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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  December 26, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. now this...will work. [ male announcer ] just like you, business pro. just like you. go national. go like a pro. with odor free aspercreme. powerful medicine relieves pain fast, with no odor. so all you notice is relief. aspercreme. >> things have got pretty wald
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with my guests but nothing like this this. >> what the hell is that? my studio has turned in to a jungle. whoa, whoa! am i going to die here. my god, what's this? tonight the one and only jack hanna and a few of his closest friends. >> he defecates on his legs to keep them cool. >> too much information. >> hold on to the animals for now. >> this is the only animal in the world that carries leprosy. >> now you tell me. you don't know what will happen next when jack hanna is in the house. he's got my notes. this is a very dangerous edition of piers morgan tonight. good evening. welcome to a special piers morgan tonight. the stud yes looks different tonight an so will my guests that will be here over the course of the hour, we are talking cheetahs, komodo dragons and friendly tigers.
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jack hanna where anything can happen. the columbus zoo and aquarium and the host of the emmy-winning jack hanna's in to the wild and the his animals are literally eating my studio. jack, welcome. jack, am i going to die here. >> no, you shouldn't die but if you were going to die these are the animals that would do it. >> these are siberian tigers. >> what age can they kill a man. >> at 22 months they weigh 2200 pounds. they were hunted for their coats but you can imagine this animal is 600 pounds. >> they look strong already. >> they are very strong. they could put a hole through your arm right now. >> can they bite? >> oh, yeah, they can bite. these animals are a species survival plan.
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and they have chips in them. this animal and could be three to six months could go to a zoo in australia, europe, they are to keep them fresh the thing is they are so rare that we have to know exactly what the breeding program will be for the creature. >> why are you not remotely scared of them? sgles that's a good question. if i find myself afraid or scared that means i'm doing the wrong thing. these guys know the animal very well. i have been around them. i don't raise them like they do. but my wife and i raised tigers, lions, leopards and you know cats when you do that much. that tongue how he is lick mega. if that were a full-grown tiger he could lick my arm to the bone. that's how rough the tongue becomes. like sand paper beyond what you have ever seen. >> how many are there left in the world. >> 200 to 400. >> that's all there is. >> yes. >> this is like two of the last
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remaining siberian tigers. >> in the zoo world we do well with them. when a tiger takes down -- in india, i have seen a tiger take down a water buffalo down in under ten minutes and only cats in the world that when they eat up to 30, 40 pounds in one sitting and their stomachs can explode. most cats like lions will not eat meat. >> what do you feed them. >> this is a special diet for the cats. you thaerd growling? you hear that in the wild your pants won't be dry. >> mine aren't very dry at the moment, jack. they may be small but when they are this close they are quite big. >> that's what be -- being here with you means a lot to us. because of the millions of people you reach, you are seeing some of the rarest creature of the world and you can see the power and beauty of the animal. it would be a tragedy to see
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them go in to extinction. there are several species that have been gone in to extinction. >> what is a bigger tragedy is fi they eat me live on the air. >> they are born at the columbus zoo 13 weeks ago. >> impressive animals. >> what is this? >> this cat is something that you could even holdle this cat. if he bites you it won't hurt bad. >> you just hang on to it. if you have ever been to egypt in the tombs and pyramids, sf n look at the ears of this guy. see why the farrows, i don't mean worship the an ma'am but they represented royalty. i'm sure a lot of people lost
