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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 27, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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budget. all of these things work together. right now we're going in the wrong direction. we'll change it to go in the right direction. and one thing we have to do to make that happen, we have to do something that you do time in and time out. in your life, if you got someone you got to work with, you disagree, well, you find some way to work together. we're going to have to have an administration in washington, my team in washington, that is willing to work with people across the aisle. to build bridges, to work with other people, to come together, to find ways to get america to work better. and i know how to do that. i did that in my state. my state has a few democrats. you have heard of massachusetts. my legislature was 85% democrat. and i came in to office, we had a multi-billion dollar budget gap. we didn't go to work fighting each other. we came to work to work together. and we found a way to do that.
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and so we cut spending. we actually reduced the amount of money government was spending. and then we cut taxes 19 times. we made our state more business-friendly, the result of all of this was or job growth went from the basement up 20 points, up 20 states, that is. and we were able to balance the budget. and by the way, the $3 billion budget gap turned into a rainy day fund. >> hi, everybody, i'm don lemon, we'll let you continue to listen to mitt romney, we'll watch coverage politics and hurricane sandy, back in a few minutes with mitt romney. >> let me tell you, i'm confident in the future. look, i know these have been tough years and we're tired of being tired. yeah, the democrats chant four more years, we chant ten more days. righ
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right? >> ten more days, ten more days, ten more days, ten more days. >> you are right, ten more days, ten more days's we're changing our chant tomorrow, they keep saying four more years, we got a new chanlt, ten more days. let me tell you why i'm so confident. i have seen the entrepreneur's spirit in this country. i've seen it here, by the way. i was delighted. last time i was here, i had the chance to be with the governor of puerto rico. what a great man he is, they're entrepreneurs right here, in kissimmee, orlando, i have seen the entrepreneur's spirit, by the way, when you start a business and go to work in a small business, and you built it. you in fact, do build that business. the governor is right. and i know -- i know one of the reasons our nation is so successful is that people in
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america live for something bigger than themselves. they live for their children. the next generation. their live for our country, for their faith. people in america live for something larger than their own life. i learned that throughout my life, i was once a boy scout leader some years ago. any boy scouters here? yeah, right there. and i was at a boy scout court of honor. the place where the boy scouts get their eagle awards or other awards. i was seated at the front of the room, and next to an american flag. and the guy who was at the podium speaking was the scout master from monument, colorado. and he said that his boys wanted to have a special american flag. so they bought one with gold tassels on the outside, they flew it to the capitol. it was flown on the capitol dome. and then when they came home they decided they wanted to fly in the space shuttle.
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and when they came home, they said can you take our flag on the space shuttle? and they agreed. he said you can't know how proud they were when they watched the space shuttle launch into the air. and then they saw it explode in the air. and he said he called nasa, and asked if they had any remnant of the flag that had been found. and they had not. he said he called nasa month after month, calling every week. finally, he sort of gave up until he was reading an article in the paper. and it mentioned some of the debris from the challenger disaster. and it mentioned a flag. so he called nasa and said have you found our flag? and they said, as a matter of fact, we have a presentation to make to your scout troop. so nasa came, they presented the flag, and a container, they opened it up, there was the flag in perfect condition.
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and then he said, that is it on the flag pole on the table, next to mr. romney. and i reached over, grabbed ahold of the flag, and it was as if electricity was running through my arm. because i thought of the sacrifice of those men and women who have served in that mission. and in other nasa missions, who have put their lives in danger for us. for learning. for knowledge, for innovation, for pioneering, what americans tend to do. is live for something big. i think of the men and women who put themselves in harm's way, in danger's path, who serve in our military. i appreciate their sacrifice. there is a -- there is a
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wonderful verse in one of our national hymns, america the beautiful, that i love to mention to people. oh beautiful, for heros proved in liberating strife, who more than country served and loved their life. raise your hands, in memory of our armed forces. the american way, giving ourselves for something big. it happens in the home, my sister, in her 70s, her husband passed away. she has eight children. seven of them are married with kids of their own. the eighth, the youngers now 43. jeffrey is a down syndrome boy, and linda devotes her life to make sure he has a full life,
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she is a hero to me, she lives for her son and children and grandchildren. i think of single moms, i think of single moms all over the country. who are just scrimping and saving to put a good meal on the table for their children. i think of the dads and moms working two jobs right now, so their kids can have the kind of clothes other kids have at school and wouldn't stand out. i think of the couples who say let's not exchange gifts, we can't afford it. let's make sure we have enough for the kids' christmas, the nature of the spirit, saying it is something bigger than themselves, we're a nation of heros. we need a president who will draw on the heroism of the american people. their patriotism. their conviction to the future. i will bring us together, i want to draw on that kind of spirit.
