the obama administration, but under the bush administration. you can see why they're still fighting about this, right? this is a topic that really plays in the swing states.
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>> but if you have a managed bankruptcy, don't you still need help from the private sector as far as borrowing money, et cetera, et cetera? that was almost impossible to do at that particular time. >> that's a very good point. many were saying what mitt romney envisioned no bailout and then federal guarantees on the back end of a managed bankruptcy was just not possible because, frankly, of the scope of the problems of the auto industry. but you hear mostly from the president that this is a man who wanted no auto industry left in the united states, wanted chinese cars on american roads, no american cars, clearly the truth is somewhere in the middle. >> thank you for parsing it out for us. >> you're welcome. cyber verse goes all atwitter. we decided to give you a quick recap of some of the thing that is sent debate watchers running for the internet. >> you mentioned the navy, for example. we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. governor, we also have fewer
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horses and bayonettes. >> we've watched this tumult with syria, this is a region. >> syria, leadership. >> we see syria, drone strike. sear wera is an opportunity for us. drones are being used. rising tide of tumult and confusion. >> all those things you heard trended very high on google. crunching the numbers. top five goolgle searches, obama's memorable horses and bayonets line, syria, mali, drones and the often repeated romney word tumult. next hour, we'll bring it to you live, president obama's rally in florida. in just a few minutes, strategists from both sides. elephants, donkeys,
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cardinals, tigers. san francisco moves on after beating st. louis to win the national league title. game seven of the nlcs with his no contest, giants winning 9-0. series mvp, marco scutaro, final out in the rain, setting off a frenzy on the field. they will host game one against the detroit tigers tomorrow night. at least they were already wet when they went in to spray each other with champagne, right? lions sacked bears quarterback cutler, sending him to the soidline with bruised ribs but he would return to the game. full of turf. bears won 13-7. detroit fans have the tigers to cheer at least.
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today, the widely popular ipad is expected to get a younger, smaller sibling in time for the holidays. unveiling happens a few hours from now. alison kosik joins us from the new york stock exchange. >> everybody has been whispering about this smaller ipad. worst kept secret. drum roll, please, apple is expe expected to unveil this mini ipad, possibly calling it the i pad mini. rumor has it it will have a 7.8" screen. compare that to the 10" on the tra dirk ipad. 8 gigs of memory and go up to 64. it also will have a new smaller lightning connector port. if you have an iphone 4s you'll have to get a new plug in to charge it. new iphone 5, it actually matches that. apple's late ceo steve jobs was famously known to be against these small it be lets, calling them dead on arrival. this was a couple of years ago.
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an internal e-mail that came out during the apple/samsung trial shows that he eventually warmed up to the idea. here we are, talking about it today. it also doesn't hurt that there's this whole tablet going on with amazon's kindle and google's nexus, creating this nice market for the small tablet. >> what will it cost? >> and that really is the big question mark. guesses have been all over the map. the general consensus is that it will be anywhere between $249 and $349. but one -- some analysts say if apple prices it closer to $200, it will be a game changer. here is why. it would make it extremely competitive with similarly price in size along with the kindle fire and could force amazon to drop its kindle sizes, a true display of apple's power in the market. carol? >> yes, it would.
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18 minutes past the hour. did the final presidential dough bait enlighten you, change your mind or did you find yourself switch withing over to monday night football? be honest now. if you did change the channel, a couple of lines describing the candidates' demeanor for you. from a "new york times" op-ed. quote, at his worst, mr. romney sounded loik a beauty pageant contestant groping for an answer to the final question. and from politico's john harris on president obama, quote, what was communicated was sort of a nitpicky, overly aggressive strategy that had the effect of diminishing the presidency. an example. >> you mentioned the navy, for example. we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the
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nature of our military has changed. >> with us now, cnn contributors maria cardona, a democratic strategist and ana navaro, a republican strategist and cnn contributor. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, carol. >> maria, i'll throw you a softball this morning. did mr. romney's foreign policy boil down to we want people to be able to enjoy their lives and know they're going to have a bright and prosperous future and not be at war, as "the new york times" said this morning? >> pretty much, carol. i will also add that his foreign policy also became what he said, meaning everything that president obama said, mitt romney seemed to agree with, which is as we know, a big change from the last two years where mitt romney has been very blustery in terms of his foreign policy criticism of president obama. but i think he went in there last night really understanding that he didn't have anywhere to
6:21 am
go with that because he couldn't really find anything to really criticize, never really talking about specifics of what he would do dimply. so, what did he decide to do? i guess chameleon mitt romney kim out and decided to turn himself, instead of a hawk, into a dove. which was interesting to me. we'll so if it resonates with voters. we'll see if this president is the one that actually has the experience, temperment and leadership to be our president for the next four years. >> we must talk horses and bayonets. because the president zinged mitt romney for his antequated. >> mr. president for the thousands of virginians in the navy family, cutting our naval force isn't a game of battleship. >> we'll see it play out today
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and tomorrow, see if it becomes an issue in these battleground states like virginia, like florida, where there are big naval operations, where it's a very local political issues. all politics is local. i don't think mitt romney with his a chameleon yesterday. he was channeling john lennon. let's just give peace a chance. i thought it was rather strategic, carol. in the morning whe saw the obam campaign come out with an ad that talked about the clear choice in foreign policy, in trying to portray mitt romney with the war monger with a twitchy finger who wants to kill everybody out there in the world. instead we su a mitt romney who was incredibly agreeable with president obama and i think it got under mr. obama's skin. it got under mine some and maybe under some other conservatives but i think it was a strategic approach he was using even though i will tell you i saw
6:23 am
president obama win that debate last night. i think both men came in incredibly well prepared. romney had some solid responses and for a few of the questions. but president obama was well prepared with good rebuttals as well. >> and, maria, many analysts say mr. romney -- it was a smart strategy. he needed only to appear presidential. he needed not to make a huge gaffe or say something like off the reservation, and accomplished all of those things. >> when this is a race that's so tight do you really just want to be acceptable? i don't think so, carol. what a lot of viewers saw last night was a romney on the defense, who seemed uncomfortable in his own skin, speaking about these issues versus president obama, who clearly looked presidential because he's been playing this role for the past four years, and somebody who had a tremendous command of the issues. and i think what's important about last night is that i think it was still -- it was about three things. trust, leadership and ohio.