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their hands trying to do midwesty kate this creature. this is one of the only cats in the world that can jump ten feet and catch a bird flying. >> ten feet. >> they sbloend well in the grass, they live in the plains of kenya, tanzania, that part of the world. and they don't exist much in egypt anymore. they lay down in there and watch for a bird and pop up like that because their back legs have power. it's amazing. they can grab a bird flying by. >> amazing. >> it gives them away, the ears. only the youngster. >> what's next? what are these? >> this is amazing. i didn't know we had this. this cat also is a cat that -- this cat is also a cat that is from africa. this cat also has the front and hind legs that are different lengths. it can catch a bird in free
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flight. notice the spots on the back of the ears, ow, those are ice spots see the spots. >> this one wants to eat your hand. >> this cat is eating something, a hyena comes up they think they are looking backwards. >> how tame are they compared to a wild version? >> right now as far as tame this animal won't be a tame animal. we have raised the animals. a lot of times the mother won't raise them and we raise them and they go back -- they are still a wild animal. i had a famous trainer tell me you can usually train a wild animal but never tame a wild animal. they are always wild. no matter what anyone says. >> what is this, a vulture. >> an jips vulture. >> what are you feeding? >> raw meat. >> you are feeding them raw meat. >> yes. >> they actually eat raw meat. >> can you smell that? >> yeah, stinks. >> what he does is defecates on
9:08 pm
his legs to keep himself cool. >> too much information. i was liking the vulture until you told me that. that's why they smell. >> they are ugly, they stink, they eat raw meat. tell me one good thing about the vulture. why are they a contribution to society other than defecation, feeding on carcasses and the terrible smell? >> they clean up the mess other animals don't eat. guess what this animal does. >> like a vacuum cleaner. >> he also can take a rock and open up ans of strish egg and uses a tool to do that. >> extraordinary. oh, my god. what's this? >> remember you did a story with me -- >> i do, about alligators killing people. yes. >> it is okay with me. >> all right, mate. yes, thank you. >> you are smart doing that.
9:09 pm
>> because he is going to eat me. >> on the ground they can jump off of their four feet and they are fast. this is a nice one. look here. >> a nice one. >> they have two eyelids. >> how do you mean a nice alligator. >> i don't mean nice. that's not fair. they have he is not going to right now. >> how do you know. >> i don't think he should. >> grant does a great job with this alligator. have you ever seen down an alligator's throat. >> it is hard to do this. the power. >> whoa. >> look down the throat. you see that you can't see down his throat like most animals. they are flat. that allows the alligator to open his mouth without choking on the water. that is a cave and let's go in there and it is quick. remember the interview, they
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don't chew, they tear. >> the sensors over here have sensors on the side of the head. >> what is his name. >> curly. >> how old do they live to be. >> 75, 100 years old and can go a year without eating. >> are they natural predators. would they attack if they are not challenged or scared? >> not if they are not scared. if you go around a youngsters, if you get near the nest, they don't sit like a bird, if you get near it is most aggressive animals in nature. you are gone if you get in an alligator's nest. the sex of the alligator is determined by the heat of the nest. i'm not sure if the male is hot or what is it. >> male is hot. >> hot nest is they are males. we found boards, cans, tubes, everything of these creatures because if they are hungry they will take apart anything. >> have you found human remains.
9:11 pm
>> crocodiles get to be 21 to 24 feet long, over 2,000 pounds much bigger than your stage here. >> i think we should go quickly to a commercial break. >> you want to hold it? >> i don't want to hold curly, no. i think we're in a no-touching zone on this show. >> when we come back you will show us some happy feet penguins and one of the oldest animals in the world. here's one of jack's top five animal close encounters. >> what are you doing. >> demonstrating how they are fixed on movement and how they don't want to hurt anyone. >> oh, my gosh. >> they can't see you. they can smell you. but you don't classify as food and you are not on the menu and pretty safe.