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and as we do, we're going to win this election in november, we're going to get america back on track. we're going to build strong families, strong homes, a strong economy. we're going to have a military second to none. we're taking back america. and america is going to remain the hope of the earth. thank you so very much. you guys are great. thank you. >> all right, that o-- is mitt romney in kissimmee, florida, and as you can see as it gets closer it will get louder, and more raucous, ten more days, all you have to deal with. it will be nine more days, after that you wouldn't have to deal with anymore stumping. i thought for a minute he was going to start singing, we should tell you he cancelled after the events in virginia because of the storm coming through. so tomorrow he will campaign in ohio, we'll carry that for you. also, we'll be on the campaign trail with the president, of
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course, as well. almost nine after the hour, i'm don lemon. and today, all through this week we have our eyes on the politics and severe weather. and it is coming. if you are watching me right now and you're between southern virginia and new england, your world is about to get very dangerous, that means washington, philadelphia, and boston, hurricane sandy has killed people in the dominican republic and mostly haiti. it is a category 1 storm, right now, new york city's emergency officials are in full-speed prep mode right now. governor andrew cuomo told the bus services, and railways to be ready to shut down if it looks like the hurricane will smash into the city. that rarely happens in new york city. okay, this is it. there you go. well, we should have a live picture of hurricane sandy, soon, off south carolina and grinding on a northern track.
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we're going to have the very latest from the cnn severe weather center in just a few minutes. okay, bonnie schneider is in the cnn severe weather center. and bonnie, where is this thing heading to and when? >> well, don we just got this in, this is the 4:00 advisory, no changes, likely staying as a hurricane. but it is a better consensus of where it will go. and it is so large, the tropical force winds extend out to 500 miles. i want to put this map into motion. and watch this incredible unusual path that sandy is taking as the category 1 storm is coming to shore, sometime on monday it looks like. even as far north as long island. and remember, the timing will make a difference, with the high tide, as far as where the storm surge will go. we're already getting very damaging rainfall and winds. the winds are picking up. we just had a report of bouey
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off the coast with sustained winds of 70 miles an hour. we're pretty far off of the storm, the center over 300 miles away. the wind is massive, a powerful storm affecting millions of people in major metropolitan areas. the forecast guide shows us the storm will come on shore. it is turning back, as you can see. it is not only going to be a rain-maker but a snow-maker. some are predicting over a foot of snow in west virginia from this one storm. so it is really coming in as a hurricane but will wrap up with a winter feel on the back side of it. so many people, as i wanted to mention, high wind watches, and even to new york city as we go through tomorrow. so look for very intense winds as sandy approaches. >> it will be a busy time for you and a lot of folks. all right, thank you very much, i want to talk now with jessica williams, who is on board an
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airport right now inside the hurricane. she is a flight meteorologist for n.o.a.a., so jessica, most of us have been on a plane in bad weather, but you're up there on purpose flying inside the storm. where exactly are you, right now? >> reporter: right now, we are 15 minutes from 105 miles south of the storm. and we'll head inbound, we'll be in the center in 30 minutes. >> you made a flight this morning into the storm. is there any difference that you can see or feel just over the past couple of hours? >> reporter: right now, we're getting light turbulence, on the south side of the storm. >> what does that tell you? >> reporter: can you repeat that question? >> what does it tell you? you say you're getting showers on the southwest side of the storm and that you feel turbulence, what does it tell you? >> reporter: it is wrapped
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around in combination with the cold front. >> what is the advantage of being inside of a storm -- i mean, what information can you gather there that you can't get from the ground, jessica? >> reporter: we can mark the exact position of the center of the storm, and the low center pressure, as well as use an instrument to measure the speeds. this gives the hurricane center data for the general public to let them know how strong this storm is and how far out the highest speeds extend. >> so jessica, listen, i said that most of us have been on a plane in bad weather, we don't like it. you say there is turbulence, the pilots try to avoid the bad weather. what is it like being on the plane right now? is it very bumpy? do you see lightning? what is it like? >> reporter: it can be extremely