6:24 am
you saw in the final moments president obama really turn this to the bailout and really focusing on how mitt romney, during the campaign was focused on letting ohio -- letting detroit go bankrupt. and i think that that focus really speaks to how important ohio has become in this presidential election. >> my favorite topic like away from foreign policy was the teacher exchange, because as expected both candidates kind of veer veered foreign policy and started talking about education and teachers. the moderator, bob schieffer, got a little frustrated at one point. let's listen to what he said. >> the federal government didn't hire our teachers, but i love teachers. i want to get our private sector growing and i know how to do it. >> i think we all love teachers. gentlemen, thank you so much. >> i think we all love teachers. they talked about domestic
6:25 am
policy. i think -- i don't know. i was communicating with my friends on facebook during the entire debate. they did not seem as passionate in their comments watching this particular debate. they seemed kind of burnt out or bored. ana, what did you think? just to button this segment up. >> i will confess, count me in that number. i was fading away there for -- i think i faded away for a few minu minutes a couple of times. i do give props to bob schieffer. it was a heroic effort for him to bring it back to foreign policy. it took all of 25 minutes for them to start going into domestic policy. now we know that my nominee, governor romney, loves big bird, jim lehrer and he loves teachers. it's all about the love. >> and obama wants to talk about bayonets. by the way, should be happy. this could give colonial
6:26 am
williamsburg a huge boost. >> maria cardonna, ana navaro, it's been fun as usual. thank you. >> thank you, carol. you can see the debate again at noon eastern here on cnn.
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how exhausting being on the campaign trail is. after last night's debate, governor romney getting ready to board a plane. on his way to nevada. then off to colorado. two swing states to continue campaigning. mr. obama is also campaigning, pulling when he calls an all nighter in many of the swing states. mr. romney surrounded by people and handshakes. we'll keep you posted when he lands in henderson, nevada. now your chance to talk back on one of the stories of the day. the question for you this morning, do zingers win debates? what's trending this morning? you guessed it, bayonets and horses. those words are today's lightning rod. >> you mentioned the navy, for example. we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. well, governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets
6:30 am
because the nature of our military hats changed. >> the presidential smackdown thrilled democrats. republicans, not so much. but they were definitely aware that bayonets and horses thing could skewer them. from erick erickson who tweeted i'm proud of obama for treating the navy so dismissively. that only helps romney in virmg virmgin a, florida, et cetera. and from eric cantor, mr. president, for the thousands of virginias in the navy family, cutting our naval forces isn't a game of battleship. it's become a weird sort of internet sport. a compilation of catch phrases. >> you didn't build that. >> i like being able to fire people who provide services to me. >> i love big bird. >> it's romney hood. >> if i were to coin a term it would be obama-loney. >> i think it's called ronesia. >> funny. you remember the zinger, but maybe not exactly what it means.
6:31 am
prove me wrong. what did president obama mean when he says bayonets and horses? here is the answer, he is saying governor romney has antequated views when it comes to the military. got it? are we clinging to our zingers because, frankly, they're the only things keeping us awake? talk back question of the day, do zingers win debates? your responses later this hour. it is just after 9:30 this morning. the bell rang at the new york stock exchange. pointing to a much lower open, disappointing earnings report. the dow is down 142 points right now.
6:32 am
beyond corporate america many investors may be feeling jittery about ratings downgrades in spain. ringing the bell, by the way, are yale economics professor and executives of barclays. what that means later on with l alison kosik in the "newsroom." accused of identifying a convert intelligence officer, & analyst to reporters. also accused of lying about material in a book he wrote. lance aarmstrong may have to pay back millions. he was stripped of his seven tour titles yesterday. presidential election just 14 days away now. but the campaigning continues. just this morning, both campaigns released brand new
6:33 am
ads. >> there's just no quit in america. you're seeing that right now. over 5 million new jobs. exports up 41%. home values rising. our auto industry, back. and our heroes are coming home. we're not there yet. but we've made real progress. and the last thing we should do is turn back now. >> the president began with an apology tour of going to various nations and criticizing america. i think they look at that and saw weakness. the reason i call it an apology tour, you went to the middle east and you flew to egypt and to saudi aarabia and to turkey and iraq and you skipped israel, our closest friend in the region. >> these new ads come on the heels of the final presidential debate where both candidates did pretty good. and, of course, stumbled, too. jessica yellin joins us live from delray beach, florida, where president obama attend ace campaign rally next hour and cnn
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political editor paul steinhauser is in boca raton the site of the presidential debate. >> reporter: carol, his strengths -- turned out a crowd today, noisy crowd. his strengths included he was on the offense, defining his accomplishments, getting troops out of iraq, drawing down, setting a timeline for afghanistan. that was one of his goals going in. he accomplished that. second, he drove the narrative largely for the night about -- defining he has a clear vision, his vision for iran, for the withdrawal -- romney has flip flopped and changed positions, been all over the map. also saying he is about the future and romney is about the past. he played that clip about the navy versus the horses and that's part of that. and then he had a strong --
6:35 am
number of strong moments on israel when governor romney tried to attack him for not visiting israel during his presidency. the president had a very emotional comeback, talking about visiting a holocaust memorial there, which hit a deeply emotional core. key words he needed to hit and use to appeal to israeli supporters. and he was the first to bring up israel. so defended himself against those attacks, krarl. >> let's go to paul. what did the governor do right? >> reporter: a little quieter here, carol, than where jessica is. i can ask people to yell and scream but basically we're packing and up getting out of the debate site. he played it safe, did no harm. that's the way governor romney played it in the dough bait last night. did it work? it seems to have worked. look at our post debate poll of watchers, among dough bait watchers it was a draw. i guess that play it safe, do no harm approach worked. he also passed the commander in
6:36 am
chief test, it appears. that's very important, especially going up against the incumbent president. the president and mitt romney were pretty close to each other when debate watchers were asked if romney was able to serve as commander in chief. that is, i guess, another strength as well. one more strength under president obama's skin on the apologies, when he went after the president for what he said was the president apologizing for the united states. that was one moment in the debate where mitt romney got under the president's skin. the romney campaign came out with that ad. that was one of the highlights for mitt romney from dote bait last night. >> quick on the draw. so where did president obama slip up? >> reporter: some of his weaknesses, carol, one he was glib at times. he said mitt romney, the 1980s called and want their foreign policy back. some voters could see it as too low brow or two glib for a commander in chief.