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i'm back with the closest thing to a loifing doctor doolittle. he is introducing his closest friends, given they are crocodiles and tigers. this is a nice looking penguin. >> this is black food penguin and if you are on a game show and somebody asks how many
9:15 pm
species of penguin, 17. only five out of 17 live in cold weather. the rest live in warm weather. >> isn't that interesting. >> this is the black footed or jack ass penguin because it brays like a donkey. they are penguins in south africa. >> how many are left in the world. >> quite a few. this is not. south africa, this is endangered about a year ago. it's an animal, they don't eat the animal but collect the feathers and eggs of the penguins. they have more feathers per square inch than any other penguin. >> what's your favorite animal? >> my wife. pretty funny. she is not here so i can say. >> having raised animals all of my life for 50 years i'm fascinating by cats. i have raised all kinds of cats. we will soon find out the
9:16 pm
elephant is one of the most intelligent animals, even more than primates. >> only one. >> i'd have to say. >> a few but -- >> i would have to say an elephant is fascinating. >> a herd of elephants. >> when you see a herd of elephants it is phenomenal. in 1978 there were 1.4 million and today less than 375,000. >> nice to meet you, penguin. >> let's bring out the next animal which is a giant tortoise. >> we can put him up here. >> thank you. >> hold him. >> what's his name? >> jimmy. >> no, the tortoise. i'm sorry, the tortoise. he's a slow poke. >> this animal -- is a kind of tortoise from northern africa. this animal gets to be 150 pounds. >> he's magnificent. >> really are. that's what is wrong. turtle shell we know what happens there, jewelry and all
9:17 pm
sorts of things. and oh, my gosh. if you put that one up there. good lord. no wonder, how did you pick that thing up. >> i don't know. >> this is the second largest tortoise in the world, up to 500 pounds. >> who would win in a fight. >> this one here. much bigger. they can live 200 years. >> 200 years old. >> yes. >> sailors in the 1500 would put them in the hulls of the ship because they would last without food or water. the ship must have stunk. they are the creature again. >> he's heavy, right. >> this is a male and i think this is a male, too. the bottom of the shell is flat. >> amazing. really amazing. the tortoise and the hare. >> how fast can they move. >> he went across the room in ten seconds. >> you had him in a hotel room.
9:18 pm
>> we had the alligator in a bathtub. >> jack, you are slightly mad. be honest. >> i would tell you the hotel. >> when you have an alligator in the bathtub and tortoises in your bed, you may not be the full ticket here. >> you want to do this one? >> what is this one. >> this is one of the smallest kangaroo. >> australians, right? what the hell is that? my studio has turned in to a jungle. what is that? >> i didn't finish my wallaby yet. >> make him do it. >> oh, i love this. i get the biggest kick out of it. my wife and i sit at home and say what is this, a laughing kookaburra from england.
9:19 pm
>> make him laugh again. doesn't that crack you up. >> it is hilarious. >> when you are in the bushes like my first time in australia you jump out of your sleep and say what is that thing. this is a laughing kookaburra. >> fascinating. >> >> does he like my jokes? >> check in to the hotel gym and put him in the room. that's the wallaby. this is one of the smallest marsupial. they are like 30 types of wallaby. they stand up five to six feet tall. what do you call like a flock of geese or herd of cattle, what do you call a bunch of kangaroos? >> i have no idea.
9:20 pm
>> a mob of kangaroos. >> that's right. >> they eat grass. >> he seems calm joshua komisarjevsky pa-- calm in comparison to the rest of the nut cases. >> what is this? >> this is a three-banded arm dill low. >> does it have batteries in it? >> this is a three banded arm dill low. one, two, three. >> what is this. >> three-banded arm dill low. therefore seven banded, 11 band and people eat the arm dill low in this country as well. in south africa they are they will eat it like a taco and the only one that can close up so tight not even an about can penetrate it. only a man can touch it. >> this is the only animal that carries leprosy.
9:21 pm
>> now you tell me. >> that was the old days, i hope. >> you hope? you have given me leprosy. >> serious. i you think i'm joking. >> i believe you. i'd rather you tell me before i touch it. >> i usually tell people before they touch it because some people don't want to touch it. >> okay. we need to take a break while i have a leprosy test. the animal responsible for the worst fight of jack's life. can you guess what it was and top five animal close encounters which you will be surprised to hear lions. >> you can see they are going to gang up on us. that is closest. >> did you say they are going to gang up on us? why should saturday night have all the fun? get two times the points on dining in restaurants, with chase sapphire preferred.