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bumpy when we're going through an eye wall, or other connective features of the storm, right now, most of the connection is on the left side and in the center. we have our seat belts buckled, to strap us in. and we have everything strapped down. >> all right, well, jessica, stay safe, as the storm gets closer i'm sure we're able to get more information from jessica and others flying into the storm. listen, the storm is having an impact on the presidential election, as well. as i told you earlier, mitt romney cancelled rallies in virginia beach and richmond, virginia, he will campaign in ohio, instead. and then vice president biden was supposed to be there but had to cancel, as well. the president, in florida, really. they're keeping a close eye on the important battleground states, all of them. and jim avalon is in virginia, a state that president obama won four years ago, and a state mitt
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romney would really love to have in his column ten days from now. everybody would love to have every single state in their column. so why is virginia -- first of all, how are you doing? why is virginia so important to the election? >> reporter: i'm doing great, we'll talk to students at washington university in just a bit. virginia is one of the three big swing states, florida, virginia, ohio, the path of the battleground bus that we have been on. virginia is fascinating, because president obama was the first democrat to win it since lyndon johnson, in 1964. the population is growing, more diverse now. now the population growth, frankly well to the north of virginia was to his benefit in 2008. right now, the economy here in virginia, pretty good compared to the rest of the country, 8% national. so this is a place democrats hope they could win again. it is tight, they have a very competitive senate race.
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every vote counts. it is really about the ground game. >> they were going after every single demographic that they can get. young people, old people, women, hispanics. african-american, everybody. they have a pitch for everyone. so you're at washington and lee university in lexington. you're going to be talking to students tonight. talk to me a little bit about the divide between younger and older voters, because i noticed in the mtv interview that the president did, there are differences in what people find between younger and older voters. >> reporter: there sure are, we talked about the demographics, the differences. one of the most fundamentals is actually the over 50 and under 50. under 50, the president has a dramatic lead, including the college students. we'll talk to one person, who their first vote was for president obama in the 2008 election. so that -- real age benefit is one of the trump cards that
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president obama has. that is what their campaign is betting on. the folks on ground game. but again, mitt romney has a dramatic edge with people over 50. so you see the edge, it is a fascinating number. so maybe it has not come to fruition. mitt romney betting heavily on senior citizens, the back bone of their community, people who are known to come out and vote. young people voted in 2008, there is still a question mark if they come out and vote in the same numbers. that is one of the efforts here in virginia. >> but they didn't come out as much as they thought they would. older people go and vote. younger people just don't vote that much. >> reporter: well, look, decisions are made by people who show up. you know, at this point, the campaign is focused on the ground game, and getting out. ultimately it is the civic responsibility that each and every one of us have. so if young people don't turn out that would be bad for the
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obama campaign. we know, we have been through it before, every vote counts, florida, 5,230, every vote counts, this state couldn't be tighter, 48-48. >> i had a couple of days, i went and voted. i got that out of the way. it was packed, i was surprised. thank you, john avalon, see you soon. all right, coming up, three teens in two separate cases arrested for murder. and in both cases they were turned into the police by their mom. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> well, talk about determination, actor -- two and a half year campaign, a seattle man finally convinces '80s rocker, billy idol, to play his birthday party. we'll talk to him in just a moment.