6:37 am
he didn't disqualify romney. he passed the commander in chief test, governor romney did, paul just said. in order to have a decisive win last night, president obama would have had to force governor romney into a gaffe, into some huge mistake. that didn't happen. and then finally there is a comeback that governor romney had about a slip-up the president made about russia, saying he will have more flexibility after the election to work with russia on something. governor romney had a very strong comeback saying the russians will have more backbone and that he doesn't view russia through rose-colored glasses. that was both a hit on president obama and george bush. so a two-fer for romney. win to romney on that one. overall a good debate for president but not a knockout, carol. >> got you. back to paul. mr. romney slip-ups? >> reporter: i think the first strength is also the first weakne weakness. he played it safe. look, who won the debate? our poll indicates the president won the debate as do some other post debate polls. the president definitely won the narrative. mitt romney did not. second thing that comes to my moind is missed opportunities. a lot of us were expecting mitt
6:38 am
romney to be more aggressive going after the president on libya, that benghazi attack and on syria but he was much more of a me, too, candidate. and finally the gender gap. we've seen the gender gap with women. the president did much better with women, women thinking that the president won the debate by double digits. carol? >> paul steinhauser, jessica yellin, thank you very much. in an hour we'll talk to someone from ohio and pennsylvania. yes, it's middle-class talk back time. mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of res? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. buy four select tires, get a $60 rebate. use the ford service credit credit card, get $60 more. that's up to $120.
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6:41 am
earning season and wall street does not loik the reports coming out. three dow components came out with reports today that they cut their outlooks. that is the reason you're seeing the sell-off now. the dow down 190 points. we heard from dupont, 3m, united technologies. they didn't come out with god earning. it's not a major surprise in some ways because these companies are dealing with the worries about the fiscal cliff here in the u.s., obviously, continuing debt crisis overseas. as these companies come out with these numbers it's what they see is coming. we talk about third quarter earning seasons, whoa talk about the months from july to september. what does this mean for the future? and these companies are lowering their outlooks. for one, look at dupont, who reported lower than expected sales, slowing demand in europe and asia. that, by the way, seems to be a common theme. this third quarter earning season, a lot of these companies are being weighed down by the slowdown globally, especially in
6:42 am
europe and asia. dupont announced it will be laying off 1,500 workers to try to cut some could haves that it needs to fight this slowing global demand. we are seeing dupont fall more than 7%. it's a dow component waing down the dow. 3m came out with poor results aas well, shares falling more than 3%. all 30 dow components are in the red. carol this. >> i knew you would have the answer, even though we might not like it. alison kosik, thanks so much. people really love snapshot from progressive, but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save before i switched to progressive. the better i drive, the more i save. i wish our company had something this cool.
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it is 45 minutes past the hour. brian jones will not go to prich for the hazing death of florida
6:46 am
a & m band member robert champion. he was sentenced to 200 hours of community service, six months of community control. jones is the first defendant in that case to be sentenced. six scientists and a government official are given six years in prison in an y t italian group that said the group did not accurately communicate the risk of a 2009 earthquake that killed more than 300 people. the trial centered on a meeting the scientists held a week before that earthquake struck. at the meeting the experts determined it was unlikely, but not impossible that a major quake would take place. now they'll go to prison for that. >> to space now, where an american astronaut and two russian cosmonauts are on their way to the space station. two-day trip, expected to arrive and dock thursday morning. so many homes in everett, washington, are sliding downhills and collapsing that people are calling this
6:47 am
neighborhood armageddon creek. that house slipped off a steep incline. three others have been labeled as the city aas unsafe to occupy. residents think there is a storm drain to blame but the city officials say there is no evidence to link a storm drain to the erosion. the question on one of our big stories -- that's what i'm talking about, talk back question. do zingers win debates? your responses, next.
6:48 am
6:49 am
6:50 am
i am soen enjoying your answer this is morning. do zingering win debates? yes, unfortunately we have been reduced to a bumper sticker society. it is better when you're candidate is giving them out and not on the receiving end. this from kathy, no, but it keeps us talking about the debate and thinking about what they said. from jim, we're a afflicted with add.