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back with jack hanna. as you can see he has brought more company, a snow leopard. >> this is one of the most fascinating -- you asked about the cat. he will get four times the size. they live in he himalayans. >> have how many are left. >> some say 1,000. some say 500 because they live way up in the himalayans. >> how do they find another one to mate with?
9:26 pm
there are so few of them. >> that's a good point. when she cycles there is not enough to find another cat. >> can may mix mate with other breeds? >> no. lion and tiger that's been done before but no other cats that i know of. the tail gets thick. up here it is 40, 50 below zero. >> that was cool, wasn't it? >> very cool. >> sorry, you don't have a hand there. please don't sue me. this animal takes his tail and wraps around him, all the way around like -- to keep his face warm and the ears are short because they would feez up there. they have fur on the bottom of the feet. they can jump a lot. >> he likes in the world, right. >> the colder the better. >> how does he deal with being in new york and the reasonably high temperature. >> we keep him in the air conditioning. >> where do you keep him at
9:27 pm
night? >> in a hotel room. >> i'm dead serious? >> i wouldn't lie about that. >> do you sleep? >> not much. they put me in another room. >> do you ever get scared of these? >> no. >> the sad thing about this coat, piers, a guy got $80,000. >> for this coat right here. >> this animal. >> that's the tragedy. >> today it is. in the old days i is one thing, but today it is useless. >> so beautiful. >> it is beyond any animal that i have worked. the snow leopard represents what endangered species are all about. >> what a shame it is -- in a few years it could be all over. >> but right now he also has a chip in his him. he will go to the ssp with the zoo association. >> this is the uglier market. >> this is an animal that has been used by settlers and
9:28 pm
pioneers the beaver. >> this is the beaver that bit you. >> this is a beaver but not exactly like this. ever touch a beaver? >> no. >>. >> is it wieds given. >> back here you can touch him. >> i just picked him up the wrong way is all i did. >> bit rougher. >> the beaver's a unique animal? the tail, they talk about a beaver slapping the water. >> like an alligator. >> exactly. >> is he happy with that. >> he wants more to eat just don't put your hand near him. >> does he eat meat. >> no, but he would think your hand is an apple or something. >> that's comforting. >> the tail slaps the water and that warns other animals. >> he stinks, too you can smell him. >> did he go to the bathroom? >> no, it's me. >> usually don't smell him.
9:29 pm
they go to the bathroom on themselves and it smells. >> a lot of animals -- is that the worst injury you have had. >> yeah. i have been sat on by an elephant and had a few things happen. 99% there is an accident it is the person's fault not the animal's fault. i don't know if he will let you do that. it is a web foot like a duck. that back foot. that's how they swim and beavers are so cute. do you have beavers in england? >> i think so. >>. >> calm down. >> okay. i don't think he liked the look of me. >> i have never done this on any show before. this is a finnic fox. it has big ears and blood vessels. >> massive ears. keeps them cool in the desert. your temperature is 98.6 and an elephant has big temperatures to keep it cool and the animal can
9:30 pm
go his whole life without drinking water. >> without drinking water. >> it eats insect and spiders that have waters in them. >> the scorpions is what he loves to eat. the fennec fox. this is -- this fox -- this is -- this is endangered in our country. goes 30 to 40 miles an hour. full grown this one here. they are social creature and take care of sick and old and young first. when you hear cunning like a fox they are bright. swift foxes in the country very few people get to see and the smallest fox in the world. beautiful animals from the columbus zoo. this right here, this piers is the largest owl in the world. >> the biggest owl in the world. >> if you ever asked a question, you can give me half of the
9:31 pm
money. this is the large nest the world. it is not full grown yet. you want to hold him? you can hold him. >> i will let your guy hold him. >> one thing you want to do is have a glove first. see the talons? you have heard of the bald eagle. a bald eagle has 1,000 pounds of pressure per square inch and if that was a bald eagle it would go through his skin through the muscle and break his bone in a split second. that's how powerful they are. they are powerful. they turn their head like a corkscrew. the eyes are so big it cannot move in the eye socket. if you see a pretty girl go by you go like this where your wife can't see you. he can go almost all the way around with that head. the bird of silent flight. if i were to fly him an inch over the head you would never hear anything. a parrot or goose. >> really?