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why don't we like being scared? i'm going to say you, i don't like to be scared. those shows get high ratings, like walking dead. all that. and people make big money to get scared at haunted houses. like these people, these are pictures from nightmares, fear factor, in niagra falls, canada. why do we like this? when you see those pictures, i don't know if you can see this. it looks ridiculous. >> i have some of those of me on roller coasters. >> all right, wendy, we know
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you're a behavioral expert. is there something wrong with us? like why do people like to be scared like this? >> no, this is satisfying our biological intentions, think about this. back in our hunter-gatherer past, we had leisure and love, every once in a while, we would have three minutes of hell, where we had to run for our lives, our heart rate was going, we had to get adrenalin going, it was very exciting. one person died, right? the predator, or the catch. we hoped we were not the catch. so we're emulating that. >> wendy, buy a treadmill then, if you need adrenalin to go up, because people really want to be scared out of their minds. what are they getting out of it? >> what they're getting is that amazing feeling of the endo endorphins, there is the shock, the scare, and immediately after, the feeling of
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excitement. as i told you, i have a picture, i should have brought it. of me on a roller coaster that is terrifying, but i remember after that -- i just laughed, everything was very light. it is like our biology says wow, we won that one. others are addicted to adrenalin, the rush, these are the horror stories sometimes, you hear about people have a medical condition. >> i just punch people, oh, don't scare me like that. so listen. >> fight or flight, you like the fight. >> that is what you said, some people can't handle this, they're wired differently, or have a medical condition, some can't deal with it. >> we're all different, some are more prone to anxiety, and all that stuff. others love it because it gives them a charge, gives them a sense of adrenalin.
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>> it was different than we were kids. slasher, gory, i don't think it has already changed that much. >> i think we are not as sensitive, because of the level of violence in our media. i say it all the time, people don't want to hear it. the more we become peaceful and less violent, the more the violence has gone into the media as an act of catharsis, so in the middle age if you looked at somebody wrong you got clubbed. so today, we have a low level of violence in the species, compared to before. so it is in our dna, we live through it, through our media, yes, too much of that stuff for young children, not good in the developing brain. but for the adults, the scary festival is fine. >> you go as a shrunken head for halloween? or -- >> you will be proud of me, i
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went as wild orchid, no, what was her name? spider girl, the avenger girl, the black widow, that is what i was. my daughter and i were black widows. >> you are asking somebody who has no kids and has no idea what you are talking about. >> but you love the avengers, i know you do. >> very good movie, i saw it in 3-d, wendy, i can't wait to talk to you about this. it is going to be great. you know, halloween for me, women, it gives them an excuse to dress up. and it gives men an excuse to dress as women, which i don't understand. so she will be back later to talk about that. the sexy -- everything is like -- can you -- i'm going as a peanut, how can i be a sexy peanut? >> what -- >> all right, thank you, wendy, we'll see you at 10 p.m., it is going to be a great conversation. all right, hurricane sandy
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on the move. where is it going? when will it get there? and its potential impact. that is next.
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keeping watch right now on hurricane sandy, a live picture from norfolk, virginia, well, we'll look at satellite. we don't have a live picture -- it is setting up to be a monster of a storm's category 1, expected to make landfall monday night. as you can imagine, getting pictures up may be tough because there is so much wind. states of emergencies are declared in some areas. they're prepping for the worst. the hurricane killed at least 45 people in the caribbean and central america before moving up the eastern seaboard. the concern is that the eye of the storm, and rather what is happening around it.