6:51 am
if you can't fit your point into a sound bite, you lost us. keep the conversation going. more of your responses in the next hour. college football coach calls in campus police. you will see the police officers coming in. he will serve up papers on two players. normally you would say, oh, my gosh. we'll tell you the end of the story. it is amazing. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy,
6:52 am
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6:54 am
oh, the world series is set. the san francisco giants will host the detroit tigers in game one tomorrow night. they broke up the deciding game in the nlcs by scoring five runs in the third inning. hunter fence a had he re, a key hit, broken bat and two-run
6:55 am
double. he ended up hitting the ball three times and then put the crazy spin on it. the giants went on to beat st. louis 9-0. it was the sixth elimination win this postseason tying a major league record. >> the bats woke up and, yeah, we're loading upright now to be honest, you know, with our backs to the wall as long as they have been and to do this, this is a special group. they never say die attitude. they want to go home and found a way to get it done. >> no one more special than the giants second base man marco, the national championship series mvp, tied an lcs record with 14 his. monday night football. must we? quarterback jay cutler rolls out and hits marshall for the bears only touchdown. chicago's defense was mighty stingy. detroit was kept off the
6:56 am
scoreboard until the last minute of the game. chicago wins 13-7. they improve to 5-1 on the season and the lions fall 2-4. the u.s. minimumet men have not won a game but this is a prank. he got the campus police to come into the room and serve two of the players papers. they have no idea what is in the yellow envelopes. they thought they might be in trouble. instead, they opened it up and found they were being rewarded with full scholarships for their hard work and for the players caught onto the prank they got a big hug from the coach and many hugs from the teammates and a big old cheer. congratulations. that's a look at sports this morning. talk about the dow a little bit. it has fallen as much as 200 points this morning. allison is at the new york stock
6:57 am
exchange. is it stabilizing at all? >> the losses are big but the good news, they are holding steady, the dow town 176 points. we saw it down more earlier. this is all happening because the big multinational companies reported their third quarter earnings today, dupont and 3m in particular and reported disappointing earnings and in one respect it is not a huge surprise. they're dealing with the fiscal cliff, dealing with the debt crisis and the recession overseas, and there is this common thread going through these companies. they're experiencing these lower sales because of the global slowdown happening. dupont in particular saying it has to cut jobs just to offset those lower sales, the slowing global economy, and so you're seeing the worry reflected right there in red. the dow is down 177 points. carol? >> we'll check back in the next hour. thanks, alison kosik. the next hour of newsroom after a quick break. now, that's what i call a test drive.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
happening now in the newsroom, the last face off
7:01 am
complete, mitt romney and barack obama trading jabs over foreign policy and everything else in the final presidential debate. the campaigning doesn't stop for either man. both hit key battleground states today and have new attack ads out and each sets a completely different tone. one of the world's most reliable websites and even amazon goes down occasionally. when it does it can take another big name sites with it. wait are for the apple's big announcement, many believe we'll see a smaller ipad. will going smaller mean bigger profits? newsroom starts now. -- captions by vitac -- i am carol costello, hours of ale i don't knows watched the final debate, now trying to reach millions more. there is a new advertising
7:02 am
campaign. the sales pitch describes in detail what he would do in a second term. >> here is my plan for the next four years. making education and training a national priority, building on our manufacturing goal, boosting american made energy, reducing the deficits responsibly by cutting where we can and asking the wealthy to pay a little more. and ending the war in afghanistan, so we can do nation building here at home. that's the right path. read my plan. compare it to governor romney's, and decide which is better for you. it is an honor to be your president, and i am asking for your vote. together we can keep moving america forward. >> ali is with cnn's election express in boca raton, florida, and it is interesting the president puts out this big plan 14 days before the election, like where was it before? >> you know what i think it was? the focus until last night was on foreign policy.
7:03 am
we knew that was going to be a big foreign policy debate, an area mitt romney had gone after the president on and this is a fax copy, the president down the road in delray beach and this is a 19-page glossy brochure, called a plan for jobs and middle class security. he wants the last two weeks focused on the economy. you played a little of what he said, carol. what he is doing is i think he is playing off criticisms of mitt romney that mitt romney has this big plan that is short on specifics. what the president is doing is putting out specifics. he talks about manufacturing jobs. he has put a number on it. he said by the end of 2016 he wants to create 1 million new manufacturing jobs, wants 600,000 jobs in the natural gas sector alone. he wants to strengthen education. he said that in the little piece you played. he is talking about recruiting 100,000 math and science teachers. we heard that number before. he also says they want to train 2 million workers for real jobs at community colleges and cutting tuition growth, the cost
7:04 am
of tuition in half. he talked also about cutting 4 trillion from the deficit over the next decade. that is something we heard, but he is emphasizing he can do that without ending guaranteed benefits in medicare and social security. that's something that will play very well in florida where as you know a large part of the population is over the age of 60 and of course reiterated obama care stays as it is. making a big push to put this back on the economy to discuss specifics. if there is any criticism, it is the same criticism of both campaigns and that is goals are fantastic and at least to give somebody something to latch onto, i want to do this because that's what the president wants to do, economic realities are sometimes different. >> i am intrigued by the glossy pamphlet. that's a little like bayonets and horses, isn't it? >> when the announcement came out he has a 19-page glossy pamphlet, that was my reaction, who does glossy pamphlets anymore. there is a youtube ad on the air
7:05 am
waves and it is on the internet and i have to tell you, i had trouble getting this. somebody had to fax me a copy so i could see it because how do you actually get a glossy pamphlet from five miles across town. there you go. >> i love you. you're a lot of fun. thanks so much. mitt romney's campaign is also launching a new appeal to voters today. he scolds the president for launching what he is calling an apology tour groveling to otr world leaders and apologizing for the united states. listen. >> the president began with an apology tour of going to various nations and criticizing america. i think they look at that and saw weakness. the reason i call it an apology tour, you went to the middle east and you flew to egypt and saudi arabia and turkey and iraq, and you skipped israel, our closest friend in the region. you said that america had dictated to other nations. mr. president, america has not dictated to other nations. we have freed other nations from dictators.