9:32 pm
completely silent. >> silent flight. one last thing, they call it the wise old owl not because they have a big brain but their senses, hearing, eyesight, the animals eyes are over on the side of the head like a soup bowl and the echo location he picks up, he can hunt in total darkness without seeing a thing. a lot of people don't see to see them. >> dangerous in their own way. >> they can be, yes but they are so good with controlling rodents. a barn owl can take out 30 price in one hour in a barn. they are protected species in our country, the owl. >> we will come back with the fastest animal on the planet but here's another one of jack's close encounters. >> if you look up now, look up there. bird nest. >> those are bats up there. >> bat an birds, both. >> okay. let's keep moving. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again.
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day by day. please go on-line or call now to help save them. >> usain bolt is hands down the fastest human being. but i wonder how he would fair with this cheetah. >> this animal goes 70 miles an hour. when you are in your car going 65, we clock them at 70. look at the eyes.
9:37 pm
turn him around if you would. notice the dark marks under his eyes like a football or baseball player when you look at direct light, mother nature invented that. cheetah is one of the only cats that will nunt the midday. look at the foot. if the cameras can look at the foot a second. you have good guys on the cameras. amazing shot. the only cat in the world with nonretractable claws. it a i lous him to run faster. when they make a hit at 50, 60 miles an hour, 60% of the time the animal gets away. >> all right, man. easy. >> i'm here. don't worry. maybe you should worry. any way. >> this is the first time i have felt intimidated. >> close up -- this is a big beast. >> you see in the wild we tell you we film in the comfort zone of me and the animal. this is a wild animal but is at
9:38 pm
one of the most spectacular places at the columbus zoo. >> how would this kill. >> it has to grab the throat and do the choke hold. they sit there five to ten minutes and the sad thing is what happens if they make a kill buzzard and vultures circle over. hyenas and lions say a cheetah made the kill and sometimes the cheetah. the lion will. >> can a lion kill anything basically. >> the king of beast can kill just about anything. elephant would be tough but they can do that if they get up on it. the cheetah is a cat that is solitaire. endangered throughout africa. >> they prefer to be alone. >> yes. she has cubs. if you catch them they will keep the cubs three to four years. the egyptians also, the
9:39 pm
egyptians, i say do midwesty indicated. it is drawn on the inside of the pyramids exist nowhere in northern africa. in southern africa, zambia is where you find the cheetah. >> how can your folks be so relaxed. >> on her first birth of cubs she will eat or destroy them or let them no gochl they were born four weeks early. this is one of four. we saved two of them. right now we breed ten, 12 cheetah births a year. we have 10,000 acres next to the columbus zoo in ohio. it is magnificent. a beautiful creature. hear that noise, that is purring. >> over 100 meters if this cheetah against usain bolt who would win. >> you or me? >> no, the cheetah against the jamaican sprinter. >> this thing here. he wouldn't go ten feet without this thing -- >> really. >> we can't take one camera when we film it.
9:40 pm
three cameras can't film a cheetah kill. it is like a cloud of dust. >> no faster animal in the world. >> the falcon is the only one, a bird, by the way, 220 miles an hour. >> in terms of a land. >> that's the fastest in the world. >> an amazing creature. >> again, for you to see that piers means a lot to us because you see the fastest mammal in the world, the cheetah. >> i have never been so close to an animal that you feel the power. this is not one of the really big cats but i can feel the power and aggression. >> next timely bring a full-blown tiger. just kidding. >> who's going to have a next time. >> the cat can use the tail like a sail. going 60 miles an hour it will help him turn. >> indisputably the ugliest, the wart hog. here he comes. some people say the wild beast is the leftover parts.