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you get the makings of a really super storm, cnn's george howell is at the outer banks where folks are are watching and waiting. >> reporter: the storm here gets worse and worse, in fact, we're feeling the side ways rain coming in, as the storm pushes in. there is an indication it is getting closer to us. the winds have picked up. that is evidenced by what you see out there on the water. the water is getting rougher and rougher as the day goes on. when you talk to people on the island here, don, it seems to be business as usual. in fact, there were people staying at this hotel where we'll be riding out the storm. they're here for a wedding that happened today. also, when you drive down the street you don't find a lot of homes boarded up. as you find, you know, with an oncoming hurricane or storm. many people have homes here, don't live here, some people have left their homes to stay at
2:30 pm
hotels to find higher ground. but it comes down to this, people have said there is not a mandatory evacuation call. and that was the case with irene, if you look back at that situation. people remembered make happened then, so they're paying very close attention to radars and paying close attention to the track of the storm. and prepared to take steps to get out of the way, to get to higher ground and get off this island should a mandatory evacuation be called. don? >> all right, stay safe, george, reporting from kill devil hills in north carolina. and looking for a job? how about the health care field? 38% of all jobs added last month were in health care. here is christine romans with more. >> how are you, good to see you? >> reporter: charmaine davis loves her job, dental
2:31 pm
hygienists, physical therapists, the median income is about $68,000 a year, and hiring is projected to rise 38% by the year 20/20, above average for an industry already on a hiring tear. more than 3 million health care jobs have been added over the last ten years, and the industry is projected to grow 30% by the year 20/20. >> the data says that virtually every occupation in health care will see job growth ranging from primary care and general surgery, dentistry, even psychologists. but the largest number of new jobs will be mid-level jobs. these will be jobs as technicians, home held aides, even health coaches. >> reporter: here's the top jobs, but not all health care jobs are created equal. there is huge demand for home health care aides, but they take
2:32 pm
home about $20,000 a year. these good paying jobs mean an investment and more school. >> in the evenings it was four days a week, i worked full-time during the day and on the weekend. >> reporter: she needed an associate's degree. the typical program costs 30 grand. she made the investment, and is collecting the dividends, we're not just talking about money. >> when they open the mouth, nothing surprises me after 20 years. >> reporter: and it feels good? >> it does, and the polishing, and get that beautiful smile. >> reporter: christine romans, cnn, new york . >> smart is the new rich, we have helped millions of americans retire on their terms, find out more. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want.
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ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one. together for your future. ♪
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a school board in iowa has unanimously decided to fire a teacher's aide, after finding out she took part in the torture and murder many years ago. they received an anonymous tip, about pace, who they jan ocvi ocvirked -- discovered along with others had led a double life. the school community was shocked. >> first thought it was not her. but it was definitely confirmed that it was. and it is just hard to believe. >> well, this case became one of
2:36 pm
the most infamous crimes in indiana and has been the subject of several books and movies. two high profile missing girl cases ending in tragedy, new jersey police found the body of 12-year-old autumn pasquale, just two days after she went missing. 18 hundred miles away, in denver, they found the body of ten-year-old jessica ridgeway after a three-week long search. but these two unrelated cases have more in common than you may think. both of the girl's alleged killers were turned into authorities by their very own mothers. why would these mothers turn in their own children, holly. >> because they want to do the right thing, and this is the most devastating thing they have ever had to do. you know, they're looking at it. and they are putting themselves in the position of the victim's mother, and they're saying if my child had been murdered, what would i want to happen? and the other good that may come
2:37 pm
out of it. they may get some help for their teenage son. these are allegations, at this point, right? nothing has been proven in a court of law. but they are terrible murders committed by young boys, 15 and 17 years old. so for these mothers to do this, heartbreaking. >> what type of charges will they face? >> i think they will, based on the terrible crimes, when we talk about little autumn, the boys there are 15 and 17. so they are close enough that they can go into court and ask permission of the judge to transfer them into the adult system out of the juvenile court system. and because of the terrible crime, they actually lured this little girl there, because she was into bikes. she had a bmx bike, so they lured her there because they wanted it. there was what we call aggravating circumstances in the murder. and we know the allegations in the ridgeway case is sadly, the little girl was dismembered, not found intact. so again, aggravating
2:38 pm
circumstances, they will seek to try them as adults. >> terrible, one woman in louisiana said she was set on fire by white supremacists, but now, police say she actually inflicted the injuries herself. she was in the back of the car. this was a weird story, first on social media. >> extremely weird. you know, all the physical evidence leads back to her. the only thing they had, which pointed to an outside party was her statement. of course, you take those allegations so seriously. if in fact, this had been a hate crime and perpetrated by the mention of the kkk and the white supremacists, that would have been terrible. we would have wanted them prosecuted under the hate crime statute, max them out. >> obviously, she has issues. >> clearly, she burned herself over 90% of her body, whether that was her intent, and wanted
2:39 pm
attention, whether she wanted a mental disability -- nobody in their right mind sets themselves on fire. >> burns over 90% of her body, people wonder if she will face charges. you remember susan smith, she said it was a black man, describing a certain type of person. this woman described an organization, didn't describe anybody specifically. may she face charges, as well? >> well, yes, she is -- given the injuries, first thing we need to see if she can survive them. burned over 90% of your body, we'll find it is not worth it. because she clearly has a mental defects going on here. so even if you were to file a police report, which you could, she is not going to be able to stand charges. because the first thing her lawyer will do, a mental evaluation, and it will be a waste of the taxpayer's money. not the best way to use our very
2:40 pm
strained resources in the criminal justice system. it is horrible all the way around. >> it is sad, terrible she did that. i hope she gets better and gets some sort of help. thrown in the picture with a child, i don't know if it is her niece, or whatever. >> she is a victim of herself. >> terrible. happier stuff. this is our generation. >> okay. >> the only song i will do in kk karoke is white wedding. this guy spent two years begging billy idol to play at his birthday party. and ron jeremy -- >> i got to tell you, i can't -- >> google it. billy idol finally agreed. >> get out. that is the story. ♪ ♪ .