7:06 am
>> dan it is not a glossy pamph but resonates with the conservative base. >> it absolutely does. this is the age-old argument that conservatives have made against democratic presidents and candidates for years. i want to actually play for the viewers that exchange taken really within minutes clearly from the debate last night and also how the president reacted. listen to this. >> the president began what i call an apology tour of going to various nations in the middle east and criticizing america. i think they looked at that and saw weakness. >> nothing governor romney just said is true. starting with this notion of me apologizing. this has been probably the biggest whopper that's been told during the course of this campaign. >> now, there were a lot of moments in the did he bit, carol, where the president looked a little mifed. nothing like that particular moment. it was clear that mitt romney
7:07 am
got under his skin with that, and to be fair, because to say that the president made an apology tour isn't exactly fair. he didn't do all of those things that mitt romney suggested that he did, and the president did come back and say that when he was running for president, that he did go across europe and went to the middle east and he also did go to the state of israel and visited yabushem, the holocaust museum. at this point there is question about the veracity of the ads and this is definitely one of those times. >> definitely so. i want to circle back to last night's debate. what were some of the hits and misses? >> let's start with the president. i think first of all, there is no question that he -- that the president dominated the debate and that was his intention. he put mitt romney on the defensive, and a pretty stark way. he was -- the president was very aggressive.
7:08 am
kind of a 180 from the way he was during the first debate. that really set him back in the polls across the country and in particular in key swing states. those are kind of the pluses if you will for the president. the irony is the negative is the flip side of the plus. yes, he was aggressive, but he also got pretty snarky and if you look at the dial testing with the focus group in orlando, women in particular who both of these men are going after big time for their votes, they didn't love that so much. they didn't like the snarkyness and the snide comments one after the other. let's go to mitt romney. his goal was to stand toe to toe with the commander in chief, be somebody credible as a commander in chief, and he did accomplish that. i think democrats privately will admit that. if you look at our poll, it shows that 60% of americans say they could see him as commander in chief. he didn't take the bait which you could see he was almost biting his tongue in the last hour. he talked about the fact he was
7:09 am
maybe sweating a little bit, perhaps that was why. that was i am told absolutely one of the main things he practiced in debate prep to try to stay calm and cool and steady and not take the bait when the president went after him. what's the negative? the fact that he did let the president dominate in a big way and kind of let him, the president school him in a lot of different areas saying that he air brushed history and so forth. that was a negative for mitt romney as well. >> thanks. dana bash reporting live this morning. short time ago the running mates gave their morning after spins on the debate performances. >> what we saw with this debate, we saw that mitt romney is ready to be a great president. we saw a man with a command of the facts, with a temperament and demeanor that makes for a great president. we saw a man with a vision for foreign policy. there are areas where we agree. there are clearly areas where we disagree and i think we flush that out well in this debate. >> vice president joe biden talked about then senator
7:10 am
obama's experience on the foreign relations committee. >> he had a world view in how the position should be, how we should interact, how we need to rebuild alliances, et cetera, and he acted on those from the time he came in. governor romney didn't understand any breath of understanding, and it was a little bit quite frankly surprising. >> joe biden is back on the campaign trail by the way. the bottom of the hour he will be speaking at the university of toledo in ohio while paul ryan joins mitt romney for events later today in nevada and colorado. you can watch a replay of the debate in case you missed it last night. it will air today in its entirety at noon eastern on cnn. just the name amazon sounds big. is one of the internet's dominant websites. when it goes down, apparently so do others. alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange. this caused some consternation. >> yes, yes. when we talk about amazon, most
7:11 am
of us know amazon as the massive retailer, but did you know it also rents out storage space to store web data? what happened yesterday is an outage at a cloud computing center knocked out a bunch of popular websites. you may have run into problems if you tried to go on red, pinterest, four square, even tmz and instagram. some speculated it was another cyber attack likes ones on bank websites in recent weeks and a member of the hacker group anonymous claimed via twitter of course to be the one behind the outa outage. amazon says that is not the case and an attack did not happen and they say the problem seems to have come from degraded performance at one of its centers in virginia. the sites didn't go down for all users. problems were mostly resolved by the end of the day yesterday. still, a lot of people wanting to stream a tv show or pin some recipes were mighty frustrated and really, really unhappy, carol. >> i know. they had to do something unheard of like read a book or
7:12 am
something. >> go figure. >> i know. there has been a sell off on wall street today. how is it going now? >> the tumble continues, the dow down 189 points. disappointing earnings from big multinational companies came out from dupont, 3m, and the thing is they're not just reporting lower than expected sales being way down by slowing demand in europe and asia. they're also, carol, lowering their outlook, so this is really bringing wall street ads to what's going to happen in the future. it really shows how what's going on overseas affects us. carol. >> alison kosik at the new york stock exchange, the morning after, the final presidential debate and both candidates back on the campaign trail and right now president obama is in delray beach florida. we'll take you there live.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
it is 15 minutes past the hour. checking the top stories, the fda will expand warnings about drugs potentially contaminated with fungal meningitis. they listed more than 1,200 hospitals and clinics that used drug from the new england compounding center. the products are associated with 297 illnesses and 23 deaths in
7:16 am
16 states. in florida brian jones will not go to prison after all for the hazing death of florida a&m university band member robert champion. instead, a judge sentenced jones to 200 hours of community service, two years of supervised probation and six months of community control. jones is the first defendant in the indication to be sentenced. in weather news, jamaica and haiti are expected to get wind and rain this week from tropical storm sandy. tropical storm formed yesterday and the atlantic hurricane season officially ends november 30th. president obama back on the campaign trail this morning. right now he is at a campaign event in delray beach, florida. we're there. those are the pictures you are seeing. when the president starts speaking of course we'll take his comments live. our chief white house correspondent jessica yellowen yellin is traveling with the president and is joining me now. did you get your hands on a
7:17 am
pamphlet? >> i did get my hands on the plan to be jobs and middle class security, the final push to election day, a message to voters, undecided voters, and frankly the media to send a message that he does have a plan for a second term agenda. when you flip inside, it is a lot of glossy pages and pictures and a lot of information about what he accomplished over the last three and a half plus years. then some of the same details we have heard him talk about before, his plans to revive manufacturing, to invest in education, get the u.s. out of afghanistan, tax reform, and more. anybody can go and look it up online. not new ideas about his second term agenda. the idea here is a message that he does have a plan going forward and that's part of the contrast. he's tried to draw this message, you know, that mitt romney wants to take the nation in a different direction.