9:41 pm
>> it is an ugly animal, isn't it? i know you love animals but you must agree this is a particularly ugly specimen. >> he's something. you see the warts on his face, those warts on his face -- when he gets full grown the warts get all over the face and helps protect when they fight sometimes. he has teeth -- like ivory come down his mouth like two knives. those things are very important for him to help protect himself. if a lion were to attack, the lion, cheetah, for example, the wart hog is the main source of food because he spends 60% of his time on his knees. he is out there eating grasses and stuff but it is an important animal for other animals. >> how much milk do they drink a day? >> he is weaning. >> look at the tail. see the tail? that will stick up like this. and that will show you. if that animal does this and starts to run, i don't care if
9:42 pm
it is giraffe, zebra, they will take off. they know the wart hog has sensed something. they are bright animals and know when something is around. he digs holes in the ground and the hyena takes over his hole. they are an animal that people don't think are bright but the hog or pig is an intelligent creature these animals are. >> extraordinary. >> see that, right there. >> some of the cutest critters you will ever see. and another one of his animal close encounters with a malaysian cobra. >> they are keen to movement. oh! >> the end of the snake show was just as amazing. >> catch the snake now, huh. >> you are going to catch him? oh golly, wow! ♪
9:43 pm
aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪
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nice sweater. thank you. ♪
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9:46 pm
back with jack hanna who is turning my studio in to a slice of madagascar and we have been joined by this vast bear-like creature. what's this? >> this is a bear -- i don't know if you can kneel to get a better shot there. i am going to ask him -- this is what i call a wolverine, one of the pound for pound one of the fiercest animals in the country. this tail here he can sit in trees and hangs upside down.
9:47 pm
if it got around your nick it could do you in 30 to 60 secs. he would not do that. but he has big teeth, nocturnal and lives in malaysia jungles. he feels with the whiskers in darkness. he smells like popcorn. >> he smells like popcorn. >> we get so hungry in the truck driving around with him because he smells like popcorn. the claws -- >> do you never get bitten. >> they raise the animal and know they are wild animals. we want to bring them to teach people about these creatures and animals. some people shoot the animal because they may eat chickens or something. the good lord created creatures for a reason. they call him bearcat because he feels like a bear. have you ever touched a bear? >> no. >> that's stupid. >> no it is sensible. >> not many people have seen a bearcat. >> thank you very much.
9:48 pm
next, we have, i think this is a palm siva. he. >> his droppings are used to fertilize coffee. >> he eats a coffee bean. goes in his stomach, through his sbensens and they take it and bake it and $500 a pound palm civet. ten years ago in asia, this is the animal that causes the sars disease. not this animal but the species of animal. it is a delicacy in asia. sells $200. they use for perfume in the 40s or '50s and the animal, like the other one likes to eat cobras as well. can he eat a kinko bra. how does he do it.