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(train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long.
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪ nice day for a white wedding. ♪ ♪ ♪ it's a nice day to start again. >> that is one of the only songs that i will do in karoake, i love that song, bringing me back to my college days, yes, i was in college in the '80s. i am a huge fan. the producers had to convince me not to belt that at the top of top of the segment. i didn't write that. see that guy right there? he is a bigger fan than me, he is michael henrikson, who was not even born when billy idol released the hits. he got the rocker to play his birthday party and it has gotten a lot of attention, take a look. >> we're about to take the six-foot long banner, holding it
2:45 pm
here in downtown seattle. so we can spread the word about bill billy. >> this is david martin of the beach boys, why don't you play at his birthday party? >> hey, you know me, get the vibrati vibrations, why don't you play at the birthday party? >> it will be fun i think it is a great idea. i would do it. >> one night in your life to make this guy's dream come true, billy idol, you got to play his birthday party, you may want to go. >> ron jeremy, billy sent michael a message on his own. >> let me tell you something, seattle. people of the world have spoken. the dream will become a reality.
2:46 pm
on friday, october the 26th, i will take the stage. my band, at the show box, for what is sure to be one of the most memorable birthday parties your city has ever known. >> oh, my gosh. michael joins me now. happy birthday to you, sir, by the way. >> thank you so much. >> you have been dreaming and campaigning about this, for what? about two years now. the party was last night in seattle. was it everything you hoped for? >> yeah, it was crazy, man. yeah, it started in november of 2010, and here we are in october of 2012. and it seems like a dream. i didn't sleep at all last night. billy idol gave me an actual birthday gift. it is this little pendant, it is a total blur, man, he is a very humble guy, super, super nice, and the ladies were definitely drooling all over him last night. >> and he has still got the hair, man, still got that hair.
2:47 pm
>> of course, man, billy idol. >> so why an idol? i mean, you're 26, i remember listening to the songs, i think white wedding was one of the first songs, first videos on mtv, you were not even born, so why him? >> my mom grew up, you know, a big '80s fan, groupie, if you will, she is a big duran fan, so it kind of runs in my blood with the whole '80s thing. and you know, i saw billy in concert a couple of years ago, i was 40 grand in debt, working three jobs out of college, so i was like i needed to do something to help my professional career. my friends were moving across the country. priorities were changing. i wanted an excuse to bring all of these people together for one night. and so i kind of brainstormed. how feasible is it to network billy idol with no money to get him to come and play my birthday
2:48 pm
party? and lo and behold, it happened. >> all of these, morrissey, you're bringing me back. you're a big unanimous, but this campaign was also a resume builder for you, right? i mean, this is good pr for you. >> yeah, i mean, absolutely, i just remember years ago i would get interviews at pr firms here in seattle. and for one reason or another, just didn't pan out for me. and i knew the ability i had, and the determination i had and hard work i put forth. and i needed a means to show that. and this is obviously, you know, part -- you know, resume builder, part bringing friends together, part, something incredibly fun and who doesn't want to get a rock star to play at their birthday party? and we've done a lot of good, as well, raising 13,000 for the red cross and the local food bank. i mean, it has definitely, been a lot of work, but if you love
2:49 pm
something why not chase your dreams? >> did you open up for him, or did he open up for you? >> you know we opened up for him last night, it was a trip, and billy is standing there and looks at me like, all right, mate, get out there and warm up the crowd for me, all right? and i was like whoa, billy idol just definitely said that to me. it was cool, such an experience, something i'll cherish for the rest of my life. and i'm so blessed to have the support of many people, around the world, the country, sending tweets about how much they loved this project. >> yeah, and there are a lot of kids who are going, you know, billy idol, live, people in our 40s, obviously, he is an idol. but you know, moanee, moany, the younger people came that stong. but earlier we heard from