7:18 am
the president is campaigning trying to get people out early to vote, to the supporters, vote early, and really driving home to undecided voters that he is the guy who can turn this economy around, carol. >> it is interesting that he puts out this plan because the big critique about him has been that he has no plan for a second term. he keeps going over what he terms as accomplishments and nothing will really change in a second term. i am wondering why it took him until 14 days before the election to put a plan out. >> i wouldn't put it that way because he put this out before, just never in a booklet like this. we heard the same details at the democratic convention and from his mouth on the campaign stump for days and months and weeks and so my point is there is not anything significantly new in here. it is just all compiled in a nice booklet now, so we get the point that there is something, but you can still critique it
7:19 am
for lacking details about will he pursue immigration reform, what specifically would the tax reform plan look like drilling down into the details, energy reform, and frankly say you could say the same about mitt romney, neither man wants to commit to too many details at this point for any number of reasons, but that's how it goes in politics these days. fewer details seems to get you more votes, i guess. carol. >> i guess so. so this pamphlet, are they handing it out at rallies? why a pamphlet? >> well, it is something concrete. they give it to the press, and, you know, i think what you will hear and they will be giving it out at local offices to volunteers, et cetera. i think what you are going to hear is it symbolizes the push forward that you're going to see from the president as he begins traveling through battleground states. he will now go from here to ohio and a key state for him and mitt romney as they battle and to a
7:20 am
number of battleground states through the end of the week. nevada, he will visit las vegas, colorado, virginia, ohio again, and as he pushes in this more than a week and a half before the election to try to get those undecided voters on his side and the final message is he accomplished a lot and he has a vision going forward, hence the pamphlet. >> jessica yellin, we'll get back to you when the president begins speaking. thanks so much. also this morning, many americans are asking where did the fall go? where is autumn? we'll tell you where it is looking more like winter. artistn song: "yeah yeah" label: universal] ♪ everybody well don't you know it's me now? ♪ ♪ yeah who's it, who's it huh? ♪ ♪ willy's back with a brand new beat now, ♪ ♪ yeah doin' it doin' it up! ♪ heyyy yeah, tryin' to bite my style! ♪ ♪ heyyy yeah, how you like me now? ♪ ♪ na na na na na na na na
7:21 am
♪ and everybody go uh!
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7:23 am
okay. we wanted to go back to florida because do you recognize this man? he is introducing president obama soon to te the stoj. this is scott van doozer, the gay that gave the president a bear hug in september and owns big apple pizza and is giving quite the campaign rally speech for the president this afternoon. let's listen to a little bit of what he has to say. >> so are a lot of other businesses thanks to the president's 18 small business tax cuts.
7:24 am
but we have a lot more work to do. our president knows that, too. that's why he has been traveling the country talking about his real specific achievable plan to move us forward in his second term. >> let's jump away. we'll go back to florida when president obama begins speaking. have to pay some attention to wall street now. the dow continues to drop. it is down 203 points now. let's check in with alison kosik again. >> unfortunately stocks are at their lows. you're seeing the dow fall 219 points. we have been talking about the debt crisis forever it seems like. the debt crisis in europe, talking about the slowing global growth, especially in europe and asia, and what you're seeing happen now as the multinational companies report their earnings, you're seeing all of those issues, the debt issues be the
7:25 am
flows growth issues come home to roost in the earnings reports and that really is what is spooking the market today and not really the numbers that are missing and worrying wall street. it is the outlooks the companies are putting forward. they're concerned about the future. they're worried about bringing in new revenue as the economies continue to slow, and here is the thing. the u.s. economy, it is not as a strong enough point yet, where it can sort of pick up the slack and make up for what's being lost overseas, so you're seeing that worry play out in the markets. by the wa we're also seeing oil prices drop a good amount, 3%, sitting at $85 a barrel. carol. >> that might mean good news for gas prices, i would assume? >> it could be. it is also a worry because it shows about the concern about the future that there is going to be less demand for oil meaning fewer people will want to fill up the tanks and go out there and shop. it sort of causing that ripple effect. you don't necessarily want to see oil prices plunge quickly. >> alison kosik, thank you. >> as much as as we want see gas
7:26 am
prices fall. >> governor romney and president obama running a tight race in ohio. foreign policy took center stage. we'll get reaction to what the two men said from the state of ohio. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100. 100% new. 100% mmm... wow, that is mmm... it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me,
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tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 best part... no jet lag. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 call 1-866-294-5409 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and a global specialist tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 will help you get started today. back to florida now. after a big bear hug from the pizza guy, the president. >> they're not democratic values. they're not republican values. they're american values and that's what this election is all about. now, two weeks from today americans in all 50 states will step into the voting booth, but here in florida you get to start voting on saturday. as scott just told you, if you need to know where to vote, you
7:30 am
go to, but i need you to vote. you have a very big choice to make. it is not just a choice between two candidates or two parties. it is a choice between two very different visions for this country that we love. now, last night we had our third and last debate. i hope that during the debate i made those differences very clear. because the greatest responsibility i have as president is to keep the american people safe. that's why i ended the war in iraq so we could go after the terrorists who actually attacked us on 9/11.