9:49 pm
he hits you like this. and you can predict it. this animal comes down on the ground and walks around the cobra. the animal is like this, and all of a sudden the creature runs around the cobra like this and the cobra is going like this trying to follow him and he gets so dizzy he falls over and bites the head off. it is funny. it is not funny for the cobra. >> unbelievable. >> he makes you go round and round and so dizzy he falls over. >> how would nature know how to do it but he knows how to do it. >> extraordinary. >> this animal here is one you have heard about. this, piers, is the siberian lynx. >> he will hold him. >> easy. yeah. just holding him a bit loose for my liking in case he decides to jump. >> this animal i'm sorry to say, this species of animal was declared extent in the wild a
9:50 pm
year ago. you don't see many animals in our lifetime are extent in the wild. he sees himself in the monitor there. he sees something there. >> he is seeing me in a moment. >> this animal also -- if you guys can focus on his back foot, i don't know if you can see, the back foot, right in here. you see how flat is, on the side. perfect. this foot in here. see this back foot this animal runs on the whole back part, no the bad, the whole back part. the whole thing here. this is what he runs on like a snow shoe. >> amazing. >> like a snow shoe. >> he runs flat. >> exactly. we invented the snow shoe but it was invented thousands of years ago for this animal because he would sink in the snow. this animal was hunted for their coat but it is no longer the
9:51 pm
case, but there are so few they can't find each other. >> beautiful. >> now we have the -- he can jump on if you want to. i will quit asking you. >> the answer to the questions will be no. >> the lemur is interesting. it is a presimian. can you imagine how long he has been on the planet. look at the hands, just like your hand. isn't that amazing. you can imagine -- it is only from madagascar. it is where they live. >> they are human hands. >> exactly. >> he has my notes. >> i'm sorry. is that your notes? >> he is also marking your notes. he has glands he marks his territory with and the tail weighs less than -- >> don't worry. >> we call him larry the lemur. >> coming up, more jack hanna's
9:52 pm
number one of his top five close encounters. >> i stepped in for another look when suddenly. >> oh! everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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back with jack hanna and me crocodile morgan. we saved the best for last here. this lizard is fantastic. this has the longest tongue i i
9:56 pm
have ever seen in my life. >> what he is doing -- you have to see this tongue. >> he feels your body temperature. that's what he is picking up. >> he feels i'm hot. >> that's what he is doing. >> he feels my warm blood. >> what's that tongue doing. >> feeling the warm part accounts. >> what does he want to do to them? >> maybe get something to eat. >> how? >> just bite you but don't worry about that because he knows you are too big. >> he doesn't look happy. >> you have heard of kim know dragon the bite is lethal. the komodo dragon can bite a deer and run away for a week and he will track the animal by following this blood and find it dead. the bacteria on the animal is incredible. they have live in the water. they have serrated teeth. the animal's tongue. >> kwhonk i don't know why he is
9:57 pm
picking up on you instead of me. you must be hotter or something. >> remarkable creature. >> down to the final two. this is the honey bear or kikachu. they live in the rainforest of central america. they are nocturnal and it gets in a bee's nest and called a honey bear, as well. >> how do mice like this survive in the wild? >> a lot of them are obviously eaten by snakes or birds of prey, whatever it may be creature is turn green. and the reason is algae builds on their fur. he roll on his back and he looks like a ball of moss. when he gets big his fur is so thick that bees cannot penetrate the fur when he eating honey. >> this is the final one.
9:58 pm
>> that's not bad. >> that is just a little dirt. >> yeah, i swear. >> this is a marine toad that came from south america we brought it here to control the sugar cane time fields but it came back so fast like mice. these here are neuro toxic glands. you see that, if dogs eat them they won't survive. he blows himself up like that to defend himself. he should explode all over your face in a second. >> what? >> he won't. this is harvey the toad. sometimes harvey stays in the tubs, as well. oh, my god. what's this? >> whoa! >> keep his head this way. >> remember the anaconda. >> you have an con da wrap around your neck. are you mad.
9:59 pm
>> they have teeth shaped like fish hooks if this snake ever bites you, it cannot let go. it takes 30 minutes to relax his jaw muscle. i'm serious. a boa constrictor, python or anaconda bites you sit there. piers. >> not now, jack. >> not now. >> he is not going to do anything. >> he is smelling you right now. >> what does that mean. >> for a kill or what? >> no. what he does, piers, remember something. this snake gets to be 25 to 30 feet long. these are a water snake. a python is from africa. >> anaconda constrict like a python. >> he knows he can't kill this guy. >> why? >> he is too big. >> he doesn't know he is a human. he knows he is an animal that is too big to work. he is not


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