2:50 pm
slibties, fabio, we heard from ron gejeremy and they said they would be there. >> fabio's schedule didn't fall in line with this birthday party. we didn't have of the celebrities that endorsed the website there but the fact they took the time out of their day to make a stupid video by asking billy idol to come to my birthday party is more than enough. all these celebrities with were just me going to automatic tow graph signings. mark mcgrath sent me that video. these were just people that were so enthraled they wanted to help out. so kudos to them and thank them for making the project what it is right now. >> well your dream has come true. >> awesome. >> i want to hear you sing more
2:51 pm
karoake next time. >> thank you. >> and speaking of big parties, there will be lots of celebrating come election night. but, when it comes to who, who will win. who will win. some of the predictions can get, well, a little nutty, shall we say. we'll look at some of those oddball presidential predictions. that's next. that was me still taking insulin
2:52 pm
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including medicare. find your co-pay at when it comes to who will win the presidential election, well, forget those scientific polls. many argue that the fate of america lies in the hands of psychic squirrels, coffee cups, halloween masks. call them crazy, but could these predictions hold water. >> reporter: just how can you calculate the outcome. >> here's how we scored it coming? >> we have freed other nations. >> reporter: is it who dominates the discussion? or maybe public opinion polls can tell us. but what if predicting the outcome is not so scientific. maybe even a bit nutty. this little guy is called the
2:55 pm
psychic squirrel by his owners. >> he has ten wall nuts in each cup. whichever cup he takes most nuts from is determined the president of the united states. he was accurate four years ago. the washington red skins football team has a longer track record. if the red skins win their last game at home in the nation's capital, the incumbent party stays in power. the rule has held 17 out of 18 times. so no doubt president obama will be rooting for washington over carolina on november 4th. and then there's halloween. spirit halloween, the largest seasonal halloween retailer in the u.s., says the president will win the election because the obama mask is outselling the mitt romney mask 60% to 40%.
2:56 pm
>> who cares you might think. this particular stat doesn't lie. the last four election have all pointed to the winner in november. >> reporter: there's also in 7-11 the president is ahead, 59% to 41%. linda ellerbee hosts a news program on nickel yoedian. the children have been accurate in the five of the past six. she announced the results of her poll. >> according to the children of america, president barack obama will be around for another four years. >> reporter: but if these unscientific polls skew toward obama analysts will tell you because he's been a pop culture figure since his first campaign. and the challenger mitt romney is a less transformational figure. i'm not stunned that these pop
2:57 pm
culture measures might edge towards obama, but again, it doesn't really mean anything except that. but it's a fun measure. and as fatigue sets in here in the final days of a very long campaign, maybe a little fun is exactly what american voters need. jonathan man, cnn. >> i will buy that, jonathan mann. states of emergency declared all along the east coast. we're looking at what could be a unprecedented storm just days before election day. [ man ] in hong kong, on my way to the board meeting... anne's tablet called my phone. anne's tablet was chatting with a tablet in sydney... a desktop in zurich... and a telepresence room in brazil. the secure cloud helped us get some numbers from my assistant's pc in new york. and before i reached the top, the board meeting became
2:58 pm
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these could be signs of rare but serious side effects. ♪ is your cholesterol at goal? talk to your doctor about crestor. [ female announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. mitt romney has canceled rallies tomorrow in virginia, he's going to campaign in ohio instead. vice president joe biden had to cancel as well. president obama campaigns in florida tomorrow. italy's former prime minister says he may jump back into politics despite his conviction for tax evasion. he says he wants to reform the justice system. that same justice system sentenced him to four years in prison. he