7:31 am
that's why we decimated al qaeda's core leadership and brought osama bin laden the justice he deserved. that's why we're ending the war in afghanistan because after a decade of war it is time to do nation building here at home. in a world of new threats, and profound challenges, america needs leadership that is strong and is steady. governor romney's foreign policy has been wrong and reckless. last night he was all over the map. did you notice that? during the debate he said he didn't want more troops in iraq but he was caught on video saying it was unthinkable not to leave 20,000 troops in iraq, troops that would still be there
7:32 am
today. last night he claimed to support my plan to end the war in afghanistan. i am glad he supports it, but he opposed a timeline that would bring the troops home. early in this campaign he said would do the opposite of whatever i did in israel. last night i reminded him that cooperation with israel has never been stronger. last night he said he always supported taking out osama bin laden. in 2007 he said it wasn't worth moving heaven and earth to catch one man. now, we have come up with a name for this condition. it is called romnesia.
7:33 am
>> we'll jump off here with the mention of romnesia, going over the points in last night's debate and the crowd very appreciative and cheering. governor romney is on a plane on the way to henderson, nevada. when he lands and appears as his campaign event we'll take his comments live as well. in ohio and other states with manufacturing jobs the auto bailout was a big deal. 18 electoral votes are up for grabs in ohio. president obama and governor romney wasted no time talking about the bailout last night. >> i think anybody out there can check the record. governor romney, you keep on trying to air brush history. you were very clear you would not provide government assistance to the u.s. auto companies even if they went through bankruptcy. you said they could get it in the private marketplace. that wasn't true. >> you're wrong, mr. president. >> no, i am not wrong. >> people can look it up, you're right. >> people will look it up.
7:34 am
>> shannon travis is live in toledo, ohio, where a lot of auto manufacturing is going on so tell me, did any of that resonate for voters there? >> it did resonate. you know the auto industry looms large in ohio because there are so many jobs that rely on the auto industry which is why you saw last night and you have been seeing in recent debates and even on the campaign trail this pitch back and forth between both candidates in terms of whose plan was better in terms of helping american auto workers save their jobs. another thing that was really, really major he could in last night's debate was china, the issue of trade, another thing the candidates sparred on. take a listen at this exchange, carol. >> that's the reason why we brought more cases against china than the previous administration has done in two terms. recently, steel workers in ohio
7:35 am
and throughout the midwest, pennsylvania, are in a position to sell steel to china because we won that case. we had a tire case in which they are flooding us with cheap domestic tires or cheap chinese tires, and we put a stop to it and as a consequence saved jobs. >> carol, i had a chance to go out after the debate and talk to some voters, some ohio ans and see how they felt about the issues like the auto bailout, trade and china. i spoke with a few people who had support for mitt romney but here in toledo a few people i spoke to, the majority of the people i spoke with, actually were supporters of president obama and one man startingly enough told me he is a republican, did not vote for the president in 2008, but has already voted for the president this go-round because he feels that mitt romney doesn't relate to him and he took exception to mitt romney's position on the auto bailout in particular. one last thing of note,
7:36 am
obviously the president is in florida and will be joining vice president biden here in ohio. this is a biden rally and the two mr. meet later today for a rare joint appearance. >> i think joe biden should rent an apartment in tleed owe. that's amazing. shannon, thank you. nationwide, show, the line of the night from last night's debate was this one. >> you mentioned the navy, for example. we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. well, governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. >> oh, but republicans took issue with that. they jumped on the president's remark. [music: artist: willy moon song: "yeah yeah" label: universal] ♪ everybody well don't you know it's me now? ♪ ♪ yeah who's it, who's it huh? ♪ ♪ willy's back with a brand new beat now, ♪
7:37 am
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the third and final debate is in the bag and depending on your perspective mitt romney won because he looked presidential or mitt romney lost because he presented nothing really coherent or original about syria, iran, or afghanistan. actually, at times governor
7:40 am
romney in the end seemed to agree with most of mr. obama's policies. perhaps the most scathing review, though, came from the "new york times." i am going to read that for you. this is an editorial from the "new york times." at his worst mr. romney sounded like a beauty pageant contest groping for the answer to the final question. his former lieutenant governor, kari heeley. thoou for being with us. >> thank you. >> i got to sigh it was a harsh ed in the "new york times." did you happen to read it? >> i haven't seen that, but i did see the debate, and so what i can tell you is that what the american people saw as they were watching the debate last night was governor romney who was presidential, ready to step up and be commander in chief and who has a very fluent command of foreign policy issues, and has a real plan about what he is going to do to make the world a safer place, and he articulated that vision, and i think it was enormously effective. >> many people say he did not
7:41 am
articulate that vision. in fact, he mentioned the middle east strategy, but he did not really say what that middle east strategy was. can you explain what it is to us? >> i think governor romney was very clear about what his goals were in the middle east. first and foremost, it is to prevent iran from becoming a nuclear power, from getting a nuclear bomb and to stop the enrichment. he laid it out in several steps, in fact. he said tightening sanctions, making the use of force credible, which is something that the obama administration can cannot do because of their cuts to military spending, because of their hedges and distancing themselves from israel and from prime minister netanyahu and we see that the president would not even meet with prime minister netanyahu when they were both together at the united nations. instead, the president flies off and goes to a fundraiser. i think that when iran -- >> let's go back to specific policies because i think that -- excuse me.
7:42 am
i think the criticism about mitt romney is he gave long, long answers, but in the end agreed with president obama's policies. for the most part the two men appeared to have the same foreign policy. >> any credible candidate for president is going to want peace in the world. they're going to want peace in the middle east. they're going to want our soldiers safe at home. they're going to want to prevent iran from having a nuclear weapon. the question becomes who is credible in reaching these goals and who has the proper approach to doing that? governor romney laid out a credible approach to reaching those goals where as president obama has had four years to start this process, to finish these processes, for the last two years there have been no negotiations toward peace between israel and palestine, and for four years iran has moved closer and closer. we have seen the -- >> i think americans really understand that, but those are really talking points. as far as the specific strategy, again, it seemed in the end that
7:43 am
the strategy that mitt romney laid out was pretty much like president obama's. so i am wondering -- >> it is a question of who is going to be effective. we tried president obama's approach and while he talks a good game about bringing iran to the table to discuss stopping enriching uranium, it has not happened. we have had four years of more and more sentry fuj of spinning -- >> the answer from mr. romney about that was imposing tougher sanctions. it is the same as president obama's. >> it is not. unfortunately president obama delayed the tough sanctions that are now in place, and in fact there are still some 20 exemptions from sanctions that could be tightened, and governor romney mentioned some of those last night. it is one thing to say something but just saying it doesn't make it true. president obama has not done everything he can do. >> some analysts say that mitt romney played it safe. he needed only to appear
7:44 am
presidential. he needed only not to make a huge gaffe. he succeeded in those two initiatives, and really when you get right down to it, he did indeed win. >> well, we certainly believe that governor romney did win because he was able to reach out to voters across the country, speak directly to them, and cut through all of the noise that is out there, all of the misrepresentations that the obama campaign has been putting out about governor's record on foreign policy and domestic policy, so last night for us was a win. >> lieutenant governor, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. coming up, we'll hear from some undecided voters to get their perspective on what was said and what was not said last night. is efficiently absorbed il continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup
7:45 am
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7:46 am
last night the president and mitt romney went toe to toe in the final presidential debate. who won? the real question is does it really matter?
7:47 am
at some points the president got down right snippy attacking his opponent and mitt romney kind of seemed to agree with the president on a lot of foreign policy decisions. >> you mentioned the navy. we have fewer ships than in 1916. we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. we have these things called aircraft carrier that is planes land on and we have ship that is go under water, nuclear submarines. >> attacking me is not an agenda or talking about the challenges in the middle east. i want to take one of those points, again, abeing at thatting me is not talking about an agenda forgetting more trade and opening up more jobs in this country. >> so let's talk to some voters to find out what they thought. joining me now is lorraine morimarowi and a republican from
7:48 am
presidential and a semi retired small businessman. welcome to you both. >> thank you, carol. >> i guess my first question, this is the third and final debate. i didn't sense as much excitement from people about this particular debate. am i right, skip? >> i don't think so. foreign policy is a very complicated and hard to understand even the at best. the very mention of foreign policy sort of puts a pale over your face and you're bound to pay i think a little less intense attention to it. >> so did you get anything out of it? do you know where mitt romney stands on let's say his policy in the middle east? >> i think it is reminiscent, i believe, of teddy roosevelt. teddy said walk softly and carry a big stick. i think that is essentially what president obama gave us last night, walk softly and carry a big stick.
7:49 am
i think that governor romney said walk loudly and carry a bigger stick. so we had that comparative as we go forward. >> i love that, skip. that's awesome. lorraine, a lot of people said the president was down rate snarky and didn't appear presidential and the bayonets and horses line was not necessary. what do you think? >> i think that the president was very commander in chief, strong, knew what he was talking about, and i was proud to have him as a president, and he really understand and understands foreign policy, and i was very pleased and he surprised my expectations. >> we have this little thing on the bottom of the screen when the candidates talk and it gauges how men and women feel about the conversation. many times when president obama got extraordinarily aggressive, that didn't please a lot of female voters, the green line
7:50 am
went down. do you think that will hurt, help? >> either way, foreign policy, we need a strong president. we need somebody to understand and knows foreign policy. as a woman, as a latina, i really liked what i saw last night and i do believe that he is the right choice for the president. i think it is important to reelect president obama because he knows about the issues. as a woman, i agree with him. >> lorena, are you a democrat through and through, obama supporter and nothing can change your mind at this point, right? >> oh, no, now i am more than ever democrat. i see a president including latinas, that he is in the 21st century, understands the latinas, and can the 50 million latinos we are here and we need to be incorporated and we are not invisible anymore and he invites latinos to be part of him and thinks administration and i think he should stay the president of today and the
7:51 am
future. i really like president obama. >> skip, you have been undecided although you are a registered republican. the bay nets and horses thing, did that resonate for you? >> well, i think that they have both now evened their score snarkiness. i mentioned in a previous interview that governor romney edged in a little bit on the snarky side, and i think in this case so also did president obama. i think the fact of the matter is that the ability of our weaponry on the scene, the air, any other place, it is so far improved over what it used to be even ten years ago, that small numbers don't mean much. it is just we're so capable at this point of destruction and mayhem that a few ships can do today what 1,000 ships can do 15 years ago. >> okay. so you have been undecided through this long election season, 14 days to go, skip.
7:52 am
have you decided? >> i am kind of moving now in a direction. i do think as has been mentioned before, that what we got last night was a fairly balanced foreign policy position on both one a little bit more aggressive than the other, but not so distinctive one from the other so i think i am migrating but we'll see. >> we'll have to have you back. i am dying to know. thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> by the way, you can see the debate again in case you missed it. it airs today at noon eastern on cnn. asy to remember. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, i earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas!
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7:55 am
yoga and pi lat takes
7:56 am
instructor sharing two simple stretches to ease pain. >> when we sit all day long or when we have poor posture, our hip flex orz are tight and they pull on our lower back. we want to keep length and space in the front of our thighs. the crescent lung is a wonderful stretch you can do to open up the quad and lengthen the lower back and feel that nice stretch in the front of the thigh and start to lean forward a little bit from your hips and a wonderful way to strength ebb and support the back is something we call birding to. you have to top into your abdominals and really lengthen your spine and back and you feel that lengthen one arm on the opposite leg and try these postures, maybe three, five times a week when you get a chance and you will notice a huge difference in any of your back pain. >> i will try it.
7:57 am
i am carol costello. thank you so much for being with us today. thank you for your talk back responses. appreciate them. "cnn newsroom" continues in a minute with ashley banfield. the wheels of progress. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help.
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